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Chapter 3,112

Effect of planting date and pinching height on growth and flowering of chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.) cv. Chandrama

Barman, D.; Pal, P.; Upadhyaya, R.C.

International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 15(1/4): 65-73


Accession: 003111295

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Chrysanthemum Chandrama, planted at fortnightly intervals in experiments at Mohanpur, showed significant variations in plant height, number of leaves, leaf area, diameter of plant, length of flower stalk, number of flowers and individual flower weight. There was a gradual increase in the flower diameter as planting was delayed and the largest diameter was obtained from planting on 30 September. Chrysanthemums planted on 15 July produced the greatest number of flowers with the longest stems.

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