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Histopathological evaluation of the therapeutic effect of herbal CPD. 861 on liver fibrosis

Chinese Journal of Hepatology 5(2): 77-78

Histopathological evaluation of the therapeutic effect of herbal CPD. 861 on liver fibrosis

The therapeutic effect of the herbal drug, CPD. 861, against liver fibrosis was evaluated in 22 patients. One group (12 patients) was treated CPD. 861 for 6 months while the other group (10 patients, control) was treated with Yigan-ning herbal granules. Twenty patients were biopsied before and after treatment. CPD. 861 treatment reduced the fibrosis score from 10+or-9.92 to 2.58+or-2.07 and the inflammation score from 18.25+or-7.4 to 8.5+or-2.7.

Accession: 003161205

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