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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3153

Chapter 3153 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in tomato

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Genetic variation among and within Monilinia species causing brown rot of stone and pome fruits

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Genetic variation among and within populations of four Swedish hardwood species assessed in a nursery trial

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Genetic variation among clones of Larix decidua polonica for resistance to Lachnellula willkommii

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Genetic variation among clones of Picea abies in resistance to growth of Heterobasidion annosum

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Genetic variation among field isolates of Pyrenopeziza brassicae

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Genetic variation among isolates of western equine encephalomyelitis virus from California

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Anonymous, 1997:
Genetic variation and dietary response

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Genetic variation and nutrition

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Genetic variation and population structure of three endemic Castanea species in China

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Genetic variation and relationships within Taxus and between the genus and Pseudotaxus in China

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Genetic variation and reproductive success of road verge populations of the rare shrub Grevillea barklyana (Proteaceae)

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Genetic variation and strain selection in senna (Cassia angustifolia) for north Indian plains

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Genetic variation and structure among Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) populations in the western Italian Alps

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Genetic variation and the influence of fertilization on the development of Current Season Needle Necrosis on Noble fir Christmas trees

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Genetic variation for yielding and girth increment in progenies of Hevea

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Genetic variation in alpha -lactalbumin in relation to milk volume

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Genetic variation in Cylindrocladium floridanum and other morphologically similar Cylindrocladium species

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Genetic variation in Faidherbia albida: implications for conservation of genetic resources and tree improvement

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Genetic variation in Fitzroya cupressoides (alerce), a threatened South American conifer

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Genetic variation in Minuartia (Caryophyllaceae) in Svalbard

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Genetic variation in Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) under industrial pollution in the southern Urals: mutagenesis

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Genetic variation in Spanish populations of the genus Aegilops revealed by RAPDs

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Genetic variation in Trichinella spiralis Oven, 1835, and Trichinella pseudospiralis Garkavi, 1972, revealed by the polymerase chain reaction with random primers

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Genetic variation in a geographically restricted and two widespread species of South American Nothofagus

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Genetic variation in a new crop - dogroses (Rosa sect. Caninae) for commercial rosehip production

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Genetic variation in a widespread, epiphytic orchid: where is the evolutionary potential?

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Genetic variation in cattle and buffalo breeds analysed by RAPD markers

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Genetic variation in clonal traits of Trifolium repens and species interactions

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Genetic variation in cold hardiness of Douglas-fir in relation to parent tree environment

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Genetic variation in cone and seed characteristics in a clonal seed orchard of Aleppo pine grown in Greece

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Genetic variation in core and base barley collections from WANA as revealed by RAPDs

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Genetic variation in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) as assessed by random amplified polymorphic DNA

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Genetic variation in docility recorded in performance stations in Limousin cattle

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Genetic variation in early growth of eucalyptus seedlings under moderate soil salinity conditions

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Genetic variation in feed energy utilization in mice

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Genetic variation in flocks of endangered Leine sheep

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Genetic variation of the Borrelia burgdorferi gene vlsE involves cassette-specific, segmental gene conversion

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Genetically engineered food and potential health risks

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Genomic structure, chromosomal mapping, and muscle-specific expression of a PH domain-associated intronless gene, cded/lior

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Genomic structure, mapping, and expression analysis of the mammalian Lunatic, Manic, and Radical fringe genes

Arimura, S.I.; Takusagawa, S.; Hirai, A.; Tsutsumi, N., 1998:
Genomic structures and the 5'-flanking regions of the nuclear genes for chloroplast ribosomal proteins L13 and L24 of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Bader, J.A.; Shoemaker, C.A.; Klesius, P.H.; Connolly, M.A.; Barbaree, J.M., 1998:
Genomic subtyping of Edwardsiella ictaluri isolated from diseased channel catfish by arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction

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Genomic variation and genetic relationships in Ipomoea spp

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Genomic variation of laboratory strains and natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster under X-irradiation

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Genomic variation within the Erwinia amylovora species

Vienne, D. de, 1999:
Genomics and QTL: genomics in the study of genes controlling the variation of characteristics of agronomic interest

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Genomics and bioinformatics

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Genomics, isoforms, expression, and phylogeny of the MHC class I-related MR1 gene

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Genomics-assisted plant improvement to benefit human nutrition and health

Anonymous, 1998:
Genomics: commercial opportunities from a scientific revolution

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Genomics: methods and initial findings

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Genospecies diversity of Lyme disease spirochetes in rodent reservoirs

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Genospecies identification and characterization of Lyme disease spirochetes of genospecies Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato isolated from rodents in Taiwan

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Genotoxic action of the sesquiterpene lactone glaucolide B on mammalian cells in vitro and in vivo

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Genotoxic activity of glyphosate and its technical formulation Roundup

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Genotoxic activity of the commercial herbicide containing bifenox in bovine peripheral lymphocytes

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Genotoxic and ecotoxic effects of groundwaters and their relation to routinely measured chemical parameters

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Genotoxic effect of ammonia exposure on workers in a fertilizer factory

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Genotoxic effect of tannery effluent on mitosis of Vicia faba root tip cells

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Genotoxic effects of metronidazole

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Genotoxic effects of selected mycotoxins

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Genotoxic effects of subabool (Leucaena leucocephala) in goats

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Genotoxic effects of two organophosphorus insecticides, quinalphos and malathion on root meristem of Allium cepa L

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Genotoxic evaluation of the herbicide trifluralin on human lymphocytes exposed in vitro

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Genotoxic evaluation of the pyrethroid lambda-cyhalothrin using the micronucleus test in erythrocytes of the fish Cheirodon interruptus interruptus

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Genotoxic potential of Sevin and pirimiphos - methyl residues in stored broad and soybeans on mouse bone marrow cells

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Genotoxicity and oxidative stress induced by pesticide exposure in bovine lymphocyte cultures in vitro

Yajia, M.E.; Marti, D.A.; Bidau, C.J.; Amat, A.G.; Riglos, A.G.; Silvestroni, A., 1999:
Genotoxicity evaluation of Allophylus edulis (Camb.) Radlk. (Sapindaceae) aqueous extract

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Genotoxicity in workers exposed to methyl bromide

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Genotoxicity of bioremediated soils from the Reilly Tar site, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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Genotoxicity of contaminated soil and shallow well water detected by plant bioassays

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Genotoxicity of humic acid in cultured human lymphocytes and its interaction with the herbicides alachlor and maleic hydrazide

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Genotoxicity of leachates from a landfill using three bioassays

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Genotoxicity of oil pollution on some species of Kuwaiti flora

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Genotoxicity of organic extracts of airborne particles in somatic cells of Drosophila melanogaster

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Genotoxicity of pentachlorophenol revealed by Allium chromosome aberration assay

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Genotoxicity of propoxur and its N-nitroso derivative in mammalian cells

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Genotoxicity of select herbicides in Rana catesbeiana tadpoles using the alkaline single-cell gel DNA electrophoresis (comet) assay

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Genotoxicity of soil from farmland irrigated with wastewater using three plant bioassays

Cabrera, G.L.; Rodriguez, D.M.G.; Maruri, A.B., 1999:
Genotoxicity of the extracts from the compost of the organic and the total municipal garbage using three plant bioassays

Guadano, A.; Gonzalez Coloma, A.;, E., 1998:
Genotoxicity of the insecticide rotenone in cultured human lymphocytes

Tsai SanFu; Lin ChiaJung; Liao JiunnWang; Wang ShunCheng, 1999:
Genotoxicity of thuringiensin in Salmonella typhimurium and Bacillus subtilis assays

Alexander, R.; Alexander, M., 1999:
Genotoxicity of two polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons declines as they age in soil

Grover, I.S.; Satwinderjeet Kaur, 1999:
Genotoxicity of wastewater samples from sewage and industrial effluent detected by the Allium root anaphase aberration and micronucleus assays

Duan ChangQun; H.B.n; Jiang XiaoHua; Wen ChuanHao; Wang ZhengHong; Wang YingXue, 1999:
Genotoxicity of water samples from Dianchi lake detected by the Vicia faba micronucleus test

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Genotoxicity profiles and reaction characteristics of potassium polyethylene glycol dehalogenation of wood preserving waste

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Genotoxicity testing of an aqueous mistletoe extract in vitro

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Genotoxicity testing of six insecticides in two crosses of the Drosophila wing spot test

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Genotoxicity testing of some spices in diploid yeast

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Genotoxin resistance properties of transgenic tobacco plants expressing bacteriophage T4 DenV and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Apn1 proteins

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Genotypdata - computerized information system for documentation and evaluation of genetic resources

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Genotype and birth season on age at first egg and productive indicators of Criollo hens of Colima state, Mexico

Cleary, M.P.; Phillips, F.C.; Morton, R.A., 1999:
Genotype and diet effects in lean and obese Zucker rats fed either safflower or coconut oil diets

Balasubramanian, P.; Slinkard, A.; Tyler, R.; Vandenberg, A., 1999:
Genotype and environment effect on canning quality of dry bean grown in Saskatchewan

O.Brien, L., 1999:
Genotype and environment effects on feed grain quality

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Genotype and environment effects on wheat quality traits in a population derived from a soft by hard cross

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Genotype and environment interaction on seedling character in chickpea

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Genotype and environment: their effect on some durum wheat quality characteristics

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Genotype and feeding system effects and interactions for health and fertility traits in dairy cattle

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Genotype and fertilization effects on trypsin inhibitor activity in sweetpotato

Mellata, M.; Bakour, R.; Mohamed, O.S.A.; Jacquemin, E.; Mainil, J., 1998:
Genotype and phenotype characterization of potentially virulent strains of bovine Escherichia coli isolated in Algeria

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Genotype and site differences in the fatty acid composition of muscle phospholipids in cattle

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Genotype and year effects on some spring malting barley traits

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Genotype by competition level interactions in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Honarnejad, R.; Mohammad Salehi, M.S., 1998:
Genotype by environment interaction and adaptation of rice varieties to environmental conditions of Guilan province

Yan WeiKai; Hunt, L.A., 1998:
Genotype by environment interaction and crop yield

Voltas, J.; Romagosa, I.; Lafarga, A.; Armesto, A.P.; Sombrero, A.; Araus, J.L., 1999:
Genotype by environment interaction for grain yield and carbon isotope discrimination of barley in Mediterranean Spain

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Genotype by environment interaction for milk yield in dairy cattle

Carbonell, S.A.gusto Morais; Pompeu, A.S.dney, 1997:
Genotype by environment interactions in common bean in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Genotype by environment interactions in production traits of sheep

Coulson, T.N.; Albon, S.D.; Pemberton, J.M.; Slate, J.; Guinness, F.E.; Clutton Brock, T.H., 1998 :
Genotype by environment interactions in winter survival in red deer

Frensham, A.; Cullis, B.; Verbyla, A., 1997:
Genotype by environment variance heterogeneity in a two-stage analysis

Ignatova, L.; Nacheva, J.; Petkov, N., 1998:
Genotype characteristics of initial populations of the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) for commercial hybridization

Potdar, U.A.; Thengane, S.R.; Khan, B.M.; Rawal, S.K., 1999:
Genotype dependent somatic embryogenesis in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Gill, J.W.; Hosking, B.J.; Holst, P.J.; Fogarty, N.M.; Hopkins, D.L.; Egan, A.R., 1998:
Genotype differences in responses of growth and carcass characteristics to the intrauterine cohabitant phenomenon in twin lambs

Grzybowski, G.; Lubieniecki, K.; Lubieniecka, J., 1999:
Genotype distribution at locus CD18 in cattle and comparison of haematologic indicators in half-sib groups of different genotype with regards to D128G mutation

Acciaresi, H.A.; Chidichimo, H.O.; Fuse, C.B., 1997:
Genotype environment interaction of forage production in oat (Avena sativa L.)

Banik, B.R.; Sarker, R.; Pandit, D.B., 1997:
Genotype environment interaction of seed yield and seed weight in chickpea

Hapase, R.S.; Patil, S.L.; Repale, J.M., 1998:
Genotype environment interactions of sugarcane varieties in Satpuda Tapi Valley in Khandesh region

Chobotova, E.; Dobalova, M.; Foltys, V., 1998:
Genotype frequencies of four polymorphic systems of milk proteins in Slovakian Pied and Pinzgauer cattle

Matulova, K.; Debreceni, O., 1996:
Genotype frequency of kappa -casein in relation to milk yield in Slovak Spotted cows

Chowdari, K.V.; Davierwala, A.P.; Gupta, V.S.; Ranjekar, P.K.; Govila, O.P., 1998:
Genotype identification and assessment of genetic relationships in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br) using microsatellites and RAPDs

L.S.Qi; Adam, R.D., 1998:
Genotype identification of Giardia lamblia: analysis of the triose phosphate isomerase (tim) gene sequence

Dong ZhenSheng; Liu ChuangShe; Jing JunSheng; Ran LongGui; Zhang XiuSen; Dong JunGang; Liu XuanXia, 1999:
Genotype identification of restorer of double dominant genic sterility 896AB in B. campestris L

Mackill, D.J.; Redona, E.D., 1997:
Genotype requirements for direct-seeded rice

Beauregard, R.; Gazo, R.; Kimberley, M.; Turner, J.; Mitchell, S.; Shelbourne, T., 1997:
Genotype variation in radiata pine random width board quality

Cameron, N.; Penman, J.; Fisken, A.; Nute, G.; Perry, A.; Wood, J., 1999:
Genotype with nutrition interactions for carcass composition and meat quality in pig genotypes selected for components of efficient lean growth rate

Asay, K.H.; Johnson, D.A., 1997:
Genotype x competition level interactions in crested wheatgrass (Agropyron desertorum Poaceae: Triticeae)

Khanna, H.; Raina, S., 1998:
Genotype x culture media interaction effects on regeneration response of three indica rice cultivars

Uzik, M., 1997:
Genotype x environment interaction analysis for yield in wheat

Prabalee Sarmah; Pawar, I.S.; Yunus, M.; Sharma, S.C., 1997:
Genotype x environment interaction analysis of some triple test cross families in bread wheat

Sunil Kumar; Jaylal Mahto; Kapildeo Prasad; Amrendra Kumar, 1998:
Genotype x environment interaction and stability analysis of niger

Manivel, P.; Hussain, H.S.J., 1997:
Genotype x environment interaction for combining ability estimates in castor (Ricinus communis L.)

Mishra, D.K.; Mishra, G.P.; Baghel, M.S., 1999:
Genotype x environment interaction for grain yield and its components in soybean

Viswanathan, P.L.; Nadarajan, N., 1996:
Genotype x environment interaction for grain yield in cowpea

Grzebelus, D., 1997:
Genotype x environment interaction for nitrate accumulation in red beet

Lopez-Medina, J.M.ore, P.; Shanks, C.J.; Flores-Gil, F.C.andler, C., 1999:
Genotype x environment interaction for resistance to spider mites in Fragaria

Vimala, B.; Lakshmi, K.R., 1998:
Genotype x environment interaction in sweet potato

Singh, M.; Ceccarelli, S.; Grando, S., 1999:
Genotype x environment interaction of crossover type: detecting its presence and estimating the crossover point

Ahuja, S.L.; Banerjee, S.K.; Jagmail Singh, 1998:
Genotype x environment interaction of morphotypes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Tai, G.C.C.; Coleman, W.K., 1999:
Genotype x environment interaction of potato chip colour

Miladinovic, J.; Vidic, M.; Tatic, M., 1996:
Genotype x environment interactions and genotypic and phenotypic correlations between grain yield and harvest index in soyabeans

Kara, S.M., 1997:
Genotype x environment interactions and stability analysis for yield of bread wheat

Gonzalez, M.R.; Manzanares, M.; Laguna, R.; Tenorio, J.L.; Caminero, C.; Martin, J.A.; Ayerbe, L.; Ramos, A., 1998:
Genotype x environment interactions for grain yield of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Shrivastava, D.K.; Sindhu Verma; Holkar, A.S., 1998:
Genotype x environment interactions for yield and major yield contributing traits in triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack)

Yilmaz, G.; Tugay, M.E., 1999:
Genotype x environment interactions in potato. I. The investigation based on stability parameters

Ylmaz, G.; Tugay, M.E., 1999:
Genotype x environment interactions in potatoes. II. Environmental factors

Rao, S.K.; Jain, S.K., 1996:
Genotype x year interaction in the genetic diversity of elite chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) germplasm

Baba, T.; Yamaguchi, O.; Furusho, M., 1998:
Genotype x year interaction in yield and grain quality of malting barley

Ordonez, A.; Torres, L.; Maich, R.; Zumelzu, M. de, 1997:
Genotype, environmental and GxE interactions effects on the meiotic index in hexaploid triticale (Triticosecale Wittmack)

Morel, S.H.rrison, R.; Muir, D.; Hunter, E., 1999:
Genotype, location, and harvest date effects on the sensory character of fresh and frozen red raspberries

Vera, R.R., 1998:
Genotype, nutrition and reproduction in dual-purpose cattle: a selective review of the literature

Novello, V.; Palma, L. de, 1997:
Genotype, rootstock and irrigation influence on water relations, photosynthesis and water use efficiency in grapevine

Bastide, J.M.; Pujol, C.; Mallie, M.; Reynes, J., 1999:
Genotype, serotype and sensitivity to fluconazole of various Candida albicans strains isolated from HIV+ patients

Agwanda, C.O.; Baradat, P.; Cilas, C.; Charrier, A., 1997:
Genotype-by-environment interaction and its implications on selection for improved quality in arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

Chauhan, Y.S.; Wallace, D.H.; Johansen, C.; Singh, L., 1998:
Genotype-by-environment interaction effect on yield and its physiological bases in short-duration pigeonpea

Wade, L.J.; McLaren, C.G.; Criseno, L.; Amarante, S.T.; Sarawgi, A.K.; Kumar, R.; Bhamri, M.C.; Singh, O.N.; Ahmed, H.U.; Rajatasereekul, S.; Porn Uraisanit, P.; Boonwite, C.; Harnpichitvitaya, D.; Sarkarung, S., 1997:
Genotype-by-environment interactions: RLRRC experience

Iser, M.; Fettig, S.; Scheyhing, F.; Viertel, K.; Hess, D., 1999:
Genotype-dependent stable genetic transformation in German spring wheat varieties selected for high regeneration potential

Phul, P.S.; Randhawa, L.S.; Sohu, R.S., 1997:
Genotype-environment interaction and its implication in plant breeding

Prusti, A.M.; Mohapatra, B.K.; Baisakh, B., 1998:
Genotype-environment interaction and phenotypic stability in ragi

Goswami, P.K.; Borah, P., 1995:
Genotype-environment interaction and phenotypic stability in sugarcane

Jyotirmoy Ghosh; Singh, J.R.P., 1998:
Genotype-environment interaction and stability analysis for cane yield and juice quality in sugarcane

Prusti, A.M.; Mohapatra, B.K.; Baisakh, B., 1998:
Genotype-environment interaction and stability of performance of some elite strains of ragi Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn

Hanbury, C.D.; Siddique, K.H.M.; Galwey, N.W.; Cocks, P.S., 1999:
Genotype-environment interaction for seed yield and ODAP concentration of Lathyrus sativus L. and L. cicera L. in Mediterranean-type environments

Perusse, L.; Bouchard, C., 1999:
Genotype-environment interaction in human obesity

Kaczmarek, Z.A.amski, T.S.rma, M.J.zowski, S.L.sniewska-Fratczak, M., 1999:
Genotype-environment interaction of barley doubled haploids with regard to malting quality

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