Exploitation of heterosis between indica and japonica by three-line method. II. Spikelet fertility of three- parental crosses of indica (japonica) CMS line and restoring line and japonica wide compatibility variety

Wang CaiLin; Tang ShuZhu; Zhang ZhaoLan; Zou JiangShi; Tang YuGeng

Jiangsu Journal of Agricultural Sciences 13(4): 193-198


Accession: 003136248

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Spikelet fertilities of three-parental crosses of indica and japonica CMS (A) and restoring (R) lines and japonica wide compatibility varieties (WCV) were examined. Plants with normal spike fertility were observed in all crosses. By introducing the wide compatible gene into the R or A line, it was possible to use heterosis between indica and japonica with the breeding of wide compatible R line or A line. The japonica A line/indica R line hybrid was late maturing and had poor grain quality.