Section 4
Chapter 3,197

Mass releasing Anastatus japonicus to control Tessaratoma papillosa in Hong Kong

Han ShiChou; Liu WenHiu; Chen QiaoXian; Zeng BingKun; Chen NaiRong; Lin JiangXing; Yu FuXiang

Chinese Journal of Biological Control 15(2): 54-56


Accession: 003196970

Satisfactory results were obtained using A. japonicus to control the litchi stink bug (T. papillosa) in the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in Hong Kong, in 1996-98. Following the release of A. japonicus into 3 orchards at different elevations, the percentage of parasitized eggs ranged between 68.72 and 89.16% in 1996. The percentage of parasitized eggs was 17.07% in the control.

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