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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3199

Chapter 3199 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

L.Z.iGui; Fujiki, T.; Uchida, S., 1997:
Measuring grain moisture using high frequency coil

Montford, S.; Small, E., 1999:
Measuring harm and benefit: the biodiversity friendliness of Cannabis sativa

Playne, M.J.; Crittenden, R.G., 1998:
Measuring health efficacy of probiotic and prebiotic foods

Franchi, D.; Wenzel, R.P., 1998:
Measuring health-related quality of life among patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Welch, K.J.; Mock, N.; Netrebenko, O., 1998:
Measuring hunger in the Russian Federation using the Radimer/Cornell hunger scale

Zhan, J.; Mundt, C.C.; McDonald, B.A., 2008:
Measuring Immigration and Sexual Reproduction in Field Populations of Mycosphaerella graminicola

Lissner, L.; Heitmann, B.L.; Lindroos, A.K., 1998:
Measuring intake in free-living human subjects: a question of bias

Springob, G.; Richter, J., 1998:
Measuring interlayer potassium release rates from soil materials. I. Critical evaluation on the use of resin and other batch procedures for determining kinetic data

Springob, G.; Richter, J., 1998:
Measuring interlayer potassium release rates from soil materials. II. A percolation procedure to study the influence of the variable 'solute K' in the < 110 micro M range

Replogle, J., 1999:
Measuring irrigation well discharges

Kloezen, W.H., 1998:
Measuring land and water productivity in a Mexican irrigation district

Braconnier, S., 1998:
Measuring leaf gas exchanges in coconut

Stolf, R.; Cassel, D.K.; King, L.D.; Reichardt, K., 1998:
Measuring mechanical impedance in clayey gravelly soils

Medved, S.; Budnar, M.; Pirkmaier, S., 1998:
Measuring moisture profiles of particleboards by means of X-rays

Zhang,, Y.B.itton, M., 1998:
Measuring moisture-induced loads in a model grain bin

Taylor, R.A.; Godbey, L.C., 1997:
Measuring natural waxes on cotton using NIR absorbance

Schute, G.; Sarvas, M., 1999:
Measuring of electrolyte losses as a method to determine regrowth potential of oak seedlings (Quercus robur L.)

Angelovic, M.; Piszczalka, J.; Dudak, J., 1998:
Measuring of the firmness properties of maize seed for postharvest processing

Wendt, M.; Eickhoff, K.; Koch, R., 1997:
Measuring of the skin temperature as a method to detect pigs with elevated body temperature

Werkhoven, C.; Os, E.A. van, 1998:
Measuring of the water content of greenhouse soil by TDR, FD and tensiometers

Bessei, W.; Reiter, K.; Bley, T.; Zeep, F., 1999:
Measuring pecking of a bunch of feathers in individually housed hens: first results of genetic studies and feeding related reactions

Penrose, L.J.; Thwaite, W.G., 1997:
Measuring pesticide use and its reduction in apple growing

Farbert, P.; Koch, U.T.; Farbert, A.; Staten, R.T., 1997:
Measuring pheromone concentrations in cotton fields with the EAG method

Pers, J.N.C. van der; Minks, A.K., 1997:
Measuring pheromone dispersion in the field with the single sensillum recording technique

Otey, J.M.; Kenimer, A.L.; Lacey, R.E.; Reddell, D.L., 1998:
Measuring phosphate concentration electronically

Brandl, N., 1997:
Measuring pig travel by image analysis

Heijden, G. van der, 1998:
Measuring plant variety characteristics in digital images

Remond, D.; Ortigues Marty, I.; Isserty, A.; Lefaivre, J., 1998:
Measuring portal blood flow in sheep using an ultrasonic transit time flow probe

Umeda, M.; Kuwata, T.; Suguri, M., 1998:
Measuring positions of farming vehicles

Terawaki, T., 1997:
Measuring positive and negative externalities of urban farmland

Weaver, R.D., 1998:
Measuring productivity of environmentally interactive technologies: the case of agriculture and the environment

Ardakani, A.F.; Mousanejad, M.G., 1998:
Measuring productivity of the most important effective factors on pistachio production in Ardaken

Barkaoui, A.; Bureau, J.C.; Butault, J.P., 1997:
Measuring productivity using distance functions

Manthey, F.A.; Dahleen, L.S.; Nalewaja, J.D.; Davidson, J.D., 1997:
Measuring proton extrusion from cell membranes of barley calli to evaluate surfactant phytotoxicity

Ingram, H.; Daskalakis, G., 1999:
Measuring quality gaps in hotels: the case of Crete

Drewnowski, A., 1999:
Measuring quality of the total diet

Valancogne, C.; Granier, A., 1997:
Measuring raw sap flow

Gogoi, M.; Talukdar, R.K., 1998:
Measuring research and extension productivity of scientists of a regional agricultural research station and agricultural training centre

Joshi, P.K.; Bantilan, M.C.S., 1998:
Measuring returns to investment in groundnut production technology

Freitas, J.A. de; Maluf, W.R.; Gomes, L.A.A.; Oliveira, A.C.B. de; Martins, V. da S.; Braga, R. de S., 1998:
Measuring ripening and postharvest shelf life of fruits of tomato genotypes with different genotypic constitutions at the alcobaca locus

Wagelaar, R., 1997:
Measuring roundwood with harvesters

Russell, S.D.; Alexander, R.T., 1998:
Measuring seining strategies and fishing success in the Philippines

Nieveen, J.P.; Green, A.E., 1999:
Measuring sensible heat flux density over pasture using the Csuperscript 2T -profile method

White, E.E.; Morrison, D.J.; Kinloch, B.J.; Westfall, R.D.; Gitzendanner, M.A.; Foord, B.M.; Dupper, G.E., 1999:
Measuring shifts in forest pathogen populations

Reddy, V.S.; Bush, R.J., 1998:
Measuring softwood lumber value: a conjoint analysis approach

Hubbs, M.D.; Reeves, D.W.; Mitchell, C.C.J., 1998:
Measuring soil quality on the 'old rotation'

Song, Y.; Ham, J.M.; Kirkham, M.B.; Kluitenberg, G.J., 1998:
Measuring soil water content under turfgrass using the dual-probe heat-pulse technique

Sun Yuri; Wang MaoHua; Zhang NaiQian, 1999:
Measuring soil water content using the principle of standing-wave ratio

Brenner, R.J.; Milne, D.E.; Kinscherf, K.M.; Connors, T.F., 1998:
Measuring spatial displacement of Blattella germanica (Blattaria: Blattellidae) populations pressured by repellent-treated harborages

Wishart, G.J.; Staines, H.J., 1999:
Measuring sperm:egg interaction to assess breeding efficiency in chickens and turkeys

Sidahmed, M.; Yates, W., 1997:
Measuring spray droplets with PMS-FSSP probes

Ekkekakis, P.; Hall, E.E.; Petruzzello, S.J., 1999:
Measuring state anxiety in the context of acute exercise using the state anxiety inventory: an attempt to resolve the Brouhaha

Mukherjee, N., 1999:
Measuring sustainability - recent lessons from Indonesia

Wratten, S.D.; Hofmans, M.; Thomsen, S.; Williams, P.; Groves, G.; Eason, C.; Greer, J., 1997:
Measuring sustainability in agricultural systems

Huang, C.M.n; Wang, C.L.h, 1997:
Measuring technical efficiency of small abalone farms in Taiwan

Norton, G.W.; Alwang, J., 1997:
Measuring the benefits of policy research

A.K.rablieh, E.K.; Salem, M.A., 1999:
Measuring the bias of new technologies of barley production in Jordan

Daget, P., 1996:
Measuring the cover of woody plants in open rangeland vegetation

Konradsen, F.; van der Hoek, W.; Amerasinghe, P.H.; Amerasinghe, F.P., 1997:
Measuring the economic cost of malaria to households in Sri Lanka

Carpenter, H., 1999:
Measuring the economic impact of local tourism: making the most of local resources

Luft, H., 1997:
Measuring the economic importance of tourism

Lee ChoongKi; Lee JuHee; Han SangYoel, 1998:
Measuring the economic value of ecotourism resources: the case of South Korea

Cornish, P.S.; Baginska, B.; Kuczera, G.; Jones, D., 1996:
Measuring the effects of landuse and land management on river water quality

Viitala, E.; Hanninen, H., 1998:
Measuring the efficiency of public forestry organizations

Ruppel, F.; Kennedy, P., 1997:
Measuring the extent of coalition formation in group decision making

Marcais, B.; Cael, O.; Delatour, C., 1999:
Measuring the impact of Collybia fusipes on the root system of oak trees

Hobbs, Je, 1997:
Measuring the importance of transaction costs in cattle marketing

Mendizabal, J.A.; Purroy, A.; Beriain, M.J.; Lizaso, G.; Insausti, K., 1998:
Measuring the marbling in meat from fighting bulls using image analysis

Oja, J.; Grundberg, S.; Gronlund, A., 1998:
Measuring the outer shape of Pinus sylvestris saw logs with an X-ray LogScanner

Davis, G.; Hewitt, W., 1996:
Measuring the quality of imported tobacco

Viitala, E.J.; Hanninen, H., 1997:
Measuring the relative efficiency of forestry board districts

Butterfield, D.W.; Deal, K.R.; Kubursi, A.A., 1998:
Measuring the returns to tourism advertising

Hanf, C.H.; Drescher, K., 1998:
Measuring the scientific performance of agricultural economic institutes in the Federal Republic of Germany

Nugent, R.A., 1999:
Measuring the sustainability of urban agriculture

Brooks, S.P.J.; Ratnayake, W.M.N.; Lampi, B.J.; Hollywood, R., 1998:
Measuring total lipid content in rat carcasses: a comparison of commonly employed extraction methods

Klabbers, M.D.; Timmermans, H.J.P., 1999:
Measuring tourism consumer behaviour using ESCAPE: a multimedia interview engine for stated choice and preference experiments

Weiermair, K.; Fuchs, M., 1999:
Measuring tourist judgement on service quality

Warner William S.; Kvaerner Jens, 1998:
Measuring trail erosion with a 35 mm camera

Buchleiter, G.W., 1999:
Measuring unsaturated flow below the root zone

Chen KaiLih, 1999:
Measuring values of wetlands in Taiwan

Tarricq, P., 1999:
Measuring visits to tourist attractions: a preliminary evaluation after two years of local use in Aquitaine

Silva, F.F. da; Wallach, R.; Chen, Y., 1998:
Measuring water content of horticultural substrates using time-domain reflectometry

Silva, F.F. da; Wallach, R.; Polak, A.; Chen, Y., 1998:
Measuring water content of soil substitutes with time-domain reflectometry (TDR)

Brunet, Y., 1997:
Measuring water vapour fluxes

Meer, M. van der; Baumans, V.; Zutphen, L.F.M. van, 1997:
Measuring welfare aspects of transgenic animals

Adamsen, F.; Pinter, P.J.; Barnes, E.; Lamorte, R.; Wall, G.; Leavitt, S.; Kimball, B., 1999:
Measuring wheat senescence with a digital camera

Taylor, S.P.; Vanstone, V.A.; Ware, A.H.; McKay, A.C.; Szot, D.; Russ, M.H., 1999:
Measuring yield loss in cereals caused by root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus neglectus and P. thornei) with and without nematicide

Buchheim, W.; Biewendt, H.G.; Kiesner, C.; Baldenegger, P., 1998:
Measuring, control and safety equipment for milk pasteurization plants (Directive from the German Committee for Pasteurization Equipment)

Lettner, F.; Wetscherek, W.; Knaus, W., 1998:
Meat and bone meal for growing-finishing pigs

Biondi, L.; Lanza, M.; Priolo, A., 1998:
Meat and carcass quality as criteria in establishing the optimal slaughtering age of Suffolk x Comisana lambs, S.; Bloemen, H.; Van D.V.orde, G.; Spincemaille, G.; Berckmans, D., 1998:
Meat and carcass quality in two pig lines of different stress-susceptibility genotype and their crosses

Hill, M., 1999:
Meat and colorectal cancers: a European perspective

Wenk, C.; Leonhardt, M., 1996:
Meat and fat in human nutrition

Torelli, F., 1998:
Meat and marketing on the threshold of the millennium

Gorlov, I.F.; Sapozhnikova, L.G., 1998:
Meat and milk products with plant-based additives

Smirnov, A.O., 1997:
Meat animal husbandry and the market in Russia

Mcliveen, H.; Abraham, C.; Armstrong, G., 1998:
Meat avoidance and the role of replacers

Oksbjerg, N.; Petersen, J.S.; Henckel, P.; Stoier, S., 1997:
Meat colour and muscle pigment in Danish Landrace in 1976 and 1995

Morris, C.A.; Kirton, A.H.; Hogg, B.W.; Brown, J.M.; Mortimer, B.J., 1995:
Meat composition in genetically selected and control cattle from a serial slaughter experiment

Suarez, M.L.; Santamarina, G.; Goicoa, A.; Cabrero, M.; Fidalgo, L.E., 1997:
Meat composition in the hindleg in Galician Blond cattle. Quantitative differences between two strains

Koc, A.; Oguz, C., 1997:
Meat consumption and expenditure elasticities: a cross-section study in Konya City

Beardsworth, A.B.yman, A., 1999:
Meat consumption and vegetarianism among young adults in the UK: an empirical study

Connor, J., 1998:
Meat demand in acceding nations

Chladek, G.; Soutor, J.; Ingr, I.; Krasa, A., 1998:
Meat efficiency of bullocks of the Black Pied breed finished to a lower slaughter weight

Chladek, G.; Soutor, J.; Ingr, I.; Krasa, A., 1997:
Meat efficiency of bullocks of the black pied breed fattened to 430-530 kg body weight

Pavicic, Z.; Krsnik, B.; Yammine, R.; Balenovic, T.; Tomaskovic, A.; Jelic, A., 1995:
Meat from specialized pigeon breeds as valuable food

Dufey, P.A., 1999:
Meat is a valuable dietary source of CLA

Bellitti, A.; Plantamura, F.; Pantaleo, L., 1999:
Meat lasts longer with vitamin E

Sato, T.; Kikuchi, K., 1997 :
Meat meal as a protein source in the diet of juvenile Japanese flounder

Zapata, J.F.F.; Moreira, R.S. dos R.; Fuentes, M. de F.F.; Sampaio, E.M.; Morgano, M., 1998:
Meat mineral content in broilers fed diets without mineral and vitamin supplements

Horn, P.; Suto, Z.; Jensen, J.F.; Sorensen, P.; Csapo, J., 1997:
Meat production capacity and total body composition of broiler chicken fattened till 20 weeks of age

Osorio, J.C. da S.; Jardim, P.O. da C.; Pimentel, M.A.; Pouey, J.; Osorio, M.T.M.; Luder, W.E.; Borba, M.F., 1999:
Meat production from castrated and non-castrated lambs. 1. Crossbred Hampshire Down x Corriedale

Jialin, B.; Mingqiang, W.; Zhonglin, L.; Chesworth, J.M., 1998:
Meat production from crossbred and domestic yaks in China

E.M.ola, I.H.A.; Babiker, S.A.; E.K.idir, O.A.; Ibrahim, S.E., 1999:
Meat production from female goat kids compared with males

Dimova, R., 1998:
Meat production from finished and culled cattle and cows

Mahgoub, O., 1997:
Meat production from the Omani Dhofari goat 1. Live-weight growth and body composition

Mahgoub, O., 1997:
Meat production from the Omani Dhofari goat 2. Distribution of carcass tissue

Borah, R.S., 1997:
Meat production in Assam

Oliveira, N.M. de; Silveira Osorio, J.C. da; Monteiro, E.M., 1998:
Meat production in lambs of five breeds. Carcass and tissue composition

Artamonov, N.A., 1996:
Meat production of Belgian Blue x Simmental cattle

Osorio, J.C.; Oliveira, N.M. de; Jardim, P.O.; Monteiro, E.M., 1996:
Meat production of lambs of five breed types. 2. Live weight components

Dimova, R., 1998:
Meat production of young cattle for finishing - results and trends

Sehgal, J.P.; Sharma, D.D.; Singhal, K.K.; Ghosh, M.K., 1999:
Meat production potentiality of Indian Murrah male buffaloes raised for beef on two levels of concentrate in the diet

Fanfani, R.; Green, R.H.; Pecci, F.; Rodribuez Zuniga, M., 1996:
Meat production systems in Europe: a comparative analysis of local filieres and systems in France, Italy and Spain

Valdes, G.; Senra, A., 1999:
Meat production under grazing conditions in Cuba

Stefler, P.; Kovach, G.; Horn, P., 1997:
Meat production with once-bred gilts

Videv, V.S., 1996:
Meat productivity of bull calves from crosses between Holstein-Friesian and F1 crosses with Charolais

Nassiri, N.R.; Afanas' ev, G.D., 1998:
Meat productivity of quails with different plumage coloring

Mili, S.; Mahlau, M.; Furitsch, H.P., 1998 :
Meat products consumption habits and demand in Spain

Niedzwiadek, S.; Zajac, J.; Bielanski, P., 1997:
Meat quality and criteria for evaluating it

Molnar, G.; Javor, A., 1998:
Meat quality characteristics of Hungarian sheep genotypes

Honikel, K.O., 1996:
Meat quality control in the European Union

Hearnshaw, H.; Gursansky, B.G.; Gogel, B.; Thompson, J.M.; Fell, L.R.; Stephenson, P.D.; Arthur, P.F.; Egan, A.F.; Hoffman, W.D.; Perry, D., 1998:
Meat quality in cattle of varying Brahman content: the effect of post-slaughter processing, growth rate and animal behaviour on tenderness

Cameron, N.; Nute, G.; Brown, S.; Enser, M.W.od, J., 1999:
Meat quality of Large White pig genotypes selected for components of efficient lean growth rate

Slamecka, J.; Palanska, O.; Jurcik, R.; Hell, P.; Mojto, J., 1997:
Meat quality of hares (Lepus europaeus Pall.). 1. Chemical composition and qualitative parameters of M. longissimus lumborum et thoracis

Dubeski, P.L.; Aalhus, J.L.; Jones, S.D.M.; Robertson, W.M.; Dyck, R.S., 1997:
Meat quality of heifers fattened to heavy weights to enhance marbling

Pogodaev, V.; Kukharev, V., 1997:
Meat quality of pigs of the Slavic Meat breed

Paska, I.; Bulla, J.; Bullova, M.; Elias, S.; Lackovic, J., 1996:
Meat quality of transgenic boar offspring

Brzostowski, H.; Tanski, Z.; Milewski, S.; Sowinska, J., 1997:
Meat quality of young Kamieniecka rams and Kamieniecka cross-breeds slaughtered at the age of 50 or 100 days

Litwinczuk, A.; Florek, M.; Barowska, J.; Markiewicz, B.; Rozanska, B., 1997:
Meat quality of young bulls from mass breeding slaughtered after summer and winter feeding seasons

Bindon, B.M., 1998:
Meat quality research-progress from the cattle and beef CRC

Remignon, H.; Mills, A.D.; Guemene, D.; Desrosiers, V.; Garreau-Mills, M.; Marche, M.; Marche, G., 1998:
Meat quality traits and muscle characteristics in high or low fear lines of Japanese quails (Coturnix japonica) subjected to acute stress

Matthes, H.D.; Hillmann, D.; Demise, S.; Mohring, H., 1998:
Meat quality traits of lambs of different genotypes under ecologically orientated management

Wood, J.D.; Enser, M.; Fisher, A.V.; Nute, G.R.; Richardson, R.I.; Sheard, P.R., 1998:
Meat quality: an integrated approach for the future

Swatland, H.J., 1998:
Meat quality: new technology in the abattoir

Powell, P.M., 1998:
Meat with hormones: science held back

Kralik, G.; Kusec, G.; Petricevic, A.; Zivkovic, J., 1997:
Meat yield evaluation in pig carcasses

Roberts-Thomson, I.C.; Butler, W.J.; Ryan, P., 1999:
Meat, metabolic genotypes and risk for colorectal cancer

Blicharski, T.; Ostrowski, A., 1998:
Meatiness of the carcass, meat quality and meat ultrastructure in Pietrain pigs having genotypes HALnHALn and HALNHALn

Simon, F.; Bohand, X., 1998:
Mebendazole (VermoxReg.)

Divina, B.P.; Peria, J.; Torres, E.T.; Masangkay, J.S.; Villamor, C.I., 1998:
Mebendazole treatment against gastrointestinal parasites of captive Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta L., 1758) and flying lemur (Cynocephalus volans L.)

Ceglarek, F.; Paza, A.; Buraczynska, D.; Brodowski, H., 1997:
Mechanical and chemical control of quackgrass before and during the growing season of sugarbeet

Fiddler, G.O.; McDonald, P.M., 1997:
Mechanical and chemical release in a 12-year-old ponderosa pine plantation

Chauhan, D.V.S.; Gurjar, B.S., 1998:
Mechanical and chemical weed control in sesame (Sesamum indicum)

Burnside, O.C.; Wiens, M.J.; Krause, N.H.; Weisberg, S.; Ristau, E.A.; Johnson, M.M.; Sheets, R.A., 1998:
Mechanical and chemical weed control systems for kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Assis, R.L. de; Bahia, V.G., 1998:
Mechanical and cultural practices for improving the physical characteristics of soils degraded by cultivation

Young, G.G., 1998:
Mechanical and manual log manufacturing in coastal second-growth forests: a comparison of recovered value

Folegatti, M.I.S.; Antunes, A.J.; Marcondes, J.A., 1998:
Mechanical and permeability properties of milk protein films

Hse ChungYun; Bryant, B.S., 1998:
Mechanical and physical properties of wood fiber-reinforced, sulfur-based wood composites

Maslov, G.G.; Ovcharenko, A.S.; Shandyba, O.M., 1999:
Mechanical and technical stations - a partner for the agricultural producer or a tenant?

Ors, Y.; Efe, H., 1998:
Mechanical behaviour of joint connectors on furniture (frame construction) design

Morel, J.C.; Gourc, J.P., 1997:
Mechanical behaviour of sand reinforced with mesh elements

Giacomo, S.M.; Carlo, M.; Salvatore, M.; Pietro, P., 1997:
Mechanical characteristics of recycled plastic posts for light agricultural structures

Manera, C.; Margiotta, S.; Picuno, P.; Mugnozza, G.S., 1998:
Mechanical characteristics of recycled plastic posts in agricultural structures. The case study of vineyard supporting structures

Inoue, E.; Kim YoungKeun; Hashiguchi, K.; Okayasu, T.; Kashima, J., 1998:
Mechanical characteristics of rice stalk

Fernandez Golfin, J.I.; Diez, M.R.; Gutierrez, A., 1997:
Mechanical characterization of structural timber from Scots pine from Central and Iberian stands

Papachristou, T.G., 1996:
Mechanical cleaning of kermes oak brushland: observations on its effects on spring diets of sheep

Nwadike, B.S.; Roe, S.C., 1998:
Mechanical comparison of suture material and knot type used for fabello-tibial sutures

Bjorkman, Thomas, 1998:
Mechanical conditioning for controlling excessive elongation in transplants

Bovi, J.E.; Minami, K., 1999:
Mechanical conditioning of tomato seedlings (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Garner, L.; Bjorkman, T., 1999:
Mechanical conditioning of tomato seedlings improves transplant quality without deleterious effects on field performance

Ueno, M.; Okayasu, T.; Hashiguchi, K.; Shikanai, T.; Oomine, M., 1999:
Mechanical considerations on the fluctuation of drawbar pull for a rigid wheel on sandy ground

Seiger, L.A.; Merchant, H.C., 1997:
Mechanical control of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica Ronse Decraene): effects of cutting regime on rhizomatous reserves

Dyankov, D.; Dimitrova, G., 1998:
Mechanical control of powdery mildew in the Makerest peach variety

Lacasta, C.; Garcia Muriedas, G.; Estalrich, E.; Meco, R., 1997:
Mechanical control of weeds in cereals in dry lands

Peruzzi, A.; Barberi, P.; Ginanni, M.; Nasorri, V.; Raffaelli, M.; Silvestri, N., 1998:
Mechanical control of weeds of wheat with combing harrow on tilled and untilled soil

Lababidi, M.S., 1999:
Mechanical control studies of the pistachio bark beetle Hylesinus vestitus M.& R. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in Syria

Crevier-Denoix, N.; Collobert, C.; Sanaa, M.; Bernard, N.; Joly, C.; Pourcelot, P.; Geiger, D.; Bortolussi, C.; Bousseau, B.; Denoix, J.M., 1998:
Mechanical correlations derived from segmental histologic study of the equine superficial digital flexor tendon, from foal to adult

Ng, H.; Wilcke, W.; Morey, R.; Meronuck, R.; Lang, J., 1998:
Mechanical damage and corn storability

Geesink Arango, H.; Montero Calderon, M.E., 1998:
Mechanical damage resistance of Golden Extra Sweet pineapples grown in Costa Rica

Dreszer, K.A.; Gieroba, J., 1999:
Mechanical damage to grain in multidrum threshing and separating sets

Henskens, F.L.F., 1998:
Mechanical defoliation as a management tool for kyllinga (Cyperus brevifolius) in irrigated pasture

Lisa, L.; Parena, S., 1997:
Mechanical desuckering tests in hillside vineyards

Praveen Gupta; Manoj Kulshreshtha; Arun Agarwal, 1998:
Mechanical dewatering of potato starch for making low cost starch briquettes

Gardner, J.; Giles, K., 1997:
Mechanical distribution of Chrysoperla rufilabris and Trichogramma pretiosum: survival and uniformity of discharge after spray dispersal in an aqueous suspension

Hoenderken, J.A., 1999:
Mechanical foliage removal: use your chances during dry weather

Bailleres, H.; Demay, L.; Calchera, G.; Vernay, M., 1998:
Mechanical grading of French Guianan structural timber using three non-destructive techniques

Salamon, Z., 1998:
Mechanical harvest of gooseberry fruit with harvesters KPS-4A and KPZ-3

Machado, R.M.A.; Rodriguez del Rincon, A.; Portas, C.A.M., 1999:
Mechanical harvest of processing tomatoes: influence on percentage of damaged fruit and importance of the relation green fruits/rotten fruits

Peterson, Dl, 1998:
Mechanical harvester for process oranges

Ferguson, L.; Reyes, H.; Metheney, P., 1999:
Mechanical harvesting and hedging of California black ripe (Olea europaea) cv. 'Manzanillo' table olives

Lacy, M.; Czarick, M., 1998:
Mechanical harvesting of broilers

Colorio, G., 1997:
Mechanical harvesting of olives

Mesquita, C.M.; Costa, N.P.; Maurina, A.C.; Andrade, J.G.M.; Pereira, J.E., 1998:
Mechanical harvesting of soyabeans: reduction in losses over twenty years

Maw, B.W.; Purvis, A.C.; Sumner, P.E., 1998:
Mechanical harvesting of sweet onions

Jong, J. de, 1998:
Mechanical harvesting of tea

Porceddu, P.R.; Montani, M., 1999:
Mechanical harvesting of tobacco: technical and economic aspects

Christiansen, E.K.okene, P.B.rryman, A.; Franceschi, V.; Krekling, T.L.eutier, F.L.nneborg, A.S.lheim, H., 1999:
Mechanical injury and fungal infection induce acquired resistance in Norway spruce

Rodrigues, A.P.R.; Amorim, C.A.; Lucci, C.M.; Figueiredo, J.R. de; Goncalves, P.B.D.; Bem, A.R. de, 1998:
Mechanical isolation of caprine preantral follicles at different reproductive stages and ovarian situation

Rodrigues, A.P.R.; Amorim, C.A.; Lucci, C.M.; Figueiredo, J.R. de; Goncalves, P.B.D.; Bem, A.R. de, 1998:
Mechanical isolation of ovarian preantral follicles in the goat

Oberbarnscheidt, B.; Herold, B., 1998:
Mechanical load during size grading of bulb onions

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Mechanical weed control rejoins our campaigns

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Mechanical weed control requires time and care

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Mechanics, measurement and modeling of wind erosion

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