Section 4
Chapter 3,163

Host response of tetraploid plantain and banana hybrids to a Ugandan isolate of fusarium wilt

Kangire, A.; Karamura, E.B.; Gold, C.S.

MusAfrica 11: 9-10


Accession: 003162028

A screening trial for resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense was established near Kampala for 12 tetraploid plantain and banana hybrids, using Kayinja (ABB) and Mbwazirume (AAA) as controls. The hybrids were derived either from crosses between French plantains (Obino l'Ewai or Bobby Tannap) and Calcutta 4, or between an ABB cooking banana (Bluggoe) and the wild banana Calcutta 4.

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