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Meat production from the Omani Dhofari goat 2. Distribution of carcass tissue

Mahgoub, O.

International Journal of Animal Sciences 12(1): 31-38


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-2857
Accession: 003198170

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Distribution of fat, muscle and bone tissues was examined in Omani Dhofari goats (bucks, wethers and does) raised under intensive conditions and slaughtered at 12 or 18 kg body weight (BW). Weights of individual tissues were expressed as a percentage of total respective tissue weight in half the carcass. Weight of total body fat (TBF) was 11.4% in bucks at 12 kg BW and 19.08% in does at 18 kg BW. At 18 kg BW, Dhofari goats had higher TBF, carcass and non-carcass fat than those slaughtered at 12 kg BW (P<0.001). Does and wethers had a faster rate of deposition of carcass and non-carcass fat relative to empty body weight (EBW). Therefore, they had higher fat content (P<0.001) than bucks at 18 kg BW.

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