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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3153

Chapter 3153 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Garrido, L.M. do A.G.; Romanelli, R.C.; Garrido, M.A. de O., 1996:
Genetic variability of gum yield, DBH and height in Pinus caribaea Mor. var. bahamensis Barr. et Golf

Shi YongZhong; Deng XiuXin, 1999:
Genetic variability of interspecific somatic hybrid plants of citrus

Barinova, A.A.exandrovna; Nakajima, M.; Fujio, Y., 1997:
Genetic variability of laboratory populations in the guppy Poecilia reticulata

Baric, M.; Svecnjak, Z.; Sarcevic, H., 1996:
Genetic variability of lines and new winter wheat varieties for yield and yield components

Soelkner, J.; Filipcic, L.; Hampshire, N., 1998:
Genetic variability of populations and similarity of subpopulations in Austrian cattle breeds determined by analysis of pedigrees

Ettori, L. de C.; Siqueira, A.C.M. de F.; Sato, A.S.; Campos, O.R., 1996:
Genetic variability of populations of Tabebuia heptaphylla (Vell.) Tol. for ex situ conservation

Chen Xing; Zhu ChengSong; G.H.Ping; Zhu QiChang, 1997:
Genetic variability of protein content and its selection efficiency in the early generations of soyabean crosses

Grochowski, L.; Kaczmarek, J.; Kadlubiec, W.; Bujak, H., 1996:
Genetic variability of rye-xenic-hybrid traits

Gurgel Garrido, L.M. do A.; Faria, H.H. de; Cruz, S.F.; Palomo, M., 1997:
Genetic variability of silvicultural characteristics of Liquidambar styraciflua L. in Paraguacu Paulista, SP

Samanta, A.K.; Chattopadhyay, T.K.; Roy, S., 1999:
Genetic variability of some fruit characters in mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Nikolic, D., 1997:
Genetic variability of some important seedlings characters of the F1 generation at interspecies hybridization in grapevine

Krstinic, A.; Kajba, D., 1996:
Genetic variability of some local provenance of the black alder (Alnus glutinosa L. Gaertn.)

Chandrashekhar Mahto; Rahman, M.H., 1998:
Genetic variability of some quantitative characters in linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Hanocq, E.; Teyssier, J.; Bosc, P.; Bodin, L.; Malpaux, B.; Thimonier, J.; Lefevre, C.; Chemineau, P., 1998:
Genetic variability of spontaneous spring ovulatory activity in Arles Merino sheep

Venkataramana, P.; Shailaja Hittalmani, 1999:
Genetic variability on some important traits in two F2 segregants of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under non-submergence condition

Samal, K.M.; Senapati, N., 1997:
Genetic variability performance correlation and coheritability of horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam Verd.) mutant lines

Tiwari, V.K.; Verma, S.S., 1999:
Genetic variability studies for baby corn in maize (Zea mays L.)

Revanappa ; Madalgeri, B.B., 1997 :
Genetic variability studies in Amaranthus

Sharma, R.K.; Chandrababu, R.J., 1997:
Genetic variability studies in almond

Sharma, T.R., 1999:
Genetic variability studies in cowpea

Shimpiger, S.S.; Hanchinal, R.R.; Salimath, P.M.; Hanamaratti, N.G., 1996:
Genetic variability studies in durum wheat (Triticum durum. Desf.)

Shanmugavalli, N.; Vanniarajan, C., 1998:
Genetic variability studies in sesamum

Dash, S.S.; Singh, D.N.; Singh, B.M., 1996:
Genetic variability studies in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Revanappa ; Madalageri, B.B., 1998:
Genetic variability studies regarding quantitative and qualitative traits in Amaranthus

Matiello, R.R.; Neto, J.F.B.; Sereno, M.J.C. de M.; Taderka, I.; Pegoraro, D.G., 1998:
Genetic variability through isozyme polymorphisms in hexaploid oats

Loxdale, HD.; Brookes, CP.; Wynne, IR.; Clark, SJ., 1998:
Genetic variability within and between English populations of the damson-hop aphid, Phorodon humuli (Hemiptera: Aphididae), with special reference to esterases associated with insecticide resistance

Patil, H.S., 1998:
Genetic variability, association and path analysis in safflower

Bora, G.C.; Gupta, S.N.; Tomer, Y.S.; Sultan Singh, 1998 :
Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in faba bean (Vicia faba)

Borole, R.D.; Patil, H.S., 1997:
Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in niger

Singh, M.R.K.; Chakravarti, D.; Singh, N.B., 1997:
Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in rice bean (Vigna umbellata (Thunb) Ohwi and Ohashi) cultivars of Manipur

Vikram, A.; Kohli, U.K., 1998:
Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in tomato

Basavaraja, P.; Rudraradhya, M.; Kulkarni, R.S., 1997:
Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis of yield components in two F4 population of fine grained rice

Sankarapandian, R.; Rajarathinam, S.; Muppidathi, N., 1996:
Genetic variability, correlation and path co-efficient analysis of jaggery yield and related attributes in sweet sorghum

Choudhury, P.K.D.; Das, P.K., 1997:
Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis in deep water rice

Choudhury, P.K.D.; Das, P.K., 1998:
Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis in deep-water rice

Satpute, R.G., 1996:
Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis in lowland and upland transplanted rice

Wahid, M.A.; Ahmed, R., 1999:
Genetic variability, correlation studies and their implication in selection of high yielding genotypes in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L)

Rao, S.S.; Banafar, K.N.S.; Swarnkar, A.K.; Chandrakar, B.S., 1994:
Genetic variability, heritability and correlation studies in rainfed upland rice

Sreekumar, K.; Inasi, K.A.; Antony, A.; Nair, R.R., 1996:
Genetic variability, heritability and correlation studies in vegetable cowpea (Vigna unguiculata var. sesquipedalis)

Samresh Dwivedi; Maneesha Singh; Singh, A.P.; Sharma, S.; Uniyal, G.C.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for alkaloid yield attributing traits in 26 genotypes of periwinkle Catharanthus roseus

Niranjana Murthy; Kulkarni, R.S.; Udaykumar, M., 1999:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for morpho-physiological traits in rice

Panda, P.K.; Singh, K.P., 1997:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for pod yield and its contributing traits in okra hybrids

Gill, H.S.; Sheoran, R.K.; Lokendra Kumar; Naveen Chandra, 1997:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for seed yield and component traits in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Hussain, S.; Hazarika, G.N.; Barua, P.K., 1998:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance in Indian rapeseed (Brassica campestris L.) and mustard (B. juncea (Czern & Coss))

Kataria, G.J.; Pandya, H.M.; Vaddoria, M.A., 1997:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance of various polygenic traits in Capsicum

Patil, R.R.; Sheriff, R.A., 1996:
Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance studies in sesame

Vange, T.; Ojo, A.A.; Bello, L.L., 1999:
Genetic variability, stability and correlation studies in lowland rice (Oryza sativa) genotypes

Arias, C.A.A.; Souza, C.L.J., 1998:
Genetic variance and covariance components related to intra- and interpopulation recurrent selection in maize (Zea mays L.)

Silva, R.J.; Monteverde Penso, E., 1998:
Genetic variance component estimates in an indehiscent sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) population of the Chinese type by using two different crossing designs

Ram, B.; Hemaprabha, G., 1998:
Genetic variance for five traits in twelve hybrid groups of Saccharum sp. hybrids

Chang, Y.S., 1997:
Genetic variance of Brix, purity, and sugar content at different maturity stages in sugarcane with special reference to the merit of indirect selection for Brix

Ryu, J.S.; Min, D.Y.; Shin, M.H.; Cho, Y.H., 1998:
Genetic variance of Trichomonas vaginalis isolates by Southern hybridization

Hayashi, Takeshi, 1998:
Genetic variance under assortative mating in the infinitesimal model

Atuahene Amankwa, G.; Michaels, T.E., 1997:
Genetic variances, heritabilities and genetic correlations of grain yield, harvest index and yield components for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in sole crop and in maize/bean intercrop

Turcekova, L.; Snabel, V.; Dubinsky, P., 1998:
Genetic variants of Echinococcus granulosus in Slovakia recorded by random amplification of polymorphic DNA

Myburg, H.; Harris, S.A., 1997:
Genetic variation across the natural distribution of the South East Asian pine, Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon (Pinaceae)

Stenlid, J.; Kammiovirta, K.; Karjalainen, R.; Karlsson, J.O.; Korhonen, K.; Solheim, H.; Thomsen, I., 1998:
Genetic variation among European S- and P-group populations of Heterobasidion annosum assessed by arbitrary priming

Baliuckas, V.; Ekberg, I.; Eriksson, G.; Norell, L., 1999:
Genetic variation among and within populations of four Swedish hardwood species assessed in a nursery trial

Paques, L.E.; Sylvestre Guinot, G.; Delatour, C., 1999:
Genetic variation among clones of Larix decidua polonica for resistance to Lachnellula willkommii

Swedjemark, G.; Stenlid, J.; Karlsson, B., 1997:
Genetic variation among clones of Picea abies in resistance to growth of Heterobasidion annosum

Kramer, L.D.; Fallah, H.M., 1999:
Genetic variation among isolates of western equine encephalomyelitis virus from California

Ciarelli, D.M.; Furlani, A.M.C.; Dechen, A.R.; Lima, M., 1998:
Genetic variation among maize genotypes for phosphorus-uptake and phosphorus-use efficiency in nutrient solution

Van Der Beek, J.; Folkertsma, R.; Zijlstra, C.; Van Loert, P.H.G.; Poleij, L.M.; Bakker, J., 1998:
Genetic variation among parthenogenetic Meloidogyne species revealed by AFLPs and 2D-protein electrophoresis contrasted to morphology

Aagaard, J.E.; Harrod, R.J.; Shea, K.L., 1999:
Genetic variation among populations of the rare clustered lady-slipper orchid (Cypripedium fasciculatum) from Washington State, USA

Konnert, M.; Ruetz, W.F., 1997 :
Genetic variation among provenances of Abies grandis from the Pacific Northwest

Weng HongBiao; X.M.ngKui; Zhang YaoZhou, 1996:
Genetic variation among strains of the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) detected by RAPD

Villand, J.S.roch, P.; Lai, T.H.nson, P.K.o, C.; Nienhuis, J., 1998:
Genetic variation among tomato accessions from primary and secondary centers of diversity

L.H.oGen; Huang MinRen; Chen DaoMing, 1998:
Genetic variation and C-effects in rooting characteristics of Populus deltoides x P. cathayana F1 clones

Leymaster, K.A.; Freking, B.A., 1998:
Genetic variation and associations for improving meat production and meat qualities in sheep and goats

Barillet, F.; Manfredi, E.; Elsen, J.M., 1998:
Genetic variation and associations for improving milk production and milk product qualities in sheep and goats

Irvin, S.D.; Wetterstrand, K.A.; Hutter, C.M.; Aquadro, C.F., 1998:
Genetic variation and differentiation at microsatellite loci in Drosophila simulans. Evidence for founder effects in new world populations

Diaz, O.; Salomon, B.; Bothmer, R. von, 1999:
Genetic variation and differentiation in Nordic populations of Elymus alaskanus (Scrib. ex Merr.) Love (Poaceae)

Veerabadhiran, P.; Ramamoorthi, N.; Nadarajan, N., 1996:
Genetic variation and diversity in green gram

Katiyar, S.K.; Chandel, G.; Singh, P.; Pratibha, R., 1999:
Genetic variation and effect of 2,4-D on in-vitro plant regeneration in indica rice cultivars

Rosenzvit, M.C.; Zhang, L.H.; Kamenetzky, L.; Canova, S.G.; Guarnera, E.A.; McManus, D.P., 1999:
Genetic variation and epidemiology of Echinococcus granulosus in Argentina

Simopoulos, A.P., 1998:
Genetic variation and evolutionary aspects of diet

Osakabe, Masahiro, 1998:
Genetic variation and factor of resistance to acaricide in spider mite

Aghai, J.; Abd Mishani, S.; Khodabandeh, N., 1996:
Genetic variation and geographical diversity for seed storage proteins of Iranian durum wheat collection

Yaneshita, M.; Nagasawa, R.; Engelke, M.C.; Sasakuma, T., 1997:
Genetic variation and interspecific hybridization among natural populations of zoysiagrasses detected by RFLP analyses of chloroplast and nuclear DNA

Clarke, J.N.; Speck, P.A.; Morris, C.A., 1997:
Genetic variation and its exploitation to improve meat quality in sheep and beef cattle

Prat, D.; Burczyk, J., 1998:
Genetic variation and mating system in a native provenance and the derived seed orchard of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco)

Hagen, M.J.; Hamrick, J.L., 1998:
Genetic variation and population genetic structure in Trifolium pratense

Lang, P.; Huang, H., 1999:
Genetic variation and population structure of three endemic Castanea species in China

Waldron, B.; Ehlke, N.; Wyse, D.; Vellekson, D., 1998:
Genetic variation and predicted gain from selection for winterhardiness and turf quality in a perennial ryegrass topcross population

Elzo, M.A.; West, R.L.; Johnson, D.D.; Wakeman, D.L., 1998:
Genetic variation and prediction of additive and nonadditive genetic effects for six carcass traits in an Angus-Brahman multibreed herd

Triest, L.; Greef, B. de; Vermeersch, S.; Slycken, J. van; Coart, E., 1999:
Genetic variation and putative hybridization in Salix alba and S. fragilis (Salicaceae): evidence from allozyme data

Estrella, J.; Phillips, S.; Abbott, R.; Gillies, A.; Sorensen, M., 1998:
Genetic variation and relationships in agronomically important species of yam bean (Pachyrhizus DC.) based on RAPD markers

Zhou QiXing;; G.Z.iJian; Yue ZhongShu, 1998:
Genetic variation and relationships within Taxus and between the genus and Pseudotaxus in China

Casler, M.; Greub, L.; Carlson, S.; Collins, M., 1998:
Genetic variation and selection for shoot and rhizome growth traits in a naturalized quackgrass population

Singh, S.P.; Sharma, J.R.; Misra, H.O.; Lal, R.K.; Gupta, M.M., 1998:
Genetic variation and strain selection in senna (Cassia angustifolia) for north Indian plains

Belletti, P.; Gullace, S., 1999:
Genetic variation and structure among Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) populations in the western Italian Alps

Chastagner, G.A.; Landgren, C., 1998:
Genetic variation and the influence of fertilization on the development of Current Season Needle Necrosis on Noble fir Christmas trees

Stavrakakis, M.N.; Siminis, H.; Biniari, K., 1996:
Genetic variation between and within several Greek grape cultivars grown in Santorini

Bennett, S.J., 1997:
Genetic variation between and within two populations of Trifolium glomeratum (cluster clover) in Western Australia

Snyder, C.L.; Jones, A.L., 1999:
Genetic variation between strains of Monilinia fructicola and Monilinia laxa isolated from cherries in Michigan

Winder, L.M.; Goldson, S.L.; Williams, C.L., 1997:
Genetic variation between two Microctonus hyperodae populations imported for control of Argentine stem weevil

Pagnotta, M.A.; Tanzarella, O.A.; Iacono, E.; Pace, C. de; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.T.; Porceddu, E., 1998:
Genetic variation for RFLPs in durum wheat germplasm from Ethiopian regions

Moghaddam, M.; Ehdaie, B.; Waines, J.G., 1998:
Genetic variation for and interrelationships among agronomic traits in landraces of bread wheat from southwestern Iran

Kusmenoglu, I.; Muehlbauer, F.J., 1998:
Genetic variation for biomass and residue production in lentil: I. Relation to agronomic traits

Pennington, R.E.; Tischler, C.R.; Johnson, H.B.; Polley, H.W., 1999:
Genetic variation for carbon isotope composition in honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa)

Alvarez, J.B.; Martin, L.M.; Martin, A., 1999:
Genetic variation for carotenoid pigment content in the amphiploid Hordeum chilense x Triticum turgidum conv. durum

Julier, B.; Huyghe, C., 1997:
Genetic variation for digestibility and fiber contents in the Medicago sativa complex

Julier, B.; Huyghe, C., 1998:
Genetic variation for digestibility in lucerne: relationship with forage production and leaf proportion

Easton, H.S.; Mackay, A.D.; Lee, J., 1997:
Genetic variation for macro- and micro-nutrient concentration in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Widstrom, N.; Snook, M., 1998:
Genetic variation for maysin and its analogues in crosses among corn inbreds

Rebetzke, G.; Burton, J.; Carter, T.J.; Wilson, R., 1998:
Genetic variation for modifiers controlling reduced saturated fatty acid content in soybean

Kelman, W.M.; Blumenthal, M.J.; Harris, C.A., 1997:
Genetic variation for seasonal herbage yield, growth habit, and condensed tannins in Lotus pedunculatus Cav. and Lotus corniculatus L

Das, S.Y.; Supriyo Chakraborty, 1998:
Genetic variation for seed yield and its components in greengram (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

Widdup, K.H.; Knight, T.L.; Hunt, L.M., 1996:
Genetic variation for seed yield in Caucasian clover

Caradus, J.R.; Kennedy, L.D.; Dunn, A., 1998:
Genetic variation for the ratio of inorganic to total phosphorus in white clover leaves

Jermyn, W.A.; Lill, R.E.; Ruhen, M., 1999:
Genetic variation for tiprot in asparagus

Souza Goncalves, P. de; Bortoletto, N.; Martins, A.L.M.; Gottardi, M.V.C.; Ortolani, A.A., 1998:
Genetic variation for yielding and girth increment in progenies of Hevea

Lunden, A.; Lindersson, M., 1997:
Genetic variation in alpha -lactalbumin in relation to milk volume

Fernandez Molina, T.; Nepamuceno Martinez, F., 1989:
Genetic variation in Abies guatemalensis

Castrillo, L.A.; Wiegmann, B.M.; Brooks, W.M., 1999:
Genetic variation in Beauveria bassiana populations associated with the darkling beetle, Alphitobius diaperinus

Zhao JianYi; Becker, H.C., 1998:
Genetic variation in Chinese and European oilseed rape (B. napus) and turnip rape (B. campestris) analysed with isozymes

Ibrahim, S.K.; Baldwin, J.G.; Roberts, P.A.; Hyman, B.C., 1997:
Genetic Variation in Nacobbus aberrans: An Approach toward Taxonomic Resolution

Scotti, I.; Soranzo, N.; Ferrario, S.; Binelli, G., 1998:
Genetic variation in Norway spruce as revealed by mapped PCR-based markers

Zhang, Y.Q.ick, J.; Liu, S., 1998:
Genetic variation in PI 294994 wheat for resistance to Russian wheat aphid

Johansson, H.; Bothmer, R. von, 1998:
Genetic variation in Scandinavian collections of cultivated and wild Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum L.) investigated by allozyme analysis

Bakhtiyarova, R.M., 1997:
Genetic variation in Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) under industrial pollution in the southern Urals: mutagenesis

Monte, J.V.; Casanova, C.; Soler, C., 1999:
Genetic variation in Spanish populations of the genus Aegilops revealed by RAPDs

Semenova, S.K.; Khrisanfova, G.G.; Asatryan, A.M.; Movsesyan, S.O.; Pozmogova, G.A.; Ryskov, A.P., 1998:
Genetic variation in Trichinella spiralis Oven, 1835, and Trichinella pseudospiralis Garkavi, 1972, revealed by the polymerase chain reaction with random primers

Radaelli, A.; Kraus, G.; Schmidt, A.; Badel, P.; McClure, J.; Hu, S.L.; Morton, W.; D.G.uli Morghen, C.; Wong-Staal, F.; Looney, D., 1998:
Genetic variation in a human immunodeficiency virus type 2 live-virus Macaca nemestrina vaccine model

Nybom, H.; Werlemark, G.; Carlson Nilsson, U.; Olsson, A.; Uggla, M., 1999:
Genetic variation in a new crop - dogroses (Rosa sect. Caninae) for commercial rosehip production

Ackerman, J.D.; Ward, S., 1999:
Genetic variation in a widespread, epiphytic orchid: where is the evolutionary potential?

Subbarao, G.V.nkata; Ae, N.; Otani, T., 1997:
Genetic variation in acquisition, and utilization of phosphorus from iron-bound phosphorus in pigeonpea

Mialon, M.M.; Renand, G.; Krauss, D.; Menissier, F., 1998:
Genetic variation in age at puberty in Charolais heifers and relationship with growth rate

Krzakowa, M., 1997:
Genetic variation in barren brome, Bromus sterilis (Poaceae)

Comps, B.; Matyas, C.; Letouzey, J.; Geburek, T., 1998:
Genetic variation in beech populations (Fagus sylvatica L.) along the Alpine Chain and in the Hungarian Basin

Kramer, M.G.; Vaughn, T.T.; Pletscher, L.S.; King Ellison, K.; Adams, E.; Erikson, C.; Cheverud, J.M., 1998 :
Genetic variation in body weight gain and composition in the intercross of Large (LG/J) and Small (SM/J) inbred strains of mice

Aravindakshan, T.V.; Nainar, A.M., 1998:
Genetic variation in cattle and buffalo breeds analysed by RAPD markers

Matziris, D., 1998:
Genetic variation in cone and seed characteristics in a clonal seed orchard of Aleppo pine grown in Greece

Choumane, W.; Achtar, S.; Valkoun, J.; Weigand, F., 1998:
Genetic variation in core and base barley collections from WANA as revealed by RAPDs

Horejsi, T.; Staub, J.E., 1999:
Genetic variation in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) as assessed by random amplified polymorphic DNA

Sapa, J.; Trillat, G.; Longy, G.; Neindre, P. le; Menissier, F., 1997:
Genetic variation in docility recorded in performance stations in Limousin cattle

Valdez Aguayo, H.R.; Vargas Hernandez, J.J.; Jasso Mata, J.; Velazquez Martinez, A., 1998:
Genetic variation in early growth of eucalyptus seedlings under moderate soil salinity conditions

Nielsen, M.K., 1998:
Genetic variation in feed energy utilization in mice

Terletski, V.P.; Falge, R.; Carnwath, J.W.; Niemann, H., 1997:
Genetic variation in flocks of endangered Leine sheep

Klinkhamer, P.G.L.; Veen van Wijk, C.A.M. van der, 1999:
Genetic variation in floral traits of Echium vulgare

Larzul, C.; Roy, P. le; Monin, G.; Sellier, P., 1998:
Genetic variation in glycolytic potential of muscles in pigs

Richards, N.K.; Glare, T.R.; Hall, D.C.A., 1997:
Genetic variation in grass grub, Costelytra zealandica, from several regions

He, G.; Chen, Y.; Guan, Z.; Feng, J.; Cai, H.; Yi, J., 1997:
Genetic variation in growth and branch division habit of Chinese fir clone

Daehler, C.C.; Yorkston, M.; Sun WeiGuo; Dudley, N., 1999:
Genetic variation in morphology and growth characters of Acacia koa in the Hawaiian Islands

Sinha, R.P.; Sinha, S.P.; Kumar, S., 1996:
Genetic variation in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek)

Fedorenko, O.M.; Olimpienko, G.S., 1998:
Genetic variation in natural populations of Festuca pratensis from Karelia

Salda, V.B.; Ramsden, L.; Sun Mei; Corke, H., 1998:
Genetic variation in physical properties of flour from selected Asian yams (Dioscorea spp.)

Loi, A.; Howieson, J.G.; Cocks, P.S.; Carr, S.J., 1999:
Genetic variation in populations of two Mediterranean annual pasture legumes (Biserrula pelecinus L. and Ornithopus compressus L.) and associated rhizobia

Oddy, V.H., 1999:
Genetic variation in protein metabolism and implications for variation in efficiency of growth

Barriere, Y.; Tovar Gomez, M.R.sario; Emile, J.C.aude; Sauvant, D., 1998:
Genetic variation in rate and extent of the in situ cell wall degradation of maize stalks at silage harvest time

Zwick, M.E.; Salstrom, J.L.; Langley, C.H., 1999:
Genetic variation in rates of nondisjunction: association of two naturally occurring polymorphisms in the chromokinesin nod with increased rates of nondisjunction in Drosophila melanogaster

DeVerno, L.L.; Mosseler, A., 1997:
Genetic variation in red pine (Pinus resinosa) revealed by RAPD and RAPD-RFLP analysis

Soejima, A.; Maki, M.; Ueda, K., 1998:
Genetic variation in relic and isolated populations of Chionanthus retusus (Oleaceae) of Tsushima Island and the Tono region, Japan

Shen, C.S.; Bach, C.E., 1997:
Genetic variation in resistance and tolerance to insect herbivory in Salix cordata

Fritz, R.S.; Roche, B.M.; Brunsfeld, S.J., 1998:
Genetic variation in resistance of hybrid willows to herbivores

Grossnickle, S.C.; Fan ShiHe, 1999:
Genetic variation in response to drought of interior spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss x P. engelmannii Parry ex Engelm.)

Crawford, D.J.; Esselman, E.J.; Windus, J.L.; Pabin, C.S., 1998:
Genetic variation in running buffalo clover (Trifolium stoloniferum: Fabaceae) using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers (RAPDs)

Miao BaoHe, 1998:
Genetic variation in soyabeans with directly transformed alien DNA

Mechin, V.; Argillier, O.; Barriere, Y.; Menanteau, V., 1998:
Genetic variation in stems of normal and brown-midrib 3 maize inbred lines. Towards similarity for in vitro digestibility and cell wall composition

Sapa, J.; Lamirault, C.; Menissier, F.; Renand, G., 1998:
Genetic variation in suckling traits in Blonde d'Aquitaine and Limousine cattle recorded at progeny testing stations

Nagarajan, R., 1997:
Genetic variation in sugarcane seedling populations

Grossnickle, S.C.; Fan ShiHe, 1998:
Genetic variation in summer gas exchange patterns of interior spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss x Picea engelmannii Parry ex Engelm.)

Peng, W.; Anderson, T.J.; Zhou, X.; Kennedy, M.W., 1998:
Genetic variation in sympatric Ascaris populations from humans and pigs in China

Harasawa, R.; Giangaspero, M., 1999:
Genetic variation in the 5' end and NS5B regions of classical swine fever virus genome among Japanese isolates

Asahida, T.; Saitoh, K.; Yamashita, Y.; Aonuma, Y.; Kobayashi, T., 1998:
Genetic variation in the Japanese flounder based on analysis of mitochondrial DNA by restriction endonucleases

Mishra, YD.; Bhattacharya, A.; Sushil, SN.; Kumar, S.; Agarwal, SC., 1998:
Genetic variation in the density of settlement and initial mortality of nymphs in lac insects, Kerria spp. (Tachardiidae: Homoptera), thriving on Flemingia macrophylla - a promising bushy host

Emile, J.C.; Mauries, M.; Allard, G.; Guy, P., 1997:
Genetic variation in the feeding value of alfalfa genotypes evaluated from experiments with dairy cows

Pélandakis, M.; D.J.nckheere, J.F.; Pernin, P., 1998:
Genetic variation in the free-living amoeba Naegleria fowleri

Chou ChangHung; Tsai ChiChu, 1999:
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