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Chapter 3,199

Meat production from the Omani Dhofari goat 1. Live-weight growth and body composition

Mahgoub, O.

International Journal of Animal Sciences 12(1): 25-30


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-2857
Accession: 003198169

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Thirty Omani Dhofari buck, wether and doe goats were reared from birth until slaughter at 12 and 18 kg body weight (BW). They were fed ad libitum on a concentrate diet (16.5% CP) and rhodesgrass (Chloris gayana) hay (8.8% CP). Bucks were heavier than does at birth (P<0.05), and had the fastest preweaning growth (P<0.05) rate (108 g daily); wethers and does had preweaning growth rates of 96 and 88 g daily, respectively. Dressing-out percentage (DO) was higher at 18 than 12 kg (P<0.01).

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