Gametic selection in a doubled haploid population derived from anther culture of indica/japonica hybrid of Oryza sativa L

Chen Ying; Lu ChaoFu; He Ping; Shen LiShuang; Xu JiChen; Zhu LiHuang

CRRN, Chinese Rice Research Newsletter 6(4): 2-3


Accession: 003148775

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A population of 132 double haploid lines, derived from anther culture of indica variety Zhaiyeqing 8 with japonica variety Jingxi 17, was studied for morphological characters, isoenzymes and RFLP markers. Six morphological and 4 quantitative traits studied segregated normally, as did 6 isoenzymes. Cat1 (catalase) and Est2 (esterase) segregated in favour of japonica and indica varieties, respectively. Some 36% of 167 RFLP markers showed significant segregation distortion. It is concluded that the overall segregation and recombination of genes between the indica and japonica variety were random, and overall frequency of alleles was 1 : 1.