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Effect of photon irradiance and fertiliser levels on the growth of Shorea leprosula stock plants and the rooting ability of their subsequent stem cuttings

Aminah, H.; Dick, J.M.; Grace, J.

Journal of Tropical Forest Science 11(1): 79-99


ISSN/ISBN: 0128-1283
Accession: 003111099

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Potted stock plants of Shorea leprosula (raised from stem cuttings) raised under a high irradiance range of 0-722 micro mol photons msuperscript 2 s-1 (nominally 30% of full sunlight) produced better height and diameter growth than those grown under a low irradiance range of 0-325 micro mol photons msuperscript 2 s-1 (nominally 10% of full sunlight). An enhanced net photosynthesis (Pn) may be the cause of the better growth rate in plants raised under high irradiance.

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