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Inheritance of green variegation and other new variants of Collinsia heterophylla

Gorsic, J.

Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 91(1-2): 19-31


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-2252
Accession: 003177393

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Six new genetic variants, extending the described genome of Collinsia heterophylla Buist. (2N = 14) to over one hundred gene loci, are: (1) carpophyllous, cp, with fused leaf pairs terminating the growth of main axis; (2) umbellate, la, with tetra- and/or hexamerous whorls of vegetative leaves and an umbellate inflorescence of 6-30 flowers; (3) dwarf, dw, with a 3.5-7 cm long stem; (4) fringed, fr, with deeply cut leaf margin; (5) semidominant mottling, M, with leaves densely sprinkled with whitish streaks; (6) green variegation, vag, with light-green and dark-green sectored leaves, controlled by a reversible recessive nuclear gene transferable to the offspring through male and female gametes. In addition, two new alleles of the vao (orange variegation) locus are reported: (1) vaog allele (in stable and reversible form), and (2) vaoa, a nonreversible allele producing nearly white (alba) cotyledons and leaves or orange cotyledons and leaves with a white margin. Finally, an additional allele, zc, of the toothless (z, zahnlos) locus, has been identified, causing, in homozygotes, complete adaxial fusion (clasping) of cotyledons thus precluding stem formation.

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