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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3186

Chapter 3186 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lee, T.C.; Lin, N.T.; Tseng, Y.H., 1996:
Isolation and characterization of the recA gene of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Kim JoonKi; Lee ChungChoo; Chung KiWha, 1998:
Isolation and characterization of the ribosomal protein 46 gene in Drosophila melanogaster

Caru, M.; Cabello, A., 1998:
Isolation and characterization of the symbiotic phenotype of antibiotic-resistant mutants of Frankia from Rhamnaceae

Malik, M.; Bansal, M.P.; Ram, G.C.; Bakshi, C.S., 1997:
Isolation and characterization of the third component of buffalo complement

Kasteel, D.T.; Wellink, J.; Goldbach, R.W.; van Lent, J.W., 1997:
Isolation and characterization of tubular structures of cowpea mosaic virus

Ficarelli, A.; Tassi, F.; Restivo, F.M., 1999:
Isolation and characterization of two cDNA clones encoding for glutamate dehydrogenase in Nicotiana plumbaginifolia

Kamlage, B.; Gruhl, B.; Blaut, M., 1997:
Isolation and characterization of two new homoacetogenic hydrogen-utilizing bacteria from the human intestinal tract that are closely related to Clostridium coccoides

Wirth, Margaret C., 1998:
Isolation and characterization of two novel organophosphate resistance mechanisms in Culex pipiens from Cyprus

Rai, R.; Kumar, H., 1998:
Isolation and characterization of useful mutants induced by gamma irradiation in 'Kranti' Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Shen YongLin; Wang ZhiKai; L.G.oQing, 1996:
Isolation and characterization of variable surface glycoprotein of Trypanosoma evansi in vitro

Heuvelink, A.E.; van den Biggelaar, F.L.; de Boer, E.; Herbes, R.G.; Melchers, W.J.; Huis in 't Veld, J.H.; Monnens, L.A., 1998:
Isolation and characterization of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 strains from Dutch cattle and sheep

Tsai,; Lin, D.F.; Lu, Y.S.u; Tsai, M.C.ung, 1998:
Isolation and characterization of very virulent infectious bursal disease viruses in Taiwan

Fortier, L.A.; Nixon, A.J.; Williams, J.; Cable, C.S., 1998:
Isolation and chondrocytic differentiation of equine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Deckert, J.; Jeleńska, J.; Zaborowska, Z.; Legocki, A.B., 1997:
Isolation and classification of a family of cyclin gene homologues in Lupinus luteus

Dong JiXin; Dong HaiTao; W.Y.Liang; Cheng ZhiQiang; H.Z.Hua; L.D.Bao, 1999:
Isolation and cloning of cDNAs induced by Magnaporthe grisea from rice using a PCR-based differential screening method

H.Z.Hua; Dong HaiTao; Chen ShiJun; W.Y.Liang; L.D.Bao, 1997:
Isolation and cloning of novel rice defense responsive genes to Magnaporthe grisea

W.Y.Liang; Dong JiXin; Cheng ZhiQiang; H.Z.Hua; L.D.Bao, 1998:
Isolation and cloning of rice resistance-related genes against Magnaporthe grisea using a PCR-based differential screening method

Jee ChaHo; Lee ChulSoon; Park SeungJun, 1999:
Isolation and comparison of somatic and excretory-secretory antigens for serological diagnosis of Trichuris suis

Jia ZhiShen; W.J.anMing; Zheng HaiLong; Jiang YinBo; Zhu HongYing, 1998:
Isolation and composition analysis of fucose-containing sulfated polysaccharides from the brown seaweed Sargassum fusiform Setch

Bacon, C.W.; Hinton, D.M., 1997:
Isolation and culture of endophytic bacteria and fungi

Ferraiolo, G., 1997:
Isolation and culture of fruit tree protoplasts

Bagnis, G.; Giraudo, J.A.; Sutil, S.; Torres, C.; Martin, V.; Raviolo, J.M.; Savoretti, C.; Sabini, L., 1999:
Isolation and detection of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in Argentina

A.A.ami, A.; Abdel Rahim, 1997:
Isolation and determination of a bacterium that caused dieback on eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.) in Jabel El-Akhdar area, Libya

Zhao QiuYan; Zhao XiaoHong; Liu GuangPing; W.B.oGuo, 1998:
Isolation and determination of a plant pathogen of Dendrolimus superans

Feng JianLin; Liao Jie; Luo Yi; Zhang Hong, 1998:
Isolation and determination of fumonisin B1 by high performance liquid chromatography

Patra, N.K.; Singh, H.P.; Alok Kalra; Singh, H.B.; Mengi, N.; Singh, V.R.; Naqvi, A.A.; Sushil Kumar, 1997:
Isolation and development of geraniol rich cultivar of citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus)

Zhou JinLin; Shen Jie; Zhou YongZhi, 1999 :
Isolation and electrophoresis analysis on two VSG of a cloned Trypanosoma evansi

Thaler, J.O.; Duvic, B.; Givaudan, A.; Boemare, N., 1998:
Isolation and entomotoxic properties of the Xenorhabdus nematophilus F1 lecithinase

Cook, G.M.; Sandeman, R.M., 1998:
Isolation and enumeration of aerobic mesophilic Bacillus spp. in milk by heating in the presence of ethanol

Kyeremeh, A.G.; Kikumoto, T.; Chuang DuenYau; Gunji, Y.; Takahara, Y., 1999:
Isolation and evaluation of copper- and bactericide-resistant mutants of putative biocontrol agents of soft rot of Chinese cabbage

Hyun JaeWook; Kim YoungHoon; Lee YongSe; Park WonMok, 1999:
Isolation and evaluation of protective effect against Fusarium wilt of sesame plants of antibiotic substance from Bacillus polymyxa KB-8

Kole, S.C.; Hajra, J.N., 1997:
Isolation and evaluation of tricalcium phosphate and rock phosphate solubilizing microorganisms from acidic terai and lateritic soils of West Bengal

Rohde, A.; Ardiles Diaz, W.; Montagu, M. van; Boerjan, W., 1998:
Isolation and expression analysis of an ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 3 (ABI3) homologue from Populus trichocarpa

Ruperti, B.W.itelaw, C.; Roberts, J., 1999:
Isolation and expression of an allergen-like mRNA from ethylene-treated Sambucus nigra leaflet abscission zones

Nebohácová, M.; Mentel, M.; Nosek, J.; Kolarov, J., 1999:
Isolation and expression of the gene encoding mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier (AAC) from the pathogenic yeast Candida parapsilosis

Hanley, S.; Smith, T.J.; Muller, F.; Maclean, N.; Uzbekova, S.; Prunet, P.; Breton, B., 1998 :
Isolation and functional analysis of the histone H3 promoter from atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Massoura, E.; Vereijken, J.M.; Kolster, P.; Derksen, J.T.P., 1996:
Isolation and functional properties of proteins from Crambe abyssinica oil seeds

Powers, A.M.; Mercer, D.R.; Watts, D.M.; Guzman, H.; Fulhorst, C.F.; Popov, V.L.; Tesh, R.B., 1999:
Isolation and genetic characterization of a hantavirus (Bunyaviridae: Hantavirus) from a rodent, Oligoryzomys microtis (Muridae), collected in northeastern Peru

Fodor, E.; Feren, A.; Jones, A., 1997:
Isolation and genomic analysis of the rat polymeric immunoglobulin receptor gene terminal domain and transcriptional control region

Ward, L.S.; Bastian, E.D., 1998:
Isolation and identification of beta -casein A1-4P and beta -casein Asuperscript 2-4P in commercial caseinates

Chen, J.; Henderson, G.; Laine, R.A., 1998:
Isolation and identification of 2-phenoxyethanol from a ballpoint pen ink as a trail-following substance of Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki and Reticulitermes sp

Y.X.Ping; M.Y.uZhi, 1996:
Isolation and identification of Aeromonas hydrophila from Triongx sinensis

Sahin, M.; Aydn, F.; Genc, O.; Guler, M.A., 1997:
Isolation and identification of Aspergillus fumigatus from geese

Yao Jiang; X.X.ngQuan; Dai ShunYing; W.L.Ping; Tang ZuYin; L.B.n, 1999:
Isolation and identification of Bacillus thuringiensis Ly30 and its toxicity to Dendrolimus spectabilis Butler

Yuki, N.; Matsumoto, K.; Takayama, H.; Morotomi, M.; Tanaka, R., 1998:
Isolation and identification of Bifidobacterium from feces of experimental rats: species identification and preparation of improved selective medium

Lin Yi; Wang ZeZhou; Zhang DaoYong; Yang XiaoMei; Wang WenGui; L.L.; Zeng Hui; Zhang XianHui, 1997:
Isolation and identification of EDS-76 virus from hens

Zheng BaiQin; Tao NaiSheng; Liu NaiQiang; L.Y.nQing; Liu AiLi; Feng YuCheng; L.A.Guo, 1997:
Isolation and identification of Escherichia coli from chickens and development of polyvalent inactivated vaccines

L.T.iWan; Luo DeHai; Chen XiaoJian; Zhang XiaoDong; Chen Qiang; Zou WenJuan, 1998:
Isolation and identification of Escherichia coli serotype 0157

Kaya, O.; Akar, F.; Arkan, S., 1997:
Isolation and identification of Gardnerella vaginalis and other bacteria from the reproductive tract of the mare

Kesler, K., 1997:
Isolation and identification of Haemophilus paragallinarum from cases of infectious coryza in fowls

Jalava, K.; On, S.L.; Vandamme, P.A.; Happonen, I.; Sukura, A.; Hänninen, M.L., 1998:
Isolation and identification of Helicobacter spp. from canine and feline gastric mucosa

F.XiaoPing, 1996:
Isolation and identification of Lactobacillus species from the intestinal tract of chickens

L.H.iBin; L.Y.Jing; Liang YingBing; Jia YongQing; Shi ShouXin, 1998:
Isolation and identification of Microbacterium lacticum in pasteurized milk

Mohney, L.L.; Poulos, B.T.; Brooker, J.H.; Cage, G.D.; Lightner, D.V., 1998:
Isolation and identification of Mycobacterium peregrinum from the Pacific white shrimp Penaeus vannamei

Hua QunYi; Zhang XiaoDing; Zhou XiaoLi; Jia JianJun; Dong Jun; Shi ShiKuang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of Newcastle disease virus from ostriches

Roepke, D.C.; Back, A.; Shaw, D.P.; Nagaraja, K.V.; Sprenger, S.J.; Halvorson, D.A., 1998:
Isolation and identification of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale from commercial turkey flocks in the upper midwest

H.Q.ngHai;; Zheng MingQiu; Cai BaoXiang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of Pasteurella anatipestifer

Zarzosa, I.; Ploper, L.D.; Ramallo, J.C., 1998:
Isolation and identification of Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea (Coerper), causal agent of bacterial blight of soyabeans in Tucuman province, Argentina

Zhang YaoXiang; L.J.anQiang; Wang TongGuang, 1998:
Isolation and identification of Salmonella typhimurium and comparison of its pathogenicity with Salmonella enteritidis

Sun ShanFa; Lin FengXian, 1997:
Isolation and identification of Staphylococcus aureus in rabbits

Miao DeYuan; Chen DeWei; Zhang DaHua; Chen XiaoLing, 1998:
Isolation and identification of Strain C of Mycoplasma gallisepticum and a comparative analysis of its structural protein with other Beijing isolates

W.J.anSan; Zhang XiaoZheng, 1997:
Isolation and identification of Theileria sergenti in cattle

Chen ShuKun; Lin QingYan, 1999:
Isolation and identification of a biochemical mutant strain of Streptococcus from pigs

Liu ShuHong; Chen HeXin; Chen JiaTong; Liang Dong; Chen QiMin; Geng YunQi; Wood, C., 1997:
Isolation and identification of a bovine spumavirus isolate 3026

Y.Y.nLong; Song FengMing; Zheng Zhong; Chen HeXing; Fan DeFang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of a broad-spectrum bacterial strain (Alcaligenes sp.) degrading pesticides

H.H.ngXuan; L.P.iQing; Zhao Kun, 1998:
Isolation and identification of a dermatomycotic pathogen in foxes

Chen ChangHai; Shao CuiLi; Peng DaXin, 1997:
Isolation and identification of a kidney type strain of infectious bronchitis virus

Maoz, M.; Kashman, Y.; Neeman, I., 1999:
Isolation and identification of a new antifungal sesquiterpene lactone from Inula viscosa

Sarma, P.C.; Sarma, D.K., 1998:
Isolation and identification of a virulent strain of hog cholera virus from field outbreak

Yashpal Malik; Puran Chand; Batra, S.K., 1998:
Isolation and identification of a virus from a severe outbreak of pox in sheep

Nakamura, Y.; Ohto, Y.; Murakami, A.; Jiwajinda, S.; Ohigashi, H., 1998:
Isolation and identification of acetylenic spiroketal enol ethers from Artemisia lactiflora as inhibitors of superoxide generation induced by a tumor promoter in differentiated HL-60 cells

Nityananda Ray; Lalitagauri Ray; Srimani, B.N.; Parimal Chattopadhyay, 1999:
Isolation and identification of alkaline thermostable lipase producing microorganism, cultural conditions, nutritional requirements and some properties of crude enzyme

Tesaki, S.; Tanabe, S.; Moriyama, M.; Fukushi, E.; Kawabata, J.; Watanabe, M., 1999:
Isolation and identification of an antibacterial compound from grape and its application to foods

Gulati, M.K.; Koch, E.; Zeller, W., 1999:
Isolation and identification of antifungal metabolites produced by fluorescent Pseudomonas, antagonist of red core disease of strawberry

Wang ZhenGuo et al., 1998:
Isolation and identification of atypical mycobacteria from cattle

Chen HongYing; L.X.nSheng; Liu YanHe; Peng ZhiLing; Xin HongWei; Cui BaoAn, 1998:
Isolation and identification of avian infectious bronchitis virus

Zhou JiYong;; Hong Jian; Y.W.iCheng; Zhang ZhiYu, 1998:
Isolation and identification of avian infectious proventriculitis

Mahbub E.E.ahi, A.T.M.; Rahman, M.A.; Rahman, M.M.; Rahman, M.M.; Rahman, M.M.; Prodhan, M.A.M., 1996:
Isolation and identification of bacteria from different quarters of mastitis affected dairy cows in Bangladesh

S.I.Young; Lee KuiJae; Chon GilHyong; Kashiwazaki, S.; Tsuchizaki, T., 1998:
Isolation and identification of barley mild mosaic virus occurring in southern Korea

Lee KuiJae; S.I.Young; Kashiwazaki, S., 1998:
Isolation and identification of barley yellow mosaic virus in Korea

Gough, R.E.; Drury, S.E.; Cox, W.J.; Johnson, C.T.; Courtenay, A.E., 1998:
Isolation and identification of birnaviruses from ostriches (Struthio camelus)

Chung, C.W.n; Cho,; Cho, I.S.o; Son,; Chang, C.H.; An,, 1998:
Isolation and identification of bovine enterovirus from the feces of adult cow with diarrhea in Korea

Tham, K.M.; Horner, G.W.; Hunter, R., 2005:
Isolation and identification of canine adenovirus type-2 from the upper respiratory tract of a dog

Coughlan, A.R.; Robertson, D.H.; Burke, R.; Beynon, R.J.; Carter, S.D., 1998:
Isolation and identification of canine matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2)

Shen YongZhou; Tian KeGong; Yang HanChun; Y.X.uLing, 1999:
Isolation and identification of canine reovirus type 3

W.J.e; Cui YuJun; Zhang Meng; Y.S.aoLiang; Nie Lei; Zhang XiCheng; Gao JingXu; M.G.iYuan; Wang KeCai, 1997:
Isolation and identification of causative agents causing colibacillosis in chicks in Liaoning

Wang FengLong; Liu YueHuan; Aorigele, 1996:
Isolation and identification of chick infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Yang ZengQi; Zhao YuFang; Zhang XuXiao; Kang ZuoWen, 1996:
Isolation and identification of chicken infectious bronchitis virus

Fan GenChen; D.Y.anZhao; Zhu WanGuang; Wang ZhiLiang; Liu PeiLan; Zhao WeiXiang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of chicken infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Fan WeiXing; Yuan XiuFang; Wang ShuYing; H.J.ngDong; Xiao ChuanFa; W.Y.nGong; Wang YongLiang; Jiang YiHai, 1997:
Isolation and identification of chicken kidney-type infectious bronchitis virus

Wang YanLing; Qin Min; Zhou Qing; Zhang YinZheng, 1998:
Isolation and identification of chitinase producing bacteria inhibiting growth of Magnaporthe grisea

Hien, P.T.; Katoh, T.; Fujio, Y., 1999:
Isolation and identification of citrus-juice-residue composting bacteria

Krogh, R.; Kroth, R.; Berti, C.; Madeira, A.O.; Souza, M.M.; Cechinel-Filho, V.; Delle-Monache, F.; Yunes, R.A., 1999:
Isolation and identification of compounds with antinociceptive action from Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. Br

Yang ShengHua; Chang GuoQuan; Zou XiaoHuan; H.G.iXue; Liu Chang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of coronavirus from canine cardiac muscle in the sudden death syndrome

Tubudan ZaBu; Liu JunPing; Yang XiaoYe; N.R.n; Q.M.Ge; S.H., 1998:
Isolation and identification of dermatophytosis pathogen in rabbits

Hassan, U.; Mirza, M.S.; Mehnaz, S.; Rasul, G.; Malik, K.A., 1998:
Isolation and identification of diazotrophic bacteria from rice, wheat and kallar grass

Zhang, M.; Chen, Y.Y.; Di, X.H.; Liu, M., 1997:
Isolation and identification of ecliptasaponin D from Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk

Deng LanGui; Kong ChuiHua; Luo ShiMing, 1996:
Isolation and identification of extract from Casuarina equisetifolia branchlet and its allelopathic action on seedling growth

Kulevanova, S.; Stafilov, T.; Anastasova, F.; Ristic, M.; Brkic, D., 1997:
Isolation and identification of flavonoid aglycones from some taxa of Sect. Marginati of genus Thymus

Xie BiJun; H.W.iWang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of flavonol glycosides from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba

Chen, W.M.; Zhang, P.L.; Zhou, J.Y.; Fang, Q.C., 1997:
Isolation and identification of four new tetracyclic taxanes from Taxus yunnanensis

Chang ShangTzen; Wang ShengYang; W.C.iLin; Chang HuiTin, 1998:
Isolation and identification of fragrant constituents from three coniferous woods grown in Taiwan

Wickremasinghe, R.; Abeywickrama, K.; Abeytunga, D.T.U., 1999:
Isolation and identification of fungi from mushroom composts and evaluation of their biological activity

Mesa C.L.; Rodriguez V.S.; Delmonte V.M.; Fonseca R.M.; Villalobos R.C., 1997:
Isolation and identification of fungi from processed foods

Wang YuDong; Wang YongLin; Zhang ZiChun; Fan GenChe; Jiang YiHai; Liu Xiang E.; Ding Jiang; Wang ShuShuang, 1998:
Isolation and identification of glandular stomach type IBV (QX IBV) in chickens

Pan GenCheng; Jiang YiHai; Wang YongLing; Wang YuDong; Zhang ZiChun; Ding Jiang; Liu Xiang E.; Yang YinLin; O.Y.Xiang; Wen FuYong, 1998:
Isolation and identification of glandular stomach-pathogenic type infectious bronchitis virus in Beijing area

Hisha, H.; Yamada, H.; Sakurai, M.H.; Kiyohara, H.; Li, Y.; Yu, C.; Takemoto, N.; Kawamura, H.; Yamaura, K.; Shinohara, S.; Komatsu, Y.; Aburada, M.; Ikehara, S., 1997:
Isolation and identification of hematopoietic stem cell-stimulating substances from Kampo (Japanese herbal) medicine, Juzen-taiho-to

Fan GenCheng; Zhu WanGuang; Wang YongLing; Wang YuDong; Jiang YiHai; Zhang ZiChun; Liu XianGe; W.Y.nGong; Sun FengLan; D.Y.anZhao, 1999:
Isolation and identification of highly virulent Newcastle disease virus

Coven, F.; Carl, K.T., 1997:
Isolation and identification of infectious bursal disease virus from broilers and layers in Turkey

Rahman, M.M.; Hossain, W.I.M.A.; Rahman, M.M.; Miah, A.H.; Biswas, M.H.R., 1996:
Isolation and identification of infectious bursal disease virus in chickens in Bangladesh

Liu PeiLan; Zhu WanGuang; Wang ZhiLiang; D.Y.anZhao; Fan GenCheng; Yang HuiFeng, 1997:
Isolation and identification of infectious bursal disease virus in laying hens

Kim, K.S.; Lim, S.D.; Kim, H.S.; Choi, I.W.; Chin, Y.S., 1997:
Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria for the testing of antimicrobial agents in raw milk

Picchi, V.; Ramos e Silva, E.O.T.; Souza, S.L.P. de; Carvalho Balian, S. de, 1999:
Isolation and identification of listeria bacteria in the boneless forequarters of beef cattle

Suzuki, J.S.; Kodama, N.; Molotkov, A.; Aoki, E.; Tohyama, C., 1998:
Isolation and identification of metallothionein isoforms (MT-1 and MT-2) in the rat testis

Luo HanLu; Fan WenMing; Zhang JuYing; L.Y.n; Liu JianPing; Tang YuHua, 1996:
Isolation and identification of mutant strain 1 of infectious bursal disease virus and immunological tests on its polyvalent attenuated vaccine

Kim ByungSup; Ahn JongWoong; Cho KwangYun, 1998:
Isolation and identification of myxobacteria KR025 and searching of their bioactive compounds

F.Li et al., 1998:
Isolation and identification of new ginsenoside of oleanolic acid type from fresh Panax ginseng roots

Tubu DanZab; Subu DenGeRiLe; Ying Ying; Liu JunPing; Q.M.Ge; N.R.n, 1997:
Isolation and identification of pathogens of mucormycosis in rabbits

Maeda, Y.; Adachi, M.; Ito, T.; Miyatake, M.; Tanabe, K.; Shimokawa, K., 1997:
Isolation and identification of pheophorbide a and pyropheophorbide a, chlorophyll catabolites in Citrus unshiu fruits

Jing Ping; Jian ZhongYou; M.Z.iYong; Cai JiaLi; Cai BaoXiang, 1997:
Isolation and identification of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus in China

Valicek, L.; Psikal, I.; Smid, B.; Rodak, L.; Kubalikova, R.; Kosinova, E., 1997:
Isolation and identification of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in cell cultures

Hashem ; Hafez F.H.; E.M.handes, M.A.O., 1999:
Isolation and identification of pyrethroid insecticides-degrading bacteria from soil

Davila, G.O.; Martinez, J.H.; Robledo, N.Q., 1998:
Isolation and identification of quinolizidine alkaloids of a Lupinus wild species growing in Mexico

Yang RunDe; Gao Xuan; L.T.nQing; L.G.angJi, 1996:
Isolation and identification of renal type infectious bronchitis virus and development of a vaccine

Ding HongJian; Guo YuYuan; W.C.iHong, 1997:
Isolation and identification of semiochemicals from carrot flower and behavioral responses in cotton bollworm moths; Chen ZongMao; You XiaoQing, 1999:
Isolation and identification of tea plant volatiles attractive to tea geometrid parasitoids

Yang GuiZhi; Wen LiBin; Cui YuCang; Cui HongYing; Yan FengLian; Ren JinZhuo; Wang YuRan; Fang JiSuo, 1997:
Isolation and identification of the Hebei strain of egg drop syndrome virus (EDS16-HC) and development and application of an oil-adjuvant vaccine

Zhang ChunMei; Wang JianSheng; Shao BiYing; W.Z.Jian; Lin QiYing; Xie LianHui, 1999:
Isolation and identification of the bacterial pathogens of soft-shelled turtles and preliminary analysis of their extracellular products

Pan Hua; Sun Yang; Tong ShiDe; M.Y.Hai; Wen BoHai; Cheng XiangRui, 1999:
Isolation and identification of the causative agent of canine ehrlichiosis found in China

Yang ZengQi; L.X.nRong; Zhang ShuXia; Zhao YuFang, 1998:
Isolation and identification of the flora from crop and cecum in healthy chicken

Tubu, D.ZhaBu; Jin Hua; Tian YouMing; Jing JianGuo; Liu ErMan, 1996:
Isolation and identification of the pathogen of Salmonella infection in chicks and chick embryos

Chen ChangFu; Liu Yi, 1998:
Isolation and identification of the pathogen of bacterial septicaemia in Taiwan snakehead (Channa maculata L.)

Kukolya, J.; Dobolyi, C.; Hornok, L., 1997:
Isolation and identification of thermophilic cellulolytic actinomycetes

Yeung; Lee; Woodard, 1998:
Isolation and Identification of Two l-Azetidine-2-carboxylic Acid-Degrading Soil Microorganisms, Enterobacter agglomerans and Enterobacter amnigenus

J.C.uanYi; D.N.anXing, 1998:
Isolation and identification of two rabbit haemorrhagic disease viruses with various types of nucleic acid from the nucleus and cytoplasm of infected cells

Kong FanDe; Huang YinYao; W.W.nZhong; Chen Qiong, 1997:
Isolation and identification of two strains of Aeromonas

Zhang XunHai; Chen FuYan; Cai BaoXiang, 1998:
Isolation and identification of vaccinal turkey herpesvirus from chicken feather roots

Tian KeGong; Y.X.uLing; W.N.o; Sui LiHua; Ren XiaoMing; L.J.nMei; Liu YongMei; Q.C.uanMei, 1998:
Isolation and identification of virulent canine distemper virus

Muraleedharan, D.; Devi, D.S., 1999:
Isolation and immunochemical characterization of neuropeptides from the midgut of the Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Pandey, G.S.; Tuchili, L.M.; Nyeleti, G.; Chiti, L., 1998:
Isolation and in vitro drug sensitivity of bacteria from canine otitis externa

Huang ZhiPeng; Y.J.anKai; Huang BiWang; Gao RiXia; Guan Xiong, 1998:
Isolation and infection tests on Prodenia litura nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Saliba, E.O.S.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Barreto, S.L.T.; Pilo Veloso, D., 1998:
Isolation and infrared spectroscopic characterization of lignin from both corn and soybean agricultural residues

Banks, M.A.; Blouin, M.S.; Baldwin, B.A.; Rashbrook, V.K.; Fitzgerald, H.A.; Blankenship, S.M.; Hedgecock, D., 1999:
Isolation and inheritance of novel microsatellites in chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Kikuta, H.; Kuroiwa, M.; Asano, S.; IIzuka, T., 1997:
Isolation and insecticidal crystal protein gene screening of Bacillus thuringiensis from Kirisima Yakushima Island National Park

Sane, A.P.; Sane, V.A., 1998:
Isolation and kinetic analyses of the soluble F1 ATPases from mitochondria of wheat and pearlmillet

Pakzad, U.; Schloesser, E., 1998:
Isolation and maintenance of a vampire amoeba from a Hessian field with wheat monoculture

Matthys-Rochon, E.; Mòl, R.; Heizmann, P.; Dumas, C., 1994:
Isolation and microinjection of active sperm nuclei into egg cells and central cells of isolated maize embryo sacs

Strelkov, S.; Lamari, L.; Ballance, G.M.; Orolaza, N.P., 1998:
Isolation and mode of action of Ptr chlorosis toxin from Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

Vijayaraghavan, S.; Liberty, G.A.; Mohan, J.; Winfrey, V.P.; Olson, G.E.; Carr, D.W., 1999:
Isolation and molecular characterization of AKAP110, a novel, sperm-specific protein kinase A-anchoring protein

Osteras, M.; Boncompagni, E.; Lambert, A.; Dupont, L.; Poggi, M.C.; L.R.dulier, D., 1998:
Isolation and molecular characterization of the Sinorhizobium meliloti bet locus encoding glycine betaine biosynthesis

Amir, R.; Alam, J.M.hmood; Khan, M.A.J.bbar, 1996:
Isolation and neurotoxicity of four low molecular weight toxins isolated from the venom of scorpion, Vachonus atrostriatus

Kim BeomSeok; Hwang ByungKook, 1997:
Isolation and numerical identification of Streptomyces libani with antifungal activity from sea-mud soils

Manocha, M.S.; Xiong, D.; Govindsamy, V., 1997:
Isolation and partial characterization of a complementary protein from the mycoparasite Piptocephalis virginiana that specifically binds to two glycoproteins at the host cell surface

James, D.; Howell, W.E., 1998:
Isolation and partial characterization of a filamentous virus associated with peach mosaic disease

Garbayo, J.M.; Remy, B.; Alabart, J.L.; Folch, J.; Wattiez, R.; Falmagne, P.; Beckers, J.F., 1998:
Isolation and partial characterization of a pregnancy-associated glycoprotein family from the goat placenta

Lee, L.; Tedford, T.R.; Wickizer, S.L.; Kline, A.S.; Gergerich, R.C.; Anderson, E.J., 1996 :
Isolation and partial characterization of a resistance breaking mutant of southern bean mosaic virus

Machuca, A.; Aoyama, H.; Durán, N., 1999:
Isolation and partial characterization of an extracellular low-molecular mass component with high phenoloxidase activity from Thermoascus aurantiacus

Kosaka, H.; Isemura, M.; Odani, S.; Koide, T.; Ono, T., 1997:
Isolation and partial characterization of human placenta retinol-binding protein

Pinilla, V.; Luu, B., 1999:
Isolation and partial characterization of immunostimulating polysaccharides from Imperata cylindrica

Bechard, J.; Eastwell, K.C.; Sholberg, P.L.; Mazza, G.; Skura, B., 1998:
Isolation and partial chemical characterization of an antimicrobial peptide produced by a strain of Bacillus subtilis

Watson, J.L.; Pettigrew, H.D.; Wilson, L.K.; Gershwin, L.J., 1997:
Isolation and partial expression of a cDNA clone encoding equine IgE heavy chain and production of polyclonal antibodies to the recombinant protein

Murdiyatmo, U., 1996:
Isolation and partial identification of dextranase producing bacteria

Veelaert, D.; Veroeveren, M.; Verhaert, P.; D.L.of, A.; Schoofs, L., 1999:
Isolation and partial sequencing of a novel myotropin from the brain of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria Forsk

Tajima, K.; Hirano, T.; Shimizu, M.; Ezura, Y., 1997:
Isolation and pathogenicity of the causative bacterium of spotting disease of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius

Daljeet Singh; Kapur, S.P.; Cheema, S.S., 1997:
Isolation and pathogenicity tests of the causal organism associated with citrus scab in Punjab

Tschen, J.S.heng Ming; Chen,; Hsieh,; Wu, T.S.ung, 1997:
Isolation and phytotoxic effects of helvolic acid from plant pathogenic fungus Sarocladium oryzae

Oliveira, D.S.C.; Castro, R.S. de; Nascimento, S.A.; Melo, W.T., 1998:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of strains of contagious ecthyma virus in sheep in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil

Ekiert, H.; Kohlmunzer, S., 1998:
Isolation and preliminary chemical analysis of polysaccharides from tissue culture of Holarrhena antidysenterica (Roxb.) Wall

Cui BaoAn; L.Z.ongHua; L.X.nSheng; Zhang HongYing; X.R.iHong, 1997:
Isolation and preliminary identification of the causative agent of Vibrio hepatitis in chickens

Sadowski, J.; Rorat, T.; Cooke, R.; Delseny, M., 1997:
Isolation and preliminary sequence characterization of beta -amylase gene promoters in rye (Secale cereale L.)

Ylmaz, H.; Tantas, A.; Ilgaz, A.; Morgan, K.L., 1999:
Isolation and preparation of monoclonal antibody to ovine immunoglobulin M

Cheng, X.F.i; Li,, 1998:
Isolation and preservation of viable sperm cells of Ulmus pumila

Khalaf, Khaled A., 1997:
Isolation and properties of Orobanche crenata germination stimulants from the root extracts of Vicia faba

Aguero, J.A.; Escobar, A., 1999:
Isolation and purification of T-2 toxin from culture medium of Fusarium sporotrichoides

Santiwatanakul, S.; Krieg, N.R., 1999:
Isolation and purification of a Campylobacter upsaliensis autolysin

Kim, J.W.; Shim, Y.S.; Yoon, S.S., 1997:
Isolation and purification of a lipase from Pseudomonas sp. YJ103 isolated from raw milk

Mathivanan, N.; Murugesan, K., 1999:
Isolation and purification of an antifungal metabolite from Fusarium chlamydosporum, a mycoparasite to Puccinia arachidis, the rust pathogen of groundnut

Chen WeiLiang; M.Z.iChao; Lin FuCheng; Gong HongFei; L.D.Bao, 1999:
Isolation and purification of antagonistic proteins produced by bacterial isolates 5 and 504

Holben, W.E., 1997:
Isolation and purification of bacterial community DNA from environmental samples

Liu ShizHuang; Shi ChengLiang; Zhang MinJie;; Zhao HuiFang; Cai Ma, 1996:
Isolation and purification of cotton lectin and effect of cotton lectin on Fusarium wilt pathogen

Ramanathan, A.; Vidhyasekaran, P., 1998:
Isolation and purification of elicitor molecules from Macrophomina phaseolina

Cui HongChang; L.L.; Zheng XiaoYing; Samue S.S., 1998:
Isolation and purification of heat-tolerance related isozymes of phosphoglucomutase (PGM) from Chinese cabbage

Drake, P.M.W.; Davey, M.R.; Power, J.B.; John, A., 1998:
Isolation and purification of protoplasts of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.)

Chandran, K.; Sujatha, M., 1996 :
Isolation and purification of protoplasts of castor (Ricinus communis L.) and Jatropha spp

Gong LiMin; Meng QingXiang, 1997:
Isolation and purification of rumen anaerobic fungi in roll tubes and their morphological observation by optical and electron microscopy

Guo FengLi; Wang FanLing; Meng FanJing, 1997:
Isolation and purification of zearalenone-binding protein from wheat seedlings

Magri, M.; Ricco, S.; Colantoni, A.; Bocchi, C., 1997:
Isolation and quantification of Listeria spp. from fresh poultry, pork and horse meats sold in Parma

Wang QinMei; Wang MingJie; Chang HuiLing; Yang Bin, 1999:
Isolation and quantitation of chloroquine-binding proteins in Plasmodium berghei

Son KunHo; Lee JooMi; Lee SeungHo; Park JeongHill; Kang ShinJung; Chang SeungYeup; Lee KyongSoon, 1999:
Isolation and quantitative determination of anemarsaponin B from the rhizomes of Anemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge

Kang SamSik; Kim JuSun; Chi HyungJoon; Chang SeungYeup; H.K.angWon, 1999:
Isolation and quantitative determination of costunolide from Saussurea root

Kang SamSik; Kim JuSun; Chi HyungJoon; Won DoHee, 1998:
Isolation and quantitative determination of patchouli alcohol from Pogostemon cablin Benth

Son KunHo; Park MiJung; Lee SeungHo; Park JeongHill; Kang ShinJung; Chang SeungYeup; Lee KyongSoon, 1999:
Isolation and quantitative determination of tanshinone IIA from the rhizomes of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge

Kahn, R.; Bak, S.S.endsen, I.H.lkier, B.; Moller, B., 1997:
Isolation and reconstitution of cytochrome P450ox and in vitro reconstitution of the entire biosynthetic pathway of the cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin from sorghum

H.W.i; Kong FanXiang; Sang WeiLian, 1998:
Isolation and regeneration of protoplast from ectomycorrhizal fungus Cortinarius russus

Trofimov, N.M.; Erofeeva, N.I.; Shkolina, T.I.; Vereshchako, N.S.; Moroz, A.G.; Petkevich, A.S.; Titov, L.P., 1997:
Isolation and results of the study of the protein structure of spirochaetes isolated from Ixodes ricinus in Belarus

Petters, H.I., 1999:
Isolation and screening for beta -glucan, starch and xylan degrading microorganisms from cereal grains

Fauzia Begum; Ismet Ara, 1997:
Isolation and screening of a suitable antibiotic producing fungal strain from environment

Wang JiaHe, 1998:
Isolation and screening of antagonistic fungi against tobacco root diseases

Nag, M.; Pandey, B.K.; Basu, S.; Das, K.L., 1999:
Isolation and screening of fungi from pelleted feed samples of Penaeus monodon Fab

Vora, M.S.; Shelat, H.N., 1996:
Isolation and screening of micro organisms for dissolving tricalcium phosphate

Ahn, J.B.; Ji, G.E.; Jeong, H.K.; Lee, K.H.; Park, J.H., 1997:
Isolation and selection of Bifidobacterium spp. from Korean faeces for use in cultured milk products

Song RongHao; Zhu ZongYuan, 1998:
Isolation and selection of competition root - colonizing and endophytic bacteria from Solanum crops

Babur, C.; Karaer, Z., 1997:
Isolation and seroincidence studies of Toxoplasma gondii infection in sheep

Biswas, P.K.; Sonin, P.F.; Kanapatov, Y.V., 1996:
Isolation and serotyping of pathogenic Escherichia coli from chickens in Russia

Trochta, O.A.; Jacobs, R.M.; Jefferson, B.J., 1999:
Isolation and short term culture of canine adrenal microvascular endothelial cells

Fadly, A.M.; Smith, E.J., 1999:
Isolation and some characteristics of a subgroup J-like avian leukosis virus associated with myeloid leukosis in meat-type chickens in the United States

Minami, Y.; Higuchi, S.; Yagi, F.; Tadera, K., 1998:
Isolation and Some Properties of the Antimicrobial Peptide (Pa-AMP) from the Seeds of Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana)

Vorobjeva, L.; Zinchenko, A.; Khodjaev, E.; Ponomareva, G.; Gordeeva, E., 1999:
Isolation and some properties of the nucleoprotein complex of Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii

Torres, R.C.; Bonifacio, T.S.; Herrera, C.L.; Lanto, E.A., 1998:
Isolation and spectroscopic studies of curcumin from Philippine Curcuma longa L

Khachik, F.; Steck, A.; Pfander, H., 1999:
Isolation and structural elucidation of (13Z,13'Z,3R,3'R,6'R)-lutein from marigold flowers, kale, and human plasma

Inagaki, M.; Harada, Y.; Yamada, K.; Isobe, R.; Higuchi, R.; Matsuura, H.; Itakura, Y., 1998:
Isolation and structure determination of cerebrosides from garlic, the bulbs of Allium sativum L

Shaheen Faizi; Siddiqui, B.S.; Rubeena Saleem; Fatima Noor; Shazia Husnain, 1997:
Isolation and structure elucidation of a novel glycoside niazidin from the pods of Moringa oleifera

Omura, S.; Enomoto, Y.; Shinose, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwai, Y.; Shiomi, K., 1999:
Isolation and structure of a new antibiotic viridomycin F produced by Streptomyces sp. K96-0188

Pedrol, R.; Casanova, A.R.; Carreras, B., 1998:
Isolation and study of LBT 3 strain of Bacillus thuringiensis mutants

Mackintosh, J.A.; Veal, D.A.; Beattie, A.J.; Gooley, A.A., 1998:
Isolation from an ant Myrmecia gulosa of two inducible O-glycosylated proline-rich antibacterial peptides

Mochizuki, M.; Nakagomi, T.; Nakagomi, O., 1997:
Isolation from diarrheal and asymptomatic kittens of three rotavirus strains that belong to the AU-1 genogroup of human rotaviruses

Fu, Y.; Shearing, L.N.; Haynes, S.; Crewther, P.; Tilley, L.; Anders, R.F.; Foley, M., 1997:
Isolation from phage display libraries of single chain variable fragment antibodies that recognize conformational epitopes in the malaria vaccine candidate, apical membrane antigen-1

Watanabe, T.; Honda, A.; Iwata, A.; Ueda, S.; Hibi, T.; Ishihama, A., 1999:
Isolation from tobacco mosaic virus-infected tobacco of a solubilized template-specific RNA-dependent RNA polymerase containing a 126K/183K protein heterodimer

Liedtke, S.; Lorch, E.; Goedings, P.; Wichtl, M., 1997:
Isolation of beta -ecdysone and macranthoside I from roots and rhizomes of Helleborus niger subsp. niger (Ranunculaceae)

Rowbotham, T.J., 1998:
Isolation of 'free-living' amoebae causing human disease

Rossetti, C.A.; Auteri, C.D.; Venzano, A.; Samartino, L.E., 1999:
Isolation of 2 strains of L. interrogans (serogroup Pomona) from 2 bovine herds

Jiao Peng; H.J.angChun; Wang ShuJin, 1997:
Isolation of 2-KGA-producing Bdellovibrio with a probe and plating technique and its biological properties

Chauhan, S.M.S.; Som Parkash; Rekha Kaushik, 1997:
Isolation of 3 beta -hydroxyolean-12-ene and related triterpenoids from the leaves of Terminalia arjuna

Lee SeungBum; Y.B.Young; Rhee InKoo, 1997:
Isolation of ARS (autonomously replicative sequence) from chloroplast DNA in Brassica napus L

Ichimura, K.; Mizoguchi, T.; Irie, K.; Morris, P.; Giraudat, J.; Matsumoto, K.; Shinozaki, K., 1998:
Isolation of ATMEKK1 (a MAP kinase kinase kinase)-interacting proteins and analysis of a MAP kinase cascade in Arabidopsis

Francis Floyd, R.; Reed, P.; Gibbs, P.; Shotts, E.; Bolon, B.; Coleman, W.; Klinger, R., 1998:
Isolation of Acholeplasma laidlawii from centrarchids in a central Florida lake

Fernandez Trujillo, J.P.; Martinez, J.A.; Salmeron, M.C.; Artes, F., 1997:
Isolation of Acremonium species causing postharvest decay of peaches of Spain

Kielstein, P.; Wuthe, H.H., 1998:
Isolation of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Haemophilus parasuis and related bacteria from the organs of pigs from Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) examined postmortem

Fuentes, R.J.M.; Perez, H.J.A., 1998:
Isolation of Aeromonas hydrophila in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Fukutoku, Y., 1998:
Isolation of Arabidopsis mutants resistant to proline-analog azetidine-2-carboxylic acid

Capua, I.; Fico, R.; Tamba, M.; Calzetta, G.; Badagliacca, P., 1995:
Isolation of Aujeszky's disease virus from a wild boar (Sus scrofa)

Kosoy, M.Y.; Regnery, R.L.; Kosaya, O.I.; Jones, D.C.; Marston, E.L.; Childs, J.E., 1998:
Isolation of Bartonella spp. from embryos and neonates of naturally infected rodents

Brander, K.A.; Pichler, W.J.; Helbling, A., 1999:
Isolation of basidiomycete allergens

Burkot, T.R.; Clover, J.R.; Happ, C.M.; DeBess, E.; Maupin, G.O., 1999:
Isolation of Borrelia burgdorferi from Neotoma fuscipes, Peromyscus maniculatus, Peromyscus boylii, and Ixodes pacificus in Oregon

Davidson, M.M.; Evans, R.; Ling, C.L.; Wiseman, A.D.; Joss, A.W.; Ho-Yen, D.O., 1999:
Isolation of Borrelia burgdorferi from ticks in the Highlands of Scotland

Hadad, J.J., 1998:
Isolation of Brucella from buffalo milk and gaymar in Ninevah Province, Iraq

Adone, R.; Ciuchini, F.; Lillini, E.; Cerri, D.; Andreani, E., 1998:
Isolation of Brucella melitensis biovar 1 from milk samples from serologically positive buffaloes

Ferroglio, E.; Tolari, F.; Bollo, E.; Bassano, B., 1998:
Isolation of Brucella melitensis from alpine ibex

Ramadan, R.O.; Hatem, M.E.; Bey, M.R.A., 1998:
Isolation of Brucella melitensis from carpal hygroma in camels

Nagahashi, S.; Mio, T.; Ono, N.; Yamada-Okabe, T.; Arisawa, M.; Bussey, H.; Yamada-Okabe, H., 1998:
Isolation of CaSLN1 and CaNIK1, the genes for osmosensing histidine kinase homologues, from the pathogenic fungus Candida albicans

Carvalho, A.C.eusa D.F.tima Banzatto De; Schocken Iturrino, R.P.blo; Felipe, L.; Cama, S.A.ves D.M.ireles, 1997:
Isolation of Campylobacter jejuni from viscera and bile secretion of broiler chickens with diarrhea

Ohya, T.; Yamaguchi, H.; Nii, Y.; Ito, H., 1999:
Isolation of Campylobacter sputorum from lesions of papillomatous digital dermatitis in dairy cattle

Abu-Elteen, K.H.; Abderrahman, S.; Sallal, A.K., 1997:
Isolation of Candida species from domestic sewage in Jordan

Rajesh Chahota; Katoch, R.C.; Batta, M.K., 1997:
Isolation of Chlamydia psittaci from domestic poultry (Gallus domesticus) in Himachal Pradesh, India

Rieu-Lesme, F.; Fonty, G., 1999:
Isolation of Clostridium difficile from the ruminal reservoir of newborn lambs

Tao SanJu;; Chen BoQuan et al., 1997:
Isolation of Coltivirus from mosquitoes in Beijing and its biological characteristics

Sajap, A.S.; Atim, A.B.; Husim, H.; Wahab, Y.A., 1997:
Isolation of Conidiobolus coronatus (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales) from soil and its effect on Coptotermes curvignathus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Nagaoka, H.; Sugieda, M.; Akiyama, M.; Nishina, T.; Akahane, S.; Fujiwara, K., 1998:
Isolation of Coxiella burnetii from the vagina of feline clients at veterinary clinics

Sasaki, K.; Matsusaka, N.; Sato, I.; Tsuda, S.; Tsutsumi, K.; Ito, K.; Hasegawa, A.; Pal, M., 1999:
Isolation of Cryptococcus neoformans from pigeon faeces

Amemiya, K.; Schaefer, H.; Pachner, A.R., 1999:
Isolation of DNA after extraction of RNA To detect the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi and expression of host cellular genes from the same tissue sample

Ren BingRu;; H.S.anAn, 1997:
Isolation of DNA from Atractylodes lancea (Thunb.) DC. and genetic diversity analysis with RAPD

Barnwell, P.; Blanchard, A.N.; Bryant, J.A.; Smirnoff, N.; Weir, A.F., 1998:
Isolation of DNA from the highly mucilagenous succulent plant Sedum telephium

Chan, W.F.; O'Toole, D.K., 1999:
Isolation of Deinococcus species from commercial oyster extract

Fröhlich, J.; Sass, H.; Babenzien, H.D.; Kuhnigk, T.; Varma, A.; Saxena, S.; Nalepa, C.; Pfeiffer, P.; König, H., 1999:
Isolation of Desulfovibrio intestinalis sp. nov. from the hindgut' of the lower termite Mastotermes darwiniensis

Daniel, R.; Matthews, L.; Willshaw, G., 1998:
Isolation of E. coli O157 from a calf with dysentry

Lockhart, J.M.; Davidson, W.R.; Stallknecht, D.E.; Dawson, J.E.; Howerth, E.W., 1997:
Isolation of Ehrlichia chaffeensis from wild white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) confirms their role as natural reservoir hosts

Marguet, E.R.; Ledesma, P., 1999:
Isolation of Escherichia coli serotype O157:H7 from a sheep dairy herd

Bain, M.S.; Green, C.C., 1999:
Isolation of Escherichia fergusonii in cases clinically suggestive of salmonellosis

Fournier, P.E.; Bernabeu, L.; Schubert, B.; Mutillod, M.; Roux, V.; Raoult, D., 1998:
Isolation of Francisella tularensis by centrifugation of shell vial cell culture from an inoculation eschar

Manandhar, V., 1996:
Isolation of Frankia from Alnus root nodules

Baek NamIn; Hahn JaeTaek; Ahn EunMi; Bang MyunHo; Nam JiYoun; Kwon ByoungMog, 1999:
Isolation of Grb2-Shc interaction inhibitory compounds from the leaves of Eucommia ulmoides O

Foley, J.E.; Marks, S.L.; Munson, L.; Melli, A.; Dewhirst, F.E.; Yu, S.; Shen, Z.; Fox, J.G., 1999:
Isolation of Helicobacter canis from a colony of bengal cats with endemic diarrhea

Yuan QingHong; Liu XingZhi; L.Z.aoXiang et al., 1996:
Isolation of Japanese encephalitis virus from bats in Binchuan County, Yunnan Province

Mitchell, C.J.; Haramis, L.D.; Karabatsos, N.; Smith, G.C.; Starwalt, V.J., 1998:
Isolation of La Crosse, Cache Valley, and Potosi viruses from Aedes mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) collected at used-tire sites in Illinois during 1994-1995

Sedlacek, I.; Benda, P., 1998:
Isolation of Lactococcus garvieae species from bovine mastitis

Rossmann, S.N.; Wilson, P.H.; Hicks, J.; Carter, B.; Cron, S.G.; Simon, C.; Flaitz, C.M.; Demmler, G.J.; Shearer, W.T.; Kline, M.W., 1998:
Isolation of Lautropia mirabilis from oral cavities of human immunodeficiency virus-infected children

E.S.erbini, M.; A.A.ili, S.; Garbaj, A., 1998:
Isolation of Listeria from farm milk and abortion cases in women

Jorge, M.C.; Schettino, A.M., 1998:
Isolation of Listeria innocua from silage

E.Prince, E., 1999:
Isolation of Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species from milk and some dairy products

Luca, G. de; Zanetti, F.; Casolari, C.; Stampi, S., 1997:
Isolation of Listeria monocytogenes in meat and milk products in the Province of Bologna

Serafini, A.B.; Caixeta, E.R.; Barbosa, A.J.; Vieira, J.D.G., 1996:
Isolation of Listeria spp. from waste water samples from 4 dairy factories in the towns of Goiania and Anapolis, Goias

Cantoni, C.; Cataleta, R.; Giussani, A.; Ripamonti, B., 1998:
Isolation of Listeria spp. with blood agar media

Ishiguro, F.; Wada, S.; Inada, K., 1997:
Isolation of Lyme Borrelia from ticks fed on birds in the Nyu highland of Fukui Prefecture

Gylfe; Olsen, B.; Strasevicius, D.; Marti Ras, N.; Weihe, P.; Noppa, L.; Ostberg, Y.; Baranton, G.; Bergström, S., 1999:
Isolation of Lyme disease Borrelia from puffins (Fratercula arctica) and seabird ticks (Ixodes uriae) on the Faeroe Islands

Crespo, M.J.; Abarca, M.L.; Cabañes, F.J., 1999:
Isolation of Malassezia furfur from a cat

L.C.angLin; Gao DengHui, 1997:
Isolation of Marek's disease virus in chickens using chicken kidney cell culture

Stewart, N.J.; Munday, B.L.; Hawkesford, T., 1999:
Isolation of Mucor circinelloides from a case of ulcerative mycosis of platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), and a comparison of the response of Mucor circinelloides and Mucor amphibiorum to different culture temperatures

Teska, J.D.; Twerdok, L.E.; Beaman, J.; Curry, M.; Finch, R.A., 1997:
Isolation of Mycobacterium abscessus from Japanese medaka

Weber, A.; Reischl, U.; Naumann, L., 1998:
Isolation of Mycobacterium africanum from a bull in Northern Bavaria

Thorel, M.F.; Karoui, C.; Varnerot, A.; Fleury, C.; Vincent, V., 1998:
Isolation of Mycobacterium bovis from baboons, leopards and a sea-lion

Castro Ramos, M.; Ayala, M.; Errico, F.; Silvera, F.V., 1998:
Isolation of Mycobacterium bovis from the pinniped Otaria byronia (the common sealion) in Uruguay

Acosta, B.; Real, F.; Ferrer, O.; Deniz, S.; Poveda, B., 1998:
Isolation of Mycobacterium kansasii from a tuberculin-positive goat

Grant, I.R.; Ball, H.J.; Rowe, M.T., 1998:
Isolation of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis from milk by immunomagnetic separation

Nicholas, R.A.; Greig, A.; Baker, S.E.; Ayling, R.D.; Heldtander, M.; Johansson, K.E.; Houshaymi, B.M.; Miles, R.J., 1998:
Isolation of Mycoplasma fermentans from a sheep

Nicholas, R.A.J.; Wessels, M.; Orme, P.K.; Wood, E.; Sachse, K., 1999:
Isolation of Mycoplasma ovine/caprine serogroup 11 from infertile sheep in Britain

Cantin, A.; Moya, P.; Miranda, M.A.; Primo, J.; Primo Yufera, E., 1998:
Isolation of N-(2-methyl-3-oxodecanoyl)pyrrole and N-(2-methyl-3-oxodec-8-enoyl)pyrrole, two new natural products from Penicillium brevicompactum, and synthesis of analogues with insecticidal and fungicidal activity

Benites, N.R.; Balian, S.C.; Ferreira Neto, J.S.; Sakamoto, S.M.; Guerra, J.L.; Souza, S.L.P.; Panetta, J.C., 1999:
Isolation of Nocardia asteroides from granulomatous lesions in beef cattle

Hafez, H.M.; Friedrich, S., 1998:
Isolation of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale from a turkey in Austria

Aydn, N.; Bulbul, H.; Bykoglu, G.; Yaral, C.; Yavuz, M.K., 1998:
Isolation of Paenibacillus larvae from honey for human consumption and from samples taken from beehives

Burriel, A.R., 1997:
Isolation of Pasteurella haemolytica from grass, drinking water, and straw bedding used by sheep

Poernomo, S.; Sarosa, A., 1996:
Isolation of Pasteurella multocida from broiler chickens

Martin, D.; Calzadilla, M.; Rodriguez, I., 1996:
Isolation of Photorhabdus luminescens (Thomas & Poinar) Boemare, Akhurst & Mourant

L.J.ngNian; Y.W.iYi; Z.G.oZhang; Yang QiChao, 1999:
Isolation of Proteus vulgaris from Trionyx sinensis and its pathogenicity

Aoyagi, A.; Kageyama, K.; Hyakumachi, M., 1999:
Isolation of Pythium species from zoysia grass and their effect on severity of large patch disease

Komatsu, A.; Koyama, K.; Omura, M.; Akihama, T., 1997:
Isolation of RNA and construction of cDNA library from citrus fruit (Citrus unshiu Marc.)

Liu YunXi; Yang ZhangQing; W.Q.nYong et al., 1999:
Isolation of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi from larvae and nymphs of Walchia pacifica

Liu YunXi; Yang ZhanQing; W.Q.nYong; Sun HaiLong; Meng XiangRui; Peng ZuoLin; Miao ZhongShui, 1999:
Isolation of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi from trombiculid mites (Acari: Trombiculidae) in Feixian County, Shandong Province, China

Kanematsu, S.; Hayashi, T.; Kudo, A., 1997:
Isolation of Rosellinia necatrix mutants with impaired cytochalasin E production and its pathogenicity

Zhao ChunSheng; Jiang LianHua; Y.X.ngLong; Chen WeiJun; Rao YinNian; L.Z.enZhi, 1997:
Isolation of Ross River virus and its antibody prevalance in Hainan Province, China

Vieta, I.; Savarino, A.; Accattatis, G.; Campanini, G., 1996:
Isolation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae from a patient with AIDS associated enteritis

Mortensen, A.N.; Hoorfar, J., 1999:
Isolation of Salmonella from animal faeces

Hassen, A.; Jedidi, N.; Saidi, N.; Kallali, H.; Boudabous, A.; Ennabli, M., 1996:
Isolation of Salmonella from waste waters and a study of the survival of indicator bacteria of pollution in soils

House, J.K.; Smith, B.P.; Wildman, T.R.; Carrigan, M.J.; Kamiya, D.Y., 1999:
Isolation of Salmonella organisms from the mesenteric lymph nodes of horses at necropsy

Davies, P.R.; Bovee, F.G.; Funk, J.A.; Morrow, W.E.; Jones, F.T.; Deen, J., 1998:
Isolation of Salmonella serotypes from feces of pigs raised in a multiple-site production system

Kopczewski, A.; Strzakowski, L.; Przewoski, W., 1998:
Isolation of Salmonella strains from imported carcasses, concentrates, fish and bone meals

Kushima, S.; Takahashi, S.; Matsuzaka, T.; Fukunaga, E.; Nozawa, Y.; Iketani, O.; Hirayama, I., 1999:
Isolation of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in abattoirs

Sakuraba, H.; Sato, A.; Yoshida, S.; Urushihata, H.; Abe, K.; Takeuchi, S., 1999:
Isolation of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli from slaughtered cattle

Chang, C.; Zheng, B., 1999:
Isolation of Spiroplasma citri from flowers and seeds collected from infected periwinkles

Pineda, Y.; Lopez, A.G. de; Aponte, F. de; Parra, C. de; Santander, J., 1996:
Isolation of Streptococcus suis strains and in vitro susceptibility to antimicrobial agents

Daghero, J.; Mattea, M.; Reverchon, E.; Della Porta, G.; Senatore, F., 1999:
Isolation of Tagetes minuta L. oil using supercritical CO2 extraction

Ogen-Odoi, A.; Miller, B.R.; Happ, C.M.; Maupin, G.O.; Burkot, T.R., 1999:
Isolation of thogoto virus (Orthomyxoviridae) from the banded mongoose, Mongos mungo (Herpestidae), in Uganda

Chaves, A.; Reyes, L.; Chinchilla, M., 1998:
Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii in pig meat: confirmation of an hypothesis

Hermosa, M.R.; Grondona, I.; Monte, E., 1999:
Isolation of Trichoderma harzianum Th2 from commercial mushroom compost in Spain

Bonardi, S.; Maggi, E.; Bottarelli, A.; Pacciarini, M.L.; Ansuini, A.; Vellini, G.; Morabito, S.; Caprioli, A., 1999:
Isolation of Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 from cattle at slaughter in Italy

Visser, I.J.; Vellema, P.; van Dokkum, H.; Shimada, T., 1999:
Isolation of Vibrio cholerae from diseased farm animals and surface water in The Netherlands

Shih, Chih; Lai,; Hung, S.S.en; Wang, J.Y., 1997:
Isolation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from Sashimi in the Taipei area

Amaro, C.; Hor, L.I.; Marco-Noales, E.; Bosque, T.; Fouz, B.; Alcaide, E., 1999:
Isolation of Vibrio vulnificus serovar E from aquatic habitats in Taiwan

Zamora, J.; Reinhardt, G.; Polette, M.; Macias, P.; English, J., 1997:
Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and Yersinia kristensenii from ovine faeces

Stefanov, I.; Bozhkova, K., 1998:
Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and related species from retail minced meat

Meyre Silva, C.; Yunes, R.A.; Santos, A.R.S.; Dal Magro, J.; Delle Monache, F.; Cechinel Filho, V., 1999:
Isolation of a C-glycoside flavonoid with antinociceptive action from Aleurites moluccana leaves

Yan YaXian; L.Y.Jun; Pan LiangYan; Tang XiShan; Zhang Qiong, 1998:
Isolation of a Mycoplasma strain from the golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)

Silva Vergara, M.L.; Martinez, R.; Chadu, A.; Madeira, M.; Freitas Silva, G.; Maffei, C.M.L.ite, 1998:
Isolation of a Paracoccidioides brasiliensis strain from the soil of a coffee plantation in Ibia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Sidhu, M.S.; Sodhi, H.S.; Phutela, R.P., 1997:
Isolation of a Volvariella diplasia hypercellulolytic auxotroph

Nakamura, T.; Nomura, M.; Ku, M.S.B.; Takabe, T., 1998:
Isolation of a barley gene encoding betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase that is not localized in microbody

Ostergaard, J.; Persiau, G.; Davey, M.W.; Bauw, G.; Montagu, M. van, 1997:
Isolation of a cDNA coding for L-galactono- gamma -lactone dehydrogenase, an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of ascorbic acid in plants

Ikoma, Y.; Yano, M.; X.Z.ongChuan; Ogawa, K., 1999:
Isolation of a cDNA encoding active protein for kiwifruit ACC synthase and its specific expression in the outer pericarp

Kisaka, H.; Kisaka, M.; Lee, H.Y.; Kameya, T., 1998:
Isolation of a cDNA for tryptophan synthase beta from rice and studies of its expression in a 5-methyltryptophan-resistant mutant of rice

Vitellozzi, F.; Ciaffi, M.; Dominici, L.; Ceoloni, C., 1997:
Isolation of a chromosomally engineered durum wheat line carrying the common wheat Glu-D1d allele

Kawai, M.; Aotsuka, S.; Uchimiya, H., 1998:
Isolation of a cotton CAP gene: a homologue of adenylyl cyclase-associated protein highly expressed during fiber elongation

Chen DaMing; Zhang ShangLong, 1997:
Isolation of a fragment at the 3' terminus of LEAFY gene in Arabidopsis and identification of LEAFY homologues in the genomes of fruit crops

Guo XiaoPing; Harmon, M.A.; Laudet, V.; Mangelsdorf, D.J.; Palmer, M.J., 1997:
Isolation of a functional ecdysteroid receptor homologue from the ixodid tick Amblyomma americanum (L.)

Das, M.; Mallavarapu, G.R.; Kumar, S., 1999:
Isolation of a genotype bearing fasciated capitula in chamomile Chamomilla recutita

Tsukamoto, T.; Shirata, A.; Murata, H., 1998:
Isolation of a gram-positive bacterium effective in suppression of brown blotch disease of cultivated mushrooms, Pleurotus ostreatus and Agaricus bisporus, caused by Pseudomonas tolaasii

Ghosh, A.; Bandyopadhyay, K.; Kole, L.; Das, P.K., 1999:
Isolation of a laminin-binding protein from the protozoan parasite Leishmania donovani that may mediate cell adhesion

Jancovich, J.K.; Davidson, E.W.; Morado, J.F.ank; Jacobs, B.L.; Collins, J.P., 1997:
Isolation of a lethal virus from the endangered tiger salamander Ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsi

Chen KunSong; Zhang ShangLong; Ross, G.S., 1998:
Isolation of a lipoxygenase cDNA from ripening Actinidia chinensis fruit

Ohshima, K.; Taniyama, T.; Yamanaka, T.; Ishikawa, M.; Naito, S., 1998:
Isolation of a mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana carrying two simultaneous mutations affecting tobacco mosaic virus multiplication within a single cell

Colombo, S.; Pacciarini, M.L.; Fusi, P., 1998:
Isolation of a new phenotypic variant of E coli O157:H7 from food

Markelova, N.Y.; Kerzhentsev, A.S., 1998:
Isolation of a new strain of the genus Bdellovibrio from plant rhizosphere and its lytic spectrum

Rahal, K.; Kodjo, A.; Grezel, D.; Richard, Y., 1999:
Isolation of a new type of virulence plasmid DNA in Rhodococcus equi strains from horse and equine environment, in France

Amancharla, P.K.; Muthuraj, P.S.; Rao, G.V.; Singh, O.V., 1999:
Isolation of a potent mosquito repellent from Vitex negundo L.: an alternative source of rotundial

Horwath, M.; Kunze, R., 1999:
Isolation of a second MutS-homolog from Zea mays named Mus2

Matsuda, M.; Kusama, T.; Oshiro, T.; Kurihara, Y.; Hamaguchi, S.; Sakaizumi, M., 1997:
Isolation of a sex chromosome-specific DNA sequence in the medaka, Oryzias latipes

Takeuchi, M.; Tada, M.; Saito, C.; Yashiroda, H.; Nakano, A., 1998:
Isolation of a tobacco cDNA encoding Sar1 GTPase and analysis of its dominant mutations in vesicular traffic using a yeast complementation system

Makino, S.; Ishizaki, H.; Shirahata, T.; Fujiwara, S.; Sawada, T., 1998:
Isolation of acriflavine resistant Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae from slaughter pigs in Japan

Buryako, I.A.; Shybeko, E.A.; Stefanovich, L.I.; Belikova, V.L., 1997:
Isolation of active acidogenic lactobacilli from vegetable sources

Mikami, K.T.kahashi, S.K.tagiri, T.Y.maguchi-Shinozaki, K.S.inozaki, K., 1999:
Isolation of an Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA encoding a pleckstrin homology domain protein, a putative homologue of human pleckstrin

Yoshii, M.; Yoshioka, N.; Ishikawa, M.; Naito, S., 1998:
Isolation of an Arabidopsis thaliana mutant in which the multiplication of both cucumber mosaic virus and turnip crinkle virus is affected

Schiebel, W.; Pélissier, T.; Riedel, L.; Thalmeir, S.; Schiebel, R.; Kempe, D.; Lottspeich, F.; Sänger, H.L.; Wassenegger, M., 1998:
Isolation of an RNA-directed RNA polymerase-specific cDNA clone from tomato

Newsome, A.L.; Scott, T.M.; Benson, R.F.; Fields, B.S., 1998:
Isolation of an amoeba naturally harboring a distinctive Legionella species

Agil, A.; Miro, M.; Jimenez, J.; Aneiros, J.; Caracuel, M.D.; Garcia Granados, A.; Navarro, M.C., 1999:
Isolation of an anti-hepatotoxic principle from the juice of Ecballium elaterium

Hermawan, W.; Nakajima, S.; Tsukuda, R.; Fujisaki, K.; Nakasuji, F., 1997:
Isolation of an antifeedant compound from Andrographis paniculata (Acanthaceae) against the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae)

Du, Q.; Lehavi, D.; Faktor, O.; Qi, Y.; Chejanovsky, N., 1999:
Isolation of an apoptosis suppressor gene of the Spodoptera littoralis nucleopolyhedrovirus

Cox, H.U.; Hoyt, P.G.; Poston, R.P.; Snider, T.G.; Lemarchand, T.X.; O'Reilly, K.L., 1998:
Isolation of an avian serovar of Chlamydia psittaci from a case of bovine abortion

Chang, C.C.; Liu, Y.T., 1997:
Isolation of an erythritol-producing yeast and studies on its culture conditions

Marits, R.; Kõiv, V.; Laasik, E.; Mäe, A., 1999:
Isolation of an extracellular protease gene of Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora strain SCC3193 by transposon mutagenesis and the role of protease in phytopathogenicity

Tapiovaara, H.; Olesen, N.J.; Lindén, J.; Rimaila-Pärnänen, E.; von Bonsdorff, C.H., 1998:
Isolation of an iridovirus from pike-perch Stizostedion lucioperca

Ahmadzadeh, M.; Tehrani, A.S.; Rahimian, H., 1997:
Isolation of antagonist bacteria from chickpea rhizosphere and study on their repression against Pythium ultimum casual agent of seed rot and seedling damping off

Kim HoKyoung; Kang EunJung; Kang BongJoo; Park KapJoo; K.B.oungSeob, 1998:
Isolation of anti-herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) component from Thujae orientalis Semen

Hwang, J.R.ul; Yoe, S.M.on, 1998:
Isolation of antimicrobial peptides from skin secretions of the oriental fire-bellied toad, Bombina orientalis

Katsuzaki, H.; Sakai, K.; Achiwa, Y.; Imai, K.; Komiya, T., 1999:
Isolation of antioxidative compounds from bamboo shoots sheath

Jansson, D.S.; Engstrom, B., 1999:
Isolation of avian paramyxovirus type 3 in caged finches in Sweden

Shihmanter, E.W.isman, Y.L.blin, A.M.hani, S.P.nshin, A.L.pkind, M., 1998:
Isolation of avian serotype 3 paramyxoviruses from imported caged birds in Israel

Chakraborty, A.; Chaudhury, B.; Sarma, D.K., 1997:
Isolation of bacteria from captive herbivores

Shahid, A.A.; Riazuddin, S., 1999:
Isolation of bacteria possessing antifungal activities against Ascochyta rabiei, a chickpea fungus

Wang YongJie; L.S.unPeng; Shen Biao; G.X.angYang; Cheng GuoFeng, 1999:
Isolation of bacteria with extensive degradation of organophosphorous insecticides and studies on its physiological characterization

Diaz Cacho, M.P.; Garcia, M.C.; Encina, A.E.; Negro, A.; Alvarez, J.M.; Acebes, J.L., 1997:
Isolation of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) cell cultures tolerant to lethal concentrations of isoxaben

Suzuki, S.; Kamakura, M.; Kusuda, R., 1998 :
Isolation of birnavirus from Japanese pearl oyster Pinctada fucata

Aruni, A.W.; Chandran, N.D.J.; Manohar Paul, W.; Prabhakar, T.G.; Venkatesan, R.A., 1997:
Isolation of bluetongue virus from outbreaks in Tamil Nadu

Sreenivasulu, D.; Rao, M.V.; Gard, G.P., 1999:
Isolation of bluetongue virus serotype 2 from native sheep in India

Davison, H.C.; Trees, A.J.; Guy, F.; Otter, A.; Holt, J.J.; Simpson, V.R.; Jeffrey, M., 1997:
Isolation of bovine Neospora in Britain

Ishida, H.; Wakabayashi, N.; Honma, H.; Higuchi, R.; Watanabe, T.; Nabeya, M.; Toriya, Y., 1997:
Isolation of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) from Tabanus trigeminus suckling blood of BLV-seropositive cattle

Hasoksuz, M.; Lathrop, S.L.; Gadfield, K.L.; Saif, L.J., 1999:
Isolation of bovine respiratory coronaviruses from feedlot cattle and comparison of their biological and antigenic properties with bovine enteric coronaviruses

Kovarcik, K., 1999:
Isolation of bovine respiratory syncytial virus during an outbreak of acute respiratory disease in calves

Zorec, M.; Marinsek Logar, R.; Avgustin, G., 1997:
Isolation of butyric acid producing xylanolytic bacteria from the rumen

Tomana, M.; Nakao, M.; Moritomo, T.; Fujiki, K.; Yano, T., 1999:
Isolation of cDNA encoding immunoglobulin light chain from common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Nakao, M.; Moritomo, T.; Tomana, M.; Fujiki, K.; Yano, T., 1998:
Isolation of cDNA encoding the constant region of the immunoglobulin heavy-chain from common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Savithramma, N.; Kumari, Y.N.; Swamy, P.M., 1996:
Isolation of calcium-binding proteins from the developing pods of groundnut

Joshi, D.V.; Singh, S.P.; Rao, V.D.P.; Patel, B.J., 1998:
Isolation of canine parvovirus from clinical cases of gastroenteritis

Daltabuit Test, M.; de la Concha-Bermejillo, A.; Espinosa, L.E.; Loza Rubio, E.; Aguilar Setién, A., 1999:
Isolation of caprine arthritis encephalitis virus from goats in Mexico

Silva, C.M.M. de S.; Melo, I.S. de; Maia, A. de H.N.; Abakerli, R.B., 1999:
Isolation of carbendazim degrading fungi

Milcamps, A.; Ragatz, D.M.; Lim, P.; Berger, K.A.; de Bruijn, F.J., 1998:
Isolation of carbon- and nitrogen-deprivation-induced loci of Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 by Tn5-luxAB mutagenesis

Deli, J.; Molnar, P.; Matus, Z.; Toth, G.; Steck, A.; Pfander, H., 1998:
Isolation of carotenoids with 3,5,6-trihydroxy-5,6-dihydro- beta -end groups from red paprika (Capsicum annuum)

Trefil, P.; Kotrbova, A.; Juzova, S., 1997:
Isolation of chicken primordial germ cells by centrifugation in Ficoll gradient

Borthakur, S.; Mondal, T.K.; Parveen, S.S.; Guha, A.; Sen, P.; Borthakur, A.; Deka, P.C., 1998:
Isolation of chloroplast DNA from tea, Camellia sp

Deng JiuSheng; Chen DaMing; Peng MinZhang, 1998:
Isolation of chromosomal DNA from longan and litchi plants

Nietfeld, J.C.; Fickbohm, B.L.; Rogers, D.G.; Franklin, C.L.; Riley, L.K., 1999:
Isolation of cilia-associated respiratory (CAR) bacillus from pigs and calves and experimental infection of gnotobiotic pigs and rodents

Ellis, J.; Hassard, L.; Clark, E.; Harding, J.; Allan, G.; Willson, P.; Strokappe, J.; Martin, K.; McNeilly, F.; Meehan, B.; Todd, D.; Haines, D., 1998:
Isolation of circovirus from lesions of pigs with postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome

Hoet, A.; D.P.ol, G.; Fulcado, W.; Polo, R.; Graterol, C.; Brito, M., 1999:
Isolation of coagulase positive staphylococci, other than Staphylococcus aureus, from quarters of cows with subclinical mastitis in La Villa del Rosario, Zulia State, Venezuela

Burriel, A.R., 1998:
Isolation of coagulase-negative staphylococci from the milk and environment of sheep

Vallet, J.L.; Smith, T.P.; Sonstegard, T.; Pearson, P.L.; Christenson, R.K.; Klemcke, H.G., 1999:
Isolation of complementary deoxyribonucleic acids encoding putative secreted and membrane-bound folate binding proteins from endometrium of swine

Jamal, C.M.; Tavares, K.G.; Raslan, D.S.; Miraglia, M.C.M.; Duarte, I.D.G., 1999:
Isolation of constituents as analgesic agents from Lavoisiera pulcherrima DC. (Melastomataceae)

Yang ShengHua; Chang GuoQuan; Zou XiaoHuan; Wang XinPing; Zhang RenCheng; Liu Chang, 1995:
Isolation of coronavirus from cattle affected by sudden death disease

Budiani, A.; Santoso, D.; Suwanto, A.; Lay, B.W., 1996:
Isolation of cryIA gene encoding the toxin domain of delta -endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis isolates using PCR technique

Dieckmann, A.M.; Quevedo, A.C.; Ribeiro, V.L. da S.; Nobre e Castro, M.C., 1998:
Isolation of dermatophytes from healthy dogs and cats from Niteroi, RJ, Brazil

Knoll, L.J.; Boothroyd, J.C., 1998:
Isolation of developmentally regulated genes from Toxoplasma gondii by a gene trap with the positive and negative selectable marker hypoxanthine-xanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase

Dong HaiTao; W.Y.Liang; Cheng ZhiQiang; Dong JiXin; H.Z.Hua; L.D.Bao, 1999:
Isolation of differentially expressed sequence tags with kinase motif induced by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (XOO)

Hwang ByungHo; Zhao JuLan, 1998:
Isolation of diterpene from Larix leptolepis Gorden

Sotomayor, E.A.; Josephson, S.L., 1999:
Isolation of eastern equine encephalitis virus in A549 and MRC-5 cell cultures

Han, H.M.i; Zhao, J.; Shi,; Yang,; Zhou, C., 1998:
Isolation of egg cells and zygotes in Oryza sativa

Soerensen, B.; Repetti, E.; Miqueleto, N.S.L.; Santos, R.V. dos; Guardia, N.; Barros, M.M.C. de, 1997:
Isolation of enterobacteria of pasteurized milk

Grini, P.E.; Schnittger, A.; Schwarz, H.; Zimmermann, I.; Schwab, B.; Jürgens, G.; Hülskamp, M., 1999:
Isolation of ethyl methanesulfonate-induced gametophytic mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana by a segregation distortion assay using the multimarker chromosome 1

Zhong, G.Y.; Riov, J.; Goren, R.; Holland, D., 1998:
Isolation of ethylene-induced map kinase from citrus fruit abscission zone

Hoffman; Schmidt; Zheng; Bent, 1999:
Isolation of ethylene-insensitive soybean mutants that are altered in pathogen susceptibility and gene-for-gene disease resistance

Miyazawa, T.; Ikeda, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Naito, R.; Mochizuki, M.; Tohya, Y.; Vu, D.; Mikami, T.; Takahashi, E., 1999:
Isolation of feline parvovirus from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of cats in northern Vietnam

Cardenas, J.L.; Rivillas, C.A.; Bustamante, E.R.; Rivas, P.G.G.; Perez, L.C.M., 1998:
Isolation of fluorescent Pseudomonas from roots of coffee either healthy or affected by Rosellinia bunodes (Berk. y Br.) Sacc. in the central coffee-producing zone in Colombia

Lopez, J.C.; Rojas, E.B.; Rivas, P.G.G.; Rivillas O.C.A.; Perez L.C.M., 1998:
Isolation of fluorescent Pseudomonas potential antagonist of Rosellinia bunodes in coffee roots in Colombia

Patil, R.P.; Jagadeesh, K.S.; Kulkarni, J.H., 1998:
Isolation of fluorescent pseudomonads associated with roots of different plants and their in vitro antagonism against groundnut collar rot pathogen Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc

Gasparic, A., 1996:
Isolation of four genes of xylanolytic complex of the rumen bacterium Prevotella ruminicola B14

Tateishi, K.; Yamashita, S., 1998:
Isolation of four new indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) oxidative metabolites, a pair of diastereomers 5-O- beta -D-glucopyranosyl 3,5-dihydroxy-2-indolinone-3-acetic acid and 5-O- beta -D-cellobiosyl 3,5-dihydroxy-2-indolinone-3-acetic acid from rice bran

Pérez-Pérez, J.; Barragán, C., 1998:
Isolation of four pig male-specific DNA fragments by RDA

Hess, M.; Prusas, C.; Vereecken, M.; D.H.rdt, P., 1998:
Isolation of fowl adenoviruses serotype 4 from pigeons with hepatic necrosis

de Luca, F.; de Giorgi, C.; Natilla, A.; Lamberti, F., 1998:
Isolation of gene cut-1 in plant parasitic nematodes

Wenzel, G., 1998:
Isolation of genes and their transfer into crop plants

Poplawski, A.; Irwin, J.A.G.; Manners, J.M., 1998:
Isolation of genotype- and chromosome-specific DNA markers in a biotype of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides using random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis

Yoshimura, H.; Ishimaru, M.; Endoh, Y.S.; Suginaka, M.; Yamatani, S., 1998:
Isolation of glycopeptide-resistant enterococci from chickens in Japan

Prasad, M.M.; Seenayya, G., 1998:
Isolation of halophilic bacteria from cured fish and its environs. Use of antifungal agents

Kanamori, H.; Sugimoto, H.; Ochiai, H.; Kaku, H.; Tsuyumu, S., 1999:
Isolation of hrp cluster from Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri and its application for RFLP analyses of xanthomonads

Kato, Tsuneo, 1998:
Isolation of individual quantitative trait loci causing long grain in rice

Bouchard, D.; Keleher, W.; Opitz, H.M.; Blake, S.; Edwards, K.C.; Nicholson, B.L., 1999:
Isolation of infectious salmon anemia virus (ISAV) from Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick, Canada

Tian QingGuo; Ding XiaoLin, 1999:
Isolation of limonoids from seeds of Citrus sinensis

Jiang, M.; Kameda, K.; Han, L.K.; Kimura, Y.; Okuda, H., 1998:
Isolation of lipolytic substances caffeine and 1,7-dimethylxanthine from the stem and rhizome of Sinomenium actum

Gao, M.; Li, G.; Geng, J.; Zhang, X., 1998 :
Isolation of living pollen mother cells in Brassica species and extraction of mRNA from PMCs

Aggelis, A.; Makris, A.; Christodoulidou, A.; Carrillo Lopez, A.; Kanellis, A.K., 1997:
Isolation of low oxygen-regulated genes in tomato fruit by applying RNA differential display and yeast complementation approaches

Sam-Yellowe, T.Y.; Del Rio, R.A.; Fujioka, H.; Aikawa, M.; Yang, J.C.; Yakubu, Z., 1998:
Isolation of merozoite rhoptries, identification of novel rhoptry-associated proteins from Plasmodium yoelii, P. chabaudi, P. berghei, and conserved interspecies reactivity of organelles and proteins with P. falciparum rhoptry-specific antibodies

Brkljacic, J.M.; Maksimovic, V.R.; Radovic, S.R.; Savic, A.P., 1999:
Isolation of metallothionein-like cDNA clone from buckwheat

Xie JiaHua; Gao MingWei; Xue QingZhong; Liang ZhuQing, 1998:
Isolation of microspore protoplasts in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Cenci, A.; D.O.idio, R.; Tanzarella, O.A.; Ceoloni, C.; Porceddu, E., 1998:
Isolation of molecular markers linked to the Pm13 gene conferring resistance to powdery mildew in wheat

Sharma, V.; Dhanesar, N.S.; Mehra, K.N., 1997:
Isolation of mollicutes from the genital tract of buffaloes

Akan, M.; Diker, K.S., 1996:
Isolation of motile Aeromonas species from chicken faeces

Nascimento, E.R. do; Freitas D.A.gelis, F.H. de; Fichel do Nascimento, M. da G.; Resende, O. de A., 1998:
Isolation of mycoplasmas from bulls belonging to a herd with reproductive problems

Volko, S.M.; Boller, T.; Ausubel, F.M., 1998:
Isolation of new Arabidopsis mutants with enhanced disease susceptibility to Pseudomonas syringae by direct screening

Feng Yang; Pan ChaoMei; Wang DeQiong; L.Y.uJu; Wei ChaoFen, 1997:
Isolation of nodule bacteria from Pisum sativum and the application of nitragin from the isolate

Chang, J.H.e; Park, H.W.o; Jin, B.R.e; Yoo, H.J.o; Mah, Y.I.; Kang, S.K.on, 1997:
Isolation of non-toxic Bacillus thuringiensis strains from the dead larvae of Apriona germari and Aphodius apicalis

Cartwright, R.; Dunn, A.M.; Simpson, P.J.; Tambini, C.E.; Thacker, J., 1998:
Isolation of novel human and mouse genes of the recA/RAD51 recombination-repair gene family

Graham, D.A.; German, A.; Abernethy, D.; McCullough, S.J.; Manvell, R.J.; Alexander, D.J., 1999:
Isolation of ortho- and paramyxoviruses from wild birds in Northern Ireland during the 1997 Newcastle disease epizootic

Singh, V.P.; Srivastava, N.C.; Tripathi, B.N.; Rana, R., 1997:
Isolation of pathogenic Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies capri from pneumonic kids

Oliveira, P.P.A.; Corsi, M., 1998:
Isolation of pathogens that cause the damping-off in alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Thongpan, A.; Boonkemthong, C., 1998:
Isolation of peanut stripe virus from infected leaves: a comparison between supporting plants and insects

Adda, C.G.; Tilley, L.; Anders, R.F.; Foley, M., 1999:
Isolation of peptides that mimic epitopes on a malarial antigen from random peptide libraries displayed on phage

Rani, A.S.; Reddy, G.M., 1999:
Isolation of phytoalexins from groundnut leaves produced in response to infection with Cercospora arachidicola; Toyoda, H.; Matsuda, Y.; Kusakari, S.I.; Ouchi, S., 1998:
Isolation of phytopathogenic fungi causing postharvest berry rot of grape in China

Kawazu, K.; Yamashita, H.; Kobayashi, A.; Kanzaki, H., 1998:
Isolation of pine-wilting bacteria accompanying pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and their toxic metabolites

Antarasena, C.; Trongwongsa, L.; Jearasuk, P.; Prommuang, P.; Rujikwan, S., 1996:
Isolation of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus in Vero cell cultures

Hou XiLIn; Y.L.Yun; Gan MengHou, 1998:
Isolation of porcine parvovirus (PPV) and development of PPV-DNA probes

Uchinuno, Y.; Shirakawa, H.; Noda, Y.; Nagasue, S.; Nagano, M.; Ohe, R., 1998:
Isolation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and reovirus type 2 from pigs with respiratory disorder

Birch, P.; Avrova, A.; Duncan, J.; Lyon, G.; Toth, R., 1999:
Isolation of potato genes that are induced during an early stage of the hypersensitive response to Phytophthora infestans

Obando, C.; Hidalgo, M.; Avila, J.; Candelo, N., 1999:
Isolation of poxvirus during a zoonotic outbreak in Zulia state, Venezuela

Sivaramakrishnan, S.; Meyers, B.C.; Shen, K.; Lavelle, D.O.; Michelmore, R.W., 1999:
Isolation of putative disease resistance gene clones from chickpea and pigeonpea

Moody, D.E.; Pomp, D.; Nielsen, M.K., 1998:
Isolation of quantitative trait loci (QTL) controlling energy balance in mice

Passos, E.C.; Carrieri, M.L.; Dainovskas, E.; Camara, M.; Silva, M.M.S., 1998:
Isolation of rabies virus in an insectivorous bat (Nyctinomops macrotis) in Diadema, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Toyama, H.; Toyama, N., 1998:
Isolation of rapidly growing strains from polyploids of Lentinus edodes using Benlate

Puzio, P.S.; Cai, D.; Ohl, S.; Wyss, U.; Grundler, F.M.W., 1998:
Isolation of regulatory DNA regions related to differentiation of nematode feeding structures in Arabidopsis thaliana

Hokama, T.; Yara, A.; Hirayama, K.; Takamine, F., 1999:
Isolation of respiratory bacterial pathogens from the throats of healthy infants fed by different methods

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Isolation of salt-induced cDNA clones in barley leaves using differential display

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Isolation of sperm cells from the pollen of Liriodendron chinense

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Isolation of sperm storage tubules from the uterovaginal junction mucosa of the turkey

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Isolation of spirochaetes from an incident of severe virulent ovine footrot

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Isolation of the DNA fragment reflecting the open reading frame II of the I-18 C gene of Chironomus tentans by the polymerase chain reaction I. the technology for the preparation of the primers

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Isolation of the DNA fragment reflecting the open reading frame II of the I-18 C gene of Chironomus tentans by the polymerase chain reaction II. The technology for the preparation of the template

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Isolation of the DNA fragment reflecting the open reading frame II of the I-18 C gene of Chironomus tentans by the polymerase chain reaction III. The DNA amplification technology

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Isolation of the DNA fragment reflecting the open reading frame II of the I-18 C gene of Chironomus tentans by the polymerase chain reaction IV. The product of the applied technologies

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Isolation of the DNA fragment reflecting the open reading frame II of the I-18 C gene of Chironomus tentans by the polymerase chain reaction V. different mechanisms of regulation regarding the open reading frames

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Isolation of the GA-response mutant sly1 as a suppressor of ABI1-1 in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Isolation of the agent of pseudotuberculosis from rodents in Georgia

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Isolation of the new necrotic root mutant brt1

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Isolation of the new root mutant slr1 affecting lateral root formation

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Isolation of the third capsule-associated gene, CAP60, required for virulence in Cryptococcus neoformans

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Isolation of toxin of Rhododendron molle and its toxicity and killing efficiency against rodents

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Isolation of triniifoline, miltanthaline and some medicinally important alkaloids from Papaver triniifolium

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Isolation of turkesterone from the epigeal part of Ajuga turkestanica and its anabolic activity

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Isolation of viable egg cells of rape (Brassica napus L.)

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Isolation of viable sperm cells from tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

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Isolation of vitamin and amino acid producers from the intestinal microflora of chicks

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Isolation of wild Xanthomonas strains from agricultural produce, their characterization and potential related to polysaccharide production

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Isolation osmotic relations of developing megagametophytes of Torenia fournieri

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Isolation, cultivation, and pathogenesis studies of a biological control agent for wild oats

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Isomalt GS for sugar-free coatings

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Isometrus (Reddyanus) krasenskyi sp. n. from Indonesia and I. (R.) navaiae sp. n. from the Philippines (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

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Isonebula acanthopleon sp. n. (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) a new ectoparasite of curimatid fishes

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Isoprenoid-substituted flavonoids from the root bark of Chinese moraceous plants

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Isospora pari sp. nov. and I. caerulei sp. nov. (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) from the blue tit (Parus caeruleus)

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Isospora schoenobaeni sp. n. (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) from the Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)

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Isotopic assessment of the hydrological importance of fog deposition on snow tussock on the upland rangelands of southern New Zealand

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