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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3131

Chapter 3131 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Capri, E.; Sicbaldi, F.; Vagnotti, N.; Trevisan, M., 1998:
Ethoprophos residues in soil and in tomato after repeated applications by drip irrigation

Kumari, C.A.; Singh, B.G., 1998:
Ethrel effects on total phenol content in sunflower

Sabra Abbas, 1997:
Ethrel induced senescence and lipid peroxidation by system in primary leaves of Phaseolus mungo L

Desmarchelier, J.M., 1999:
Ethyl formate and formic acid: occurrence and environmental fate

Kaur, R.; Parshad, V.R., 1997:
Ethyl methanesulphonate induced changes in the differentiation, structure and functions of spermatozoa of the house rat, Rattus rattus L

Guis, M.; Amor, M.B.; Botondi, R.B.; Ayub, R.; Latche, A.; Bouzayen, M.; Pech, J.C., 1998:
Ethylene and biotechnology of fruit ripening: pre- and postharvest behaviour of transgenic melons with inhibited ethylene production

Villavicencio, L.B.ankenship, S.; Sanders, D.; Swallow, W., 1999:
Ethylene and carbon dioxide production in detached fruit of selected pepper cultivars

Fleischmann, F.; Osswald, W.; Zinkernagel, V.; Habermeyer, J., 1998:
Ethylene and pathogenesis-related proteins as biochemical markers for resistance against Phytophthora infestans

Xia DianRen; Fang XiuJuan; Zhang TianMing, 1999:
Ethylene application on cucumber Zhongnong No. 8

Imanishi, H., 1997:
Ethylene as a promoter for flower induction and dormancy breaking in some flower bulbs

Serrano, M.M.rtinez-Madrid, M.; Romojaro, F., 1999:
Ethylene biosynthesis and polyamine and ABA levels in cut carnations treated with aminotriazole

Reddy, Y.V.; Srivastava, G.C., 1999:
Ethylene biosynthesis and respiration in mango fruits during ripening

Child, R.; Chauvaux,, K.U.vskov, P.O.ckelen, H.-Van, 1998:
Ethylene biosynthesis in oilseed rape pods in relation to pod shatter

Bonghi, C.; Ramina, A.; Ruperti, B.; Tonutti, P., 1998:
Ethylene biosynthesis in peach seed and fruit tissues

Mizutani, F.; Rabbany, A.B.M.G.lam; Akiyoshi, H., 1998:
Ethylene biosynthesis in peach seeds and its suppression in situ

Yip, W.K.n; Yang, S.F., 1998:
Ethylene biosynthesis in relation to cyanide metabolism

Retamales, J.; Campos, R.; Castro, D., 1998:
Ethylene control and ripening in Packham's Triumph and Beurre Bosc pears

Sinha, N.K.; Srivastava, A.K., 1998:
Ethylene estimation from Zea mays L. seedlings accumulated under waterlogged situation

Ievins, G.; Kruzmane, D.; Selga, T., 1999:
Ethylene evolution from pine seedlings due to acute UV-B exposure as a possible indicator of long-term radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation under natural conditions

L.Q.anZi; L.X.ngGuo; Zheng GuoSheng; Zhang XianSheng, 1998:
Ethylene evolution, ACC content and ACC oxidase activity in fruits and seeds during fruit development of early maturing peach

Goszczynska, D.M.; Wawrzynczak, A., 1998:
Ethylene in horticultural production

Kulikowska Gulewska, H.; Kopcewicz, J., 1999:
Ethylene in the control of photoperiodic flower induction in Pharbitis nil Chois

Ma, J.H.; Yao, J.L.; Cohen, D.; Morris, B., 1997:
Ethylene inhibitors enhance in vitro root formation from apple shoot cultures

Muller, R.; Serek, M.; Sisler, E.C.; Andersen, A.S., 1998:
Ethylene involvement in leaf abscission, chlorosis, and rooting of Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum (Lodd.) Muell. 'Aucubaefolia'

Madlung, A.; Behringer, F.J.; Lomax, T.L.; Behringer, F.J.; Lomax, T.L.; Davies, E., 1999:
Ethylene plays multiple nonprimary roles in modulating the gravitropic response in tomato

Kasai, Y.; Kato, M.; Aoyama, J.; Hyodo, H., 1998:
Ethylene production and increase in 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase activity during senescence of broccoli florets

Vilella Espla, J.V.; Rio, M.A. del; Ferry, M., 1999:
Ethylene production and respiration of dates from Elche in Spain

Y.S.uanCang; Cui HongWen, 1998:
Ethylene production and the evaluation of tolerance to low-temperature in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Gerasopoulos, D.; Richardson, D.G., 1997:
Ethylene production by 'd'Anjou' pears during storage at chilling and nonchilling temperature

Van Zyl, L.M.; Wingfield, M.J., 1998:
Ethylene production by Eucalyptus clones in response to infection by hypovirulent and virulent isolates of Cryphonectria cubensis

Rausch, C.; Keller, G.; Zechmeister Boltenstern, S., 1999:
Ethylene production by ectomycorrhizal fungi

Sato, M.; Watanabe, K., 1998:
Ethylene production by several pathovars of Pseudomonas syringae and its molecular basis

Son KiCheol; Suh JungNam, 1999:
Ethylene production in Lilium Oriental Hybrid 'Casa Blanca' florets during the vase life

Wang Bin; Ng, T.J., 1998:
Ethylene production in ripening fruits of Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis, C. melo var. inodorus, and their hybrids

Huang ChaoChia, 1998:
Ethylene production of Oncidium flower and the change of flower quality affected by ethylene treatment and pollinia cap removal

Suh, J.N.m; Pak, C.H.; Kwack, B.H.a, 1998:
Ethylene production of cut Cymbidium flowers as affected by temperature, vibration, and plant growth regulators

Ohtsubo, N.M.tsuhara,, M.S.o, S.O.ashi, Y., 1999:
Ethylene promotes the necrotic lesion formation and basic PR gene expression in TMV-infected tobacco

Lund, S.T.; Stall, R.E.; Klee, H.J., 1998:
Ethylene regulates the susceptible response to pathogen infection in tomato

Zheng ShuFang, 1998:
Ethylene release characteristics of Chinese cabbage leaves and their sensitivity to exogenous ethylene

Pena, A.; Lozano, C.; Sanchez Raya, A.J.; Campos, M., 1998:
Ethylene release under field conditions for the management of the olive bark beetle, Phloeotribus scarabaeoides

Graham, T.; Veenstra, J.; Armstrong, P., 1998:
Ethylene removal in fruit and vegetable storages using a plasma reactor

Tian DuanHua; Tal, M.; Pasternak, D., 1999:
Ethylene, a possible cause for the changed Na+ inter-organ distribution in NaCl-stressed tomato plants under anoxia

Politycka, B., 1999:
Ethylene-dependent activity of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and lignin formation in cucumber roots exposed to phenolic allelochemicals

Adachi, M.; Shimokawa, K., 1998:
Ethylene-enhanced chlorophyll catabolism in radish (Raphanus sativus L.) cotyledons

Takahashi, Y.; Adachi, M.; Maeda, Y.; Kurata, H.; Azuma, R.; Shimokawa, K., 1998:
Ethylene-enhanced chlorophyll oxidative degradation enzyme of Citrus unshiu fruits

Guillen, P.; Domenech, A.; Larrigaudiere, C.; Vendrell, M., 1998:
Ethylene-induced rise of abscisic acid levels and ACC oxidase activity in immature melons

Lee, S.; Chae, H.; Lee, T.; Kim, S.; Shin, S.; Cho, B.; Cho, S.; Kang, B.; Lee, W., 1998:
Ethylene-mediated phospholipid catabolic pathway in glucose-starved carrot suspension cells

Maxson, J.M.; Woodson, W.R., 1998:
Ethylene-responsive gene expression during carnation flower senescence

Gibson, J.L.; Whipker, B.E.; Blankenship, S.; Boyette, M.; Creswell, T.; Miles, J.; Peet, M., 1999:
Ethylene: sources, effects, and prevention for greenhouse-grown crops

Castoriano, M.; Reuveni, O., 1997:
Etiolation of stock plants for improved rooting of mango cuttings

Suchi Sood; Tripathy, B.C., 1998:
Etiolation response of wheat seedlings grown under red light

Mahaisavariya, P.; Chaiprasert, A.; Sivayathorn, A.; Suthipinittharm, P.; Boonchai, W.; N.U.ol, P., 1997:
Etiologic agents of cutaneous infectious granuloma: 2 year-experience from Granuloma Clinic, Siriraj Hospital

Zheng Ting; Cui JunZhao; Xie LiQun; L.Y.anCong; Guo NingZhen, 1998:
Etiological and serological studies on Toxoplasma infection in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region during 1990-1995

Nakashima, C.; Kobayashi, T., 1997:
Etiological studies on brown spot disease of Pyracantha

Ashkan, S.M.; Abusaidi, D.; Ershad, D., 1997:
Etiological study of dieback and canker of pistachio nut tree in Rafsanjan

Luquetti, A.O., 1997:
Etiological treatment for Chagas disease

Amato Neto, V., 1999:
Etiological treatment for infection by Trypanosoma cruzi

Atkinson, R.L., 1999:
Etiologies of obesity

Milus, E.A.; Richardson, M.D.; Hensler, K.L.; Weight, C.T., 1999:
Etiology and control of summer decline of bentgrass putting greens

Costa, T.R.; Costa, M.R.; Silva, M.V. da; Rodrigues, A.B.; Fernandes, O. de F.L.; Soares, A.J.; Silva, M. do R.R., 1999:
Etiology and epidemiology of dermatophytosis in Goiania, State of Goias, Brazil

Dhote, S.W.; Kurkure, N.V.; Kalorey, D.R.; Ganvir, P.T., 1999:
Etiology and sensitivity of bacterial isolates from subclinical mastitis in cows from east Vidharbha

Morales, F.J.; Araya, C.M.; Hernandez, J.C.; Arroyave, J.A.; Cuervo, M.; Velasco, A.C.; Castano, M., 1999:
Etiology of amachamiento (sterility) in common bean in Costa Rica

Martinez Miller, C.; Braun, A.; Siemsen, S.L.; Sands, D.C., 1997:
Etiology of basal kernel blight of barley caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae

Brunser, O.; Espinoza, J.; Brunser, A.M., 1997:
Etiology of diarrhea: Bacteria and parasites

Dhal, N.K.; Swain, N.C.; Varshney, J.L.; Biswal, G., 1997:
Etiology of mycoflora causing blossom-end rot of tomato

Wolf, J.; Fengel, D.; Klein, R.G.; Scheithauer, M.; Schmezer, P.; Schroeder, H.G.; Woeste, W., 1998 :
Etiology of nose cancer in the wood working industry

Banihashemi, Z., 1998:
Etiology of pomegranate decline in Fars province of Iran

Nowicki, Bogdan, 1997:
Etiology of root parsley damping-off

L.C.angSong; Zhao JuHua; Yang ChongLiang; Shang YouFen; Xin XiangQi; L.X.ngBao; Wang ShengJi; Luo ReiWu, 1999:
Etiology, epidemiology of soybean root rot (Fusarium solani) in Yellow River and Huaihe River basins

Ghora, T.K.; Ram Kumar; Paliwal, O.P., 1997:
Etiopathology of uterine affections in she buffaloes

Sperling, U.; Franck, F.; van Cleve, B.; Frick, G.; Apel, K.; Armstrong, G.A., 1998:
Etioplast differentiation in arabidopsis: both PORA and PORB restore the prolamellar body and photoactive protochlorophyllide-F655 to the cop1 photomorphogenic mutant

Zambaux, C.; Guironnet, J.; Desplantes, G., 1997:
Etofenprox for the control of lepidopterous pests of cabbage

Roso, N. de C.; Abrao, J.; Neto, J.A., 1999:
Etomidate and vecuronium in induction of anesthesia of chronic chagasic cardiac patients

Mitlehner, A.W.; Mertz, J.L.; McManus, J.R.; Putterman, G.J., 1998:
Etridiazole-efficacy, mode of action and plant metabolism

Matta, A., 1998:
Ettore Castellani (1909-1998)

Boiffin, V.; Hodges, M.; Gálvez, S.; Balestrini, R.; Bonfante, P.; Gadal, P.; Martin, F., 1998:
Eucalypt NADP-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase. cDNA cloning and expression in ectomycorrhizae

Oliva, M.A.; Barros, N.F. de; Gomes, M.M. de M., 1995:
Eucalypt dieback and nutritional management of plantation forest: physiological aspects

Valle, G.D.; Piana, L., 1995:

Hunter, J.T., 1998:
Eucalyptus canobolensis (Myrtaceae), a new combination for a former subspecies of Eucalyptus rubida

Suleman, K.M.; Muhammad Ayaz, 1995:
Eucalyptus chips export potential from Pakistan

Graham, A.; Wallwork, M.; Sedgley, M., 1999:
Eucalyptus cinerea: studies of its lignotuber

Smith, H.; Wingfield, M.J.; Coutinho, T.A., 1998:
Eucalyptus die-back in South Africa associated with Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Leblanc, J.W.; Hasey, J.K.; Standiford, R.B.; Connor, M.; Sachs, R.M., 1997:
Eucalyptus for low elevation foothill plantations in California

Gurovich, L.A.; Holmberg, J.; Lyon, A., 1996:
Eucalyptus globulus growth and water use under different irrigation regimes

Schneider, P.R.; Finger, C.A.G.; Hoppe, J.M.; Drescher, R.; Scheeren, L.W.; Mainardi, G.; Fleig, F.D., 1998:
Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden production under different thinning intensities

Indra Dev, 1997:
Eucalyptus hybrid treatment - a review

Mullin, L.J., 1996:
Eucalyptus in Zimbabwe

Ferreira, F.A.; Silveira, S.F.; Alfenas, A.C.; Demuner, A.M., 1998:
Eucalyptus leaf spot in Brazil caused by Cryptosporiopsis eucalypti

Rozefelds, A.C., 1996:
Eucalyptus phylogeny and history: a brief summary

Nicolle, D.; Brooker, M.I.H., 1998:
Eucalyptus splendens subsp. arcana (Myrtaceae) an endangered new subspecies endemic to South Australia

Ferrari, G., 1998:
Eucalyptus wood shrinkage and collapse

Vineet Kumar; Bharti B.V., 1998:
Eucalyptus yields dye

Bochkov, A.V.; Malikov, V.G., 1996:
Eucheyletiella faini sp. n. (Acari, Cheyletidae), a new species of parasitic mites from Ochotona rufescens (Gray)(Lagomorpha, Ochotonidae)

Brown, D., 1998:
Euchromius ocellea (Haworth) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae, Crambinae) in North Wales

Hicks, M.E., 1999:
Euchromius ocellea (Haworth, 1811) (Pyralidae, Crambinae) and other Lepidoptera on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly, in early 1999

Byun BongKyu; Shin ChangHoon, 1999 :
Eucoegenes ancyrota (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) attacking Ternstroemia japonica Thunb. new to Korea

Fierros Lopez, H.E., 1996:
Eufriesea rugosa (Friese, 1899). Xicote. Hymenoptera: Apidae

Maia, V.C.; Mendonca de S.M.; Romanowski, H.P., 1996:
Eugeniamyia dispar gen.n. and sp.n. (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Lasiopteridi) associated with Eugenia uniflora L. (Myrtaceae) in Brazil

Lang, V.; Bornet, F.R.; Vaugelade, P.; van Ypersele de Strihou, M.; Luo, J.; Pacher, N.; Rossi, F.; L.D.oitte, P.; Duée, P.H.; Slama, G., 1999:
Euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp to assess posthepatic glucose appearance after carbohydrate loading. 2. Evaluation of corn and mung bean starches in healthy men

Waltz, R.D.; White, G.M.; Scribailo, R.W., 1998:
Euhrychiopsis lecontei (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): a new state report for Indiana

Walter, D.E.; Conde, B., 1997:
Eukoenenia florenciae Rucker, 1903 (Arachnida: Palpigradi: Eukoeneniidae), Australia's second record of a cosmopolitan all-female species of palpigrade

Sharma, S.K., 1997:
Eulophia ochreata: A useful plant for tribals of Southern Rajasthan

Janaki, C.; Sentamilselvi, G.; Janaki, V.R.; Saraswath Devesh; Ajithados, K., 1999:
Eumycetoma due to Curvularia lunata

Navarrete Heredia, J.L., 1996:
Euoniticellus intermedius (Reiche) Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae

abanowski, G.; Soika, G., 1998:
Euonymus scale - a potential pest of euonymus in Poland

Veldkamp, J.F., 1999:
Eupatorium catarium, a new name for Eupatorium clematideum Griseb., non Sch.Bip. (Compositae), a south American species naturalized and spreading in SE Asia and Queensland, Australia

Thapa, R.; Wongsiri, S., 1997:
Eupatorium odoratum: a honey plant for beekeepers in Thailand

Jiang ZhiHong; Tanaka, T.; Kouno, I., 1999:
Euphane-type triterpene tridesmosides from the leaves of Rhoiptelea chiliantha

Hays, R.; Measures, L.N.; Huot, J., 1998:
Euphausiids as intermediate hosts of Anisakis simplex in the St. Lawrence estuary

Marx, G., 1998:
Euphorbia astrophora J. G. Marx, a recently described miniature medusoid Euphorbia from the eastern Cape province

Turner, I.M., 1999:
Euphorbia heterophylla and E. cyathophora (Euphorbiaceae) in the Malay Peninsula

Archer, R.H., 1998:
Euphorbia leistneri (Euphorbiaceae), a new species from the Kaokoveld (Namibia)

Marx, G., 1999:
Euphorbia suppressa J. G. Marx and Euphorbia gamkensis J. G. Marx, two hitherto-unnamed species from the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Girach, R.D.; Singh, S.; Ahmed, M.; Brahman, M.; Misra, M.K., 1998:
Euphorbiaceae in native health practices of district Bhadrak, Orissa, India

Lalymenko, N.K.; Lalymenko, L.A., 1990:
Euphrates poplar in protective afforestation on sand soils irrigated with sewage

Stanescu, M., 1997:
Eupithecia innotata Hufnagel, 1767 (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) - first mention in Iceland

Tyankova, N., 1997:
Euploid and monosomic interspecific wheat hybrids - cytological characteristics

Mishina, Z.D., 1998:
Eurasian exhibitions in Novosibirsk

Anonymous, 1999:

Andrade, I.; Benson, W.W., 1997:
Eurema dina leuce (Pieridae) feeds on a lactiferous hostplant in Eastern Brazil

Baric, V., 1999:
Euro in the light of macroeconomic achievements and tourist expectations

Anonymous, 1998:
Euro to challenge US dollar

Anonymous, 1998:
Eurodendro - 98. Proceedings of the international conference: Dendrochronology and environmental trends, 17-21 June 1998, Kaunas, Lithuania

Cramer, J., 1999:
Europe bound

McRitchie, S., 1999:
Europe shrinks to expand

Alexandratos, N.; Bruinsma, J., 1999:
Europe's cereals sector and world trade requirements to 2030

Wascher, D.M., 1997:
Europe's lowland wet grasslands in the light of new international legislations and strategies

Hollings, D., 1997:
Europe's railways in the 21st century

French, T., 1998:
Europe's regional airlines

Anonymous, 1997:
Europe: a good or a bad crop in 1997/98?

Anonymous, 1999:
Europe: a great exporting power

Calcedo Ordonez, V., 1997:
European Commission proposals for milk and milk products

Panagiotatos, D.E., 1998:
European Community veterinary legislation and controls in the light of the Single Market

Sebesta, J.; Zwatz, B.; Roderick, H.W.; Harder, D.E.; Corazza, L.; Stojanovic, S., 1997:
European FAO-Cooperation in oat disease resistance breeding

Pajuoja, H., 1996:
European Timber Trend Studies

Malcolm, J., 1999:
European Union enlargement to the East

Anonymous, 1997:
European Vegetation Survey: Case studies (II). Proceedings of the 5th international workshop held in Rome, Italy, 22-24 March 1996

Duponcel, M., 1997:
European agreements and the enlargement of the European Union with CEECs: the case of Hungarian agriculture

Petit, M., 1997:
European agricultural research, world food situation and development

Anonymous, 1998:
European agricultural revenues in the 1990s: very different developments

Zanias, G.P., 1998:
European agriculture and the CAP: retrospect and prospect

Izcara Palacios, S.P., 1997:
European agriculture and the problems of nitrate pollution of water resources

Thomas, B., 1997:
European agrochemical registration at a crossroads

Bussotti, F.; Grossoni, P., 1997:
European and Mediterranean oaks: taxonomic problems

Anonymous, 1997:
European and Mediterranean plant protection organization: recommendations made by EPPO Council in 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
European and mediterranean plant protection organization: annual report for 1996

Simon, D.L., 1999:
European approaches to conservation of farm animal genetic resources

Hamackova, J.; Szlaminska, M.; Kouril, J.; Vachta, R.; Stibranyiova, I., 1997:
European catfish (Silurus glanis L.) early feeding with four starters and zooplankton

Rudelsheim, P.L., 1997:
European challenges for plant biotechnology

Adamo, C., 1999:
European cheeses with a Protected Designation of Origin

Prunier, J.P.; Psallidas, P.; Scortichini, M.; Simeone, A.M.; Martins, J.M.S.; Lopez, M.M., 1999:
European co-operative research on apricot bacterial diseases

Wiesinger, G., 1998:
European conference on ecological and social change in mountain areas

Sobek, E.A.; Munkvold, G.P., 1999:
European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae as vectors of Fusarium moniliforme, causing kernel rot and symptomless infection of maize kernels

Bourguet, D.; Trouve, C.; Pinte, S.; Bethenod, M.T.; Frerot, B., 1999:
European corn borer in the hop fields of northern France

Rice, M.E.; Ostlie, K., 1997:
European corn borer management in field corn: a survey of perceptions and practices in Iowa and Minnesota

Barry, B.D.; Darrah, L.L., 1997:
European corn borer resistance: evaluation of commercial maize hybrids and transgenic maize cultivars

Ventura, P.G., 1999:
European cow-sheds ever more economic in 2000

Lemoine, R., 1998:
European dairy markets: 1998 provides a pause

Dalen, W. van, 1997:
European debates in bioethics: diverse topics and procedures

Thomas, P.C., 1998:
European developments in animal nutrition

Frost, W., 1998:
European farming, Australian pests: agricultural settlement and environmental disruption in Australia, 1800-1920

Korczyk, A.F.; Kawecka, A.; Martysevic, V.V.; Strelkov, A.Z., 1997:
European fir (Abies alba Mill.) natural stand in Biaowieza Primeval Forest

Nabuurs, G.J.; Olsthoorn, A.F.M.; Dik, E.J., 1997:
European forest is growing quickly

Magnani, F.; Borghetti, M., 1998:
European forests a climatic change: research objectives after Kyoto

Fletcher, R.; Keown, S.R., 1997:
European funding for bioenergy, with special reference to SMEs

Schmid, A., 1998:
European guidelines for integrated production in viticulture

Bonino, N., 1999:
European hare and its interaction with Patagonia livestock

Bielova, O., 1996:
European hares in areas of pure pine forests and surroundings

Maguire, J.; Poulton, E.K., 1999:
European identity politics in Euro '96: invented traditions and national habitus codes

Crawford, R.L., 1998:
European industry guideline for risk-based assessment of contaminated sites. Comparative international study of soil and groundwater remediation technologies

Iakovidou, O.; Papadopoulou, H.; Samathrakis, V., 1998:
European initiatives for rural development

Frandsen, S.E.; Bach, C.F.; Stephensen, P., 1998:
European integration and the Common Agricultural Policy. A CGE multi regional analysis

Bielik, P., 1997:
European integration: processes and the Slovak agricultural sector

Graichen, K.; Rabenstein, F., 1996:
European isolates of beet western yellows virus (BWYV) from oilseed rape (Brassica napus L. ssp. napus) are non-pathogenic on sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. var. altissima) but represent isolates of turnip yellows virus (TuYV)

Pritchard, D., 1997:
European law on nature conservation sites, and its impact in the UK

Zajonc, V.J.; Wulf, A., 1997:
European maple species endangered by sapstreak (Ceratocystis virescens)?

Young, J., 1998:
European market developments in prebiotic- and probiotic-containing foodstuffs

Hoyer, C., 1998 :
European market trends

Wilkaniec, B.; Ruszkowska, M.; Harrington, R., 1998:
European network of suction traps in entomological research

Blanquet, P.M., 1998:
European parliamentary handling of the 'mad cow' crisis

Anonymous, 1997:
European patents step closer

Fry, J.; Stringfellow, R., 1998:
European perspective on processing

Matthias Werner, A., 1998:
European policy for rural development

Depoele, L. van, 1998:
European policy for the development of rural areas

Anonymous, 1997:
European production and consumption statistics

Sansdrap, A., 1999:
European production of pome fruits in 1999

Consiglio, E., 1998:
European project: eradication of endemic goiter and of disorders for iodine deficiency in Southern Italy

Knapen, F. van, 1998:
European proposal for alternative Trichinella control in domestic pigs

Assanti, G., 1997 :
European recognition for four products from Valle d'Aosta

Lemoine, R., 1998:
European regulation has to wait

Prickett, R.A., 1998:
European sea bass and sea bream industry: development, present status and prospects for the future

Gravano, E.; Bottacci, A., 1998:
European silver fir (Abies alba): a botanical review

Napier, T.L., 1998:
European soil and water conservation policies: the case of agricultural pollution

Blain, N.; O.D.nnell, H., 1998:
European sports journalism and its readers during Euro 96: living without the sun

Waltz, R.D., 1996:
European spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus (L.)) interceptions in Indiana 1995

Berti, S.; Castro, G., 1996:
European standards for roundwood and sawnwood

Kuss, H., 1997:
European standards for wood based panels

Sbrighi, M.; Faedi, W.; Baruzzi, G.; Leiten, P.; Lopez Aranda, J.M.; Markocic, M.; Roudeillac, P.; Nourriseau, J.G., 1998:
European strawberry cultivation is changing

Ward, C.; Stampanoni-Koeferli, C.P.ccinali-Schwegler, P.S.haeppi, D.P.emmons, L., 1999:
European strawberry yogurt market analysis with a case study on acceptance drivers for children in Spain using principal component analysis and partial least squares regression

Reiner, B.; Fischer, A., 1998:
European tickborne meningoencephalitis in dogs in Germany: two case reports

Hitrec, T., 1999:
European tourism on the eve of the third millennium: market challenges and major developments

Dewbury, N., 1998:
European transactions

Monastra, F.; Limongelli, F.; Barba, M., 1997:
European walnut germplasm from Caserta

Supin, N.; Palus, H.; Vasilecko, J., 1997:
European wood and wood product markets development till 2005

Neef, R. de, 1998:
European yield forecasts 1998/1999. EU-Prognosfruit Congres predicts a good pome fruit harvest

Gastambide, M.F., 1997:
Europeans are at the forefront of investment in South America

Ang, H.H.; Sim, M.K., 1998:
Eurycoma longifolia JACK and orientation activities in sexually experienced male rats

Ang, H.H.; Sim, M.K., 1997:
Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhances libido in sexually experienced male rats

Aston, R.; Pascoe, R.; Jordan, M.K., 1998:
Eurygaster integriceps in Northern Iraq - strategies for optimal control

Moriena, R.A.; Lombardero, O.J.; Racioppi, O., 1996:
Eurytrema coelomaticum (Gerard & Billet, 1892) (Trematoda, Dicrocoeliidae) new cattle parasite for Argentina

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Evaluating Eden: who are the winners and losers in community wildlife management?

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Evaluating GPS receivers for forest carbon monitoring

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Evaluating Halfbred stallions on the performance of their offspring in trials

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Evaluating LAC on the Chilkoot trail, Alaska

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Evaluating OPUL 95 - 1998 report

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Evaluating beef traits in crossbred beef bulls at the Central Bull Rearing Station at Cerkwice

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Evaluating commercial cranberry bogs for variability: developing information for precision management

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Evaluating consumer priorities

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Evaluating consumer use of food advertisements: the influence of socio-economic characteristics

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Evaluating environmental resources for recreational fishing using a stochastic utility model

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Evaluating epidemiologic evidence of the effects of food and nutrient exposures

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Evaluating familial support for the elderly: the intrahousehold allocation of medical expenditures in rural Pakistan

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Evaluating finishing performance and carcass value of the maternal and paternal generations of pigs

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Evaluating hybrid seed production technology along with the new growth hormone Mangiferin

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Evaluating ideal field conditions for the growth of white truffle (Tuber magnatum)

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Evaluating immunocompetence

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Evaluating in order to share collective action

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Evaluating income transference mechanisms of agricultural policy at the Campina del Guadalquivir

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Evaluating indices of the reliability of tractors

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Evaluating insect management strategies using yield mapping

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Evaluating machine and technician effects on ultrasonic measures of backfat and longissimus muscle depth in swine

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Evaluating melt characteristics of Mozzarella cheese by a linear viscoelastic test

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Evaluating methods of application of biocontrol agent in the control of mungbean root rot

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Evaluating microbiology of compost

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Evaluating no-tillage resowing in comparison with other technologies of grassland management

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Evaluating nutritional condition of grizzly bears via select blood parameters

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Evaluating peats for their capacities to remove odorous compounds from liquid swine manure using headspace "solid-phase microextraction"

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Evaluating policies, programmes and activities in rural development

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Evaluating potential oak and ash regeneration on minor bottoms in the southeast

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Evaluating prey preference by several phytoseiid predators for Mononychellus tanajoa (Bondar) and M. caribbeanae McGregor (Acari: Tetranychidae) in cassava

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Evaluating proteolysis by analysing the N content of cheese fractions

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Evaluating quality and suppressiveness of Austrian biowaste composts

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Evaluating recreational amenities of a pick-up farm - an application of the travel cost method

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Evaluating red and lateritic soils for land-use planning

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Evaluating resistance management strategies for multiple toxins in the presence of external refuges

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Evaluating resistance to grape phylloxera in Vitis species with an in vitro dual culture assay

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Evaluating rheological properties of fruits by the mechanical hysteresis

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Evaluating risk of catastrophic mudflows

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Evaluating risks of genetically modified baculoviruses in the environment

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Evaluating seed-covering devices and presswheels for directly seeding mustard and cabbage

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Evaluating semiaquatic herbaceous perennials for use in herbicide phytoremediation

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Evaluating social and psychological responses to vitamin A interventions

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Evaluating soil properties of CRP land using remote sensing and GIS in Finney County, Kansas

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Evaluating soybean varieties for late planting in Louisiana

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Evaluating stem-nodulating green manure crops for lowland rice

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Evaluating store layout and design of horticultural retail outlets by way of customer observation

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Evaluating strategies for scheduling supplementary irrigation of sugarcane in South Africa

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Evaluating substrates in the biological treatment of acid mine drainage

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Evaluating support to agriculture in South Africa: the calculation of Net Protection Coefficients (NPCs)

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Evaluating sustainability of intensive farming systems in China

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Evaluating technology used for the creation of grass stands on peatlands

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Evaluating the 'wildlife potential'. Analysis and a proposed methodology for use in multipurpose forest management

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Evaluating the WATBAL sediment loading model, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

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Evaluating the association among alternative measures of cumulative watershed effects on a forested watershed in eastern Oregon

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Evaluating the blending capacity of a centrifugal feed mixer

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Evaluating the business risk associated with feeding supplements to dairy cows on pasture

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Evaluating the cost of medications for ambulatory HIV-infected persons in association with landmark changes in antiretroviral therapy

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Evaluating the economic efficiency of agricultural activities in developing countries: domestic resource costs and the social cost-benefit ratio

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Evaluating the economic value of non-timber forest products (NTFPs): starting with Parkia speciosa

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Evaluating the economics of precision agriculture

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Evaluating the effect of fentin acetate and glyphosate on reproduction of Scapholeberis kingi Sars

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Evaluating the effect of year of seroconversion on HIV progression in cohort studies

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Evaluating the effectiveness of conservation water-pricing programs

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Evaluating the effectiveness of reducing non-point source pollution from agriculture - a case study of a North American (Great Lakes) watershed

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Evaluating the effectiveness of sugar beet cropping

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Evaluating the effectiveness of the use of milking machines

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Evaluating the effects of price and trade liberalization on the technical efficiency of agricultural production in a transition economy: the case of Russia

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Evaluating the efficacy of lactic acid bacteria during conversion of grass to silage

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Evaluating the efficiency of technology in conditions of unreliable initial information

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Evaluating the factors that relate to asthma severity in adolescents

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Evaluating the fight against malaria on Roatan, Honduras

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Evaluating the impact of a mycoinsecticide for control of locusts and grasshoppers

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Evaluating the impact of initial soil water content, residue cover and pre-applied rainfall on observed and simulated atrazine and metolachlor runoff

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Evaluating the impact of research for development: tea in Tanzania

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Evaluating the information function of complex agro systems

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Evaluating the load capacity of glulam davit arms after 20 years of exposure

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Evaluating the mass crystallization of sucrose in a vibrating layer at low temperatures

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Evaluating the parameters of wheeled forest tractors

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Evaluating the performance of a pivot attached sprayer

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Evaluating the phytotoxicity of Pb-Zn tailings to big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii Vitman) and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)

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Evaluating the potential for bambara groundnut as a food crop in semi-arid Africa: an approach for assessing the yield potential and ecological requirements of an underutilized crop

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Evaluating the potential for farmer-breeder collaboration: a case study of farmer maize selection from Oaxaca, Mexico

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Evaluating the probability of non-breakage of a crawler-tractor's carriage frame

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Evaluating the process of tailoring the global HIV/AIDS practice guidelines for use in developing countries

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Evaluating the profitability of site-specific farming

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Evaluating the quality of raw sugar

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Evaluating the risk of air pollution to forests in central and eastern Europe

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Evaluating the risk of large forest fires occurring

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Evaluating the socioeconomic impact of drought in irrigated areas of southern Spain: a multi-criteria approach

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Evaluating the status of the forest resource with the aid of criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management

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Evaluating the subject needs for wood science and forest products curricula

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Evaluating the suitability of loose housing with straw litter for dairy cattle using an evaluation index

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Evaluating the susceptibility of Lymantria monacha to nuclear polyhedrosis virus

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Evaluating the susceptibility of soil dust to rising and displacing

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Evaluating the transpiration rate of apple trees grown in a semi-arid climate using sap flow measurements

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Evaluating the uniformity of the distribution of seeds and plants in the rows

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Evaluating the use of immunocapture and sap-dilution PCR for the detection of prunus necrotic ringspot virus

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Evaluating the use of selected non-wood agricultural residues for the manufacture of composite boards

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Evaluating the use of straw and other floating materials to control odor and gases from pig manure storage units

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Evaluating timber harvesting impacts on wildlife habitat suitability using FOREX

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Evaluating transplanting field practices: planting depth, Treflan rate, and fertilizer-water mixes

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Evaluating wheat cultivars for waterlogging tolerance

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Evaluating zinc fertilizer requirements for flax

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Evaluation - cabbage varieties for the high range zone of Kerala

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Evaluation and application of a simple and rapid method for the analysis of aflatoxins in commercial foods from Malaysia and the Philippines

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Evaluation and application of immunochemical methods for fumonisin B1 in corn

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Evaluation and characterization of germplasm of grasspea (Lathyrus sativus)

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Evaluation and characterization of hull-less barley germplasm in Nepal

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Evaluation and characterization of promising genotypes of greengram (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

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Evaluation and classification of data management system

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Evaluation and classification of organic fertilizers. Involvement of the biochemical characterisation of organic matter

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Evaluation and comparison of five simulation models for estimating water drainage fluxes under corn

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Evaluation and comparison of hydropericardium syndrome vaccines in broiler chicks

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Evaluation and development of maize germplasm for resistance to spotted stem borer

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Evaluation and establishment of the digestion procedure of soluble coffee for nutrient and inorganic contaminants determination by ICP-AES analysis

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Evaluation and experimental development of a drip tape irrigation system for Taiwan grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.)

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Evaluation and growth prognosis of permanent sample plot inventories

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Evaluation and improvement and Thai-made low-lift pumps

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Evaluation and improvement of cheese quality

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Evaluation and improvement of crop models using regional cultivar trial data

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Evaluation and improvement of efficacy of animal production systems using natural resources by grazing ruminants in Mediterranean areas: 1st results

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Evaluation and improvement of transesterification methods of triglycerides

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Evaluation and innovation: the case study of the regional nature reserve Vosges du Nord

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Evaluation and interpretation of serological tests using the EPISERA program

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Evaluation and management of black walnut for nut production

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Evaluation and management of water requirements

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Evaluation and monitoring of iodine deficiency disorders in school children in north-east Thailand

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Evaluation and occurrence of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in animal feed factories

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Evaluation and preservation of germplasm sources for fresh consumption tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) for use in plant breeding

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Evaluation and regionalization of the tourist resources in Mount Tuomuer Nature Reserve, Xinjiang, China

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Evaluation and repair of heavy timber roof trusses in a 19th century New England church

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Evaluation and screening of soyabean germplasm resistant to mosaic virus

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Evaluation and selection of root development ability of different local alfalfa cultivars

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Evaluation and selection of tropical maize (Zea mays L.) accessions in low-fertility soils with phosphorus limitations

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Evaluation and structure activity relationships of 0-aryl 0-2-chloroethyl 0-methyl phosphates for nematicidal activity against root knot nematode

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Evaluation and study of crop linear stability models

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Evaluation and treatment of onychomycosis

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Evaluation and utilization of lentil germplasm

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Evaluation by multivariate analysis of udder conformation in Valle del Belice sheep in relation to milk production

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Evaluation by path analysis of cause-and-effect relationships among some fruit characteristics determined in some rose hip (Rosa spp.) types

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Evaluation challenges in agricultural health and safety centers

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Evaluation criteria for determining priorities for wildlife conservation

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Evaluation criteria for the determination of non-dangerous thresholds in contaminated groundwater

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Evaluation criteria for water quality models

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Evaluation for maternal ability using calf market weight in Japanese Black (Wagyu) cattle. Part 1. Comparison of mathematical models

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Evaluation issues and strategies for community-based organizations developing women's HIV prevention programs

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Evaluation lodging resistance of direct sown rice grown on a moistened paddy system

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Evaluation method of female flower bearing ability in watermelon using silver thiosulfate (STS)

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Evaluation methods of meat production in cattle with and without muscular hypertrophy

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Evaluation methods of vermicomposting under open field conditions

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Evaluation of beta -cypermethrin for control of Triatoma infestans

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Evaluation of 'Cica' eggplant hybrid by farmers and technicians

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Evaluation of 'final' four basic formula price options

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Evaluation of 10% minimum elicitation threshold for Cr(VI)-induced allergic contact dermatitis using benchmark dose methods

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Evaluation of 15 Trifolium spp. and of Medicago sativa as Hosts of Four Meloidogyne spp. Found in New Zealand

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Evaluation of 2-deoxy-D-glucose for induction of a stress response in pigs

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Evaluation of 26 genotypes of black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) on area shore of the Arauca river

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Evaluation of 5 rabbiteye blueberry cultivars (Vaccinium ashei R.) in the province of Nuble. Fifth growing season

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Evaluation of 9 apple rootstocks the first cropping years in a Northern climate

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Evaluation of 9 industrial pea varieties (Pisum sativum L.) in Suba, Santafe de Bogota

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Evaluation of Adage 5FSTM for early-season insect control

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Evaluation of Aegilops tauschii Coss for resistance to physiological strains CYR30 and CYR31 of wheat stripe rust in China

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Evaluation of African palm oil (Elaeis guineensis) as a source of energy in broiler diets

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Evaluation of Agrocet 180, 360 EC and Roundup dry 420 solid granules, new Roundup formulations in controlling weeds in coffee

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Evaluation of Allium germplasm for susceptibility to foliage bacterial soft rot caused by Pseudomonas marginalis and Pseudomonas viridiflava

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Evaluation of Alpha CD injected in the base of the ear in baby calves

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Evaluation of Altosid as a potent third generation pesticide against Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera : Bruchidae)

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Evaluation of Ambrosia artemisiifolia var. elatior, Ambrosia trifida, Rumex crispus for phytoremediation of Cu and Cd contaminated soil

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Evaluation of American grass cultivars introduced in southwest Hubei hilly areas

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Evaluation of Angus, Charolais, and Hereford as terminal sire breeds on Hereford and first-cross cows. III. Meat quality of progeny

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Evaluation of Asiatic cotton varieties for production in Arkansas

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Evaluation of Asparagus officinalis L. flavour quality for breeding purposes

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Evaluation of Asparagus officinalis cultivars for resistance to stem blight by using a novel inoculation method

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Evaluation of Australian cultivars

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Evaluation of B.T. cotton deployment strategies and efficacy against pink bollworm in Arizona

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Evaluation of BMPs to improve drainage water quality from agricultural land irrigated with swine lagoon effluent

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Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis formulations against gram semilooper Autographa nigrisigna Walker (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Evaluation of Beauveria spp. for control of Premnotrypes vorax Hustache (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in potato crop

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Evaluation of Biomix-2 against red spider mite (Oligonychus coffeae) of tea

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Evaluation of Brucella abortus RB51 vaccine in pregnant cows

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Evaluation of Bt.-transgenic maize for resistance to the stem borers Busseola fusca (Fuller) and Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) in South Africa

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Evaluation of C3H/HeJ mice for xenodiagnosis of infection with Ehrlichia chaffeensis

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Evaluation of CGA-248757 (Action) as a harvest-aid in central Texas

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Evaluation of CM (cell mass from lysine fermentation) as an alternative protein source in broiler diets

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Evaluation of CMT reactions in goat milk

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Evaluation of CTA Question and Answer Service in the Pacific

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Evaluation of Candida species in clinical specimens with field staining method

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Evaluation of Caribbean maize accessions to develop a core subset

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Evaluation of Cassia occidentalis leaf extract on development and damage caused by Trogoderma granarium, Khapra beetle

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Evaluation of Cell-Dyn 3500, a haematological instrument adapted for testing animal samples

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Evaluation of Chamaelaucium propagated in vivo and in vitro

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Evaluation of Chinese chestnut cultivars for resistance to Cryphonectria parasitica

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Evaluation of Coactyl on yield, plant growth and nematode communities in banana plant in the Canary Islands

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Evaluation of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides for biological control of Miconia calvescens in Hawaii

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Evaluation of Colletotrichum sp. and Fusarium spp. as potential biological control agents for marsh reed grass (Calamagrostis canadensis)

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Evaluation of Cryptococcus neoformans capsular polysaccharide as an immunogen and positive control antigen

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Evaluation of Cucumis sativus L. germplasm for field resistance to the powdery mildew

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Evaluation of DNA recombinant methodologies for the diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum and their comparison with the microscopy assay

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Evaluation of DRAINMOD

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Evaluation of Daucus carota germplasm for tolerance to Erwinia carotovora

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Evaluation of Digitaria eriantha and Eragrostis curvula during the growth cycle and regrowth. 2. In vitro digestibility and crude protein

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Evaluation of Digitaria eriantha and Eragrostis curvula during the growth cycle and with a break. 1. Dry matter yields

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Evaluation of Ditylenchus phyllobius (Tylenchida: Anguinidae) as a potential biological control agent for Solanum viarum and Solanum tampicense (Solanaceae)

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Evaluation of ELISA microtiter plate-based assays for the direct determination of isoproturon in water samples and soil extracts

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Evaluation of EPIC's wind erosion submodel using data from southern Alberta

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Evaluation of Egyptian cotton cultivars under drip irrigation system in sandy soils of east delta

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Evaluation of Escherichia coli isolates against different antibiotics

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Evaluation of European ryegrass core collection and possible use in breeding

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Evaluation of F2 populations and their parents for resistance to sorghum shootfly, Atherigona soccata Rondani

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Evaluation of F2 ratoon crop over main crop in fodder sorghum

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Evaluation of FAST-ELISA for the diagnosis of experimental trichinosis

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Evaluation of Fe-efficiency in corn lines

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Evaluation of FinishReg. as a harvest-aid material in the southeastern Coastal Plain

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Evaluation of French bean for resistance to root rot

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Evaluation of FulfillReg. 50WG (pymetrozine) for cotton aphid control in 1998 field trials

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Evaluation of Fusarium avenaceum and other fungi for potential as biological control agents of invasive Rubus species in British Columbia

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Evaluation of Fusarium pallidoroseum (Cooke) Sacc. for the biocontrol of Parthenium hysterophorus L

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Evaluation of Fusarium spp. infected asparagus spears for fumonisin mycotoxins

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Evaluation of Gafsa (Tunisia) and Djebel Onk (Algeria) phosphate rocks and soil testing of phosphate rock for direct application

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Evaluation of Garlic BarrierReg. for cotton insect control in Tennessee

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Evaluation of Gliocladium roseum against wood-degrading fungi in vitro and on major Canadian wood species

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Evaluation of GnRH-test results in young Charolais bulls; Chacko, E., 1998:
Evaluation of Granier's sap flux sensor in young mango trees

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Evaluation of HP300 soybean protein in starter pig diets

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Evaluation of Heliothis nuclear polyhedrosis virus for control of Heliothis armigera on chickpea at Pantnagar, (U.P.)

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Evaluation of Honduran landrace sorghums for antibiosis resistance of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Evaluation of ICRISAT groundnut varieties in Mpumalanga, South Africa, 1995-97

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Evaluation of IPM programs - concepts and methodologies. Papers presented at the first workshop on evaluation of IPM programs, Hannover, Germany, 16-18 March, 1998

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Evaluation of IRS-1C satellite data for recording the landscape and its variability

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Evaluation of IgG RASTReg. FEIA for the assay of venom-specific IgG antibodies during venom immunotherapy

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Evaluation of India as a regional coconut genebank host country

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Evaluation of Indian and exotic potato cultivars for processing into French fries

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Evaluation of Indonesian sweet potato germplasm for yield, nutritional values, and resistance to foliar pathogens

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Evaluation of JERS-1 (FUYO-1) OPS and Landsat TM images for mapping of gneissic rocks in arid areas

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Evaluation of Japanese apricot as peach and nectarine rootstock

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Evaluation of Japanese quail as a model system for avian transgenesis using avian leukosis viruses

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Evaluation of Ketosan-PReg. - a dietary ingredient for the prevention of ketosis in dairy cows

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Evaluation of Lagenidium giganteum for biocontrol of Mansonia mosquitoes in Florida (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Evaluation of Lama5 as a candidate for the mouse ragged (Ra) mutation

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Evaluation of Leucadendron selections as single stem cut flowers

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Evaluation of Leucaena for growth and fodder quality

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Evaluation of Liberty-resistant rice in Arkansas

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Evaluation of Ligmed-A in the prophylaxis of diarrhoea syndrome in piglets

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Evaluation of Lincoln Index Capture-Recapture method with known population of house crickets, Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

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Evaluation of Lonicera taxa for honeysuckle aphid susceptibility, winter hardiness and use

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Evaluation of Lotus corniculatus for increasing pre-weaning growth of red and hybrid deer

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Evaluation of Lupinus albus and L. angustifolius germplasm for the resistance to anthracnose

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Evaluation of Lupinus mutabilis mutants: M3 and M5 segregation generations

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Evaluation of Lupinus mutabilis sweet cultivars under Mediterranean conditions

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Evaluation of Microban BReg. antibacterial concrete additive for use in an early wean pig nursery

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Evaluation of Micrococcus luteus as a potential biocontrol agent of brown blight disease of tea caused by Glomerella cingulata

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Evaluation of Milsana for the control of Septoria tritici in wheat

Rajni Sharma, 1999:
Evaluation of Mulberry (Morus alba) variants for fodder quality

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Evaluation of Musa germplasm for resistance to Sigatoka diseases and Fusarium wilt

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Evaluation of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae inactivated vaccine in pigs under field conditions

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Evaluation of N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) as a topical agent for preventing skin penetration by cercariae of Schistosoma mansoni

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Evaluation of N2 fixing capability of Acacia saligna under field conditions

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Evaluation of N2-fixation measured by the 15N-dilution and N-difference methods in Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian Phaseolus vulgaris L. plants inoculated with Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar

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Evaluation of N2-fixing capacities of herbaceous and shrub legumes under field condition

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Evaluation of NCSWAP model using nitrate-leaching data from soil core lysimeters

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Evaluation of NDVI for monitoring live moisture in three vegetation types of the Western U.S

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Evaluation of NemX, a New Cultivar of Cotton with High Resistance to Meloidogyne incognita

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Evaluation of North American antibody detection tests for diagnosis of brucellosis in goats

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Evaluation of OptiMALTM, a dipstick test for the diagnosis of malaria

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Evaluation of Oriental medicines using a cultured renal epithelial cell line, LLC-PK1: effects of Carthami Flos, Rhei Rhizoma and Astragali Radix

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Evaluation of Ornithogalum genebank accessions

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Evaluation of P sources in a rice-wheat cropping system in northwestern India

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Evaluation of PCR as a means of identification of Pasteurella pneumotropica

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Evaluation of PCR for detection of DNA specific for Aspergillus species in sera of patients with various forms of pulmonary aspergillosis

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Evaluation of PM10 and TSP emissions from modified 1D3D cyclones

Giraldo Fadul, M.A.; Leguizamon, J.E.; Cordoba, B.C., 1998:
Evaluation of Paecilomyces lilacinus (Thom.) Samson for the control of Meloidogyne in coffee nurseries (Coffea arabica) variety Caturra.

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Evaluation of Paecilomyces lilacinus cultured on neem cake extract for the management of root-knot nematode on egg plant

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Evaluation of Paecilomyces lilacinus for the management of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) on betelvine

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Evaluation of Paederus littorarius (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) as an egg predator of Chrysoteuchia topiaria (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Wisconsin cranberry bogs

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Evaluation of Pakistani Bacillus thuringiensis isolates against Scirpophaga incertulas and Cnaphalocrocis medinalis

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Evaluation of Pakistani sweet basil oil for commercial exploitation

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Evaluation of Papua New Guinea as a regional coconut genebank host country

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Evaluation of Paraiotonchium muscadomesticae (Nematoda: Tylenchida: Iotonchiidae), a potential biological control agent of the housefly (Diptera: Muscidae)

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Evaluation of Paulownia forest potential productivity and climatic effect

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Evaluation of Penicillium citrinum strains for their pathogenicity to ambla fruits

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Evaluation of Pinot clones with regard to agronomical and genetic aspects

Mulas, M.; Abeltino, P.; Brigaglia, N., 1998:
Evaluation of Pistacia lentiscus L. genetic resources to select ecotypes having high efficiency in the colonisation of marginal lands

Satish Lodha; Bohra, M.D.; Harsh, L.N., 1999:
Evaluation of Prosopis pods as a source of carbohydrate for enhancing the growth of soilborne fungi

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Evaluation of Pseudomonas fluorescens isolates for control of Meloidogyne incognita in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)

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Evaluation of RAPD analysis for identification of polymorphisms in canine genomic DNA

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Evaluation of RAPD technique for identification and characterization of Gliocladium virens isolates

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Evaluation of RegentReg. (Fipronil) for the control of cotton fleahoppers

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Evaluation of Romanian maize populations as sources of favourable alleles

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Evaluation of SARdw prediction from SARiw for a Typic Albaqualf acid soil

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Evaluation of SPf66 malaria vaccine efficacy in Brazil

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