Effects of pre- or post-harvest application of calcium compound extracted from oyster shell on the changes in cell wall calcium content, enzyme activity, and cell structure during storage of apple fruits

Moon ByungWoo; Choi JongSeung; Kim KiHong

Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 40(3): 345-348


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-6498
Accession: 003120360

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The application of calcium extracted from oyster shells (OS-Ca) to developing apple cv. Fuji fruits increased the Ca concentration of cell walls. During storage for 90 days, cell walls of OS-Ca-treated fruits contained higher concentrations of Ca than cell walls of untreated fruits. The activities of beta -galactosidase and polygalacturonase in Fuji fruits, and Tsugaru fruits (fruits dipped in OS-Ca at harvest and stored for 30 days), were determined throughout storage. Ca treatment did not influence beta -galacturonase activity in either cultivar except at late stages of storage when activity was lower in Ca-treated fruits. Ca-treated fruits exhibited lower activities of polygalacturonase during storage than control fruits. Electron microscopic imaging clearly showed the severe degradation of the middle lamella in untreated Fuji fruits after 120 days of storage; no such degradation was observed in Ca-treated fruits.