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Heat-induced interactions between genetic variants of beta -lactoglobulin and kappa -casein and the subsequent effect on rheological properties of stirred skimmilk gels

Andren, A.; Allmere, T.; Bjorck, L.

Milk protein polymorphism Proceedings of the IDF Seminar, Palmerston North, New Zealand, February 1997: 411-413


Accession: 003158873

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Milk samples from cows representing all combinations of genetic variants of beta -lactoglobulin ( beta -Lg) AA, AB and BB with kappa -casein ( kappa -Cn) AA, AB and BB were heated at 90 degrees C for 0 to 10 min. Reaction rate for heat-induced interactions between beta -Lg and kappa -Cn increased with the number of beta -Lg B alleles, especially in milk with kappa -Cn AA or BB.