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Enzyme activities in the colostrum of Yaks

Chinese Journal of Animal Science 32(4): 9-10,15

Enzyme activities in the colostrum of Yaks

Enzyme activities, protein, sugar and fat concentrations were determined in colostrum of 8 Maiwa yaks. The activities of alkaline phosphatase, amylase and r-glutamyl transpeptidase (D- glutamyltransferase), and concentration of protein on the 1st day of lactation were 46.72+or-39.72, 63.52+or-33.89 and 44998.8 +- 22706.3 U/100 ml and 8+or-2.9 g/100 ml, respectively, vs. 4.21+or-2.24, 30.34+or-9.21 and 10363.2+or-4210.2 U/100 ml and 3.9+or-1.4 g/100 ml on the 7th day.

Accession: 003127083

Related references

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