Effect of liming, superphosphate and rock phosphate application to rice on the yield and uptake of nutrients on acid sulphate soils

Mongia, A.D.; Singh, N.T.; Mandal, L.N.; Guha, A.

Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 46(1): 61-66


Accession: 003109590

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In a greenhouse experiment, lime and rock phosphate application increased grain and straw yield of rice. The response of rice to P was greater than to lime. Phosphate application resulted in both increased P content and uptake but at each P level, application of lime further increased P content and uptake. Lime and P application considerably reduced the Al content of both grain and straw, Fe content increased with lime application but P had a depressing effect on Fe uptake. Mn content in grain and straw reduced following lime application in both the soils. However, P application increased Mn content without any definite trend.