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Genetic potential for winter wheat grain yield and some yield components at the different sowing dates and quantities of nitrogen nutrition in the conditions of growth on the saline soil in Yugoslavia

Protich, R.; Spasojevich, B.; Shchepanovich, T.; Durich, N.; Jugovich, Z.

Rasteniev'dni Nauki 35(2): 154-161


ISSN/ISBN: 0568-465X
Accession: 003151469

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Three genetically different, high yielding winter wheat cultivars (Zhitnica, Novosadska Rana 2 and Jugoslavija) were evaluated at Zrenjanin in Yugoslavia on a fertile saline marsh soil from 1981/82 to 1984/85. Seed was sown during the first, second and third 10-day periods of October and November. Nitrogen fertilizer was added at 80, 120 and 160 kg/ha. The results showed that Zhitnica was the most tolerant of salinity, while Novosadska Rana 2 was the most sensitive. Optimal sowing dates were 1-10 October for Zhitnica and Jugoslavija, and 15-25 October for Novosadska Rana 2. Yields of 5-7 t/ha were obtained using 120 kg/ha. The trials showed that increasing fertilizer rate did not prevent the decrease in yields associated with late sowing.