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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3119

Chapter 3119 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lin TienShu, 1998:
Effects of essential oil from the leaves of seven Eucalyptus on the control of termite

Purchas, R.W.; Garrick, D.J.; Lopez Villalobos, N., 1999:
Effects of estimation accuracy on potential payment premiums for superior beef carcasses

Zou, E.; Fingerman, M., 1999:
Effects of estrogenic agents on chitobiase activity in the epidermis and hepatopancreas of the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator

Albuquerque, K.T.; Ramalho, R.A.; Soares, A.G.; Tavares-do-Carmo, M.G., 1998:
Effects of ethanol intake on retinol concentration in the milk of lactating rats

Kim SeonKyu; Kim JinTaek; Jeon SeongHo; Nam YangSuk; Kim SeungHeui, 1998:
Effects of ethephon and ABA application on coloration, content, and composition of anthocyanin in grapes (Vitis spp.)

Kim SeonKyu; Choi DongYong; Park JongCheon; O.J.nHwan; Choi JongRak, 1998:
Effects of ethephon and ABA application on sugar and organic acid content in grapes (Vitis spp.)

Leao, P.C. de S.; Assis, J.S. de, 1999:
Effects of ethephon on colour and quality of Red Globe grape in the Sao Francisco Valley

Celikel, F.G.; Kaynas, K.; Ozelkok, S.; Ertan, U., 1997:
Effects of ethephon on fruit development and ripening of the fig (Ficus carica L.) variety Bursa Siyahi

Rahemi, M.; Namjouyan, M.H., 1997:
Effects of ethephon on fruit removal force and chlorophyll content in lime fruits

Srivastava, H.K.; Misra, A.; Satpute, G.K., 1998:
Effects of ethephon on growth and oil yield of palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii Wats.)

Nong YouYe; L.Y.ngRui; Zhang FengYou; Chen JinChao, 1998:
Effects of ethephon on sugarcane at late growth stage

Luo RuiBian; L.Y.ngRui; Lin YanKun, 1997:
Effects of ethephon sprayed at early growth stage on chloroplast ultrastructure in sugarcane

Pan YouQiang; Lin YanKun; L.Y.ngRui, 1997:
Effects of ethephon sprayed at tillering stage on the activities of dismutase, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in two sugarcane varieties

Zhao JuReng; Guo JinLun; Guo Qiang; Wei DeMing; Zhang FengLu, 1998:
Effects of ethylene agents treatment on the development of ears and grain number per ear of maize

Swaminathan, C.; Robin, S.; Kannan, K.; Malarvizhi, D.; Dhanakodi, C.V., 1999:
Effects of eucalyptus and casuarina on the yield of intercrops in agroforestry systems

Sharma, J.N.; Ishak, F.I.; Yusof, A.P.M.; Srivastava, K.C., 1997:
Effects of eugenol and ginger oil on adjuvant arthritis and the kallikreins in rats

X.L.Qun; Zhou ChongGuang; Hang YunYa; Y.S.Jun, 1999:
Effects of evergreen broadleaved forest on acid rain

Muramoto, T.; Fujimura, S.; Kadowaki, M.; Ishibashi, T., 1997 :
Effects of excess dietary lysine and total sulfur amino acid on carcass yield of native chicken, Hinai-jidori (Rhode Island Red x Hinai-dori)

Chrenkova, M.; Sommer, A.; Pajtas, M.; Polacikova, M.; Chovanec, J.; Pavlik, V., 1998:
Effects of excessive magnesium amounts and fat and oil addition on magnesium, calcium and phosphorus balance in ruminants

Nolan, A.J.; Henderson, D.J.; Still, M.J.; Madden, S.; Bell, J.S., 1998:
Effects of excluding wild herbivores on the growth of small saplings in some woodlands within the Breadalbane and Loch Lomond Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Aguilera-Tejero, E.; Garfia, B.; Estepa, J.C.; López, I.; Mayer-Valor, R.; Rodríguez, M., 1998:
Effects of exercise and EDTA administration on blood ionized calcium and parathyroid hormone in horses

Sudarman, A.; Thwaites, S.J.; Hill, M.K., 1998:
Effects of exercise and intermittent watering on the water and feed intake of sheep

Hoshi, A.; Watanabe, H.; Chiba, M.; Inaba, Y., 1998:
Effects of exercise at different ages on bone density and mechanical properties of femoral bone of aged mice

Ebbeling, C.B.; Rodriguez, N.R., 1999:
Effects of exercise combined with diet therapy on protein utilization in obese children

Friedlander, A.L.; Casazza, G.A.; Horning, M.A.; Buddinger, T.F.; Brooks, G.A., 1998:
Effects of exercise intensity and training on lipid metabolism in young women

Blundell, J.E.; King, N.A., 1998:
Effects of exercise on appetite control: loose coupling between energy expenditure and energy intake

Lemon, P.W., 1998:
Effects of exercise on dietary protein requirements

Zeidan, A.E.; E.K.riem, M.A.A.d; E.G.afary, M.N., 1998:
Effects of exhaustive ejaculation on libido and semen characteristics of Friesian bulls under Egyptian conditions

Attia, M.Z.; Attia, K.A.; Sohair, Y.S., 1999:
Effects of exogenous calcium or human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) on some reproductive hormones, testicular and thyroid activities in male chickens

Niu ShuLin; Liu JingBo; Hou WanWen; Tian JiaLiang; Gao HongWei; Fan ShiJun, 1998:
Effects of exogenous cycle nucleotides on the growth of broilers

L.Y.Ping; Jiang ZaiJie, 1995:
Effects of exogenous ecdysteroid and juvenile hormone analogue on the reproduction of Haemaphysalis longicornis Neumann (Acari: Ixodidae)

Goltsev, V.; Traikov, L.; Hristov, V., 1998:
Effects of exogenous electron acceptors on kinetic characteristics of prompt and delayed fluorescence in atrazine inhibited thylakoid membranes; X.Z.Rong; Qian LiChun; X.Y.uLiang, 1999:
Effects of exogenous enzyme preparations on activities of endogenous digestive enzyme in livestock

Dimassi Theriou, K., 1998:
Effects of exogenous ethylene, CO2 and GA3 on shoot proliferation in vitro of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.)

Bondarev, N.I.; Nosov, A.M.; Kornienko, A.V., 1998:
Effects of exogenous growth regulators on callusogenesis and growth of cultured cells of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

Abeygunawardena, H.; Kuruwita, V.Y.; Perera, B.M.A.O., 1996:
Effects of exogenous hormones on fertility of postpartum anoestrous buffaloes

Yang ZhenDe; Liang Ji, 1997:
Effects of exogenous hormones on the growth of flower buds of Camellia chrysantha

Fang YiMin; Smith, M.A.L.; Pepin, M.F., 1999:
Effects of exogenous methyl jasmonate in elicited anthocyanin-producing cell cultures of ohelo (Vaccinium pahalae)

W.Y.Ye; L.D.Quan; Zhao ShiJie; Zou Qi, 1999:
Effects of exogenous osmotica on water status and photosynthesis of wheat seedling leaves under osmotic stress

Salyaev, R.K.; Ozolina, N.V.; Pradedova, E.V., 1999:
Effects of exogenous phytohormones and kinetin on the hydrolytic activity of proton pumps in the tonoplast of red beet at different stages of plant development

Narkunaraja, S.; Antony, K.; Jayabaskaran, C., 1997:
Effects of exogenous phytohormones on plastid tRNA modifications in ragi coleoptiles

Lugar, L.S.; Raub, R.H.; Arns, M.J.; Kayser, J.P., 1997:
Effects of exogenous porcine somatotropin administration on reproductive efficiency, milk production and milk composition in mares, and foal growth

Ahmad, N.; Cooke, R.G., 1994:
Effects of exogenous progesterone on plasma progesterone; 13, 14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGFM) and oxytocin concentrations during expected luteolysis in ewes

Carrillo, A.; Rising, R.; Tverskaya, R.; Lifshitz, F., 1998:
Effects of exogenous recombinant human growth hormone on an animal model of suboptimal nutrition

McLeod, K.R.; Bauer, M.L.; Harmon, D.L.; Reynolds, C.K.; Mitchell, G.E., 1997:
Effects of exogenous somatostatin and cysteamine on net nutrient flux across the portal-drained viscera and liver of sheep during intraduodenal infusion of starch hydrolysate and casein

X.J.Zhong; Chen HaiJiang; Shao JianZhu; Yuan XiaoLuan; M.B.oKun; Zhang WenCai, 1998:
Effects of exogenous spermidine applied at flower bud induction and initiation on the endogenous hormone content of the spur bud in apple

Nishina, K.; Mikawa, K.; Takao, Y.; Maekawa, N.; Obara, H., 1999:
Effects of exogenous surfactant on acute lung injury induced by intratracheal instillation of infant formula or human breast milk in rabbits

Cunningham, M.B.; Pope, W.F., 1999:
Effects of exogenous testosterone on follicular responsiveness to gonadotrophins during the luteal phase of the estrous cycle in gilts

Ahmad, N.; Cooke, R.G., 1996:
Effects of exogenous testosterone on the oestrous cycle length and endocrine profiles in ewes

Hamada, A.M., 1998:
Effects of exogenously added ascorbic acid, thiamin or aspirin on photosynthesis and some related activities of drought-stressed wheat plants

Kelleher, B.; Bergers, P.J.M.; Van Den Brink, F.W.B.; Giller, P.S.; Van Der Velde, G.; Bij D.V.ate, A., 1998:
Effects of exotic amphipod invasions on fish diet in the Lower Rhine

Chen JianZhong; Sheng BingCheng; L.Z.iFei; Xie PingLin, 1998:
Effects of exotic chlorogenic acid on activity of peroxidase and isoperoxidase of apple

Johnston, S.L.; Hines, R.H.; Hancock, J.D.; Behnke, K.C.; Traylor, S.L.; Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K., 1999:
Effects of expander conditioning of complex nursery diets on growth performance of weanling pigs

Johnston, S.L.; Hancock, J.D.; Hines, R.H.; Kennedy, G.A.; Traylor, S.L.; Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K., 1999:
Effects of expander conditioning of corn- and sorghum-based diets on pellet quality and performance in finishing pigs and lactating sows

Traylor, S.L.; Behnke, K.C.; Hancock, J.D.; Hines, R.H.; Johnston, S.L.; Chae, B.J.; Han, I.K., 1999:
Effects of expander operating conditions on nutrient digestibility in finishing pigs

Laurinen, P.; Valaja, J.; Nasi, M.; Smeds, K., 1997:
Effects of expanding on the nutritive value of barley and wheat bran in pig diets

Tumova, E.; Pavlasek, I.; Skrivan, M.; Ledvinka, Z., 1999:
Effects of experimental Cryptosporidium infection on broiler chick performance

Ormerod, S.J.; Rundle, S.D., 1999:
Effects of experimental acidification and liming on terrestrial invertebrates: implications for calcium availability to vertebrates

Kelly, P.; Reid, N.; Davies, I., 1997:
Effects of experimental burning, defoliation, and pruning on survival and vegetative resprouting in mistletoes (Amyema miquelii and Amyema pendula)

Becker, C.K.; Savelberg, H.H.; Buchner, H.H.; Barneveld, A., 1998:
Effects of experimental desmotomy on material properties and histomorphologic and ultrasonographic features of the accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon in clinically normal horses

Howlader, M.M.R.; Capitan, S.S.; Eduardo, S.L.; Roxas, N.P.; Sevilla, C.C., 1996:
Effects of experimental infection of Haemonchus contortus on haemoglobin and packed cell volume in goats

Yildiz, H.Y., 1998:
Effects of experimental infection with Pseudomonas fluorescens on different blood parameters in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Kim, C.A.; Parrish, J.J.; Momont, H.W.; Lunn, D.P., 1999:
Effects of experimentally generated bull antisperm antibodies on in vitro fertilization

Kumar, R.; Malik, J.K., 1999:
Effects of experimentally induced Theileria annulata infection on the pharmacokinetics of oxytetracycline in cross-bred calves

Souad, B.; Lionakis, S.M.; Gerasopoulos, D., 1998:
Effects of explant type on proliferation and rooting of kiwi in vitro

Motozu, T.; Komagata, T.; Ichimura, T.; Asano, A., 1999:
Effects of exposure of freesia corms to chilling temperatures on flowering

Lloyd, A.; Leach, P.; Kopittke, R., 1998:
Effects of exposure on chemical content and efficacy of male annihilation blocks used in the eradication of Bactrocera papayae in North Queensland

Girard, S.; Clement, A.; Boulet Gercourt, B.; Guehl, J.M., 1997:
Effects of exposure to air on planting stress in red oak seedlings

Skórska, C.; Mackiewicz, B.; Dutkiewicz, J.; Krysińska-Traczyk, E.; Milanowski, J.; Feltovich, H.; Lange, J.; Thorne, P., 1998:
Effects of exposure to grain dust in Polish farmers: work-related symptoms and immunologic response to microbial antigens associated with dust

Koscielniak, J.; Biesaga Koscielniak, J., 1999:
Effects of exposure to short periods of suboptimal temperature during chill (5 degrees C) on gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in maize seedlings (Zea mays L.)

Ciereszko, A.; Dabrowski, K.; Lin, F.; Christ, S.A.; Toth, G.P., 1999:
Effects of extenders and time of storage before freezing on motility and fertilization of cryopreserved muskellunge spermatozoa

Hilbig, Werner, 1997:
Effects of extensification programmes in agriculture on segetal vegetation

Straw, B.E.; Bürgi, E.J.; Dewey, C.E.; Duran, C.O., 1998:
Effects of extensive crossfostering on performance of pigs on a farm

Lehnert, S.; Abdank, H.; Steininger, M.; Michael, F., 1999:
Effects of extensive cultivation on a grassland in the Harz Highlands - development of plant communities and nutrient contents in the soil

L.Y.uZhi; Tang JiLiang; M.Q.nSheng, 1998:
Effects of extracellular polysaccharides on the infection ability of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris via leaf stomata

Deguchi, Y.; Osada, K.; Uchida, K.; Kimura, H.; Yoshikawa, M.; Kudo, T.; Yasui, H.; Watanauki, M., 1998:
Effects of extract of guava leaves on the development of diabetes in the db/db mouse and on the postprandial blood glucose of human subjects

Nishino, N.; Miyase, K.; Ohshima, M.; Yokota, H.O.i, 1997:
Effects of extraction and reconstitution of ryegrass juice on fermentation, digestion and in situ degradation of pressed cake silage

Cooper, A.D.; Tarbin, J.A.; Farrington, W.H.; Shearer, G., 1999:
Effects of extraction and spiking procedures on the determination of incurred residues of oxytetracycline in cattle kidney

Silva, A. da; Castellani, E.D.; Dematte, M.E.S.P.; Aguiar, I.B. de, 1997:
Effects of extraction methods and pregermination treatments on the physiological quality of Cassia carnaval Speg. (Caesalpinioideae) seeds

Dai YuanWei; Jiang QingYan; F.W.iLong; Wang RuiHua; Gao Ping, 1998:
Effects of extracts from Epimedium brevicornum and Psoralea corylifolia on immune function in Yuehuang broilers

Shimizu, K.; Itoh, K.; Nakajyo, S.; Urakawa, N.; Atsuchi, M., 1997:
Effects of extracts from Gymnema inodorum leaves on the increased tension and O2 consumption induced by high K+ solution in guinea-pig ileal longitudinal muscle

Corio Costet, M.F.; Mondy, N., 1997:
Effects of extracts of Serratula tinctoria containing phytoecdysteroids on the development of Lobesia botrana

Mgbenka, B.O.; Ejiofor, E.N., 1998:
Effects of extracts of dried leaves of Erythrophleum suaveolens as anesthetics on clariid catfish

Wood, M.; Schollenberger, M.; Zamorski, C., 1997:
Effects of extracts of four medicinal plants on growth of selected fungi and bacteria

Hackett, R.P.; Ducharme, N.G.; Ainsworth, D.M.; Erickson, B.K.; Erb, H.N.; Soderholm, L.V.; Thorson, L.M., 1999:
Effects of extrathoracic airway obstruction on intrathoracic pressure and pulmonary artery pressure in exercising horses

Ueno, T.; Hayasaka, K.; Takusari, N., 1999:
Effects of extreme hot summer climate on milk production in lactating Holstein cows at the Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station (Hitsujigaoka)

Gaebe, R.J.; Sanson, D.W.; Rush, I.G.; Riley, M.L.; Hixon, D.L.; Paisley, S.I., 1998:
Effects of extruded corn or grain sorghum on intake, digestibility, weight gain, and carcasses of finishing steers

Sarcicek, B.Z.; Erener, G., 1997:
Effects of extruded full-fat soyabeans on fattening performance and slaughter traits of broilers

Piao, X.S.; Chae, B.J.; Kim, J.H.; Jin, J.; Cho, W.T.; Han, I.K., 1999:
Effects of extrusion condition of barley on the growth and nutrient utilization in growing pigs

Qiao ShiYan; L.D.Fa; Y.H.iMin; Shen ChangLin, 1997:
Effects of extrusion on nutrient composition and antinutritional factors

Nakabayashi, K.; Fukuda, T., 1999:
Effects of exudates from herb roots on the fungal propagation of Fusarium in hydroponics

Richard, E.P.Jr, 1997:
Effects of fallow bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) control programs on newly planted sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids)

Crocker, G.J.; Holford, I.C.R., 1996:
Effects of fallow management and cropping sequences on production and residual N uptake in wheat

Hauser, S.; Asawalam, D.O., 1998:
Effects of fallow system and cropping frequency upon quantity and composition of earthworm casts

Dixon, L.B.; Shannon, B.M.; Tershakovec, A.M.; Bennett, M.J.; Coates, P.M.; Cortner, J.A., 1997:
Effects of family history of heart disease, apolipoprotein E phenotype, and lipoprotein(a) on the response of children's plasma lipids to change in dietary lipids

Jai SyYung; Hsiung JuChen, 1997:
Effects of fan speed on drying rate, drying quality, and power consumption during kiln drying of wood (2)

Yao WuBa; Jiang ZaiJie, 1995:
Effects of farnesol on moulting period and viability in nymphs of Haemaphysalis longicornis Neumann (Acari: Ixodidae)

Grinspoon, S.K.; Askari, H.; Landt, M.L.; Nathan, D.M.; Schoenfeld, D.A.; Hayden, D.L.; Laposata, M.; Hubbard, J.; Klibanski, A., 1997:
Effects of fasting and glucose infusion on basal and overnight leptin concentrations in normal-weight women

Bertin, R.; D.M.rco, F.; Portet, R., 1998:
Effects of fasting and refeeding on energetic metabolism of cold acclimated rats

Alvero, R.; Kimzey, L.; Sebring, N.; Reynolds, J.; Loughran, M.; Nieman, L.; Olson, B.R., 1998:
Effects of fasting on neuroendocrine function and follicle development in lean women

Varela, A.; Carregal, M.; Testoni, G.; Dalamon, V.; Savino, E.A., 1998:
Effects of fasting, hypoxia, methylpalmoxirate and oxfenicine on the tissue-levels of long-chain acyl CoA and acylcarnitine in the rat atria

Knapic, A.; Fazekas, J., 1996:
Effects of fattening lambs with field peas

Koga, K.; Murakami, M.; Kawashima, S., 1998:
Effects of fatty acid sucrose esters on ceftibuten transport by rat intestinal brush-border membrane vesicles

Ferrarese, M.L.L.; Baleroni, C.R.S.; Ferrarese Filho, O., 1998:
Effects of fatty acids on carbohydrates and lipids of canola seeds during germination

Miyawaki, K.; Hoshina, K.; Itoh, S., 1997:
Effects of feed and water mixture for finishing pigs on eating speed and feed intake

Cheng ChingShen; Yen HoungTa; W.J.hFang, 1997:
Effects of feed intake during late stage of gestation on performance of piglets in multiparous sows

Walser, P.; Pfirter, H.P., 1998:
Effects of feed on feeding patterns in laying hens

Kang, B.S.ok; Kim, S.H.; Na, J.C.eon; Suh, O.S.k; Jang, B.G.i; Lee, S.J.n; Park, Y.Y.n, 1998:
Effects of feed processing on the performance and sudden death syndrome incidence in broilers

Lebzien, P., 1997 :
Effects of feed protein on the amino acids pattern of the protein at the duodenum of ruminants

Baeza, E.; Leclercq, B., 1998:
Effects of feed restriction and phosphorus allowance during the laying period on the performances of breeder Pekin ducks

Shikata, T.; Shimeno, S., 1997:
Effects of feed restriction and starvation on fatty acid synthesis and oxidation of glucose and alanine in carp hepatopancreas

Hyun, Y.; Ellis, M.; Johnson, R.W., 1998:
Effects of feeder type, space allowance, and mixing on the growth performance and feed intake pattern of growing pigs

Achionye Nzeh, C.G., 1997:
Effects of feeding and starvation on the growth of Sarotherodon galilaeus (L)

Lammoglia, M.A.; Bellows, R.A.; Grings, E.E.; Bergman, J.W.; Short, R.E.; MacNeil, M.D., 1999:
Effects of feeding beef females supplemental fat during gestation on cold tolerance in newborn calves

Klepzig, K.D.; Robison, D.J.; Smalley, E.B.; Raffa, K.F., 1997:
Effects of feeding by two folivorous arthropods on susceptibility of hybrid poplar clones to a foliar pathogen

Huck, G.; Kreikemeier, K.; Kuhl, G.; Eck, T.; Bolsen, K., 1998:
Effects of feeding combinations of steam-flaked grain sorghum and steam-flaked, high-moisture, or dry-rolled corn on growth performance and carcass characteristics in feedlot cattle

Ishibashi, T.; Itoh, T.; Koide, K., 1998:
Effects of feeding conditions and differences in age and strain on excretory and retained nitrogen in poultry

Jones, D.F.; Weiss, W.P., 1998:
Effects of feeding dairy cows differing concentrations of tallow and fish oil on milk yield and composition

Lee, C.E.; Kim, K.I., 1997:
Effects of feeding diets containing alfalfa, nori or pine-needle meals on cecal size, cecal urease activity and serum urea concentration in male and female rats

Senani, S.; Rai, R.B.; Padhi, M.K.; Saha, S.K., 1997:
Effects of feeding different levels of lactobacilli on the performance of broilers

Mutia, R.; Uchida, S., 1999:
Effects of feeding egg yolk prepared from quails fed winged bean oil on plasma and liver cholesterol and fatty acid composition of rats

Jansson, A.; Dahlborn, K., 1999:
Effects of feeding frequency and voluntary salt intake on fluid and electrolyte regulation in athletic horses

Nirmal Sangwan; Sangwan, A.K., 1998:
Effects of feeding leaves of Melia azedarach on establishment of Haemonchus contortus infection in sheep

Rabbani, M.G.; Anzuman Ara ; Hawlider, M.A.R.; Wahid, M.A., 1998:
Effects of feeding mash and pelleted diets on broiler performance in summer months under Bangladesh conditions

Maliboungou, J.C.; Lessire, M.; Hallouis, J.M., 1999:
Effects of feeding mash or pelleted diets based on cottonseed meal on growth performances of broiler chickens

Tachibana, K.; Yagi, M.; Hara, K.; Mishima, T.; Tsuchimoto, M., 1997:
Effects of feeding of beta -carotene-supplemented rotifers on survival and lymphocyte proliferation reaction of fish larvae (Japanese parrotfish (Oplegnathus fasciatus) and spotted parrotfish (Oplegnathus punctatus)): preliminary trials

Buraczewska, L.; Buraczewski, S.; Wasielewko, J., 1997:
Effects of feeding pigs with diets containing rapeseed meal, balanced according to the requirement for ileal digestible amino acids

Walsh, T.J.; Brake, J., 1999:
Effects of feeding program and crude protein intake during rearing on fertility of broiler breeder females

Salawu, M.; Acamovic, T.S.ewart, C.; Hovell, F., 1999:
Effects of feeding quebracho tannin diets, with or without a dietary modifier, on rumen function in sheep

Chung, C.S.; Nam, D.S., 1997:
Effects of feeding regimes on the reproductive performance of lactating sows and growth rate of piglets

Ning ZhongHua; Wang QingMin; Yuan JiaMing; L.Z.ngLan, 1998:
Effects of feeding systems on production performance of meat ducks

S.A.Kuo; Hsieh RueyChuen, 1999:
Effects of feeding total mixed ration on the lactation performance and blood parameters of dairy goats

Shinde, S.B.; Jagtap, D.Z.; Belhe, N.D., 1995:
Effects of feeding types on rumen metabolites of Deccani lambs

Lönnerdal, B.; Hernell, O., 1998:
Effects of feeding ultrahigh-temperature (UHT)-treated infant formula with different protein concentrations or powdered formula, as compared with breast-feeding, on plasma amino acids, hematology, and trace element status

Paul, B.N.; Nandi, S.; Sarkar, S.; Mukhopadhyay, P.K., 1997:
Effects of feeding unconventional animal protein sources on the nitrogen metabolism in rohu Labeo rohita (Hamilton)

Mutia, R.; Uchida, S., 1999:
Effects of feeding winged bean oil on cholesterol and lipid contents in egg and liver, and fatty acid composition of egg in Japanese quail

Rincon, A.A.; Barbella, S.L.; Garmendia, J.; Vasquez, L.A., 1996:
Effects of feeding with African palm crude oil (Elaeis guineensis) and fish meal on postpartum body condition and milk production in crossbred cows in sub-humid tropics

Goh, Y.G.; Hwang, Y.H., 1999:
Effects of feeding yeast culture fermented with Aspergillus oryzae on performance of broiler chicks

Carter, R.R., 1996:
Effects of feedmill processes on the nutritional value of grain sorghum for livestock

Rade, C.; Kamphues, J., 1999:
Effects of feeds and feeding on the health of the respiratory tract in animals and people handling animals

Steigerwald, E.S.; Sarter, M.; March, P.; Podell, M., 1999:
Effects of feline immunodeficiency virus on cognition and behavioral function in cats

Kalbitz, K.; Rupp, H.; Meissner, R.; Braumann, F., 1999:
Effects of fen restoration on nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon content in soil- and groundwater

Balamuralikrishnan, M.; Jeyarajan, R., 1998:
Effects of fenarimol sprays on powdery mildew incidence in grapevine

Lankin, G.; Araya, J.E.; Lamborot, L., 1997:
Effects of fenvalerate and methamidophos on Diaeretiella rapae (McIntosh), parasitoid of Brevicoryne brassicae (L.)

Takiguchi, R.; Miyamoto, M.; Mochizuki, E.; Suzuki, Y.; Iino, H., 1997:
Effects of fermented milk intake on defecation, fecal microflora and putrefactive metabolites of healthy volunteers

Takiguchi, R.; Miyamoto, M.; Mochizuki, E.; Suzuki, Y.; Kageyama, R.; Iino, H., 1998:
Effects of fermented-milk administration of defecation and fecal microflora of healthy volunteers

Suojala, T.; Salo, T.; Pessala, R., 1998:
Effects of fertilisation and irrigation practices on yield, maturity and storability of onions

Hanviriyapant, P.; Fukai, S., 1997:
Effects of fertiliser application and irrigation on grain yield of rice cultivars grown under lowland conditions

Chachulski, ; Janakowski, S.; Golinowski, W., 1999:
Effects of fertility, weed density and crop competition on biomass partitioning in Centaurea cyanus L

Park GwanSoo, 1997:
Effects of fertilization and clone on aboveground and soil carbon storages in a willow (Salix spp.) bioenergy plantation

Dunham, R.A.; Bart, A.N.; Kucuktas, H., 1999:
Effects of fertilization method and of selection for body weight and species on fertilization efficiency of channel catfish eggs with blue or channel catfish sperm

Lee ImKyun; Lee KabYeon; Kim ChanSoo; Cheong EunJu; Kim SeaHyum, 1997:
Effects of fertilization on the litterfall nutrient concentration and fine root dynamics of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) in Cheju Island

Luo JianJu; Cao Lin; Yang JianLin; Wei ShanHua, 1998:
Effects of fertilization treatments on contents of wood chemical components of Eucalyptus urophylla

Vieites, R.L., 1998:
Effects of fertilization with cassava residues on yield and fruit quality of tomato

Morais, F.I.O., 1998:
Effects of fertilization, manuring and liming on yield and incidence of witches' broom in cacao trees of Amazonia

Panda, M.M., 1996:
Effects of fertilizer and green manure on survival and productivity of detached deepwater rice plants

Williams, R.A.; Farrish, K.W., 1995:
Effects of fertilizer and herbicide application on the growth and yield of older loblolly pine plantations - two-year results

G.J.e; Gao Hua; Fang RiYao, 1998:
Effects of fertilizer application and mulch straw on water use efficiency of crops in dryland

Lang, H.J.; Pannkuk, T.R., 1998:
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