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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3146

Chapter 3146 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Forage seed production, Volume 1: Temperate species

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Forages CD-ROM companion. Volume 1: An introduction to grassland agriculture. Volume 2: The science of grassland agriculture

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Force plate analysis of dogs with bilateral hip dysplasia treated with a unilateral triple pelvic osteotomy: a long-term review of cases

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Forced displacements in the Great lakes region

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Forced-air cooling

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Forces and torsion moment applied on structures of rural electrification

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Forces underlying the emergence of privatization in parks and recreation

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Forcible entry

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Forcing early strawberry cultivars

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Forcing of statice (Limonium sinuatum Mill.) by low temperature treatment of seedlings with illumination to prevent their rot

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Forcing of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum): effect of salinity on vegetative and reproductive growth

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Forcing strategy for chicory based on root quality

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Forcing tulips in a plastic film greenhouse

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Forcing uniform budbreak in early maturing Flame seedless table grapes grown in Egypt by some budbreaking agents

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Forecast and warning of irrigation. II. Coefficients on conversion of evapotranspiration into monthly water consumption by the main vegetable species cropped in Bacau area

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Forecast for rape flea beetles 1997

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Forecast level of agricultural production intensity and perspectives for the development of farms with natural constraints in the Kurpiowska valley

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Forecast model of farmland soil moisture by artificial neural network

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Forecast of canine rabies in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, using time series analysis

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Forecast of occurrence date and population size of Zethenia rufescentaria Motsch

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Forecast of the expulsion of ascospores improves scab control

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Forecast of watering vegetable crops by using the evaporation conversion coefficient

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Forecast study on medium and long term energy demand in rural area of China

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Forecasting CPI food prices: an assessment

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Forecasting Sclerotinia stem rot in spring sown oilseed rape

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Forecasting U.S. cotton production

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Forecasting and decision analysis of agricultural investment project

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Forecasting and tourism

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Forecasting armyworms in the tropics

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Forecasting capital spending in the Swedish forest industry - a performance test of classical investment models

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Forecasting cost price of agricultural products

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Forecasting critical phenomena in soil-plant-atmosphere system with help of computer agrocenosis-productivity models

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Forecasting defoliation by spruce budworm in Quebec

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Forecasting defoliation by the jack pine budworm

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Forecasting economic variables in the agricultural sector: testing the rational expectations hypothesis on survey data

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Forecasting emergence, flight, and oviposition of Spilonota ocellana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), in British Columbia

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Forecasting for hop aphid and downy mildew in hops in the hop area of Poperinge

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Forecasting future land use for watershed assessment

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Forecasting loblolly and shortleaf pine seed crops

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Forecasting model for germination of grain seeds in cross-current drying

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Forecasting models of the epidemiology of grapevine powdery mildew. First results

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Forecasting monthly tourist departures from Australia

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Forecasting of IgG in neonates from colostrum

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Forecasting of blister blight disease and its management - recent developments

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Forecasting of flood and sediment by an improved time-variant diffusive model

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Forecasting of resistance to bacterial blight in indica hybrid rice and its parents

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Forecasting of the long-term allowable cut for the Akcasu Forestry Enterprise

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Forecasting olive crop production based on ten consecutive years of monitoring airborne pollen in Andalusia (southern Spain)

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Forecasting precipitation from atmospheric circulation and SOI

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Forecasting prices at the Dutch flower auctions

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Forecasting prices of paper products: focusing on the relation between autocorrelation structure and economic theory

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Forecasting process

Klein, F.V.; Sergeev, A.V., 1998:
Forecasting reduction of energy consumption while tilling soil performed at the stage of designing tilling machines

Clauson, A.L., 1997:
Forecasting retail food prices under current conditions

Dong JiGang, 1997:
Forecasting rice leaf age using a factor of 0.618

Yin, R., 1999:
Forecasting short-term timber prices with univariate ARIMA models

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Forecasting studies for foliar diseases of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Forecasting sugar production: role of sugar recovery

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Forecasting sugarcane productivity in Bihar: a time series approach

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Forecasting the average income of farmers based on artificial neural network

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Forecasting the epidemic of cereal rust by computer simulation

Park SeonHee; Lee JoonTaek; Chung SungOk; Kim HeeKyu, 1999:
Forecasting the pepper grey mould rot to predict the initial infection by Botrytis cinerea in greenhouse conditions

Parker, W.E., 1998:
Forecasting the timing and size of aphid populations (Myzus persicae and Macrosiphum euphorbiae) on potato

Chu FongLin, 1998:
Forecasting tourism demand in Asian-Pacific countries

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Forecasting tourism demand: an illustration using time series and Bayesian forecasting model

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Forecasting tourism: a combined approach

Chu FongLin, 1998:
Forecasting tourist arrivals: nonlinear sine wave or arima?

Nelyubova, N.N.; Perekrestova, L.V., 1998:
Forecasting transport requirements of fruit and vegetable enterprises

Jury, M.R., 1998:
Forecasting water resources in South Africa

Borsting, A., 1998:
Forecasts for grain market 1998/99

Zawadzki, J.; Jurek, A., 1998:
Forecasts methods efficiency of selected micro- and macroeconomic events with uncompleted data

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Forecasts of demand for children's milk products up to the year 2000

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Forecasts of the European pome fruit production in 1998

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Foreign DNA introduced into the vas deferens is gained by mammalian spermatozoa

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Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, calendar year 1998 supplement

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Foreign aid and agriculture-led development

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Foreign aid in Africa: learning from country experiences

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Foreign aid to India. What does it finance?

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Foreign body in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)

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Foreign cheeses communicate better

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Foreign companies and the regional public register of professional farmers

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Foreign direct investment and agricultural trade: the U.S.-Mexico experience

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Foreign direct investment and trade in the U.S. agribusiness industry: discussion

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Foreign direct investment of Japanese firms in the primary sector of Asian economies

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Foreign experience in testing farm machinery

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Foreign gene expression in the mouse testis by localized in vivo gene transfer

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Foreign gene transfer into Pinus radiata cotyledons by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Foreign import demand for cotton

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Foreign investment in the Hungarian dairy industry

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Foreign leasing in the grain sub-complex

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Foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land through December 31, 1997

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Foreign pollen tube growth in maize after chemical treatments

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Foreign portfolio investment and sustainable development: a study of the forest products sector in emerging markets

Anonymous, 1997:
Foreign rice crop situation

Burr, P.W., 1998 :
Foreign tobacco outlook

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Foreign trade business with sheep and goat products in Slovakia

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Foreign trade by the Republic of Belarus during the years 1995-1997. Statistical handbook

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Foreign trade image of Slovenian pig production

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Foreign trade in agricultural and food products of the EU

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Foreign trade in forest products in Switzerland from 1985 to 1995 - Flow of material, basic conditions, developmental tendencies

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Foreign trade of agricultural and food industry products in Hungary

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Foreign ventures in the Hungarian food economy

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Foreign-body induced thoracic actinomycosis as a differential diagnosis of mediastinal masses

Zhmaka, B.E.; Silakov, N.I., 1997:
Foreign-bred varieties in Vinnitsa province

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Forests as a place of employment, source of income and economic assets

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Forests as filters of airborne organic pollutants: a model

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Forests as human-dominated ecosystems

Anonymous, 1998:
Forests at the limit: environmental constraints on forest function

Marland, G.; Schlamadinger, B., 1997:
Forests for carbon sequestration or fossil fuel substitution? A sensitivity analysis

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Forests for the next generation

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Forests in Latvia: the challenge of developing sustainable forest management

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Forests in Spain. A contribution to the problem of afforestation

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Forests in global warming

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Forests in the Alps and their performance under the conflicting social forces of the future

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Forests in the south of Europe between social-economic expectations and protective measures: the case study of Sicily

Otto, H.J., 1998:
Forests near cities - can forestry get its message across?

Susmel, L., 1998:
Forests of Gorski Kotar yesterday and today

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Forests of Himalaya with particular reference to man and forest interactions in Central Himalaya

Chernyavsky, M.V., 1997:
Forests of Ukraine and improvements of forest management

Kuchli, C., 1997:
Forests of hope: stories of regeneration

Fabian, P.; Menzel, A., 1998:
Forests of tomorrow - from a climatological viewpoint

Harrington, Ca, 1999:
Forests planted for ecosystem restoration or conservation

Cannell, M.G.R., 1999:
Forests, Kyoto and climate

Ibo, J.; Leonard, E., 1997:
Forests, farmers and the state. Participatory forest management in the Ivory Coast: theory and practice

Barsh, R.L., 1997:
Forests, indigenous peoples, and biodiversity

Silva, E., 1999:
Forests, livelihood, and grassroots politics: Chile and Costa Rica compared

Maier, H., 1998:
Forests, mankind, cultures: history, past and present

Duinker, P.N.; Naysmith, J.K.; Crichlow, J.J., 1996:
Forests, postsecondary education, and aboriginal people: a framework for partnership and action

Bianco, J.L. de, 1998:
Forests: a golden opportunity for France

Play, F. le, 1996:
Forests: considerations on their relationships with the physical constitution of the world and with socioeconomics

Hedwig; g, 1998:
Forewing movements and intracellular motoneurone stimulation in tethered flying locusts

Perez, E.G., 1996:
Foreword towards a sustainable animal production

Tickner, A., 1998:
Forgotten fuchsias

Odenthal, J.; Nuesslein Volhard, C., 1998 :
Fork head domain genes in zebrafish

Drenou, C., 1997:
Forking stems: a pruning problem

Popov, P.P., 1997:
Form of seed scales in half-sib progeny of spruce

Fiebig, M., 1998:
Formal and informal financial services in rural finance markets

Fiebig, M., 1999:
Formal and informal financial services providers in rural financial markets

Easter, K.W.; Rosegrant, M.W.; Dinar, A., 1999:
Formal and informal markets for water: institutions, performance, and constraints

Poole, N.; Campo-Gomis, F.-Del; Julia-Igual, J.; Vidal-Gimenez, F., 1998:
Formal contracts in fresh produce markets

Trocho, C.; Pardo, R.; Rafecas, I.; Virgili, J.; Remesar, X.; Fernandez Lopez, J.A.; Alemany, M., 1998:
Formaldehyde derived from dietary aspartame binds to tissue components in vivo

Krogulecki, A.; Mosio Mesiewski, J., 1998:
Formaldehyde emission from thermally hardened coatings

Manterola, B.H.; Cerda, A.D.; Vallejo, O.; Mira, J.J.; Sirhan, A.L., 1998:
Formaldehyde protection of sunflower oilmeal protein and its effects on ruminal degradability, digestibility and nitrogen retention by the ruminant

Ortega, M.E.; Mendoza, G.; Aguirre, S.; Carranco, M.E., 1998:
Formaldehyde treatment of corn and sorghum, effect on ruminal digestibility of dry matter, starch and crude protein

Park WoongYeoul; Matsui, T.; Konishi, C.; Kim SungWon; Yano, F.; Yano, H., 1999:
Formaldehyde treatment suppresses ruminal degradation of phytate in soyabean meal and rapeseed meal

de Bruin S.; Wielemaker W.G.; Molenaar M., 1999:
Formalisation of soil-landscape knowledge through interactive hierarchical disaggregation

Darity, W.Jr, 1997:
Formally modelling a gender-segregated economy: a reply to Campbell and Warner

Campbell, D.A.; Warner, J.M., 1997:
Formally modelling a gender-segregated economy: a response to William Darity, Jr

Igarashi, M.; Kinoshita, N.; Ikeda, T.; Nakagawa, E.; Hamada, M.; Takeuchi, T., 1997:
Formamicin, a novel antifungal antibiotic produced by a strain of Saccharothrix sp. I. Taxonomy, production, isolation and biological properties

Igarashi, M.; Nakamura, H.; Naganawa, H.; Takeuchi, T., 1997:
Formamicin, a novel antifungal antibiotic produced by a strain of Saccharothrix sp. II. Structure elucidation of formamicin

Suzuki, K.; Itai, R.; Suzuki, K.; Nakanishi, H.; Nishizawa, N.K.; Yoshimura, E.; Mori, S., 1998:
Formate dehydrogenase, an enzyme of anaerobic metabolism, is induced by iron deficiency in barley roots

Asanuma, N.; Iwamoto, M.; Hino, T., 1998:
Formate metabolism by ruminal microorganisms in relation to methanogenesis

Wu, B.; White, K.A., 1998:
Formation and amplification of a novel tombusvirus defective RNA which lacks the 5' nontranslated region of the viral genome

Nussbaumer, T.; Hasler, P., 1999:
Formation and behaviour of aerosols from wood combustion

Bruand, A.; Lamotte, M.; Attou, F., 1999:
Formation and behaviour of fragipans: research on clay skeleton relations in natural or artificial samples

Violante, A.; Arienzo, M.; Sannino, F.; Colombo, C.; Piccolo, A.; Gianfreda, L., 1999:
Formation and characterization of OH-Al-humate-montmorillonite complexes

Jafarzadeh, A.A., 1996:
Formation and classification of soils with gypsum

Liu Xiang Dong, Gen; X.X.e Bin; X.S.i Xiong, 1996:
Formation and development of different types of embryo sacs in polyembryonic rice strain AP IV

Liu,; Xu,; Lu, Y.G.n, 1997:
Formation and development of embryo sac wall in rice

Agirbov, Y.I., 1997:
Formation and development of the regional fruit and vegetable sub-complex

Tarasov, N.G.; Volodin, V.M., 1997:
Formation and distribution of agricultural cooperatives' incomes

H.S.uangXi; Zhang JiaEn; M.Y.Zhen; Wang NaiAng; Zhang YuTian, 1998:
Formation and evolution of alpine soils and the glacier environment changes of central Tianshan Mountains

Bergmann, J.A.G.; Costa, M.D.; Mourao, G.B.; Neto, M.H., 1997:
Formation and genetic structure of the Brazilian Pony breed

Hajek, A.E.; Humber, R.A., 1997:
Formation and germination of Entomophaga maimaiga azygospores

Furuta, T.; Shimizu, Y.; Takahashi, I.; Mitani, H., 1999:
Formation and mineralization of murine molar roots with hypocalcaemia induced by a low-calcium diet and the changes after returning to a normal diet

Temnerud, E., 1997:
Formation and prediction of resin pockets in Picea abies (L.) Karst

Fukuda, T.; Madoka, Y.; Yasuda, S., 1997:
Formation and regulation of secondary metabolites in cell cultures of woody plants I. Accumulation of catechin related substances and browning phenomenon in ginkgo callus

Fukui, H.; Hasan, A.F.M.F.roj; Ueoka, T.; Kyo, M., 1998:
Formation and secretion of a new brown benzoquinone by hairy root cultures of Lithospermum erythrorhizon

Fukui, H.H.san, A.; Kyo, M., 1999:
Formation and secretion of a unique quinone by hairy root cultures of Lithospermum erythrorhizon

Violante, A.; Krishnamurti, G.S.R.; Huang, P.M., 1998:
Formation and stability of hydroxy aluminum-iron-montmorillonite complexes: influence of ferrous iron

Horne, Ds, 1999:
Formation and structure of acidified milk gels

Michalova, A., 1998:
Formation and study of collections of selected alternative crops

Zarzycka, H.; Sobkowiak, S., 1997:
Formation and survival of Phytophthora infestans oospores and their role as a primary infection source of the pathogen

Terashima, N., 1998:
Formation and ultrastructure of lignified plant cell walls

X.T.ngSheng; L.X.aoBing, 1997:
Formation and utilization of grasslands on northern slopes in the middle of Kunlun Mountains

Huang, P.M.; Wang, M.K., 1996:
Formation chemistry and selected surface properties of iron oxides

Xiao JianFu; Ding ShouRen, 1998:
Formation mechanism and genetical stability of Triticum durum and Aegilops ventricosa amphidiploid

Bollag, J.M.; Dec, J.; Huang, P.M., 1998:
Formation mechanisms of complex organic structures in soil habitats

Miyauchi, T.; Ozawa, S., 1998:
Formation of (+)-eudesmin in Magnolia kobus DC. var. borealis Sarg

Suzuki, Y.; Uchida, K., 1998:
Formation of 5'-O-( beta -D-glucopyranosyl) pyridoxine in soybean seedlings and suspension cells cultured in the presence of pyridoxine

Nakano, N.; Shirasaka, N.; Murakami, T.; Shimizu, S.; Yoshizumi, H., 1999:
Formation of 8,11,14-octadecatrienoic acid (18:3 n-4) from naturally occurring unique fatty acid, 9,12-hexadecadienoic acid (16:2 n-4), in animal cell cultures

Pyankov, V.I.; Artyusheva, E.G.; Edwards, G., 1999:
Formation of C4 syndrome in leaves and cotyledons of Kochia scoparia and Salsola collina (Chenopodiaceae)

Kirik, M.M.; Glushak, L.Y.; Taranukho, M.P.; Sidorenko, P.A., 1996:
Formation of a bank of virus-free stone fruit cultivars

Chirkov, E.P., 1998:
Formation of a market infrastructure on a cooperative basis

Warin, F.; Voirin, A.; Paulsson, M.; Dejmek, P., 1998:
Formation of a protein aggregate layer at a milk/acidified gel interface

Safronova, G.P., 1999:
Formation of a woody community on roadside substrate

Golez, Nelson V., 1995:
Formation of acid sulfate soil and its implications to brackishwater ponds

Kowalski, B.; Van Staden, J., 1998:
Formation of adventitious shoots directly on zygotic embryos of Podocarpus henkelii

Jackson, M.B.; Armstrong, W., 1999:
Formation of aerenchyma and the processes of plant ventilation in relation to soil flooding and submergence

Krishna, N.K.; Schneemann, A., 1999:
Formation of an RNA heterodimer upon heating of nodavirus particles

Protopopov, S.G.; Evseev, M.D., 1999:
Formation of an economic system for the individual sector in agricultural production

Zhang YunTao, 1998:
Formation of apple aroma and its contributory factors

Kavouras, L.; Mihalopoulos, N.S.ephanou, E., 1998:
Formation of atmospheric particles from organic acids produced by forests

Asai, K.; Tsuchimori, N.; Okonogi, K.; Perfect, J.R.; Gotoh, O.; Yoshida, Y., 1999:
Formation of azole-resistant Candida albicans by mutation of sterol 14-demethylase P450

Liu, C.T.; Hou, R.F.; Chen, C.C., 1998:
Formation of basement membrane-like structure terminates the cellular encapsulation of microfilariae in the haemocoel of Anopheles quadrimaculatus

Leuschner, R.; Kurihara, R.H.mmes, W., 1999:
Formation of biogenic amines by proteolytic enterococci during cheese ripening

Tevino, E.; Beil, D.; Steinhart, H., 1997:
Formation of biogenic amines during the maturity process of raw meat products, for example of cervelat sausage

Ordonez, A.I.; Ibanez, F.C.; Torre, P.; Barcina, Y., 1997:
Formation of biogenic amines in Idiazabal ewe's-milk cheese: effect of ripening, pasteurization, and starter

Vargas Parada, L.; Merchant, M.T.; Willms, K.; Laclette, J.P., 1999:
Formation of calcareous corpuscles in the lumen of excretory canals of Taenia solium cysticerci

Misharina, E.A.; Ovodova, R.G.; Bushneva, O.A.; Ovodov, Y.S., 1999:
Formation of callus of Silene vulgaris (Moench) Garcke in vitro

Onodera, S.; Saitoh, K., 1997:
Formation of chlorodibenzofurans upon thermo-chemical reactions of diphenyl ether herbicide (CNP)

Chay, C.A.; Guan, X.; Bruening, G., 1998:
Formation of circular satellite tobacco ringspot virus RNA in protoplasts transiently expressing the linear RNA

Soroker, V.F.esneau, D.H.fetz, A., 1998:
Formation of colony odor in ponerine ant Pachycondyla apicalis

Singh, A.K.; Singhal, G.S., 1999:
Formation of cross-linking between photosystem 2 proteins during irradiation of thylakoid membranes at high temperature

Nitta, Y.; Yamamoto, Y.; Nagami, T., 1998:
Formation of crown root primordia in unelongated portions of the main stem and tillers in rice plants

Sasvari, Z.; Asboth, B., 1998:
Formation of disulfide-bridged dimers during thermoinactivation of glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger

Montane, M.H.; Petzold, B.; Kloppstech, K., 1999:
Formation of early-light-inducible-protein complexes and status of xanthophyll levels under high light and cold stress in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Umata, Hidetaka, 1997:
Formation of endomycorrhizas by an achlorophyllous orchid, Erythrorchis ochobiensis, and Auricularia polytricha

Konov, A.; Bronner, R.; Skryabin, K.; Hahne, G., 1998:
Formation of epiphyllous buds in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.): induction in vitro and cellular origin

Kucherin, A.P., 1999:
Formation of expenditure and calculation of production costs of cereal crops

Tashpulatov, Z.; Baibaev, B.G.; Shul' man, T.S., 1998:
Formation of extra- and intracellular amino acids by micromycetes

Zhang, Y.L.; Evangelou, V.P., 1998:
Formation of ferric hydroxide-silica coatings on pyrite and its oxidation behavior

Oosterveld, A.; Grabber, J.H.; Beldman, G.; Ralph, J.; Voragen, A.G.J., 1997:
Formation of ferulic acid dehydrodimers through oxidative cross-linking of sugar beet pectin

Guo QuanSheng; Zeng GuangWen; Shen ZhengRong; Shen Ying, 1996:
Formation of flower-like structures from anther and inflorescence axis segments of Nicotiana tabacum L. in vitro

Brault, D.; D'aprano, G.; Lacroix, M., 1997:
Formation of free-standing sterilized edible films from irradiated caseinates

Beckmann, B.; Heitefuss, R., 1998:
Formation of gossypol and related substances in glandless cotton after inoculation with Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum

Metwalli, A.A.; Lammers, W.L.; Van Boekel, M.A., 1998:
Formation of homocitrulline during heating of milk

Villavicencio, A.L.C.H.; Mancini Filho, J.; Hartmann, M.; Ammon, J.; Delincee, H., 1997:
Formation of hydrocarbons in irradiated Brazilian beans: gas chromatographic analysis to detect radiation processing

Gaya, P.; Carrera, E.; Medina, M.; Nunez, M., 1999:
Formation of hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptides during the manufacture of ewes' milk Manchego cheese using different milk coagulants

Shamrov, I.I., 1998:
Formation of hypostase, podium and postament in the ovule of Nuphar lutea (Nymphaeaceae) and Ribes aureum (Grossulariaceae)

Shimojo, M.; Imura, Y.; Tobisa, M.; Koga, N.; Bungo, T.; Nakano, Y.; Nishihira, T.; Goto, I.; Masuda, Y., 1997:
Formation of indigestible materials and increase in dry matter indigestibility in the growth of two tropical forages

Shimojo, M.; Imura, Y.; Bungo, T.; Tobisa, M.; Koga, N.; Tao, S.; Yunus, M.; Yin, Z.; Nakano, Y.; Goto, I.; Masuda, Y., 1998:
Formation of indigestible materials from digestible materials and photosynthates in the growth of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana Kunth)

Barbehenn, R.V.; Martin, M.M., 1998:
Formation of insoluble and colloidally dispersed tannic acid complexes in the midgut fluid of Manduca sexta (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae): an explanation for the failure of tannic acid to cross the peritrophic envelopes of lepidopteran larvae

Nierobca, P., 1997:
Formation of lateral shoots of spring triticale depending on selected agrotechnical factors

Kohlmann, M.; Bachmann, A.; Weichert, H.; Kolbe, A.; Balkenhohl, T.; Wasternack, C.; Feussner, I., 1999:
Formation of lipoxygenase-pathway-derived aldehydes in barley leaves upon methyl jasmonate treatment

Zhang HuaXin; L.F.ngLan; Shen XiHuan; L.G.oFeng; Yang XiaoHong, 1997:
Formation of male and female gametophytes and development of embryo in Pinus tabulaeformis Carr

Barnett, M.O.; Harris, L.A.; Turner, R.R.; Stevenson, R.J.; Henson, T.J.; Melton, R.C.; Hoffman, D.P., 1997:
Formation of mercuric sulfide in soil

Turker, M.S.; Bestor, T.H., 1997:
Formation of methylation patterns in the mammalian genome

Pan KaiYu; Wen Jie; Luo YiBo; Zhou ShiLiang, 1999:
Formation of microspores, development of male gametes in Paeonia jishanensis and analysis of the factors of endangerment of this entity

Tanaka, H.; Fukuda, N.; Shoyama, Y., 1999:
Formation of monoclonal antibody against a major ginseng component, ginsenoside Rb1 and its characterization

Pais, P.; Salmon, C.P.; Knize, M.G.; Felton, J.S., 1999:
Formation of mutagenic/carcinogenic heterocyclic amines in dry-heated model systems, meats, and meat drippings

Abd Alla, E.A.M.; Sahab, A.F.; Aly, S.E., 1997:
Formation of mycotoxins by toxigenic fungi isolated from green coffee bean in Egypt

Rubtsov, M.V.; Glazunov, Y.B.; L' vov, Y.G., 1999:
Formation of natural spruce forests under the canopy of pine plantations on clay-loam soils

Zhuang Hong; Chan, C.K.; Fang Ming; Wexler, A.S., 1999:
Formation of nitrate and non-sea-salt sulfate on coarse particles

Nikitishen, V.I.; Dmitrakova, L.K.; Zaborin, A.V.; Lichko, V.I., 1999:
Formation of nitrate maximum with long-term nitrogen fertilizer application

Raikova, L.L.; Petkov, P.V., 1996:
Formation of nitrate pool in spinach grown on different soils (with 15N)

Baghdikian, B.; Guiraud-Dauriac, H.; Ollivier, E.; N'Guyen, A.; Dumenil, G.; Balansard, G., 1999:
Formation of nitrogen-containing metabolites from the main iridoids of Harpagophytum procumbens and H. zeyheri by human intestinal bacteria

Hanson, K.; Shattock, R.C., 1998:
Formation of oospores of Phytophthora infestans in cultivars of potato with different levels of race-nonspecific resistance

Hwang, S.H.nsen, C., 1998:
Formation of organic acids and ammonia during acidogenesis of trout-processing wastewater

Liu QinQin; Oelke, E.A.; Porter, R.A.; Reuter, R., 1998:
Formation of panicles and hermaphroditic florets in wild-rice

Saniewski, M.; Mynett, K.; Puchalski, J., 1997:
Formation of parrot-like flowers after treatment of non-parrot tulip bulbs with benzyladenine before flower bud development

Chang, W.T.; Lee, S.S.eng; Chueh,; Liu, K.C.S., 1998:
Formation of pavine alkaloids by callus culture of Cryptocarya chinensis

Nichols, J.; Zevnik, B.; Anastassiadis, K.; Niwa, H.; Klewe Nebenius, D.; Chambers, I.; Scholer, H.; Smith, A., 1998:
Formation of pluripotent stem cells in the mammalian embryo depends on the POU transcription factor Oct4

Vyhnanek, T.; Ohnoutkova, L.; Bednar, J., 1998:
Formation of pollen embryos and green plants in anther cultures of selected genotypes in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Chen SanDuo; Cheng YaFen, 1997:
Formation of polymorphic mononuclear cells in pig's lung after Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae inoculation

Amrir, A.; Fawaz, K.M.; Kaloosh, A.A., 1997:
Formation of polyphenols by soil fungi from different organic materials

Galova, Z.; Smolkova, H.; Michalik, I., 1999:
Formation of protein complex during grain wheat maturation

Camyon, S.; Gerhardson, B., 1997:
Formation of pseudosclerotia and bacteria-induced chlamydospores in Phoma foveata

Kwiatkowska, D., 1999:
Formation of pseudowhorls in Peperomia verticillata (L.) A. Dietr. shoots exhibiting various phyllotactic patterns

Lacko Bartosova, M.; Antala, M., 1998:
Formation of quantitative characters of Triticum spelta (L.) cultivars in the conditions of south Slovakia

Matsuoka, H.; Toda, Y.; Yoneyama, K.; Uda, Y., 1998:
Formation of raphanusanins depends on extraction procedure and solvent

Nose, M.; Koide, T.; Morikawa, K.; Inoue, M.; Ogihara, Y.; Yabu, Y.; Ohta, N., 1998:
Formation of reactive oxygen intermediates might be involved in the trypanocidal activity of gallic acid

Kaiser, K.; Guggenberger, G.; Zech, W., 1998:
Formation of refractory soil organic matter by sorption

Smirnov, K.A., 1998:
Formation of regeneration and underwood in a spruce forest affected by elk

Kapsa, J., 1998:
Formation of root system and nodulation process in pea (Pisum sativum L.) treated with fungicides and antibiotics

Skupchenko, V.B.; Ladanova, N.V.; Tuzhilkina, V.V., 1997:
Formation of shoots and their functional organization in the crown of Picea obovata

Lin HsuehShih; Jeu, M.J. de; Jacobsen, E., 1998:
Formation of shoots from leaf axils of Alstroemeria: the effect of the position on the stem

O.Z.Qing; Jia LiangQing; Jin HaiYan; Yediler, A.; Xia Jiang; Kettrup, A.; Sun TieHeng, 1999:
Formation of soil macropores and preferential migration of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) in soils

Dobretsova, T.N.; Samolkina, L.N., 1998:
Formation of spatial structure in a cenopopulation of drug fumitory in a culture of vetch and oat

Zajac, T.; Witkowicz, R., 1997:
Formation of spring barley yield losses caused by delayed harvesting under different conditions of cultivation and habitat

Boichuk, Y.D.; Zlotin, A.Z., 1999:
Formation of starter cultures of Lymantria dispar for laboratory rearing

Mezgheni, E.; D.A.rano, G.; Lacroix, M., 1998:
Formation of sterilized edible films based on caseinates: effects of calcium and plasticizers

Kojima, A.; Sonoda, T.; Yoshinaga, M.; Nakatani, M., 1997:
Formation of storage roots in diploid lines of Ipomoea trifida

Anonymous, 1996:
Formation of strings in pods. The role of heat stress

Katoh, N.; Iwai, S., 1998:
Formation of style- and stigma-like structures by ovule culture in tobacco

Zhou HanLiang; Wang YuZhen; Zhen YingXiao; Ding XiuLan; Ning WenShu; Zheng XiuLing, 1998:
Formation of superior rice tillering positions and its utilization for high yield

Rybakova, N.A.; Lesnikova, L.V.; Limin, B.V.; Petrova, T.A.; Zaika, S.Y., 1998:
Formation of synanthropic foci of trichinelliasis in the Vologodsk region

Minakov, I.A.; Sabetova, L.A., 1996:
Formation of the agricultural labour market

Wong, E.; Zhang,, Q.K.wai, S., 1999:
Formation of the density profile and its effects on the properties of particleboard

Menjo, A.; Hasegawa, K., 1998:
Formation of the fisheries in the far east USSR and the fisheries relationship between Japan and the USSR in the NEP period

Zara, F.J.; Caetano, F.H., 1998:
Formation of the peritrophic membrane in larvae of Ectatomma edentatum (Roger, 1863) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Ljubicic, J.M.raja; Wrischer, M.; Ljubesic, N., 1998:
Formation of the photosynthetic apparatus in plastids during greening of potato microtubers

Wang Zhong; G.Y.nJie; L.W.iFang; Huang Shan; L.K.Wu, 1998:
Formation of the rice aleurone layer and changes to it occurring during germination

Karpechko, Y.V.; Bondarik, N.L.; Krivonogov, M.N., 1999:
Formation of the snow cover on forest catchments in Karelia

Gajster, M.; Salobir, K.; Cepin, S.; Kastelic, I., 1997:
Formation of trade mark for calves fattened to higher slaughtering weight

Callaway, J.C., 1998:
Formation of trans-fatty acids in heated hempseed oil: a rebuttal

Vanek, G., 1998:
Formation of tumours - diagnosis of their origin

Mizuguchi, S.; Ohkawa, M.; Ohshiro, T., 1998:
Formation of vascular bundles in bulblets regenerated from scale of Lilium japonicum Thunb. in vitro

Jeong G.Young, 1998:
Formation of vermicular kaolinite from halloysite aggregates in the weathering of plagioclase

Jiang GuanHuo, 1999:
Formation of village's debts and ways for reducing them

Kibenge, F.S.; Qian, B.; Nagy, E.; Cleghorn, J.R.; Wadowska, D., 1999:
Formation of virus-like particles when the polyprotein gene (segment A) of infectious bursal disease virus is expressed in insect cells

Grundler, F.M.W.; Sobczak, M.; Golinowski, W., 1998:
Formation of wall openings in root cells of Arabidopsis thaliana following infection by the plant-parasitic nematode Heterodera schachtii

Zhang MingKui; H.Z.enLi; Chen GuoChao; Huang ChangYong, 1997:
Formation of water-stable aggregates in red soil as affected by land use

Mleko, S.; Foegeding, E.A., 1999:
Formation of whey protein polymers: effects of a two-step heating process on rheological properties

Peshkova, A.A.; Dorofeev, N.V., 1998:
Formation of winter hardiness of winter wheat in relation to conditions of vegetation and the level of mineral nutrition

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