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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3125

Chapter 3125 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mueller, T.J.; Fried, B., 1999:
Electrophoretic analysis of proteases in Echinostoma Caproni and Echinostoma trivolvis

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Electrophoretic analysis of serum proteins in dogs naturally infected with heartworm or Ehrlichia canis

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Electrophoretic analysis of soluble antigens of a pathogenic isolate of Trichomonas vaginalis

Serrao, Jose Eduardo. da Cruz-Landim, Carminda., 1998:
Electrophoretic analysis of the protein in the midgut of stingless bees (Apidae; Meliponinae) with a comparison of necrophagous and feeding pollen workers

Erdeger, J.; Akan, M.; Diker, K.S., 1996:
Electrophoretic analysis of whole cell proteins of Moraxella bovis

L.Y.n; Shu HuaiRui; Shi YinPing, 1999:
Electrophoretic analysis on isozymes of diploid and triploid apple

Yunuskhanov, S.Y.; Karshiev, T.O., 1997:
Electrophoretic and amino acid compositions of the proteins of maize lines differing in the anthocyanin coloration of the seeds

Lesnevich, I.A., 1997:
Electrophoretic and immunochemical investigation of storage proteins of beet seeds

Seo YongWeon; Hong ByungHee, 1998:
Electrophoretic and immunological evaluation of secalin in rye, triticale, and wheat-rye translocation wheat

Kimani Njogu, S.W.; Overholt, W.A.; Woolley, J.B.; Omwega, C.O., 1998:
Electrophoretic and phylogenetic analyses of selected allopatric populations of the Cotesia flavipes complex (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), parasitoids of cereal stemborers

Díaz-Marrero, A.R.; Santamaria, M.; Poveda, A.; Jiménez-Barbero, J.; Corzo, J., 1998:
Electrophoretic behavior and size distribution of the acidic polysaccharides produced by the bacteria Bradyrhizobium (Chamaecytisus) strain BGA-1 and Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 110

Yunuskhanov, S.Y.; Karshiev, T.O., 1997:
Electrophoretic characteristics of the alcohol-soluble proteins of the seeds of maize lines cultivated in Uzbekistan

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Electrophoretic characterization bovine serum IgG1 and IgG2 and clinical application

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Electrophoretic characterization of chitinases as a tool for the identification of Trichoderma harzianum strains

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Electrophoretic characterization of storage proteins of 37 Chinese landraces of wheat

Havea, P.; Singh, H.; Creamer, L.K.; Campanella, O.H., 1998:
Electrophoretic characterization of the protein products formed during heat treatment of whey protein concentrate solutions

Goka, K.; Takafuji, A., 1998:
Electrophoretic detection of enzyme variation among Japanese red-coloured spider mites of the genus Tetranychus (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Demichelis, S.; Manino, A., 1998:
Electrophoretic detection of parasitism by Dryinidae in Typhlocybinae leafhoppers (Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha)

Bennett, S.J.; Hayward, M.D., 1999:
Electrophoretic differentiation in isolated populations of Lolium rigidum Gaud

Kitashima, Y.; Gotoh, T., 1997:
Electrophoretic differentiation of F1 hybrids of the sibling species Panonychus osmanthi Ehara et Gotoh and P. citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Derbala, A.A., 1998:
Electrophoretic differentiation of soluble antigens from Echinococcus granulosus isolates using SDS-PAGE technique

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Electrophoretic evidence for hybridization in the ant genus Acanthomyops (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Manderson, G.A.; Creamer, L.K.; Hardman, M.J., 1997:
Electrophoretic examination of the heat-induced changes in beta -lactoglobulin A, B and C

Redon, C.; Albert, P.; Lacorre Arescaldino, I.; Bierne, J., 1999:
Electrophoretic heterogeneity of grapevine histones

Feresu Shonhiwa, F.; Howard, J.H., 1998:
Electrophoretic identification and phylogenetic relationships of indigenous tilapiine species of Zimbabwe

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Electrophoretic karyotype of environmental isolates of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Cano, M.I.; Cisalpino, P.S.; Galindo, I.; Ramírez, J.L.; Mortara, R.A.; da Silveira, J.F., 1998:
Electrophoretic karyotypes and genome sizing of the pathogenic fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Barchiesi, F.; Francesco, L.F. di; Arzeni, D.; Caselli, F.; Gallo, D.; Scalise, G., 1999:
Electrophoretic karyotyping and triazole susceptibility of Candida glabrata clinical isolates

Pisareva, V.M., 1998:
Electrophoretic methods in the analysis of food products

Sarmah, S.; Dutta, D.J.; Bordoloi, P.; Sarmah, B.C., 1998:
Electrophoretic pattern of follicular fluid and serum of Assam goat

Cho JumRae; Kim YoungJoon; Kim JeongJun; Kim HongSun; Yoo JaiKi; Lee JeangOon, 1999:
Electrophoretic pattern of larval esterases in field and laboratory-selected strains of the tobacco cutworm, Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)

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Electrophoretic pattern of polypeptides of infectious bursal disease vaccine virus

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Electrophoretic patterns of lipopolysaccharides and antigenic analysis of soybean bradyrhizobia

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Electrophoretic properties and variability of endosperm proteins in Elymus caninus (L.) L

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Electrophoretic separation and identification of phenoloxidases in hemolymph and midgut of adult Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes

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Electrophoretic specificity of proteins from endosperms of Elymus species with different genome structures

Sasek, A.; Cerny, J.; Bradova, J., 1998:
Electrophoretic spectra of gliadins and high-molecular-weight subunits of glutenins in common wheat varieties registered in 1996 and 1997

Humphrey, M.; Rose, H.A.; Colgan, D.J., 1998:
Electrophoretic studies of cockroaches of the Australian endemic subfamily Geoscapheinae

Pedrol, R.; Casanova, A.R.; Martinez, L., 1999:
Electrophoretic studies of multilocus enzymes for characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Electrophoretic studies on certain red cell enzymes in Indian dromedaries

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Electrophoretic studies on maize inbreds with different endosperm texture

Atanassova, P.; Brookes, CP.; Loxdale, HD.; Powell, W., 1998:
Electrophoretic study of five aphid parasitoid species of the genus Aphidius (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), including evidence for reproductively isolated sympatric populations and a cryptic species

Annunziata, M.; Iorio, M., 1997:
Electrophoretic study of glutathione reductase and milk yield in river buffalo

Brzuzan, P.; Poczyczynski, P.; Mamcarz, A.; Dostatni, D.; Kozowski, J., 1996:
Electrophoretic variation in Coregonus sp. juveniles reared on two artificial diets

Mishra, S.K.; Sharma, B.; Dasgupta, S.K.; Kahlon, R., 1996:
Electrophoretic variations for seed protein of pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes

Buzinaro, M.G.; Jerez, J.A., 1998:
Electrophoretical characterization of rotavirus from dairy cattle in the northeast region of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Leal, W.; Moura, J.; Bento, J.; Vilela, E.; Pereira, P., 1997:
Electrophysiological and behavioral evidence for a sex pheromone in the wasp Bephratelloides pomorum

Rojas, Jc, 1999:
Electrophysiological and behavioral responses of the cabbage moth to plant volatiles

Kelling, F.J.; Den Otter, C.J., 1997:
Electrophysiological characterization of olfactory receptors in Musca domestica L

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Electrophysiological correlates of pulsatile and surge gonadotrophin secretion

Garcia, E.A.; Carvalho, M.P., 1999:
Electrophysiological effects of Ageratum conyzoides L. on the guinea-pig heart

Cokmus, C.; Davidson, E.W.; Cooper, K., 1997:
Electrophysiological effects of Bacillus sphaericus binary toxin on cultured mosquito cells

Gaffin, D.; Brownell, P., 1997:
Electrophysiological evidence of synaptic interactions within chemosensory sensilla of scorpion pectines

Martynenko, A.I., 1998:
Electrophysiological investigation of frost resistance in plants: 1. Non freezing electrode for measuring bioelectrical activity at temperatures below 0 degrees C

Martynenko, A.I., 1998:
Electrophysiological investigation of frost resistance in plants: 2. Bioelectrical responses to light of three contrasting cultivars of Triticum aestivum at various temperatures

Martynenko, A.; Sadovoy, A.; Rudenko, N., 1996:
Electrophysiological method of the proximate estimation of winter wheat frost resistance

Jain, K.L.; Guman, S., 1994:
Electrophysiological recordings of the taste receptor responses to organophosphorus insecticides in Apis mellifera L

Park, K.C.; Cork, A., 1999:
Electrophysiological responses of antennal receptor neurons in female Australian sheep blowflies, Lucilia cuprina, to host odours

Descoins, C.J.; Marion Poll, F., 1999:
Electrophysiological responses of gustatory sensilla of Mamestra brassicae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) larvae to three ecdysteroids: ecdysone, 20-hydroxyecdysone and ponasterone A

Aparna Maiti; Mandal, A.B.; Bandyopadhyay, A.K., 1998:
Electroporation in indica rice

Savu, L.; Calina, C.P.; Marcu, F.; Vatafu, I., 1994:
Electroporation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki cry- with pC194 plasmid

Meissner, Scott T., 1998:
Electroporation of the vacuole-attached patch-clamp configuration allows access to the tonoplast resistance and estimation of its specific conductance

Mitchell, T.D.; Bhagsari, A.S.; Ozias Akins, P.; Dhir, S.K., 1998:
Electroporation-mediated transient gene expression in intact cells of sweetpotato

Li, Z.; Y.J.Wei; Neretnieks, I., 1998:
Electroremediation: removal of heavy metals from soils by using cation selective membrane

Kirkova, Y.; Kolev, N.; Eneva, S., 1998:
Electroresistance measurements on the field for evaluation of soil water content of leached Smonitza

Hotta, N.; Nakamura, J.; Sakakibara, F.; Hamada, Y.; Hara, T.; Mori, K.; Nakashima, E.; Sasaki, H.; Kasama, N.; Inukai, S.; Koh, N., 1997:
Electroretinogram in sucrose-fed diabetic rats treated with an aldose reductase inhibitor or an anticoagulant

Korbel, R.; Stutz, S., 1999:
Electroretinography in common buzzards (Buteo buteo L., 1758)

Nindi, M.M.; Kgarebe, B.V.; Wolfender, J.L.; Abegaz, B.M., 1999:
Electrospray liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry of the leaf extract of Rhamnus prinoides

Lowe, R., 1998:
Electrostatic behaviour of feedstuffs - effects on additive carry-over and contamination

Kabashima, J.; Giles, D.K.; Parrella, M.P., 1995:
Electrostatic sprayers improve pesticide efficacy in greenhouses

Ittersum, A.R. van, 1999:
Electrosurgical treatment of endometrial cysts in mares

Spinu, V.C.; Albright, L.D., 1998:
Electrotechnology for water conditioning: a simulation model

Hernandez, R.; Manso, R.; Fontanella, J.; Pichardo, T.; Noa, J.C.; Cardenas, H., 1997:
Electrotherapy, a new method for sanitation against viruses in Allium sativum L. and their diagnosis by UM-ELISA

Hernandez, R.; Fontanella, J.; Noa, J.C.; Pichardo, T.; Igarza, Y.; Cardenas, H.; Manso, R., 1997 :
Electrotherapy: a novel method for eliminating viruses from garlic (Allium sativum L.)

Vinas, P.; Campillo, N.; Lopez Garcia, I.; Hernandez Cordoba, M., 1997:
Electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric determination of molybdenum, aluminium, chromium and manganese in milk

O'-Sullivan, T.; Fitzgerald, G., 1999:
Electrotransformation of industrial strains of Streptococcus thermophilus

Yuan, J.; Gu, Z.L.; Chou, W.H.; Kwok, C.Y., 1999:
Elemene induces apoptosis and regulates expression of bcl-2 protein in human leukemia K562 cells

Dittmar, C.; Zech, W.; Moravcik, P., 1996:
Element composition of Picea abies, Picea pungens and Pinus sylvestris needles on SO2-polluted sites in the Ore Mountains and Jizera Mountains in North Bohemia

Hrdlicka, P.; Kula, E., 1998:
Element content in leaves of birch (Betula verrucosa Ehrh.) in an air polluted area

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Element contents and stress-physiological characterization of Pinus canariensis needles in Mediterranean type field stands in Tenerife

Bornkamm, R.; Darius, F.; Prasse, R., 1998:
Element contents of perennial plant species in the sand desert near Nizzana (Israel)

Sasaki, Y.; Nishihagi, K.; Kuroki, Y., 1996:
Elemental analysis of leaves on polyploids in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) and Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

D.R.jck, G.; Schrevens, E., 1998:
Elemental bioavailability in nutrient solutions in relation to complexation reactions

D.R.jck, G.; Schrevens, E., 1998:
Elemental bioavailability in nutrient solutions in relation to precipitation reactions

Bonelli, P.; Braga Marcazzan, G.M.; Cereda, E., 1996:
Elemental composition and air trajectories of African dust transported in northern Italy

Dey J.K., 1999:
Elemental composition and association in some Inceptisols and Alfisols of Assam under varying land use

Bucking, H.; Heyser, W., 1999:
Elemental composition and function of polyphosphates in ectomycorrhizal fungi - an X-ray microanalytical study

Becker, G.; Colmsjo, A.; Ostman, C., 1997:
Elemental composition determination of organophosphorus compounds using gas chromatography and atomic emission spectrometric detection

Sadiq, M.A.durrehman, W., 1999:
Elemental composition of alfalfa leaves and its relation to soil composition and irrigation water quality in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Friel, J.K.; Andrews, W.L.; Jackson, S.E.; Longerich, H.P.; Mercer, C.; McDonald, A.; Dawson, B.; Sutradhar, B., 1999:
Elemental composition of human milk from mothers of premature and full-term infants during the first 3 months of lactation

Phuong, T.D.; Chuong, P.V.; Khiem, D.T.; Kokot, S., 1999:
Elemental content of Vietnamese rice. Part 1. Sampling, analysis and comparison with previous studies

Kokot, S.; Phuong, T.D., 1999:
Elemental content of Vietnamese rice. Part 2. Multivariate data analysis

Xu, D.; Lu, Q.; Deitch, E.A., 1998:
Elemental diet-induced bacterial translocation associated with systemic and intestinal immune suppression

Amouroux, D.; Wasserman, J.C.; Tessier, E.; Donard, O.F.X., 1999:
Elemental mercury in the atmosphere of a tropical Amazonian forest (French Guiana)

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Elemental stoichiometry of Drosophila and their hosts

Anez R.B., 1996:
Elemental sulphur (So) used as amendment in alkaline soils

Sokolov, E.N.; Palikhova, T.A., 1999:
Elementary and compound postsynaptic potentials in the defensive command neurons of Helix lucorum

Bustamante R.E.; Rivas P.G., 1999:
Elements and importance of the diagnosis of phytosanitary problems

Loue, S.; Dauce, P.; Laplana, R., 1998:
Elements for a local evaluation of agricultural policy impacts

Lonneux, J.F.; Losson, B., 1998:
Elements for positive diagnosis of ectoparasitoses in ruminants

Bellon, S.; Roggero, P.P., 1997:
Elements for sustainable feeding systems in the Mediterranean region

Furger, A.; Schürch, N.; Kurath, U.; Roditi, I., 1997:
Elements in the 3' untranslated region of procyclin mRNA regulate expression in insect forms of Trypanosoma brucei by modulating RNA stability and translation

Verheye, W.; Brinkman, R.; Sims, D., 1997:
Elements of a different approach to land development issues

Kurth, W., 1996:
Elements of a regulating language for the three-dimensional modelling of shoot growth in broadleaved trees

Nekrasov, S.S., 1998:
Elements of a unified theory of the resistance of materials to cutting

Popescu, M., 1997:
Elements of economic efficiency in vine trining systems

Tirziu, D.; Sparchez, G., 1997:
Elements of geology and geomorphology

Yazdani, S.S.; Agarwal, M.L., 1997:
Elements of insect ecology

Bazczak, P.; Tabert, M., 1997:
Elements of monitoring and controlling processes of organisation of agricultural production

Rodriguez, M.G.; Rodriguez, I.; Sanchez, L., 1997:
Elements of morphology and chromosome number of one population of Meloidogyne javanica parasitizing tobacco in Pinar del Rio

Simula, M., 1997:
Elements of the economic contribution of forestry to sustainable development

Lukipudis, S.; Spirov, P.; Kabadzhova, R.; Nikolov, E., 1998:
Elenski 827 variety - oriental tobacco of Iztochen Balkan origin

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Elephant corridors in India: lessons for other elephant range countries

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Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) fertilized with two levels of nitrogen, under grazing, voluntary intake and milk production

Vilela, D.; Assis Villaca, H. de, 1998:
Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum, Schum.) hay prepared by different methods and its use by growing heifers

Anonymous, 1998:
Elephant grass pastures

Anonymous, 1997:
Elephant grass: production and utilization

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Elephant's feet and monkey bread - an introduction to caudiciform, pachycaul and other succulent plants. Part 1: Discovering caudiciform plants

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Elephantiasis in Pawe settlement area: podoconiosis or Bancroftian filariasis?

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Elephants, woodlands and biodiversity in Southern Africa - a critique

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Elephants, woodlands and biodiversity in southern Africa

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Eleusine tristachya (Lam.) Lam. (Poaceae) newcomer in the flora of Croatia

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Elevated CO2 affects field decomposition rate and palatability of tree leaf litter: importance of changes in substrate quality

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Elevated CO2 and development of frost hardiness in Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)

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Elevated CO2 and plant productivity in the 21st century: can we feed billions and preserve biological diversity?

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Elevated CO2 and plant structure: a review

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Elevated CO2 and temperature impacts on different components of soil CO2 efflux in Douglas-fir terracosms

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Elevated CO2 and water deficit effects on photosynthesis, ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase, and carbohydrate metabolism in rice

Sims, D.; Seemann, J.; Luo, Y., 1998:
Elevated CO2 concentration has independent effects on expansion rates and thickness of soybean leaves across light and nitrogen gradients

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Elevated CO2 concentrations and stomatal density: observations from 17 plant species growing in a CO2 spring in Central Italy

Andalo, C.; Godelle, B.; Lefranc, M.; Mousseau, M.; Till Bottraud, I., 1996:
Elevated CO2 decreases seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kytoviita, M.M.; Pelloux, J.; Fontaine, V.; Botton, B.; Dizengremel, P., 1999:
Elevated CO2 does not ameliorate effects of ozone on carbon allocation in Pinus halepensis and Betula pendula in symbiosis with Paxillus involutus

Niewiadomska, E.; Gaucher Veilleux, C.; Chevrier, N.; Mauffette, Y.; Dizengremel, P., 1999:
Elevated CO2 does not provide protection against ozone considering the activity of several antioxidant enzymes in the leaves of sugar maple

Winter, K.; Virgo, A., 1998:
Elevated CO2 enhances growth in the rain forest understory plant, Piper cordulatum, at extremely low light intensities

Luis, I. de; Irigoyen, J.J.; Sanchez Diaz, M., 1999:
Elevated CO2 enhances plant growth in droughted N2-fixing alfalfa without improving water status

Leymarie, J.L.sceve, G.V.vasseur, A., 1999:
Elevated CO2 enhances stomatal responses to osmotic stress and abscisic acid in Arabidopsis thaliana

Hungate, B.A.; Dijkstra, P.; Johnson, D.W.; Hinkle, C.R.; Drake, B.G., 1999:
Elevated CO2 increases nitrogen fixation and decreases soil nitrogen mineralization in Florida scrub oak

McMaster, G.S.; LeCain, D.R.; Morgan, J.A.; Aiguo, L.; Hendrix, D.L., 1999:
Elevated CO2 increases wheat CER, leaf and tiller development, and shoot and root growth

Vermehren, B.; Fangmeier, A.; Jager, H.J., 1998:
Elevated CO2 influences nitrogen assimilation and remobilization in the wheat leaf

Ruegg, K.; Luscher, A.; Hartwig, U.A.; Nosberger, J., 1999:
Elevated CO2 influences seed production of grassland species

Catovsky, S.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1999:
Elevated CO2 influences the responses of two birch species to soil moisture: implications for forest community structure

Cotrufo, M.F.; Ineson, P.; Scott, A., 1998:
Elevated CO2 reduces the nitrogen concentration of plant tissues

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Elevated CO2 stimulates cells to divide in grass meristems: a differential effect in two natural populations of Dactylis glomerata

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Elevated CO2 studies: past, present and future

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Elevated CO2, rhizosphere processes, and soil organic matter decomposition

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Elevated DNA damage in lymphocytes from ankylosing spondylitis patients

Theiler, R.; Bischoff, H.; Tyndall, A.; Stähelin, H.B., 1998:
Elevated PTH levels in hypovitaminosis D are more rapidly suppressed by the administration of 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3 than by vitamin D3

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Elevated UV-B radiation effects on experimental grassland communities

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Elevated UV-B radiation incident on Quercus robur leaf canopies enhances decomposition of resulting leaf litter in soil

Walker, R.F.; Geisinger, D.R.; Johnson, D.W.; Ball, J.T., 1997:
Elevated atmospheric CO2 and soil N fertility effects on growth, mycorrhizal colonization, and xylem water potential of juvenile ponderosa pine in a field soil

Barrett, D.J.; Richardson, A.E.; Gifford, R.M., 1998:
Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations increase wheat root phosphatase activity when growth is limited by phosphorus

Zanetti, S.; Hartwig, U.A.; Noesberger, J., 1998:
Elevated atmospheric CO2 does not affect per se the preference for symbiotic nitrogen as opposed to mineral nitrogen of Trifolium repens L

Janssens, I.A.; Crookshanks, M.; Taylor, G.; Ceulemans, R., 1998:
Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases fine root production, respiration, rhizosphere respiration and soil CO2 efflux in Scots pine seedlings

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Elevated atmospheric CO2 increases water availability in a water-limited grassland ecosystem

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Elevated atmospheric CO2 influences the interaction between the parasitic angiosperm Orobanche minor and its host Trifolium repens

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Elevated atmospheric promotes frost damage in evergreen tree seedlings

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Elevated biomass production in burned natural grasslands in southern India

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Elevated blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats consuming a high sucrose diet is associated with elevated angiotensin II and is reversed by vanadium

Nelson, K.; Jones, J.; Jacobson, S.; Reimschuessel, R., 1999:
Elevated blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels in goldfish as an indicator of gill dysfunction

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Elevated body fat in rats by the dietary nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, small_cap L-N60 nitroarginine

Pataki, D.E.; Oren, R.; Tissue, D.T., 1998:
Elevated carbon dioxide does not affect average canopy stomatal conductance of Pinus taeda L

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Elevated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: what might it mean for loblolly pine plantation forestry?

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Elevated carbon dioxide influences yield and photosynthetic responses of hydroponically-grown [correction of glown] sweetpotato

Cinque, P.; Vago, L.; Mengozzi, M.; Torri, V.; Ceresa, D.; Vicenzi, E.; Transidico, P.; Vagani, A.; Sozzani, S.; Mantovani, A.; Lazzarin, A.; Poli, G., 1998:
Elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of monocyte chemotactic protein-1 correlate with HIV-1 encephalitis and local viral replication

Evans, C.A.; Garcia, H.H.; Hartnell, A.; Gilman, R.H.; Jose, P.J.; Martinez, M.; Remick, D.G.; Williams, T.J.; Friedland, J.S., 1998:
Elevated concentrations of eotaxin and interleukin-5 in human neurocysticercosis

Mingrone, G.; Capristo, E.; Greco, A.V.; Benedetti, G.; D.G.etano, A.; Tataranni, P.A.; Gasbarrini, G., 1999:
Elevated diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation rate in Crohn disease

Lopatina, N.G.; Vanyushin, B.F.; Cronin, G.M.; Poirier, L.A., 1998:
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Embryo survival on day 25 of generation in the gilt is not affected by exogenous progesterone but is correlated with levels of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) mRNA in the uterus

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Embryonic/adult correlations in species of Piper L. (Piperaceae)

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Emendation of Lentinus Fr. in Jilin Province

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Emendation of the Japanese names of plant-parasitic nematodes

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Emended description of the order Chlamydiales, proposal of Parachlamydiaceae fam. nov. and Simkaniaceae fam. nov., each containing one monotypic genus, revised taxonomy of the family Chlamydiaceae, including a new genus and five new species, and standards for the identification of organisms

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Emergence and development of agro-ecological engineering in China

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Emergence and herbicidal sensitivity of four hygrophytic weeds in water seeded rice cultivation under surface drainage management

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Emergence and longevity of the rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Emergence and survival of three native grass species sown on roadsides on the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia

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Emergence behavior of Catolaccus grandis Burks from host containment cells

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Emergence depth of triazine susceptible and resistant Solanum nigrum seeds

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Emergence of 'Genesis' triploid watermelon following mechanical scarification

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Emergence of Candida parapsilosis as the predominant species causing candidemia in children

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Emergence of U.S. organic agriculture - can we compete? Discussion

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Emergence of a global food system

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Emergence of a new production system in agriculture

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Emergence of aquatic insects from 2 habitats in a small wetland of the southeastern USA: temporal patterns of numbers and biomass

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Emergence of backward castes in South Telengana: agrarian change and grass roots politics

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Emergence of brown adipocytes in white fat in mice is under genetic control. Effects on body weight and adiposity

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Emergence of butterflies and skippers in an El Nino year

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Emergence of crop seedlings in soils associated with bare patches beneath the canopy of the aromatic shrub Artemisia afra

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Emergence of radish seed

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Emergence of species of Mediterranean-type natural grasslands in relation to soil moisture

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Emergence of the unfair competition issue in United States' recreation

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Emergence pattern of Echinochloa spp. and optimum application time of mefenacet in paddy fields in a warm region

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Emergence patterns of the pine needle gall midge, Thecodiplosis japonensis (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae), influenced by conditions of forest floor

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Emergence, movement, and pollen feeding of boll weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the Mississippi Delta

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Emergency department presentations of Lyme disease in children

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Emergency food aid as a means of political persuasion in the North Korean famine

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Emu bush: how to grow and conserve Eremophila

Gasic, S.; Vojinovic, V., 1998:
Emulsifiable concentrate: emulsion stability as a indication of needed emulsifier concentration

Imm, J.Y.; Regenstein, J.M., 1998:
Emulsification of commercial dairy proteins with exhaustively washed muscle

Scherze, I.; Marzilger, K.; Muschiolik, G., 1998:
Emulsification of fats in skim milk and buttermilk using microporous glass

Cserhalmi, Z.; Czukor, B., 1997:
Emulsification properties of mixed protein systems

Santiago, L.G.; Gonzalez, R.J.; Remondetto, G.E.; Bonaldo, A.G., 1998:
Emulsifying ability of proteins evaluated by response surface methodology

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Emulsifying properties and solubility of casein and its tryptic hydrolysates: 1. Effects of pH and hydrolysis time

Duarte, A.J.; Carreira, R.L.; Junqueira, R.G.; Coelho, J.V.; Silvestre, M.P.C., 1998:
Emulsifying properties and solubility of casein: 2. Effects of NaCl addition

Euston, S.R.; Hirst, R.L.; Hill, J.P., 1997:
Emulsifying properties of milk protein genetic variants

Faergemand, M.; Otte, J.; Qvist, K.B.uun, 1998:
Emulsifying properties of milk proteins cross-linked with microbial transglutaminase

Innocente, N.; Corradini, C.; Blecker, C.; Paquot, M., 1998:
Emulsifying properties of the total fraction and the hydrophobic fraction of bovine milk proteose-peptones

Farrag, A.F.; Askar, A.A.;, H.M.F.; Abd E.S.lam, M.H., 1998:
Emulsifying properties of whey protein concentrates as affected by some factors

Cornec, M.; Wilde, P.J.; Gunning, P.A.; Mackie, A.R.; Husband, F.A.; Parker, M.L.; Clark, D.C., 1998:
Emulsion stability as affected by competitive adsorption between an oil-soluble emulsifier and milk proteins at the interface

Armand, M.; Pasquier, B.; Borel, P.; Andre, M.; Senft, M.; Peyrot, J.; Salducci, J.; Lairon, D., 1997:
Emulsions and lipid absorption: importance of physico-chemical properties

Butler Ellis, M.C.B.tler; Tuck, C.R.; Miller, P.C.H., 1997:
Emulsions and their effect on spray formation and droplet size with agricultural flat fan nozzles

Prior, D.A.M.; Oparka, K.J.; Roberts, I.M., 1999:
En bloc optical sectioning of resin-embedded specimens using a confocal laser scanning microscope

Biller, B.; Horauf, A.; Kraft, W., 1998:
Enalapril for failure of the left atrioventricular valve in dogs. A long-term clinical study

Zhou, L.; Corruccini, R.S., 1998:
Enamel hypoplasias related to famine stress in living Chinese

Leal, Ws, 1999:
Enantiomeric anosmia in scarab beetles

Blanch, G.P.; Jauch, J., 1998:
Enantiomeric composition of filbertone in hazelnuts in relation to extraction conditions. Multidimensional gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry in the single ion monitoring mode of a natural sample

Holm, Y.; Vuorela, P.; Hiltunen, R., 1997:
Enantiomeric composition of monoterpene hydrocarbons in n-hexane extracts of Angelica archangelica L. roots and seeds

Armstrong, D.W.; Wang XianDe; Lee JauhTzuoh; Liu YanSong, 1999:
Enantiomeric composition of nornicotine, anatabine, and anabasine in tobacco

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Enantiomeric distribution of 2-pentanethiol in guava fruit (Psidium guajava L.) by multidimensional gas chromatography with sulfur chemiluminescence detection

Ravid, U., 1998:
Enantiomeric distribution of oxygenated monoterpenes in some Mentha essential oils

Kubota, K.S.meya, Y.Y.shida, R.K.bayashi, A.M.rita, T.K.shino, H., 1999:
Enantiomeric purity and odor characteristics of 2- and 3-acetoxy-1,8-cineoles in the rhizomes of Alpinia galanga Willd

Wiberg, K.; Oehme, M.; Haglund, P.; Karlsson, H.; Olsson, M.; Rappe, C., 1998:
Enantioselective analysis of organochlorine pesticides in herring and seal from the Swedish marine environment

Zhang ZhiChao; Dai ShuGui; Zhu ChangShou; W.S.engHeng, 1998:
Enantioselective breakdown of alpha -hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) and concentrations of alpha , beta , gamma -HCH isomers in Xingang Harbour marine water and Haihe River estuary water of Tianjin

Hellgren, U.; Berggren Palme, I.; Bergqvist, Y.; Jerling, M., 1997:
Enantioselective pharmacokinetics of mefloquine during long-term intake of the prophylactic dose

Omokawa, H.; Ryoo JaeHwan; Kashiwabara, S., 1999:
Enantioselective relieving activity of alpha -methylbenzylphenylureas toward bensulfuron-methyl injury to rice (Oryza sativa)

Nakamura, Y.; Hirata, M.; Kuwano, E.; Taniguchi, E., 1998:
Enantioselective Synthesis of a (+)-(2R, 3R)-1,4-Benzodioxane-7-carbaldehyde Derivative, a Key Intermediate in the Total Synthesis of Haedoxan Analogs

Imura, A.; Itoh, M.; Miyadera, A., 1998:
Enantioselective synthesis of a key intermediate of 20(S)-camptothecin via an enzyme-catalyzed resolution

Zipper, C.; Bunk, M.; Zehnder, A.J.; Kohler, H.P., 1998:
Enantioselective uptake and degradation of the chiral herbicide dichlorprop [(RS)-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)propanoic acid] by Sphingomonas herbicidovorans MH

Lanchote, V.L.; Cesarino, E.J.; Santos, V.J.; Mere Júnior, Y.; Santos, S.R., 1999:
Enantioselectivity in the metabolism of mexiletine by conjugation in female patients with the arrhythmic form of chronic Chagas' heart disease

Klobes, U.; Vetter, W.; Luckas, B.; Hottinger, G., 1998:
Enantioseparation of the compounds of technical toxaphene (CTTs) on 35 % heptakis(6-O-tert-butyldimethylsilyl-2,3-di-O -methyl)- beta -cyclodextrin in OV1701

Reddi, C.S.; Aluri, R.J.S.; Atluri, J.B.; Rao, C.B., 1997:
Enantiostyly, heteranthery and carpenterbee-pollination in Cassia alata L. (Caesalpiniaceae)

Hammond, J.; Dienelt, M.M., 1997:
Encapsidation of potyviral RNA in various forms of transgene coat protein is not correlated with resistance in transgenic plants

Felde, A.; Rudat, I., 1998:
Encapsulated acids - a new strategy against coli and clostridia

Retini, C.; Vecchiarelli, A.; Monari, C.; Bistoni, F.; Kozel, T.R., 1998:
Encapsulation of Cryptococcus neoformans with glucuronoxylomannan inhibits the antigen-presenting capacity of monocytes

Carneiro, R.M.D.G.; Gomes, C.B., 1997:
Encapsulation of Paecilomyces lilacinus fungus in alginate-clay matrix and evaluation of conidium viability under two temperatures

Vilarino Rodriguez, S.; Agramonte Penalver, D.; Herrera Isla, L.; Perez Peralta, M.; Alvarado Capo, Y.; Acosta Suarez, M., 1996 :
Encapsulation of axillary potato buds (Solanum tuberosum L.). Study of the culture medium and conditions for in vitro bud proliferation

Carvajal, C.; Peralta, H.; Santos, R.; Hernandez, M.; Rodriguez, G.; Gonzalez, J.L., 1996:
Encapsulation of botanic seeds of Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis Rupr.)

Micheli, M.; Mencuccini, M.; Standardi, A., 1998:
Encapsulation of in vitro proliferated buds of olive

Peters, A.; Ehlers, R.U., 1997:
Encapsulation of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema feltiae in Tipula oleracea

Soares, A.O.; Elias, R.B.; Schanderl, H., 1997:
Encarsia citrina (Crawford) (Hymenoptera, Aphelinidae), a parasitoid of Unaspis citri (Comstock) and Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman) (Homoptera, Diaspididae) in citrus orchards of Sao Miguel Island (Azores)

Fowler, S.L., 1997:
Encephalitis in a boy from South Carolina

Shinya, K.; Silvano, F.D.; Morita, T.; Shimada, A.; Nakajima, M.; Ito, T.; Otsuki, K.; Umemura, T., 1998:
Encephalitis in mice inoculated intranasally with an influenza virus strain originated from a water bird

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Encephalitis induced by bovine herpesvirus 5 and protection by prior vaccination or infection with bovine herpesvirus 1

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Encephalitis surveillance in Nebraska

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Encephalitozoon (Septata) intestinalis: cytologic, histologic, and electron microscopic features of a systemic intestinal pathogen

Suter, C.; Mathis, A.; Hoop, R.; Deplazes, P., 1998:
Encephalitozoon hellem infection in a yellow-streaked lory (Chalcopsitta scintillata ) imported from Indonesia

Inatomi, Y.; Murakami, T.; Tokunaga, M.; Ishiwata, K.; Nawa, Y.; Uchino, M., 1999:
Encephalopathy caused by visceral larva migrans due to Ascaris suum

Yamaguchi, R.; Naitoh, Y.; Uchida, K.; Hirano, N.; Wada, T.; Tateyama, S., 1999:
Encephalopathy in suckling mice infected with Kasba (Chuzan) virus

Hasel, K.M.; Summers, B.A.; Lahunta, A. de, 1999:
Encephalopathy with idiopathic hyperammonaemia and Alzheimer type II astrocytes in Equidae

Arun Agrawal; Gibson, C.C., 1999:
Enchantment and disenchantment: the role of community in natural resource conservation

Jaffee, B.; Muldoon, A.; Didden, W., 1997:
Enchytraeids and nematophagous fungi in soil microcosms

Nieminen, J.K.; Setala, H., 1998:
Enclosing decomposer food web: implications for community structure and function

Wanhill, S., 1997:
Encompassing the social and environmental aspects of tourism within an institutional context: a national tourist board perspective

Meyer, R., 1999:
Encounter norms in a frontcountry boating area: a case study from the Notteroy/Tjome Skerries in southeastern Norway

Gordon, D.M.; Mehdiabadi, N.J., 1999:
Encounter rate and task allocation in harvester ants

Wells, J.; Harris, M.; Boddy, L., 1998:
Encounter with new resources causes polarized growth of the cord-forming basidiomycete Phanerochaete velutina on soil

Anonymous, 1997:
Encouragement from Monte. Is the potential for sales in the children's market exhausted?

Mitchell, R.B.; Crosset, T.; Barr, C.A., 1999:
Encouraging compliance without real power: sport associations regulating teams

Cholin, B., 1999:
Encouraging healthy diets in adolescent girls

Eddleston, M., 1999:
Encouraging high-quality clinical research in the tropics

Lind, P., 1998:
Encouraging ladybugs

Harmon, A.H.; Jones, S.B.; Finley, J.C., 1997:
Encouraging private forest stewardship through demonstration

Pass, R., 1998:
Encouraging results from Trident/Distillers feeds demo

Whiteside, M., 1998:
Encouraging sustainable smallholder agriculture in Southern Africa in the context of agricultural services reform

Zhao ChangHai; Liu ChengMo; Wang WeiJie et al., 1997:
Encroachment and control of cockroaches in a first-class hotel

Hill, N.; Belesky, D.; Stringer, W., 1998:
Encroachment of endophyte-infected on endophyte-free tall fescue

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Encrusted cystitis in dog and cat

Jones, D.L., 1997:
Encyclopaedia of ferns. An introduction to ferns, their structure, biology, economic importance, cultivation and propagation

Anonymous, 1998:
Encyclopaedia of seed production of world crops

Anonymous, 1998:
Encyclopedia of AIDS: a social, political, cultural, and scientific record of the HIV epidemic

Bekoff, M.; Meaney, C.A., 1998:
Encyclopedia of animal rights and animal welfare

Anonymous, 1998:
Encyclopedia of hydrology and water resources

Anonymous, 1999:
Encyclopedia of molecular biology

Anonymous, 1998:
Encyclopedia of reproduction

Anonymous, 1997:
Encyclopedia of rhododendron species

Anonymous, 1998:
Encyclopedia of the mouse genome

Neeru Narula; Sunita Suneja; Manjula Vasudeva, 1998:
Encystment in Azotobacter and Azospirillum

Toledo, R.; Munoz Antoli, C.; Perez, M.; Esteban, J.G., 1999:
Encystment sites of metacercariae of Hypoderaeum conoideum (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) in freshwater gastropods

Myhra, H.H.; Sandland, K.M., 1997:
End coating of logs

Sandland, K.M., 1998:
End coating of timber

Legrand, G., 1998:
End of campaign: protect your beet against frost damage

Pereira, A.W., 1997:
End of the peasantry: the rural labor movement in Northeast Brazil, 1961-1988

Fauci, M.F.; Bezdicek, D.F.; Caldwell, D.; Finch, R., 1999:
End product quality and agronomic performance of compost

Torske, K.E.; Dyson, D.H.; Pettifer, G., 1998:
End tidal halothane concentration and postoperative analgesia requirements in dogs: a comparison between intravenous oxymorphone and epidural bupivacaine alone and in combination with oxymorphone

Foliente, G.C.; McLain, T.E., 1998:
End-notching effect on flexural stiffness of lumber: preliminary evaluation

Wilson, I.B., 1997:
End-of-life care in HIV disease: let's talk

Young, M.G.; Ogden, R.D., 1998:
End-of-life issues: a survey of English-speaking Canadian nurses in AIDS care

Hooker, B.; Morris, T., 1999:
End-of-season corn stalk test for excess nitrogen in silage corn

Henkin, Z.; Seligman, N.G.; Kafkafi, U.; Prinz, D., 1998:
End-of-season soil water depletion in relation to growth of herbaceous vegetation in a sub-humid Mediterranean dwarf-shrub community on two contrasting soils

Micard, V.; Renard, C.M.G.C.; Colquhoun, I.J.; Thibault, J.F., 1997:
End-products of enzymic saccharification of beet pulp, with a special attention to feruloylated oligosaccharides

Horn, S.; Horina, J.H.; Krejs, G.J.; Holzer, H.; Ratschek, M., 1997:
End-stage renal failure from mushroom poisoning with Cortinarius orellanus: Report of four cases and review of the literature

Yamashita, K.; Sasaki, Y.; Izumisawa, Y.; Kotani, T., 1999:
End-tidal partial pressure of CO2 for estimating arterial partial pressure of CO2 during inhalation anaesthesia in dogs

Espitia Rangel, E.; Baenziger, P.S.; Shelton, D.R.; Graybosch, R.A.; Moreno Sevilla, B.; Peterson, C.J., 1999:
End-use quality performance and stability of 1A vs. 1AL.1RS genotypes derived from winter wheat 'Nekota'

Simon, J., 1997:
Endangered Mexico: an environment on the edge

Suda, I., 1998:
Endangered beetles (Coleoptera) of Estonian forests

Leonarduzzi, R.; Filacorda, S., 1999 :
Endangered breeds in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Hopcraft, D., 1997:
Endangered ecosystem: wildlife ranching and research

Wang JunHao et al, 1998:
Endangered mechanism and protective countermeasure of the species in Dinghuo mountain biosphere reserve

Kearns, C.A.; Inouye, D.W.; Waser, N.M., 1998:
Endangered mutualisms: the conservation of plant-pollinator interactions

Sierra Alfranca, I.; Sanudo Astiz, C., 1998:
Endangered pig breeds for the improvement of meat quality: Black Hairless pigs

Dubost, D.; Moguedet, G., 1998:
Endangered resources: Touat foggara oases

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Endemic Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Indian populations of the Gran Chaco territory of South America: performance of diagnostic assays and epidemiological features

Schatz, G.E.; Lowry, P.P.I.I.; Wolf, A.E., 1998:
Endemic families of Madagascar. I. A synoptic revision of Melanophylla Baker (Melanophyllaceae)

Chakma, T.; Singh, S.B.; Godbole, S.; Tiwary, R.S., 1997:
Endemic fluorosis with genu valgum syndrome in a village of district Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

Pagliara, S.; Spagnuolo, E.; D.A.anzo, A.; Vitale, M.; Macchia, P.E.; Salvatore, D.; Ramundo, V.; Ciasullo, M.; Macchia, V.; Fenzi, G., 1998:
Endemic goiter and iodine deficiency diffusion in province of Avellino

Paggi, A., 1998:
Endemic goiter in Lazio: environmental and genetic risk factors

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Endemic goiter in lambs from Tokachi district in Hokkaido

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Endemic goiter: clinical picture and evolution

Benedé, J.G.; Oelofse, A.; van Stuijvenberg, M.E.; Jooste, P.L.; Weight, M.J.; Benadé, A.J., 1997:
Endemic goitre in a rural community of KwaZulu-Natal

Mitra, B.; Srivastava, R.C., 1997:
Endemic grasses of Sikkim

Lutynski, R., 1996:
Endemic iodine deficiency disorders of men and animals in the Carpathian region

Christiann, F.; Rayet, P.; Ngueodjibaye, D.B.; Patey, O.; Godefroy, A.; Klein, J.; Lapegue, R.; Theron le Gargasson, J.F.; Godfroid, E.; Lafaix, C., 1997:
Endemic level of Lyme borreliosis in a region of central France: a sero-epidemiologic examination involving blood donors

Savithramma, N.; Sulochana, C., 1998:
Endemic medicinal plants from Tirumala hills Andhra Pradesh, India

Cugnasse, J.M., 1997:
Endemic occurrence of keratoconjunctivitis in the Mediterranean mouflon (Ovis gmelini musimon x ovis sp.) in the caroux-espinouse mountain massif (Herault), during autumn 1993

Tasic, S.R.; Ristic, M.S.; Menkovic, N.R.; Kovacevic, N.N.; Grubisic, D.V.; Djokovic, D.D., 1998:
Endemic plant species of Sara mountain. Part VI. Essential oil of Achillea chrysocoma

Desruelles, F.; Marty, P.; Perrin, C.; Saint Florent, J.D. de; Lacour, J.P.; Fichoux, Y. le; Ortonne, J.P., 1998:
Endemic subcutaneous Dirofilaria repens filariasis in Var (southern France)

Dewey, C.E.; Carman, S.; Med, S.A.; Hazlett, M.; Dreumel, T. van; Smart, N., 1999:
Endemic transmissible gastroenteritis: difficulty in diagnosis and attempted confirmation using a transmission trial

Newell, E.D.; Ndimuruvugo, N., 1997:
Endemicity and clinical manifestations of onchocerciasis in the province of Rutana (Burundi)

Newell, E.D.; Ndimuruvugo, N.; Nimpa, D., 1997:
Endemicity and clinical manifestations of onchocerciasis in the provinces of Cibitoke and Bubanza (Burundi)

Bellamy, A., 1998:
EndigiaReg Chronicle of a birth announced for the year 2000

Sarrazyn, R.; Rooster, L. de, 1998:
Endive autumn cultivation. Broad-leaved endive versus curly-leaved endive

Sarrazyn, R.; Rooster, L. de; Degroote, J.; Willaert, M., 1998:
Endive. Controlling bolting and tipburn

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 1999:
Endive. Greenhouse cultivation of endive, cultivar trial early cultivation: growth performance is very important!

Vergote, N., 1998:
Endive. New cultivar strong against tipburn

Rooster, L. de, 1997 :
Endive. Search for the ideal

Dobrotvorsky, A.K.; Moshkin, M.P.; Chechulin, A.I.; Panov, V.V.; Mak, V.V., 1998:
Endo- and ectoparasites as factors influencing variability of humoral immune reactions in a population of the red vole (Clethrionomys rutilus)

Anand Nighojkar; Sadhana Srivastava; Anil Kumar, 1996:
Endo-polygalacturonase from germinating Vigna sinensis seeds

Bui, T.D.; Wong, S.H.; Lu, L.; Hong, W., 1999:
Endobrevin maps to chromosome 2 in human and chromosome 6 in mouse

Kamp, E.M.; Stockhofe-Zurwieden, N.; van Leengoed, L.A.; Smits, M.A., 1997:
Endobronchial inoculation with Apx toxins of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae leads to pleuropneumonia in pigs

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