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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3142

Chapter 3142 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1998:
Field efficacy evaluation of Quark (natural pyrethrum 7.5% E.C.) against aphids on tomatoes during 1997 in Greece

Singh, P.P.; Monobrullah, M.; Singh, B., 1999:
Field efficacy in some microbial pesticides against gram pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera Hubner) in chickpea

Meyer, S.L.; Johnson, G.; Dimock, M.; Fahey, J.W.; Huettel, R.N., 1997:
Field Efficacy of Verticillium lecanii, Sex Pheromone, and Pheromone Analogs as Potential Management Agents for Soybean Cyst Nematode

Yap, H.H.; Jahangir, K.; Chong, A.S.; Adanan, C.R.; Chong, N.L.; Malik, Y.A.; Rohaizat, B., 1998:
Field efficacy of a new repellent, KBR 3023, against Aedes albopictus (SKUSE) and Culex quinquefasciatus (SAY) in a tropical environment

Yap, H.H.; Chong, A.S.C.; Adanan, C.R.; Abdul Malik, Y.; Chong, N.L.; Lim, S.Y.; Rohaizat, B., 1996:
Field efficacy of a pyrethroid microemulsion (Pesguard PS 102) as ULV ground aerosols against three urban mosquito species

Adiroubane, D.; Letchoumanane, S., 1998:
Field efficacy of botanical extracts for controlling major insect pests of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Ram Ujagir; Chaudhary, P.S., 1997:
Field efficacy of certain insecticides against major insect pests of mungbean, Vigna radiata at Pantnagar, India

Caproni, L.Jr; Umehara, O.; Moro, E.; Goncalves, L.C.B., 1998:
Field efficacy of doramectin and ivermectin against natural infestation of the cattle tick Boophilus microplus

Das S.B., 1997:
Field efficacy of fungicides for the control of leaf blight disease of taro

Losson, B.J.; Mignon, B.; Bossaert, K.; Leclipteux, T.; Lonneux, J.F., 1998:
Field efficacy of injectable doramectin against Chorioptes bovis in naturally infected cattle

Patel, I.S., 1999:
Field efficacy of insecticides against cotton jassid, Amrasca biguttula biguttula Ishida

Ram Ujagir, 1999:
Field efficacy of insecticides against pod borer complex in early pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. at Pantnagar, Northern India

Paulrud, C.O.; Pedersen, R.E.; Eydal, M., 1997:
Field efficacy of ivermectin (IvomecReg.) injection on faecal strongyle egg output of Icelandic horses

Nair, K.S.S.; Biju Babjan; Sajeev, T.V.; Sudheendrakumar, V.V.; Ali, M.I.M.; Varma, R.V.; Mohanadas, K., 1996:
Field efficacy of nuclear polyhedrosis virus for protection of teak against the defoliator, Hyblaea puera Cramer (Lepidoptera : Hyblaeidae)

Manickam, K.; Rajappan, K., 1999:
Field efficacy of plant extracts and chemicals against greengram leaf curl disease

Singh, S.P., 1998:
Field efficacy of some bio-pesticides against shoot fly and stem borer in forage sorghum

Sikha Deka; Borah, B., 1998:
Field efficacy of some insecticides against cowpea aphid (Aphis craccivora Koch)

Hole, U.B.; Salunkhe, G.N., 1997:
Field efficacy of some insecticides against red scale, Aonidiella aurantii Maskell on rose

Sunitha, V.S.; Susamma Mathai; Peethambaran, C.K., 1999:
Field efficacy of the entomopathogenic fungus, Fusarium pallidoroseum (Cooke) Sacc against cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch

Howell, C.R.; DeVay, J.E.; Garber, R.H.; Weir, B.L., 1997:
Field efficacy of viridiol (-) mutants of Trichoderma virens for biocontrol of cotton seedling diseases

Hazarika, L.K.; Puzari, K.C., 1997:
Field efficacy of white muscardine fungus (Beauveria bassiana) on rice hispa (Dicladispa armigera)

Haque, M.A.; Umar, B., 1997:
Field efficiency of disc harrows in Borno State, Nigeria

Muller, W.H.; Stalpers, J.A.; Aelst, A.C. van; Krift, T.P. van der; Boekhout, T., 1998:
Field emission gun-scanning electron microscopy of septal pore caps of selected species in the Rhizoctonia s.l. complex

McCubbin, P.D.; Steenkamp, J.W., 1998:
Field establishment using rooted cuttings from Speedling trays

Basu, A.; De, B.K., 1999:
Field evaluation and economic analysis of chemicals against late blight of potato in the plains of West Bengal

Madhumita Nandi; Joshi, V.J.; Chaudhari, A.N., 1998:
Field evaluation for growth and yield parameters of banana (Musa species) derived from tissue culture and conventional planting material

Chapman, P.S.; Glassborow, S.; Lake, A.P.; Briston, P.W.; Corbett, M.E.; Felger, C.S.; Hatchett, N.J.; Hartley, M.P.; Hudson, S.J.; Mercer, A.G., 1998:
Field evaluation in Botswana of a novel diagnostic test for Taenia saginata cysticercosis

Morin, G., 1996:
Field evaluation of Abbott Labs ABG-3168 as drop control agent on apples in 1995

Mathur, N.M.; Qureshi, Q.G.; Gupta, H.C.; Srivastava, R.C., 1996:
Field evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki for the management of Helicoverpa armigera Hubner on tomato in Rajasthan

Hem Saxena; Ahmad, R., 1997:
Field evaluation of Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) infecting chickpea

Gowda, M.C.; Devaraja, K.; Viswanath, S.R., 1998:
Field evaluation of CIAE model bullock drawn seed-cum-fertilizer drill for soybean

Easwaramoorthy, S.; Srikanth, J.; Shanmugasundaram, M.; Kumar, R., 1998:
Field evaluation of Cotesia flavipes against internode borer Chilo sacchariphagus indicus of sugarcane

Moustafa, K.A.; Ghandorah, M.O.; Soliman, S.S.A., 1998:
Field evaluation of F3 and F5 families of bread wheat under heat and drought stress at central region of Saudi Arabia

Sulaiman, S.; Pawanchee, Z.A.iffin; Wahab, A.; Jamal, J.; Sohadi, A.R.him; Rahman, A.R.zak Abdul, 1997:
Field evaluation of Fipronil 3G, Fipronil 50 SC and Bacillus thuringiensis H-14 against the dengue vector Aedes albopictus in tires

Vas Dev, 1999:
Field evaluation of HRP-2 antigen detection test kit for Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Katsoyannos, B.I.; Heath, R.R.; Papadopoulos, N.T.; Epsky, N.D.; Hendrichs, J., 1999 :
Field evaluation of Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) female selective attractants for use in monitoring programs

Gorrochotegui-Escalante, N.; Fernandez-Salas, I.; Gomez-Dantes, H., 1998:
Field evaluation of Mesocyclops longisetus (Copepoda: Cyclopoidea) for the control of larval Aedes aegypti (Diptera Culicidae) in northeastern Mexico

Patil, S.K.; Pal, A.R.; Katre, R.K., 1995:
Field evaluation of P soil tests and the availability of P to wheat in a Vertisol of Chhattishgarh, M. P., India

Gowen, S.R.; Bala, G.; Madulu, J.; Mwageni, W.; Trivino, C.G., 1998:
Field evaluation of Pasteuria penetrans for the management of root-knot nematodes

Liu PeiNa; Wang XingZhen; Zhu ShengHua et al., 1999:
Field evaluation of QBC technique and AO method applied to rapid diagnosis of vivax malaria

Nkengasong, J.N.; Maurice, C.; Koblavi, S.; Kalou, M.; Bile, C.; Yavo, D.; Boateng, E.; Wiktor, S.Z.; Greenberg, A.E., 1998:
Field evaluation of a combination of monospecific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for type-specific diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and HIV-2 infections in HIV-seropositive persons in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Ben Youssef, S.; Matter, H.C.; Schumacher, C.L.; Kharmachi, H.; Jemli, J.; Mrabet, L.; Gharbi, M.; Hammami, S.; E.H.cheri, K.; Aubert, M.F.; Meslin, F.X., 1998:
Field evaluation of a dog owner, participation-based, bait delivery system for the oral immunization of dogs against rabies in Tunisia

Raoufat, M.H.; Firuzi, S., 1998:
Field evaluation of a dual bentleg plow

Rayachhetry, M.B.; Elliott, M.L.; Center, T.D.; Laroche, F., 1999:
Field evaluation of a native fungus for control of melaleuca (Melaleuca quinquenervia) in southern Florida

Bennett, K.A.; Brown, R.B., 1999:
Field evaluation of a site specific direct injection herbicide sprayer

Fulton, J.P.; Shearer, S.A.; Chabra, G.; Higgins, S.F., 1999:
Field evaluation of a spinner disc variable-rate fertilizer applicator

Shaykewich, C.F.; Ash, G.H.B.; Raddatz, R.L.; Tomasiewicz, D.J., 1998:
Field evaluation of a water use model for potatoes

Bottcher, R.W.; Keener, K.M.; Munilla, R.D.; Wicklen, G.L. van; Parbst, K.E., 1999:
Field evaluation of a wet pad scrubber for controlling dust and odor emissions

Desai, S.A., 1998:
Field evaluation of advanced sorghum hybrids against charcoalrot disease in Karnataka

Kirk, I.W.; Esquivel, J.F., 1998:
Field evaluation of aerially applied TracerTM - spray rate and droplet size

Piche, M.; Panneton, B.; Theriault, R., 1999:
Field evaluation of air-assisted spraying on broccoli and potato

Prithiviraj, B.; Singh, U.P.; Singh, K.P.; Plank Schumacher, K., 1998:
Field evaluation of ajoene, a constituent of garlic (Allium sativum) and neemazal, a product of neem (Azadirachta indica) for the control of powdery mildew (Erysiphe pisi) of pea (Pisum sativum)

Andersson, S.; da Silva, Z.; Norrgren, H.; Dias, F.; Biberfeld, G., 1997:
Field evaluation of alternative testing strategies for diagnosis and differentiation of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections in an HIV-1 and HIV-2-prevalent area

Yadav, R.S.; Sharma, V.P.; Srivastava, H.C., 1997 :
Field evaluation of an antigen detection immunochromatographic test for diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in India

Slaton, N.A.; Ntamatungiro, S.; Wilson, C.E.J.; Norman, R.J., 1998:
Field evaluation of an elemental sulfur product on rice growth

Rasoamanana, B.; Leroy, F.; Boisier, P.; Rasolomaharo, M.; Buchy, P.; Carniel, E.; Chanteau, S., 1997:
Field evaluation of an immunoglobulin G anti-F1 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for serodiagnosis of human plague in Madagascar

Webb, R.E.; Thorpe, K.W.; Podgwaite, J.D.; Reardon, R.C.; White, G.B.; Talley, S.E., 1999:
Field evaluation of an improved formulation of Gypchek (a nuclear polyhedrosis virus product) against the gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

Keener, K.M.; Bottcher, R.W.; Munilla, R.; Parbst, K.E.; Wicklen, G. van, 1999:
Field evaluation of an indoor ozonation system for odor control

Araujo, A.G. de; Figueiredo, P.R.A. de; Casao Junior, R., 1999:
Field evaluation of animal traction equipment for soil tillage in Brazil

Ziadi, N.; Simard, R.R.; Allard, G.; Lafond, J., 1999:
Field evaluation of anion exchange membranes as a N soil testing method for grasslands

Sakhawat Ali; Anwar, A.H.; Hayat, B.; Zafar Iqbal; Hayat, C.S., 1997:
Field evaluation of anthelmintic efficacy of levamisole, albendazole, ivermectin and morantel tartrate against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep

Kanakasabai, R.; Saravanan, K., 1999:
Field evaluation of anticoagulant rodenticides, bromadiolone and difethialone in sugarcane fields of Cauvery delta

Semeane, Y.; Lakew, B., 1996:
Field evaluation of barley for resistance to scald

Alazba, A.A.; Alghobari, H.M.; Alotay, A.A., 1999:
Field evaluation of below soil surface uniformity for center pivot

Fenn, P.; Barczynska, H.; Miller, P., 1999:
Field evaluation of benlate and orbit for control of latent Phomopsis infection of developing peach fruit

Prasad, M.P.; Rajendran, G.; Sabesan, S.; Kalyanasundaram, M., 1997:
Field evaluation of biodegradable controlled release formulation of fenthion against Mansonia mosquitos

Subbarayudu, B., 1997:
Field evaluation of certain synthetic pyrethroids against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) on chickpea

Sen, S.; Pathania, N.S., 1997:
Field evaluation of chrysanthemum germplasm against leaf spot fungi

Hussain, T.; Vargas, RI.; Ashraf, M., 1998:
Field evaluation of coffee liquid for the attraction of Oriental fruit fly

Burkett, D.A.; Butler, J.F.; Kline, D.L., 1998:
Field evaluation of colored light-emitting diodes as attractants for woodland mosquitoes and other diptera in north central Florida

Lothrop, B.B.; Mulla, M.S., 1998:
Field evaluation of controlled release pellet formulation of methoprene against chironomid midges in man-made lakes

Anderson, D.; Pellow, J.; Palmer, J.; Grula, J.; Cooper, H.B.; Rajasekaran, K., 1997:
Field evaluation of cotton transformed for tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides

Adebitan, S.A.; Olufajo, O.O., 1998:
Field evaluation of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) varieties for grain and fodder production and for multiple disease resistance in Nigeria

Sulaiman, S.; Pawanchee, Z.A.; Othman, H.F.; Jamal, J.; Wahab, A.; Sohadi, A.R.; Rahman, A.R.; Pandak, A., 1998:
Field evaluation of cyfluthrin and malathion 96 TG ULV spraying at high-rise flats on dengue vectors in Malaysia

Ramesh Singh; Mohit Singh; Ram Palat, 1999:
Field evaluation of different fungicides against anthracnose of soybean

Bidari, V.B.; Dayanand, D.M.; Anahosur, K.H., 1998:
Field evaluation of different fungicides in the management of powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica (lev.) Arn.) in chickpea

Kadi Kadi, H.A.; Gilstrap, F.E.; Teetes, G.L.; Youm, O.; Pendleton, B.B., 1998:
Field evaluation of fecundity, longevity, and oviposition period of millet head miner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Niger

Epsky, N.D.; Hendrichs, J.; Katsoyannos, B.I.; Vasquez, L.A.; Ros, J.P.; Zumreoglu, A.; Pereira, R.; Bakri, A.; Seewooruthun, S.I.; Heath, R.R., 1999:
Field evaluation of female-targeted trapping systems for Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) in seven countries

Porter, I.J.; Donald, E.C.; Cross, S.J., 1998:
Field evaluation of fluazinam against clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae) of cruciferous vegetable crops

Srinivas, T.; Rao, K.C.S.; Chattopadhyay, C., 1997:
Field evaluation of fungicides against blight of sunflower

Kalappanavar, I.K.; Patil, N.K., 1997:
Field evaluation of fungicides against leaf rust of wheat

Kumawat, G.L., 1997:
Field evaluation of fungicides for control of anthracnose of chilli, Capsicum annuum Linn

Rajiv Kumar; Singh, S.B., 1997:
Field evaluation of fungitoxicants for the control of leaf spot of sunflower (Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler)

Ashraf M.S.; Izadi B.; King B.A.; Neibling H., 1999:
Field evaluation of furrow irrigation performance, sediment loss, and bromide transport in a highly erosive silt loam soil

Berti, M.; Serri, H.; Wilckens, R.; Figueroa, I., 1996:
Field evaluation of grain amaranth in Chile

Bhardwaj, L.N.; Sharma, I.M.; Gupta, V.K., 1997:
Field evaluation of grape cultivars to powdery mildew under dry temperate conditions of Himachal Pradesh

Rohilla, H.R.; Harvir Singh; Batra, G.R., 1999:
Field evaluation of groundnut genotypes for resistance to thrips

Bell, C.E.; Boutwell, B.; McGiffen, M.E.J.; Ogbuchiekwe, E., 1999:
Field evaluation of herbicides for vegetables

Talbert, R.E.; Schmidt, L.A.; Wells, J.A.; Rutledge, J.S.; Parker, D.A., 1999:
Field evaluation of herbicides on small fruit, vegetable, and ornamental crops, 1997

Gowda, M.C.; Devaraja, K.; Vishwanath, S.R., 1998:
Field evaluation of improved multi-crop precision planter for soybean

Velayudham, K.; Rajendran, P.; Krishnaswamy, S., 1997:
Field evaluation of in-situ moisture conservation practice

Kadapatti, S.M.; Naik, L.K.; Patil, B.V.; Lingappa, S., 1996:
Field evaluation of insecticides against Bihar hairy caterpillar on sunflower

Baughman, G.R.; Bottcher, R.W.; Munilla, R.D.; Grimes, J.L., 1998:
Field evaluation of large paddle fans in a turkey research building

Eloubaidy, A.F.; Hussain, S.M.; Ghazali, A.H., 1997:
Field evaluation of leaching efficiency

Van Rensburg, L.; D.S.usa Correia, R.I.; Prinsloo, H.B., 1997:
Field evaluation of methods for limiting water erosion on the side slopes of tailings heaps

Szczygiel, A.; Borkowska, B., 1997:
Field evaluation of micropropagated strawberry plants as related to different rooting and nutritional methods

Shivpuri, A.; Chhipa, H.P.; Gupta, R.B.L.; Sharma, K.N., 1997:
Field evaluation of mustard genotypes against white rust, powdery mildew and stem rot

Sobhian, R.; Fornasari, L.; Rodier, J.S.; Agret, S., 1998:
Field evaluation of natural enemies of Tamarix spp. in southern France

Parihar, D.R., 1997:
Field evaluation of natural resistance of timber and fuel wood against termite attack

Emosairue, S.O.; Ubana, U.B., 1998:
Field evaluation of neem for the control of some cow-pea insect pests in south eastern Nigeria

Stone, N.K.; Roose, M.L., 1999:
Field evaluation of new asparagus varieties at the University of California, Riverside

Gururaj Katti; Sachan, J.N., 1998:
Field evaluation of newer insecticides for controlling pod fly (Melanagromyza obtusa) in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)

Velez Arango, P.E., 1996:
Field evaluation of oil formulations of the fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill

Tobar H.S.P.; Velez A.P.E.; Montoya R.E.C., 1998:
Field evaluation of one isolate of the fungus Beauveria bassiana selected by resistance to the ultraviolet light

Mehta, U.K.; Sundararaj, P., 1999:
Field evaluation of organic amendments for control of Pratylenchus zeae in sugarcane

Desai, S.A., 1998:
Field evaluation of parental lines of sorghum against charcoal rot disease

Alegbejo, M.D., 1999:
Field evaluation of pepper cultivars for resistance to pepper veinal mottle virus in Nigeria

Oosterhuis, D.M.; Steger, A., 1997:
Field evaluation of plant growth regulators for effect on the growth and yield of cotton

Oosterhuis, D.M.; Egilla, J.N.; Steger, A., 1996:
Field evaluation of plant growth regulators in 1995

Oosterhuis, D.M.; Steger, A.; McConnell, J.S., 1997:
Field evaluation of plant growth regulators in 1996

Kumar, S.; Bhatt, R.I., 1999:
Field evaluation of plant leaf extracts, oil and neem products against mango hopper (Amritodus atikinsoni Lethierry) and thrips (Scirtothrips mangiferae Hood)

Chandrasekaran, M.; Veeravel, R., 1998:
Field evaluation of plant products against chilli thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis

Lacasse, B.; Lague, C.; Khelifi, M.; Roy, P.M., 1998:
Field evaluation of pneumatic control of Colorado potato beetle

Tiwari, P.S.; Varshney, A.C.; Mehta, C.R., 1997:
Field evaluation of power tiller rotavator with seating attachment

Claverie, J.A.; Balbuena, R.H.; Terminiello, A.M.; Claverie, J.A.; Balbuena, R.H.; Terminiello, A.M., 1997:
Field evaluation of rigid and flexible scarifier shanks

Harwood, M.R.; Hacker, J.B.; Mott, J.J., 1999:
Field evaluation of seven grasses for use in the revegetation of lands disturbed by coal mining in Central Queensland

Afify, M.T.; Kushwaha, R.L.; Milne, W.G.; E.H.ddad, Z.A.; E.A.sary, M.Y., 1999:
Field evaluation of single-unit till-planting systems

Jyani, D.B.; Patel, N.C.; Patel, J.R.; Ratanpara, H.C., 1997:
Field evaluation of some brinjal varieties for resistance to insect pests and little leaf disease

Singh, K.P.; Ramesh Pal, 1997:
Field evaluation of some fungicides against loose smut of wheat in Garhwal hills

Rahman, A.U.; Shah, R.; Jamiher, B.; Shah, S.Q., 1999:
Field evaluation of some insecticides against cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae L.) on cauliflower in Peshawar, NWFP

Das, S.R.; Nivedita Nayak; Pani, B.K., 1998:
Field evaluation of some natural products and antibiotics against bacterial leaf blight of rice

Rajiv Kumar; Thrimurty, V.S.; Lakpale, N., 1997:
Field evaluation of some new fungicides against sheath blight of rice

Malik, Y.P.; Singh, S.V.; Pandey, N.D., 1996:
Field evaluation of some plant extracts and insecticides against linseed bud fly, Dasyneura lini

Perez, M.R.T. de; Valy, E.L., 1997:
Field evaluation of sorghum and sorghum: soybean mixture silage

Devaraja, K.; Gowda, M.C., 1998:
Field evaluation of sowing methods for soybean (Glycine max. L. Merrill)

Broadhurst, P.G.; Lewthwaite, S.L.; Triggs, C.M., 1997:
Field evaluation of sweet potato cultivars for resistance to Sclerotinia rot

Elbersen, H.; Ocumpaugh, W.; Hussey, M.; Sanderson, M.; Tischler, C., 1999:
Field evaluation of switchgrass seedlings divergently selected for crown node placement

Tjitra, E.; Suprianto, S.; Dyer, M.; Currie, B.J.; Anstey, N.M., 1999:
Field evaluation of the ICT malaria P.f/P.v immunochromatographic test for detection of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in patients with a presumptive clinical diagnosis of malaria in eastern Indonesia

Peters, B.C.; Fitzgerald, C.J., 1997:
Field evaluation of the effectiveness of a barrier of zeolite for the protection of timber from damage by Coptotermes acinaciformis (Isoptera: Rhinotermidae)

Peters, B.C.; Fitzgerald, J., 1997:
Field evaluation of the effectiveness of a sleeve of stainless steel mesh to protect wooden poles against subterranean termites (Isoptera)

Peters, B.C.; Fitzgerald, C.J., 1999:
Field evaluation of the effectiveness of three timber species as bait stakes and the bait toxicant hexaflumuron in eradicating Coptotermes acinaciformis (Froggatt) (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Diarra, B.; Diall, O.; Geerts, S.; Kageruka, P.; Lemmouchi, Y.; Schacht, E.; Eisler, M.C.; Holmes, P., 1998:
Field evaluation of the prophylactic effect of an isometamidium sustained-release device against trypanosomiasis in cattle

Pereverzev, D., 1997:
Field evaluation of the resistance of local maize varieties from Ukraine and neighbouring territories to the European corn borer and pathogens

Markham, J.; Scott, P.; Whithear, K., 1998:
Field evaluation of the safety and efficacy of a temperature-sensitive Mycoplasma synoviae live vaccine

Vijayakumar, C.H.M.; Ilyas Ahmed, M.; Viraktamath, B.C.; Ramesha, M.S.; Singh, S., 1998:
Field evaluation of thermosensitive genic male sterile lines

Mudge, K.W.; Lardner, J.P.; Mahoney, H.K.; Good, G.L., 1997:
Field evaluation of tissue proliferation of rhododendron

Fageria, M.S.; Dhaka, R.S.; Jat, R.G., 1998:
Field evaluation of tomato genotypes for resistance to buckeye rot and Alternaria blight

Thakur, S.S.; Chandel, K.S.; Kashyap, N.P., 1998:
Field evaluation of tomato varieties against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) in the higher hills of Himachal Pradesh

Ros, J.P.; Castillo, E.; Crespo, J.; Latorre, Y.; Martin, P.; Miranda, M.A.; Moner, P.; Sastre, C. , 1997:
Field evaluation of various synthetic attractants for the capture of females of the Mediterranean fruitfly Ceratitis capitata Wied. (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Shamila Kalia; Joshi, K.C.; Pant, N.C., 1997:
Field evaluation with three varietal products of Bacillus thuringiensis berliner for the control of the larvae of Sylepta balteata fab. on Sterculia urens roxb

Mangialardi, G.J.; Anthony, W., 1998:
Field evaluations of air and saw lint cleaning systems

Hari, P.; Makela, A.; Berninger, F.; Pohja, T., 1999:
Field evidence for the optimality hypothesis of gas exchange in plants

Borkowska Opacka, B.; Kedrak, A.; Truszczynski, M.; Rutkowska Jurga, I., 1998:
Field examination of the Boviseptivac vaccine and measurement of the IgG anti-Pasteurella multocida level by the ELISA

Cook, S.P.; Webb, R.E.; Thorpe, K.W.; Podgwaite, J.D.; White, G.B., 1997:
Field examination of the influence of azadirachtin on gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Bjerre, K.D.; Secher, B.J.M., 1998:
Field experience with site specific application of fungicides to winter wheat

Perry, C.D.; Durrence, J.S.; Vellidis, G.; Thomas, D.L.; Hill, R.W.; Kvien, C.S., 1998:
Field experiences with a prototype peanut yield monitor

Liu HongXia; Chang Qing;, 1998:
Field experiment of Anoplophora glabripennis and Melanophila decastigma control with pathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae

Franzaring, J.; Therburg, A., 1997:
Field experiment to assess the impact of elevated UV-B radiation on vegetation

Akkaya, H.; Vurusaner, C., 1997:
Field experiment to determine the efficacy of flumethrin and coumaphos against varroasis according to the state of the honeybee colonies

Coughlan, K.J.; Rose, C.W., 1997:
Field experimental results - runoff, soil loss and crop yield

Fisher, N.M., 1998:
Field experimentation for integrated cropping: the experience of the LINK IFS Project

Mew, T.W.; Chen ZhiYi; L.F.n; Yin ShangZhi; Shi Abao, 1998:
Field experiments on biocontrol using beneficial bacteria in rice

Gazek, M., 1998:
Field experiments on the protection of winter wheat against fungal diseases in the Upper Silesia region

Sigrimis, N.; Anastasiou, A.; Ferentinos, N.; Rerras, N., 1998:
Field experiments with an intelligent leaf sensor

Peters, B.C.; Fitzgerald, C.J., 1998:
Field exposure of borate-treated softwood to subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae, Mastotermitidae)

Inoue, A., 1998:
Field gluing tropical wood plywood to lumber framing

Wan Rasidah, K.; Azizol, A.K.; Cleemput, O. van; Zaharah, A.R., 1998:
Field grown Acacia mangium : how intensive is root growth?

Kim KiTaek; Kim SeongBae; K.S.nBo; Kim KwangHo; Jeong SunKyung, 1998:
Field growth and yield characteristics of potato minitubers produced hydroponically

Hussein, M.H.; Bazaraa, A.S.; Kandil, M.H.; Soliman, K.M., 1998:
Field hydraulic performance of synthetic drain envelopes in unstable soils

Ninomiya, S.; Kiura, T.; Eto, K.; Nanseki, T.; Ueda, M., 1997:
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Field salad under glass - different cultivation methods tested

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Field screening of sorghum cultivars for resistance to the Angoumois grain moth

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Field slugs and snails

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Field study of an underground counterflow heat exchanger for ventilation air

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Field study of the Mata Atlantica Forest on the island of Florianopolis: I. The Unit for Environmental Conservation, UCAD; II. Reforestation and environmental restoration with native trees of the Atlantic rain forest: a case study at Corrego Grande Ecological Park (Florianopolis, SC-Brazil)

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Field study on cablegation irrigation system

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Field study on the distribution of Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar in the northern Philippines as detected by the polymerase chain reaction

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Field test of a prototype rangeland inventory procedure in the western USA

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Field test of a simple leaching equation to predict nitrate losses in subsurface drainage water

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Field test of carbon monitoring methods for agroforestry in the Philippines

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Field test of carbon monitoring methods for home gardens in Indonesia

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Field test of carbon monitoring methods in agroforestry projects in Guatemala

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Field test of milking machines for sheep as a basis for new standards

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Field test of resistance sources against powdery mildew in wheat

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Field test of two energetic models for yellow perch

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Field test on Varroa tolerance of the 'Kirchhainer population'

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Field testing and farmer-based data collection: the basis for genetic progress in economically important traits

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Field testing of fattening ability and carcass value in breeding rams of Charollais breed with possibilities of its application in arid regions

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Field testing of transgenic potatoes for resistance to PVY

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Field tests of a soyabean root bio-protectant at 597 Farm

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Field tests of density- and frequency-dependent selection in Erigeron annuus (Compositae)

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Field tests of formulated products containing either Verticillium chlamydosporium or Arthrobotrys dactyloides for biological control of root-knot nematodes

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Field tests of phosphorus fertilization of tomato growing in high-P soils in Palm Beach County, Florida

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Field tests of the feasibility of sex pheromone plus virus dispenser technique

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Field tests on controlling pine wilt disease with the alkaloid aloperine

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Field tests on trapping efficiency of sticky traps for Blatta orientalis and Blattella germanica (Dictyoptera)

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Field tests with some protein supplements for feeding bees at Assiut Governorate

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Field tolerance levels of indica rice varieties for major diseases of Kerala

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Field transmission of grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) by the mealybug Planococcus citri

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Field trial inoculation of Fraxinus pennsylvanica with Glomus intraradices

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Field trial of alpha-cypermethrin-impregnated bed nets for malaria and mosquito control

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Field trial of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.), differing in drought tolerance, in the dry season of Sudan Savanna and dry matter production of potted plants under water-stress

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Field trial of cyfluthrin as an effective and safe insecticide for control of malaria vectors in triple insecticide resistant areas

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Field trial of homeopathic, prophylactic herd treatment in weaning pigs against enterotoxaemia caused by Escherichia coli

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Field trial of moxidectin 2% oral gel in horses naturally infected with gastrointestinal nematodes in comparison with ivermectin

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Field trial of permethrin impregnated sisal curtains in malaria control in western Kenya

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Field trial of racumin liquid against commensal rodents

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Field trial of the Midas automated stunning equipment for pigs with the Inarco system. II. Effect of preslaughter stress, and carcass quality

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Field trial of the efficacy of intramammary infusion of Benestermycin in cows at the end of lactation

Grodzki, W., 1998:
Field trial on the use of pheromone traps in the monitoring of the double-spined bark beetle Ips duplicatus C.R. Sahlb. (Col.: Scolytidae) populations

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Field trial to assess possum preference for a new pest control paste

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Field trial to test a natural resource for corn rootworm resistance

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Field trials and estimates on the influence of temperature or landfill cappings

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Field trials and experiences with mechanical weed control

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Field trials and suitability for processing of some tondino lines

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Field trials to control the snail vectors of schistosomiasis and fascioliasis by the plant Anagallis arvensis (Primulaceae)

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Field trials to determine the effectiveness of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis application using an ultra low volume generator for the control of Aedes mosquitoes

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Field trials with a tractor with mixed hydraulic and mechanical transmission

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Field trials with line altered dosages

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Field validation of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA) for the detection of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Botswana

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Field validation of a developmental model for Cydia funebrana (Treitschke) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in northern Italy

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Field validation of a water and solute transport model for the unsaturated zone

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Field validation of laboratory tests for clinical diagnosis of sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever

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Field validation of soil solute profiles in irrigated cotton

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Field validation of weed control recommendations from HERB and SWC herbicide recommendation models

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Field variations in alkane signatures among plant species in 'degraded' and perennial pastures on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales

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Field water and solute fluxes: optimizing sampling frequency and calculation procedures

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Field water balance and SWB parameter determination of six winter vegetable species

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Field weathering in soybean

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Field work simulation on labor saving culture systems in Japan

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Field-based, degree-day model for spiny bollworm Earis insulana development

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Field-level bureaucrats and the making of new moral discourses in agri-environmental controversies

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Field-of-view determination for a bindweed detection sensor

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Field-scale and laboratory study of factors affecting N SUB 2 SUB O emissions from a rye stubble field on sandy loam soil

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Field-scale metolachlor volatilization flux estimates from broadcast and banded application methods in central Iowa

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Field-scale modeling of immiscible organic chemical spills

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Field-scale nitrogen balances associated with long-term continuous corn production

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Field-simulated residual efficacy of betacyfluthrin against Anopheles sinensis Wiedemann

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Field-trials on the influence of rotation, cultivar-resistance and chemical control on the abundance of potato cyst nematodes (Globodera pallida) grown on farm-fields and the yield

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Fields of dreams: genetech goes south

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Fields of dreams: sponsorship opportunities in sport tourism

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Fields of vision

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Fields tests regulation for pesticidal transgenic plants in Mexico

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Fiery flowers of spring

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Fifteen-year provenance tests of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) in North Dakota

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Fifth World Congress on Biosensors, Berlin, Germany, 3-5 June, 1998

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Fifth international symposium on ecological aspects of mechanized fertilizer application, mechanized pesticide application and soil tillage

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Fifty years of coconut development

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Fifty years of experience with permanent sample plot data in the Baikiaea woodland of Zimbabwe

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Fifty years of fisheries research in India

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Fifty years of reservoir fisheries in Mettur Dam, India: some lessons

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Fifty years of sugarcane development in India

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Fifty-six days in the life of a Gossypium cell

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Fifty-year records of flowering dates of Prunus padus L. and Robinia pseudacacia L. in Pulawy, Poland

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Fig adaptation studies in western Turkey

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Fig genetic resources at the Fig Research Institute (Aydn/Turkey)

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Fig germplasm characterization using isozyme analysis

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Fig production and marketing policies in Turkey with special emphasis on alternative marketing possibilities

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Fig production in Latin America

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Fighting Nazis and mosquitoes: North American soldiers in northeastern Brazil (1941-1945)

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Fighting a scourge of humankind: HIV/AIDS and the World Bank

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Fighting fire with fire: a policy to improve resource management and reduce risk

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Fighting for Ireland, playing for England? The nationalist history of the Gaelic Athletic Association and the English influence on Irish sport

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Fighting for forests

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Fighting forest fires

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Fighting hunger: the role of seeds and agrochemistry

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Fighting invasive species: a case study of open sand grasslands in Hungary

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Fighting malaria in India

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Fighting malaria. A new campaign for the next millenium

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Fighting silver scurf: effective fungicide use during the storage of seed potatoes

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Fighting the large pine weevil

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Fighting weeds in mono-cultures of forage peanut (Arachis pintoi)

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Figures on revealing accountancy

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Fiji's sugar industry at the crossroads

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Filamentous viruses associated with mosaic disease of garlic in India

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Filarial antibody responses in Wuchereria bancrofti transmission area are related to parasitological but not clinical status

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Filarial dermatitis in a striped skunk

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Filarial nematode parasites secrete a homologue of the human cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor

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Filarial nematode secreted product differentially modulates expression and activation of protein kinase C isoforms in B lymphocytes

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Filariasis and its vector in Calcutta-review

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Filariasis and onchocerciasis

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Filaroides osleri in a dog

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Filiponema baviense sp. n. (Rhabditida: Drilonematoidea), a parasite of megascolecid earthworms from the Ba Vi National Park, Vietnam

Anonymous, 1998:
Fillers for yogurt and dairy desserts

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Filling and storage of large crates of potatoes

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Filling characteristics of winter wheat and effect of water and fertilizer on grain filling in sandy land

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Filling of blend pulps and improving the retention of filler by the use of CMC

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Filling the gaps in the risks vs. benefits of mammalian adult-cell cloning: taking Bernard Rollin's philosophy its next step

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Fillip to land transfers: land acquisition bill, 1998

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Film choices

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Film covers for greater harvest certainty

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Films for greenhouse covers

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Filmy preparation forms with sex pheromone of Lobesia botrana for control by means of disorientation

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Filter cake and stillage in reclamation of saline-sodic soil and growth or irrigated rice

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Filter function of beech forest stand in the Middle Slovakia

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Filter mud as a carrier for Rhizobium inoculants

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Filter paper test for the determination of acetylcholinesterase in Culex pipiens pallens

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Filter strip performance and processes for different vegetation, widths, and contaminants

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Filtering drainage in model rural on-site (constructed wetland) sewage treatment systems

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Filtration and sedimentation of sugar beet pulp-acidified water mixtures

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Filtration characteristics of maize and wheat starch hydrolysates

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Filtration of clarified cane juice using spiral polymeric membrane configuration

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Filtration performance testing of geotextiles for vacuum consolidation drains

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Filtration through hydraulic embankments made of colliery spoil: model tests

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Filtration. One filter for each application

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Fin erosion in intensively cultured walleyes and hybrid walleyes

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Final grain weight in wheat as affected by short periods of high temperature during pre- and post-anthesis under field conditions

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Final microbiological quality of meals prepared in community eating centres

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Finance and management

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Finance capital and agricultural production: seed pools in the Pampas region

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Finance for production

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Financial and economic considerations in international water management

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Financial and technical performance of lowland sheep production

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Financial aspect of inland market control in agribusiness

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Financial backing of investment targeted towards the agroindustrial complex of the Ryazan' province

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Financial cost of health care in Burkina Faso: a study of women who had a high risk delivery

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Financial dimensions influencing the performance of a RRB: principal component approach

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Financial evaluation of the farms adapting non-agricultural activities to local infrastructure

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Financial indicators of the sustainability of pastoral farms and their relationship with environmental sustainability

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Financial liberalization, bank restructuring and the implications for non-bank intermediaries in the financial markets of Africa: lessons from the Gambia

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Financial losses due to salmonellosis in dairy calves

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Financial optimization of forest property management under conditions of salvage cutting risk

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Financial performance of U.S. farm businesses, 1996: results from USDA's Agricultural Resource Management Study

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Financial performance of maple-birch stands in Wisconsin: value growth rate versus equivalent annual income

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Financial performance varies for different farms classified by farm typology

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Financial performance, risk, and specialization

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Financial position of nation's largest co-ops stronger despite lower sales

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Financial possibilities of diversification in Mexican coffee plantations

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Financial problems of agriculture

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Financial prospects, business organization, and management: farm business challenges

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Financial ratios give mixed reviews despite higher co-op revenues

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Financial report on the 1998 market for plant protection products

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Financial result of integrated vegetable farming is still very variable

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Financial returns from sheep farming systems

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Financial returns to sheep production - 1996/97

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Financial risk and the delivery of financial services to the rural sector of LDCs

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Financial stability of share-holding companies in the food industry

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Financial structure and efficiency of grain farms

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Financial support for the agrarian programme in Poland

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Financial support to agricultural enterprises

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Financial turmoil in Russia darkens meat export opportunities

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Financial viability - a long-term view

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Financial viability and profitability of cotton farms in the Texas High Plains region after the Fair Act of 1996

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Financial viability of agroforestry under participatory approach in Bangladesh: the case of Forest Department's first logged over plots of Dinajpur

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Financial woes threaten infrastructure investment in APEC region

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Financial-economic analysis of Dutch water management policy

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Financing aquaculture - problems and solutions

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Financing coffee sector

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Financing nature reserves in China: a case study

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Financing of farmer's investment in Japan and China

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Financing of nature conservation in the forest. Forest policy strategies for private forests

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Financing problems of Lithuanian forestry

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Financing small farm and business production in rural Vietnam: background conditions and forms of organization

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Financing smaller farms

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Financing the acquisition of agricultural machinery

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Financing the farm business - a personal view

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Finding RAPD markers for selfing rate estimation in lucerne single crosses

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Finding a place in the sun: where does Ruschia purpureostyla belong?

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Finding a role for zalcitabine in the HAART era

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Finding and using genetics resources

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Finding bulk markets for composted manure

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Finding health and AIDS information in the mass media: an exploratory study among Chinese college students

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Finding new things that work: the Kyrgyz Swiss Agricultural Project introduces participatory technology development

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Finding new ways of using by-products

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Finding of Stephanurus dentatus in pigs in Taiwan

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Finding of large breeding-grounds of a termite referable to the group Reticulitermes lucifugus Rossi

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Finding parts of a gravid female Wuchereria bancrofti in a breast aspirate

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Finding practical rules in sustainable economic and ecological forest management

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Finding the beekeeper in paradise

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Finding the optimal conditions for assaying the activity of glutathione-S-aromatic group transferases in Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Tetranychidae)

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Findings about sugarbeet harvests

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Findings in 21 dogs with hyperadrenocorticism. Part 1: clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment with mitotane (o,p'-DDD)

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Findings in feeding large quantities of grass silage to dairy cows

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Findings of Minnesota Science Advisors on the effects of ground current on the health and productivity of dairy cows

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Findings of andrological examinations of Bos taurus and Bos indicus bulls

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Findings of cryptosporidia and other endoparasites in heifers imported into the Czech Republic

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Findings of national family health survey: regional analysis

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Findings of the Remote Soil Temperature Network

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Findings on the quality of sewage sludge used for agricultural in Saxony (1992-1995)

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Fine art and good planning

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Fine chopping is best when straw prices are low

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Fine fescue species determination by laser flow cytometry

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Fine leaved fescues in mountain pastures of Western Alps

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