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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3189

Chapter 3189 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ramirez Valverde, R.; Ramirez Valverde, G.; Nunez Dominguez, R.; Tewolde Medhin, A., 1998:
Lactation curves in Angus, Brown Swiss and their crossbred cows: II. Comparison of equations

Vaccaro, R.;, G.; Sabate, C., 1999:
Lactation curves in Carora cows and crossbred Holstein Friesian x Brahman cows

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Lactation history and breast cancer risk

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Lactation in mink females

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Lactation in relation to postmenopausal breast cancer

Alonso, L.; Ortiz, N.; Ramirez, I.; Jasso, F.; DeSantiago, S., 1998:
Lactation performance in rural women with low bioavailability of nutrients from their habitual diet

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Lactation performance of Malabari goats and their crosses with Alpine and Saanen breeds

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Lactation performance of Sangla valley yak

Guney, O.; Darcan, N., 1999:
Lactation performance of does and growth rates of kids under different milking methods

Kurtu, M.Y.; Tawah, C.L.; Rege, J.E.O.; Nega Alemayehu; Mesfin Shibre, 1998:
Lactation performance of purebred Arsi cows and Friesian x Arsi crosses under pre-partum and post-partum supplementary feeding regimes

Das, D.N.; Das, B.C.; Sarkar, M.; Mohanty, T.K.; Mondal, D.B.; Singh, B.P.; Pal, R.N.; Ray, S., 1998:
Lactation performance of yak (Poephagus grunniens L). A field study

Dimov, G., 1996:
Lactation persistency in Pleven Blackhead ewes

Yeh SungLing; Hsu ChunSen, 1998:
Lactation promotes the normalization of plasma lipids and lipoproteins after delivery in Taiwanese women

Rulquin, H.; Delaby, L., 1997:
Lactational responses of grazing dairy cows to rumen-protected methionine

Wilmink, M., 1999:
Lactic acid against Listeria: less risk of food poisoning

Brassard, D., 1997:
Lactic acid bacteria and health

Neviani, E., 1998:
Lactic acid bacteria and microflora detrimental to cheesemaking

Bouley, C., 1997:
Lactic acid bacteria and nutrition

Yoon, Y.H., 1997:
Lactic acid bacteria as a vaccine delivery vehicle: a review

Mercenier, A.; Müller-Alouf, H.; Grangette, C., 2001:
Lactic acid bacteria as live vaccines

Patel, R.S.; Renz Schauen, A., 1997:
Lactic acid bacteria, yogurt and health benefits - a report

Bianchi Salvadori, B., 1998:
Lactic acid bacteria: Biochemical characteristics affecting the texture of fermented milk products

E.N.zami, H.S.; Ahokas, J.T., 1998:
Lactic acid bacteria: an approach for detoxification of aflatoxins

Anonymous, 1998:
Lactic acid bacteria: can cryotolerance of starters be induced?

Bottazzi, V.; Parisi, M.G.; Cocconcelli, P.S., 1999:
Lactic acid bacterial cultures for Grana cheesemaking and molecular characterization of particular strains

ukic, D.; Mandic, L.; Radovanovic, T., 1997:
Lactic acid bacterial fermentation in the manufacture of milk substitutes for calf feeding

Grabe, D.; Peters, J., 1998:
Lactic acid clearing of grass seeds in tetrazolium tests

Versteegh, H.A.J.; Jongbloed, A.W., 1999:
Lactic acid has a positive effect on broiler performance

Rossi, J.; Buzzini, P., 1995:
Lactic acid microflora of the 'scotta-fermento' for Pecorino Romano cheese

Tanaka, O.; Ohmomo, S., 1998:
Lactic acid productivity of the selected strains of the genus Lactobacillus in laboratory-scale silages

Bouisset, S., 1998:
Lactic acidosis in French dairy cows (clinical aspects, effects on production and reproduction)

McAuliffe, O.; Ryan, M.P.; Ross, R.P.; Hill, C.; Breeuwer, P.; Abee, T., 1998:
Lacticin 3147, a broad-spectrum bacteriocin which selectively dissipates the membrane potential

Nakhapetyan, L.A., 1996:
Lactitol - a sweetener with a unique combination of properties

Piva, A.; Meola, E.; Formigoni, A.; Panciroli, A.; Bertuzzi, T.; Pietri, A.; Mordenti, A., 1997:
Lactitol controls indole and 3-methylindole production by swine cecal microflora

Radwan, M.S.M.; Asker, N.; E.N.gaar, N.; Lateef, A.A., 1996:
Lacto-Sacc and virginiamycin supplementation for growth rabbits under subtropical conditions

Miettinen, M.; Matikainen, S.; Vuopio-Varkila, J.; Pirhonen, J.; Varkila, K.; Kurimoto, M.; Julkunen, I., 1998:
Lactobacilli and streptococci induce interleukin-12 (IL-12), IL-18, and gamma interferon production in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Rantanen, T.; Palva, A., 1997:
Lactobacilli carry cryptic genes encoding peptidase-related proteins: characterization of a prolidase gene (pepQ) and a related cryptic gene (orfZ) from Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus

Gusils, C.; Pérez Chaia, A.; González, S.; Oliver, G., 1999:
Lactobacilli isolated from chicken intestines: potential use as probiotics

Borovic, A.; Mahnet, S.; Koritnik, Z., 1998:
Lactobacillus GG - probiotic properties and actvity

Kar, T., 1999:
Lactobacillus acidophilus as a dietary adjunct for milk to aid lactose digestion in lactose intolerant individuals

Savova, T.; Nikolov, Z.; Kr"steva, Z., 1996:
Lactobacillus casei - its survival in the gastrointestinal tract and antimutagenic activity

Shida, K.; Makino, K.; Morishita, A.; Takamizawa, K.; Hachimura, S.; Ametani, A.; Sato, T.; Kumagai, Y.; Habu, S.; Kaminogawa, S., 1998:
Lactobacillus casei inhibits antigen-induced IgE secretion through regulation of cytokine production in murine splenocyte cultures

Klantschitsch, T.; Spillman, H.; Puhan, Z., 1996:
Lactobacillus reuteri: a newcomer in dairy technology

Nomura, M.; Nakajima, I.; Fujita, Y.; Kobayashi, M.; Kimoto, H.; Suzuki, I.; Aso, H., 1999:
Lactococcus lactis contains only one glutamate decarboxylase gene

Pu, Z.Y.; Dobos, M.; Limsowtin, G.K.Y.; Powell, I.B., 1998:
Lactococcus species identification using PCR

Tarchini, M.E.; Meinardi, C.A.; Zalazar, C.A., 1997:
Lactodynamographic performance of different milk-clotting enzymes

Anonymous, 1997:
Lactoferrin - a protein which is good for anything!

Sumit Arora; Sangwan, R.B., 1998:
Lactoferrin - isolation and application

Yamborisut, U., 1997:
Lactoferrin in milk

Sato, N.; Kurotaki, H.; Ikeda, S.; Daio, R.; Nishinome, N.; Mikami, T.; Matsumoto, T., 1999:
Lactoferrin inhibits Bacillus cereus growth and heme analogs recover its growth

Steijns, J.M., 1997:
Lactoferrin: getting the best out of iron to keep up performance

Yu-Lee, L.Y.; Luo, G.; Book, M.L.; Morris, S.M., 1998:
Lactogenic hormone signal transduction

Jandal, J.M., 1998:
Lactoperoxidase/garlic extract/ethanol system in the preservation of buffalo milk

Meloni, G.F.; Colombo, C.; L.V.cchia, C.; Ruggiu, G.; Mannazzu, M.C.; Ambrosini, G.; Cherchi, P.L., 1999:
Lactose absorption in patients with ovarian cancer

Khramtsov, A.G.; Evdokimov, I.A.; Ryabtseva, S.A.; Nikul' nikova, I.K.; Papin, V.G., 1997:
Lactose and its derivatives

Hirasawa, N.; Okamoto, H.; Danjo, K., 1999:
Lactose as a low molecular weight carrier of solid dispersions for carbamazepine and ethenzamide

Klopcic, M.; Monig, E.S., 1996:
Lactose content in cow milk and the evaluation of systemic influences

Yilmaz, R.; Temiz, A., 1997:
Lactose crystallization from deproteinized whey in an ethanol-water system

Timmermans, E., 1998:
Lactose derivatives: functions and applications

Rosado, J.L., 1997:
Lactose digestion and maldigestion: implications for dietary habits in developing countries

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Lactose evaluation in Minas Frescal cheese

Brack, G., 1999:
Lactose for bakery products: a method to reduce agricultural surpluses

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Lactose hydrolysis in milk products

Synowiecki, J.; Maciunska, J., 1999:
Lactose in human and animal nutrition

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Lactose intolerance

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Lactose intolerance and consumption of milk and dairy products

Moreira, C.R.; Fagundes Neto, U., 1997:
Lactose intolerance in hospitalized weaned infants with enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC)

Bhutta, Z.A.; Nizami, S.Q.; Isani, Z., 1997 :
Lactose intolerance in persistent diarrhoea during childhood: the role of a traditional rice-lentil (Khitchri) and yogurt diet in nutritional management

Alegre, J.L., 1998:
Lactose intolerance in the child. Background

Deguchi, E.; Ueno, M.; Fusyuku, S.; Okamoto, M.; Akuzawa, M., 1997:
Lactose intolerance in unweaned piglets with diarrhoea

Goulding, A.; Taylor, R.W.; Keil, D.; Gold, E.; Lewis-Barned, N.J.; Williams, S.M., 1999:
Lactose malabsorption and rate of bone loss in older women

Seva Pereira, A.; Silva, R. de C.M.A. da; Pereira Filho, R.A., 1999:
Lactose malabsorption diagnosis by breath H2

Suarez, F., 1998:
Lactose malabsorption does not exclude milk consumption

Suarez, F.L.; Adshead, J.; Furne, J.K.; Levitt, M.D., 1998:
Lactose maldigestion is not an impediment to the intake of 1500 mg calcium daily as dairy products

Coppa, G.V.; Pierani, P.; Zampini, L.; Gabrielli, O.; Carlucci, A.; Catassi, C.; Giorgi, P.L., 1997:
Lactose, oligosaccharide and monosaccharide content of milk from mothers delivering preterm newborns over the first month of lactation

Morr, C.V.; Barrantes, L., 1998:
Lactose-hydrolyzed cottage cheese whey nanofiltration retentate in ice cream

Grimbacher, B.; Peters, T.; Peter, H.H., 1997:
Lactose-intolerance may induce severe chronic eczema

Sharma, H.K.; Singhal, R.S.; Kulkarni, P.R., 1999:
Lactulose content of buffalo milk and milk products

Villamiel, M.; Corzo, N., 1998:
Lactulose formation during batch microwave treatment of different types of dairy products

Strohmaier, W., 1997:
Lactulose, an innovative food ingredient - physiological aspects

Strohmaier, W., 1998:
Lactulose: status of health-related applications

Avenant, J.H.; Ellis, P.J.L., 1999:
Lady Ann - a promising reddish seedless cultivar for the export market

Hall, D.G.; Steffens, W.L.; Lassiter, L., 1998:
Lafora bodies associated with neurologic signs in a cat

Luc, K.M.nh; Miyoshi, S.; Kuchida, K.; Mitsumoto, T., 1997:
Lag of oviposition time and genetic improvement of egg production by selection index method

Aherkar, S.K.; Nimbalkar, S.A.; Tikkar, S.N., 1999:
Lagasca mollis - an alternate host for Helicoverpa armigera (Hub.)

Suh, C.P.; Axtell, R.C., 1999:
Lagenidium giganteum zoospores: effects of concentration, movement, light, and temperature on infection of mosquito larvae

Wang, S.; Dijkwel, P.A.; Hamlin, J.L., 1998:
Lagging-strand, early-labelling, and two-dimensional gel assays suggest multiple potential initiation sites in the Chinese hamster dihydrofolate reductase origin

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Lagochilascaris minor Leiper, 1909: nine decades of literature review

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Lagooned urban waste waters: detection of their aptitude for irrigation purposes in Sicily

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Lagrangian analysis of dispersion in porous media by means of three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry

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Laissez les bon temps rouler

Smith, Z.G., 1998:
Lake Hovsgol-Selenge River Project, Mongolia

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Lake Mariut: pollution problems and proposals for restoration

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Lake States Forestry Alliance, Inc

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Lake States regional forest resources assessment: technical papers

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Lake Vera revisited: parity and survival rates of Anopheles punctipennis at the site of a malaria outbreak in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California

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Lake fishing as a sport on Las Pampas

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Lake sturgeon: a freshwater fish species with a future

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Lakebed sediment and shallow ground water chemistry at the Umetco Sodium Sulfate Disposal Facility, Owens Lake, California

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Lakes and lakebed cropping in the Western Division of New South Wales

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Lakewater quality in Tunisians hilly regions. Chance of developing sustainable water management for semiarid areas

Bijzet, Z., 1999:
Lamb Hass: a new avocado cultivar for South Africa

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Lamb congenital anomalies causing dystocia in Awassi ewes

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Lamb fattening and carcass characteristics of Croatian crossbred dairy sheep

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Lamb market structure

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Lamb nephrosis (acute renal tubular necrosis) in Ireland

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Lamb performance on seedling alfalfa with differing alfalfa/weed biomass availabilities in the irrigated Sonoran Desert

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Lamb production in a mixture of Italian ryegrass and white clover under different forage mass levels

Andreasson, E., 1997:
Lamb rearing regimes for ecological lamb production

Cloete, S.W.P.; Scholtz, A.J., 1998:
Lamb survival in relation to lambing and neonatal behaviour in medium wool Merino lines divergently selected for multiple rearing ability

Holst, P.J.; Fogarty, N.M.; Hopkins, D.L.; Stanley, D.F., 1997:
Lamb survival of Texel and Poll Dorset crossbred lambs

Vergote, N.; Zyde, K.; Bleyaert, P., 1997:
Lamb's lettuce cultivar trial. Next to standard cultivars remarkably good newcomers

Vergote, N.; Zyde, K.; Bleyaert, P., 1997:
Lamb's lettuce in autumn culture. Remarkably good newcomers

Gysi, C.; Allmen, F. von, 1997:
Lamb's lettuce in different growing media in closed recirculating soilless culture

Vergote, N.; Zyde, K.; Bleyaert, P., 1999:
Lamb's lettuce. The standard is confirmed for long-leaved , newcomer is promising as a rosette

Rooster, L. de, 1998:
Lamb's lettuce. The use of compost in field salad

Schroeder, N.C.; Baird, D.B.; Upritchard, E.A.; Simeonidis, A., 1996:
Lambda-cyhalothrin: an insecticide for hemipteran pest control in white clover seed crops

Hosoya, T.; Otani, Y., 1997:
Lambertella advenula, a new combination proposed for Moellerodiscus advenulus, new to Japan

Anil Prakash; Bhattacharyya, D.R.; Mohapatra, P.K.; Narain, K.; Mahanta, J., 1997:
Lambornella (a ciliate parasite) for biological control of Anopheles stephensi, the urban malaria vector

Vergote, N., 1999:
Lambs lettuce. Mild late summer produces its own story

Bleyaert, P.; Zyde, K., 1998:
Lambs lettuce. Phoma infestation in grown plants, a new problem?

Vergote, N.; Bleyaert, P.; Zyde, K., 1999:
Lambs' lettuce. Cultivar research of winter cultivation: new cultivar equivalent to old ones

Vergote, N., 1999:
Lambs' lettuce. Influence of seed size and cultivar on the production and leaf shape of lambs' lettuce

Moron, M.A.; Deloya, C.; Ramirez Campos, A.; Hernandez Rodriguez, S., 1998:
Lamellicorne Coleoptera fauna of the region of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

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Lameness and arthritis in the growing and finishing pig

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Lameness effects on cancellous bone in autosomal dwarf poultry

Azzini, A.; Gondim Tomaz, R.M.rry Araujo; Erismann, N.D.M.galhaes, 1998:
Laminated chip shredding of Bambusa vulgaris Schrad for starch extraction

Larrobla, R., 1998:
Laminated products of eucalypts (3rd and last part)

Larrobla, R., 1997:
Laminated products of eucalypts (part 1)

Thies, W.G.; Nelson, E.E., 1997:
Laminated root rot: new considerations for surveys

Shukla, K.S.; Anil Negi; Ravindra Singh, 1996:
Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) from Populus deltoides

Kilmer, W.R.; Blankenhorn, P.R.; Labosky, P.J.; Janowiak, J.J., 1998:
Laminating creosote-treated hardwoods

Anonymous, 1999:

Jonckheere, H.; Witvrouw, M.; D.C.ercq, E.; Anné, J., 1998:
Lamivudine resistance of HIV type 1 does not delay development of resistance to nonnucleoside HIV type 1-specific reverse transcriptase inhibitors as compared with wild-type HIV type 1

Kushida, T.; Nakashima, A.; Nagata, H., 1999:
Lammas shoot induction in Pinus densiflora by heating in spring

Whitman, C.M.; Heins, R.D.; Cameron, A.C.; Carlson, W.H., 1998:
Lamp type and irradiance level for daylength extensions influence flowering of Campanula carpatica 'Blue Clips', Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise', and Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'

Allen, M.S.; Murakami, G.M., 1999:
Lana'i Island's arid lowland vegetation in late prehistory

Messanga, B.B.; Ghogomu, R.; Sondengam, B.L.; Blond, A.; Bodo, B., 1998:
Lanceolin C, a new nitrile glycoside from Lophira alata

Fernandes, W., 1998:
Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill, 1998: rights of project-affected people ignored

Melmed Sanjak, J.; Lastarria Cornhiel, S., 1998:
Land access, off-farm income and capital access in relation to the reduction of rural poverty

Messina, C.; Hansen, J.; Hall, A., 1999:
Land allocation conditioned on El Nino-Southern Oscillation phases in the Pampas of Argentina

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Land allocation, soil quality, and the demand for irrigation technology

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Land and credit constraints in the farm households in Pondicherry

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Land and culture: sustainable tourism and indigenous peoples

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Land and income distribution in irrigated farms located in Sanlurfa and Harran Plains

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Land and labor use pattern of paddy farming practices in Sri Lanka peasant farm sector

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Land and sustainable development: conflict in La Simona, Santiago del Estero: sustainable rural development and land tenure

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Land and water management in India: an assessment of success and failure in the implementation of programmes

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Land and water management strategies for mountain agriculture

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Land and water resource assessment in semiarid areas: the case of northeast Brazil

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Land and water resources in Punjab: their degradation and technologies for sustainable use

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Land application of cheese whey

Macyk, T.M., 1999:
Land application of mechanical pulp mill sludges in Alberta: research and operational activities. Deinked and non-deinked sludges are beneficial in soil application

Aldrich, L.; Munster, C.; Haby, V.; Sweeten, J., 1997:
Land application of poultry lagoon effluent

Harrison, E.Z.; McBride, M.B.; Bouldin, D.R., 1999:
Land application of sewage sludges: an appraisal of the US regulations

Hubbard, R.K.; Newton, G.L.; Burtle, G.J., 1998:
Land application of swine lagoon wastewater using an overland flow system

Sheffield, R.; Shaffer, K., 1999:
Land application training and demonstration center at North Carolina State University

Landry, M.S.; Thurow, T.L., 1999:
Land applied poultry litter pollution reductions associated with split application and the use of vegetative filter strips

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Land assessment and a proposal for soil protection of Primorsko-Goranska region

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Land capability classes and management practices for some vertisols of Maharashtra for sustainable agriculture: a case study

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Land capability, present degree of erosion and potential hazard of erosion in the Valencian community (Spain)

Lee, C.; Symington, P., 1997:
Land claims process and its potential impact on wood supply

Baars, R.M.T.; Jeanes, K.W., 1997:
Land classification of Western Province, Zambia

Glenn, J., 1998:
Land clearing company finds a composting niche

Gutierrez, M.M.; Pulina, P., 1998:
Land conservation policies and business choices

Hatcho, N., 1998:
Land conservation through farmer participation in Latin American countries

Mazorra, A.P., 1999:
Land consolidation and agri-environmental policy: the 'Outarde' programme in Castille-Leon (Spain)

Anonymous, 1999:
Land consolidation and soil management: tools to develop rural areas. Spring meeting of the German Association for Agricultural Legislation - Society for Agricultural and Environmental Legislation e. V. -, 16 April 1999 at Weimar, Germany

Zhou JianMing, 1998:
Land consolidation in Japan and other rice-based economies under private landownership in monsoon Asia

Khreim, J.F.; Lacaze, B., 1997:
Land cover change detection in a Mediterranean area (maritime Syria) from remotely sensed data

Mucher, C.A.; Steinnocher, K.; Champeaux, J.L.; Griguolo, S.; Wester, K.; Loudjani, P., 1999:
Land cover characterization for environmental monitoring of pan-Europe

Yool, S.R., 1998:
Land cover classification in rugged areas using simulated moderate-resolution remote sensor data and an artificial neural network

Gowrisankar, D.; Dhinakaran, R., 1997:
Land degradation and rectification strategies

Murugappan, V.; Santhy, P.; Selvi, D.; Muthuvel, P.; Dhakshinamoorthy, M., 1999:
Land degradation due to potassium mining under high intensive cropping in semi arid tropics

Mbuvi, J.P.; Wanjogu, S.N., 1998:
Land degradation in Laikipia district, Kenya

Critchley, W.R.S.; Netshikovhela, E.M., 1998:
Land degradation in South Africa: conventional views, changing paradigms and a tradition of soil conservation

Mburu, D.M.; Nozaka, J.; Thomas, D.B., 1998 :
Land degradation in the arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya resulting from change in land use

Ahuja, V., 1998:
Land degradation, agricultural productivity and common property: evidence from Cote d'Ivoire

L.Ying, 1998:
Land degradation: its social economic dimensions

Attaviroj, P., 1997:
Land development villages and soil doctors: strategies towards better land husbandry in Thailand

Anonymous, 1998:
Land development: new orientations

Desai, S.; Alva, S., 1998:
Land distribution: a population stabilisation strategy?

Formento, S.; Francia, A.; Gavidia, R., 1997:
Land distribution: interaction between public policy and economic globalization

Prabowo, A.; Prastowo, B.; Firmansyah, U.I.; Ramli, M.; Anasiru, R.H.; Kusnaeni, 1998:
Land drainage design for corn planted after rice on rainfed lowland paddy in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Vanegas Chacon, E.A.; Vos, J., 1999:
Land drainage in Guatemala

E.A.fy, H.; Abdel Dayem, S.; Labib, T.; Kandil, H., 1997:
Land drainage in the sub-humid tropics in Africa

Aiguo, Z.; Zhizheng, M.; Zuodong, Q., 1999:
Land ecological design and its application in desertification control in the northwestern region, Shanxi Province

Kollias, V.J.; Kalivas, D.P., 1999:
Land evaluation methodology and GIS for soil resource management. Example with cotton crop in Greece

Ano, C.; Sanchez, J.; Antolin, C., 1998:
Land evaluation methodology for Mediterranean environments

Chatterji, S.; Bhattacharya, S., 1999:
Land evaluation using fuzzy logic: an exercise in suitability determination for rice in some soil series of central India

Phillips, M.J., 1997:
Land grant colleges of the future

Gill, Z.A.; Mustafa, K., 1998:
Land holding inequalities in Punjab, 1972-90

Bergsma, E., 1997:
Land husbandry - can it be a partnership between farmers, land developers, and extension workers?

Stubbs, B.J., 1998:
Land improvement or institutionalised destruction? The ringbarking controversy, 1879-1884, and the emergence of a conservation ethic in New South Wales

Beek, K.J.; Bie, K. de; Driessen, P., 1997:
Land information and land evaluation for land use planning and sustainable land management

Mathieu, P.; Matabaro, S.M.; Tsongo, A.M., 1999:
Land issues and violence in Africa: prevention of conflicts, drawing from the case of North Kivu (1940 to 1994)

Rodgers, C.; Bishop, J., 1997:
Land management agreements and nature conservation

Gamage, H., 1997:
Land management and prospects of soil conservation extension in Sri Lanka

Thorburn, P.J., 1997:
Land management impacts on evaporation from shallow, saline water tables

Hocking, Colin, 1998:
Land management of Nassella areas - implications for conservation

Han LinFuy, 1998:
Land market in China under new economic conditions

Hitchcock, D.R.; Smith, M.C.; Cabrera, M.L., 1999:
Land model: a simulation tool for estimating the nutrient dynamics from land-applied animal manure

Sokolov, N.A., 1997:
Land mortgaging: contradictions and ways of overcoming them

Germain, L., 2012:
Land of opportunity

Turner, M.G.; Wear, D.N.; Flamm, R.O., 1996:
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Large-scale patterns of seed dispersal

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Large-scale tilapia fry production in Israel

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Larger grain borer a threat to Zimbabwe

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Largest co-ops suffer first sales decline since '92 but consolidations add a bright note

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Larvae of Eupithecia abbreviata Stephens, 1831 (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) feeding on Corylus avellana

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Larvae of the forest cockchafer and the installation of plantations

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Larval crowding and adult nutrition effects on longevity and fecundity of female Trichogramma nubilale Ertle & Davis (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

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Larval group size influences the survival and size of Neodiprion autumnalis Smith

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Larval morphology and life history of eight sphingid species in Taiwan

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Larval polytene chromosomes of five species of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Doi Inthanon National Park, northern Thailand

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Larval populations of gastrointestinal nematodes in faeces and on pasture in the Pyrenees

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Larval resistance to insecticides

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Larval tunnels of Phytobia betulae Kang. in birch - a new trait for birch breeding?

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Laser light as a biostimulator into the potato production

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Last regional roundup

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Lat-Bri & CMT - faith and progress

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Late apricot varieties for the north

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Late autumn cultivation of cauliflowers. Cortes is still promising!

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Late autumn cultivation of cauliflowers. Cortes, Escale and Galicia show the best test results

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Late autumn cultivation of leeks. Low production due to weather

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Late autumn cultivation of leeks. The pale cultivar Columbus and the dark cultivars Alesia, Ramona and E70010 are in front

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Late autumn cultivation of leeks. The proof

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Late winter cultivation of savoy cabbage. Alaska, Polasa, Wirosa and Denver were the best

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Late winter sowing of soft and durum wheat

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Late-autumn myxomycetes of the northern Ammergauer Alps

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Latency-associated transcripts of equine herpesvirus type 4 in trigeminal ganglia of naturally infected horses

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Latent mosaic, an emerging disease of peach

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Lateral and vertical pressures in two different full-scale grain bins during loading

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Lateral approach for arthrocentesis of the distal interphalangeal joint in horses

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Lateral bromide distribution in a vertic clay soil

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Lateral design of light-frame shear walls with various openings

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Lateral differentiation and the role of exotic species in roadside vegetation in southern New Zealand

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Lateral hypothalamic NMDA receptor subunits NR2A and/or NR2B mediate eating: immunochemical/behavioral evidence

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Lateral laminectomy in thoracolumbar disc herniated dogs

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Lateral protection in tree plantations: its effect on walnut trees grown for high quality timber. Sheet 7 - part 2

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Lateral protection in walnut plantations for wood production. Sheet No 7 - part 1

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Lateral reinforcement of lumber panels with wooden bars. Compulsive strain due to moisture content

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Lateral soil movement by tillage tools

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Lateral zonation of trees along a small Ohio stream

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Latest development in the design of three concentric calandria continuous vacuum pans

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Latest developments in information and communication technology and agricultural extension

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Latest developments in soil physical analysis: the dynamic computer tomography and radon gas diffusion

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Latest developments in the design of hydrological studies of watersheds

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Latest findings and plans for the long term development of agriculture in the Alpine region

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Latest innovations at the 1996 Packaging Fair

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Latest market trends for milk products

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Latest research and pesticide development: novel insecticides and acaricides

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Latest results in sugarbeet research

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Latest scientific findings concerning the course of fermentation and metabolic conversions during the ensiling of green fodder

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Latest trends in layer nutrition. How does the yellow get into the egg?

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Latex agglutination test for diagnosis of Giardia lamblia

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Latex agglutination test for rapid detection of Newcastle disease virus

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Latex crepe rubber industry of Sri Lanka reaches nitch status

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Latex diagnostic: warming of over-exploitation of Hevea brasiliensis in Thailand's non-traditional area