Section 4
Chapter 3,164

Hybridization of new Australian Gossypium species (section Grandicalyx) with cultivated tetraploid cotton

Zhang JinFa; Stewart, J.M.

1997 Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences New Orleans LA USA January 6-10, 1997 1: 487-490


Accession: 003163326

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There are at least 17 indigenous wild cotton species in Australia, including 12 species (K genome) primarily distributed in the Kimberley area. These Kimberley cottons (2n = 2x = 26, KK) showed high pollen compatibility with cultivated tetraploids (G. hirsutum, G. barbadense; 2n = 4x = 52, AADD) when the tetraploids were used as female. The pollination between AD as female and K produced almost the same boll-set as intraspecific crossing, while the reciprocal crosses were unsuccessful.

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