Efficacy of hormonal and non-hormonal agents in post-partum anoestrus in Gir, Holstein Friesian and Jersey crossbred cows

Mehetre, N.S.; Deopurkar, V.L.; Mantri, A.M.

Journal of Bombay Veterinary College 6(1): 25-27


Accession: 003122864

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30 cows (15 Gir, and 15 crossbreds) were divided into 5 groups of 6 animals. Group 1 received PMSG (Folligon; 500 IU by intravenous injection); group 2 received GnRH (Receptal; 21 mg by intramuscular injection); group 3 received the herbal preparation Prajana (3 capsules per day for 5 days); group 4 received clomiphene citrate (Fertivet FVT-300; 300 mg per day for 5 days); group 5 were controls. The efficacy of induction of oestrous, number of days required for induction of oestrous and conception rate were recorded. It is concluded that, considering cost, Prajana was the most effective treatment.