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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3149

Chapter 3149 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Arafa, M.K.M.; Hassan, M.H.A.; Ismail, A.I., 1996:
Fungi of stored soybean seeds in relation to seed and their role in seed deterioration

Yasnosh, V.A.; Tabatadze, E.S., 1997:
Fungi of the genus Aschersonia (Deuteromycetes) - a new entomopathogen of armoured scale insect in the Republic of Georgia

Starzycki, M.; Starzycka, E.; Matuszczak, M., 1997:
Fungi of the genus Trichoderma spp. and their protective ability against the pathogens Phoma lingam (Tode ex Fr.) Desm. and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary

Kohlmeyer, J.; Baral, H.O.; Volkmann Kohlmeyer, B., 1998:
Fungi on Juncus roemerianus. 10. A new Orbilia with ingoldian anamorph

Kohlmeyer, J.; Volkmann Kohlmeyer, B.; Eriksson, O.E., 1998:
Fungi on Juncus roemerianus. 11. More new ascomycetes

Kohlmeyer, J.; Volkmann Kohlmeyer, B., 1999:
Fungi on Juncus roemerianus. 13. Hyphopolynema r sp. nov

Prochazkova, Z.; Sikorova, A., 1997:
Fungi on beechnuts imported into the Czech Republic between 1994 and 1996

Mckenzie, E.H.C.; Buchanan, P.K.; Johnston, P.R., 1999:
Fungi on pohutukawa and other Metrosideros species in New Zealand

Kwasna, H., 1997:
Fungi on the surface of roots of Scots pine and its stumps and their effect on Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. and Armillaria ostoyae (Romagn.) Herink growth

Viaene, N.M.; Abawi, G.S., 1998:
Fungi Parasitic on Juveniles and Egg Masses of Meloidogyne hapla in Organic Soils from New York

Perez, W., 1999:
Fungi present on sexual seeds of maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.)

Javed, M.S.; Sheikh, A.W.; Idrees, M.; Saleem, A., 1997:
Fungi recorded from the onion seeds and control of Fusarium solani by chemicals

Uma Singh; Thapliyal, P.N., 1999:
Fungi responsible for seedling emergence problem in different soybean cultivars in Tarai region

Madej, T., 1997:
Fungi subsequently developing on potato leaves

Kalita, M.C., 1997:
Fungi toxic effect of Dithane M-45 on growth, chlorophyll metabolism and nitrogen fixation of Azolla-Anabaena symbionts

Takenaka, H.; Ichinari, M.; Tanimoto, N.; Hayase, Y.; Niikawa, M.; Ichiba, T.; Masuko, M.; Hayashi, Y.; Takeda, R., 1998:
Fungicidal activities of 2-(substituted phenoxymethyl)phenyl-2-methoxyiminoacetamide derivatives

Volf, O.; Steinhauer, B., 1997:
Fungicidal activity of neemleaf extracts

Raja, J.; Kurucheve, V., 1999:
Fungicidal activity of plant and animal products

Srivastava, M.K.; Bharti Mishra; Nizamuddin, 1999:
Fungicidal activity of the mannich bases of 7-hydroxy-4-methyl and 4, 6, 7-trimethyl coumarins

Girija Ganeshan, 1997:
Fungicidal control of Sclerotium basal rot of cluster bean cv. Pusa Naubahar

Baruah, P.; Bhuyan, P.D.; Sarma, P.C.; Bhattacharyya, T.K., 1997:
Fungicidal control of penicillium rot of steroidal Dioscorea floribunda Mart & Gal

Gupta, P.P.; Arora, R.N., 1998:
Fungicidal control of root rot and crown rot of Egyption clover (Trifolium alexandrinum L.)

Medvedeff, M.G.; Lloret, M.A.; Vedoya, M.C.; Zanek, M.; Reca, M.; Herszage, L., 1998:
Fungicidal effect of supersaturated sugar, eugenol and polyethylene glycol 400 solution on Candida albicans

Sotohy, S.A.; Mohamed, A.A., 1999:
Fungicidal effect of the common disinfectants on the most widely spread dermatophytes with references to their differential resistance in-vitro study. (With 6 tables)

Kim HeungTae; Jang KyoungSoo; Seo YoungSik; Min JiYoung; Hong KyeungSik; Cho KwangYun, 1998:
Fungicidal effects of herbicides on several plant diseases and controlling effect of piperophos on rice blast caused by Pyricularia grisea

Shahid Ahamad; Udit Narain, 1998:
Fungicidal management of Alternaria leaf spot of bittergourd

Ashok Bhattacharyya; Saikia, U.N., 1996:
Fungicidal management of leaf blight of colocasia

Chauvel, G.; Jumeau, N.; Garcon, P., 1998 :
Fungicidal oils: contribution to the study on their utilization

Ali, S.A.; Pathak, R.K.; Saraf, R.K., 1998:
Fungicidal seed treatment in coriander

Singh, Dhanbhir, 1996:
Fungicidal spray schedule for economical management of potato late blight in north-western hills of India

Kapoor, A.S.; Thakur, B.R., 1997:
Fungicidal spray schedule for the economical management of pea powdery mildew

Ayub, A.; Rahman, M.Z.; Ali, S.; Khatun, A., 1996:
Fungicidal spray to control leaf rust of lentil

Northover, J.; Cerkauskas, R.F., 1998:
Fungicidal suppression of symptomless latent infections of Monilinia fructicola in European plums

Geary, B.; Johnson, D.A.; Hamm, P.B.; Cummings, T.F., 1999:
Fungicide application for late blight management: a boom attached to a center pivot irrigation system

Pinto, N.F.J. de A.; Costa, E.F. da, 1999:
Fungicide applications by overhead sprinkler irrigation for the control of blast disease of rice (Pyricularia oryzae)

Christie, G.; Christov, V.; Corrigan, P.; Goubran, F.; Holmes, R.; Lyon, T.; Pohlmer, D.; Smart, P., 1997:
Fungicide boxes for storage of grapes

Platt, H.W.; Reddin, R., 1997:
Fungicide efficacies for control of early and late blight of potatoes in 1995

Platt, H.W.; Reddin, R.; Jenkins, S. , 1998:
Fungicide efficacies for control of late blight of potatoes in 1996

Platt, H.W.; Arsenault, W.; MacKenzie, G.; Jenkins, S., 1999:
Fungicide efficacies for control of late blight of potatoes in 1997

Galli, M.A.; Azevedo, L.A.S. de; Fuzaro, J.B., 1997:
Fungicide efficiency for early blight (Phytophthora infestans) on potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Morgan, L.W.; Bateman, G.L.; Edwards, S.G.; Marshall, J.; Nicholson, P.; Nuttall, M.; Parry, D.W.; Scrancher, M.; Turner, A.S., 1998:
Fungicide evaluation and risk assessment of wheat stem-base diseases using PCR

Ko, Y.; Sun, S.K.; Pan, C.M., 1998:
Fungicide evaluation and timing for control of peach leaf curl disease

Moraes, D.R.; Homechin, M.; Bueno, J.T.; Becker, C.A.V., 1998:
Fungicide evaluation for simultaneous control of rust (Hemileia vastatrix) and Cercospora (Cercospora coffeicola) on coffee tree

Pinto, N.F.J. de A., 1999:
Fungicide evaluation for the control of Sphacelia sorghi (Claviceps africana) the aetiological agent of the ergot or sugary disease in sorghum

Menten, J.O.M.; Hassuike, J.T.; Galli, M.A., 1997:
Fungicide evaluation for the control of mofo cinzento (Botrytis cinerea) on grapes

Menten, J.O.M.; Hassuike, J.T.; Galli, M.A., 1997:
Fungicide evaluation to control black spot (Diplocarpon rosae) on rose

Manoj Barthakur; Balamani Bezbaruah, 1997:
Fungicide from a Proteus strain RRLJ B70 isolated from tea plantations

Pradhanang, P.M.; Ghimire, S.R., 1996:
Fungicide management of maize head smut (Sphacelotheca reiliana) by seed treatment

Meeus, P.; Bodson, B., 1997:
Fungicide protection of winter wheat in Belgium: incidence of strobilurins and their function at the stages of application

Katerova, L.; Todorova, M.; Hajgarov, V., 1998:
Fungicide residues in grapes and wine

Tanacs, L.; Szabo, G.; Csatlos, I.; Danko, S., 1997:
Fungicide residues in winter wheat varieties

Koh YoungJin; Lee JaeGoon; Seo JeongKyu; Moon DooKhil; Han HaeRyong, 1998:
Fungicide resistance and genetic diversity of Botrytis cinerea of citrus

Kunz, S., 1998:
Fungicide resistance complicates modern scab control

Russell, P., 1999:
Fungicide resistance management: into the next millennium

McGrath, M.T., 1998:
Fungicide resistance management: progress, limitations, and lessons

Pinto, N.F.J. de A., 1998:
Fungicide selection for maize (Zea mays L.) seed treatment

Limpert, E., 1999:
Fungicide sensitivity - towards improved understanding of genetic variability

Schoene, P.; Lennartz, B.; Oerke, E.C., 1999:
Fungicide sensitivity of fungi used for biocontrol of perthotrophic pathogens

Yamaguchi, K.I.hi; Fukui, K.; Takahashi, M., 1998:
Fungicide sensitivity of non-pathogenic Fusarium isolate MT0062, a potential biocontrol agent, and induction of benomyl-resistant mutants

Brazauskiene, I., 1995:
Fungicide testing in red clover stands against clover rot (Sclerotinia trifoliorum)

Dabkevicius, Z., 1995:
Fungicide tests in the stands of cocksfoot for seed

Dabkevicius, Z., 1995:
Fungicide tests in the stands of common timothy for seed

Fontanet, X.; Estaun, V.; Camprubi, A.; Calvet, C., 1998:
Fungicides added to potting substrate affect mycorrhizal symbiosis between a peach-almond rootstock and Glomus sp

Nugumanov, A.K.; Gainullin, S.A.; Bareev, R.A.; Amirkhanov, D.V., 1998:
Fungicides against leaf diseases of spring wheat

Stuogiene, L., 1997:
Fungicides against potato Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) De Bary

Nielsen, B.J.; Jorgensen, L.N.; Rasmussen, A.N.; Hansen, L.M., 1997:
Fungicides and insecticides approved in 1996 for agricultural purposes and fruit growing

Jensen, K.F.; Jorgensen, L.N.; Nielsen, B.J.; Paaske, K.; Rasmussen, A.N.; Hansen, L.M., 1998:
Fungicides and insecticides approved in 1997 for agricultural purposes and fruit growing

Pinto, N.F.J. de A.; Costa, E.F. da, 1999:
Fungicides applications through overhead sprinkler irrigation for control of bean rust

Wilcoxson, Roy D., 1996:
Fungicides for control of Fusarium head blight

Bielenin, A., 1998:
Fungicides for control of diseases in horticultural crops

Desai, S.A.; Jamadar, M.M., 1997:
Fungicides for the control of fig rust under field conditions

Panigrahi, S.; Mohapatro, P.C.; Padhy, B.N., 1998:
Fungicides impair formation and germination of akinetes of the cyanobacterium Cylindrospermum sp

Kakalikova, L', 1998:
Fungicides of the third generation in grape protection from fungal diseases

Jensen, K.F.; Jorgensen, L.N.; Nielsen, B.J.; Paaske, K.; Rasmussen, A.N.; Hansen, L.M.; Jensen, P.E.; Christensen, J.; Kristensen, K.J., 1999:
Fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators approved in 1998 for agricultural purposes and fruit growing

Krasutsky, B.V., 1997:
Fungicolous Coleoptera inhabiting main wood-destroying fungi in the middle taiga subzone of western Siberia

Zaikina, N.A.; Arutjunian, A.V.; Solovsky, M.V., 1998:
Fungistatic action of thiuram iodide and its polymeric salt derivatives

Trojanowska, K.; Stachowiak, B.; Muzquiz, M.; Burbano, C.; Gulewicz, K., 1998:
Fungistatic activity of bacteria isolated from composts of bitter lupin straw

Guiraud, P.; Benoit Guyod, J.L.; Steiman, R.; Tran, Q.K., 1997:
Fungistatic and fungicidal action of six biocides applied to contaminated archaeological wood

Amadioha, A.C.; Obi, V.I., 1998:
Fungitoxic activity of extracts from Azadirachta indica and Xylopia aethiopica on Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in cowpea

Achala Srivastava; Srivastava, M., 1998:
Fungitoxic effect of some medicinal plants (on some fruit pathogens)

Osai, E.O.; Ikotun, T., 1996:
Fungitoxic effects of plantain ash on rot development in yam minisetts and cassava ministems

Khan, N.A.roz; Misra, N., 1998:
Fungitoxic properties of organic acids against a few dermatophytes

Shivpuri, A.; Sharma, O.P.; Jhamaria, S.L., 1997:
Fungitoxic properties of plant extracts against pathogenic fungi

Yossry, A.A.; E.A.l, S.M.A.; E.I.ery, S.M., 1998:
Fungitoxic properties of some plant extracts against growth of soil borne disease fungi

Singh, S.P.; Rao, G.P.; Upadhyaya, P.P., 1998:
Fungitoxicity of essential oils of some aromatic plants against sugarcane pathogens

Sengupta, S.K.; Pandey, O.P.; Rao, G.P.; Shahi, S.P.; Jaiswal, A.K., 1998:
Fungitoxicity of newly synthesized organophosphorus derivatives containing alkyl xanthates

Kurucheve, V.; Padmavathi, R., 1997:
Fungitoxicity of selected plant products against Pythium aphanidermatum

Bhonde, S.B.; Deshpande, S.G.; Sharma, R.N., 1998:
Fungitoxicity of some insecticides

Daya Ram, 1997:
Fungitoxicity of some plants extract against Alternaria brassicae

Manrao, M.R.; Sharma, R.C.; Kalsi, P.S., 1997:
Fungitoxicity of synthesized 4-thiazolidinones

Khan, M.H.; Alauddin, S.; Nizamuddin, 1998:
Fungitoxicity of the Mannich bases of 7-hydroxy-4-methyl coumarins

Ramesh Tiwari, 1997:
Fungitoxicity of volatile constituents of some higher plants against predominant storage fungi

Srivastava, S.; Walia, D.S., 1996:
Fungitoxicity test of certain essential oils against storage fungi

Reinhardt, D.; Zappel, H.; Singer, S.; Harms, K., 1997:
Fungus balls as a cause of upper urinary tract obstruction in a newborn. Case report with literature review

Yao Tuo; Yang JunXiu; Jing Yao, 1997:
Fungus disease flora of larch plantations in the Qinling mountains

Khan, A.U., 1996:
Fungus flora isolated from the seeds of certain leguminous trees growing in Guinea Savanna Zone, northern Nigeria

Evans, M.R.; Smith, J.N.; Cloyd, R.A., 1998:
Fungus gnat population development in coconut coir and Sphagnum peat-based substrates

Hedmark, K., 1998:
Fungus gnats-new species to Sweden and Finland (Diptera: Mycetophilidae s. lat.)

Alonso, O.; Delgado, A., 1998:
Fungus microflora detected in seeds from Panicum maximum cv. Likoni

Money, N.P., 1999:
Fungus punches its way in

Sverdrup Thygeson, A.; Midtgaard, F., 1998:
Fungus-infected trees as islands in boreal forest: spatial distribution of the fungivorous beetle Bolitophagus reticulatus (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

Smoot, L.M.; Bell, E.C.; Crosa, J.H.; Actis, L.A., 1999:
Fur and iron transport proteins in the Brazilian purpuric fever clone of Haemophilus influenzae biogroup aegyptius

Riad, S.A.; Abderrassoul, H.A.; Sabrah, N.S., 1997:
Furadan and glyphosate pesticides effects on gene expression in rabbits

Ullah, H.; Khan, M.Z.; Muhammad, G.; Noorani, S.A., 1998:
Furazolidone toxicosis in female Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica): pathomorphological changes in reproductive tract and reversibility of the induced changes

Andrabi, S.M.; Ahmad, M.M.; Shahab, M., 1998:
Furazolidone treatment suppresses pubertal testosterone secretion in male broiler breeder birds (Gallus domesticus)

Anonymous, 1998:
Furbearer production in Russia

Paul, S.; Bai, G.K.; Natarajan, V., 1999 :
Furcraea leaf fibre

Misra, J.K.; White, M.M.; Lichtwardt, R.W., 1999:
Furculomyces septentrionalis reveals an unexpected distribution for this genus of Harpellales

A.Showiman, S.S., 1999:
Furfural from desert plants of Saudi Arabia

A.Showiman, S.S., 1998:
Furfural from some decorative plants grown in Saudi Arabia

Kim, M.G.; Wasson, L.; Burris, M.; W.Y.Min; Watt, C.; Strickland, R.C., 1998:
Furfuryl alcohol emulsion resins as co-binders for urea-formaldehyde resin-bonded particleboards

Hrcek, L., 1997:
Furlanski Tokaj (Tocai Friulano) will in future be Sauvignonasse?

Aniskin, V.I.; Golubkovich, A.V.; Petrov, E.V.; Sotnikov, V.I., 1999:
Furnaces using plant residues; Wang SongYong, 1997:
Furniture and environment

Kakaras, J., 1999:
Furniture and wood construction industries in Larisa area. Existing situation and perspectives

Barbagallo, R.N.; Lupo, M.; Tomaselli, F., 1998:
Furosine as a marker of heat damage in Mozzarella cheese from Sicily

Ozawa, K.; Okada, M., 1998:
Furrow bottom seeding to control local soil environment without energy use

Bjorneberg, D.L.; Westerman, D.T.; Aase, J.K.; Robbins, C.W., 1999:
Furrow erosion from manure and whey amended topsoil and subsoil

Ito, H.; Wallender, W.W.; Raghuwanshi, N.S., 1998:
Furrow irrigation optimization with complete and partial information

Oliveira, V. de P.S. de; Bernardo, S., 1997:
Furrow irrigation system evaluation on Fazenda do Alto, Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ

Boujelben, A.; Grini, N., 1997:
Furrow irrigation: use of paired furrows for better water economy

Lancas, F.M.; Vilegas, J.H.Y.; Vasconcelos, E.C.; Celeghini, R.M.S., 1997:
Further applications of home made SFE systems. I. Brazilian medicinal plants

Wolff, P.; Troncone, L.R.; Lebrun, I.; Magnoli, F.; Raw, I.; Ho, P.L., 1997:
Further biochemical and pharmacological characterization of PF-3, a neurotoxic peptide from the armed spider, Phoneutria nigriventer

Lu, L.Min; Shisa, H.; Hiai, H., 1998:
Further characterization of LEXF RI strains of rat

Jeurissen, S.H.; Wagenaar, F.; Janse, E.M., 1999:
Further characterization of M cells in gut-associated lymphoid tissues of the chicken

Komath, S.S.; Swamy, M.J., 1998:
Further characterization of the saccharide specificity of snake gourd (Trichosanthes anguina) seed lectin

Zivotofsky, A.Z., 1996:
Further clarification on kosher insects

Michell, A.J.; Schimleck, L.R., 1998:
Further classification of eucalypt pulpwoods using principal component analysis of near-infrared spectra

Lombardero, M.J., 1998:
Further contributions regarding the Iberian species of genus Pityogenes Bedel, 1888 (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Puizina, J.; Papes, D., 1997:
Further cytogenetic analyses of the Croatian triploid shallot Ljutika (Allium cepa var. viviparum, Alliaceae) and its comparison with the Indian triploid Pran

Triolo, E.; Toni, S.; Osti, M.; Materazzi, A., 1998:
Further data about necrotic events of viral aetiology on 'Bright' tobacco in the province of Verona (Italy)

Horn, G.W.; Paisley, S.I.; Lunsford, C., 1997:
Further development of a monensin-containing, self-limited energy supplement for wheat pasture stocker cattle

Yokoyama, N.; Fujita, K.; Damiani, A.; Sato, E.; Kurosawa, K.; Miyazawa, T.; Ishiguro, S.; Mochizuki, M.; Maeda, K.; Mikami, T., 1998:
Further development of a recombinant feline herpesvirus type 1 vector expressing feline calicivirus immunogenic antigen

Sourell, H., 1999:
Further developments in irrigation techniques

Muller, C.; Laroppe, E.; Bonnet Masimbert, M., 1999:
Further developments in the redrying and storage of prechilled beechnuts (Fagus sylvatica L.): effect of seed moisture content and prechilling duration

Liu ShiMin; H.W.iShan; Xue ShuMin; L.Y.n, 1996:
Further evaluation of high protein and high oil content in some corn germplasm resources

Kutlu, E.; Aksoy, U., 1998:
Further evaluation of selected Sarilop (Calimyrna) clones

Gecheff, K., 1997:
Further evidence for position-specific effects in the action of chemical mutagens in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Brown, D.R.; Lackovich, J.K.; Klein, P.A., 1999:
Further evidence for the absence of papillomaviruses from sea turtle fibropapillomas

Marco, S. di; Mazzullo, A.; Calzarano, F., 1998:
Further evidence for the activity of fosetyl Al (AlietteReg. Ca) and phosphorous acid on fungi involved in Esca disease

Oh, H.K.u; Motoyama, N., 1996:
Further evidence for the presence of a synthetic insecticide in so-called natural-plant extract-formulations

Breek, C.K.; Speijer, D.; Dekker, H.; Muijsers, A.O.; Benne, R., 1997:
Further evidence for the presence of mitochondrially encoded subunits in cytochrome c oxidase of the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata

Colihueque, N.; Iturra, P.; Diaz, N.F.; Veloso, A., 1996:
Further evidence of chromosome abnormalities in normal and haploid gynogenetic progenies of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

Montoya Lerma, J.; Palacios, R.; Osorio, L.; Jaramillo, C.; Cadena, H., 1998:
Further evidence of humans as source of Leishmania viannia for sandflies

Romani, R.; Isidoro, N.; Bin, F., 1999:
Further evidence of male antennal glands in Aphelinidae: the case of Aphytis melinus DeBach (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

Bailey, R.A.; Bechet, G.R., 1997 :
Further evidence of the effects of ratoon stunting disease on production under irrigated and rainfed conditions

Kwon JinHyeuk; Kang SooWoong; Park ChangSeuk; Kim HeeKyu, 1998:
Further evidence that Ramularia-type conidia in vivo plays a role as a secondary inoculum of Mycosphaerella nawae

McEwan, J.C.; Kerr, R.J., 1998:
Further evidence that major genes affect host resistance to nematode parasites in Coopworth sheep

Harland, J.; Lane, S.; Price, D., 1999:
Further experiences with recycled zeolite as a substrate for the sweet pepper crop

Palmer, R.G., 1998:
Further genetic characterization of a duplicate-factor male-sterile, female-sterile trait in soybean

Kiernan, K.; Eberhard, R.; Shannon, C.H.C., 1994:
Further hydrogeological investigations of the Mill Creek-Kansas Creek area, northern Tasmania

Jiang HuiFang; Duan NaiXiong, 1997:
Further identification and comprehensive evaluation of pre-selected groundnut germplasm

Anonymous, 1997:
Further improvements to milk quality

Ar, A.; Gefen, E., 1998:
Further improving hatchability in artificial incubation of ostrich eggs

Anonymous, 1997:
Further increases in cheese consumption

Anonymous, 1999:
Further increases in world milk production

Kotowski, K.; Szrom, A., 1998:
Further investigation into applications of Uterotonic-Polfa in swine reproduction

Abe, F.; Hirokawa, M.; Yamauchi, T.; Honda, K.; Hayashi, N.; Ishii, M.; Imagawa, S.; Iwahana, M., 1998:
Further investigation of phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids from Tylophora tanakae

Gorelov, I.G.; Savina, M.A., 1997:
Further investigation on the immunogenetic G blood group system in the pig

Wood, G.A.; Langford, G.I., 1998:
Further investigations of the black currant reversion disease in New Zealand

Davis, A.R., 1997:
Further miscellaneous constituents of corbicular pollen loads from Apis mellifera: petals, stamens, anther threads, and thrips

Contu, M., 1998:
Further notes on Lepista ameliae

Spinelli, G.R., 1997:
Further notes on Neotropical Ceratopogonini (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Singh, H.S.; Agarwal, A., 1998:
Further observation on Hammerschmidtiella diesingi Chitwood, 1932, with a note on early embryonic development and validity of various species of the genus

Ghosh, P.K.; Hossain, M.A.; Rahman, M.M., 1998:
Further observation on clinico-pathological changes due to coenurosis in goats

Johnson, S.J.; Valentine, P.S., 1997:
Further observations and records for butterflies (Lepidoptera) in northern Australia

Krassnig, R.; Schuller, W., 1998:
Further observations and serological results from a flock of sheep infected with maedi-visna virus, 1990-1996

Binazzi, Andrea., 1997:
Further observations on the biology and ecology of the cypress aphid Cinara (Cupressobium) cupressi (Buckton) in Tuscany (I) (Lachninae)

Whittington, R.J.; Reddacliff, L.A.; Marsh, I.; Kearns, C.; Zupanovic, Z.; Callinan, R.B., 1999:
Further observations on the epidemiology and spread of epizootic haematopoietic necrosis virus (EHNV) in farmed rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss in southeastern Australia and a recommended sampling strategy for surveillance

Van Der Bijl, P.; Stockenstrom, S.; Vismer, H.F.; Van Wyk, C.W., 1997:
Further observations on the incidence of fungi and aflatoxins in areca nut samples

Abdel Gawad, K.M., 1998:
Further observations on the keratinolytic activity of some fungal isolates from sheep wool in Assiut

Eastwood, D.; Malein, P.J., 1998:
Further observations on the use of fungicides to control Peronosclerospora sacchari (T. Miyake) Shirai and K. Hara in sugarcane in Papua New Guinea

McKenna, P.B., 2005:
Further potential limitations of the undifferentiated faecal egg count reduction test for the detection of anthelmintic resistance in sheep

Lewis, J.G.E., 1996:
Further records of scolopendromorph and geophilomorph centipedes from the Arabian Peninsula with a note by Dr. E.H. Eason on Lithobius erythrocephalus cronebergii Sseliwanoff

Harris, A.C., 1998:
Further records of the recently established, orange and black Australian bee, Hyleoides concinna (Fabricius) (Hymenoptera: Colletidae: Hylaeinae)

Wassef, H.Y.; Buttiker, W.; Gallagher, M.D., 1997:
Further records of ticks (Acari: Argasidae and Ixodidae) from the Arabian Peninsula

Anken, R.H.; Bivar de Matos e Silva, M.H.P., 1996:
Further remarks on the occurrence of the southern African butterfly Cacyreus marshalli (Butler, 1898) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) on the European mainland

Siuda, M.; Wilde, J.; Koeniger, N., 1996:
Further research on honeybee breeding with short post-capping periods

Roggero, P.; Gotta, P.; Stravato, V.M.; Dellavalle, G.; Ciuffo, M., 1999:
Further spread of Moroccan watermelon mosaic potyvirus in Italy in 1998

Qing Li; Kobza, F., 1997:
Further studies of technology in Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don (Vinca rosea L.)

Bartoletti, L.; Colombo, L.; Dradi, R.; Faedi, W.; Maltoni, M.L.; Magnani, S., 1998:
Further studies of varietal susceptibility to various pathogens in strawberry

Gonzalez, L.A.; Villa, A.M.; Kohler, G.; Garcea, O.; Kremenchutzky, M.; Caceres, F.; Sanz, O.P.; Sica, R.E., 1998:
Further studies on HTLV-I associated myelopathy in Argentina

Negm-Eldin, M.M., 1998:
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GPS controlled fertilizer application and yield determination

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Gaelic football: game idea, rules and methodology of a Celtic ball game

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Gain more from the Chain Quality Milk programme. Paper work can be useful

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