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Effects plant density on the yield and yield components of low-tillering large panicle type rice

Son, Y.; Park, S.T.; Kim, S.Y.; Lee, H.W.; Kim, S.C.

RDA Journal of Crop Science 40(2 Part 1): 88-97


Accession: 003122451

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Dry matter production and yield of four inbred line low-tillering large panicle type rices, YR15965ACP33, YR17104ACP5, YR16510-B-B-B-9, and YR16512-B-B-B-10, and Namcheonbyeo and Daesanbyeo were evaluated in different plant densities, of 10 to 300 plants per m2. Response of six rice cultivars on growth and dry matter production differs from different planting densities. Reduction of panicle number was greater in Namcheonbyeo and Daesanbyeo than that of low-tillering large panicle type rice. On the other hand, effective tiller ratio was decreased more in YR16510-B-B-B-9, Namcheonbyeo and Daesanbyeo. Dry matter production of low-tillering large panicle type rice was lower than that of Namcheonbyeo regradless of plant density. Namchenbyeo had highest grain yield with range of 495-709kg/10a. Generally, six rice cultivars tested showed high yield at the plant density of 10 to 50 plants per m2.

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