Genic and cytoplasmic male sterility in rapeseed. IV. Establishment of recessive genic and polima cytoplasmic male sterility in Brassica napus

Yang GuangSheng; Fu TingDong; Ma ChaoZhi; Yang XiaoNiu

Acta Agronomica Sinica 23(2): 144-149


Accession: 003152628

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Differences in the male sterile gene systems between recessive genic male sterility (RGMS) and the polima cytoplasmic male sterility (pol CMS) lines of Brassica napus are discussed. Two recessive genic and polima cytoplasmic male sterility (RGCMS) lines, RGCMS-S45A and RGCMS-117A, were obtained by introducing the genic male sterility genes from RGMS lines S45AB and 11AB into genotypes with pol CMS. It is suggested that RGCMS lines S45AB and 117AB could be used as maintainers of RGCMS, and that all restorers of pol CMS are restorers of RGCMS.