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Chapter 3,119

Effects of heavy metals on the development of snails. Utilization of snails as bioindicators of pollution by heavy metals for the preservation of human health

Gomot, A.

Bulletin de l' Academie Nationale de Medecine 181(1): 59-75


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-4079
Accession: 003118732

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A toxicity test was developed based on the effects of cadmium on the land-snail Helix aspersa of one month in age. Five concentrations (50 to 800 micro g/g), were selected to estimate the concentrations causing 50% inhibition of growth (EC50) at 14 days: 190 micro g/g and at 28 days: 180 micro g/g. A soil matrix contaminated with metals (soil including 800 micro g/g Cr, 20 micro g/g Cd, 800 micro g/g Pb and 2000 micro g/g Zn) was incorporated in the food at 50 and 75%. It also inhibited the growth of juvenile snails compared to incorporation of control soil. An accurate and rapid (2 to 4 weeks) method is therefore available for the evaluation of the toxicity of pollutants by ingestion.

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