Section 4
Chapter 3,110

Effect of irrigation during various development stages on yield, components of yield and harvest index of different wheat cultivars

Abid Hussain; Muhammad Maqsood; Ashfaq Ahmad; Aftab Wajid; Zaheer Ahmad

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 34(1/4): 104-107


ISSN/ISBN: 0552-9034
Accession: 003109268

Wheat LU-26s and Pak-81 in 1989/90 and Pak-81, Pasban-90 and Inqalab-91 in 1992/93 were grown at Faisalabad on sandy clay loam soil with different irrigation treatments. Mean yield in 1989/90 was 4.70 t/ha without irrigation and highest (5.51 t) with irrigation from anthesis to maturity; differences were not statistically significant. Yield in 1992/93 was 6.11 t without irrigation and 6.41 t when irrigated from emergence to maturity or anthesis.

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