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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3115

Chapter 3115 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Avila, C.J.; Nakano, O.; Chagas, M.C.M., 1998:
Effect of the insect growth regulator lufenuron on fecundity and egg viability of Diabrotica speciosa (Germar, 1824) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Samek, L., 1998:
Effect of the insecticide Karate 2.5 EC (lambda-cyhalothrin) on the mitotic process in root meristems of the pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Saafan, S.E., 1996:
Effect of the insecticide methomyl on the activities of auxins and gibberellins in soybean plants

Itoh, H.; Ueno, K.; Yamazaki, K., 1998:
Effect of the interaction between cultural condition and genotype on spike morphogenesis in spring wheat

Baiao, N.C.; Cancado, S.V., 1998:
Effect of the interval between hatching and housing on the performance of broilers

Silva Filho, J.M.; Valle, G.R.; Saturnino, H.M.; Palhares, M.S.; Oliveira, H.N., 1998:
Effect of the interval between insemination and ovulation on fertility in mares inseminated with cooled, transported semen

James, R.; Sampath, K., 1999:
Effect of the ion-exchanging agent, zeolite, on reduction of cadmium toxicity: an experimental study on growth and elemental uptake in Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

Souza, J.T. de; Campos, V.P., 1997:
Effect of the isolate P1-UFLA of Pasteuria penetrans on the first generation of Meloidogyne javanica (Treub) Chitwood

Courboulay, V.; Massabie, P., 1996:
Effect of the length of distribution of diets rich in linoleic acids on the quality of pig fat

Cieslik, E., 1997:
Effect of the levels of nitrates and nitrites on the nutritional and sensory quality of potato tubers

Chi, S.H.n; Ann, K.B.n; Chang, J.I., 1998:
Effect of the lighting cycle on the growth of tomato and hot pepper seedlings

Wang, W.J.; Wang, W.C.ang; Wen, M.C.e, 1997:
Effect of the line and maturity on the quality of carambola juice for processing

Schatzl, D.; Worstorff, H.; Fischer, R., 1999:
Effect of the linear properties, shore hardness and wall thickness of teatcup liners on buckling pressure and milking performance in cows

Panda, R.K., 1997:
Effect of the little leaf disease on the GA status in the infected plants

Bellato, V.; Daemon, E., 1997:
Effect of the maintenance temperature of the non-parasitic stage on the parasitic stage of Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille, 1806) (Acari: Ixodidae)

Kirilov, A.; Najdenov, T.; Zhelyazkov, T.; Iliev, A., 1996:
Effect of the maize hybrid on silage consumption and digestibility

Dunaevskii, E.Y.; Gruban, T.N.; Belyakova, G.A.; Belozerskii, M.A., 1999:
Effect of the medium composition on the quantitative and qualitative composition of extracellular proteases of micromycetes

Gupta, A.P.; Mathur, S.; Gupta, M.M.; Kumar, S., 1998:
Effect of the method of drying on the bacoside-A content of the harvested Bacopa monniera shoots revealed using a high performance thin layer chromatography method

Silva, A., 1999:
Effect of the microalga Isochrysis galbana on the early larval culture of Paralichthys adspersus

Lee JoungKyong; Kim DongAm; Lee SungCheol; Choi KiChun; Chung JongWon; Chung JaeRok, 1997:
Effect of the mixed rates of endophyte-free and -infected seed on the endophyte frequency, dry matter yield and forage quality of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.)

Du,; Mori, E.; Terao, H.; Tsuzuki, E., 1998:
Effect of the mixture of charcoal with pyroligneous acid on shoot and root growth of sweet potato

Singh, S.; Kirkwood, R.C.; Marshall, G., 1998:
Effect of the monooxygenase inhibitor piperonyl butoxide on the herbicidal activity and metabolism of isoproturon in herbicide resistant and susceptible biotypes of Phalaris minor and wheat

Surdzhijska, S"bka; Vladimirova, L.; Grigorova, S., 1998:
Effect of the multienzyme addition of complex Energex to combined forages for chicken broilers

Hummel, E.; Kleeberg, H., 1997:
Effect of the neem extract formulation NeemAzal-T/S on the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum in the laboratory (1995)

E.B.nhawy, E.M.; E.B.rolossy, M.A.; Afia, S.I., 1998:
Effect of the nematicide carbofuran on the population development of the citrus parasitic nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans and predacious soil mites in citrus orchard under organic manure regime of fertilization

Zhou Jian; You LuXiang; Fan RuWan; Zou JueXin; Gong HaoPing; Zhang JianLiang, 1997:
Effect of the new growth regulator 83008-1 on leaf structure of Liriodendron chinense

Stec, E.; Stankiewicz, C.; Mitrus, J.; Starczewski, J., 1998:
Effect of the nitrogen fertilization and agronomic treatment on the quality of grain of spring triticale: Part I. Content of protein and amino acids in the grain of triticale cv. Jago and Maja

Stec, E.; Stankiewicz, C.; Mitrus, J.; Starczewski, J., 1998:
Effect of the nitrogen fertilization and agronomic treatment on the quality of grain of spring triticale: Part II. Amylolytic activity and content of the saccharides in the grain of triticale cv. Jago and Maja

Razik, M.A.; Quatrano, R.S., 1997:
Effect of the nuclear factors EmBP1 and viviparous1 on the transcription of the Em gene in HeLa nuclear extracts

Alvir, M.R.; Faria, J.; Paniagua, E.; Rodriguez, C.; Gonzalez, J., 1999:
Effect of the number of cuts on degradability of crude protein of lucerne hays

E.B.nhawy, E.M.; Hafez, S.M.; Saber, S.A., 1999:
Effect of the nymph prey density of the two spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch on the consumption and reproduction rates of the predacious mite Cydnoseius negevi (Swirski & Amitai) in absence and presence of nymphs of the white fly Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

Hassinger, K.A.; Smith, G.K.; Conzemius, M.G.; Saunders, H.M.; Hill, C.M.; Gregor, T.P., 1997:
Effect of the oestrous cycle on coxofemoral joint laxity

Ivanov, S., 1997:
Effect of the opaque-2 gene on combining ability and various genetic traits in inbred lines of maize grown for grain

Beel, E.; Bruyn, P. de, 1998:
Effect of the optimal nutrient element composition on the growth and flower quality of Spathiphyllum grown in hydroculture

Kulikova, N.A.; Perminova, I.V.; Lebedeva, G.F.; Matorin, D.N., 1997:
Effect of the organic matter of peat aqueous and alkaline extracts on plant photosynthesis

Kampf, A.N.; Hammer, P.A.; Kirk, T., 1999:
Effect of the packing density on the mechanical impedance of root media

Wang RenMin; Ding YuanShu, 1998:
Effect of the paddy-upland yearly rotation on the soil fertility

Vega, J.M.; Feldman, M., 1998:
Effect of the pairing gene Ph1 and premeiotic colchicine treatment on intra- and interchromosome pairing of isochromosomes in common wheat

Vega, J.M.; Feldman, M., 1998:
Effect of the pairing gene Ph1 on centromere misdivision in common wheat

Rodionova, A.S.; Nikitinski, Y.I.; Djikovich, Y.V.; Smagin, V.A., 1998:
Effect of the paper mill and municipal waste waters on the flora and vegetation of small shallow lakes (with special reference to Drosdovo lake, Leningrad Region, Russia)

Aristizabal A.L.F.; Bustillo P.A.E.; Orozco H.J.; Chaves C.B., 1998:
Effect of the parasitoid Cephalonomia stephanoderis (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) on Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) during and after harvest

Brugalli, I.; Albino, L.F.T.; Silva, D.J. da; Gomes, P.C.; Rostagno, H.S.; Silva, M. de A. e, 1999:
Effect of the particle size and the substitution level on the energy values of meat and bone meal for broiler chicks

Zeledon, M.; Corrales, V., 1997:
Effect of the pearling time of brown rice on survival of Rhyzopertha dominica, on the elimination of external layers, and on the percentage of broken kernels

Tsenov, P.; Petkov, Z., 1996:
Effect of the period of spring silkworm feedings for seed cocoon production on the balance of dry matter from one decare mulberry-tree plantation

Chaudhari, T.R.; Patil, P.N.; Rao, K.R.; Deshmukh, S.B.; Diwate, S.G., 1999:
Effect of the pesticide Rogor on some biochemical constituents in freshwater snail Thiara lineata

Bellamine, J.; Greppin, H., 1997:
Effect of the photoperiod on the plasma membrane ATP-dependent H+-pumping activity of spinach petioles

Tokimoto, K.; Fukuda, M.; Tsuboi, M., 1998:
Effect of the physical properties of Lentinula edodes bedlogs on fruiting body production

Hagele, W.; Hinsch, E.; Muller Schlosser, F.; Brummer, A.; Schill, W.B.; Hinsch, K.D., 1998:
Effect of the phyto-oestrogen genistein on sperm function

Lopez Gallego, F.; Estevez Herrera, M.A.; Picon Sanchez, F., 1999:
Effect of the plane of feeding on milk production by Merino ewes

E.G.ndi, S.S.; Adam, K.M.; Bachatly, M.A., 1997:
Effect of the planting date of tomato on the population density of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) and Heliothis armigera (HB.), viral infection and yield

Abdel Hamid, A.Z.; Mantawy, M.M.I., 1997:
Effect of the plants Frenkania hirsuta and Withania somnifera on biological and physiological activities of Biomphalaria alexandrina snails

Montarone, M.; Savignac, D.; Bearez, P., 1997:
Effect of the position of cuttings along the mother stem on the rhizogenesis and the ramification in soilless cultivation

Benaich, S.; Guerouali, A.; Belahsen, R.; Mokhtar, N.; Aguenaou, H., 1999:
Effect of the postpartum body reserve mobilization on the reproductive function in dairy cow

Zumbado, M.E.; Jackson, F., 1996:
Effect of the presence of the endocarp in full-fat palm (Elaeis guinensis) kernels on their nutritive value. I. Level of endocarp, crude fibre characterization, and metabolizable energy content

Jackson, F.; Zumbado, M.E., 1996:
Effect of the presence of the endocarp in full-fat palm (Elaeis guinensis) kernels on their nutritive value. II. Performance of broilers on a starter diet

Ornat, C.; Verdejo Lucas, S.; Sorribas, F.J., 1997:
Effect of the previous crop on population densities of Meloidogyne javanica and yield of cucumber

Nowinszky, L.; Meszaros, Z.; Puskas, J., 1998:
Effect of the previous nights catches on the quantity of insects captured by light traps

Pardo, F.A.; Fandino, C.F.; Arbelaez, G., 1998:
Effect of the processes of composting and lombricomposting of carnation residues on the population of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi

Morré, D.J.; Zeichhardt, H.; Maxeiner, H.G.; Grünert, H.P.; Sawitzky, D.; Grieco, P., 1998:
Effect of the quassinoids glaucarubolone and simalikalactone D on growth of cells permanently infected with feline and human immunodeficiency viruses and on viral infections

Liebig, G.; Gerlich, R.; Sanzenbacher, R., 1997:
Effect of the queen excluder on colony development and honey yield

Kandyba, Y.A.; Samusik, D.N., 1996:
Effect of the rate and method of application of nitrogen fertilizers on winter rye yield depending on the density of sowing

Lenis, N.P.; van Diepen, H.T.; Bikker, P.; Jongbloed, A.W.; van der Meulen, J., 1999:
Effect of the ratio between essential and nonessential amino acids in the diet on utilization of nitrogen and amino acids by growing pigs

Tamosiunas, K.; Dabkevicius, Z.; Semaskiene, R.; Semaska, J., 1997:
Effect of the reduced fungicide doses on the severity of powdery mildew and glume blotch in winter wheat Sirvinta i

Ramella, J.L.; Mantecon, A.R.; Gonzalez, J.S.; Lopez, S.; Pelaez, R., 1999:
Effect of the reduction in the number of milkings on milk yield in Assaf ewes

Piccinali, R.L.; Scena, C.G.; Soni, C.; Sampedro, D.H., 1995:
Effect of the reproductive status of cows on sexual behaviour in bulls

Gonzalez Stagnaro, C.; Goicochea, J.; Madrid Bury, N., 1996:
Effect of the reproductive tract score on the response to oestrus synchronization in crossbred heifers

Suarez, S.; Montada, D.; Fuentes, O.; Castex, M.; Leyva, M., 1998:
Effect of the resistance to insecticides on some demographic parameters of 3 strains of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae), under laboratory conditions

Todorov, I.; Granatikov, B.; Zarkov, B., 1997:
Effect of the retardant Fluordimex T on spring barley height and resistance to lodging

Gomez de Guinan, Y.G.; Nageswara, I., 1996:
Effect of the rhizosphere of peanut (Papilloniaceae) on the fungal flora and the activity of phosphatases

Casassa, A.M.; Crozzoli, R.; Matheus, J.; Bravo, V.; Marin, M., 1998:
Effect of the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, on the growth of guava (Psidium spp.) in nurseries

Gyurcheva Karadzhova, I., 1998:
Effect of the rootstock and plant spacing on the growth of Rio Ozo Gem peach trees

Hernandez, Londono; Vieira, R.A.gusto Mendonca; Sanchez, L.M.ria Bonnecarrere; Silva, J.H.nrique Souza Da, 1998:
Effect of the sample processing type on the ruminal protein disappearance, and the intestinal and total digestibilities of two grasses

Markin, A.V.; Terekhova, T.V.; Strugova, A.A., 1997:
Effect of the school environment on the prevalence of enterobiasis in school children

Casasus, I.; Sanz, A.; Villalba, D.; Ferrer, R.; Revilla, R., 1999:
Effect of the season of parturition on performance of Parda Alpina cows on pasture in mountain conditions

Dyrcz, S.; Mandecki, A.; Kraszewski, J., 1997:
Effect of the self-cleaning litter-dung system on fattener and breeding boar performance and carcass quality

Ivanov, G.A., 1998:
Effect of the shearing force on the bending of a half-raised stem

Bartolome, J.; Plaixats, J., 1999:
Effect of the shrub layer on the chemical and floral composition of pasture in Mediterranean highlands

Balada, F.; Sanchis, D.; Virgili, J.; Grasa, M.M.; Monserrat, C.; Fernández-López, J.A.; Remesar, X.; Alemany, M., 1998:
Effect of the slimming agent oleoyl-estrone in liposomes on the body weight of rats fed a cafeteria diet

Georgieva, H., 1997:
Effect of the soil tillage and fertilization on the weediness and the yield obtained from pea-triticale mixture included in field crop rotation

Georgieva, H., 1997:
Effect of the soil tillage, fertilization and herbicides on the weed infestation and productivity of the stands in a four-course rotation

Freire, J.P.; Mourot, J.; Cunha, L.F.; Almeida, J.A.; Aumaitre, A., 1998:
Effect of the source of dietary fat on postweaning lipogenesis in lean and fat pigs

Palma, H.A.L., 1999:
Effect of the specific gravity on static bending properties in plywood of Pinus elliottii Engelm

Leprettre, S.; Auvergne, A.; Manse, H.; Babile, R.; Dubois, J.P.erre; Candau, M., 1998:
Effect of the starvation period before slaughter on biochemical composition and sterilization yields of goose fatty livers

Bouzigues, R.; Favrot, J.C.; Chossat, J.C.; Voltz, M., 1998:
Effect of the structural organization of stagnic luvisols on drainage outflow

Macovei, L.; Suciu, T., 1996:
Effect of the substance Crosing on the germination and growth of some species of legumes

Guevara, E.; Herrera, J.; Alizaga, R., 1997:
Effect of the substrate and its water status upon the germination of Caturra coffee seeds

Gonzalez M.F.; Bas M.F.; Luque L.V., 1998:
Effect of the supplementation of hydrogenated fat (GHP) and a calcium salt of fatty acids, derived from fish oil, on in vitro digestibility of cell wall and volatile fatty acids production

Smith, M.; Rodriguez, J.; Eugenia Velazco, M.; Collia, L., 1997:
Effect of the supply of different diets during the prelaying stage on the behavior of light White Leghorn breeders

Tone Kisato; Kamori Masanobu; Shibasaki Yasuo; Takeda Yasuo; Yamamoto Osamu, 1998:
Effect of the surface potential on the cation exchange capacity of kaolin minerals

Cheshmedjieva, S.; Popova, P.; Modeva, T.; Dimitrova, I.; Profirov, Y., 1999:
Effect of the synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin on the level of sulfhydryl groups in rat liver

Dimitrova, M.; Dimitrov, Y., 1997:
Effect of the systems of soil tillage on cotton field condition

Anda, A., 1998:
Effect of the tassel on maize crop water stress index and its components

Perez, H.; Mendoza, E.; Alvarez, J.L.; Fernandez, O., 1997:
Effect of the temperature-humidity index on secretion of thyroid hormones in Holstein heifers

Nuyts Petit, V.; Delacroix Buchet, A.; Vassal, L., 1997:
Effect of the three casein haplotypes ( alpha s1, beta and kappa ) occurring most frequently in the Normande breed on milk composition and suitability for cheesemaking

Niwa, K.; Tsuji, O.; Obuchi, K.; Kikuchi, K., 1999:
Effect of the tillage pan formation on soil water movement and sugar beet root penetration in the fine-textured brown lowland soil

Araujo, W.P. de; Yuzawa, H.C.Y.; Libera, A.M.M.P.D., 1999:
Effect of the time and the temperature of conservation on bacterial and somatic cell counting and physicochemical characteristics of milk samples

Peng YunSheng; Zhang YeHui; L.X.aoWei, 1999:
Effect of the two-pole changed magnetic field on the seedling growth and development of lowland and upland rice

Ryazanova, O., 1997:
Effect of the type of artificial soil mixtures on the quality of greenhouse vegetables

Berto, D.A.; Kronka, R.N.; Thomaz, M.C.; Kronka, S. do N., 1997:
Effect of the type of diet and feeding system during the starter phase on performance of piglets

Stasyunaite, P.; Shivokene, Y.; Skrodenite, V., 1996:
Effect of the type of diet on the inter-relationship between microbiological and growth values in the sea trout (Salmo trutta trutta)

Ranilla, M.J.; Gonzalez, J.S.; Lopez, S.; Carro, M.D.; Valdes, C., 1999:
Effect of the type of diet on total saliva production in sheep and goats

Snell, H.G.J.; Lucke, W.; Weghe, H. van den, 1999:
Effect of the type of foil (color, thickness, structure) on parameters describing the quality of grass silage

Delaby, L.; Bouttier, A.; Peccatte, J.R., 1997:
Effect of the type of forage and energy concentrate composition on milk yield and composition in early lactation

Salcedo Diaz, G., 1998:
Effect of the type of starch supplement to grass silage on production and chemical composition of milk in dairy cows

Djadi, A.; Gomez Cabrera, A.; Ortiz Somovilla, V., 1999:
Effect of the type of supplementation on production of ewes on autumn pasture

Accinelli, G.; Maini, S.; Capizzi, A., 1998:
Effect of the type of trap and pheromone bait on the capture of Cydia pomonella

Mansour, O.Y.; Nassar, M.; Meligy, M. el, 1998 :
Effect of the types of pulp and filler on the quality of papers

Baucells, F.; Medel, P.; Navarro, A.; Calderon, M.; Mateos, G.G., 1999:
Effect of the use of concentrates and aromas on free intake of lactating sows during summer

Vitolo, M.R.; Aguirre, A.N. de C.; Kondo, M.R.; Giuliano, Y.; Ferreira, N.; Lopez, F.A., 1998:
Effect of the use of iron-enriched cereal on the serum hemoglobin levels and anthropometric values of preschool children

Contreras, F.; Rivero, C.; Paolini, J., 1996:
Effect of the use of organic residues and two tillage systems on the acid phosphatase activity in an Alfisol

Altimirska, R., 1997:
Effect of the way of applying inoculum of associative nitrogen-fixing bacteria on wheat productivity

Klimov, V.V., 1995:
Effect of the way of distributing heated air in experimental greenhouse with hot-air-convective heating and application of low-potential heat carrier on heat transfer coefficient

Fanjul, J.A., 1999:
Effect of the weather on factory yield

Wang GuangJin; Sun GuangZu; L.X.eZhan; Zhang YueXue; L.S.eRong; L.A.Sheng, 1997:
Effect of the wheat scab pathogenic toxin on cell ultrastructure of disease-resistant mutant and its parent

Zadravec, P.; Vogrin, A., 1998:
Effect of the width of the herbicide band on growth and production of apple trees in the juvenile period

Shaker, M.M.; Sada, I.; Vohradsky, F.; Agil, G., 1998:
Effect of the year of breeding and age of ewes on select reproduction indicators of Charollais sheep breed

Grussel, T.; Busch, W., 1997:
Effect of therapeutic application of peracetic acid to the bovine endometrium

Herbut, E.; Nizio, B.; Sosnowka, E.; Pietras, M., 1997:
Effect of thermal conditions on air ionization and rearing performance of broiler chickens

Williams, A.J.; Gupta, B.N.; Banerjee, S.K., 1996:
Effect of thermal power plant emissions on vegetation

Ojha, J.S.; Jones, D.A., 1998:
Effect of thermal processing in shellfree (INVE) cysts and decapsulated (E-pac INVE Artemia) cysts

Kaushish, S.K.; Sengupta, B.P.; George, G.C., 1997:
Effect of thermal stress and water restriction on cortisol level of Beetal and Black Bengal goats

Borowiec, F.; Furga, K.; Marszaek, A., 1995:
Effect of thermal treatments on the glucosinolate content in rapeseed

Mohamed, A.A.; Hasan, A.R., 1998:
Effect of thermal treatments on the mortality of developmental stages of the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella (L.)

Kurets, V.K.; Drozdov, S.N.; Popov, E.G.; Talanov, A.V.; Obshatko, L.A., 1999:
Effect of thermoperiod on net photosynthesis and night respiration of cucumber plants

Bruna, A., 1997:
Effect of thermotherapy and meristem-tip culture on production of virus-free garlic in Chile

Caceres, M.I.; Martinez, E.; Torres, F., 1998:
Effect of thiabendazole and extracts of grapefruit seeds to control diseases of Passiflora mollissima before and after harvest in Nuevo Colon (Boyaca)

E.Tayeb, M.A., 1995:
Effect of thiamin seed presoaking on the physiology of Sorghum bicolor plants grown under salinity stress

Simpson, W.T.; Tschernitz, J.L., 1998:
Effect of thickness variation on warp in high-temperature drying plantation-grown loblolly pine 2 by 4's

Souza, C.M. de; Pinto, J.E.B.P.; Rodrigues, B.M.; Furtado, D.F.; Morais, A.R. de; Arrigoni Blank, M. de F., 1998:
Effect of thidiazuron on in vitro multiplication of cabbage

Lameira, O.A.; Pinto, J.E.B.P.; Cardoso, M. das G.; Gavilanes, M.L., 1997:
Effect of thidiazuron on induction and maintenance of callus of Cordia verbenacea L

Vatanpour, A.; Villiers, T.A., 1998:
Effect of thidiazuron on shoot proliferation from mature pistachio embryos

Dinesh Sah; Behra, B., 1999:
Effect of thinning and gap-filling on growth and yield of maize

L.C.o ChenNan; Chung HsuHo; Chiu ChihMing, 1997:
Effect of thinning and pruning on the growth of Taiwan red cypress (Chamaecyparis formosana Matsum) plantations

Liu, K.; Zhao, Z.; Li, C., 1999:
Effect of thinning catkins on nutrition in the Chinese chestnut tree; W.X.aoPing, 1998:
Effect of thinning methods on the production and quality of satsuma mandarin

Lachenaud, P.; Oliver, G., 1998:
Effect of thinning on cocoa hybrid yields

Cinnirella, S.; Iovino, F.; Perniola, G.; Tersaruolo, A.M., 1993:
Effect of thinning on soil moisture content

Tang JianYang; Pan LinNa; Qiou WuLing; Chen ChangHong, 1998:
Effect of thinning on the fruit size and production of kiwifruit vines

Moula, M.G.; Rahman, M.M.; Begum, S.; Ahmed, A.; Salahuddin, A.B.M., 1998:
Effect of thinning, leaf and apex removal on the grain and fodder yield of maize

Giertych, M., 1997:
Effect of thinnings on the evaluations of provenance experiments as exemplified by a Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) trial

Esteban, F.J.; Sánchez-López, A.M.; Del Moral, M.L.; Camacho, M.V.; Hernández, R.; Jiménez, A.; Pedrosa, J.A.; Peinado, M.A., 1999:
Effect of thioacetamide and dexamethasone on serum lipids in rats fed on high-fat sunflower or olive oil diets

Lakshmi, B.S.; Gupta, J.P., 1997:
Effect of thiophanate-methyl and Rhizobium seed treatment on nodulation and growth of soybean

Tongumpai, P.; Charnwichit, S.; Srisuchon, S.; Subhadrabandhu, S., 1997:
Effect of thiourea on terminal bud break of mango

Sharshir, F.A., 1998:
Effect of three conventional tillage systems and fertilizer applications on soil Acarina and Collembola populations inhabiting faba bean (Vicia faba, L.) cultivation in Kafr El-Sheikh

Francisco, G.; Simon, L.; Soca, M., 1998 :
Effect of three cutting heights on biomass yield from Leucaena leucocephala cv. CNIA-250

Vallejo C.F.A.; Guimaraes, E.P.; Marin G.J.M., 1998:
Effect of three cycles of recombination in the rice population CNA-IRAT 2/0/OF, Oryza sativa L

Cornejo, S.; Gonzalez, J.; Camus, J.; Gonzalez, N.; Pokniak, J., 1998:
Effect of three different sources of dietary phosphorus on the productive performance of broilers

Belo, A.T.; Caldeira, R.M.; Belo, C.C.; Portugal, A.V.z, 1996:
Effect of three levels of urea supplementation of wheat straw on metabolic parameters in ewes

Sharshir, F.A.; Helal, R.M.; Tadros, M.S., 1998:
Effect of three natural materials and malathion added to four stored grains on pest infestation

Perez, G.; Padron, R.; Soto, R.; Bertsch, F., 1997:
Effect of three neem natural pesticides on control of pests of field cabbage, field corn and stored cowpea seed

Khan, A.; Shaukat, S.S., 1998:
Effect of three organic amendments and carbofuran on populations of Hirschmanniella oryzae and Tylenchorhynchus annulatus and growth parameters of rice

Yaneth Rondon, S.; Torres Becerra, N.; Laverde Pena, H.; Pinzon, H., 1996:
Effect of three polyethylene covers and two sowing methods on the phenology of onion (Allium cepa) in the savanna of Bogota

E.A.ab, E.M.; E.K.bbia, A.M.; E.K.ayat, H.M., 1998:
Effect of three sodium salts on vegetative growth and mineral composition of stone fruit rootstock seedlings

Rondon, J.A.; Hernandez G.R., 1995:
Effect of three sources of nitrogen on leaf development and root growth of Alnus acuminata

Lichtemberg, L.A.; Hinz, R.H.; Malburg, J.L.; Stuker, H., 1998:
Effect of three spacings on yield of 'Nanicao' banana, in southern Brazil

Borgsteede, F.H.; van der Linden, J.N.; Cornelissen, J.B.; Gaasenbeek, C.P.; Ascher, F., 1998:
Effect of three sustained-release devices on parasitic bronchitis in first year calves

Perez Tello, G.O.; Martinez Tellez, M.A.; Briceno, B.O.; Vargas Arispuro, I.; Diaz Perez, J.C., 1999:
Effect of three temperatures of storage on the activities of polyphenoloxidase and peroxidase in mamey sapote fruits (Pouteria sapota)

Bellato, V.; Daemon, E., 1997:
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Effect of two methods of sowing Lotus tenuis on its establishment and forage production in grasslands in the flooding pampa of Argentina

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Effect of two types of shelterbelts on maize cultivation in Villa Aldama, Veracruz, Mexico

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Effect of type of aviary, manure and litter handling on the emission kinetics of ammonia from layer houses

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Effect of type of milk on the ability of lambs to adapt to an artificial teat

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Effect of tyre pressure on propelling forces and rolling resistance forces

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Effect of ultra low oxygen on the storage and quality of some vegetables

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Effect of ultrafiltration of enzymatic hydrolysates of milk proteins on bitterness

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Effect of ultraviolet-reflective mulches on tomato yields and on the silverleaf whitefly

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Effect of undernutrition of ewes from the time of mating on fetal ovarian development in mid gestation

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Effect of uneven acaricide application on effective control of spider mites in chrysanthemum fields

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Effect of uniconazole on the polyphenol metabolism in the leaves of mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) infected with mungbean yellow mosaic virus

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Effect of uniconazole on vigorous seedling growth and seed yield of rape

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Effect of unsaturated fatty acids on protein digestibility and nitrogen retention in broiler chicks

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Effect of upper canopy square removal before and after NAWF=5 plus 350 heat units on carbon partitioning from upper canopy leaves to bolls lower in the canopy

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Effect of uranium additions on certain biochemical constituents and uranium accumulation in wheat

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Effect of urbanization on forest ecosystems and the environmental status of territories

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Effect of urea applied with urolysis inhibitor on spring wheat yield

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Effect of urea foliar application on root development and mineral content in apple seedlings

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Effect of urea lime treatment on in vitro digestibility of dry matter and cellulose of fallen teak (Tectona grandis) leaves

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Effect of urea molasses liquid diet on histopathological changes of vital organs of buffalo heifers

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Effect of urea on microbial degradation of apple leaf litter and its relationship to the inhibition of pseudothecial development of Venturia inaequalis

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Effect of urea on phosphomonoesterases of fish Labeo rohita

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Effect of urea phosphate with bentonite on microflora of poultry manure

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Effect of urea treatment of rice straw on chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility

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Effect of urea treatment on digestibility and utilization of sorghum straw

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Effect of urea-ammoniation of multicut sorghum (SSG-988) hay on voluntary feed intake and nutrient utilization in buffaloes

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Effect of urea-formaldehyde condensates and nitrification inhibitors on the rate of creation of inorganic nitrogen

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Effect of urea-molasses liquid diet feeding on growth and reproductive performance in crossbred heifers

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Effect of urinary trypsin inhibitor on leukocytic B glucuronidase during endotoxin shock

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Effect of use of mulching sheet for the prevention of soil erosion and revegetation on soil microorganisms

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Effect of use of saline water to supplement good water on leaf growth and yield of greengram in black soil

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Effect of used pesticides on the environment in Zamosc province

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Effect of using CO2 gaseous fertilizer on tomatoes and green peppers in the greenhouse

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Effect of using Nurelle-D505 for controlling citrus leaf-miner

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Effect of using fenoxaprop-P-ethyl mixed with benazolin to control weeds of rape field

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Effect of using non-hormonal growth promoters on the productive performance of buffalo calves

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Effect of using soyabean meal and raw or toasted whole soyabeans during different growth stages on performance and carcass characteristics of pigs

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Effect of using whole toasted soyabeans in starter and finishing diets for pigs on performance and carcass characteristics

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Effect of uterine manipulation on reproductive efficiency in Nelore cows

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Effect of utilization of unconventional multicomponent fertilizers on chosen properties of light soil

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Effect of utilization of wild cherry pits in diet of fattening pigs

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Effect of vaccination against Mycoplasma gallisepticum and thermal treatment of incubation eggs on the reproductive performance of broiler hens

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Effect of vaccination against the respiratory form of Aujeszky's disease with a mutant gE-/TK-deletion vaccine in growing/fattening pigs

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Effect of vaccine-induced immune activation on the performance of early-weaned pigs

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Effect of variable exposition to threshold temperature on egg development of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann)

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Effect of variable rate lime on cotton yields

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Effect of variations in plasma magnesium concentration on resistance to insulin-mediated glucose disposal in nondiabetic subjects

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Effect of varied fermentation periods on the diabetogenic potential of toasted cassava granules

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Effect of varied soil nitrogen supply on growth and nutrient uptake of young Norway spruce plants grown in a shaded environment

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Effect of varietal difference, temperature, shading and plant age on SO2 sensitivity among rice, corn and soybean plants

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Effect of varietal features on the formation of technological quality and storage of sugarbeet

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Effect of varying fertility levels on productivity of cropping systems under irrigation in semi-arid regions of India

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Effect of varying levels of P and S on concentration of copper, manganese and iron in chickpea

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Effect of vegetation on structure of soil microbial community

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Effect of veneer roughness on the bonding strength of sengon plywood

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Effect of vermicompost on mulberry sapling establishment

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Effect of vernalisation genes on frost tolerance in some wheat cultivars

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Effect of vernalization and gibberellin of growth and flowering time in heading Chinese cabbage

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Effect of water deficiency on yield of wheat

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Effect of water deficit and propagation techniques on solute accumulation of Actinidia deliciosa (cv. Hayward) vines

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Effect of water deficit at different growth stages on evapotranspiration of beans cv. Imbabello

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Effect of water deficit conditions on superoxide dismutase isoenzyme activities in wheat

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Effect of water deficit on development of leaves, stems and pods of beans

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Effect of water deficit on physiological activities of paddy rice and upland rice seedlings

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Effect of water deficit on plant water status, growth, and yield of rice

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Effect of water deficit on the leaf anatomy of six cultivars of the common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of water extract from Mexican sunflower on germination and growth of tested plants

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Effect of water level of habitat on the predatory performance of Anisops bouvieri Kirkaldy

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Effect of water management and lime on iron toxicity and yield of paddy

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Effect of water management on four potato cultivars grown in the northeastern United States. I. Effect on crop yield

Porter, G.A.; Bedaiwy, M.N.A., 1998:
Effect of water management on four potato cultivars grown in the northeastern United States. II. Effect on crop quality

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Effect of water management on mycoherbicidal activity of Exserohilum monoceras against Echinochloa oryzicola

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Effect of water pollution on peroxidase activity in Channa striatus

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Effect of water potential on fruit body formation of Lentinula edodes in sawdust-based substrate

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Effect of water potential on germination of seeds of three tropical forage grasses

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Effect of water potential on mycelial growth and production of sclerotia of Sclerotium cepivorum

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Effect of water potential on radial colony growth of Armillaria mellea and A. gallica isolates in culture

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Effect of water quality on the expression of the biotic potential of Culex pipiens Linnaeus in the area of Ben Arous (south of Tunis)

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Effect of water quality on the production of high quality milk

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Effect of water quality, fertility and variety on the shoot emergence and yields in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Effect of water quantity on onion yield under sprinkler irrigation

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Effect of water regime and weed control on weed flora and yield of transplanted rice (Oryza sativa)

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Effect of water regimes on growth and yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in lower hills of Himachal Pradesh

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Effect of water repellents on leaching of CCA from treated fence and deck units - an update

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Effect of water repellents on long-term durability of millwork treated with water-repellent preservatives

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Effect of water salinity on Thielaviopsis paradoxa and growth of date palm seedlings

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Effect of water salinity on germination of muskmelon cultivars

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Effect of water saturation on retardation of ground-water contaminants

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Effect of water soaking of wheat on phytate content and utilization by chicks

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Effect of water soaking period on seed germination of Terminalia belerica Roxb., T. arjuna W&A and Aegle marmelos L. Corr

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Effect of water soaking wheat-bran on phytate phosphorus autolysis and its feeding value to chicks

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Effect of water stagnation on growth, physiological processes and chemical composition of Leptochloa fusca (L.) P. Beauv

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Effect of water status of young Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana on their survival in plantations

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Effect of water stress and of nitrogen fertilizer application on yield and water use efficiency in beans

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Effect of water stress during flowering on seed yield in subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) cultivars

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Effect of water stress during grain fill on growth, yield and yield components of glossy and non-glossy varieties of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench)

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Effect of water stress during growing season on potato seed tubers dormancy period

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Effect of water stress in the control of the pestiferous slugs Laevicaulis alte (Ferussac)

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Effect of water stress on carbon-14 incorporation into carbohydrates in two varieties of durum wheat

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Effect of water stress on cell division and cell-division-cycle 2-like cell-cycle kinase activity in wheat leaves

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Effect of water stress on cotton yield and fibre quality

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Effect of water stress on different agronomic traits of diverse soybean cultivars

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Effect of water stress on economical yield and tolerance index of pigeonpea cultivars

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Effect of water stress on fruit quality and endogenous abscisic acid (ABA) content in peach fruit

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Effect of water stress on growth and productivity of different durum wheat crosses compared to the parents

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Effect of water stress on growth, yield and eco-physiological responses of four tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars

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Effect of water stress on leaf movement in olive cultivars

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Effect of water stress on membrane lipid peroxidation in maple

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Effect of water stress on nitrate uptake and NR activity in chickpea

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Effect of water stress on nodule physiology and biochemistry of a drought tolerant cultivar of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Effect of water stress on physiological parameters of pigeonpea cultivars

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Effect of water stress on plasma membrane ATPase activity of maize leaves and its relation to osmoregulation of CaM

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Effect of water stress on seed quality parameters in sunflower (Helianthus annus L.)

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Effect of water stress on super weak luminescence and growth of sprouts of cultivars of agricultural crops differing in drought resistance

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Effect of water stress on the VAM colonization and growth of sunflower

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Effect of water stress on the abscission of reproductive organs in cotton during the rainy season in Northern Cameroon

Smit, E.; McLaren, N.W., 1997 :
Effect of water stress on the colonisation of maize roots by root-infecting fungi

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Effect of water stress on the efficiency of capture of water and radiation by soyabean

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Effect of water stress on the guar-Bradyrhizobium system using PEG 6000

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Effect of water stress on the photosynthesis of tea

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Effect of water stress on yield potential of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)

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Effect of water stress treatment at different growth stages of Tocheonkung (Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort) on the uptake of inorganic nutrients

Jadczuk, E.; Lenz, F., 1998:
Effect of water supply and fruit load on uptake and distribution of potassium in 'Golden Delicious' trees

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Effect of water supply from deep soil on dry matter production of winter wheat

Keembiyehetty, C.N.; Wilson, R.P., 1998:
Effect of water temperature on growth and nutrient utilization of sunshine bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis ) fed diets containing different energy/protein ratios

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Effect of water temperature on the feed and water consumption of fattening rabbits. 1. Effect of the hot water

Remois, G.; Lafargue Hauret, P.; Sureault, A., 1999:
Effect of water temperature on the feed and water consumption of fattening rabbits. 2. Effect of the cold water

Hordij, H.; Barnatan, I.; Beltran, A., 1997:
Effect of water vapour flux in Resistencia (Chaco) on wheat yields in the Pampean region

Kaushik, S.K.; Lal, K., 1998:
Effect of water-harvesting techniques on productivity and water-use efficiency of rainy-season crops

Y.H.nShou; W.H.nZhang; Zhang YiMing, 1998:
Effect of water-soluble chitosan in control of rice bakanae disease (Fusarium moniliforme) and rape sclerotiose (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum)

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Effect of water-soluble extract from antler of wapiti (Cervus elaphus) on the growth of fibroblasts

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Effect of water-stress on chlorophyllide synthesis and PSII assembly

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Effect of watering time on the growth rate of young rabbits

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Effect of waterlogging and cold injury on growth and development of wheat and barley

Sukhchain ; Saini, A.K., 1998:
Effect of waterlogging and high water table on varietal performance in sugarcane

Tsai ChiFeng; Wang ChingYuh; Chu TheMing, 1997:
Effect of waterlogging at various growth stages on the growth and yield of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) plants

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Effect of waterlogging on growth, yield and nutrient content of different grasses

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Effect of waterlogging on morphophysiological characteristics in rice

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Effect of waterlogging on performance of soybean cultivars at various growth stages

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Effect of waterlogging on some morphological characteristics in three cultivars of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) under different planting techniques

Zampella, R.A.; Laidig, K.J., 1997:
Effect of watershed disturbance on Pinelands stream vegetation

Bingner, R.; Garbrecht, J.A.nold, J.; Srinivasan, R., 1997:
Effect of watershed subdivision on simulation runoff and fine sediment yield

Oosthuyse, S.A., 1997:
Effect of waxing and of a number of waxes on weight loss, shelf-life and fruit quality of mangoes after four weeks of cool-storage

Attala, E.S., 1997:
Effect of ways of hand thinning on 'Anna' apple fruit quality and vegetative growth under Egyptian desert conditions

Schoonmaker, J.P.; Fluharty, F.L.; Turner, T.B.; Moeller, S.J.; Loerch, S.C., 1999:
Effect of weaning age and implant regimen. I. Steer performance

Schoonmaker, J.P.; Fluharty, F.L.; Turner, T.B.; Wulf, D.M.; Moeller, S.J.; Loerch, S.C., 1999:
Effect of weaning age and implant regimen. II. Carcass characteristics of steers

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Effect of weaning age and solid feed distribution before weaning on performances and caecal traits of young rabbits

Yadvika ; Ravi Gupta; Garg, M.K., 1999:
Effect of weather conditions and slice thickness on drying characteristics of tomatoes for producing powder by indirect solar drying technology

Hansen, L.M., 1999:
Effect of weather during spring on the time of arrival of bird cherry-oat aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi L.) in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) fields

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Effect of weather factors on powdery mildew incidence in grapevine

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Effect of weather factors on the activity of moths of Helicoverpa armigera as evidenced by light trap catches

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Effect of weather on Sclerotiorum of rape and threshold of control

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Effect of weather on efficacy of herbicides in sugar beet

Meisser, M.; Wyss, U., 1998:
Effect of weather on growth and maturation of silage maize

Irulandi, S.; Balasubramanian, G., 1999:
Effect of weather parameters on galerucid beetle, Madurasia obscurella (Jacoby) (Galerucidae: Coleoptera) and stemfly, Ophiomyia phaseoli (Tryon) (Agromyzidae: Diptera) on greengram

Sharma, M.L.; Odak, S.C.; Pathak, S.C., 1998:
Effect of weather parameters on the efficiency of biotic factors in regulating larval population of Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)

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Effect of weather parameters on the incidence of citrus leaf miner (Phyllocnistis citrella) Stainton

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Effect of weathering exposure on the preservative and softening agent retentions, wood hardness and climbability of CCA-treated red pine utility poles

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Effect of weed and crop densities on seed quality of soybean

Sosa, L.; Medrano, C., 1997:
Effect of weed competition on established plantain (Musa AAB) orchard

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Effect of weed competition on growth, nutrient uptake and yield of wheat as affected by irrigation and fertilizers

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Effect of weed control and fertilizer placement on weeds, yield components and seed yield of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

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Effect of weed control and irrigation regimes on transplanted rice (Oryza sativa) in Kashmir valley

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Effect of weed control and plant density of cotton on yield, some of its components, fiber properties and associated weeds

E.Hamid, M.M.A., 1998:
Effect of weed control and the preceding summer crop on the annual grassy weeds and wheat grain yield

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Effect of weed control in fingermillet (Eleusine coracana)

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Effect of weed control measures and levels of phosphorus on nutrient removal by soybean crop and weeds

Kulmi, G.S., 1997:
Effect of weed control methods on noxious weeds in transplanted rice

Mathew, G.; Sreenivasan, E., 1998:
Effect of weed control methods on yield and economics of rainfed and rice fallow summer cowpea

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Effect of weed control on nutrient uptake, weed weight and yield of groundnut

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Effect of weed control on productivity of sesame (Sesamum indicum)

Naik, K.R.; Gogulwar, N.M.; Tiwari, J.P., 1997:
Effect of weed control under different moisture regime and nitrogen on wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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Effect of weed management and phosphorus on kharif greengram (Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek)

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Effect of weed management and pruning on jute seed production

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Effect of weed management and sulphur fertilization on the productivity of soybean (Glycine max)

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Effect of weed management in linseed

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Effect of weed management on growth and yield of rainfed, direct-seeded rice

Blanco Metzler, H.; Villalobos, R.; Watt, A.D.; Cosens, D., 1997:
Effect of weed management on the population of macadamia nutborer Ecdytolopha torticornis Meyrick (Lep: Tortricidae)

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Effect of weed management practices on growth and yield of banana cv. Dwarf Cavendish

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Effect of weed management practices on the nutrient uptake of sunflower and its associated weeds

Jat, R.L.; Gaur, B.L.; Suresh Kumar; Kulhari, R.K., 1998:
Effect of weed management, fertilizers and Rhizobium inoculation on growth, yield and yield attributes of maize (Zea mays) and soybean (Glycine max) under maize + soybean intercropping system

Verma, S.K.; Singh, T., 1997:
Effect of weed-control measures and fertility on growth and productivity of rainy-season onion (Allium cepa)

Singh, B.D.; Singh, B.P., 1997:
Effect of weed-control measures and phosphatic fertilization on growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) + Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) intercropping under dryland conditions

Singh, R.P.; Singh, U.P., 1998:
Effect of weed-management practices on yield and economics of crops under upland rice (Oryza sativa)-based cropping system

Larik, A.S.; Rajput, M.; Kakar, A.A.; Bukhari, S.S.; Shaikh, M.A., 1999:
Effect of weedicide Afalon on character association in Brassica juncea and Eruca sativa L

Hasegawa, M., 1998:
Effect of weeding and salvage felling on Monarch birch (Betula maximowicziana Regal) growing in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) plantations in snowy regions

Rekha Das; Dutta, S.K., 1997:
Effect of weeding on infestation of insect pests of green gram

Hamada, A.A.; Knapp, M., 1998:
Effect of weeds on Barac (67)B and Sudac-K cotton varieties at Rahad Scheme (Sudan)

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