Feeding value of extruded hatchery waste mixture in poultry-performance of commercial broilers

Dhaliwal, A.P.S.; Shingari, B.K.; Sapra, K.L.

Pakistan Veterinary Journal 18(3): 116-119


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-8318
Accession: 003140234

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Extruded hatchery waste mixture was fed to commercial broiler chickens from 1 to 8 weeks of age, replacing fish meal at 0 (T1), 33.3 (T2), 66.6 (T3) and 100% (T4) levels in the rations, to evaluate its feeding value. 640 chickens, 1 week old, were divided into 4 groups on an equal weight and equal sex basis. Each group had 2 replicates. Body weight gains were 1443, 1383, 1410 and 1368 g in T1, T2, T3 and T4, respectively, while feed conversion ratios (FCR) were 2.62, 2.67, 2.60 and 2.67, respectively. Body weight gains and FCR showed no difference between treatments. Profits earned over the sale of 1000 broilers from each group were Rs 13286.02, 11869.55, 14379.18 and 12599.30, respectively. It is concluded that hatchery waste can replace fish meal completely in broiler rations.