Section 4
Chapter 3,110

Effect of methods of sowing and seed rates on seed yield in berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.)

Arora, R.N.; Lodhi, G.P.; Thakral, N.K.; Het Ram

Haryana​ ​Agricultural​ ​University​ ​Journal​ ​of​ ​Research 28(2-3): 117-118


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-4008
Accession: 003109939

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In a field study in 1993-96, T. alexandrinum cv. Mescavi was broadcast or sown in lines 30 or 45 cm apart, at sowing rates of 10-30 kg seed/ha. Mean seed yield was 0.29 t/ha from broadcasting and 0.16-0.20 t with line sowing. The highest mean seed yield of 0.27 t/ha was given by a sowing rate of 25 kg/ha.

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