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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3195

Chapter 3195 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chang, K.H.; Han, M.H., 1998:
MRI of CNS parasitic diseases

de Castro, C.C.; Benard, G.; Ygaki, Y.; Shikanai-Yasuda, M.; Cerri, G.G., 2000:
MRI of head and neck paracoccidioidomycosis

Chang KeHua; Ruan, R.; Chen, P.L.; Y.X.aoFei, 1999:
MRI temperature mapping of cheese during cooling using snap shot FLASH

Kastenmayer, J.P.; Hoof, A. van; Johnson, M.A.; Green, P.J., 1998:
MRNA decay machinery in plants: approaches and potential components

Syed, V.; Gomez, E.; Hecht, N.B., 1999:
mRNAs encoding a von Ebner's-like protein and the Huntington disease protein are induced in rat male germ cells by Sertoli cells

Bordmann, G.; Burmeister, G.; Saladin, S.; Urassa, H.; Mwankyusye, S.; Weiss, N.; Tanner, M., 1997:
MRP 8/14 as marker for Plasmodium falciparum-induced malaria episodes in individuals in a holoendemic area

Fei, H.; Sawhney, V.K., 1999:
MS32-regulated timing of callose degradation during microsporogenesis in Arabidopsis is associated with the accumulation of stacked rough ER in tapetal cells

Fatta, D.; Papadopoulos, A.; Loizidou, M., 1998:
MSW landfill leachate and quantification of water balance parameters after site reclamation

Clark, G.A.; Stanley, C.D.; Maynard, D.N., 1998:
MSWC as a soil amendment in irrigated vegetable production

Ogle, B., 1997:
MSc programme in sustainable livestock systems

Danzmann, R.G., 1998:
MTDIS: a computer program to estimate genetic distances among populations based on variation in single-copy DNA

Kodaka, K.; Kinoshita, K.; Wakita, T.; Yamada, E.; Kawahara, N.; Yasui, N., 1998:
MTI-446: a novel systemic insect control compound

Jikihara, K.; Maruyama, T.; Morishige, J.; Suzuki, H.; Ikeda, K.; Takagi, A.; Usui, Y.; Go, A., 1997:
MY-100, a new herbicide for pre- and early post-emergence barnyard grass control in rice

Zaruba, J.; Kralovy, L.H.; Rybka, B., 1999:
MZ method of sugarbeet juice purification using regenerated crystalline CaCO3

Anonymous, 1997:
MZO puts Pep on the shelves

Smith, D.L., 1997:
Maasai hopes and fears

Johnsen, N., 1998:
Maasai in a tourists' paradise: a process of poverty and sedentarisation

McHargue, L.T., 1996:
Macadamia production in southern California

Ito, P.J.; Nagao, M.A.; Kawabata, O.; Bittenbender, H.C., 1998:
Macadamia variety trials

Gaborchik, N., 1994:
Macadamia versus cholesterol

Heidecker, G.; Muñoz, H.; Lloyd, P.; Hodge, D.; Ruscetti, F.W.; Morton, W.R.; Hu, S.; Benveniste, R.E., 1998:
Macaques infected with cloned simian immunodeficiency virus show recurring nef gene alterations

Escobin, R.P., 1996:
Macaranga tree density variation in felling gaps in a logged-over forest in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Mertens, D.R.; Koegel, R.G., 1997:
Maceration of alfalfa hay and silage improves milk production

Joshi, K.D.; Sthapit, B.R.; Gurung, R.B.; Gurung, M.B.; Witcombe, J.R., 1997:
Machhapuchhre 3 (MP3), the first rice variety developed through a participatory plant breeding approach released for mid to high altitudes of Nepal

Ordonez Candelaria, V.R.; Martinez Castillo, J.L., 1997:
Machinability and treatability of rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis)

Suzuki, S.; Kobayashi, J.; Tochigi, T.; Fukui, H., 1997:
Machinability of medium density fiberboard I. The effects of clearance angle and depth of cut on the machinability in end surface cutting

Tochigi, T.; Suzuki, S.; Kobayashi, J.; Fukui, H., 1997:
Machinability of medium density fiberboard II. The effect of cutting angle in end surface cutting

Rezende, J.L.P. de; Valverde, S.R., 1997:
Machine and equipment depreciation principles

Valverde, S.R.; Rezende, J.L.P., 1997:
Machine and equipment replacement: methods and application

Sorensen, H.H.; Deleuran, L.C., 1998:
Machine cutting research in the year 1998

Gabuniya, N.A.; Ebanoidze, N.E., 1998:
Machine for harvesting laurel (Laurus nobilis)

Saldaev, A.M., 1999:
Machine for harvesting roots of liquorice

Vinogradskii, V.F., 1997:
Machine for sawing large logs

Akhlamov, Y.D.; Otroshku, S.A.; Shevtsov, A.O., 1997:
Machine for seed extraction

Paschino, F., 1998:
Machine for stripping sheath from cork oak

Matthies, D., 1997:
Machine harvesting and its effects on German stands

Paschold, P.J.; Geyer, M., 1998:
Machine harvesting of blanched asparagus

Adams, M.L.; Cook, S.E.; Caccetta, P.A.; Pringle, M.J., 1999:
Machine learning methods in site-specific management research: an Australian case study

Weissenbach, P.; Meier, P., 1998:
Machine maintenance: wintering (Part 2)

Peris, S.; Such, X.; Caja, G., 1999:
Machine milkability of Murciano-Granadina dairy goats

Perrin, S., 1997:
Machine milking

Twardon, J., 1997:
Machine milking and health state of the cows' mammary gland

Miltenburg, J.D.H.M.; Koning, C.J.A.M. de; Vliet, J.H. van; Lam, T.J.G.M., 1997:
Machine milking and udder health: a literature review

Fernandez, N.; Diaz, J.R.; Peris, C.; Rodriguez, M.; Molina, M.P.; Torres, A., 1999:
Machine milking parameters for the Manchega sheep breed

Soede, H.J., 1997:
Machine milking. Energy reduction by using the frequency regulator on the Busch Dingo vacuum pump

Klungelen, G.; Wolters, G., 1997:
Machine milking. Natural cooling products for milk cooling: safe and environmental friendly

Sonck, B.; Speelman ; Metz, J.H.M., 1997:
Machine milking. Using milking robots results in a labour reduction of 30%

Glos, P.; Burger, N., 1998:
Machine strength grading of green sawn timber

Gaunt, D.J., 1999:
Machine stress grading revisited

Weissenbach, P.; Meier, P., 1998:
Machine use in horticulture: 3. The correct mulching equipment

Weissenbach, P.; Meier, P., 1998:
Machine use in viticulture: 1. Machine use, yes or no?

Weissenbach, P.; Meier, P., 1998:
Machine use in viticulture: 6. Mechanical leaf removal

Daley, W.D.; Doll, T.J.; McWhorter, S.W.; Wasilewski, A.A., 1998:
Machine vision algorithm generation using human visual models

Nagata, M.; Mganilwa, Z.M.; Wang HongYong; Cao QiXin, 1999:
Machine vision based precision seeding system for plug seedling production

Uchigasaki, M.; Serata, K.; Miyamoto, S., 1998:
Machine vision classification of seeds using color features

Ng, H.; Wilcke, W.; Morey, R.; Lang, J., 1998:
Machine vision color calibration in assessing corn kernel damage

Meyer, G.E.; Hindman, T.; Laksmi, K., 1998:
Machine vision detection parameters for plant species identification

Molto, E.; Ruiz, L.A.; Aleixos, N.; Vazquez, J.; Juste, F., 1998:
Machine vision for non destructive evaluation of fruit quality

Marchant, J.A.; Hague, T.; Tillett, N.D., 1997:
Machine vision for plant scale husbandry

Blasco, J.; Benlloch, J.V.; Agusti, M.; Molto, E., 1998:
Machine vision for precise control of weeds

Ghazanfari, A.; Wulfsohn, D.; Irudayaraj, J., 1998:
Machine vision grading of pistachio nuts using gray-level histogram

Lev, Z.H., 1998:
Machine vision in the packing house - putting neural networks to work

Ten, T.; Nishiura, Y.; Murase, H.; Honami, N.; Taira, T.; Wadano, A., 1996:
Machine vision system for measurement of the rate of joining of grafted seedlings

Wilhoit, J.H.; Kutz, L.J.; Vandiver, W.A., 1997:
Machine vision system for quality control assessment of bareroot pine seedlings

Sugrobov, V.P., 1996:
Machine, plant and production line systems for processing sector of the agro-industrial industry

Stafford, J.V.; Benlloch, J.V., 1997:
Machine-assisted detection of weeds and weed patches

Chernoivanov, V.I.; Severnyii, A.E., 1999:
Machinery and equipment stations in the agricultural production system

Gorski, J.; Matejak, M., 1997:
Machinery and equipment used in the transport of wood

Townsend, R.F.; Zyl, J. van; Thirtle, C., 1997:
Machinery and labour biases of technical change in South African Agriculture: a cost function approach

Nagibina, I.I., 1999:
Machinery and technology stations in Tver' province

Miloserdov, V.; Kormakov, L., 1998:
Machinery and technology stations in the agroindustrial complex: problems and solutions

Ammann, H., 1999:
Machinery costs 1999. Costs of agricultural machinery and costs for hiring of this machinery

Shpil' ko, A.V., 1997:
Machinery for making big bales of coarse fodder

Keller, N.D., 1998:
Machinery for small scale agriculture

Geyer, M.; Labowsky, H.J.; Damerow, L., 1998:
Machines and equipment for open air cultivation. Planting machinery and equipment for ways of growing vegetables and tables of types

Viehweg, F.J., 1998:
Machines and equipment for outdoor cultivation: irrigation in outdoor vegetable growing

Bondarenko, A.M., 1998:
Machines for applying semi-liquid slurry

Liberatori, S.; Limongelli, R., 1998:
Machines for crop protection and their certification

Prokhorov, L.N.; Zinin, V.F., 1997:
Machines for early and later thinnings

Piccarolo, P., 1998 :
Machines for green areas: Comfort and health safeguards

Khlystunov, V.F.; Makarenko, A.P., 1997:
Machines for mixing and dispensing feed in pig farms

Krakhovetskii, N.N.; Shmonin, V.A., 1998:
Machines for plant protection: reducing the environmental stress on the useful fauna

Shomakhov, L.A.; Balkarov, R.A.; Shekikhachev, Y.A., 1999:
Machines for soil tending in orchards on mountain slopes

Liberatori, S.; Limongelli, R., 1998:
Machines for soil tillage and their certification

Beitz, E., 1999:
Machines for sowing and planting in the tree nursery

Varlamov, G.P.; Reingart, E.S.; Khvostov, V.A.; Zimin, V.S., 1997:
Machines for the cultivation of Jerusalem artichokes on small private farms

Rizzotti, G., 1998:
Machines for the future on the American model

Williams, D.; Morris, R., 1998:
Machining and related mechanical properties of 15 B.C. wood species

Martinez Castillo, J.L.; Martinez Pinillos Cueto, E., 1996:
Machining characteristics of 32 species of wood

Mani, M.; Krishnamoorthy, A., 1999:
Maconellicoccus hirsutus on acid lime in India

Kelly, D., 1997:
Macquarie Valley Cotton Trial Reports 1996-97. A summary of trials and research conducted across the Macquarie Valley in the 1996-97 season

Anonymous, 1998:
Macquarie Valley cotton trial reports 1997-98. A summary of trials and research conducted across the Macquarie Valley in the 1997-98 season

Ravichandran, R.; Parthiban, R., 1998:
Macro and micro nutrient contents in black tea and their solubilities in tea infusion

Bojic, M.; Milosevic, T.; Rakocevic, L., 1999:
Macro and microelement content of leaves of the apricot cv. Roxana grafted on two rootstocks

Cociu, V.; Mihai, L., 1999:
Macro and microelements content in leaves and shoots of some new apricot varieties in relation to crown shape

Bongale, U.D.; Lingaiah, 1998:
Macro and micronutrient status of mulberry garden soils in a bivoltine seed area

Wrobel, S., 1999:
Macro and micronutrient supply evaluation of the spring barley control farm fields

Guzman Estrada, C.; Mosqueda Vazquez, R.; Alcalde Blanco, S.; Martinez Garza, A., 1997:
Macro and micronutrients foliar content variation in mango cv. Manila

Stassen, P.J.C.; Vuuren, B.P.H.J. van; Davie, S.J., 1997:
Macro elements in mango trees: requirement guidelines

Stassen, P.J.C.; Vuuren, B.P.H.J. van; Davie, S.J., 1997:
Macro elements in mango trees: uptake and distribution

Zapryanova, P.; Dilkova, R.; Shopski, N.; Kercheva, M., 1996:
Macro- and microaggregate stability of some Bulgarian soils and their tolerance to anthropogenic impacts

Berbec, S.; Koodziej, B., 1996:
Macro- and microelement content in raw materials of some medicinal plants depending on the period of harvest

Duffy, B.; Defago, G., 1999:
Macro- and microelement fertilizers influence the severity of Fusarium crown and root rot of tomato in a soilless production system

Mahan, D.C.; Shields, R.G., 1998:
Macro- and micromineral composition of pigs from birth to 145 kilograms of body weight

Sahai, K.; Kaur, H.; Pal, A., 1997:
Macro- and micromorphological seed characteristics of some Cassia species and their taxonomic significance

Grossoni, P.; Bettini, D.; Bruschi, P.; Bussotti, F.; Lumini, M.B., 1998:
Macro- and micromorphological study of Quercus petraea and Quercus pubescens in the Berignone-Tatti forest near Volterra, central Italy

Faquin, V.; Morikawa, C.K.; Evangelista, A.R.; Curi, N.; Wernek, M.R.J.; Marques, E.S., 1998:
Macro- and micronutrient nutrition of fodder grasses grown on Latosols in the Campos das Vertentes region, MG, Brazil

Canal, A.M.; Cubillos, V.; Zamora, J.; Reinhardt, G.; Paredes, E.; Ildefonso, R.; Alberdi, A., 1999:
Macro- and microscopic lesions of the small intestine of colostrum-deprived newborn piglets inoculated experimentally with fimbriae-bearing strains of Escherichia coli

Tyler, G.J., 1997:
Macro-economic policy, export competitiveness and poverty in Kenya: a general equilibrium analysis

Islam, F.M.A.; Wasimi, S.A.; Wood, G.R., 1999:
Macro-scale influence of climate on crop production in the Fitzroy catchment of Central Queensland

García-Erce, J.A.; Delgado-Beltrán, P.; Lanau, P.; Mayayo, P.; Alvarez, R.; Rojo, A., 1998:
Macroangiopathic anemia secondary to aspergilloma associated with idiopathic low CD4 syndrome

Gutierrez, A., 1998:
Macroeconomic adjustments: effects on the Venezuelan agricultural sector

Taran, V.V., 1999:
Macroeconomic evaluation of the effectiveness of energy utilization in agricultural production units

Mather, C.; Adelzadeh, A., 1998:
Macroeconomic strategies, agriculture and rural poverty in post-apartheid South Africa

Zamparo, D.; McLennan, D.A.; Brooks, D.R., 1999:
Macroevolutionary patterns of male reproductive investment in a clade of parasitic hermaphrodites

Fierros Lopez, H.E., 1997:
Macrofauna (Insecta) associated with leaf litter of the Volcan de Tequila (dry season)

Guderian, R.H.; Anselmi, M.; Cooper, P.J.; Chico, M.E., 1997:
Macrofilaricidal effects of chloroquine on adult Onchocerca volvulus by local infiltration of palpable onchocercal nodules

Countess, R.E.; Kendrick, B.; Trofymow, J.A., 1998:
Macrofungal diversity in successional Douglas-fir forests

Yao Tuo; Yang JunXiu, 1996:
Macrofungal resources in larch forest at Huoditang of Ningshan county

Krastina, Inguna, 1997:
Macrofungi flora and communities in pine forests of northern Latvia

Luschka, Norbert, 1997:
Macrofungi in Central German floodplain forests

Vare, H.; Ohenoja, E.; Ohtonen, R., 1996:
Macrofungi of oligotrophic Scots pine forests in northern Finland

Fossati, O.; Vallier, P.; Mosseron, M., 1998:
Macroinvertebrate assemblages in rivers of Nuku-Hiva, French Polynesia, before and after antisimuliid treatments

Brown, S.C.; Smith, K.; Batzer, D., 1997:
Macroinvertebrate responses to wetland restoration in northern New York

Piatkowski, J.; Gorski, R.; Bralewski, T.; Stankiewicz, A., 1998:
Macrolophus caliginosus - progress in the biological control of the greenhouse whitefly on greenhouse tomatoes

Pasini, C.; D.A.uila, F.; Gandolfo, M.; Costanzi, M.; Mirto, L., 1998:
Macrolophus caliginosus in biological control

Westrom, B.R.; Pierzynowski, S.G.; Holmgren, K.; Magnusson, K.E.; Karlsson, B.W., 1997:
Macromolecular transport pathways through the intestinal epithelium in young pigs

Dobosz Rojewska, K.; Muszynski, S., 1997:
Macromutations in soyabean (Glycine max Merill.)

Poddubny, A.V.; Khristoforova, N.K.; Kovekovdova, L.T., 1998:
Macromycetes as indicators of environmental pollution by heavy metals

Bon, M., 1999:
Macromycetes of the alpine zone in the Aravis mountains (district of La Clusaz)

Canalias, J.; Falcó, J.; Martín, J.; Jurado, I., 1997:
Macronodular hepatic granulomas due to visceral leishmaniasis in an AIDS patient: imaging findings

Virgel, S.; Pinto, M.; Besga, G.; Rodriguez, M.; Fernandez, B., 1999:
Macronutrient content in soil, grassland and trees in an agroforestry system following L.D. slag and NPK. application

Arguello, E.L.; Bosch, N.B.; Vazquez, C.B., 1999:
Macronutrient content of commercial mustard sauces

Utumi, M.M.; Monnerat, P.H.; Pereira, P.R.G.; Fontes, P.C.R.; Godinho, V. de P.C., 1999:
Macronutrient deficiencies in Stevia: visual symptoms and effects on growth, chemical composition, and stevioside production

Griffin, B.A., 1999:
Macronutrient group symposium on 'dietary determinants of lipoprotein-mediated cardiovascular risk'. Lipoprotein atherogenicity: an overview of current mechanisms

Charlton, K.E.; Wolmarans, P.; Marais, A.D.; Lombard, C.J., 1997:
Macronutrient intake and cardiovascular risk factors in older coloured South Africans

Kersting, M.; Sichert-Hellert, W.; Alexy, U.; Manz, F.; Schöch, G., 1998:
Macronutrient intake of 1 to 18 year old German children and adolescents

Fragoso, H.A.; Bezerra, F.C.; Melo, F.I.O.; Hernadez, F.F.F., 1999:
Macronutrient removal by both cashew nut and apple of two dwarf cashew clones

Howell, W.H., 1998:
Macronutrient requirements

Barbosa, J.G.; Martinez, H.E.P.; Kampf, A.N., 1999:
Macronutrients content in chrysanthemum plants for cut flowers in hydroponic culture using expanded clay

Slegtenhorst-Eegdeman, K.E.; de Rooij, D.G.; Verhoef-Post, M.; van de Kant, H.J.; Bakker, C.E.; Oostra, B.A.; Grootegoed, J.A.; Themmen, A.P., 1998:
Macroorchidism in FMR1 knockout mice is caused by increased Sertoli cell proliferation during testicular development

Skorping, A., 1998:
Macroparasites as selective agents in birds

Abollo, E.; López, A.; Gestal, C.; Benavente, P.; Pascual, S., 1998:
Macroparasites in cetaceans stranded on the northwestern Spanish Atlantic coast

Revelli, S.; Didoli, G.; Roggero, E.; Moreno, H.; Bernabo, J.; Wietzerbin, J.; Bottasso, O., 1998:
Macrophage activity, IL-6 levels, antibody response and heart histology in rats undergoing an attenuated Trypanosoma cruzi acute infection upon treatment with recombinant interferon gamma

Zhang QiYa; L.Z.enQiu, 1999:
Macrophage aggregation and variation in tissues of grass carp

Rosenblat, M.; Belinky, P.; Vaya, J.; Levy, R.; Hayek, T.; Coleman, R.; Merchav, S.; Aviram, M., 1999:
Macrophage enrichment with the isoflavan glabridin inhibits NADPH oxidase-induced cell-mediated oxidation of low density lipoprotein

Bocca, A.L.; Silva, M.F.; Silva, C.L.; Cunha, F.Q.; Figueiredo, F., 1999:
Macrophage expression of class II major histocompatibility complex gene products in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis-infected mice

Rossi, L.; Brandi, G.; Schiavano, G.F.; Balestra, E.; Millo, E.; Scarfi, S.; Damonte, G.; Gasparini, A.; Magnani, M.; Perno, C.F.; Benatti, U.; D.F.ora, A., 1998:
Macrophage protection against human immunodeficiency virus or herpes simplex virus by red blood cell-mediated delivery of a heterodinucleotide of azidothymidine and acyclovir

Mackler, A.M.; Iezza, G.; Akin, M.R.; McMillan, P.; Yellon, S.M., 1999:
Macrophage trafficking in the uterus and cervix precedes parturition in the mouse

DuChateau, B.K.; Jensen, J.R.; England, D.M.; Callister, S.M.; Lovrich, S.D.; Schell, R.F., 1997:
Macrophages and enriched populations of T lymphocytes interact synergistically for the induction of severe, destructive Lyme arthritis

Zhao, Y.; Burbach, J.A.; Roby, K.F.; Terranova, P.F.; Brannian, J.D., 1998:
Macrophages are the major source of tumor necrosis factor alpha in the porcine corpus luteum

Karmańska, K.; Houszka, M.; Widyma, A.; Stefaniak, E., 1997:
Macrophages during infection with Trichinella spiralis in mice

Nakatsuji, S.; Yamate, J.; Sakuma, S., 1998:
Macrophages, myofibroblasts, and extracellular matrix accumulation in interstitial fibrosis of chronic progressive nephropathy in aged rats

Uday Burman; Satish Lodha, 1998:
Macrophomina phaseolina infection and water relations in mungbean genotypes

Vaithiyanathan, P.; Richardson, C.J., 1999:
Macrophyte species changes in the Everglades: examination along a eutrophication gradient

Elezovic, I.; Karan, V.; Poleksic, V.; Drndarevic, A.; Mitrovic Tutundzic, V., 1996:
Macrophyte vegetation in water ecosystems: Prevention and control measures

Sarika Hatzinikolaou, M.; Koumpli Sovantzi, L.; Yannitsaros, A., 1997:
Macrophytes in four alpine aquatic ecosystems of N. Pindos (Ipiros, Greece)

Peltre, M.C.; Petitdidier, D.; Leglize, L.; Muller, S., 1996:
Macrophytic proliferations on Lake Madine (Meuse): quantitative estimates and management measures

Payne, A.L.; Jarman, P.J., 1999:
Macropod studies at Wallaby Creek. X. Responses of eastern grey kangaroos to cattle

Mahony, T.J.; Smith, G.A.; Thomson, D.M., 1999:
Macropodid herpesviruses 1 and 2 occupy unexpected molecular phylogenic positions within the Alphaherpesvirinae

Oporto, D.A.; Umali Garcia, M., 1999:
Macropropagation of kamagong

English, B.H., 1999:
Macroptilium atropurpureum in Australia

Lemire, T.D.; Read, W.K., 1998:
Macroscopic and microscopic characterization of a uriniferous perirenal pseudocyst in a Domestic Short Hair cat

Alvarez, D.; Laguna, G.; Rosas, I., 1999:
Macroscopic and microscopic symptoms in Abies religiosa exposed to ozone in a forest near Mexico City

Baonza, M.V.; Gutierrez Oliva, A., 1996:
Macroscopic characteristics in wood of Castanea crenata x C. sativa

Taglinger, K.; Konig, H.E., 1999:
Macroscopic-anatomical studies on the teeth of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Anita Bhatnagar; Garg, S.K., 1997:
Macrozoobenthic fauna of river Ghaggar (India) with reference to pollution

Stokes, K.; Keech, G., 1998:
Macspred Pty Ltd - new products

Miladinovic, Z.; Milic, B.; Stevanovic, D., 1997:
Macvanka and Zupska Rana - pepper cultivars tolerant to TMV and CMV

Penny, N.D., 1999:
Madachauliodes ranomafana, a new Madagascan species of Chauliodinae (Megaloptera: Corydalidae), with a key to the world genera of Chauliodinae

Anonymous, 1997:
Madagascar - Decree No. 96-322 of 2 May 1996 regulating the marketing of breast-milk substitutes

Harison, R.; Claude, C.; Francois, L., 1998:
Madagascar - over 10 years of concentrated institutionalisation with irrigators

Dransfield, J., 1999:
Madagascar as a source of new palm introductions

Rakotofiringa, H., 1997:
Madagascar: the balance of ten years of cotton production (1987-1996)

Pereira, R.; Barbosa, A.; Brazao, A.; Silva, N.; Pacheco, J.; Rodrigues, A.; Caldeira, J.; Dantas, L.; Carvalho, J.P.; Lindquist, D., 1997:
Madeira-Med, SIT program against medfly in Madeira, Portugal

Leis, M.; Castagnoli, G.F.; Martinelli, A., 1999:
MadeleineReg. Civmad: a new early variety for low environmental impact cultivation

Adolfo Cazorla, A., 1998:
Madrid, agricultural industry and countryside

Shen JianZhong; Qian ChuanFan; Yang HanChun; Jiang HaiYang, 1999:
Maduramicin residue determination in chicken tissues. 1. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Pasick, J., 1998:
Maedi-visna virus and caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus: distinct species or quasispecies and its implications for laboratory diagnosis

Abega, S.C., 1997:
Mafa women and trees

Francois, P., 1998:
Mageos - an effervescent insecticide

Popov, V.V., 1998:
Maggot breeding on waste in application to biological life support systems

Thomas, S.; Andrews, A.; Jones, M.; Church, J., 1999:
Maggots are useful in treating infected or necrotic wounds

Schaetzen, C. de, 1997:
Maggots or caterpillars in stone fruits

Anonymous, 1998:
Maghreb: arable production and livestock rearing

Roisne, S., 1997:
Magic Kingdom in the realm of works councils: the commercial policy of Disneyland Paris

Sweigard, J.A.; Carroll, A.M.; Farrall, L.; Chumley, F.G.; Valent, B., 1998 :
Magnaporthe grisea pathogenicity genes obtained through insertional mutagenesis

Haas, M.; Classen, H.G., 1998:
Magnesium and calcium levels of SHR rats kept on a Mg-sufficient diet and treated with nitrite during 12 months

Guelpen, M.; Feger, K.H.inz, 1998:
Magnesium and calcium nutrition of spruce on high altitude sites - yellowing status and effects of fertilizer application

Ahsan, S.K., 1997:
Magnesium and cardiovascular diseases

Worwag, M.; Classen, H.G., 1998:
Magnesium and zinc deficiency of nursing home residents caused by malnutrition?

Yamada, M.; Hirakushi, K.; Inoue, K.; Horiuchi, T.; Sakai, J.; Okada, T.; Sugie, I., 1998:
Magnesium as a regulator of thrombin formation in bovine ovarian follicular fluid

Gajc Wolska, J.; Skapski, H., 1998:
Magnesium content in crisp lettuce and Chinese cabbage in relation to the type of soil and fertilisation

Karunanayake, L.; Kumara, P.H.S.; Nandasena, W.W.; Wanigatunga, L.; Gamage, V.; Lokuge, C., 1998:
Magnesium content in natural rubber latex

Ellison, R.S., 1998:
Magnesium in the periparturient dairy cow

Boaro, C.S.F.; Rodrigues, J.D.; Pedras, J.F.; Rodrigues, S.D.; Delachiave, M.E.; Mischan, M.M., 1996:
Magnesium levels in nutrient solution and common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Carioca): development: evaluation of biometric parameters

Sun, O.J.; Payn, T.W., 1999:
Magnesium nutrition and photosynthesis in Pinus radiata: clonal variation and influence of potassium

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Magnesium nutrition of tea

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Maintenance of soil fertility and study of the relationship between fertilization and the environment

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Make full use of profit reserves in production

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Make mechanization costs 'a thing for the boss'

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Make money without touching a log

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Making development sustainable

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Making even more of leucaena

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Making progress in the nutrition of broilers

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Making rice farmers better decision-makers via the farmer field school

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Making the best use of bulk milk antibody tests

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Making the cap fit

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Making the most of milk

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Making the net work for your practice

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Making up animals: the view from science fiction

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Making use of the tools on the Swedish Sugarbeet Association's website

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Making weight: lightweight rowing, technologies of power, and technologies of the self

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Making wood work: a survey of value added policies and programs

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Making your mark: the use of branding in New Zealand forest products

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Makisterone A stimulates cytoplasmic growth in last-instar larvae of the linden bug Pyrrhocoris apterus L

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