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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3182

Chapter 3182 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gudmundsson, G.; Bosch, A.; Davidson, B.L.; Berg, D.J.; Hunninghake, G.W., 1998:
Interleukin-10 modulates the severity of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in mice

Estaquier, J.; Marguerite, M.; Sahuc, F.; Bessis, N.; Auriault, C.; Ameisen, J.C., 1997:
Interleukin-10-mediated T cell apoptosis during the T helper type 2 cytokine response in murine Schistosoma mansoni parasite infection

Mountford, A.P.; Shires, V.L.; Anderson, S., 1998:
Interleukin-12 and protective immunity to schistosomes

Mohan, K.; Stevenson, M.M., 1998:
Interleukin-12 corrects severe anemia during blood-stage Plasmodium chabaudi AS in susceptible A/J mice

Michailowsky, V.; Murta, S.M.; Carvalho-Oliveira, L.; Pereira, M.E.; Ferreira, L.R.; Brener, Z.; Romanha, A.J.; Gazzinelli, R.T., 1998:
Interleukin-12 enhances in vivo parasiticidal effect of benznidazole during acute experimental infection with a naturally drug-resistant strain of Trypanosoma cruzi

Bryan, D.L.; Hawkes, J.S.; Gibson, R.A., 1999:
Interleukin-12 in human milk

Romani, L.; Puccetti, P.; Bistoni, F., 1997:
Interleukin-12 in infectious diseases

Okano, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; Sano, T.; Azuma, M.; Sone, S., 1998:
Interleukin-12 inhibits production of interleukin-5 but not of granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor by antigen-stimulated blood mononuclear cells in allergic bronchial asthmatics

Decken, K.; Köhler, G.; Palmer-Lehmann, K.; Wunderlin, A.; Mattner, F.; Magram, J.; Gately, M.K.; Alber, G., 1998:
Interleukin-12 is essential for a protective Th1 response in mice infected with Cryptococcus neoformans

Mattner, F.; D.P.dova, K.; Alber, G., 1997:
Interleukin-12 is indispensable for protective immunity against Leishmania major

Pyeon, D.; Splitter, G.A., 1998:
Interleukin-12 p40 mRNA expression in bovine leukemia virus-infected animals: increase in alymphocytosis but decrease in persistent lymphocytosis

de Boer, B.A.; Kruize, Y.C.; Rotmans, P.J.; Yazdanbakhsh, M., 1997:
Interleukin-12 suppresses immunoglobulin E production but enhances immunoglobulin G4 production by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Johnson, L.L.; Sayles, P.C., 1997:
Interleukin-12, dendritic cells, and the initiation of host-protective mechanisms against Toxoplasma gondii

Yoshimoto, T.; Yoneto, T.; Waki, S.; Nariuchi, H., 1998:
Interleukin-12-dependent mechanisms in the clearance of blood-stage murine malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei XAT, an attenuated variant of P. berghei NK65

Musso, T.; Calosso, L.; Zucca, M.; Millesimo, M.; Puliti, M.; Bulfone-Paus, S.; Merlino, C.; Savoia, D.; Cavallo, R.; Ponzi, A.N.; Badolato, R., 1998:
Interleukin-15 activates proinflammatory and antimicrobial functions in polymorphonuclear cells

Vázquez, N.; Walsh, T.J.; Friedman, D.; Chanock, S.J.; Lyman, C.A., 1998:
Interleukin-15 augments superoxide production and microbicidal activity of human monocytes against Candida albicans

Mody, C.H.; Spurrell, J.C.; Wood, C.J., 1998:
Interleukin-15 induces antimicrobial activity after release by Cryptococcus neoformans-stimulated monocytes

Simonelli, C.; Zanussi, S.; Comar, M.; Vaccher, E.; Giacca, M.; D.P.oli, P.; Tirelli, U., 1998:
Interleukin-2 in combination with zidovudine and didanosine is able to maintain high levels of CD4 cells and undetectable HIV viraemia

Kutza, J.; Hayes, M.P.; Clouse, K.A., 1998:
Interleukin-2 inhibits HIV-1 replication in human macrophages by modulating expression of CD4 and CC-chemokine receptor-5

Varricchio, F.; Husain, S.R.; Leland, P.; Gill, P.; Puri, R.K., 1997:
Interleukin-4 receptor expression in vivo on human AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma

Tiemessen, C.T.; Kilroe, B.; Martin, D.J., 1998:
Interleukin-4 regulation of cytokine-induced HIV1 and interleukin-8 expression in promonocytic U1 cells is concentration- and cytokine-dependent

Schopf, L.R.; Filutowicz, H.; Bi, X.J.; Mansfield, J.M., 1998:
Interleukin-4-dependent immunoglobulin G1 isotype switch in the presence of a polarized antigen-specific Th1-cell response to the trypanosome variant surface glycoprotein

Dent, L.A.; Daly, C.M.; Mayrhofer, G.; Zimmerman, T.; Hallett, A.; Bignold, L.P.; Creaney, J.; Parsons, J.C., 1999:
Interleukin-5 transgenic mice show enhanced resistance to primary infections with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis but not primary infections with Toxocara canis

Pachner, A.R.; Amemiya, K.; Delaney, E.; O'Neill, T.; Hughes, C.A.; Zhang, W.F., 1997:
Interleukin-6 is expressed at high levels in the CNS in Lyme neuroborreliosis

Faulkner, H.; Renauld, J.C.; Van Snick, J.; Grencis, R.K., 1998:
Interleukin-9 enhances resistance to the intestinal nematode Trichuris muris

Bhaumik, S.K.; Abdur Rahim, 1999:
Interlinked credit transactions in rural West Bengal

Endo, K.; Nakamura, K.; Maeda, H.; Matsushita, T., 1998:
Interlocking intramedullary nail method for the treatment of femoral and tibial fractures in cats and small dogs

Kamete, A.Y., 1998:
Interlocking livelihoods: farm and small town in Zimbabwe

Dueland, R.T.; Johnson, K.A.; Roe, S.C.; Engen, M.H.; Lesser, A.S., 1999:
Interlocking nail treatment of diaphyseal long-bone fractures in dogs

Barrett, J.; Wright, D.J., 1998:
Intermediary metabolism

Limar, A.O., 1996:
Intermediate crops in short-term crop rotations

Kapanadze, I.S.; Kapanadze, B.I., 1997:
Intermediate forms resulting from heterografting of hesperidium plants

Bernardino, M.L.A.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Santana, A.A.C.; Goncalves, L.C.; Zago, C.P., 1997:
Intermediate sorghum silages with different tannin concentrations and steam moisture content. I. Ammonia nitrogen, pH and dry matter losses

Rodriguez, N.M.; Bernardino, M.L.A.; Goncalves, L.C.; Veloso, C.M.; Zago, C.P., 1997:
Intermediate sorghum silages with different tannin concentrations and stem moisture content. II. Carbohydrate and lignin fermentation

Goldman, A.; Zhao Qin, 1998 :
Intermediate supermarkets in China: origins, evolution and prospects

Nisse, P.; Forceville, X.; Cezard, C.; Ameri, A.; Mathieu-Nolf, M., 1998:
Intermediate syndrome with delayed distal polyneuropathy from ethyl parathion poisoning

Rida, W.; Fast, P.; Hoff, R.; Fleming, T., 1997:
Intermediate-size trials for the evaluation of HIV vaccine candidates: a workshop summary

Kurahashi, Y.; Araki, Y.; Kinbara, T.; Pontzen, R.; Yamaguchi, I., 1998:
Intermediates accumulation and inhibition sites of carpropamid in the melanin biosynthesis pathway of Pyricularia oryzae

Medda, R.; Padiglia, A.; Bellelli, A.; Sarti, P.; Santanchè, S.; Finazzi Agrò, A.; Floris, G., 1998:
Intermediates in the catalytic cycle of lentil (Lens esculenta) seedling copper-containing amine oxidase

Ribnicky; Shulaev; Raskin, 1998:
Intermediates of salicylic acid biosynthesis in tobacco

Lundqvist, U.; Lundqvist, A., 1998:
Intermedium mutants in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) - diversity, interactions and plant breeding value

Fernandez, R.T.; Flore, J.A., 1998:
Intermittent application of CaCl2 to control rain cracking of sweet cherry

Chen YiLuen, 1999:
Intermittent drying of rough rice with short drying periods

Schussler, J.M.; Fenves, A.Z.; Sutker, W.L., 1997:
Intermittent fever and pancytopenia in a young Mexican man

Dalbir Singh; Goyal, M.N., 1999:
Intermittent high vibration in industrial steam turbine: a case study

Balnave, D.; Muheereza, S.K., 1998:
Intermittent lighting and dietary sodium bicarbonate supplementation for laying hens at high temperatures

Siopes, T.D., 1999:
Intermittent lighting increases egg weight and facilitates early photostimulation of turkey breeder hens

Buys, N.; Buyse, J.; Hassanzadeh-Ladmakhi, M.; Decuypere, E., 1998:
Intermittent lighting reduces the incidence of ascites in broilers: an interaction with protein content of feed on performance and the endocrine system

Todd, C.H.; Dunn, J.T., 1998:
Intermittent oral administration of potassium iodide solution for the correction of iodine deficiency

Kluge, R.A.; Rodrigues, D.S.; Minami, K., 1998:
Intermittent warming of tomatoes: effects upon chilling injury

Dreger, L.M.; Gleason, P.P.; Chowdhry, T.K.; Gazzuolo, D.J., 1998:
Intermittent-dose metronidazole-induced peripheral neuropathy

Costa, J.; Marchon Silva, V., 1998:
Intermoulting period and resistance to starvation of different populations of Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva, 1911 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae)

Bernard Gelabert, M.C. et al., 1998:
Intermunicipality in operation

Thomson, M.J.; Withrow, S.J.; Dernell, W.S.; Powers, B.E., 1999:
Intermuscular lipomas of the thigh region in dogs: 11 cases

Watanabe, A.; Takagi, N.; Hayashi, H.; Chino, M.; Watanabe, A., 1997:
Internal Gln/Glu ratio as a potential regulatory parameter for the expression of a cytosolic glutamine synthetase gene of radish in cultured cells

Komada, C.; Ehara, H.; Morita, O.; Goto, M., 1998:
Internal and external factors affecting germination characteristics of sago palm seed

Ekholm, P.; Malve, O.; Kirkkala, T., 1997:
Internal and external loading as regulators of nutrient concentrations in the agriculturally loaded Lake Pyhajarvi (southwest Finland)

X.F.Yu; Wang LiHua; L.P.iZhi; X.S.Ming; Zhang SongYun, 1997:
Internal and external nutrient transfers in foliage of some northern deciduous trees 1. Changes of nutrient concentrations and contents

Chitarra, M.I.F.; Chitarra, A.B.; Lima, L.C. de O., 1999:
Internal breakdown in mango fruit: changes in cell wall compounds

Raymond, L.S.haffer, B.B.echt, J.; Hanlon, E., 1998:
Internal breakdown, mineral element concentration, and weight of mango fruit

Hausman, J.F.; Evers, D.; Kevers, C.; Gaspar, T., 1997:
Internal controls of root induction in poplar shoots raised in vitro

Pornon, A.; Doche, B.; Escaravage, N., 1998:
Internal cycle of nitrogen in a subalpine evergreen shrub (Rhododendron ferrugineum L.) growing on poor soils (northern French Alps)

Sun Jun; Zhang Zhen; Sheng BingCheng, 1998:
Internal cycling of nitrogen in deciduous fruit trees: a literature review

Wozniak, W.; Niewczas, J.; Kudra, T., 1999:
Internal damage vs. mechanical properties of microwave-dried wheat grain

Pratella, G.C., 1997:
Internal decay of apple (first part)

B"rzev, G.; Zhelyazkov, E.; Tsvetanova, Y., 1997:
Internal differentiation of East Bulgarian horses on the basis of external body measurements and blood group and serum protein loci

Jiang De' an; X.Y.nFa, 1995:
Internal dominant factors for decline of photosynthesis during rice leaf senescence

Tudury, E.A.; Rezende, C.M. de F.; Andrade, L.M., 1997:
Internal immobilization of the lumbar canine spine using polyvinylchloride plates. Part I. Clinical and surgical results

Tudury, E.A.; Rezende, C.M.F. de; Nunes, V.A.; Andrade, L.M., 1997:
Internal immobilization of the lumbar canine spine using polyvinylchloride plates. Part II. Anatomopathological results

Campo, J.L.; Gil, M.G., 1998:
Internal inclusions in brown eggs: relationships with fearfulness and stress

Carciofi, A.C.; Prada, F.; Mori, C.S., 1998:
Internal markers in the evaluation of apparent digestibility of cat feeds - comparison of methods

Bryden, D. (Director), 1998:
Internal medicine: small companion animals. The T G Hungerford course for veterinarians. Proceedings 306, Stephen Roberts Lecture Theatre, University of Sydney, Australia, 15 - 19 June 1998

Huang, Y.W.ittaker, A.; Lacey, R., 1998 :
Internal model control for a continuous, snack food frying process using neural networks

Momol, M.T.; Norelli, J.L.; Piccioni, D.E.; Momol, E.A.; Gustafson, H.L.; Aldwinckle, J.N.C.mmins And H.S., 1998:
Internal movement of Erwinia amylovora through symptomless apple scion tissues into the rootstock

Mcdowell, William H., 1998:
Internal nutrient fluxes in a Puerto Rican rain forest

Hrinca, G., 1996:
Internal organ constants in lambs of the Botosani Karakul breed in relation to pelt quality

Suarez, V.H.; Mereb, G.C.; Lorenzo, R.M.; Busetti, M.R.; Fort, M.C., 1997:
Internal parasites found in red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) in the province of La Pampa (Argentina)

Ayudhya, C.K.N.; Sangvaranonda, A., 1997:
Internal parasites in the alimentary tract of adult native chickens in southern Thailand

Stankiewicz, M.; Heath, D.D.; Cowan, P.E., 2005:
Internal parasites of possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) from Kawau Island, Chatham Island and Stewart Island

Love, S.C.J., 1997:
Internal parasites to the year 2000

Mirza, M.A.; Razzak, A., 1998:
Internal parasitism in sheep and goats under extensive grazing system

Thamsborg, S.M.; Jørgensen, R.J.; Nansen, P., 1998:
Internal parasitism of steers grazing extensively at different stocking rates

Poshkus, B.I., 1997:
Internal reserves of agribusiness in Russia

Kornienko, A.V.; Nanaenko, G.A., 1998:
Internal reserves of the sector

Fousekis, P.; Papakonstantinou, A., 1997:
Internal scale effects, external scale effects and technical change in Greek agriculture

Sacchetti, G.; Romagnoli, C.; Ballero, M.; Tosi, B.; Poli, F., 1998:
Internal secretory structures and preliminary phytochemical investigation on flavonoid and coumarin content in Santolina insularis (Asteraceae)

Panigrahi, A., 1999:
Internal shell of the garden slug Anadenus modestus Theobald (Gastropoda: Arionidae)

Xiao Yi; Gao YingYu; Chen CaiShui, 1997:
Internal standard method for determinating the contents of DHA and EPA in fish oil, fatty acid and fatty acid ethyl ester

Abasolo, W.; Yoshida, M.; Yamamoto, H.; Okuyama, T., 1999:
Internal stress generation in rattan canes

Powell, R.K.; Stoffella, P.J.; Powell, C.A., 1998:
Internal tomato irregular ripening symptoms do not diminish upon storage

Prudnikov, V.G., 1997:
Internal traits of intensively finished Simmental bulls and bulls of the new dairy breeds Ukrainian Black Pied and Ukrainian Red Pied

Gernandt, D.S.; Liston, A., 1999:
Internal transcribed spacer region evolution in Larix and Pseudotsuga (Pinaceae)

Francisco-Ortega, J.; Fuertes-Aguilar, J.; Gómez-Campo, C.; Santos-Guerra, A.; Jansen, R.K., 1999:
Internal transcribed spacer sequence phylogeny of Crambe L. (Brassicaceae): molecular data reveal two Old World disjunctions

Wang, X.H.; Oon, H.L.; Ho, G.W.; Wong, W.S.; Lim, T.M.; Leung, K.Y., 1998:
Internalization and cytotoxicity are important virulence mechanisms in Vibrio-fish epithelial cell interactions

Tan, E.; Low, K.W.; Wong, W.S.; Leung, K.Y., 1998:
Internalization of Aeromonas hydrophila by fish epithelial cells can be inhibited with a tyrosine kinase inhibitor

Carvalho, T.M.U.; Souza, W. de; Coimbra, E.S., 1999:
Internalization of components of the host cell plasma membrane during infection by Trypanosoma cruzi

Reitmayr, T.; Heissenhuber, A., 1996:
Internalizing environmental damages and benefits: economic effects by the example of agriculture

Wadsworth, R.M.; Ford, C.S.; End, M.J.; Hadley, P., 1997:
International Cocoa Germplasm Database. 2. Clones table E to N

Wadsworth, R.M.; Ford, C.S.; End, M.J.; Hadley, P., 1997:
International Cocoa Germplasm Database. 3. Clones table O to Z

Wadsworth, R.M.; Ford, C.S.; End, M.J.; Hadley, P., 1997:
International Cocoa Germplasm Database. 4. Character table A to I

Wadsworth, R.M.; Ford, C.S.; End, M.J.; Hadley, P., 1997:
International Cocoa Germplasm Database. 5. Character table I to Z

Wadsworth, R.M.; Ford, C.S.; End, M.J.; Hadley, P., 1997:
International Cocoa Germplasm Database. 6. Character files, appendices

Anonymous, 1998:
International Conference-Workshop on quality, coherence and competitiveness of agricultural education in a changing world

Ellner, R., 1996:
International DLG Ewe and Goat Milk Cheese Evaluation 1996

Anonymous, 1998:
International Fishmeal & Oil Manufacturers Association, 1998 Annual Conference, Puerto Rico, 16th-20th November 1998. Record of proceedings: plenary session

Pontti, M.R., 1998:
International Ilex cultivar registration

Anonymous, 1998:
International Symposium in Vologda

Anonymous, 1998:
International Symposium on Analysing Pathogen and Pest Populations in Poplar and Willow, held at IACR-Long Ashton Research Station, UK, 23-25 September, 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
International Wildlife Management and Research Symposium, September 1995, Portland, Oregon, USA

Konhira, Y.; Naysmith, J. (Co chairmen), 1998:
International Workshop on model forests for field-level application of sustainable forest management, Tokyo, Japan, 10-12 March, 1998. Record of workshop discussions

Turtell, A.; Delves Broughton, J., 1998:
International acceptance of nisin as a food preservative

Cohen, J.I.; Komen, J., 1997:
International activities on the development and transfer of biotechnology for developing countries

Bull, K.; Fenech, G., 2000:
International activities to reduce pollution impacts at the regional scale

Falvey, L., 1999:
International agricultural aid: viewpoints of professionals

Mentz, D.; Slater, H., 1999:
International agricultural research: a fertile field for global progress

Ruttan, V.W., 1998:
International agricultural research: four papers

Zeeuw, A. de, 1997:
International agricultural trade negotiations under GATT/WTO: experiences, future challenges and possible outcomes

Niamir Fuller, M., 1999:
International aid for rangeland development: trends and challenges

Oppermann, M., 1997:
International and intraregional tourism demand in the Pacific Rim

Frederick, R.J., 1998:
International biosafety regulations: Benefits and costs

Schleppi, Y.; Schmitz Hsu, F., 1998:
International breeding value estimation. First cooperation using INTERBULL

Meyer, E., 1998:
International cane harvesting machinery and systems

Jenicek, V.; Ventura, A., 1997:
International coffee trade and the situation in Angola

Rajaram, S.; Ceccarelli, S., 1997:
International collaboration in cereal breeding

Boiti, C., 1998:
International collaboration in rabbit reproduction research: presentation of the IRRG group

Turok, J., 1997:
International collaboration on the conservation of forest genetic resources in Europe

Lecompte, F.; Roy, F.; Combarnous, Y., 1998:
International collaborative calibration of a preparation of equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG NZY-01) proposed as a new standard

Currah, L.; Green, S.M., 1997:
International collaborative trials to evaluate short-day onions

Anonymous, 1997:
International colloquium 'Natural substances secreted by plants: ecological, physiological and applied roles'

Anonymous, 1997:
International comparison

Anonymous, 1998:
International comparison

Adler, J., 1999:
International comparison of production costs for analysing the competitiveness of Bulgarian dairy farms

Luckge, F.J., 1998 :
International competitiveness of the German sawmilling industry

Anonymous, 1997:
International conference on animal, poultry & rabbit production and health, Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt, 2-4 September, 1997

Anonymous, 1997:
International conference on ecological agriculture: towards sustainable development (ICEA - 1997), Chandigarh, India, 15-17 November, 1997. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1997:
International conference on pests in agriculture, 6-7-8 January 1997, le Corum, Montpellier, France. Part 2

Anonymous, 1997:
International congress. Research and health. INS 80 years 1917-1997. Abstracts

Assmann, G.; Backer, G. de; Bagnara, S.; Betteridge, J.; Crepaldi, G.; Fernandez Cruz, A.; Godtfredsen, J.; Jacotot, B.; Paoletti, R.; Renaud, S.; Ricci, G.; Rocha, E.; Trautwein, E.; Urbinati, G.C.; Varela, G.; Williams, C., 1997:
International consensus statement on olive oil and the Mediterranean diet: implications for health in Europe

Blancou, J., 1997:
International control of anthropozoonoses

Hocher, V.; Verdeil, J.L.; Grosdemange, F.; Huet, C.; Bourdeix, R.; N.C.o, Y.; Sangare, A.; Hornung, R.; Jacobsen, H.J.; Rillo, E.; Oropeza, C.; Hamon, S., 1998:
International cooperation for the development of in vitro vegetative propagation in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)

Isengildina, O.; Cleveland, O.A.; Herndon, C.W., 1999:
International cotton flows: changing structure and prospects for the future

Chawla, N.K., 1999:
International dairy standards - constraints in harmonisation

Chawla, N.K., 1998:
International dairy standards - need for harmonisation

Zazueta, F.S., 1998:
International developments in microirrigation

Hunton, P., 1999:
International egg costs and returns

Anonymous, 1998:
International egg production

Solana Rosillo, J.B.; Abbott, P.C., 1998:
International entry mode decisions by agribusiness firms: distribution and market power

Liu YuMan, 1997:
International experience of livestock husbandry industrialization and its lessons

Chawla, N.K.; Ravindra Kumar, 1997:
International food laws and their implications for the Indian dairy industry

Nandi, S.K.; Gokulakrishnan S.S., 1999:
International food safety and quality systems certification - a holistic approach

Kohl, M.; Traub, B.; Paivinen, R., 1997:
International forestry statistics: forest in figures or jumbled?

Kiekens, J.P.; Byron, N., 1997:
International forestry: which way now?

Correia, F.N.; Silva, J.E. da, 1999 :
International framework for the management of transboundary water resources

Meadows, D., 1998:
International funding for regional holding genebanks

Riley, D.; Dyson, J., 1997:
International harmonisation of pesticide environmental safety assessments

Owusu, J., 1996:
International harmonisation of veterinary chemical products registration

Veiga Filho, A. de A., 1998:
International historic experiences in the mechanization of sugarcane harvesting

Connell, J., 1997:
International hotel franchise relationships - UK franchisee perspectives

Mikula, J.R.; Chon KyeSung, 1997:
International hotel marketing in the age of globalization

Dohy, J., 1997:
International integration and protection of the national interest in animal production

Barton, John H., 1998:
International intellectual property and genetic resource issues affecting agricultural biotechnology

Singh, R.K., 1998:
International linkage for technical capability upgradation: current scenario and future concerns

Ruddell, S.; Stevens, J.A.; Bourke, I.J., 1998:
International market access issues for forest products

Anonymous, 1998:
International market for olive oils: present situation and recent trends

Anonymous, 1998:
International market for table olives: present situation and recent trends

Merwe, A. van der; Otto, R.J., 1997:
International marketing developments and the effect on South African agriculture

Gallagher, P., 1998:
International marketing margins for agricultural products: effects of some nontariff trade barriers

Chandler, S.F.; Ashikari, T., 1997:
International marketing of genetically modified carnations

Anonymous, 1997:
International meeting on hypericum extract (LI 160) as a herbal antidepressant, Munich, Germany, September 1996

Baudouin, L., 1998:
International movement of coconut cultivars

Dosba, F.; Fischer, M., 1998:
International network on Prunus genetic resources (GEN RES 'EU 061')

Zanetto, A.; Formery, B., 1998:
International network on Prunus genetic resources: the European Prunus database

Anonymous, 1997:
International panel discussion: Is nucleic acid actually a nutrient?

Seidel, W., 1999:
International peer learning in the health sector: DSE promotes public health systems in developing countries

Cardellino, R., 1997:
International perspectives on breeding apparel wool sheep

Koch, E.; Beer, G. de; Elliffe, S. et al., 1998:
International perspectives on tourism-led development: some lessons for the SDIs

Lindstad, P., 1999:
International production of pesticides: case study of Gujarat, India

Fry, J., 1999:
International productivity comparisons

Craig, B.J.; Pardey, P.G.; Roseboom, J., 1997:
International productivity patterns: accounting for input quality, infrastructure, and research

Jiang YouXu, 1997:
International progress in the study of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management

Orlic, S.; Ocvirek, M., 1990:
International provenance trial of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb) Franco)

Bloch Mouillet, E., 1999:
International reference databases - Current ContentsReg. on disk and in FTP format (Internet): presentation and guide

Clemants, S.E., 1997:
International registration of cultivar names for unassigned woody genera 1996

Clemants, S.E., 1998:
International registration of cultivar names for unassigned woody genera 1997

Tebbitt, M.C., 1999:
International registration of cultivar names for unassigned woody genera 1998

Kiekens, J.P., 1998:
International registration of forests: an option for FMU-related international cooperation

Anonymous, 1997:
International research and development on Stylosanthes. Proceedings of a workshop held at the CSIRO Davies Laboratory, Townsville, Queensland, April 1996

Olsen, H., 1999:
International research on animal behaviour

Muskatirovic, J., 1997:
International river basin management imperative for sustainable water development

Miller, B.A.; Alavian, V.; Matthews, G.; Cole, L.L., 1997:
International river basins: forging a consensus

Bartol, T., 1999:
International scatter of Salvia-related articles in serial publications and availability of core Salvia-related serials in the libraries in Slovenia

Gagkaeva, T.Yu, 1998:
International seminar on fungi of the genus Fusarium

Anonymous, 1998:
International seminar on taxoids: sources and biological, chemical and pharmacological aspects, Warsaw, Poland, 24-25 June, 1998

Schoeman, M.W.; Lloyd, J.D., 1998:
International standardisation: a hypothetical case study with stand-alone borate wood preservatives

Nortcliff, S.; Bannick, C.G.; Paetz, A., 1998:
International standardization for soil quality

Rummer, B., 1996:
International standards for forestry equipment

Anonymous, 1997:
International standards for phytosanitary measures. Export certification system

Kervina, F.; Penca, V.H.; Perko, B., 1999:
International standards for sensory analysis of milk products

Vujic, V., 1998:
International standards of measuring and evaluating quality in tourism and hotel management

Lipa, J.J., 1996:
International standards on field experiments in plant protection

Lloyd, J.D., 1997:
International status of borate preservative systems

Kennedy, P.L.; Witzke, H. von; Roe, T.L., 1997:
International strategic agricultural trade policy interdependence and the exchange rate: a game theoretical analysis

Chen PoJu; Kerstetter, D.L., 1999:
International students' image of rural Pennsylvania as a travel destination

Bolin, S.; Brownlie, J.; Donis, R.; Dubovi, E.; Tremblay, R. (Organizing Committee), 1997:
International symposium on bovine viral diarrhea virus. A 50 year review, College of Veterinary Medicine Cornell University, 23-25 June, 1996

Anonymous, 1997:
International symposium on growing media and plant nutrition in horticulture

Orlic, S., 1998:
International test of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong) Carr.) provenances in Croatia

Chaudhary, R.C.; Virmani, S.S., 1998:
International testing of rice hybrids for yield and adaptability by INGER: prospects and problems

Mohd, R., 1997:
International timber trade initiatives: lessons and directions for Malaysia

Kozak, N., 1996:
International tourism bibliographies and indexes

Anonymous, 1997:
International tourism year 1996: Europe is losing further ground

Aguiar, D.R.D.; Pinho, J.B. (Editors), 1998:
International trade

Carter, C.A., 1997:
International trade and Pacific RIM issues

Alhojarvi, P., 1998:
International trade and restrictions of non-wood forest products

Neef, R. de, 1999:
International trade in 1998: import of fresh fruit

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Interprovincial transportation pool gets underway

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Interreg presents their treatment for cheese slurry

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Intracellular electrolyte levels and transport of secretory granules in exocrine gland cells

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Intraerythrocytic culture and development of serological diagnostic tests of Babesia gibsoni. 2. Intraerythrocytic culture of Babesia gibsoni by microaerophilous stationary phase (MASP)

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