Section 4
Chapter 3,117

Effects of calcium compounds extracted from oyster shell on the calcium content in apple fruits

Moon, B.W.; Choi, J.S.; Park, M.Y.

Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 39(4): 454-459


Accession: 003116734

The foliar spray of calcium compound extracted from oyster shell (OS-Ca) appeared to have more effectiveness on the calcium translocation into leaves, fruit skin and flesh than other calcium sources such as calcium nitrate, calcium chloride, calcium acetate and CaCO3. However, no significant difference was found in the core of fruit. The foliar spray of OS-Ca with the concentration of 608 mug cntdot g-1 at late growth stage increased calcium content in leaves, skin and flesh. But there was difference in calcium accumulation pattern among cultivars. More calcium was detected in leaves, peel, flesh of 'Fuji' and leaves, peel, flesh, core of 'Jonagold', while calcium increased in the peel and leaves of 'Tsugaru' apples. Recovered calcium from fruits treated OS-Ca mainly belonged to water soluble or exchangeable forms.

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