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Influence of dietary magnesium level on growth-performance and metabolic responses of Holstein steers to laidlomycin propionate

Ramirez, J.E.; Alvarez, E.G.; Montaño, M.; Shen, Y.; Zinn, R.A.

Journal of Animal Science 76(7): 1753-1759


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
PMID: 9690629
DOI: 10.2527/1998.7671753x
Accession: 003174388

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We used 216 Holstein steers (151 kg) in a 262-d trial to evaluate the influence of dietary magnesium level (.19, .25, and .32%) and laidlomycin propionate (LP; 0 vs 11 ppm, air-dry basis) on growth performance and NE value of the diet. During the initial 112 d of the trial, LP increased (P < .01) ADG (6.3%) and feed efficiency (4.2%). From d 112 until slaughter, LP increased (P < .05) ADG (9.7%) and feed efficiency (4.5%). Across the 262-d feeding period, LP supplementation enhanced (P < .01) ADG (8.9%) and feed efficiency (6.3%). There was an interaction (P < .05) between dietary Mg and LP on NE value of the diet. The enhancement in NE value of the diets owing to LP with .19, .25, and .32% dietary Mg were .5, 3.0, and 5.9%, respectively. Six Holstein steers (302 kg) were used in a 6 x 6 Latin square experiment to evaluate treatment effects on characteristics of ruminal and total tract digestion. There were no treatment interactions (P > .10) on site and extent of digestion of OM, starch, and N. Supplemental Mg increased (quadratic effect, P < .10) ruminal OM digestion. Neither LP nor dietary Mg level affected (P > .10) ruminal digestion of starch and feed N. Supplemental LP decreased (15%, P < .05) ruminal microbial efficiency. Total tract digestion of OM and N increased (linear effect, P < .01) with increasing dietary Mg level. There were interactions between LP and dietary Mg level on ruminal soluble-Mg concentration (linear effect, P < .01) and Mg absorption (quadratic effect, P < .05). Apparent total tract Mg digestion increased owing to LP (P < .01) and dietary Mg level (linear effect, P < .01). There were no treatment effects (P > .10) on ruminal pH. Dietary Mg level did not influence (P > .10) ruminal VFA concentrations or molar proportions. Supplemental LP increased (14%; P < .10) total ruminal VFA concentration but did not affect (P > .10) VFA molar proportions. We conclude that LP will increase daily weight gain and feed efficiency of calf-fed Holstein steers and that this response may be enhanced by increasing dietary Mg level.

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