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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3116

Chapter 3116 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Salimi, H.; Moosavi, M.R., 1996:
Effect of weeds on yield and comparison of hand-weeding and herbicides in cotton

Sangakkara, U.R., 1999:
Effect of weeds on yield and seed quality of two tropical grain legumes

Biourge, V.; Nelson, R.W.; Feldman, E.C.; Willits, N.H.; Morris, J.G.; Rogers, Q.R., 1997:
Effect of weight gain and subsequent weight loss on glucose tolerance and insulin response in healthy cats

Wise, R.A.; Enright, P.L.; Connett, J.E.; Anthonisen, N.R.; Kanner, R.E.; Lindgren, P.; O'Hara, P.; Owens, G.R.; Rand, C.S.; Tashkin, D.P., 1998:
Effect of weight gain on pulmonary function after smoking cessation in the Lung Health Study

Lakhani, G.P.; Jogi, S.; Kahlon, B.S., 1997:
Effect of weight group and sex state on carcass traits in Desi pigs

Wallace, A.M.; Sattar, N.; McMillan, D.C., 1998:
Effect of weight loss and the inflammatory response on leptin concentrations in gastrointestinal cancer patients

Van Loan, M.D.; Johnson, H.L.; Barbieri, T.F., 1998:
Effect of weight loss on bone mineral content and bone mineral density in obese women

Chaurasia, R.; Mahi, G.S.; Dhaliwal, L.K., 1997:
Effect of western disturbances on the wheat yield in central Punjab

Kolb, T.; Dodds, K.; Clancy, K., 1999:
Effect of western spruce budworm defoliation on the physiology and growth of potted Douglas-fir seedlings

Richards, C.J.; Stock, R.A.; Klopfenstein, T.J.; Shain, D.H., 1998:
Effect of wet corn gluten feed, supplemental protein, and tallow on steer finishing performance

Mwaura, P.K.; Mburu, J.K., 1998:
Effect of wet processing of coffee on river water quality

Pankaj Barua; Narda, N.K.; Lubana, P.P.S., 1997:
Effect of wetted soil volume and its orientation on growth and yield of trickle irrigated tomatoes

White, J.C.; Quinones Rivera, A.; Alexander, M., 1998:
Effect of wetting and drying on the bioavailability of organic compounds sequestered in soil

Jozefaciuk Grzegorz; Szatanik Kloc Alicja; Muranyi Attila, 1998:
Effect of wetting on pore system of soils and minerals as determined by mercury intrusion porosimetry

Miele, S.; Gaetani, M.; Grossi, N.; Volterrani, M.; Pardini, G., 1997:
Effect of wheat and corn inoculation with Azospirillum brasilense on crop yield and quality

Martin, C.; Philippeau, C.; Michalet-Doreau, B., 1999:
Effect of wheat and corn variety on fiber digestion in beef steers fed high-grain diets

Zile, M.H.; Welsch, C.W.; Welsch, M.A., 1998:
Effect of wheat bran fiber on the development of mammary tumors in female intact and ovariectomized rats treated with 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene and in mice with spontaneously developing mammary tumors

Maity, S.B.; Mishra, A.K.; Upadhyay, V.S., 1999:
Effect of wheat bran supplementation on the utilization of mixed straws in goats

Karababa, E.; Ozan, A.N., 1998:
Effect of wheat bug (Eurygaster integriceps) damage on quality of a wheat variety grown in Turkey

Barneix, A.J.; Fatta, N.; Kade, M.; Pflueger, L.; Suarez, E.Y., 1998:
Effect of wheat chromosome 7BS on grain protein concentration

Reddy, M.M.; Yenagi, N.B.; Hanchinal, R.R.; Meera Rao, 1997:
Effect of wheat cultivars on the quality of traditional food product holige

Triller, C.; Mehta, Y.R., 1997:
Effect of wheat flag leaf age in resistance expression to Bipolaris sorokiniana

N.X.nZhi; Quisenberry, S.S., 1997:
Effect of wheat leaf epicuticular structure on host selection and probing rhythm of Russian wheat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Gangaiah, B.; Rajendra Prasad, 1999:
Effect of wheat residue management practices and fertilizers on productivity, nutrient removal and soil fertility of rice-wheat sequence

Awad, F.M.stafa, M.; El-Sebaay, A.; El-Ashry, M., 1999:
Effect of wheat root exudates on mobilization of iron and zinc from calcareous soils

Meronuck, R.A., 1997:
Effect of wheat scab and Karnal bunt on quality

Islam, M.M.; Dick, R.P., 1998:
Effect of wheat straw carbon:sulfur ratio on mineralization of sulfur in soils under simulated laboratory aerobic-flooding cycles

Haddad, S.G.; Grant, R.J.; Kachman, S.D., 1998:
Effect of wheat straw treated with alkali on ruminal function and lactational performance of dairy cows

Shahin, R.R.; E.M.leigi, M.A.; A.R.kiba, A.A.; Eisa, A.M., 1998:
Effect of wheat stubble management pattern on organic carbon content and fertility of sandy soils under pivot irrigation system

Shen MingXing; Wang GaoWu; Cai YongHai, 1998:
Effect of wheat/maize-rice on productivity and physicochemical characters of soils

Musale, D.A.; Kulkarni, S.S., 1998:
Effect of whey composition on ultrafiltration performance

Abd, E.G.any, I.H.I.; A.S.arif, A.A., 1997:
Effect of whey on chemical and mineralogical properties of bentonite

Gmoshinskii, I.V.; Mazo, V.K.; Zorin, S.N., 1996:
Effect of whey protein concentrate and whey protein fractions on the permeability of the intestinal barrier for macromolecules in rats with experimental food anaphylaxis

Kushibiki, S.; Shingu, H.; Watanabe, A.; Hodate, K., 1997:
Effect of whey protein concentrate on postprandial changes in plasma concentrations of retinol and triglyceride in preruminant calves

Abd, E.S.lam, M.H.; Khader, A.; Hamed, A.; A.K.amy, A.F.; E.G.rawany, G.A., 1997:
Effect of whey protein concentrate, emulsifying salts and storage on the apparent viscosity of processed cheese spreads

Michetti, P.; Dorta, G.; Wiesel, P.H.; Brassart, D.; Verdu, E.; Herranz, M.; Felley, C.; Porta, N.; Rouvet, M.; Blum, A.L.; Corthésy-Theulaz, I., 1999:
Effect of whey-based culture supernatant of Lactobacillus acidophilus (johnsonii) La1 on Helicobacter pylori infection in humans

Pfeiffer, I.; Kutschera, U., 1997:
Effect of white light on cell expansion and lipid metabolism in sunflower cotyledons

Prasad, A.; Prasad, S.N., 1997:
Effect of white popinac (Leucaena latisiliqua) on field crops and nutrient addition in soil under agro-forestry system

Nitas, D.; Karalazos, A.; Koufidis, D., 1998:
Effect of whole cottonseed inclusion in sheep's diet on rumen fermentation

Nitas, D.; Karalazos, A., 1997:
Effect of whole cottonseed participation on nutrient and gross energy digestibility of sheep diets with the same protein and fat content

Pancera, C.F.; Alves, A.L.; Paschoalotti, M.A.; Chieffi, P.P., 1997:
Effect of wide spectrum anti-helminthic drugs upon Schistosoma mansoni experimentally infected mice

Chang YaDong; Liu HongLian; X.P.ng; Chen ZueGuei, 1997:
Effect of widening the branching angle on the growth and production of pomegranate trees

Fayed, T.B.; Sabry, S.R.S.; Aboul Ela, S.H., 1998:
Effect of wild oat (Avena fatua) herbicides on weed density, wheat grain yield, and yield components

Maloney, R.F.; Keedwell, R.J.; Wells, N.J.; Rebergen, A.L.; Nilsson, R.J., 1999:
Effect of willow removal on habitat use by five birds of braided rivers, Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand

Ruggieri, A.C.; Silveira, A.C.; Beni Arrigoni, M. de; Costa, C.; Furlan, L.R.; Curi, P.R., 1997:
Effect of wilting and corn meal on alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) silage quality

Wang LiHe; Zhang QingWen; Yang ShuXia; Cai QingNian; Zhang Fan, 1998:
Effect of wind on dispersal direction of Trichogramma chilonis in cotton fields

Giordani, C.; Piccardi, F.; Zanchi, C., 1997:
Effect of wind speed and windbreaks on evaporation on three different soil types

Moran, P.J.; Cipollini, D.F.J., 1999:
Effect of wind-induced mechanical stress on soluble peroxidase activity and resistance to pests in cucumber

Anil Kumar; Solanki, K.R.; Singh, R., 1998:
Effect of windbreak on white rust and downy mildew of mustard (Brassica campestris)

Pedro Junior, M.J.; Pezzopane, J.R.M.; Martins, F.P.; Moraes, A.V.C., 1997:
Effect of windbreaks on the microclimate of a Niagara Rosada vineyard

Tompkins, D.K.; Chaw, D.; Abiola, A.T., 1998:
Effect of windrow composting on weed seed germination and viability

Mladenov, N.; Przulj, N., 1999:
Effect of winter and spring precipitation on wheat yield

Mazzanti, A.; Wade, M.H.; Garcia, S.C., 1997:
Effect of winter application of nitrogen fertilizer on the growth and chemical composition of Italian ryegrass forage

Deeming, D.C., 1998:
Effect of winter climatic conditions on the behaviour of adult ostriches (Struthio camelus) on a British farm

Guertal, E.A.; Sikord, E.J.; Hagan, A.K.; Rodriguez Kabana, R., 1998:
Effect of winter cover crops on populations of southern root-knot and reniform nematodes

Abd, E.Ghany, A.E., 1995:
Effect of winter feeding on the rate of growth, food conversion and survival of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) in Egypt

Duston, J.; Saunders, R.L., 1999:
Effect of winter food deprivation on growth and sexual maturity of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in seawater

Paisley, S.I.; Horn, G.W.; Ackerman, C.J.; Secrist, D.S.; Gardner, B.A., 1998:
Effect of winter grazing implant on carcass characteristics

Paisley, S.I.; Horn, G.W.; Ackerman, C.J.; Secrist, D.S., 1998:
Effect of winter grazing implant on subsequent summer grazing and feedlot performance

Hiremath, S.M.; Patel, Z.G., 1998:
Effect of winter green-manuring and nitrogen application on summer rice (Oryza sativa)

Shinde, S.B., 1997:
Effect of winter management on physiological indices, milk yield and milk composition of Murrah buffaloes

Haroldson, K.J.; Svihel, M.L.; Kimmel, R.O.; Riggs, M.R., 1998:
Effect of winter temperature on wild turkey metabolism

Itoh, M.; Takahashi, M., 1997:
Effect of winter weeds on growth and yield of direct-seeded rice in no-tillage dry paddy field

Maiti, R.N.; Manickam, M.; Ray, A.B.; Goel, R.K., 1997:
Effect of withafastuosin E on gastric mucosal offensive and defensive factors in rats

Smith, M.; Madrazo, G.; Sanz, M.; Rodriguez, J.; Guevarra, A., 1998:
Effect of withdrawal of mineral-vitamin premixture from broiler diets

Mohd Daud Tampokong, 1996:
Effect of wood extraction by crawler tractors on infiltration rates on a skidtrail 20 years after logging in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Shupe, T.; Hse, C.; Choong, E.; Groom, L., 1998:
Effect of wood grain and veneer side on loblolly pine veneer wettability

Magoulick, Daniel, D., 1998:
Effect of wood hardness, condition, texture and substrate type on community structure of stream invertebrates

L.C.unSheng; Wang JinLin; Zhao Ge; Jiang Ti; D.R.ng, 1998:
Effect of wood properties on veneer gluability and gluing technology for 6 poplar varieties

Nagayasu, T.; Masuda, M.; Nakamura, M., 1998:
Effect of wood ratio and area in interior space on psychological images: in the case of an experiment using a loft in a log-house

Chen TsaiYung; Hwang SuhRuu, 1998:
Effect of wood species on the properties of cement-bonded wood particleboard

Joshi, V.K.; Shah, P.K., 1998:
Effect of wood treatment on chemical and sensory quality of peach wine during ageing

Dudley, S.; Fischenich, J.; Abt, S., 1998:
Effect of woody debris entrapment on flow resistance

Dhara, N.; Veerannah, L., 1997:
Effect of wounding on the sex expression of papaya (Carica papaya L.)

Moura, M.A. de; Lopes, L.C.; Cardoso, A.A.; Miranda, L.C.G. de, 1997:
Effect of wrapping and storage on ripening of persimmon

Ponce-Monter, H.; Campos, M.G.; Aguilar, I.; Delgado, G., 1999:
Effect of xanthorrhizol, xanthorrhizol glycoside and trachylobanoic acid isolated from Cachani complex plants upon the contractile activity of uterine smooth muscle

Wong, K.; Kibblewhite, R.; Signal, F., 1999:
Effect of xylanase and dosage on the refining properties of unbleached softwood kraft pulp

Nishigai, M.; Kamomae, H.; Tanaka, T.; Kaneda, Y., 1997:
Effect of xylazine tranquilization during embryo transfer to bovine recipients on pregnancy rates

Merritt, A.M.; Burrow, J.A.; Hartless, C.S., 1998:
Effect of xylazine, detomidine, and a combination of xylazine and butorphanol on equine duodenal motility

Jannesson, L.; Renvert, S.; Birkhed, D., 1997:
Effect of xylitol in an enzyme-containing dentifrice without sodium lauryl sulfate on mutans streptococci in vivo

Garcia Garrido, J.M.; Rejon Palomares, A.; Ocampo, J.A.; Garcia Romera, I., 1999:
Effect of xyloglucan and xyloglucanase activity on the development of the arbuscular mycorrhizal Glomus mosseae

Belyea, R.; Restrepo, R.; Martz, F.; Ellersieck, M., 1999:
Effect of year and cutting on equations for estimating net energy of alfalfa forage

Dobos, A.; Nagy, J., 1998:
Effect of year and fertilizer application on the dry matter production of maize (Zea mays L.)

Sivakumar, M.V.K.; Salaam, S.A., 1999:
Effect of year and fertilizer on water-use efficiency of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) in Niger

Robinson, P.H.; Garrett, J.E., 1999:
Effect of yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on adaptation of cows to postpartum diets and on lactational performance

Rita Sharma; Nangia, O.P.; Gupta, M., 1998:
Effect of yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) plus growth medium supplementation on rumen fermentation in buffalo calves fed high roughage diet

Sune, R.W.; Muhlbach, P.R.F., 1998:
Effect of yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) strain 1026 addition on milk yield and milk quality of Holstein cows in pasture

Gado, H.M.; Metwally, H.M.; Salem, F.A.F., 1998:
Effect of yeast culture and monensin on the performance of Baladi goats fed ensiled potato

Gado, H.M.; Badawi, A.Y.; Helal, F.L.S.; Nasr, S.A., 1998:
Effect of yeast culture supplementation level on the growth performance of growing goats

Leclerc, M.E.foul-Bensaid, L.B.rnalier, A., 1998:
Effect of yeast extract on growth and metabolism of H2-utilizing acetogenic bacteria from the human colon

Wohlt, J.E.; Corcione, T.T.; Zajac, P.K., 1998:
Effect of yeast on feed intake and performance of cows fed diets based on corn silage during early lactation

Line, J.E.; Bailey, J.S.; Cox, N.A.; Stern, N.J.; Tompkins, T., 1998:
Effect of yeast-supplemented feed on Salmonella and Campylobacter populations in broilers

Pradhan, S.K.; Saha, M.N., 1998:
Effect of yellow mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus Bank) infestation on the micronutrient contents of tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) varieties

Pradhan, SK.; Saha, MN., 1997:
Effect of yellow mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus Bank.) infestation on the major nutrient contents of tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) varieties

Bhagabati, K.N.; Sarma, U.C.; Saikia, A.K.; Dutta, S.K., 1998:
Effect of yellow vein mosaic virus infection on some morphological parameters in bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench)

Yaeshima, T.; Takahashi, S.; Matsumoto, N.; Ishibashi, N.; Hayasawa, H.; Iino, H., 1997:
Effect of yogurt containing Bifidobacterium longum BB536 on the intestinal environment, fecal characteristics and defecation frequency: A comparison with standard yogurt

Korhonen, H.; Niemela, P., 1999:
Effect of yucca feed additive on manure nitrogen content and production performance in mink and blue foxes

Liao, X.R.; He, P.C.ao; Zhu, X.C.an, 1997:
Effect of zeatin on H2O2 scavenging system of Vitis vulpina leaf disks under salt stress

Korniewicz, A.; Korniewicz, D.; Kozik, E.; Paleczek, B., 1996:
Effect of zeolite and formic acid on mixture quality and performance of piglets

Krutilina, V.; Goncharova, N.; Panov, N.; Letchamo, W., 1999:
Effect of zeolite and phosphogypsum on yield, plant uptake, and content of strontium in soil

Tsadilas, C.D.; Dimoyiannis, D.; Samaras, V., 1997:
Effect of zeolite application and soil pH on cadmium sorption in soils

Odahara, K.; Matsue, Y.; Hiramatsu, M.; Wada, S.I., 1997:
Effect of zeolite application on nitrogen and mineral contents, yield and palatability of rice grown on Andosol paddy field

Jones, B.A.; Neary, M.K.; Hancock, D.L.; Berg, E.P.; Huffman, J.; Flanders, J.R., 1997:
Effect of zeranol implantation and yeast supplementation on performance and carcass traits of finishing wether lambs

Abd, E.G.ani, A.A.; E.B.rody, M.A.A.; E.F.el, F.M.R., 1997:
Effect of zeranol implantation on growth performance, rumen activity, some blood characteristics and carcass traits in Egyptian buffaloes and Friesian calves

Kim, H.S.; Kweon, U.K.; Yun, S.K.; Shin, J.S.; Hong, B.J., 1997:
Effect of zeranol injection on dry matter and nutrient intake requirements at the growth stages of Holstein steer

Badillo Briones, I.A.; Fernandez Roman, R.; Ulloa Arvizu, R., 1999:
Effect of zeranol on the maturation of the fur of the chinchilla (Eryomis laniger)

Liu, A.; Jones, R.J.; Malzer, G.L.; Rehm, G.M., 1997:
Effect of zinc ammonia acetate on germination and early seedling growth of three maize genotypes

Chaitany, C.G.; Ganesh Kumar; Raina, B.L.; Muthoo, A.K., 1997:
Effect of zinc and boron on the shelf life of guava cv. Sardar (Psidium guajava L.)

Banik, B.C.; Mitra, S.K.; Sen, S.K.; Bose, T.K., 1997:
Effect of zinc and boron sprays on the physico-chemical composition of mango fruits cv. Fazli

Poongothai, S.; Mathan, K.K.; Krishnaswamy, R., 1997:
Effect of zinc and cadmium on the dry matter yield and nutrient uptake of sorghum

Trivedi, R.K.; Rajbanshi, V.K., 1998:
Effect of zinc and copper on haematology of Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton.)

Anandan, S.; Dey, A.; Deb, S.M., 1998:
Effect of zinc and copper supplementation on wool production in German Angora rabbits

Dwivedi, N.; Mishra, P.H., 1997:
Effect of zinc and iron on chlorophyll and enzymatic activities in wheat varieties

Khanda, C.; Dixit, L., 1995:
Effect of zinc and nitrogen fertilization on summer rice (Oryza sativa)

Carpentieri Pipolo, V.; Garcia, I.P.; Assis, J.S., 1998:
Effect of zinc and phosphorus contents of limed soil samples on dry matter production by sweetcorn (Zea mays var. saccharata)

Mukesh Kumar; Munsi, P.S.; Das, D.K.; Chattopadhyay, T.K., 1998:
Effect of zinc and sulphur application on the yield and post harvest quality of onion (Allium cepa L.) under different methods of storage

Chitdeshwari, T.; Krishnasamy, R., 1998:
Effect of zinc and zinc enriched organic manures on the available micronutrient status in rice soils

Nayak, S.C.; Mishra, G.C.; Mishra, M.K.; Sarangi, P.K., 1998:
Effect of zinc boron mixture with and without NPK on growth, yield and outbreak of pest and diseases in jute genotypes

Bahuguna, A.; Bedwal, R.S., 1998:
Effect of zinc deficiency on boundary layers of seminiferous tubules of testes of Wistar albino rat

Zhou LiLing; Huang LianZhen, 1999:
Effect of zinc deficiency on lipid peroxidation and antioxidation system in rats

Zhou Ming; Ding ChangChun, 1999:
Effect of zinc deficiency on sulfur amino acid metabolism in chickens

Oktay, M.; Esiyok, D.; Duman, I.; Tutam, M., 1998:
Effect of zinc enriched and non-enriched 15:15:15 fertilizers on broccoli yield

Sharma, S.K.; Bhunia, S.R.; Pathan, A.R.K., 1999:
Effect of zinc fertilization on transplanted rice in Ghaggar flood plains of north-west Rajasthan

Vega Robledo, G.B.; Carrero, J.C.; Ortiz Ortiz, L., 1999:
Effect of zinc on Entamoeba histolytica pathogenicity

Akahori, A.; Jozwiak, Z.; Gabryelak, T.; Gondko, R., 1999:
Effect of zinc on carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) erythrocytes

Youyuenyong, V.; Pemayodhin, L.; Tishyadhigama, V., 1997:
Effect of zinc on parakeratosis in breeding pigs

Sabrawat, A.K.; Suresh Chand, 1999:
Effect of zinc on plant regeneration in indica rice

Gunes, A.A.paslan, M.C.kili, Y.O.can, H., 1999:
Effect of zinc on the alleviation of boron toxicity in tomato

X.Z.Rong; Wang MinQi, 1999:
Effect of zinc oxide and zinc proteinate on growth and digestion of weanling pigs

Rounce, J.R.; Knowles, S.O.; Grace, N.D.; Lee, J., 1998:
Effect of zinc oxide treatment for facial eczema on the copper status of Romney sheep grazing ryegrass pastures

Degheidi, M.A.; Abd Rabou, N.S., 1998:
Effect of zinc salts on the ripening process of Ras cheese

Madhuri Datta; Lalan Chatterjee, 1998:
Effect of zinc sulphate as mineral salt supplementation on the growth and development of Nistari race of mulberry silk-worm Bombyx mori L

Sazawal, S.; Jalla, S.; Mazumder, S.; Sinha, A.; Black, R.E.; Bhan, M.K., 1997:
Effect of zinc supplementation on cell-mediated immunity and lymphocyte subsets in preschool children

Ali, H.A.; Ezzo, O.H.; E.E.hnawy, K.E., 1998:
Effect of zinc supplementation on reproductive performance of Barki ewes under practical field condition

Lira, P.I.; Ashworth, A.; Morris, S.S., 1998:
Effect of zinc supplementation on the morbidity, immune function, and growth of low-birth-weight, full-term infants in northeast Brazil

Das, K.; Guha, B., 1996:
Effect of zinc, farmyard manure and fertilizer on rainfed wheat in Assam

Devi, D.D.; Srinivasan, P.S.; Balakrishnan, K., 1997:
Effect of zinc, iron and manganese on yield and quality of sweet orange cv. Sathgudi

Gibczynska, M., 1997:
Effect off calcium oxide and carbonate on the extraction of phosphates by fluids used for the assay of available phosphorus in soil by methods of Olsen, AL and DL

Kulkarni, G.G.; Badiger, K.S.; Patil, G.M., 1999:
Effect on Bombyx mori L

Arya, M.P.S.; Ragjuvir Singh, 1996:
Effect on N, P and K on the nodulation, growth and yield characters of horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum Lum. Verdc.)

Annuk, H.H.rmo, S.T.ri, E.M.kelsaar, M.A.ak, E.W.dstrom, T., 1999:
Effect on cell surface hydrophobicity and susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori to medicinal plant extracts

Peng YanZhong; Zhang XianHua; Deng Bin; Huang QiTong, 1999:
Effect on concentration of hyaluronic acid in blood and hydroxyproline in liver tissue of schistosomiasic rabbits with RNA

L.Z.enYu; Wang Yan; Chen HuaSheng; Fen Qiang; L.K.i, 1999:
Effect on contents of some substances in needles of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. induced by Dendrolimus spectabilis Butler

Kato, S.; Goto, T.; Homura, I.; Toyoshima, K.; Kawamura, T., 1995:
Effect on egg production and shell quality of short term fasting at latter stage in laying hen

Horridge, J.S.; Cockshull, K.E., 1998:
Effect on fruit yield of bending ('kinking') the peduncles of tomato inflorescences

Wang ZiQiang; Dong MinYuan; W.S.anZhen; Bao AiFang, 1996:
Effect on growth and vegetative potassium utilization efficiency of spring soybean varieties under two potassium supply levels

Wang RenMin; Ding YuanShu; Chen JinXin, 1996:
Effect on growth, development and yield of late japonica rice of the paddy upland yearly rotation in paddy

Preuschoft, H.; Witte, H.; Recknagel, S.; Bar, H.; Lesch, C.; Wuthrich, M., 1999:
Effect on horses of commonly used bridles

Valancony, H., 1998:
Effect on housing density on meat production and profitability of fowls and turkeys

Liu JianChang; Yin XieZhen; Fang TianQi, 1998:
Effect on melatonin on the cashmere growth and production of Chinese white goats

Ding YuanShu; Wang RenMin; Chen JinXin, 1996:
Effect on microorganism and quick-acting nutrients in soil of the paddy-upland yearly rotation in paddy

Mondal, D.; Pal, R.N.; Barari, S.K.; Mohanty, T.K.; Nandankar, U.A., 1997:
Effect on normal hemato-physiology due to pack on yaks: a preliminary study

Rosenstein, I.J.; Stafford, M.K.; Kitchen, V.S.; Ward, H.; Weber, J.N.; Taylor-Robinson, D., 1998:
Effect on normal vaginal flora of three intravaginal microbicidal agents potentially active against human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Chen YingLong; Gong MingQin; Wang FengZhen; Chen Yu; Dell, B., 1999:
Effect on nutrient acquisition of Eucalyptus urophylla inoculated with Glomus and/or Pisolithus

Zhao GuoXian; Zhu HuiZhong; Zhang ZhengShan; L.Y.nQi; Wang YuDing, 1997:
Effect on product performance of meat rabbit with low-protein ration and EAA supplements

Costa, L.L. da; Mateus, L.; Silva, J.R., 1997:
Effect on progesterone supplementation after insemination on conception rate and the maintenance of pregnancy in lactating cows subjected to heat stress

Jayme, V.; Cortes, A.R.sa; Aoki, K., 1998:
Effect on rat uterus contractility of Tagetes lucida Cav leaf extracts

Staselis, A.; Brazaityte, A.; Duchovskis, P., 1998:
Effect on shoot morphogenesis of a continuous electromagnetic field on the root system of tomatoes

Zhou XinNian; Qiu RenHui; Yang YuSheng; H.Z.ngMing; Lin HaiMing, 1998:
Effect on soil physical and chemical properties of different harvesting methods

Saucedo Monarque, E.; Garcia Moya, E.; Castellanos Villegas, A.E.; Flores Flores, J.L., 1997:
Effect on species richness of the introduction of Buffel grass

Zainuri ; Joyce, D.C.; Wearing, A.H.; Coates, L.M.; Crossley, C.M., 1998:
Effect on stem-end rot and anthracnose levels of dipping mango fruit in host-defence-promoting compounds

Lubbadeh, W.H.ddadin, M.; Al-Tamini, M.; Robinson, R., 1999:
Effect on the cholesterol content of fresh lamb of supplementing the feed of Awassi ewes and lambs with Lactobacillus acidophilus

Moon, J.W.; Choi, S.H.; Shin, Y.K.; Lee, S.W.; Kang, K.H., 1998:
Effect on the growth of Bifidobacterium spp. by transgalactooligosaccharides produced with beta -galactosidase

van Woensel, P.A.; Liefkens, K.; Demaret, S., 1998:
Effect on viraemia of an American and a European serotype PRRSV vaccine after challenge with European wild-type strains of the virus

Liang ZongSou; Kang ShaoZhong; Zhang JianHua; Gao JunFeng, 1998:
Effect on water use efficiency and water-saving by controlled root-divided alternative irrigation

Fontaneli, R.S.; Santos, H.P. dos; Reis, E.M.; Ambrosi, I., 1998:
Effect on wheat yield of rotation with annual winter pastures

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Effect on young calves of a one-hour feeding stop during a 19-hour road journey

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Effective accumulated temperature of Toona sinensis germination and its cropping techniques in plastic greenhouses

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Effective accumulative temperature of Tettigoniella viridis L

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Effective activity of slaked lime in lime milk and its determination

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Effective advertising in marketing

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Effective and ecological security systems including new assortment of fertilizers

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Effective and economical propagation method of Lycoris squamigera native to Korea

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Effective and efficient operation of sugar effluent treatment plant

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Effective and efficient strategies to support industry learning

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Effective and long-lasting immunity against the parasite Leishmania major in CD8-deficient mice

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Effective application of automated digital photogrammetry for geomorphological research

Brill, P.A., 1999:
Effective approach toward prevention and rehabilitation in geriatrics

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Effective cleaning of strawberry plants from pathogenic fungal and endophytic bacterial contaminants

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Effective concentration of methyl eugenol for the control of guava fruit fly, Dacus dorsalis Hendel in guava orchard

W.ChiaChun, 1998:
Effective conservation practices for cultivating sloping lands

Smith, R.K., 1998:
Effective container cleaning for crop protection products

Ortenberg, E., 1998:
Effective control of Salmonella

Onodera, K., 1998:
Effective control of cabbage army worm, Mamestra brassicae, on sugarbeet

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Effective control of varroatosis in Tunisia using amitraz and fluvalinate

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Effective crown form of Changbai larch (Larix olgensis H.) plantation in Changbai Mountain

L.F.ngRi; Jiang YiYin, 1998:
Effective crown structure and stem growth in plantations of Larix olgensis in north-eastern China

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Effective development of papaya ringspot virus resistant papaya with untranslatable coat protein gene using a modified microprojectile transformation method

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Effective division of tasks between local authorities and tourism organization: who does what in Grindelwald?

Huang LiHuan; Ding CaiFu; Chen TingJun, 1999:
Effective factors of O3 injury on tobacco seedlings

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Effective feeding concentration of the microalga Pavlova lutheri for growth of early spat of the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii

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Effective fungicides for control of fruit canker of guava

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Effective heat summations of some apricot cultivars and types in the Mediterranean region of Turkey

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Effective identification of grain-legume species and varieties; a comparison of five methods of analysing grain-protein composition

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Effective induction of HIV-specific CTL by multi-epitope using gene gun in a combined vaccination regime

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Effective information systems for technology transfer: challenges of transformation for conventional agricultural extension services

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Effective inhibition of Candida albicans growth by the combination of murine peritoneal neutrophils and activated macrophages

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Effective intercropping systems for young cocoa

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Effective land preparation for wet seeding on a reclaimed saline soil in Korea

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Effective lysis of HIV-1-infected primary CD4+ T cells by a cytotoxic T-lymphocyte clone directed against a novel A2-restricted reverse-transcriptase epitope

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Effective management of coffee berry disease: an overview of research efforts in Tanzania

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Effective management of forestry insurance

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Effective management of water and other resources in dryland areas

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Effective manure production of fishpond raised ducks

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Effective measurement method of pushing resistance for the selection of rice cultivars well adapted to direct sowing in transplanting

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Effective microorganisms: a modern technology for organic systems

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Effective municipal tourism and convention operations and marketing strategies: The cases of Boston, San Antonio, and San Francisco

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Effective nutritional ergogenic aids

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Effective orchard monitoring

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Effective pairwise combination of long primers for RAPD analyses in roses

Grubert, D., 1999:
Effective parameter interpretation and extrapolation of dispersion simulations by means of a simple two-velocity model

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Effective parameters in heterogeneous and homogeneous transport models with kinetic sorption

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Effective participation in wildlife management in Zimbabwe's CAMPFIRE programme

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Effective population size and response to S1-progeny selection in the BS11 maize population

Nomura, T., 1999:
Effective population size in supportive breeding

Yonezawa, Katsuei, 1997:
Effective population size of plant species propagating with a mixed sexual and asexual reproduction system

Monteil, M.; L.P.tier, M.F.; Cariolet, R.; Houdayer, C.; Eloit, M., 1997:
Effective priming of neonates born to immune dams against the immunogenic pseudorabies virus glycoprotein gD by replication-incompetent adenovirus-mediated gene transfer at birth

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Effective professional practice: protocol for a systematic review of health professionals' management of obesity

Anonymous, 1997:
Effective programmes in Africa for improving nutrition

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Effective radius and underpressure of an air extraction well in a heterogeneous porous medium

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Effective recovery of bacterial DNA and percent-guanine-plus-cytosine-based analysis of community structure in the gastrointestinal tract of broiler chickens

Manicad, G., 1997:
Effective research needs more than participatory priority setting

X.HeYing, 1997:
Effective revitalization of agricultural production factors by establishing a mechanism for circulation of farmland - investigation and consideration of land circulation management in Fuyang, Anhui

Sajid, M.A., 1999:
Effective role of AKRSP in agro-marketing and land development in Northern Areas

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Effective screening of antagonistic bacteria to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. niveum by WSA medium

Sugita, K.M.tsunaga, E.E.inuma, H., 1999:
Effective selection system for generating marker-free transgenic plants independent of sexual crossing

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Effective size and F-statistics of subdivided populations for sex-linked loci

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Effective size and polymorphism of linked neutral loci in populations under directional selection

Wang, J., 1998:
Effective size of populations under selection: some extensions

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Effective system of measures for protecting children's collectives against attack by blood-sucking arthropods and eradication of rats in the territory of children's institutions

Zweifel, U., 1998:
Effective systems of soil management

Poec, B., 1997:
Effective technical and technological solutions in the wastewater economy of sugar factories, recommended by IPC

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Effective time used for felling and primary conversion of poplar by team work

S.George, T.D., 1997:
Effective treatment of bovine ephemeral fever

Matsubara, E.; Okui, N., 1999:
Effective use of bovine colostrum. 2. Administration of freeze-dried colostrum produced by cows immunized with inactivated toxigenic E. coli vaccine to newborn piglets

Rosenberger, D., 1996:
Effective use of fungicides to control summer diseases

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Effective use of machinery in sowing grain crops

Chernikov, B.P., 1998:
Effective use of machines for applying fertilizers

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Effective use of neem cake extract for the management of root-knot nematodes infecting okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

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Effective use of pesticide data for sustainable farming in Australia and China

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Effective use of turkey sires

Khungar, S.C., 1998:
Effective utilisation of Neyveli lignite fly ash

Pancholy, R.M.li, P., 1999:
Effective utilisation of Prosopis juliflora pods by ensiling with desert grass Lasiurus sindicus

Nguyen Gia Quoc et al., 1998:
Effective utilization of idle land between rubber rows with incomplete canopies

Zhong QingYou; Lin XiaoQing; Cai DongMing, 1997:
Effective way to improve the quality of polymerized rosin

Versluis, H.P.; Rops, A.H.J., 1997:
Effective weed control with few herbicides in potatoes on heavy soils

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Effective, nonsensitizing vaccination with culture filtrate proteins against virulent Mycobacterium bovis infections in mice

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Effectiveness and competitiveness of Tsr phenotypes of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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Effectiveness and efficiency of gamma -irradiation in hulled and hulless barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Effectiveness and efficiency of improvements of the forest fire protection system in Greek forests

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Effectiveness and residual toxicity of different insecticides against gram pod borer

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Effectiveness and residue level of imazethapyr on soils of some regions of Russia

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Effectiveness and social modelling of agricultural extension projects on rice stenborer biological control (in East Mazandaran Province)

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Effectiveness and synergistic effects between copper and polymer betaine

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Effectiveness and uses of biodegradable hydraulic liquids

Anonymous, 1997:
Effectiveness must come before cost

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Effectiveness of 36% Guangmieling micro-emulsion in control of weeds in soybean fields

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Effectiveness of Azotobacter inoculation for improving potato yield under fertilized conditions

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Effectiveness of BMP programs to control NPS pollution from land application of manure

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Effectiveness of Bacillus thuringiensis on the grape vine and grape berry moth (Lobesia botrana and Eupoecilia ambiguella)

Kubota, S., 1999:
Effectiveness of Beauveria bassiana against Thrips palmi on musk melons in a greenhouse

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Effectiveness of CPPU and other growth regulators on kiwifruit growth

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Effectiveness of Carpovirusine in the control of codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella L.)

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Effectiveness of EM for controlling Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama on tangerine

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Effectiveness of EM for the control of leaf rooler Lamprosema diemenalis (Guenee) in mungbean

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Effectiveness of Egyptian phosphate rock on clover production in Ethiopia

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Effectiveness of Fusaclean in the control of five formae speciales of Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. on some ornamental plants

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Effectiveness of Glomus species in protecting white clover against nematode damage

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Effectiveness of Guardian 840 EC and Stomp 330 EC herbicides in sweetcorn

Goud, K.B.; Lingappa, S.; Kulkarni, K.A., 1997:
Effectiveness of Helicoverpa armigera nuclear polyhedrosis virus against insecticide resistant strains of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Effectiveness of Insecto applied to shelled maize against stored-product insect larvae.

E.L.kwah, F.A.; Hamed, M.S.; Abdel Latif, A.M., 1996:
Effectiveness of Lantana camara and Nerium oleander extracts alone and in mixtures with two insecticides against Rhizopertha dominica (F.)

Khan, Said Mir., 1997 :
Effectiveness of Meloboris collector (Hym.: Ichneumonidae) against its host Agrotis segetum and A. ipsilon (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Krisher, R.L.; Gibbons, J.R.; Gwazdauskas, F.C., 1998:
Effectiveness of Menuzo's B2 medium with buffalo rat liver cells for development of in vitro matured/in vitro fertilized bovine oocytes

E.Ghamry, M.A., 1997:
Effectiveness of PA genes on partial resistance to barley leaf rust at adult stage

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Effectiveness of Repelin as surface protectant against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) infesting cowpea

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Effectiveness of TCA on Ascosphaera apis

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Effectiveness of Trichoderma spp. and Penicillium funiculosum in protection of carnation and babies' breath against Fusarium oxysporum (Schlecht)

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Effectiveness of Trichogramma ostriniae and T. nubilale for controlling the European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis in sweet corn

Camacho, E.R.; Navaro, G.; Rodriguez, R.M.; Murillo, E.Y., 1998:
Effectiveness of Verticillium lecanii against the parasitic stage of the tick Boophilus microplus (Acari: Metastigmata: Ixodidae)

Imaizumi, S.; Fujimori, T., 1997:
Effectiveness of Xanthomonas campestris pv. poae (JT-P482) in controlling two ecotypes of Japanese annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.)

Lachowski, W., 1995:
Effectiveness of Yea-Sacc1026 yeast culture biopreparation in feeding of ewes

Hansen, C.L.; Maxfield, B., 1999:
Effectiveness of a drum composter for treating dairy wastes

Levot, G.W.; Sales, N., 1998:
Effectiveness of a mixture of cyromazine and diazinon for controlling flystrike on sheep

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Effectiveness of a non-formal environmental education course for teachers on a natural area - the Caetetus Ecological Station - SP

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Effectiveness of a nurse-based intervention in a community practice on patients' dietary fat intake and total serum cholesterol level

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Effectiveness of a pair-gain feeding strategy for individually fed, group-housed finishing pigs

Zimmerling, T.N.; Zimmerling, L.M., 1998:
Effectiveness of a physical barrier in deterring vole and snowshoe hare feeding damage to lodgepole pine seedlings

Sun YuRui; Zhang NaiQian; Wang Ning; Wang MaoHua, 1999:
Effectiveness of a polarized laser light in soil moisture-content measurement

Mercer, P.C.; Reavey, C.; Mellon, R.; Ruddock, A., 1999:
Effectiveness of a range of herbicides applied at recommended and half rate for weed control of potatoes

Nyamathi, A.; Flaskerud, J.; Keenan, C.; Leake, B., 1998:
Effectiveness of a specialized vs. traditional AIDS education program attended by homeless and drug-addicted women alone or with supportive persons

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Effectiveness of a vaccine against red sea bream iridoviral disease in a field trial test

Cárdenas-Freytag, L.; Cheng, E.; Mayeux, P.; Domer, J.E.; Clements, J.D., 1999:
Effectiveness of a vaccine composed of heat-killed Candida albicans and a novel mucosal adjuvant, LT(R192G), against systemic candidiasis

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Effectiveness of additives to increase organic conversion in anaerobic digestion

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Effectiveness of an HIV risk reduction counseling intervention for out-of-treatment drug users

Werner, M.; Fruzynska, D.; Andrzejak, R., 1997:
Effectiveness of antagonistic soil fungi in protection of carnation and babies'-breath against Fusarium oxysporum (Schlecht.) according to different times of their introduction into the soil

Brzozowski, P., 1998:
Effectiveness of apple production in 1994-1997 in Poland as compared to Germany and Switzerland

Balsevicius, J., 1995:
Effectiveness of application of solid manure in accordance with production conditions

Yanishevskii, F.V.; Kuz' menkov, A.V., 1998:
Effectiveness of applying NPK starter fertilizers for grain crops on an acid dernopodzolic soil

Bukhoriev, T.A., 1997:
Effectiveness of applying boron and molybdenum to soyabean crops on serozem soils in the Gissar valley

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Effectiveness of applying fusicoccin at different stages of tomato plant development

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Effectiveness of artificial substrates for the demonstration of macroinvertebrates in rivers

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Effectiveness of ascorbic acid as an oxygen scavenger in improving viability of probiotic bacteria in yoghurts made with commercial starter cultures

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Effectiveness of bacteria and yeasts from apple orchards as biological control agents of apple scab

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Effectiveness of bacterial inoculation of amaranth with microorganisms of genus Azotobacter

Tasei, J.N.; Carre, S.; Guen, J. le; Morin, G., 1998:
Effectiveness of bees as pollinators of beans (Vicia faba L.)

Blundell, J.B., 1997:
Effectiveness of borate treatment of a red oak timber bridge

Yu, H.; Sutton, J.C., 1997:
Effectiveness of bumblebees and honeybees for delivering inoculum of Gliocladium roseum to raspberry flowers to control Botrytis cinerea

Dyer, Lee, A., 1995:
Effectiveness of caterpillar defenses against three species of invertebrate predators

Jin PeiYing; Tang YinNan; X.J.anXin, 1997:
Effectiveness of chemical weeding in the lawn nursery of Zoysia matrella

Tabor, R.C.C., 1999:
Effectiveness of chestnut paling fencing as a protection for coppice against browsing by fallow, Dama dama, and muntjac, Muntiacus reevesii , deer

Montvilas, R., 1997:
Effectiveness of chloroacetanilide group herbicides in oilseed rape

Njagi, J.K.; Estambale, B.B.A.; Magnussen, P.; Ouma, J.H.; Rapuoda, B.A.; Kabiru, E.W., 1998:
Effectiveness of chloroquine and sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine combination in the treatment of falciparum malaria in a malaria endemic area of Kenya

Rowan, N.J.; Anderson, J.G., 1998:
Effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures on the removal of enterotoxigenic bacillus cereus from infant feeding bottles

Ogwal, K.; Adipala, E.; Owera, S.A.P.; Singh, B.P., 1999:
Effectiveness of climate, cultivar, and fungicide in controlling rust in asparagus

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Effectiveness of coat protein and defective replicase gene-mediated resistance against Australian isolates of cucumber mosaic virus

Ortiz, R.; Fernandez, F., 1998:
Effectiveness of coating pregerminated rice seed with an arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculant (ECOMIC)

Vizgirda, M., 1997:
Effectiveness of coating sugarbeet seed with insecticides

Mason, J.R.; Belant, J.; Barras, A.E.; Guthrie, J.W., 1999:
Effectiveness of color as an M-44 attractant for coyotes

Singh, A.K.; Bisen, S.S.; Singh, R.B.; Biswas, S.C., 1998:
Effectiveness of compost towards increasing productivity of some medicinal plants in skeletal soil

Semenov, S.M.; Thompson, L.C.; Jones, D.B.; Semevsky, F.N., 1998:
Effectiveness of control of population density of the fire ant (Solenopsis wagneri) with insecticides

Bettiol, W., 1999:
Effectiveness of cow's milk against zucchini squash powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea) in greenhouse conditions

Yanishevsky, F.V.; Boronin, N.K.; Bulantsev, Y.V., 1998:
Effectiveness of crushed phosphorites from different deposits on a dern-podzolic medium day-loam soil

Kasitskii, Y.I.; Ignatov, V.G.; Yanishevskii, F.V., 1998:
Effectiveness of crushed phosphorites from different deposits on a dernopodzolic heavy clay-loam soil

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Effectiveness of cultured inactivated vaccine against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

Mohamed, R.A., 1997:
Effectiveness of datura leaf extracts and their mixtures with malathion against the cowpea beetle - Callosobruchus maculatus (F.)

Knezevic, D.L.; Cetkovic, S.; Micevic, M.; Kovacevic, T.; Arandelovic, S., 1997:
Effectiveness of decontamination and antidote therapy in rats percutaneously poisoned with organophosphate insecticides

Glebov, I.P., 1997:
Effectiveness of development of integrative links in the dairy sub-complex

Laffi, F., 1999:
Effectiveness of dichlofluanid and tolylfluanid on pear rust mite Epitrimerus pyri (Nal.)

Perera, E.R.K.; Perera, A.N.F., 1996:
Effectiveness of different cooling treatments in alleviating heat load in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): a suitable cooling method

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Effectiveness of different electrical stunning regimens for turkeys and consequences for carcase quality

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Effectiveness of different lining materials in farm ponds

Nema, R.S.; Jain, L.K.; Sharma, R.A., 1998:
Effectiveness of different lining materials in seepage control from dug out farm ponds

Kuralkar, S.V.; Raheja, K.L., 1997:
Effectiveness of different selection indices for genetic improvement in Murrah buffaloes

Arora, A.L.; Kushwaha, B.P., 1998:
Effectiveness of different selection indices in Malpura sheep

Kulakov, V.A.; Balaeva, O.M.; Shcherbakov, M.F., 1998:
Effectiveness of different systems of fertilizers for grassland pastures

Thorpe, K.W.; Ridgway, R.L.; Webb, R.E., 1997:
Effectiveness of diflubenzuron and Bacillus thuringiensis against gypsy moth populations

Utkhede, R.S.; Smith, E.M., 1997:
Effectiveness of dry formulations of Enterobacter agglomerans for control of crown and root rot of apple trees

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Effectiveness of dual inoculation with diazotrophs and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae on growth and medicinal compounds of Datura stramonium

E.S.wy, M.; Saleh, E.A.; E.B.rollosy, M.A.; Nokhal, T.H.; Fendrik, I.; Sharaf, M.S., 1998:
Effectiveness of dual inoculation with diazotrophs and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae on the growth and khellin content of Ammi visnaga

Gonzalez, R.R.; Dominguez, M.Q.; Exposito, G.L.A.; Gonzalez, O.J.L.; Martinez, R.T.; Hidalgo, S.M., 1997:
Effectiveness of eight strains of Azotobacter in the adaptation of in vitro plants of pineapple (Ananas comosus Merr.), cv. 'Smooth Cayenne'

Wilkins, L.J.; Gregory, N.G.; Wotton, S.B.; Parkman, I.D., 1998:
Effectiveness of electrical stunning applied using a variety of waveform-frequency combinations and consequences for carcase quality in broiler chickens

Naranjo Rodriguez, A.; Sanchez del Rio, A.L.; Vignote Alguacil, L.; Dios Vega, J.F. de; Mino Fugarolas, G., 1998:
Effectiveness of endoscopic sphincterotomy in complicated hepatic hydatid disease

Vela, J.R.G.; Lara, M.P.; Lobaton, C.S.; Roca, A.C., 1998:
Effectiveness of entomopathogenic nematodes on Heliothis armigera (Hubner) (Lep.: Noctuidae) larvae in laboratory

Kashko, L.S.; Mosin, V.M.; Gamayunov, V.M.; Shuklin, V.P., 1996:
Effectiveness of erycycline when treating gastrointestinal and respiration disease in calves

Haverty, M.I.; Shea, P.J.; Hoffman, J.T.; Wenz, J.M.; Gibson, K.E., 1998:
Effectiveness of esfenvalerate, cyfluthrin, and carbaryl in protecting individual lodgepole pines and ponderosa pines from attack by Dendroctonus spp

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Effectiveness of establishing plantations of spruce in the north

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Effectiveness of farm policies on social and economic development in rural areas

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Effectiveness of feeds from rape

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Effectiveness of fertiliser nitrogen form in accumulation of zinc, cadmium and lead in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and red beet (Beta vulgaris var. cicla L.)

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Effectiveness of fertilizer systems on gray forest soils of the high plains in Vladimir Region

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Effectiveness of fertilizing maize in the maritime zone of the Georgian Republic

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Effectiveness of filter cake application to cuttings

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Effectiveness of fluorescent pseudomonads on cucumber and tomato plants under practical conditions and preliminary studies on the mode of action of the antagonists

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Effectiveness of foliar fertilizers, applications of biologically active substances and hardening of spring wheat seeds, as affected by the method of application of basic mineral fertilizers

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Effectiveness of foliar nutrition with some micro-elements of chrysanthemum plants

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Effectiveness of fungicides in the control of powdery mildew on roses in relation to different abiotic factors

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Effectiveness of giving lactose to milk-fed calves in a pure form and as a component of feed mixtures

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Effectiveness of gliadin signal genes of winter-hardiness in the current assortment of winter wheat

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Effectiveness of heat treatment on different types of milk

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Effectiveness of herbicides and adjuvants in maize

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Effectiveness of herbicides in sugarbeet stands

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Effectiveness of immediate and delayed AFCF application in reducing radiocaesium transfer to ryegrass

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Effectiveness of in vitro selection for agronomic characters in potato

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Effectiveness of indirect selection for wheat yield in a stress environment

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Effectiveness of individual plant selection in early generations of bread wheat

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Effectiveness of inoculating peas with symbiotic and associative diazotrophs in relation to different doses of mineral nitrogen

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Effectiveness of insecticides against termites on sugarcane crop

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Effectiveness of integrated stormwater management in a Portland, Oregon, watershed

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Effectiveness of internet-based soil and water quality modelling in the undergraduate education

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Effectiveness of investment in the food industry

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Effectiveness of irrigation in Mauritius

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Effectiveness of late blight control on potato crop depending on applied fungicides

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Effectiveness of liquid-solid separation for treatment of flushed dairy manure: a case study

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Effectiveness of litter-free manure application using mobile transport

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Effectiveness of membrane-filtration for phage technique for the detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri

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Effectiveness of mineral fertilizers on seed-production areas of Scots pine

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Effectiveness of model cyclone designs in collecting gin trash particulate emissions

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Effectiveness of morphometric measurements for improvement of the prediction accuracy of beef carcass composition

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Effectiveness of mulches and organic moisture retainer on growth of Dalbergia sissoo in a highly degraded land

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Effectiveness of municipal solid waste incinerator ashes as a corrective of soil acidity

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Effectiveness of natural and synthetic antioxidants in reducing the oxidative rancidity of electron-bean irradiated fresh ground pork

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Effectiveness of new fungicides against winter wheat diseases

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Effectiveness of new fungicides in the spring barley

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Effectiveness of new herbicides for peas on hilly soils

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Effectiveness of nitrogen and potash fertilizers on Litchi

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Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizer application on maize grown for grain in the Wielkopolska region

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Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizers in hyacinth plantations in the humid subtropical zone of Russia

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Effectiveness of nutrition centers in Ceara state, northeastern Brazil

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Effectiveness of oral administration of a new natural immunomodifier

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Effectiveness of organic potting media for raising mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) seedlings in Western Samoa

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Effectiveness of pesticide application in early spring for control of Tetranychus kanzawai Kishida in tea fields

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Effectiveness of phosphate fertilizers for rice

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Effectiveness of planned systems of fertilizing in a 8-field crop rotation on dark-grey forest soil in the Vladimir region

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Effectiveness of plant products against sesame capsule borer, Antigastra catalaunalis and phyllody disease

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Effectiveness of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies prepared for an immunoassay of the etofenprox insecticide

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Effectiveness of polyene antibiotics in treatment of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy in transgenic mice expressing Syrian hamster PrP only in neurons

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Effectiveness of polymer film coating of cotton seed in reducing dust-off

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Effectiveness of postmilking teat antisepsis with iodophor, chlorhexidine or dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid

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Effectiveness of powdered phosphorite on dernopodzolic clay loam soil under conditions of periodic liming (using data obtained over a 30-year field trial)

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Effectiveness of preparations applied to control the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) on chrysanthemums

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Effectiveness of preparing maize silage

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Effectiveness of production in the top and soft fruit subsector of the agroindustrial complex

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Effectiveness of propagating sea buckthorn and rose by green cuttings

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Effectiveness of psychosocial interventions in preventing HIV risk behaviour in injecting drug users

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Effectiveness of quinolone antibiotics in modulating the effects of antifungal drugs

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Effectiveness of rape seeds in the feeding of young calves

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Effectiveness of reducing external nutrient load entering a eutrophicated shallow lake ecosystem in the Naardermeer nature reserve, The Netherlands

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Effectiveness of road ripping in restoring infiltration capacity of forest roads

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Effectiveness of roller table tuber application systems

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Effectiveness of rural health centre: a case study of rural health centre Gara Tajik

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Effectiveness of salt, pH, and diacetyl as inhibitors for Escherichia coli O157:H7 in dairy foods stored at refrigeration temperatures

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Effectiveness of sediment control practices for surface tile inlets

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Effectiveness of selection in reducing the genetic load in populations of Peromyscus polionotus during generations of inbreeding

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Effectiveness of selective chemotherapy in islet-circle marsh subtype endemic area of schistosomiasis in Poyang Lake

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Effectiveness of seven vegetable oils against Callosobruchus chinensis L. in pigeon pea Cajanus cajan L

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Effectiveness of short-term progestogen primings for the induction of fertile oestrus with eCG in ewes during late seasonal anoestrus

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Effectiveness of small workshops for improving farmers' knowledge about ovine footrot

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Effectiveness of soil conservation structures in cultivated steep uplands of region 8

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Effectiveness of soil tillage systems and organic fertilization for potato

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Effectiveness of some acaricides for the control of the red spider mite (Panonychus ulmi) on apple

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Effectiveness of some biocontrol and chemical treatments against Heterobasidion annosum on Norway spruce stumps

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Effectiveness of some controlled-release insecticides against larvae of Inopus rubriceps (Macquart) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae), a pest of Australian sugarcane

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Effectiveness of some foliar calcium fertilizers for control of bitter-pit-type physiological disorders

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Effectiveness of some herbicides in sweetcorn

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Effectiveness of some herbicides on sugarcane

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Effectiveness of some insecticides against the red spider mite, Tetranychus sp. (Acarina: Tetranychidae) infesting taro

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Effectiveness of some plant extracts and powders against the lesser grain borer - Rhizopertha dominica (F.)

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Effectiveness of stone barrier contours on sediment retention and improvement of chemical and physical properties in a lithosolic soil

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Effectiveness of stratified anti-measures for controlling schistosomiasis in zone I, II and III of Xichang demonstration area

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Effectiveness of subsurface and surface applied fertilizer urea nitrogen on germination, yield, commercial cane sugar and composition of sugarcane

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Effectiveness of switchgrass filter strips in removing dissolved atrazine and metolachlor from runoff

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Effectiveness of tebuconazole and procymidone in the control of Stemphylium leaf spots in garlic

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Effectiveness of the Kamo river for artificially recharging the Takaoka aquifer, Tosa city, Japan

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Effectiveness of the environmental factors and growth stage model for spring wheat

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Effectiveness of the factors of biologization of agriculture in the forest steppe of the Central Chernozem region

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Effectiveness of the herbicides Stomp, Harness and Topogard on pea yield and weediness

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Effectiveness of the informal seed sector for increasing yield in pumpkins developed under low input conditions

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Effectiveness of the insecticide Decis Prime 415 EC in the protection of sugarbeet

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Effectiveness of the mechanization of grain and flax production: current status and future prospects

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Effectiveness of the new fungicide azoxystrobin against grapevine downy mildew

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Effectiveness of the new impact regulations in land use planning. Effects of the new building and regional planning legislation

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Effectiveness of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus against field populations of the armyworm, Mythimna separata (Walker) on sorghum

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Effectiveness of the predatory mite Hypoaspis miles (Acari: Mesostigmata: Hypoaspidae) in conjunction with pesticides for control of the mushroom fly Lycoriella solani (Diptera: Sciaridae)

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Effectiveness of the preparation Euparen M 50 WP for control of the spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch.) on dwarf hops

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Effectiveness of the pupal parasitoids, Brachymeria nephantidis Gahan and Brachymeria lasus Walker against Opisina arenosella Walker

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Effectiveness of the rodenticide delicia chlorophacinone Koder-neu under laboratory conditions and in sugarcane crop

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Effectiveness of the sexual reproduction of selected perennial species - an assessment

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Effectiveness of thidiazuron with addition of adjuvants for defoliation and promotion of fruiting of cotton

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Effectiveness of three insecticides for the control of the spiraling whitefly, Aleurodicus dispersus Russel, (Homoptera: Aleurodidae), of guava

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Effectiveness of three manure pit additives in commercial scale manure channels and simulated outdoor storage

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Effectiveness of three turacos as seed dispersers in a tropical montane forest

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Effectiveness of three-way crossing for the breeding of yellow-flowered evergreen azalea

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Effectiveness of tillage systems for winter wheat on good wheat complex

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Effectiveness of tolazoline in reversing xylazine-induced sedation in calves

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Effectiveness of transgenic eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) against the Colorado potato beetle

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Effectiveness of transplantation by freeze-dried bone of goat to dogs

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Effectiveness of travel brochures

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Effectiveness of treatment of severe tinea pedis with 1% terbinafine cream in members of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces

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Effectiveness of two aerially applied insecticides against the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata (Wied.)) in citrus. Alicante (Spain)

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Effectiveness of two fluoroquinolones for the treatment of chronic respiratory disease outbreak in broilers

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Effectiveness of two grid systems of mass selection in faba bean

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Effectiveness of undersized sedimentation basins

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Effectiveness of using Nomull as an improver for soddy podzolic sandy and sandy-loam soils

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Effectiveness of using cool roost, cool and carbonated drinking water to relieve heat stress in broilers

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Effectiveness of using lysine implant

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Effectiveness of using pedo-transfer functions to quantify the spatial variability of soil water retention characteristics

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Effectiveness of using phosphogypsum on grey forest soils

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Effectiveness of using processed cheese enriched with iodine in the prevention of goitre

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Effectiveness of using the coenzyme B12 in feed mixtures for broiler ducks

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Effectiveness of using unshelled and shelled barley in diets for growing pigs

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Effectiveness of vacuum impregnation brining of Manchego-type curd

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Effectiveness of various resin formulations incorporating propoxur for control of cockroaches

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Effectiveness of various rodent control measures in cereal crops and plantations in India

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Effectiveness of various staining methods for detecting abnormal sperm types and their incidence in fresh and frozen-thawed dog semen

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Effectiveness of vegetative filter strips in reducing NPS pollutant losses from agricultural lands: sediment, nutrients, bacteria, and pesticides

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Effectiveness of vibrating bulldozer and plow blades on draft force reduction

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Effectiveness of visual selection of maize under conditions of artificial stalk infection

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Effectiveness of zinc oxide in prophylaxy of post-weaning diarrhoea of pigs

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Effectiveness, competitiveness and persistence of inoculant Rhizobium for perennial African clovers in a highland Vertisol

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Effectivity and competitive ability of Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains in sandy loam and clay loam soils

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Effectivity of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Rhabditidae: Heterorhabditidae) against coffee mealybugs (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae)

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Effectivity of pre-emergence herbicides of olives

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Effectivity of soil conservation practices in vineyard soils from Catalonia region, Spain

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Effectivity of winter wheat breeding for resistance (tolerance) to septoria glume blotch (Stagonospora nodorum Berk.)

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Effectivity quotient of plantations: variable proposal for evaluation in row plantation

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Effects and consequences on the aquifer regimes of climatic anomalies in the extreme south of Madagascar: case of the endorhic basin of Ambovombe

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Effects and control of periodical cicada Magicicada septendecim and Magicicada cassini oviposition injury on urban forest trees

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Effects and incidence of volatile organic compound interactions between soil bacterial and fungal isolates

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Effects and interactions of P fertiliser forms and rates of lime on a clover/ryegrass sward

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Effects and interactions of dietary levels of vitamins A and E and cholecalciferol in broiler chickens

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Effects and interactions of stocking density and added substrate on production and population structure of freshwater prawns Macrobrachium rosenbergii

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Effects in vitro of several antioxidants on the natural killer function of aging mice

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Effects in vivo of decreased plasma and intracellular muscle glutamine concentration on whole-body and hindquarter protein kinetics in rats

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Effects inducing changes in hydroxymethylfurfural content in honey

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Effects of alpha -aminoisobutyric acid and sucrose on the vase life of hybrid Limonium

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Effects of alpha -linolenic, eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids on brain phospholipid metabolism in rats

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Effects of beta - and kappa -casein genotypes on first lactation milk production traits in Finnish Ayrshire cows

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Effects of beta -carotene on lipid metabolism in rats fed with or without cholesterol

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Effects of beta -glucanase, xylanase and cellulase on growth and digestion in broiler chicks fed high wheat bran diets

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Effects of kappa -casein genotypes and milk renneting properties on yield and composition of fresh cheese

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Effects of 906 growth regulator on functions of peritoneal macrophages in chicken

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Effects of Neem Azal on vitality and fertility of Melolontha hippocastani

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Effects of 'Carpramid' on nutrient uptake and lint yield of cotton

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Effects of (E)-phytol of several lepidopteran species in prey-locating behavior of a generalist predatory stink bug, Eocanthecona furcellata (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

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Effects of 1,2-di-20:5-phosphatidylcholine (PC) and 1,2-di-22:6-PC on growth and stress tolerance of Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) larvae

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Effects of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid, aminoethoxyvinylglycine, methylglyoxal bis-(guanylhydrazone) and dicyclohexylammonium sulfate on induction of embryogenic competence of mango nucellar explants

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Effects of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on the vase life and the response to emasculation of cut Cymbidium flowers

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Effects of 13 years soil fertilisation on storage quality of 'Cortland' apples

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Effects of 14 d of covert substitution of olestra for conventional fat on spontaneous food intake

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Effects of 14-deoxyandrographolide and 14-deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographolide on nitric oxide production in cultured human endothelial cells

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Effects of 17 beta -estradiol and 4-nonylphenol on smoltification and vitellogenesis in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

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Effects of 18 amino acids individually added to the diet containing casein or soybean protein isolate on the serum cholesterol concentrations in chicks

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Effects of 2 low-fat stanol ester-containing margarines on serum cholesterol concentrations as part of a low-fat diet in hypercholesterolemic subjects

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Effects of 2, 3, 5-triiodobenzoic acid (TIBA) on stem growth induced by indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and naphthylacetic acid (NAA) in precooled rooted tulip bulbs

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Effects of 2,4-Diamin on some parameters of protein and carbohydrate metabolisms in the serum, muscle and liver of Cyprinus carpio

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Effects of 2-deoxyglucose on the expression of rbcS and the metabolism of Chenopodium rubrum cell-suspension cultures

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