Histomorphological studies on the postnatal development of seminiferous tubules in testis of Indian Murrah buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Malhi, P.S.; Roy, K.S.; Pawar, H.S.

Buffalo Journal 15(2): 215-223


Accession: 003161147

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Histomorphological studies were conducted on 1 micro m sections obtained from testis of 26 male buffaloes with ages ranging from 1 day to >3 years. At birth, primitive Sertoli cell and gonocytes were observed in the seminiferous cords. Some of the gonocytes were degenerating. The gonocytes migrated towards the basement membrane and on contact with basement membrane were classified as prespermatogonia. Primary spermatocytes were first seen at 6 months of age. Lumen formation in seminiferous cords was first observed at 1 year of age. The spermatogenic process was completely established by 3-3.5 years of age. The seminiferous epithelium cycle was divided into 8 stages. The frequency of these stages varied from 11.5+or-0.50% to 23.6+or-1.02%.