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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3196

Chapter 3196 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Male fertility evaluation of 81 genotypes from the Colombian collection of Solanum phureja

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Male fitness increases when females are eliminated from gene pool: implications for the Y chromosome

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Male gametic cell-specific expression of H2A and H3 histone genes

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Male gametic cell-specific gene expression in flowering plants

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Male gametocidal effect of synthetic detergent in rice

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Male influence on proceptivity in ovariectomized French-Alpine goats (Capra hircus)

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Male involvement in family planning: a case study spanning five generations of a south Indian family

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Male llama choice between receptive and nonreceptive females

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Male orientation to trail sex pheromones in parasitoid wasps: does the spatial distribution of virgin females matter?

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Male parental care, differential parental investment by females and sexual selection

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Male peach aphid attraction in the field by sex pheromones

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Male pheromones in relation to the origin of the pheromone system in Lepidoptera

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Male polymorphism in the ant species Cardiocondyla minutior (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Male potential reproductive rate influences mate choice in a bushcricket

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Male pronuclear formation in denuded porcine oocytes after in vitro maturation in the presence of cysteamine

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Male reproductive strategy and decreased longevity

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Male reproductive success: paternity contribution to queens and workers in Formica ants

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Male size and survival: the effects of male combat and bird predation in Dawson's burrowing bees, Amegilla dawsoni

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Male sterile effect of a new pyridazine compound 9403 on wheat

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Male sterile lines for hybrid rice breeding

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Male sterility and fertility behavior of suspected thermosensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) lines

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Male sterility and its utilization in plant breeding

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Male sterility and meiotic drive associated with sex chromosome rearrangements in Drosophila. Role of X-Y pairing

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Male sterility in Plantago ovata Forsk

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Male sterility in alloplasmic Brassica rapa L. carrying Eruca sativa cytoplasm

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Male sterility in grasspea

Leaman, T.; Rowland, R.; Long, S.E., 1999:
Male tortoiseshell cats in the United Kingdom

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Male viability determinations in Penaeus vannamei: evaluation of short-term storage of spermatophores up to 36 h and comparison of Ca-free saline and seawater as sperm homogenate media

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Male-biased investment in fallow deer: an experimental study

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Male-dependent variability of fertilization and embryo development in two bovine in vitro fertilization systems and the effects of casein phosphopeptides (CPPs)

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Male-male competition and female choice in brown trout

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Male-mediated dominant lethal mutations in mice following prooxidant treatment

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Male-released sex pheromone of the stink bug Piezodorus hybneri

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Male-specific restriction of recombination frequency in the sex chromosomes of the medaka, Oryzias latipes

Popandron, N., 1998:
Male-sterile onion lines obtained at the Institutul de Cercetari pentru Legumicultura si Floricultura, Vidra

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Male-to-female sex reversal in M33 mutant mice

Guglielmone, A.A.; Flores, S.G.; Anziani, O.S.; Volpogni, M.M., 1999:
Male:female ratio in natural populations of Haematobia irritans (Diptera: Muscidae) in Santa Fe, Argentina, and their F1, and observations on fly oviposition

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Maleic acid and succinic acid in fermented alcoholic beverages are the stimulants of gastric acid secretion

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Males reaction and management under hot climate conditions

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Malesian seed plants. Volume 1: spot-characters, an aid for identification of families and genera

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Malesian seed plants. Volume 2: portraits of tree families

Myers, M., 1998:
Mali: 'it's on the radio so it must be true'. Using radio to promote reafforestation

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Malic enzyme and cyanide-resistant respiration in mango during ripening

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Malicious paraquat poisoning in Oklahoma dogs

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Malignant catarrhal fever virus. Characterization of a United States isolate and development of diagnostic assays

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Malignant lymphomas in the cat and dog. Organ distribution, morphology and classification

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Malignant nephrosclerosis in sheep chronically infected with Eperythrozoon ovis

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Mallophora: the genus

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Malnutrition and developmental defects of enamel in 2- to 6-year-old Saudi boys

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Malnutrition and experimental lung allergy

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Malnutrition and the risk of health damage in childhood

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Malnutrition due to poverty in affluent countries

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Malnutrition in Nepal: a review

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Malnutrition in South Asia: a regional profile

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Malnutrition in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia: a predictor of early mortality during the induction-to-remission phase of the treatment

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Malnutrition in children with cystic fibrosis: the energy-balance equation

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Malnutrition in elderly people

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Malnutrition in late gestation

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Malnutrition in neuromuscular diseases in adults and children

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Malnutrition in preschool children of migrant families

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Malnutrition in the elderly: a comparison of two nutrition screening methods

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Malnutrition of children in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea

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Malnutrition, brain development, learning, and behavior

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Malpa rockfall disaster, Kali valley, Kumaun Himalaya

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Malthus and tropical fisheries costs: a case study from the Philippines

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Malthus revisited: people, population and the village commons in Colombia

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Malting quality in relation to genotype, year and malting technology in spring barley

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Maltitol, recent findings on colonic health

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Maltodextrin preloads reduce food intake without altering the appetiser effect

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Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill. - a potential source of mildew resistance for apple breeding

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Anonymous, 1999:
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Mammalian Y chromosome evolution and the male-specific functions of Y chromosome-borne genes

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Mammalian epidermal growth factor stimulates G-protein activity in Trypanosoma brucei

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Mammalian fertilization misread? Sperm penetration of the eutherian zona pellucida is unlikely to be a lytic event

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Mammalian fuel utilization during sustained exercise

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Mammalian herbivores: ecosystem-level effects in two grassland national parks

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Mammalian immunoassays for predicting the toxicity of malathion in a laboratory fish model

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Mammalian oviduct-specific glycoprotein: characterization and potential role in fertilization process

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Mammalian reproduction: origin and evolutionary transformations

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Mammalian sex determination: a molecular drama

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Mammalian sex determination: joining pieces of the genetic puzzle

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Mammalian sperm-egg recognition: does fertilin beta have a major role to play?

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Mammals of the New Jersey pine barrens

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Mammary growth hormone synthesis

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Mammillaria luethyi - a new species has been described and an old mystery solved

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Man and vegetation in the Lake Chad basin, fifth colloquium held at Sevres, France, 18-20 September, 1991

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Man as the focus of dialogue. Participatory environmental analyses for rural development planning

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Man plant animal relationship: study on chewing habit of hill people in West Bengal

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Man's influence on the hydrogeological regime in karst

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Man-machine cooperative system for agricultural robot (Part 1). Evaluation of degree of danger related to manipulator

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Man-machine cooperative system for agricultural robot (Part 2). Human sensing system in working environment of manipulator

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Man-machine cooperative system for agricultural robot (part 3) - experiment of polar coordinate manipulator control in trellis training

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Man-made rivers: a new approach to water resources development in dry areas

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Man-made vegetation and environmental effects

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Man-nature relationships: good husbandry in farming and preparations for the twenty-first century

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Manage and optimize mechanical thinning using the GD2000

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Manageable tractors of modest power: driver's seat and safety of work

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Managed flooding for riparian ecosystem restoration

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Management Decision Classification: a system for zoning land managed by Forestry Tasmania

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Management Information System in groundwater irrigation to support farmer groups in North Bali, Indonesia

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Management accounting for the hospitality industry. A strategic approach

agiewka, P.; Michalak, R., 1997:
Management accounting in a sugar industry enterprise

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Management advice for farmers in the cotton zone of Burkina Faso: a new approach to extension services

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Management agreements for promoting nature conservation

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Management agreements in Sites of Special Scientific Interest: reforming the law

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Management alternatives in mastitis control and eradication programs

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Management and condition of beech stands in Slovakia

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Management and control for quality in greenhouses

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Management and control of pressurised irrigation networks using hydraulic modelisation - application to an irrigating community in the village of Sagunto (Valencia)

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Management and control of proliferative kidney disease (PKD) in a freshwater Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) farm in Ireland: a case history

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Management and costs of conservation headlands on heavy soil

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Management and delivery of financial services for the poor: Finca's village bank approach in Malawi

Anonymous, 1997:
Management and development vision of the great nature reserve unit Lauwersmeer

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Management and economics of extended calving intervals with use of bovine somatotropin

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Management and mastitis

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Management and moisture effects on the compressive behavior of three latosols

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Management and nutrition of laying hens bred for efficient feed conversion

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Management and operation of a collective irrigation system during peak periods

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Management and policy instruments for A-locations. In for a penny in for

Anonymous, 1999:
Management and prevention of imported malaria due to Plasmodium falciparum

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Management and production of pineapple cuttings

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Management and regulation in the field of forest genetic resources in Slovenia and in Central Europe

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Management and rehabilitation of grassland areas: overcoming the problems

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Management and restoration of fish communities in Lake Taihu, China

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Management and the quality of ship catering services in Croatia

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Management and utilization of damaged forests in central and eastern Europe

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Management and welfare in mink

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Management by dairy farmers: related to milk production and economics

Shen Lei, 1998:
Management considerations and economic benefits of intercropping tea with Ginkgo biloba

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Management control of soil organic matter dynamics in tropical land-use systems

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Management costs for endangered species

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Management decision rules to optimise milksolids production on dairy farms

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Management decisions based on yield maps

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Management discriminant properties in semiarid soils

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Management effects on C accumulation and loss in soils of the southern Appalachian Piedmont of Georgia

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Management of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato by integration of Trichoderma harzianum, Glomus fasciculatum and neem cake

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Management of Paspalum quadrifarium tussock grasslands on the basis of ecological studies

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Management of alpine pastures in Slovenia

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Management of bale tie loads through the efficient pressing and packaging of cotton

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Management of banded leaf and sheath blight of maize with chemicals

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Management of bedded-pack manure from swine hoop structures

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Management of birch forest

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Management of blossom-end rot of tomato by using different calcium sources

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Management of brassica crop residues to decrease N leaching, weeds and cabbage flies

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Management of breeding stock and out-of-season induction of spawning in the European catfish (Silurus glanis)

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Management of brinjal shoot and fruit borer Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) using neem products and insecticides

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Management of bud necrosis disease of groundnut in Rabi crop

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Management of business risks by broiler and egg futures markets in the U.S. based on the evaluation of price volatility and marketing

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Management of canine inflammatory bowel disease

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Management of carbon in tropical soils under global change: science, practice and policy

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Management of carbon sequestration in soil

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Management of charcoal rot of cowpea using biocontrol agents and plant products

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Management of chilli leaf curl complex

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Management of clayey soils in the Andean highlands of the Bogota Plateau

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Management of coconut plantation in littoral sandy soils for higher productivity

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Management of dairy cows in hot climatic condition

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Management of derelict agricultural land in Szczyglowicze coal mine area

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Management of disease in cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) and peppers (Capsicum annum) by using composts as fertility inputs

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Management of drainage water, salt, and selenium as resources

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Management of dual-purpose cows grazing pastures with an association of grass and Gliricidia sepium

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Management of dyslipidemia in adults with diabetes

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Management of ecological factors for higher crop productivity

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Management of ectoparasites with biological control organisms

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Management of egg plant shoot and fruit borer Leucinodes orbonalis Guen

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Management of egg size through precise nutrient delivery

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Management of elevated intracranial pressure in patients with Cryptococcal meningitis

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Management of emotions

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Management of eutrophication for lakes subject to potentially irreversible change

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Management of export marketing of horticultural products: present status, constraints and future strategies

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Management of fertility of the soils of Lesosteppe region of Ukraine in conditions of ecological crisis

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Management of field testing of transgenic plants: Thailand experience

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Management of field vegetable pests in north temperate regions

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Management of fishery resources: tragedies, private appropriation or reinvention of the art of cooperation in governing resources

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Management of flea beetle in green gram, Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek

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Management of fodder resources for big game in the Toledo mountain range

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Management of foliar diseases of strawberry

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Management of food safety in international trade

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Management of foot rot of black pepper. Biocontrol strategies

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Management of forest ecosystems in the Krkonose National Park, Black Triangle Region, Czech Republic

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Management of forest protection data in Switzerland

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Management of forest reserves and forested national parks in Kenya: a role for the use of non-timber forest products

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Management of forest resources by women: a case study from the Olokemeji forest reserve area, southwestern Nigeria

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Management of forest resources in Laurenzana comune (Potenza)

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Management of fruit borer, Helicoverpa armigera on tomato

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Management of fruit flies in the Pacific: a regional symposium, Nadi, Fiji, 28-31 October 1996

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Management of fungicide resistance in plant pathogens

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Management of furniture production by using a modern model

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Management of genetic resources in France

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Management of giant termites in rural blocks

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Management of giardiasis by immuno-modulation: clinical and experimental study with a herbal drug - Pippalli Rasayana

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Management of ginger yellows through organic amendment, fungicide seed treatment and biological methods

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Management of gram pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner), by nuclear polyhedrosis virus in chickpea

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Management of grapevine mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green.)

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Management of grazed ecosystems in extensive conditions: Relevance of functional ecology and research prospects, applied to moist middle mountains

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Management of grazed pastures and forages for optimum deer production

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Management of grazing land in Morocco: an assessment

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Management of grazing on NT floodplains

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Management of gum and resin tapping

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Management of haemoptysis in invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

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Management of helminthic infections of rural cattle

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Management of hepatobiliary and pancreatic Ascaris infestation in adults after failed medical treatment

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Management of herbicide tolerant crops in Europe

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Management of humid grasslands after burning in southern Africa

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Management of imported fire ant allergy: results of a survey

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Management of indigenous North American deer at the end of the 20th century in relation to large predators and primary production

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Management of industrial wastes in Rivers State Nigeria: implications for sustainable environment and agricultural production

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Management of infection in neutropenic patients

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Management of pig slurry in covered tanks in order to reduce the odour given off during muck-spreading

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Management of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on tomato through soil amendments

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Management of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica infecting chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

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Management of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica on vegetable crops with Tagetes sp

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Management of small tourism and hospitality firms

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Management of soils and plants

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Management of soils less seriously polluted by heavy metals

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Management of space and geographical information systems. Application to the lower valley of L'oued Isser (Algeria)

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Management of sunflowers in the semi-arid Pampean region

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Management of surface waterlogged soils fertility by new ameliorative technology and systems

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Management of systemic candidiasis

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Management of the Baltic Sea coastal forests in Latvia

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Management of the Brown Pentatomid of rice in the Dominican Republic

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Management of the Euphrates and Tigris river basins: need for a rational approach

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Management of the Mahaweli, a river in Sri Lanka

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Management of the best performing cow in practice

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Management of the genetic resources of maize in France: from their characterization to the first stages of their evaluation

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Management of the groundwater table and changes in grassland production, nutrient availability and biodiversity

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Management of the high yielding dairy cow

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Management of the main coffee pests under high density planting

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Management of the population of Platypus sulcatus Chap. for three years in the Parana delta, with chemical control

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Management of the potato cyst nematodes, Globodera spp. through plant rhizosphere bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens Migula

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Management of the production and utilization of forages and fodders

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Management of the spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch, on rose using phytoseiid predator, Amblyseius longispinosus (Evans) in polyhouse

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Management of the spiralling white fly (Aleurodicus dispersus Russell, Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in banana (Musa AAA) using insecticides and oil

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Management of timber storage yards. The coordinated implementation of work involving forestry equipment and the reinforcement of public roads

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Management of tomato fruit borer, Helicoverpa armigera Hubner in Chhattisgarh region of Madhya Pradesh

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Management of tomato fruit worm (H. armigera) during 1996/97

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Management of total parenteral nutrition

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Management of transgenic crops within the cropping system

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Management of tree diseases in Canadian forests in the 90's

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Management of tree legumes towards higher productivity in rubber plantations

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Management of tropical agroecosystems and beneficial soil nematodes

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Management of tropical agroecosystems and the beneficial soil biota

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Management of tropical pastures in acid-soil savannas of South America for carbon sequestration in the soil

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Management of tropical secondary rain forests

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Management of tuber rot in palmyrah palm

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Management of upland soils in Peninsular Malaysia: saprolites and their fertility

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Management of urea briquettes containing diammonium phosphate increases rice yields of small farmers

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Management of viticultural soils and oenological consequences

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Management of watersheds with soils on marls in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria - a proposal for a non-conventional watershed development scheme

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Management of web blight (Thanatephorus cucumeris (Frank)) in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Management of web construction in different spider species

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Management of weed infestations in wheat with a spiked chain harrow

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Management of weeds in soyabeans in northwestern Argentina. Analysis of the present situation and conclusions of a technical workshop at the Estacion Experimental Agroindustrial `Obispo Colombres'

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Management of western flower thrips on cucumber with Dicyphus tamaninii (Heteroptera: Miridae)

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Management of white fly Aleurolobus barodensis Mask. in sugarcane

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Managing water scarcity through man-made rivers

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Managing water supply and sanitation in emergencies

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Managing weeds in farming systems

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Manchester United: the field of dreams from a research perspective

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Mandatory vs. voluntary approaches to food safety

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Mango disease losses: balancing economy and ecology

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Mango insect pest management

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Mango production in Egypt

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