Integrated nutrient management in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Vyas, S.H.; Modhwadia, M.M.; Khanpara, V.D.

Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal 23(1): 12-18


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-5193
Accession: 003179524

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Results of the experiment conducted during 1993-1994 at Gujarat Agricultural University, Junagadh (India) to study the effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on wheat showed that the application of farmyard manure (FYM) at 10 t/ha significantly increased grain and straw yield and total uptake of nitrogen during both years. Application of NP fertilizer (120:60 kg/ha) significantly improved grain and straw yield, protein content in grain and total uptake of N, P and K over their lower levels. The beneficial effect of potassium was not observed in any parameters except total uptake of potassium which was maximum under the application of 50 kg K/ha. Grain and straw yield, protein content in grain and total uptake of nitrogen and sulphur were significantly higher under application of 40 kg S/ha as compared to no sulphur. Treatment combination of 10 t FYM with 120:60 kg NP/ha was optimum in most of the parameters.