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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3169

Chapter 3169 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Khorasani, N.; Abutalebi, A., 1995:
Impacts of gypsum particles on soil and vegetation in Khorasan region

Spurgeon, D.W.; Raulston, J.R.; Zamora, O., 1998:
Impacts of habitat types on boll weevil pheromone trap captures

Martins, S.S.; Couto, L.; Tormena, C.A.; Machado, C.C., 1998:
Impacts of harvesting activities on some physical properties of native forests

Scott, C.A.; Walter, M.F.; Brooks, E.S.; Boll, J.; Hes, M.B.; Merrill, M.D., 1998:
Impacts of historical changes in land use and dairy herds on water quality in the Catskills Mountains

Moon, H.K.; Han, I.K.; Gentry, J.L.; Parmentier, H.K.; Schrama, J.W., 1999:
Impacts of host immunization on the translocation of intestinal bacteria and growth performance in weanling piglets

Alig, R.; Adams, D.; Mccarl, B., 1998:
Impacts of incorporating land exchanges between forestry and agriculture in sector models

Tematio, P.; Olson, K.R., 1997:
Impacts of industrialized agriculture on land in Bafou, Cameroon

Knuth, P.; E.T.ti, A., 1997:
Impacts of integrated farming on the plant parasitic nematode - Pratylenchus spp.: long term results of the Lautenbach project

Jim, Chi Yung, 1998:
Impacts of intensive urbanization on trees in Hong Kong

Relva, M.A.; Veblen, T.T., 1998:
Impacts of introduced large herbivores on Austrocedrus chilensis forests in northern Patagonia, Argentina

Bartley, D.; Casal, C.V., 1998:
Impacts of introductions on the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic biodiversity

Knerr, B., 1997:
Impacts of labour migration on the sustainability of agricultural development in arid regions

Ouyang ZhiYun; Wang RuSong; Wang XiaoKe; Xiao Han, 1999:
Impacts of land cover change on plant and bird species diversity in Hainan Island, China

Tangtham, N.; Boonyawat, S.; Witthawatchutikul, P., 1998:
Impacts of land cover changes and large reservoirs development on streamflow regime of the Chao Phraya river basin and its tributaries

Wade, A.J.; Langan, S.J.; Soulsby, C.; Smart, R.; Edwards, A.C.; Jarvie, H.P.; Cresser, M.S., 1998:
Impacts of land use and flow on nitrate concentrations and fluxes of an upland river system in North East Scotland

Hobbs, R.J., 1998:
Impacts of land use on biodiversity in southwestern Australia

Reid, R.S.; Gardiner, A.J.; Kiema, S.; Maitima, J.M.; Wilson, C.J., 1999:
Impacts of land use on biological diversity in eastern, western and southern Africa

Scrinzi, G.; Floris, A.; Pignatti, G., 1997:
Impacts of large wild ungulates on vegetation and regeneration in mountain forests of Trentino: biodiversity and bioindicators

Kimball, B.A.; Nolte, D.L.; Griffin, D.L.; Dutton, S.M.; Ferguson, S., 1998:
Impacts of live canopy pruning on the chemical constituents of Douglas-fir vascular tissues: implications for black bear tree selection

Fredericksen, Todd S., 1998:
Impacts of logging and development on Central Appalachian forests

Gardingen, P.R.; Clearwater, M.J.; Nifinluri, T.; Effendi, R.; Rusmantoro, W.; Noor, M.; Mason, P.A.; Ingleby, K.; Munro, R.C., 1998:
Impacts of logging on the regeneration of lowland dipterocarp forest in Indonesia

Helming, J.F.M., 1997:
Impacts of manure policies of the Netherlands

Kaufman, L.; Dayton, P., 1997:
Impacts of marine resource extraction on ecosystem services and sustainability

Macdonald, S.E.len; Schmidt, M.G.; Rothwell, R.L., 1998:
Impacts of mechanical site preparation on foliar nutrients of planted white spruce seedlings on mixed-wood boreal forest sites in Alberta

Soltan, S.A.; Abbas, H.H.; Hegazy, M.N.; Nasef, M.K., 1996:
Impacts of organic wastes on phosphorus availability and productivity of newly reclaimed calcareous soils

Zihlmann, U.; Weisskopf, P.; Menzi, H.; Ingold, U., 1997:
Impacts of outdoor pigs on the soil

Ollerenshaw, J.H.; Lyons, T.; Barnes, J.D., 1999:
Impacts of ozone on the growth and yield of field-grown winter oilseed rape

Ollerenshaw, J.H.; Lyons, T., 1999:
Impacts of ozone on the growth and yield of field-grown winter wheat

Scharpenseel, H.W.; Pfeiffer, E.M., 1998:
Impacts of possible climate change upon soils; some regional consequences

Tjornhom, J.; Norton, G.; Gapud, V., 1998:
Impacts of price and exchange rate policies on pesticide use in the Philippines

Bradshaw, T.K.; Muller, B., 1998:
Impacts of rapid urban growth on farmland conversion: application of new regional land use policy models and Geographical Information Systems

Guinto, D.F.; House, A.P.N.; X.Z.iHong; Saffigna, P.G., 1999:
Impacts of repeated fuel reduction burning on tree growth, mortality and recruitment in mixed species eucalypt forests of southeast Queensland, Australia

Huang, J.; Rozelle, S.; Lin, J.Y., 1998:
Impacts of research and technological change on China's rice production

Adler, Gregory H., 1998:
Impacts of resource abundance on populations of a tropical forest rodent

Pannell, D.J.; Nordblom, T.L., 1998:
Impacts of risk aversion on whole-farm management in Syria

Dormaar, J.; Adams, B.; Willms, W., 1997:
Impacts of rotational grazing on mixed prairie soils and vegetation

Yang ZengJiang; Zheng HaiShui; Zhou ZaiZhi, 1996:
Impacts of rubber plantation intercropping on litter, humus and soil properties

Yin RunSheng; Newman, D.H., 1997:
Impacts of rural reforms: the case of the Chinese forest sector

Kazuhiko, H.; Wajirou, S.; Satohiko, S., 1997:
Impacts of secondary seed dispersal and herbivory on seedling survival in Aesculus turbinata

Hu, X.S.; Ennos, R.A., 1999:
Impacts of seed and pollen flow on population genetic structure for plant genomes with three contrasting modes of inheritance

Lemckert, F., 1999:
Impacts of selective logging on frogs in a forested area of northern New South Wales

E.A.abi, N.; Attia, F., 1997:
Impacts of sewage-based irrigation on groundwater an Egyptian case

Makela, A.; Vanninen, P., 1998:
Impacts of size and competition on tree form and distribution of aboveground biomass in Scots pine

Shi HongQi; Price, D.W., 1998:
Impacts of sociodemographic variables on the implicit values of breakfast cereal characteristics

Page Dumroese, D.S.; Harvey, A.E.; Jurgensen, M.F.; Amaranthus, M.P., 1998:
Impacts of soil compaction and tree stump removal on soil properties and outplanted seedlings in northern Idaho, USA

Wass, E.F.; Smith, R.B., 1997:
Impacts of stump uprooting on a gravelly sandy loam soil and planted Douglas-fir seedlings in south-coastal British Columbia

Schmidt, E.J., 1997:
Impacts of sugarcane production on water resources

Trewin, R., 1999:
Impacts of the Asian crisis and the political economy on agriculture's role in developing economies

Piorr, H.P.; Glemnitz, M.; Kachele, H.; Mirschel, W.; Stachow, U., 1998:
Impacts of the European Union reform policy after 1996 in north-east Germany: landscape change and wildlife conservation

Meyers, W.H., 1996:
Impacts of the Uruguay Round on agricultural commodity markets: implications for Russia

McLean, M.A.; Parkinson, D., 1998:
Impacts of the epigeic earthworm Dendrobaena octaedra on oribatid mite community diversity and microarthropod abundances in pine forest floor: a mesocosm study

Mohammadi, I.M.; Heshmatollah, S., 1999:
Impacts of the extension factors on motivating wheat farmers to participate in the Integrated Pest Management (IMP) against eurigaster in two western provinces in Iran

Anonymous, 1999:
Impacts of the financial crisis on Asia's tourism sector

Liu ShuMing; Guo JunZhan, 1998:
Impacts of the increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere on distribution and growth of Pinus tabulaeformis

Zhou Lin; M.Y.Xiou; Zhang HongZhong; Jiang JianGang, 1997:
Impacts of thinning on the volume increment and revenues of Metasequoia glyptostroboides plantations

Zhou Lin; F.X.anYi; M.Y.Xiou, 1998:
Impacts of thinning on the volume increment of Metasequoia glyptostroboides plantations

Pelkki, Mh, 1999:
Impacts of thinning strategies on financial returns from yellow-poplar stands

Wall, G., 1997:
Impacts of tourism: theory and practice

Satyanarayana, V.; Wilson, W.W.; Johnson, D.D.; Dooley, F.J., 1998:
Impacts of trade and agricultural policies on the world malt and malting barley market

Lachaal, L.W.mack, A., 1998:
Impacts of trade and macroeconomic linkages on Canadian agriculture

Kula, E.; Zabecki, W., 1997:
Impacts of tree social position on the cambioxylophagous fauna of spruce trees

Bobbink, R., 1998:
Impacts of tropospheric ozone and airborne nitrogenous pollutants on natural and semi-natural ecosystems: a commentary

Evans, J.L., 1999:
Impacts of typical manipulations on the hydrology of common wetlands

Mlozi, M.R.S., 1997:
Impacts of urban agriculture in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Gordon, A.G.; Morris, D.M.; Balakrishnan, N., 1993:
Impacts of various levels of biomass removals on the structure, function, and productivity of black spruce ecosystems: research protocols

Tsadilas, C.D., 1997:
Impacts of waste water reuse on some soil properties

Joslin, J.D.vereux; Wolfe, M.H., 1998:
Impacts of water input manipulations on fine root production and mortality in a mature hardwood forest

Parker, A.H.; Witkowski, E.T.F., 1999:
Impacts on herbaceous vegetation of abundant perennial water points for game

Burkholder, J.M.; Mallin, M.A.; Glasgow, H.B.J.; Larsen, L.M.; McIver, M.R.; Shank, G.C.; Deamer Melia, N.; Briley, D.S.; Springer, J.; Touchette, B.W.; Hannon, E.K., 1997:
Impacts to a coastal river and estuary from rupture of a large swine waste holding lagoon

Mathew, A.; Kurane, I.; Green, S.; Vaughn, D.W.; Kalayanarooj, S.; Suntayakorn, S.; Ennis, F.A.; Rothman, A.L., 1999:
Impaired T cell proliferation in acute dengue infection

Curwiel, V.B.; Rensen, J.J.S. van, 1998:
Impaired activity of photosystem II leads to shade-type chloroplasts being more sensitive to photoinhibition

Modesti, P.A.; Hagi, M.I.; Corsoni, V.; Ferraro, A.; Vincenzo, E. di; Vanni, S.; Serneri, G.G.N., 1999:
Impaired adaptation of cardiopulmonary receptors to Western diet in normotensive black immigrants

Niebauer, J.; Maxwell, A.J.; Lin, P.S.; Tsao, P.S.; Kosek, J.; Bernstein, D.; Cooke, J.P., 1999:
Impaired aerobic capacity in hypercholesterolemic mice: partial reversal by exercise training

Gustavsson, S.; Hjulström-Chomez, S.; Lidström, B.M.; Ahlborg, N.; Andersson, R.; Heyman, B., 1998:
Impaired antibody responses in H-2Ab mice

Gasperini, S.; Zambello, R.; Agostini, C.; Trentin, L.; Tassinari, C.; Cadrobbi, P.; Semenzato, G.; Cassatella, M.A., 1998:
Impaired cytokine production by neutrophils isolated from patients with AIDS

Shiraishi, M.; Ikeda, M.; Ogawa, H.; Tu, C.H.; Ito, K., 1998:
Impaired cytosolic calcium mobilization and aggregation in response to collagen in platelets from Japanese black cattle with Chediak-Higashi syndrome

Williams, M.J.A.; Sutherland, W.H.F.; McCormick, M.P.; Jong, S.A. de; Walker, R.J.; Wilkins, G.T., 1999:
Impaired endothelial function following a meal rich in used cooking fat

Wikse, S.E.; Herd, D.B.; Field, R.W.; Edwards, J.F.; Dorsett, D.J.; Knape, G.G., 1997:
Impaired fertility and weak calf syndrome due to inadequate nutrition

Tachedjian, G.; Mellors, J.W.; Bazmi, H.; Mills, J., 1998:
Impaired fitness of foscarnet-resistant strains of human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Molina, A.; Hunt, M.D.; Ryals, J.A., 1998:
Impaired fungicide activity in plants blocked in disease resistance signal transduction

Lauro, D.; Kido, Y.; Castle, A.L.; Zarnowski, M.J.; Hayashi, H.; Ebina, Y.; Accili, D., 1998:
Impaired glucose tolerance in mice with a targeted impairment of insulin action in muscle and adipose tissue

Langley Evans, S.C.; Nwagwu, M., 1998:
Impaired growth and increased glucocorticoid-sensitive enzyme activities in tissues of rat fetuses exposed to maternal low protein diets

Krezel, W.; Ghyselinck, N.; Samad, T.A.; Dupe, V.; Kastner, P.; Borrelli, E.; Chambon, P., 1998:
Impaired locomotion and dopamine signaling in retinoid receptor mutant mice

Zhou, Y.; Kurihara, T.; Ryseck, R.P.; Yang, Y.; Ryan, C.; Loy, J.; Warr, G.; Bravo, R., 1998:
Impaired macrophage function and enhanced T cell-dependent immune response in mice lacking CCR5, the mouse homologue of the major HIV-1 coreceptor

Fantl, V.; Edwards, P.A.; Steel, J.H.; Vonderhaar, B.K.; Dickson, C., 1999:
Impaired mammary gland development in Cyl-1(-/-) mice during pregnancy and lactation is epithelial cell autonomous

Thomas, S.A.; Palmiter, R.D., 1997:
Impaired maternal behavior in mice lacking norepinephrine and epinephrine

Rajaratnam, R.A.; Gylling, H.; Miettinen, T.A., 1999:
Impaired postprandial clearance of squalene and apolipoprotein B-48 in post-menopausal women with coronary artery disease

Suzuki, Y.; Rani, S.; Liesenfeld, O.; Kojima, T.; Lim, S.; Nguyen, T.A.; Dalrymple, S.A.; Murray, R.; Remington, J.S., 1997:
Impaired resistance to the development of toxoplasmic encephalitis in interleukin-6-deficient mice

Quadro, L.; Blaner, W.S.; Salchow, D.J.; Vogel, S.; Piantedosi, R.; Gouras, P.; Freeman, S.; Cosma, M.P.; Colantuoni, V.; Gottesman, M.E., 1999:
Impaired retinal function and vitamin A availability in mice lacking retinol-binding protein

Gravance, C.G.; Breier, B.H.; Vickers, M.H.; Casey, P.J., 1997:
Impaired sperm characteristics in postpubertal growth-hormone-deficient dwarf (dw/dw) rats

Miura, T.; Kawamura, S.; Miura, C.; Yamauchi, K., 1997:
Impaired spermatogenesis in the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica: Possibility of the existence of factors that regulate entry of germ cells into meiosis

Zoli, G.; Corazza, G.R.; Wood, S.; Bartoli, R.; Gasbarrini, G.; Farthing, M.J., 1998:
Impaired splenic function and tuftsin deficiency in patients with intestinal failure on long term intravenous nutrition

Timpl, P.; Spanagel, R.; Sillaber, I.; Kresse, A.; Reul, J.M.; Stalla, G.K.; Blanquet, V.; Steckler, T.; Holsboer, F.; Wurst, W., 1998:
Impaired stress response and reduced anxiety in mice lacking a functional corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1

Vignoli, M.; Stecca, B.; Furlini, G.; Re, M.C.; Mantovani, V.; Zauli, G.; Visani, G.; Colangeli, V.; L.P.aca, M., 1998:
Impaired telomerase activity in uninfected haematopoietic progenitors in HIV-1-infected patients

Stahl, W.; Kaneda, Y., 1998:
Impaired thyroid function in murine toxoplasmosis

Dierich, A.; Sairam, M.R.; Monaco, L.; Fimia, G.M.; Gansmuller, A.; LeMeur, M.; Sassone Corsi, P., 1998:
Impairing follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) signaling in vivo: targeted disruption of the FSH receptor leads to aberrant gametogenesis and hormonal imbalance

Conge, A.M.; Tarte, K.; Reynes, J.; Segondy, M.; Gerfaux, J.; Zembala, M.; Vendrell, J.P., 1998:
Impairment of B-lymphocyte differentiation induced by dual triggering of the B-cell antigen receptor and CD40 in advanced HIV-1-disease

Nappo, F.;, N.; Marfella, R.; D.L.cia, D.; Ingrosso, D.; Perna, A.F.; Farzati, B.; Giugliano, D., 1999:
Impairment of endothelial functions by acute hyperhomocysteinemia and reversal by antioxidant vitamins

Kort, J.J., 1998:
Impairment of excitatory amino acid transport in astroglial cells infected with the human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Bacon, P.J.; Jones, J.G.; Taylor, P.; Stewart, S.; Wilson Nunn, D.; Kerr, M., 1998:
Impairment of gas exchange due to alveolar oedema during xylazine sedation in sheep; absence of a free radical mediated inflammatory mechanism

Lean, M.E.J.; Han, T.S.; Seidell, J.C., 1998:
Impairment of health and quality of life in people with large waist circumference

Lean, M.E.; Han, T.S.; Seidell, J.C., 1999 :
Impairment of health and quality of life using new US federal guidelines for the identification of obesity

Mojzisova, J.; Paulik, S.; Baranova, D., 1999:
Impairment of neutrophil and lymphocyte functions in dogs with uncomplicated and pyoderma complicated demodicosis

Achnine, L.; Pereda Miranda, R.; Iglesias Prieto, R.; Lotina Hennsen, B., 1998:
Impairment of photosystem II acceptor side of spinach chloroplasts induced by tricolorin A

Achnine, L.; Mata, R.; Iglesias Prieto, R.; Lotina Hennsen, B., 1998:
Impairment of photosystem II donor side by the natural product odoratol

Robertson, K.M.; O'Donnell, L.; Jones, M.E.E.; Meachem, S.J.; Boon WahChin; Fisher, C.R.; Graves, K.H.; McLachlan, R.I.; Simpson, E.R., 1999:
Impairment of spermatogenesis in mice lacking a functional aromatase (cyp 19) gene

Vannier-Santos, M.A.; Martiny, A.; Lins, U.; Urbina, J.A.; Borges, V.M.; de Souza, W., 1999:
Impairment of sterol biosynthesis leads to phosphorus and calcium accumulation in Leishmania acidocalcisomes

Hernould, M.S.harsono; Zabaleta, E.C.rde, J.; Litvak, S.A.aya, A.M.uras, A., 1998:
Impairment of tapetum and mitochondria in engineered male-sterile tobacco plants

Green, M.W.; Rogers, P.J., 1998:
Impairments in working memory associated with spontaneous dieting behaviour

Kunadia, B.A.; Patel, I.S.; Patil, R.G.; Patel, S.K.; Patel, S.M.; Patel, S.I.; Bhatiya, V.J., 1997:
Imparting stability to pearl millet-clusterbean intercropping system through adopting suitable variety

Grimshaw, John M., 1998:
Impatiens columbaria: Balsaminaceae

Bellardi, M.G.; Vicchi, V., 1998:
Impatiens necrotic spot tospovirus in cyclamen in Veneto (northern-east Italy)

Schmitz, G., 1998:
Impatiens parviflora D.C. (Balsaminaceae) as a neophyte in Central European forests and woodland-a biozonal analysis

Petrov, S.M.; Tuzhilkin, V.I.; Skugarev, V.V., 1994:
Impedance measurement method for monitoring of sugar-containing solutions

Skugarev, V.V.; Petrov, S.M.; Tuzhilkin, V.I., 1994:
Impedance measurement monitoring of the dielectric permittivity of sugar solutions at high frequencies

Ruis-Heutinck, L.F.; Savenije, B.; Postema, F.; Van Voorst, A.; Lambooij, E.; Korf, J., 1998:
Impedance recordings to determine change in extracellular volume in the brain following cardiac arrest in broiler chickens

Petrov, S.M.; Zagorul' ko, E.A., 1995:
Impedance-metering of saturated solutions containing solid phase

Smedema, L.K.; Ochs, W.J., 1998:
Impediments to improved drainage in developing countries

Muschkowitz, C., 1997:
Impedimetric assay of the generation time of representatives of the Enterobacteriaceae of significance in food hygiene

Balter, M., 1998:
Impending AIDS vaccine trial opens old wounds

Feuillette, B.; Marnotte, P.; Bourgeois, T. le, 1997 :
Imperata cylindrica

Kamal Taori, 1998:
Imperative of integrating technologies for sustainable rural development with thrust towards unorganised rural sector

Suzuki, N.; Kaiser, H.M., 1997:
Imperfect competition models and commodity promotion evaluation: the case of U.S. generic milk advertising

Alston, J.; Sexton, R.; Zhang, M., 1999:
Imperfect competition, functional forms, and the size and distribution of research benefits

Guo YingLan, 1999:
Imperfect fungi in the tropical areas of China II. Some species of Pseudocercospora from Guangdong Province

Guo YingLan, 1998:
Imperfect fungi in the tropical areas of China. I. Species of Cercospora and allied genera from Yunnan Province

Schmitt, G., 1997:
Imperfect labour markets, opportunity costs of family labour and farm size - the problem of optimal farm size

Cober, E.; Ablett, G.; Buzzell, R.; Luzzi, B.; Poysa, V.S.hota, A.; Voldeng, H., 1998:
Imperfect yellow hilum color in soybean is conditioned by II rr TT

Holmes, G.J.; Jackson, L.F.; Perring, T.M., 1997:
Imperial Valley conditions limit Karnal bunt in wheat

Tanwar, B.S., 1998:
Impetus of water and land management in conflict resolution in India

Ovadia, D.Z.; Walker, C.E., 1998 :
Impingement in food processing

Stein, O.; Nett, D., 1997:
Impinging jet calibration of excess shear sediment detachment parameters

Kerth, C.R.; Miller, M.F.; Owen, B.L.; Brophy, B.H.; Ramsey, C.B., 1995:
Implant and biological type effects on beef carcass characteristics

Hirsbrunner, G.; Metzger, L.; Steiner, A., 1998:
Implantation of a reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene vascular graft for treatment of obstructions of the teat and mammary gland cisternae in cattle

Weiler, H.; Meyer, H., 1999:
Implantation of a transponder into the neck of horses

Torres, F.; Montilla, M., 1997:
Implantation of the Loranthaceae hemiparasite Phthirusa pyrifolia (H.B.K.) Eichl. in species of a coffee agroecosystem

Selk, G., 1999:
Implants for suckling steer and heifer calves

Shukla, B.D.; Gyanendra Singh, 1998:
Implement and machinery for crop production and post production system in India

Deblitz, C., 1998:
Implementation and acceptance of agri-environmental schemes in the EU member states

Sajjapongse, A., 1996:
Implementation and adaptation of conservation practices

Ducrocq, V., 1997:
Implementation and first results of the genetic evaluation of dairy bulls on longevity of their daughters

Wang, C.S., 1998:
Implementation issues in Bayesian analysis in animal breeding

Adams, Tim O., 1998:
Implementation monitoring of forestry best management practices for site preparation in South Carolina

Hsu ShiangKueen; Hsu HuiTsung; Tsai MingChien, 1998:
Implementation of Land Subsidence Prevention and Reclamation Plan in Taiwan

Kaus, V., 1999:
Implementation of EC-registration directive 91/414/EEC and annexes

Faure, A.; Larue, P.; David Maufras, M.P.; Guery, B., 1999:
Implementation of G2 applications. The view of the professionals

Almeida, R.C.C.; Matos, C.O.; Almeida, P.F., 1999:
Implementation of a HACCP system for on-site hospital preparation of infant formula

Koelsch, R.; Howard, L.; Pritchard, S.; Hay, P., 1998:
Implementation of a livestock systems environmental assessment tool

Eigenberg, R.; Korthals, R.; Nienaber, J.; Hahn, G., 1998:
Implementation of a mass balance approach to predicting nutrient fate of manure from beef cattle feedlots

Ducrocq, V.; Solkner, J., 1998:
Implementation of a routine breeding value evaluation for longevity of dairy cows using survival analysis techniques

Anonymous, 1997:
Implementation of a soil degradation and vulnerability database for Central and Eastern Europe (SOVEUR Project). Proceedings of an international workshop, Wageningen, Netherlands, 1-3 October 1997

Caja, G.; Peris, S.; Conill, C.; Nehring, R.; Roca, R.; Ribo, O.; Milan, M.J., 1999:
Implementation of a system based on electronic identification for the official milk recording of dairy goats in Catalonia

Imbroglini, G.; Conte, E.; Leandri, A.; Lucchesi, S., 1997:
Implementation of a telematic system for monitoring of pesticide residue

Pedersen, H.L.; Loschenkohl, B., 1997:
Implementation of a warning system to control cherry leaf spot (Blumeriella jaapii) under European conditions

Hutcheson, M.R., 1998:
Implementation of acute criteria for conservative substances

Gozora, V., 1998:
Implementation of agricultural and nutrition policy and other developments in the agri-food complex of Slovakia

Clemmens, A.J.; Bautista, E.; Strand, R.J., 1997:
Implementation of canal automation in Central Arizona

Sunriadi, A.; Rachman, O., 1998:
Implementation of computer simulation on sawmilling four wood species from timber estates

Slavin, J.L., 1999:
Implementation of dietary modifications

Mauropoulos, A.A.; Arvanitoyannis, I.S., 1999:
Implementation of hazard analysis critical control point to Feta and Manouri cheese production lines

Lo, P.L.; Wood, P.N.; Murrell, V.C., 1997:
Implementation of integrated pest management in process peaches in Hawke's Bay

Ahring, G., 1997:
Implementation of modern energy-saving and economical projects, from the viewpoint of a design company

Agiovlassiti, O., 1998:
Implementation of new Common Fisheries Policy (C.F.P.)

Anonymous, 1997:
Implementation of pilot projects for the promotion of primary education and literacy in rural disadvantaged areas: promotion of primary education for girls and disadvantaged groups

Lutticken, R.E., 1999:
Implementation of precision fertilizing concepts on practical farms in western Germany

Canci, P.C.; Neto, J.F.B.; Felix de Carvalho, F.I., 1997:
Implementation of recurrent selection in plant breeding of autogamous crops through male sterility

Pielaat, A.; Bosch, F. van den; Marshall, D.C.A.; Fitt, B.D.L.; McCartney, H.A.; Jeger, M.J., 1999:
Implementation of results from rain tower experiments into a simulation model for vertical spore distribution

Remany Gopalakrishnan, 1998:
Implementation of the Coconut Development Board project Expansion of area under coconut - an appraisal

Namerova, I., 1999:
Implementation of the EU structural policy in Slovakia

Escobar, R.M.B.; Zini, C.A., 1997:
Implementation of the Environmental Management System of Riocell

Chandler, L.D., 1998:
Implementation of the USDA-ARS Corn Rootworm areawide management program across the USA

Josling, T.; Tangermann, S., 1997:
Implementation of the Uruguay Round in the developed countries and agenda for the next round of negotiations

Josling, T.; Tangermann, S., 1999:
Implementation of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and developments for the next round of negotiations

Sobkowiak, B., 1998:
Implementation of the checking of the technical condition of sprayers in accordance with the Plant Protection Act

Banach, J., 1999:
Implementation of the methods for production of balled seedlings in mountain conditions

Humphries, B., 1999:
Implementation of title registration systems for improved land markets

Kovar, P.; Vesely, R., 1998:
Implementation of water balance models when revitalizing small catchments

Agus, F.; Id, A.A.; Watung, R.L., 1998:
Implementation problems of soil-conservation measures in Indonesia

Prasad, C.H., 1998:
Implementation process of Women Development Programme (IFAD): an experimental model

Shanahan, P., 1999:
Implementation: the multilateral review process and dispute settlement

Anonymous, 1997:
Implementing Agenda 21: NGO experiences from around the world

Anonymous, 1998:
Implementing HortBase: horticulture global information system for decision support. Proceedings of the colloquium held at the 1997 ASHS Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, USA, 23-26 July 1997

Steenhoek, L.; Misra, M.; Hurburgh, C.R.J.; Bern, C., 1999:
Implementing a computer vision system for corn kernel damage evaluation

Hickson, M.; Hill, M., 1997:
Implementing a nutritional assessment tool in the community: a report describing the process, audit and problems encountered

Lagerweij, I.; Vulto, C., 1999:
Implementing a participatory, gender-based approach in Baluchistan

MacFarlane, R., 1998:
Implementing agri-environment policy: a landscape ecology perspective

MacFarlane, R.; Smith, S., 1997:
Implementing agri-environmental policy: a landscape ecology perspective

Mutambu, S.; Shiff, C., 1997:
Implementing and sustaining community-based mosquito net interventions in Africa

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Implication of dismantling ECA

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Implication of ecological pest management in sustainable sugarcane production

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Implications for products and breeding programs from developments in genetic engineering

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Implications of a Neotropical origin of the genus Leishmania

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Implications of a developmental-stage-dependent thylakoid-bound protease in the stabilization of the light-harvesting pigment-protein complex serving photosystem II during thylakoid biogenesis in red kidney bean

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Implications of global climate change for tourism and recreation in wetland areas

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Implications of groundwater weathered profile interactions to the mobilization of radionuclides

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Implications of induced resistance to pathogens and herbivores for biological weed control

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Implications of infectious diseases for breeding and marketing seedstock

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Implications of organic certification for market structure and trade

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Implications of pre- and post-fertilizing changes in growth and nitrogen pools following multiple applications of nitrogen fertilizer to a Pinus radiata stand over 12 years

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Implications of precision farming for agriculture and the fertilizer industry

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Implications of presence of some emerging pathogens in milk and dairy products

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Implications of shoot structure on the rate of photosynthesis at different levels in a coniferous canopy using a model incorporating grouping and penumbra

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Implications of the Bosman ruling for football transfer markets

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Implications of the EU east enlargement for the CAP

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Implications of the EU's Agenda 2000 proposal on world wheat trade

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Implications of the Uruguay Round Agreement for South Asia: the case of agriculture

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Implications of the distribution of delta D in pore waters for groundwater flow and the timing of geologic events in a thick aquitard system

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Implications of trends in marine-derived nutrient influx to south coastal British Columbia salmonid production

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Importance of Lucilia spp. Robineau-Desvoidy (1830) in human and animal health

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Importance of anchor genomes for any plant genome project

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Importance of basic residues in the nucleocapsid sequence for retrovirus Gag assembly and complementation rescue

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Importance of biogeochemical processes in modeling stream chemistry in two watersheds in the Sierra Nevada, California

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Importance of body condition score in beef cows

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Importance of calcium in the pathogenesis, prevention and therapy of osteoporosis

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Importance of calcium to the regulation of polymorphism in Wangiella (Exophiala) dermatitidis

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Importance of camel trypanosomosis and its vectors in Mauritania

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Importance of canopy attributes in determining dry matter accumulation of pigeonpea under contrasting moisture regimes

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Importance of canopy gaps for recruitment of some forbs in Themeda triandra-dominated grasslands in south-eastern Australia

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Importance of carotenoid structure in radical-scavenging reactions

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Importance of certain soil properties on terbuthylazine bioactivity

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Importance of concomitant compounds in plant extracts

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Importance of consumptive and non-consumptive prey mortality in a coupled predator-prey system

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Importance of cryptogamic foliar diseases and profitability of fungicide treatment in sugarbeet

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Importance of culture and microscopic examination in the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal discharge

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Importance of cutting diameter and method of production on early growth of hybrid poplar

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Importance of desiccation for the cryopreservation of recalcitrant seed and vegetatively propagated species

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Importance of diagnostics and the monitoring of the distribution of phytophagous and phytopathogenic organisms as it pertains to the development of resistant cultivars

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Importance of dietary nitrogen and carbohydrates to survival, growth, and reproduction in adults of the grasshopper Ageneotettix deorum (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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Importance of different factors affecting the fertility of rabbits

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Importance of different times of sowing and fertility levels on growth and yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr)

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Importance of drainage ditches in emissions of methane from mires drained for forestry

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Importance of early season competition control in establishing eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) plantations

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Importance of entomological vigilance in the maintenance phase of the Anti-Malaria Programme. Locality Agua Caliente, Miranda county, Trujillo state, Venezuela, 1991

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Importance of environmental factors on the growth of Thermoactinomyces thalpophilus

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Importance of epistasis as the genetic basis of heterosis in an elite rice hybrid

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Importance of evaluation of forestry projects with reference to rural development

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Importance of farming system elements in controlling weed component of agrophytocoenosis

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Importance of fertiliser use in grassland areas

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Importance of fibre diet - hay for horse feeding

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Importance of filamentous micromycetes and their toxins in the air of work rooms and flats for the health of man

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Importance of filter press cake as a substrate for vegetable seedling production

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Importance of flies (Diptera: Brachycera) in the distribution of helminth eggs from municipal sewage treatment plants

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Importance of flow and particle-scale heterogeneity on CoII/IIIEDTA reactive transport

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Importance of forage quality and its determination by in vitro and in vivo methods

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Importance of forest frequentation and of main non-wood forest product collection by inhabitants in regions with forests considerably afflicted by emissions

Barbalat, Sylvie., 1998:
Importance of forest structures on four beetle families (Col.: Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Lucanidae and phytophagous Scarabaeidae) in the Areuse Gorges (Neuchatel, Switzerland)

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Importance of forests for protection against floods

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Importance of fungal infections in paediatrics

Massambani, E.M. de; Bazotte, R.B., 1998:
Importance of glutamine on nutritional therapy

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Importance of host plants for detecting the population diversity of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae in soil

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Importance of host plants in population dynamics of Nezara viridula (L.), a pest of soybean

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Importance of humic substances for carbon and nitrogen transport into southeastern United States estuaries

Bremm, S., 1998:
Importance of hybrids in tobacco

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Importance of immunoblot in the diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis

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Importance of interleukin-10 in genetic susceptibility of mice to Coccidioides immitis

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Importance of iron in the human organism

Giorgessi, F.; Calo, A.; Sansone, L., 1998:
Importance of irrigation for grape quality and influence of some cropping techniques on the water requirements of cv. Cabernet Sauvignon in north-eastern Italy

Czapski, J., 1997:
Importance of jasmonic acid and its methyl ester in induction of plant defense mechanisms in response to insects attack

Kon, I.Y.A., 1999:
Importance of juices for feeding preschool and school children

Langenstuck, C.; Heimbach, U., 1999:
Importance of larvae of soldier beetles (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) as aphidophagous predators

Cserni, I., 1998:
Importance of leaching in irrigated vegetable and plant production in saline soils under arid conditions

Sims, D.A.; Luo, Y.; Seemann, J.R., 1998:
Importance of leaf versus whole plant CO2 environment for photosynthetic acclimation

Louche Tessandier, D.; Samson, G.; Hernandez Sebastia, C.; Chagvardieff, P.; Desjardins, Y., 1999:
Importance of light and CO2 on the effects of endomycorrhizal colonization on growth and photosynthesis of potato plantlets (Solanum tuberosum) in an in vitro tripartite system

Vojter, A.; Jakobcic, Z.; Tobijas, S.; Kolar, J., 1998:
Importance of lighting in broiler production

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Importance of loose silky-bent (Apera spica-venti) and possibilities for control

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Importance of low ethylene levels to delay senescence of non-climacteric fruit and vegetables

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Importance of macropore flow for the removal of plant-protection chemicals on drained areas

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Importance of main non-wood forest products in the Czech Republic

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Importance of major pests and beneficial organisms of cider orchards in Bas-Normandy (1993-1996)

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Importance of measuring CO2-production rate when using 13C-breath tests to measure fat digestion

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Importance of meteorological events in damage of birch at Krusne hory (Erzebirge) in 1997

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Importance of metsulfuron-methyl and tribenuron-methyl for set-aside management

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Importance of molar volumes and related parameters in sweet taste chemoreception

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Importance of mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) population genetic studies in medical entomology. Examples from French Polynesia

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Importance of native breeds of goats in difficult tropical conditions

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Importance of nematodes in the multiplication of grapes

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Importance of nitrogen fertilizer application on the yield and quality of spinach beet

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Importance of oaks for hole-nesting birds

Verger, P., 1997:
Importance of observation in food consumptions in the procedure of risk management

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Importance of oestrogen, xenoestrogen and phytoestrogen metabolism in breast cancer risk

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Importance of organic form of chromium in turkey fattening

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Importance of ovule condition for the pollination of Pinus sylvestris

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Importance of oxidative electron transport over oxidative phosphorylation in optimizing photosynthesis in mesophyll protoplasts of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Importance of oxyfluorfen for weed control in fruit trees

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Importance of parasites of the digestive system at postmortem examination: prevalence of some important parasites and their associated lesions

Aliev, J., 1998:
Importance of photosynthesis of various organs in protein synthesis in grain of wheat genotypes under water stress

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Importance of physical characteristics in the choice of substrate in soilless culture

Chiu, W.F., 1998:
Importance of plant protection on the development of agricultural production of China in the coming Century

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Importance of planting density on yield and quality control in a viticultural environment in north-east Italy

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Importance of polyunsaturated fatty acids in nutrition

Stark, J.D.; Banken, J.A., 1999:
Importance of population structure at the time of toxicant exposure

Schulz, E.; Berk, A.; Hennig, U., 1999 :
Importance of prececal digested lysine in comparison to brutto-lysine for growth performance and protein deposition

Miklavc, J., 1999:
Importance of predatory mites of the family Phytoseiidae in horticulture

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Importance of preimaginal stages for the estimation of the geographic variation in species Ixodes ricinus (Ixodidae)

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Importance of primary and secondary seed dispersal in the Malagasy tree Commiphora guillaumini

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Importance of psychrotrophic bacteria in milk and milk products

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Importance of rearing-unit design and stocking density to the behavior, growth and metabolism of lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

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Importance of repetition of parasitological stool examination: a study of 5367 patients

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Importance of ribosomal frameshifting for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 particle assembly and replication

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Importance of rice pests and challenges to their management

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Importance of rimsulfuron in post-emergence weed control in maize

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Importance of root length in mycorrhizal colonization of Welsh onion

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Importance of roughage source for milk production

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Importance of ryegrass (Lolium rigidum Gaud.), as a weed in the wheat and barley crops of Castilla y Leon. Farmer's point of view

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Importance of salt ions in ecotoxicological tests with soil arthropods

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Importance of silage in the epidemiology of ruminant endoparasites

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Importance of site and tree species on disease incidence of Gremmeniella abietina in northern Sweden

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Importance of soil exchangeable cations and aluminium content on land snail distribution

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Importance of soil reaction and nutrient content in soils for the occurrence of dry sandy grasslands on abandoned arable fields

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Importance of soil tillage in maize perennial weeds control

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Importance of spatial scale to habitat use by breeding birds in riparian forests: a hierarchical analysis

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Importance of subclinical mastitis in milking sheep and diversity of aetiological agents

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Importance of sulcotrione for weed control in fibre flax

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Importance of sulfosate for the control of growth and seed production in some species used in sown set-aside

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Importance of survival in short-rotation tree breeding programs

Simatupang, M.H.; Rosamah, E.; Yamamoto, K., 1996:
Importance of teakwood extractives to wood properties and tree breeding

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Importance of the 'crossover' concept in exercise metabolism

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Importance of the 'drainage history' and the degree of pre-drainage for the shrinkage behaviour of mineral seal systems

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Importance of the B2 domain of the Arabidopsis ABI3 protein for Em and 2S albumin gene regulation

Gahlert, W., 1998:
Importance of the German safety regulation VBG 54 for waste water treatment plants in the sugar industry

Mikanova, O.; Kubat, J., 1998 :
Importance of the P-solubilizing activity of Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains for nitrogen fixation

Ciuberkiene, D., 1997:
Importance of the agrochemical properties to increasing the fertility of acid derno-podzolic soils

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Importance of the association of fluoroglycofen-ethyl + isoproturon for post-emergence weed control in cereals

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Importance of the content of viable microorganisms in natural yoghurt

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Importance of the determination of species in the rational control of aphids in potatoes

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Importance of the dry period during Serratia mastitis outbreaks

Castellanos Dominguez, O.F., 1997:
Importance of the enzymatic action of Beauveria bassiana on its pathogenicity toward the coffee berry borer

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Importance of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) surge for induction of the preovulatory luteinizing hormone surge of the ewe: dose-response relationship and excess of GnRH

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Importance of the human in the development of entrepreneurship of family farms

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Importance of the ridges orientation of a potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum) cultivar, on its productivity, in the Valdivia zone, X Region, Chile

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Importance of the serovar-specific plasmid for virulence of salmonella strains in calves

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Importance of the stud book in the conservation of lines, strains and breeds of horses

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Importance of the wild oat (Avena sp.) as a weed in the wheat and barley crops of Castilla and Leon. Farmer's point of view

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Importance of timeliness and precision in augmentation of crop productivity

Konstantinovic, B., 1998:
Importance of transgenic plants in the control of resistant weeds

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Importance of transient storage zones for ammonium and phosphate retention in a sandy-bottom Mediterranean stream

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Importance of transmission of Diaporthe phaseolorum f.sp. meridionalis in seeds of soyabeans (Glycine max) in the Cerrado region

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Importance of tropical and subtropical horticulture. Future prospects of biotechnology in tropical and subtropical horticultural species. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Biotechnology of Tropical and Subtropical Species, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 29 September-3 October 1997. Part 1

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Importance of vitamin E in the oxidative stability of meat: organoleptic qualities and consequences

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Importance of water prices for the economic use of a scarce resource in irrigation systems

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Importance of wheat grain orientation for the detection of internal mechanical damage by the X-ray method

Rabinovich, S.V., 1997:
Importance of wheat-rye translocations for breeding modern cultivars of Triticum aestivum L

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Importance of woody debris in seed germination of Tipularia discolor (Orchidaceae)

Rozman, L., 1996:
Importance of yield stability in plant breeding

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Importance to public health of chemical residues in milk

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Importance weighting of impacts in environmental impact studies

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Importance, status and development of systematics in soil zoology

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Importance, utilization and application of B-vitamins in ruminants. 1. General aspects, vitamin B1, B2 and B6 - a review

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Importance-performance analysis and cultural perspectives in Romanian Black Sea resorts

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Important advances in research on crop germplasm resources achieved during the 8th 5-year plan

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Important aroma compounds in tomato determined by instrumental and sensory analysis

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Important characteristics of the genus Clitocybe

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Important chiral monoterpenoid ethers in flavours and essential oils - enantioselective analysis and biogenesis

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Important considerations when changing to a new soil testing laboratory

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Important constituents in apple and kernel of three types of cashew grown in southern part of West Bengal

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Important constraints plaguing dairy development in Gujarat State and the remedial measures

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Important diseases of coffee and their integrated management

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Important diseases of rubber and their control

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Important diseases of tea and their control

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Important economic characters and their association in dairy cattle crossbreeds

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Important folk-medicinal plants and traditional knowledge of tribals of Aurangabad and Nasik forest divisions of Maharashtra, India

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Important fungal diseases of rice and their management

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Important insect pests of forest nurseries and plantations in Arunachal Pradesh

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Important issues in vineyard irrigation

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Important market access issues

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Important measures for early fruit, high quality and high yield of Ginkgo biloba

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Important mushroom diseases and their management

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Important nematode problems on vegetables and their management

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Important outbreaks of rust on poplars caused by Melampsora larici-populina in Belgium and France

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Important parasites in poultry production systems

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Important parasitic nephropathies: a review of recent literature

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Important plant communities and plant species of alpine pastures

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Important site variables and factors for Pinus radiata productivity in Chile

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Important subsidies for new products, processes or services

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Importation and field release of parasites against silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii (Bellows and Perring) in Florida from 1990-1994

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Importation biological control in ephemeral crop habitats

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Importation of Aedes albopictus in Townsville, Queensland

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Importation of Anopheles: in luggage or aeroplane? A case of severe autochthonous malaria

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Importation of meat and its effects on the domestic market

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Imported carambola cultivars to be evaluated locally

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Imported dengue virus type 2 infection acquired during an outbreak in India

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Imported eggs responsible for the outbreaks of cold-water disease among cultured coho salmon in Japan

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Imported epidemic typhus

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Imported hepatozoonosis in the dog: 3 cases

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Imported malaria in Tunisia

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Imported malaria in children in the UK

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Imported severe falciparum malaria in Israel

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Imported skin diseases

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Imported vitamins or home-produced?

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Imported wasps work well as biological controls

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Imported yellow fever in a United States citizen

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Imports and price of garlic in Santa Catarina

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Imports into the EU from third countries: veterinary and other requirements

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Imports of butter oil/milk mixtures. An embarrassing situation for the Federal Government

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Imports of fresh fruits during the first six months of 1998

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Imports of milk and cheese products from Third countries. Practical instructions. Part 1

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Imports of milk products and cheese from Third countries. Practical instructions. Part 3

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Imports play a growing role in the American diet

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Imports rising in Middle East and North Africa

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Impoundment liner repair by electrophoresis of clay

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Impoverishing effects of coal mining projects: a case study of five villages in Orissa

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Impoverishment and economic crisis in Black Africa: the result of a reversal of values and the mentality of the ruling elite

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Impoverishment or social justice? A model for planning resettlement

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Impregnated bednets

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Impregnated egg-carrying garden slug Anadenus modestus Theobald in the study of its prognosis of population explosion

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Impregnation of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) wood by different processes

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Impregnation property and adhesiveness of Karamatsu glued laminated timber with preserved laminae

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Impregnation treatments and anatomical properties of the wood of regionally grown Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb) Franco)

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Impressions about the food economy of Italy

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Imprinted polymer-based sensor system for herbicides using differential-pulse voltammetry on screen-printed electrodes

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Imprinting and the initiation of gene silencing in the germ line

Reik, W.; Walter, J., 1998:
Imprinting mechanisms in mammals

Peng JianWen; Zhou ShiJuan; Jiang Yuan; Deng XinHua, 1996:
Improve forest structure to heighten its resistance to Masson's pine caterpillar

Anyiam, P.E., 1999:
Improve method on traditional pulverization of cassava pulp

Zhou DaoYing; Wang Yan; S.X.eHen, 1998:
Improve plantation structure of isolating green belts in Beijing

Yang HuiJun, 1998:
Improve the quality of UHT milk consistently by using 'good manufacturing practice'

M.Y.Shou; Lang BaiNing; L.Q.ngYun, 1997:
Improve yak productivity through resuming black soil type deteriorated grassland

Pfitzinger, P.; Douglas, S., 1999:
Improve your performance with a physiology-based program

Neumann, G.H.ake, C.R.mheld, V., 1999:
Improved HPLC method for determination of phytosiderophores in root washings and tissue extracts

Zhang Zhiqiang, W.X.ngui; Tian Guillian; X.J.anfeng; S.Z.iguo, 1998 :
Improved HPLC method for taxol determination with Al2O3 solid-phase extraction

Geetha, B.; Swamiappan, M., 1998:
Improved adult rearing cages for the predator, Chrysoperla carnea

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Improved agricultural support system through farmers' cooperatives in Nigeria

Singh, K.P., 1997:
Improved agro-techniques for gladiolus - a review of work done in India

Liu, Q.F.; Hao,; Shen,, 1998:
Improved approaches of in situ hybridization and in situ enzyme histochemistry for gene expression analyses in plants

Jech, L.E.; Husman, S.H., 1998:
Improved areawide whitefly management through industry and extension partnership

Senthilkumar, P.; Siddiqui, K.H., 1998:
Improved artificial diets for the mass rearing of stalk borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) by replacing costly anti-microbial substances with cheap ingredients

Cruz, J.M.; Parajo, J.C., 1998:
Improved astaxanthin production by Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous growing on enzymatic wood hydrolysates containing glucose and cellobiose

Gautam, S.; Sharma, A.; Thomas, P., 1998:
Improved bacterial turbidimetric method for detection of irradiated spices

Hadjichristodoulou, A.; Kari, A., 1998:
Improved barley varieties for drylands

Nitoda, T.K.rumatani, H.K.nzaki, H.K.wazu, K., 1999:
Improved bioassay method for Spodoptera litura chitinase inhibitors using a colloidal chitin powder with a uniform particle size as substrate

Kanzaki, H.; Kagemori, T.; Asano, S.; Kawazu, K., 1998:
Improved Bioassay Method for Plant Transformation Inhibitors

Breton, B.; Roelants, Y.; Ollevier, F.; Epler, P.; Mikolajczyk, T., 1998:
Improved bioavailability of orally delivered peptides and polypeptides in teleost fish

Lo, C.; Nelson, E.; Harman, G., 1997:
Improved biocontrol efficacy of Trichoderma harzianum 1295-22 for foliar phases of turf diseases by use of spray applications

Nishi Mathur; Anil Vyas, 1999:
Improved biomass production, nutrient uptake and establishment of in vitro raised Ziziphus mauritiana by VA mycorrhiza

Kafedjiev, V., 1998:
Improved breeding system for sheep in the central Rhodope area. I. Phenotypic and genetic parameters

Kafedzhiev, V., 1998:
Improved breeding system for sheep in the central Rhodope area. II. Genetic structure

Anonymous, 1999:
Improved buildings for young cattle. Recommendations for the husbandry of young animals

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Improved calibration of a large fuel burnout model

Peng, M.; Wolyn, D.J., 1999:
Improved callus formation and plant regeneration for shed microspore culture in asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.)

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Improved catalysts for ammonia plant

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Improved chemical control measure of spotted leaf casting of persimmon caused by Mycosphaerella nawae

Gurung, R.K., 1998:
Improved chickpea varieties in Nepal

Attanayaka, D.P.S.T.G., 1998:
Improved clones for more productivity

Ritchie, H., 1998:
Improved communication, coordination essential for U.S. beef industry's survival

All, J.N.; Treacy, M.F., 1997:
Improved control of Heliothis virescens and Helicoverpa zea with a recombinant form of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus and interaction with BollgardReg. cotton

Sampson, C.; Walker, P., 1998:
Improved control of Liriomyza bryoniae using an action threshold for the release of Diglyphus isaea in protected tomato crops

Visser, C.L.M. de, 1998:
Improved control of false mildew in onions

Yogev, M.; Sibony, M.; Negbi, M.; Rubin, B., 1996:
Improved control of purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus) using plant growth regulators

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Improved corn and millet based weaning foods: formulation, viscosity, and nutritional and microbial quality

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Improved data on California's agricultural exports

Lund, R.D.; Johnson, P.W.; Gould, N.S.; Ven, R.J. van de, 1997:
Improved design and use of dipping equipment for sheep lice eradication

Shao LuChou; Wang YongHua, 1998:
Improved design of motor-driving tea plucking machine model 4C-80

Vakalis, N.; Spanakos, G.; Patsoula, E.; Vamvakopoulos, N.C., 1999:
Improved detection of Dirofilaria repens DNA by direct polymerase chain reaction

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Improved detection of HIV-2 proviral DNA in dually seroreactive individuals by PCR

Zhou JianWei; Lyaku, J.; Fredrickson, R.A.; Kibenge, F.S.B., 1999:
Improved detection of bovine herpesvirus 1 in artificially infected bovine semen by protein amplification

Jamin, E.; Gonzalez, J.; Remaud, G.; Naulet, N.; Martin, G.G.; Weber, D.; Rossmann, A.; Schmidt, H.L., 1997:
Improved detection of sugar addition to apple juices and concentrates using internal standard 13C IRMS

Leary, T.P.; Erker, J.C.; Chalmers, M.L.; Desai, S.M.; Mushahwar, I.K., 1999:
Improved detection systems for TT virus reveal high prevalence in humans, non-human primates and farm animals

Gninenko, Y.I., 1997:
Improved determination of the effectiveness of using biological protection agents in forestry

Lim, J.M.; Hansel, W., 1998:
Improved development of in vitro-derived bovine embryos by use of a nitric oxide scavenger in a cumulus-granulosa cell coculture system

Fakhim Zadeh, K., 1998:
Improved device for venom extraction

Jenum, P.A.; Stray-Pedersen, B.; Gundersen, A.G., 1997:
Improved diagnosis of primary Toxoplasma gondii infection in early pregnancy by determination of antitoxoplasma immunoglobulin G avidity

Ashburn, D.; Davidson, M.M.; Joss, A.W.; Pennington, T.H.; Ho-Yen, D.O., 1998:
Improved diagnosis of reactivated toxoplasmosis

Gram, T.; Ahrens, P., 1998:
Improved diagnostic PCR assay for Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae based on the nucleotide sequence of an outer membrane lipoprotein

Pico, B.D.ez, M.; Nuez, F., 1999:
Improved diagnostic techniques for tomato yellow leaf curl virus in tomato breeding programs

Goerges, T.; Dittert, K., 1998:
Improved diffusion technique for 15N:14N analysis of ammonium and nitrate from aqueous samples by stable isotope spectrometry

Joracek, J.; Skaladal, P., 1997:
Improved direct piezoelectric biosensors operating in liquid solution for the competitive label-free immunoassay of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Mclaughlin, N.B.; Tessier, S.; Guilbert, A., 1998:
Improved double extended octagonal ring drawbar transducer for 3-D force measurement

Siopes, T.D., 1999:
Improved effectiveness of artificial insemination of turkey hens associated with ahemeral light-dark cycles and age at photostimulation

Islam, R.; Farooqui, H.; Riazuddin, S., 1999:
Improved efficiency in chickpea tissue culture: effects of presoaking and age of explants on in vitro shoot proliferation

Sekizaki, T.; Tanoue, T.; Osaki, M.; Shimoji, Y.; Tsubaki, S.; Takai, S., 1998:
Improved electroporation of Rhodococcus equi

Rais Ahmad; Abdul Qayyum; Chaturvedi, C.K., 1998:
Improved empirical formulae for evaluation of sugarcane quality

Bashan, Y.; Rojas, A.; Puente, M.E., 1999:
Improved establishment and development of three cactus species inoculated with Azospirillum brasilense transplanted into disturbed urban desert soil

Simpson, J.; Smitt, J.; Sienko, M., 1998:
Improved estimates of the areal extent of snow cover from AVHRR data

Kannan, T.R.; Sangiliyandi, G.; Gunasekaran, P., 1998:
Improved ethanol production from sucrose by a mutant of Zymomonas mobilis lacking sucrases in immobilized cell fermentation

Pintarak, A.; Juntorn, W., 1996:
Improved fallow management

Hrotko, K.; Magyar, L.; Ori, B., 1999:
Improved feathering on one-year-old 'Germersdorfi FL 45' sweet cherry trees in the nursery

Watanabe, T., 1998:
Improved feed formulation and feeding techniques (Use of alternative protein and lipid sources in aqua-feeds)

Dawson, T.E.; Rust, S.R.; Yokohama, M.T., 1998:
Improved fermentation and aerobic stability of ensiled, high moisture corn with the use of Propionibacterium acidipropionici

Roudeillac, P.; Markocic, M., 1997:
Improved flavour and soil disease tolerance: two major aims of the breeding programme at CIREF for new advances selections combining good commercial potential

Jager, A. de; Willeboer, P., 1998:
Improved forecasting of fruit storability

Joet, A.; Jouve, P.; Banoin, M., 1998:
Improved forest clearance: an agroforestry method adopted by people in the Sahel

Mero, R.N., 1997:
Improved grasses and legumes as feed resources for central Tanzania

Mankarios, A.T.; Gianinazzi, S.; Abdel Fattah, G.M., 1995:
Improved growth and nutrition of soybean (Glycine max L) in a saline soil associated with colonization by vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Centritto, M.; Delfine, S.; Villani, M.C.; Occhionero, A.; Loreto, F.; Alvino, A.; Marco, G. di, 1998:
Improved growth of pepper under reduced light intensity

Riley, C.Jr, 1997:
Improved high volume instrument elongation measurements

E.M.udni, B.; Rodier, M.H.; Daniault, G.; Jacquemin, J.L., 1998:
Improved immunodiagnosis of human candidiasis by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using a Candida albicans 52-kilodalton metallopeptidase

Deng, M.Q.; Cliver, D.O., 1999:
Improved immunofluorescence assay for detection of Giardia and Cryptosporidium from asymptomatic adult cervine animals

Zhang BingFan; Coon, C.N., 1997:
Improved in vitro methods for determining limestone and oyster shell solubility

Bae, G.W.; Chung, C.S.; Kim, K.I.; Park, C.H.; Lee, H.J.; Chae, Y.A.; Chung, I.S., 1998:
Improved indirubin production in a two-phase suspension culture of Polygonum tinctorium using dimethylpolysiloxane

Draisci, R.; Giannetti, L.; Boria, P.; Lucentini, L.; Palleschi, L.; Cavalli, S., 1998:
Improved ion chromatography-integrated pulsed amperometric detection method for the evaluation of biogenic amines in food of vegetable or animal origin and in fermented foods

Mechergui, M.; Vuren, G. van, 1998:
Improved irrigation efficiencies in Tunisian oases

Godaliyadda, G.G.A.; Renault, D., 1999:
Improved irrigation system operation through subsystem approach

Buscher, P.; Lejon, V.; Magnus, E.; Meirvenne, N. van, 1999:
Improved latex agglutination test for detection of antibodies in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense infected patients

Chastain, J.; Jacobson, L.; Beehler, J.; Martens, J., 1997:
Improved lighting and ventilation systems for dairy facilities: its effects on herd health and milk production

Dukhanina, O.I.; Sverdlov, V.E.; Hoebee, B.; Rapp, J.P., 1999:
Improved linkage map and thirty new microsatellite markers for rat chromosome 10

Sukhanov, V.S.; Supron, Y.P.; Fedorov, V.V.; Markovets, Y.V., 1998:
Improved logging technology - the way to cure the forest-industry sector

Hofer, M.; A.D.en, H., 1999:
Improved lubrication system for wet tractor brakes

Manaenkov, K.A., 1999:
Improved machinery systems for tilling the soil in orchards

Sequeira, V.; Bezkorowajnyj, P.G., 1998:
Improved management of Butea monosperma (Lam.) Taub for lac production in India

Moran, J.B.; McLean, D.M.; Freeman, M.; Earle, D.F.; Johnston, R.; Buesnel, R., 1996:
Improved management systems for dairy replacement heifers

Repetov, A.N.; Lepsheev, O.M., 1997:
Improved mechanization for application of mineral fertilizers

Raviv, M.; Reuveni, R.; Zaidman, B.Z.on, 1998:
Improved medium for organic transplants

Korolev, N.; Katan, T., 2008:
Improved Medium for Selecting Nitrate-Nonutilizing (nit) Mutants of Verticillium dahliae

Chang, J.; Shin, J.; Chung, I.; Lee, H., 1998:
Improved menthol production from chitosan-elicited suspension culture of Mentha piperita

Murakami, T.; Yamada, K.; Yoshida, S., 1999:
Improved method for easy and rapid determination of root length of vegetables

Lock, T.J.; Storey, P.J., 1998:
Improved method for monitoring the retention of proteins during ultrafiltration

Corradini, C.; Cavazza, A.; Canali, G.; Nicoletti, I., 1998:
Improved method for the analysis of alditols in confectionery products by capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE). Comparison with high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAEC-PAD)

Tirelli, A., 1998:
Improved method for the determination of furosine in food by capillary electrophoresis

Kovacs, D.A.; Kampbell, D.H., 1999:
Improved method for the storage of groundwater samples containing volatile organic analytes

W.C.engZhen; Hong Wei, 1997:
Improved method of afforestation planning and design under restricted conditions using a genetic algorithm

Shelby, R.; Flieger, M., 1997:
Improved method of analysis for ergovaline in tall fescue by high-performance liquid chromatography

Gullino, M.L.dovica; Minuto, A.; Garibaldi, A., 1998:
Improved method of bench solarization for the control of soilborne diseases in basil

Ganesh, D.S.; Sreenath, H.L., 1999:
Improved method of explant preparation for micropropagation of coffee through node culture

Ren, Y.; O'brien, G.; Desmarchelier, J.M., 1997:
Improved methodology for studying diffusion, sorption and desorption in timber fumigation

Birch, C.J.; Hammer, G.L.; Rickert, K.G., 1998:
Improved methods for predicting individual leaf area and leaf senescence in maize (Zea mays)

Faruchi, Y.; Ackerman, A.; Gilad, S.; Ben Jaacov, J.; Riov, J. , 1997:
Improved methods for rooting cuttings of Protea obtusifolia

Rebeski, D.E.; Winger, E.M.; Rogovic, B.; Robinson, M.M.; Crowther, J.R.; Dwinger, R.H., 1999:
Improved methods for the diagnosis of African trypanosomosis

Panigrahi, K.C.S.; Johri, M.M., 1998:
Improved methods to detect GTP-binding proteins from plants

Luo LiuQing; Ruan, R.; Ning Shu; Chen, P.; Chen Xia, 1999:
Improved model for scabby wheat rate estimation using machine vision and neural networks

Walling, D.; He, Q., 1999:
Improved models for estimating soil erosion rates from cesium-137 measurements

Dam, K.J. van; Vellinga, T., 1998:
Improved nitrogen advice for pasture will become available soon

Ziauddin, A.; Peng, M.; Wolyn, D.J., 1997:
Improved nuclear staining of asparagus microspores for cytological analysis

Toan, T. le; Davidson, M.; Mattia, F.; Borderies, P.; Chenerie, I.; Manninen, T.; Borgeaud, M., 1999:
Improved observation and modelling of bare soil surfaces for soil moisture retrieval

Setford, S.J., 1998:
Improved operation of a dextran bioreactor-separator through variation of enzyme activity, viscosity, centrifugal parameters and rotor design

Casado, J.L.; Perez-Elías, M.J.; Martí-Belda, P.; Antela, A.; Suarez, M.; Ciancas, E.; Frutos, B.; Perez, M.D.; Guerrero, A., 1998:
Improved outcome of cytomegalovirus retinitis in AIDS patients after introduction of protease inhibitors

Stein, A.; Zaadnoordijk, W.J., 1999:
Improved parameter estimation for hydrological models using weighted object functions

Perfect, E.; Xu, Q.; Terry, D.L., 1998:
Improved parameterization of fertilizer particle size distribution

Crabtree, W.; Gilkes, R., 1999:
Improved pasture establishment and production on water-repellent soils

Lobato, J.F.rnando Piva; Deresz, F.; Leboute, E.M.galhaes; Pereira Neto, O.A.ves, 1998:
Improved pastures and supplementary feeding on the reproductive performance of primiparous cows

Balakumar, S.; Arasaratnam, V.; Balasubramaniam, K., 1998:
Improved performance of Amberlite IRA-904 immobilized glucoamylase

Egle, K.; Manske, G.; Romer, W.; Vlek, P.L.G., 1999:
Improved phosphorus efficiency of three new wheat genotypes from CIMMYT in comparison with an older Mexican variety

Jokela, W.E.; Magdoff, F.R.; Durieux, R.P., 1998:
Improved phosphorus recommendations using modified Morgan phosphorus and aluminum soil tests

Sharma, R.N.; Vrushali Tare; Deshpande, S.G., 1998:
Improved plant based formulations for preventing Phthorimaea operculella damage on stored potatoes - Plantmix I and Plantmix II

Godo, T.; Matsui, K.; Kida, T.; Mii, M., 1998:
Improved plating efficiency of lily (Lilium x formolongi Hort.) protoplasts by silver thiosulfate added to enzyme solution

Chang, J.P.; Ferguson, T.H.; Record, P.A.; Dickson, D.A.; Kiehl, D.E.; Kennington, A.S., 1996:
Improved potency assay for recombinant bovine somatotropin by high-performance size-exclusion chromatography

Bhishm Kumar; Nachiappan, R.P.; Rai, S.P.; Saravanakumar, U.; Navada, S.V., 1999:
Improved prediction of life expectancy for a Himalayan lake: Nainital, UP., India

Swan, M.A.; Alboghobeish, N., 1997:
Improved preservation of the ram spermatozoan plasma membrane using betaine in the primary fixative

Rosner, B.; Messner, K.; Tucker, E.; Bruce, A., 1998:
Improved preservative penetration of spruce after pre-treatment with selected fungi. I. Fungal pre-treatment of pole sections

Tucker, E.; Bruce, A.; Staines, H.J.; Rosner, B.; Messner, K., 1998:
Improved preservative penetration of spruce after pre-treatment with selected fungi. II. Creosote treatment, analysis and strength testing

Ortiz Boyer, F.; Fernandez Romero, J.M.; Luque D.C.stro, M.D.; Quesada, J.M., 1998:
Improved procedure for the dual cartridge cleanup of hydroxyvitamin D3 metabolites in plasma

Pappa, R.; Cova, U.; D'angeli, E.; Giongo, M., 1998:
Improved procedure for the efficient photocatalytic decontamination of polluted groundwater

Redha, A.; Attia, T.; Buter, B.; Saisingtong, S.; Stamp, P.; Schmid, J.E., 1998:
Improved production of doubled haploids by colchicine application to wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) anther culture

Yao, H.; Zhong, J.J., 1999:
Improved production of ginseng polysaccharide by adding conditioned medium to Panax notoginseng cell cultures

Dumitrescu, N.; Iacob, T.; Vintu, V.; Samuil, C., 1999:
Improved productivity of Romanian silvosteppe rangelands

Hauck, M.; Gohlich, H., 1998:
Improved protection from vibration - controlled damping of driver seats

Langens Gerrits, M.; Nashimoto, S., 1997:
Improved protocol for the propagation of Narcissus in vitro

Berthold, A.B.uckner, A.K.mpichler, C., 1999:
Improved quantification of active soil microfauna by a counting crew

Cere, N.; Polack, B.; Coudert, P., 1997:
Improved rabbit model of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia: induced infections in Pneumocystis-free animals. Preliminary results

Cassiraga, E.F.; Gomez Hernandez, J.J., 1997:
Improved rainfall estimation by integration of radar data: A geostatistical approach

Campbell, G., 1997:
Improved rangeland management: A case study of Innamincka

Luhring, K.A.; Mullens, B.A., 1997:
Improved rearing methods for Heleidomermis magnapapula (Nematoda: Mermithidae), a larval parasite of Culicoides variipennis sonorensis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Correa, J.R.; Zarmakoupis Zavos, P.N.; Zavos, P.M., 1996:
Improved recovery of frozen-thawed bovine spermatozoa selected via a standardized swim-up technique

Kuhnlein, H.V.; Burgess, S., 1997:
Improved retinol, carotene, ferritin, and folate status in Nuxalk teenagers and adults after a health promotion programme

Bachmann, H.P.; Schar, H., 1997 :
Improved ripening characteristics are possible

Oron, G.; DeMalach, Y.; Gillerman, L.; David, I.; Rao, V.P., 1999:
Improved saline-water use under subsurface drip irrigation

Steffy D.A.; Barry D.A.; Johnston C.D., 1997:
Improved scaling technique for two-phase pressure-saturation relationships

Frischenschlager, H.; Peck, M.; Mittermayr, C.; Rosenberg, E.; Grasserbauer, M., 1997:
Improved screening analysis of organic pollutants in river water samples by gas chromatography with atomic emission detection (GC-MIP-AED)

Zegzouti, H.; Marty, C.; Jones, B.; Bouquin, T.; Latche, A.; Pech, J.C.; Bouzayen, M., 1997:
Improved screening of cDNAs generated by mRNA differential display enables the selection of true positives and the isolation of weakly expressed messages

Ahmad, F.; Considine, R.V.; Bauer, T.L.; Ohannesian, J.P.; Marco, C.C.; Goldstein, B.J., 1997:
Improved sensitivity to insulin in obese subjects following weight loss is accompanied by reduced protein-tyrosine phosphatases in adipose tissue

Khalilian, A.; Wolak, F.J.; Dodd, R.B.; Han, Y.J., 1999:
Improved sensor mounting technology for cotton yield monitors

Najibullah Sehat; Rickert, R.; Mossoba, M.M.; Kramer, J.K.G.; Yurawecz, M.P.; Roach, J.A.G.; Adlof, R.O.; Morehouse, K.M.; Fritsche, J.; Eulitz, K.D.; Steinhart, H.; K.Y.oh, 1999:
Improved separation of conjugated fatty acid methyl esters by silver ion-high-performance liquid chromatography

Ghoraishi, S.R.; Mantell, S.H., 1998:
Improved shoot growth and control of shoot-tip necrosis in Pistacia mutica and P. vera micropropagation systems

Rosenblum, B.B.; Oaks, F.; Menchen, S.; Johnson, B., 1997:
Improved single-strand DNA sizing accuracy in capillary electrophoresis

Bringmark, E.; Bringmark, L., 1998:
Improved soil monitoring by use of spatial patterns

McCracken, T.; Bennett, A.; Jonasson, K., 1998:
Improved spray efficacy and drift management for spray application using air to simultaneously atomize and propel spray droplets to the crop canopy

Hanson, E.J.; VanEe, G.R.; Ramsdell, D.C.; Hancock, J.F.; Flore, J.A., 1997:
Improved sprayer technology to reduce fungicide use in blueberry production

Zhan XianCheng; Yin GongKuan; M.B.oZhong, 1998:
Improved stability of 25% vitamin C parenteral formulation

Olyslaegers, G.; Verbelen, J.P.erre, 1998:
Improved staining of F-actin and co-localization of mitochondria in plant cells

Madsen, M.H.; Kirk, H.G., 1998:
Improved starch quality through marker-assisted breeding

Facciotti, M.T.; Bertain, P.B.; Yuan, L., 1999:
Improved stearate phenotype in transgenic canola expressing a modified acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase

Sode, K.; Kojima, K., 1997:
Improved substrate specificity and dynamic range for glucose measurement of Escherichia coli PQQ glucose dehydrogenase by site directed mutagenesis

Mochizuki, H.; Takido, J.; Yokogoshi, H., 1999:
Improved suppression by dietary taurine of the fecal excretion of bile acids from hypothyroid rats

Bischof, W.; Resch, H.; Bodner, J., 1999:
Improved surface properties of solid spruce wood

Hogg, R.S.; Heath, K.V.; Yip, B.; Craib, K.J.; O'Shaughnessy, M.V.; Schechter, M.T.; Montaner, J.S., 1998:
Improved survival among HIV-infected individuals following initiation of antiretroviral therapy

Haubrich, R.; Lalezari, J.; Follansbee, S.E.; Gill, M.J.; Hirsch, M.; Richman, D.; Mildvan, D.; Burger, H.U.; Beattie, D.; Donatacci, L.; Salgo, M.P., 1998:
Improved survival and reduced clinical progression in HIV-infected patients with advanced disease treated with saquinavir plus zalcitabine

Melchior, J.C.; Gelas, P.; Carbonnel, F.; Zazzo, J.F.; Henzel, D.; Cosnes, J.; Boulétreau, P.; Messing, B., 1998:
Improved survival by home total parenteral nutrition in AIDS patients: follow-up of a controlled randomized prospective trial

Jha, S.; Sanyal, D.; Ghosh, B.; Jha, T.B., 1998:
Improved taxol yield in cell suspension culture of Taxus wallichiana (Himalayan yew)

Lent, J. van; Snijders, P.; Blanken, K., 1998:
Improved techniques for reseeding of clover and grass

McDonald, J.H., 1998:
Improved tests for heterogeneity across a region of DNA sequence in the ratio of polymorphism to divergence

Hong, Y.H.; Moon, Y.K.m; Jeong, D.K.e; Han,, 1998:
Improved transfection efficiency of chicken gonadal primordial germ cells for the production of transgenic poultry

Smith, J.E.; Robin, M.J.L.; Elrick, D.E., 1998:
Improved transient-flow air permeameter design: dampening the temperature effects

Ramaiah, K.S., 1997:
Improved tree growth and root health: the potential for select symbiotic microbial inocula in forestry

Bosteels, T.; Tackaert, W.; Van Stappen, G.; Sorgeloos, P., 1996:
Improved use of the fluidized bed dryer for Artemia cysts

Guibert, M., 1997:
Improved varieties of Corsican pine from seed orchards

Lazenby, A.; Till, S., 1996:
Improved variety testing and release procedures in the Australian grains industry

Wang MingBo; L.Z.ongYi; Matthews, P.R.; Upadhyaya, N.M.; Waterhouse, P.M., 1998:
Improved vectors for Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of monocot plants

Potke, E.; Hauschild, W.; Kern, A., 1999:
Improved ventilation in crates with ventilation hatches in the floor

Arce Menocal, J.; Avila Gonzalez, E.; Lopez Coello, C.; Cortes Coronado, R., 1998:
Improved viability of broiler chicks with vitamin E supplementation in the drinking water

Knapp, E.; Hanzer, V.; Mendonca, D.; Camara Machado, A.D.; Katinger, H.; Camara Machado, M.L.imer De, 1998:
Improved virus detection in rosaceous fruit trees in vitro

Bade, J.; Othman, K., 1997:
Improved water management and agricultural performance on peat in Malaysia

Thiruvengadachari, S.; Jonna, S.; Hakeem, K.A.; Raju, P.V.; Bhanumurthy, V.; Rao, G.S.; Paul, P.R.; Sankar, E.S.; Jeyaseelan, A.T., 1996:
Improved water management: the IRS-1C contribution

Mejia, M.N.; Madramootoo, C.A., 1998:
Improved water quality through water table management in eastern Canada

Cremonini, C.; Pizzi, A.; Toro, C., 1997:
Improved waterproofing of UF plywood adhesives by melamine salts as glue mix hardeners: system performance optimization

Sanjaya Kumar; Dewey, C.E.; Friendship, R.M.; Bowland, S.L.; Shewen, P.E., 1999:
Improved weight gain in pigs using levamisole as an immunomodulator

Ipema, A.H.; Swierstra, D.; Smits, A.C., 1997:
Improved welfare of cows with pasture feeding and a milking robot

Skerritt, J.H., 1997:
Improved wheat utilisation in developing countries: research needs and opportunities in post-harvest wheat product quality

Hoffmann, B., 1998:
Improved work safety in the factories of ZAG Uelzen-Braunschweig

Phul, P.S.; Singh, T.P.; Gill, M.S.; Jolly, R.S.; Satwinder Kaur; Sandhu, J.S., 1997:
Improved yellow mosaic resistant soybean variety SL 295

Castagnetti, G.B., 1998:
Improvement and rationalization of ewe milk processing in small dairies

Kietzmann, M., 1999:
Improvement and retardation of wound healing: effects of pharmacological agents in laboratory animal studies

Fujiie, A.; Yokoyama, T.; Hasegawa, M.; Sawada, M., 1996 :
Improvement and use of Metarhizium anisopliae for controlling Anomala cuprea

Del Rio, M.; Ruedas, G.; Medina, S.; Victor, V.M.; D.L.F.ente, M., 1998:
Improvement by several antioxidants of macrophage function in vitro

Gruzewska, A., 1996:
Improvement due to breeding based on a genetic analysis of Leine ewes

Matsuzaki, H.U.hara, M.S.zuki,, S.K.nke,, S., 1998:
Improvement effect of switching to a diet of lower phosphorus content in rats with high phosphorus diet-induced nephrocalcinosis and depression of proximal tubular function

Gallent, N., 1997:
Improvement grants, second homes and planning control in England and Wales: a policy review

Levitz, S.M., 1998:
Improvement in CD4+ cell counts despite persistently detectable HIV load

Angel, J.B.; Kumar, A.; Parato, K.; Filion, L.G.; Diaz-Mitoma, F.; Daftarian, P.; Pham, B.; Sun, E.; Leonard, J.M.; Cameron, D.W., 1998:
Improvement in cell-mediated immune function during potent anti-human immunodeficiency virus therapy with ritonavir plus saquinavir

Murakami, S.; Kondo-Ohta, Y.; Tomisawa, K., 1999:
Improvement in cholesterol metabolism in mice given chronic treatment of taurine and fed a high-fat diet

Altolna, M., 1996:
Improvement in cotton crop management in Chad

Soni, S.N.; Khatik, S.K.; Shukla, K.C.; Singh, O.P., 1997:
Improvement in crop yield by adopting new agricultural technology under lab to land programme in District Sagar (M.P.)

Aiello, C., 1998:
Improvement in efficiency of structural policies

Ryabko, V.M.; Gorlov, A.I., 1999:
Improvement in estimation of genetic correlations between selection indices

Rothen, M.; Bisset, L.R.; Joller Jemelka, H.I.; Grob, P.; Luthy, R.; Opravil, M., 1998:
Improvement in immune function due to treatment with indinavir despite severe immune deficiency

Li, X.; Chen, F., 1998:
Improvement in isolation of gliding bacteria by the elimination of soluble sugars

de Luis, D.A.; Garcia Avello, A.; Lasuncion, M.A.; Aller, R.; Martin de Argila, C.; Boixeda de Miquel, D.; de la Calle, H., 1999:
Improvement in lipid and haemostasis patterns after Helicobacter pylori infection eradication in type 1 diabetic patients

Rai, N.; Singh, A.K.; Vijay Kumar, 1998:
Improvement in long shape brinjal hybrids

Yap, H.K.; Ang, S.G.; Lai, Y.H.; Ramgolam, V.; Jordan, S.C., 1999:
Improvement in lupus nephritis following treatment with a Chinese herbal preparation

Nagorna, V.A., 1996:
Improvement in monitoring the process of juice extraction

Hou, F.S.L.; Leung, D.W.M.; Milke, M.W.; Macpherson, D.J., 1999:
Improvement in ryegrass seed germination for diesel contaminated soils by PEG treatment technology

Naudziunas, K., 1996:
Improvement in seedbed preparation for sugarbeet

Komlenovic, N.; Rastovski, P., 1996:
Improvement in seedling production by applying mineral fertilizers and sowing substrates

Banda, K.M.S.; Kendaragama, K.M.A., 1998:
Improvement in soil fertility characteristics due to alley cropping on a rainfed alfisol

Duhan, A.; Khetarpaul, N.; Bishnoi, S., 1998:
Improvement in starch digestibility (in vitro) of various pigeonpea cultivars through processing and cooking

Bohrer, D.N.scimento, P.-De; Gomes, H., 1999:
Improvement in the determination of mancozeb residues by the carbon disulfide evolution method using flow injection analysis

Wang, L.C., 1998:
Improvement in the identification of intestinal parasites by a concentrated merthiolate-iodine-formaldehyde technique

Gautam, S.P.; Sharma, R.B., 1996:
Improvement in the medicinal plants through VAM fungi

Boison, J.O.; Keng, L.J., 1998:
Improvement in the multiresidue liquid chromatographic analysis of residues of mono- and dibasic penicillins in bovine muscle tissues

Anim Kwapong, E.; Adu Ampomah, Y., 1997:
Improvement in the performance of arabusta coffee in Ghana

Hochstetter, T., 1998:
Improvement in the quality of claw horn in cows fed supplementary biotin

Santos, M.X. dos; Oliveira Guimaraes, P.E. de; Pacheco, C.A.P.; Franca, G.E.; Parentoni, S.N.; Gomes e Gama, E.E.; Lopes, M.A., 1998 :
Improvement in the synthetic elite NT for soils with low nitrogen content. I. Genetic parameters for yield

Li, Y.; Metori, K.; Koike, K.; Che, Q.M.; Takahashi, S., 1999:
Improvement in the turnover rate of the stratum corneum in false aged model rats by the administration of geniposidic acid in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Leaf

Masuda-Nishimura, I.M.namihara, T.K.yama, Y., 1999:
Improvement in thermal stability and reactivity of pyranose oxidase from Coriolus versicolor by random mutagenesis

Hintermann, K.; Basler, P., 1998:
Improvement in vine growth with alternative methods

Lin SheauHorng; Peng CheuCheng; W.H.uehTan; Chern YeongJiun; Her JiaJou, 1998:
Improvement incombustibility of wood with fire retardants treatment

Han GuangPing; Umemura, K.; Kawai, S.; Kajita, H., 1999:
Improvement mechanism of bondability in UF-bonded reed and wheat straw boards by silane coupling agent and extraction treatments

Poncet, S.; Bernard, C.; Dervyn, E.; Cayley, J.; Klier, A.; Rapoport, G., 1997:
Improvement of Bacillus sphaericus toxicity against dipteran larvae by integration, via homologous recombination, of the Cry11A toxin gene from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

Oh, K.S.ok; Oh, B.Y.ul; Park, S.S.on; Lee, J.K.ok, 1998:
Improvement of Bacillus thuringiensis wettable powder to enhance adherence

Latha, P.; Gopalakrishnan, T.R., 1996:
Improvement of CM 214, a mosaic resistant pumpkin line

Vollmann, J.; Damboeck, A.; Eckl, A.; Schrems, H.; Ruckenbauer, P., 1996:
Improvement of Camelina sativa, an underexploited oilseed

Krstinic, A.; Kajba, D., 1997:
Improvement of Chinese willow (Salix matsudana Koidz.) and white willow (Salix alba L.) by hybridization and selection

Cabasson, C.A.vard, D.D.mbier, D.O.litrault, P.T.isson, C., 1997:
Improvement of Citrus somatic embryo development by temporary immersion

Nyange, N.E.; Marandu, E.F., 1997:
Improvement of Coffea canephora germplasm in Tanzania: exploration and collection of new robusta material from farmers' plots

Degheidi, M.A.; Abd Rabou, N.S.; Ismail, A.A., 1998:
Improvement of Domiati cheese quality during pickling using Jack fruit lipase

Pichler, H.; Gans, O.; Krska, R.; Grasserbauer, M., 1997:
Improvement of GC-MS analysis of organochlorine pesticides in sediments by use of a computer-optimized temperature program

Khomyakov, A.P.; Trofimov, L.I.; Kharitonov, V.D., 1999:
Improvement of GEA Wiegand evaporators used in milk concentration

Karp, M.; Sentsov, V.; Shtertser, T., 1998:
Improvement of Landrace pigs

Grikshas, S.; Timofeev, L., 1998:
Improvement of Large White pigs by reciprocal recurrent selection

Hassan, H.A.; Fahmy, S.T.M.; Mousa, M.T.; Suliman, A.I.A., 1998:
Improvement of Ossimi productive traits through crossing with Chios sheep. I-Body weight and daily gain

Gil,, C., 1998 :
Improvement of Pinus pinaster wood dimensional stability using cork industry wastes

Jia, H.; Liu, F.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, C.; Araya, K.; Kudoh, M.; Kawabe, H., 1998:
Improvement of Planosol solum: part 7, mechanical properties of soils

Jia, H.; Liu, F.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, C.; Araya, K.; Kudoh, M.; Kawabe, H., 1998:
Improvement of Planosol solum: part 8, analysis of draught of a three-stage subsoil mixing plough

Dinesh Kumar; Singh, N.B.; Rawat, G.S.; Shivendu Srivastava; Dhananjay Mohan, 1999:
Improvement of Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh. in India - I. Present status

Singh, N.B.; Dinesh Kumar; Rawat, G.S.; Shrivastava, S.K., 1999:
Improvement of Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh. in India - II. Future strategy

Soldatov, A.P.; Chernushenko, V.K.; Marchenko, L.A.; Listratenkova, V.I.; Kirillov, A.S., 1997:
Improvement of Russian Brown cattle in Smolensk region

Nagamine, T.; Komae, K., 1996:
Improvement of a method for chain-length distribution analysis of wheat amylopectin

Tasnee Attanandana; Benjaporn Chakranon; Kazutake Kyuma; Pojanee Moncharoen, 1999:
Improvement of a peat soil for rice cultivation in Thailand

Chebil, L.; Yamasaki, S., 1998:
Improvement of a rotifer ecosystem culture to promote recycling marine microalga, Nannochloropsis sp

Anan' eva, P.A.; Kholodova, Z.V.; Kuznetsova, L.A.; Belyaeva, L.I., 1997:
Improvement of a scheme for refining raw sugar

Wang ChengXiang; Wang LiangQun; Bai ZhiLiang; Wang FengLin; Zheng Liping, 1997:
Improvement of a sorghum R-line through tissue culture

Liu, F.Y.; Ting, C.S., 1998:
Improvement of affination process in the Peikang Refinery

Issopoulos, P.B.; Salta, S.E., 1997:
Improvement of an old spectrophotometric method for the microdetermination of ascorbic acid by the use of a micellar medium

Stubbe, A.; Beck, J.; Jubgbluth, T., 1999:
Improvement of animal welfare in intensive pig management systems by an activity displacement technique

Li, Y.G.; Bai, D.P.; Kindiger, B., 1998:
Improvement of anther culture response of apomictic maize-Tripsacum hybrids

Zilkah, S.; David, I.; Yeselson, Y.; Shamian, S.; Hupert, H.; Ribak, O., 1998:
Improvement of apple and pear productivity by urea spray under temperature stress conditions

Toro, M.; Azcon, R.; Barea, J.M., 1997:
Improvement of arbuscular mycorrhiza development by inoculation of soil with phosphate-solubilizing rhizobacteria to improve rock phosphate bioavailability ( SUP 32 SUP P) and nutrient cycling

Liu, C.; Wang, Y.; Xu, X.; Ouyang, F.; Ye, H.; Li, G., 1999:
Improvement of artemisinin accumulation in hairy root cultures of Artemisia annua L by fungal elicitor

Jannoyer, M.; Chillet, M., 1998:
Improvement of banana growing conditions with the KatryxReg. bag

Ertugrul, O.; Alpan, O.; Umay, M.; Bilki, A.; Bulmus, S., 1999 :
Improvement of beef production traits of Southern Anatolian Red cattle through crossings with Simmental sires

Byeon HeeSeop; Park HanMin; Kim JongMan, 1997:
Improvement of bending performances by sloped finger-joint method in Pinus densiflora S. et Z. (I)

Vila, B., 1999:
Improvement of biologic and nutritional value of eggs

Pfammatter, W.; Vuignier, R., 1998:
Improvement of biological control in orchards using rows of wild plants

Moawad, H.; E.D.n, S.M.S.B.dr; Abdel Aziz, R.A., 1998:
Improvement of biological nitrogen fixation in Egyptian winter legumes through better management of Rhizobium

Kamal Prasad, 1997:
Improvement of biomass yield of Terminalia arjuna L. through vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus fasciculatum) under nursery and field condition

Kumar, S.; Singh, R.P.; Kumar, J.; Singh, D., 1996:
Improvement of broiler dam line though index selection

Nelles, E.M.; Randall, P.G.; Taylor, J.R.N., 1998:
Improvement of brown bread quality by prehydration treatment and cultivar selection of bran

Meijer, R.; Veninga, G.; Kalis, K., 1997:
Improvement of calcium utilization during the dry period

Simon, P.W., 1997:
Improvement of carrots for U.S. production with classical and modern techniques

M.J.nYeul; Yang JaeMan; Joo HeiJeung; Lee MiYoung; Park JaeHak; Jung KyuYong, 1999:
Improvement of cerebral ATP and choline deficiencies by Shao-Yin-Ren Shi-Quang-Da-Bu-Tang in senescence-accelerated mouse prone 8

Krishnan, P.; Tiwary, N.; Hari, A.; Kemble, L.J., 1999:
Improvement of chemical spray application using statistical process control

Techawongstien, S.; Lertrat, K.; Butsarakul, S.; Supa, P., 1995:
Improvement of chilli pepper for industry

Choi, M.Y.ung; Jeong, H.W.ok; Lee,, 1997:
Improvement of chloroplast observation technique in guard cells for ploidy detection of microspore-derived plants in broccoli

Foudraine, N.A.; Weverling, G.J.; van Gool, T.; Roos, M.T.; de Wolf, F.; Koopmans, P.P.; van den Broek, P.J.; Meenhorst, P.L.; van Leeuwen, R.; Lange, J.M.; Reiss, P., 1998:
Improvement of chronic diarrhoea in patients with advanced HIV-1 infection during potent antiretroviral therapy

Wang, Jianlong, 1998:
Improvement of citric acid production by Aspergillus niger with addition of phytate to beet molasses

Silva, E. de B.; Nogueira, F.D.; Guimaraes, P.T.G., 1997:
Improvement of coffee quality by application of potassium sulfate

Poisson, C.; Puard, M.; Dechanet, R., 1997:
Improvement of cold resistance in highland rice

Hotta, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Bingshan, L.; Takeuchi, Y.; Konnai, M., 1998:
Improvement of cold resistance in rice seedlings by 5-aminolevulinic acid

Poisson, C.; Puard, M.; Dechanet, R., 1996:
Improvement of cold tolerance in rainfed upland rice

Corino, C.P.storelli, G.P.ntaleo, L.O.iani, G.S.lvatori, G., 1999:
Improvement of color and lipid stability of rabbit meat by dietary supplementation with vitamin E

Freire, E.C.; Andrade, F.P. de; Farias, F.J.C.; Costa, J.N. da; Moreira, J. de A.N.; Vieira, R. de M.; Farias, R.H. de, 1997:
Improvement of coloured cotton in northeastern Brazil

Huang, L.H.; Su, W.Y., 1997:
Improvement of consecutive rearing methods of Thrips palmi Karny (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in the laboratory

Sivan, P., 1997:
Improvement of crop production and marketing in the South Pacific Islands

Rojas Badia, M.M.; Perez Reyes, L. de la C., 1998:
Improvement of culture conditions for 3-indol-acetic acid production by Rhizobium meliloti

Mitja, D.; Leal Filho, N.; Topall, O., 1998:
Improvement of degraded Amazon pastures using Andropogon gayanus Kunth. in Maraba, Para, Brazil

Eom YoungGeun; Yoon HyoungUn, 1997:
Improvement of dimensional stability of woody fiber-polypropylene fiber composite

Geng XingLian; Kondo, R.; Sakai, K.; Lee ZhongZheng, 1999:
Improvement of dispersing property of sodium sulfite-formaldehyde-anthraquinone pulping effluent by treatment with Coriolus versicolor

During, H., 1999:
Improvement of drought tolerance of grapevines by breeding

Michalk, D.L.; F.N.nPing; Zhu ChinMing, 1998 :
Improvement of dry tropical rangelands on Hainan Island, China. 3. Legume response to initial fertilizer

Nair, K.S.; Trivedy, K.; Magadum, S.B.; Datta, R.K., 1997:
Improvement of economic characters of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L. by a phytohormone, abscisic acid

Bhattacharya, K.; Datta, J.K.; Chattopadhyay, D.N., 1998:
Improvement of edaphic cyanobacterial population through liming in red and lateritic rice soils of West Bengal

Kraujalis, A., 1997:
Improvement of energy saving and work quality in soil preparation for sowing

Pei Dong; Tian YingChuan; Liu QunLu;; X.S.engHe; Mang KeQiang, 1996:
Improvement of excised leaf regeneration and obtaining of apple plants transformed with Bt toxin gene

Lopez Gallego, F., 1998:
Improvement of extensive sheep production systems

Marcellos, H., 1998:
Improvement of faba beans in China and Australia through germplasm evaluation, exchange and utilisation

Nada, Y., 1999:
Improvement of farm management in mixed farming combining animal husbandry, horticulture and rice production in southern Japan

Dias, J.; Gomes, E.F.; Kaushik, S.J., 1997:
Improvement of feed intake through supplementation with an attractant mix in European seabass fed plant-protein rich diets

Sandal, E., 1999:
Improvement of fertiliser normative in Lithuania

Gatica, R., 1998:
Improvement of fertility in dairy cattle

Ueno, H., 1999:
Improvement of fertilizer application in rice production toward environmentally conscious agriculture

S.W.nYu; Subyakto ; Hata, T.; Nishimiya, K.; Imamura, Y.; Ishihara, S., 1998:
Improvement of fire retardancy of plywood by incorporating boron or phosphate compounds in the glue

Tubelis, Antonio, 1996:
Improvement of floating lysimeters

Akashi, R.; Kawamura, O., 1998:
Improvement of forage quality in bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) through genetic manipulation. 1. Detection of somaclonal variation using RAPD analysis in plants regenerated from suspension cultures

Vlahova, M.; Petkov, P.; Atanasov, A.; Carlier, L.; Waes, C. van; Bockstaele, E. van, 1998:
Improvement of forage quality. Genetic transformation of alfalfa with poplar gene involved in lignin biosynthesis

Lee, Joon Woo, 1996:
Improvement of forest road construction related to the running speed of cargo truck

Doerffling, K.; Doerffling, H.; Lesselich, G.; Luck, E.; Melz, G., 1997:
Improvement of frost tolerance in winter wheat by in vitro selection of proline-overproducing mutants

Pillai, P.S.; Abraham, S., 1996:
Improvement of fruit characters and yield in sweet pepper by mutation induction

Warnier, O.; Otte, P., 1999:
Improvement of fruit set in Conference pear

Sotomayor, C.; Castro, J., 1998:
Improvement of fruit set in almonds using growth regulators

Suquet, M.; Fauvel, C.; Gaignon, J.L., 1998:
Improvement of gamete quality in the turbot

Pathak, C.S.; Cherng, S.J.; Ko, S.S., 1996:
Improvement of garlic through clonal selection

Mohanty, S.K.; Baisakh, B.; Dikshit, U.N., 1998:
Improvement of genetic architecture of a local cultivar Kalamung of greengram by mutation

Kaminsky, S., 1997:
Improvement of genotype identification using the kappa -casein gene in cattle

Belhadj, S.; Gerasopoulos, D.; Maloupa, E., 1998:
Improvement of germination of Vitex agnus castus L. seeds with seed pre-treatments

Ting E.Dai, 1998:
Improvement of gladiolus varieties

Reul, B.A.; Becker, D.J.; Ongemba, L.N.; Bailey, C.J.; Henquin, J.C.; Brichard, S.M., 1997:
Improvement of glucose homeostasis and hepatic insulin resistance in ob/ob mice given oral molybdate

Dianov, L.V.; Smelik, V.A., 1997:
Improvement of grain driers

Sorour, W.A.I.; Keshta, M.M.; E.B.z, M.G.M., 1999:
Improvement of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) by induced mutations

Shen YiXing; Ishii, Y.; Fukuyama, K.; Ito, K., 1998:
Improvement of herbage production in late autumn and overwintering ability by gibberellin application and fertilization in green panic

Ahloowalia, B.S., 1997:
Improvement of horticultural plants through in vitro culture and induced mutations

Tuuminen, T.; Seppanen, H.; Pitkanen, E.M.; Palomaki, P.; Kapyaho, K., 1999:
Improvement of immunoglobulin M capture immunoassay specificity: Toxoplasma antibody detection method as a model

Coll, Y.; Pujol, M.; Castillo, D.; Gonzalez, A.; Alfonso, J.; Armas, R., 1998:
Improvement of indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) in vitro regeneration efficiency from callus mediated by stress

Martin de Santa Olalla Manas, F.; Brasa Ramos, A.; Fabeiro Cortes, C.; Fernandez Gonzalez, D.; Lopez Corcoles, H., 1999:
Improvement of irrigation management towards the sustainable use of groundwater in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Ospanov, B., 1998:
Improvement of land relations and their legal support in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Uguccioni, M.; Zeiss, C., 1997:
Improvement of leachate prediction through municipal solid waste layers

Papoutsi Costopoulou, H.; Gouli Vavdinoudi, E., 1998:
Improvement of local common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) populations from Greece in absence of competition

Andrade, F.P. de; Freire, E.C.; Costa, J.N. da; Moreira, J. de A.N.; Farias, F.J.C.; Vieira, R. de M., 1997:
Improvement of long-fibred cotton for cultivation under irrigated conditions in north-eastern Brazil

Tateno, H.; Kamiguchi, Y., 1999:
Improvement of male pronuclear formation during cross-fertilization between Chinese hamster spermatozoa and Syrian hamster oocytes by nocodazole, and chromosome analysis of hybrid zygotes

Knac, E.; Donmez, E., 1998:
Improvement of malt quality of winter barley under dryland conditions of Central Anatolia

Mortimer, S.I.; Atkins, K.D., 1997:
Improvement of merino reproductive performance through bloodline substitution and crossing

Malec, J.; Prochot, A., 1998:
Improvement of methods for sugarbeet storage

Takahashi, T.; Hashimoto, Y., 1998:
Improvement of microbial communities in plant rhizosphere, by application of biodegradable urea condensation polymer

Pirazzi, R.; Rea, E.; Bragaloni, M., 1999:
Improvement of micronutrient uptake of valuable broadleaves in interaction with Glomus mosseae

Krausslich, H., 1998:
Improvement of milk performance by different breeding strategies in the Hungarian, Swiss and Bavarian cattle populations and future aspects of cattle breeding

Pingpank, H.; Baumgartl, T.; Horn, R., 1998:
Improvement of mineral landfill liners by drying and refilling of induced cracks

Kuznetsov, S.G., 1996:
Improvement of mineral nutrition for dairy cows

Galiana, A.; Gnahoua, G.M.; Chaumont, J.; Lesueur, D.; Prin, Y.; Mallet, B., 1998:
Improvement of nitrogen fixation in Acacia mangium through inoculation with rhizobium

Brewbaker, J.L.; Wei Guo Sun, 1996:
Improvement of nitrogen-fixing trees for enhanced site quality

Bozzini, A.; Chiaretti, D., 1998:
Improvement of nutritional quality in broad beans, lentils and blue lupins adapted to central and Southern Italy

MacKenzie, S.L.; Jain, R.K., 1997:
Improvement of oil crops via biotechnology

Miyajima, Daiichiro, 1998:
Improvement of ornamental value by seed selection in double-flowered zinnias

Strekozov, N.I.; Sel' tsov, V.I.; Sivkin, N.V., 1996:
Improvement of pale pied cattle in Russia

Jalani, B.S.; Cheah, S.C.; Rajanaidu, N.; Darus, A., 1997:
Improvement of palm oil through breeding and biotechnology

Butkuviene, E.; Zableckiene, D., 1997:
Improvement of pasture by oversowing of white clover

Andarwulan, N.; Kalidas Shetty, 1999:
Improvement of pea (Pisum sativum) seed vigour response by fish protein hydrolysates in combination with acetyl salicylic acid

Kobayashi, Y.; Iida, I.; Imamura, Y.; Watanabe, U., 1998:
Improvement of penetrability of sugi wood by impregnation of bacteria using sap-flow method

Potkanski, A., 1998:
Improvement of phosphorus utilisation from domestic feeds and reducing emissions to the environment

Zioowski, T.; Korniewicz, A.; Czarnik Matusewicz, H.; Paleczek, B.; Korniewicz, D., 1996:
Improvement of pig fattening efficiency and carcass quality using full rapeseeds in feeding

Jia, H.; Liu, F.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, C.; Araya, K.; Kudoh, M.; Kawabe, H., 1998:
Improvement of planosol solum. Part 10: mixing of wheat straw and corn stalk into subsoil

Liu, F.; Jia, H.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, H.; Araya, K.; Kudoh, M.; Kawabe, H., 1998:
Improvement of planosol solum. Part 9: fertilizer distributor for subsoil

Zhu Ji; Huang YuWen; Liang ChengYe, 1998:
Improvement of plant regeneration from cyclic secondary somatic embryos in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Sochacki, D.; Orlikowska, T.; Malinowski, T.; Marasek, A., 1997:
Improvement of planting material of daffodils

Rao, G.M.heswara; Rao,; Acharyulu, M.V.S.N.; Prasad,, 1998:
Improvement of planting stock through culling in root trainer nursery

Yuniarti, 1997:
Improvement of postharvest handling practices of mangoes for long transportation period

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