Section 4
Chapter 3,129

Establishment of embryogenic callus and initiation and regeneration of embryogenic cell suspensions from female and male immature flowers of Musa

Grapin, A.; Ortiz, J.L.; Domergue, R.; Babeau, J.; Monmarson, S.; Escalant, J.V.; Teisson, C.; Cote, F.

Infomusa 7(1): 13-15


Accession: 003128643

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A synthesis of the results obtained by CIRAD and CATIE on callogenesis and embryogenic cell suspensions from immature flowers is reported. Male buds were collected after bunch development. Of the hundreds of floral rows present in the bud, only hands from the rows nearest to the meristem were cultured. Immature female flowers were obtained by cutting plants at their base when they were at the transition between the vegetative and floral stage.

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