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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3201

Chapter 3201 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Agassi, M.; Bradford, J.M., 1999:
Methodologies for interrill soil erosion studies

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Methodologies for maintaining the softwood component in boreal mixedwoods

Abrams, S.; Wen, J., 1999:
Methodologies for using stable isotopes to assess magnesium absorption and secretion in children

Schorlemer, D., 1997:
Methodologies of land management: the example of a project carried out in Burkina Faso

Carey, P., 1997:
Methodology and design of a system to aid in the planning of forest operations

Meinardi, C.A.; Hynes, E.; Garnero, D.; Zalazar, C.A., 1998:
Methodology and equipment for making rennet-free cheese

Zhang Yue; Cao HongHe, 1998:
Methodology and strategy of gene mapping

Velichkin, I.N., 1999:
Methodology and ways of reducing the duration of tests

Oprea, I.; Derczeni, R., 1997:
Methodology bases for the design of skidding networks in relation to ecological demands

Bearzoti, E.; Vencovsky, R., 1998:
Methodology estimation of the proportion of genetic variance explained by molecular markers

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Methodology for assessing current timber supplies and product demands

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Methodology for assessment of ecohydrological effects of dam construction in a headwater region

Hernandez, J.; Ayuga, F.; Garcia, L.; Garcia, J., 1999:
Methodology for assessment of the visual impact of buildings in a GIS environment

Barget, E., 1997:
Methodology for calculating the economic impact of spectator sporting events: numerous studies, impact still relatively unknown

Robert, N.; Huet, S.; Hennequet, C.; Bouvier, A., 1999:
Methodology for choosing a model for wheat kernel growth

Alvarez Funes, R.; Paz Motola, R., 1998:
Methodology for classifying goat milk production in Santiago del Estero. Argentina

Sanavria, A.; Prata, M.C.A., 1996:
Methodology for colonization of Amblyomma cajennense (Fabricius, 1787) (Acari: Ixodidae) in the laboratory

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Methodology for conducting screening-level ecological risk assessments for hazardous waste sites. Part I: overview

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Methodology for conducting screening-level ecological risk assessments for hazardous waste sites. Part II: grouping ecological components

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Methodology for conducting screening-level ecological risk assessments for hazardous waste sites. Part III: exposure and effects assessment

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Methodology for determination of the composition of machinery and tractor fleet

Oblak, L., 1998:
Methodology for diagnosing the existing ecological state and for selecting optimal decisions in the timber industry

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Methodology for estimating the resistance of lucerne to the pea aphid: description and use

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Methodology for evaluation of chemical desiccation tolerance in winter wheat

Carrazana Ruiz, L., 1998:
Methodology for evaluation of crystallization by cooling and of continuous centrifugals in the Cuban sugar industry

Glaz, J., 1997:
Methodology for forecasting the development of forest wood resources

Taeuber, Thomas, 1998:
Methodology for germination and seedbank studies under defined temperature and hydrology conditions

Berg, E.P.; Neary, M.K.; Forrest, J.C., 1998:
Methodology for identification of lamb carcass composition

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Methodology for identification of phenolic acids in complex phenolic mixtures by high-resolution two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance. Application to methanolic extracts of two oregano species

Roslavtsev, A.V.; Kut' kov, G.M., 1998:
Methodology for investigating the movements of tractor-and-machine units

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Methodology for kariological study of Brazilian palms

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Methodology for remote sensing of waterbird habitats in an inland wetland

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Methodology for site-specific, mobility-based cleanup standards for heavy metals in glaciated soils

Sanavria, A.; Prata, M.C.A., 1996:
Methodology for study of the life cycle of Anocentor nitens (Neumann, 1897) (Acari: Ixodidae) in experimentally infested equines

Adikaram, N.K.B.; Ratnayake Bandara, B.M., 1998:
Methodology for studying defence mechanisms against fungal pathogens: an overview

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Methodology for the analysis of decision-making by farmers

Alvarez Funes, R.; Paz Motola, R., 1997:
Methodology for the design of proposals for the development of goat milk production

Dietrich, A.; Weber, W., 1996 :
Methodology for water-resource balancing in river basins in the opencast mining regions of East Germany - a contribution to sustainable water management

Breseghello, F.; Morais, O.P. de; Rangel, P.H.N., 1998:
Methodology of a new method to estimate genetic gain in annual crops

Pfau, C., 1999:
Methodology of a survey on meal patterns in private senior households

Salka, J., 1997:
Methodology of analysis of break-even point in the joinery forest products industry

Frid A.S., 1999:
Methodology of assessing soil tolerance for degradation

Shatokhina, L.A., 1998:
Methodology of distributing expenditure among calculation categories in seed beet production

Chrastinova, Z.; Trgala, P.; Zitny, J., 1998:
Methodology of evaluation and the prediction of the financial situation for agricultural enterprises

Kaczmarek, Z., 1996:
Methodology of experimental research in the light of results from research projects financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research in 1992-1996

Anonymous, 1998:
Methodology of forest insect and disease survey in Central Europe. Proceedings, First Workshop of the IUFRO WP 7.03.10, 21-24 April, 1998, Ustron-Jasowiec, Poland

Kovalenko, P., 1996:
Methodology of grounding the necessity in reconstructing drain systems

Emmer, I.M., 1998:
Methodology of humus form research

Quintana, J.; Cazorla, A., 1998:
Methodology of identification and selection of rural projects, based on local participation

Zdrazilek, P.; Hauptmanova, K.; Novak, P., 1999:
Methodology of microclimatic measurements in incubators

Mesterhazy, A., 1997:
Methodology of resistance testing and breeding against Fusarium head blight in wheat and results of the selection

Bicik, I., 1998:
Methodology of the long term changes analyses of land use in the CR

Isaksson, B., 1998:
Methodology problems of dietary assessment in analytical studies

Leneman, H.; Boone, J.A.; Boers, A., 1998:
Methodology regarding environmental costs in 1998 and the LEI-DLO business information network

Calliera, M.; Maffioli, G.; Verro, R.; Vighi, M.; Gentili, G.; Auteri, D.; Azimonti, G., 1999:
Methodology to assess the ecotoxicological risk by pesticide pollution for surface water ecosystems using models and GIS

Medina Garcia, G.; Ruiz Corral, J.A.; Martinez Parra, R.A.; Ortiz Valdez, M., 1997:
Methodology to determine the yield potential of plant species

Havet, A.; Perichon, C.; Kerneis, E.; Steyaert, P., 1997:
Methodology to put in place a use contract to protect the environment. The case of wet natural meadows (Vendee, France)

Waskar, D.P.; Roy, S.K., 1996:
Methods adopted for extending the shelf life of banana fruit - a review

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Methods and apparatus for liquid media and semi-automated micropropagation

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Methods and approaches in studying functional implications of biodiversity in soil

Barber, H.; Eckrich, J., 1998:
Methods and criteria employed in the evaluation of intercollegiate coaches

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Methods and depth of basic soil cultivation for grain sorghum in the Lower Volga region

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Methods and effectiveness of environmental control

Pongracz, L., 1997:
Methods and hygiene of covering mares in different places of north-west Hungary

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Methods and practices in the breeding of pigs of specialized breeds, types and lines

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Methods and results of changing genome composition and number in grasses

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Methods and strategies for control of broomrape in tobacco

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Methods and techniques of obtaining primary forms of triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack)

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Methods and timing of nitrogen application in lettuce production

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Methods based on k-nearest neighbor regression in the prediction of basal area diameter distribution

Anonymous, 1998:
Methods book (1994) with first supplement (1998)

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Methods for DNA extraction from various soils: a comparison

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Methods for analysis and prediction of the dynamic spatial-temporal characteristics of floods and droughts

O.Sullivan, D.J., 1999:
Methods for analysis of the intestinal microflora

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Methods for analysis of vegetable crops containing rare metals compounds

Miscicki, S., 1998:
Methods for assessing damage and injuries done by game animals in forests

Dmyterko, E., 1998:
Methods for assessing damage in oak stands

Wollenberg, E., 1998 :
Methods for assessing the conservation and development of forest products

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Methods for assessing the feasibility of sustainable non-timber forest product-based enterprises

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Methods for assessing the impact of irrigation on cotton crop development and boll shed

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Methods for assessing the impacts of soil degradation on water quality

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Methods for assessment of light leaf spot (Pyrenopeziza brassicae) on winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in the UK

Anonymous, 1997:
Methods for assessment of soil degradation

Zhang ZuXin; Zheng QiaoLan, 1998:
Methods for bioassay of wheat leaf rust with candidate chemicals

M.BenRong, 1999:
Methods for controlling anthracnose disease of Jinsixiaozao jujube variety

Contarini, G.; Povolo, M.; Bonfitto, E., 1999:
Methods for controlling the purity of butter

Walker, C., 1999:
Methods for culturing and isolating arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Nikiel, S., 1997 :
Methods for dedusting and desulfurizing boiler gases, offered at POLEKO '96

Villa, B.; Giudici, M.L., 1998:
Methods for detecting Aphelenchoides besseyi in routine testing of rice seed

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Methods for detection of enteroviruses in mussels. Comparative evaluation and application in official control of mussels

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Methods for determination of amino acids bioavailability in pigs

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Methods for determination of plant available nitrogen in soil

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Methods for determining background metal concentrations: lessons shared from southern California Department of Defense Sites

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Methods for determining residual amounts of triadimefon and folpet in the grapevine leaves, grapes, must and wine

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Methods for determining the basal area of an elephant grass pasture

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Methods for determining the vapour pressure of active ingredients used in crop protection. Part V: thermogravimetry combined with solid phase microextraction (SPME)

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Methods for distinguishing genetic and environmental variance in stress tolerance

Anonymous, 1997:
Methods for environmental entitlements analysis

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Methods for establishing legumes on sandy soils

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Methods for establishing rabbit embryonic stem cell lines

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Methods for estimating color in paprika pepper varieties (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Methods for estimating potato tuber resistance to blackleg

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Methods for estimating vapor pressure deficit at a regional scale depending on data availability

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Methods for estimation of mass of leaves in guava

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Methods for evaluating cements for seed pelleting

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Methods for evaluating farm practice and attitudes to integrated crop management systems

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Methods for evaluating pellet firmness

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Methods for evaluating the susceptibility of peach fruits to monilia (Monilinia laxa): experimental approaches

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Methods for evaluation of the physiological quality of cowpea seeds

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Methods for examining the relationship between quality characteristics and economic value of marketed fresh sweetpotato

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Methods for fly-control in pig houses

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Methods for forecasting income and evaluating policy scenarios

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Methods for forecasting the occurrence of Hydrellia sasakii

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Methods for genetic modification in farm animals and humans: present procedures and future opportunities

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Methods for glucose isomerase immobilization

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Methods for haulm destruction of seed potatoes

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Methods for improving germination of Baptisia tinctoria seeds

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Methods for improving yields of cereal crop rotations and soil fertility

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Methods for increasing reproductivity of geese

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Methods for increasing yield and irrigation water use efficiency of rice using plastic film mulch

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Methods for integrated cultivation and control of horticultural crops

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Methods for measuring feeding motivation in sheep

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Methods for measuring gluconeogenesis in vivo

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Methods for measuring wood: instructions

Bahri, S., 1997:
Methods for mill setting applied in Indonesia

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Methods for modelling missing tree-heights using repeated measurement data

Cui CongShu, 1996:
Methods for monitoring the seed viability of pea in the national gene bank

Morris, C.E.; Monier, J.; Jacques, M., 1997 :
Methods for observing microbial biofilms directly on leaf surfaces and recovering them for isolation of culturable microorganisms

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Methods for obtaining high yields of direct sown taro by mulching with plastic film

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Methods for overcoming dormancy in rice seeds

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Methods for predicting peak discharge of floods caused by failure of natural and constructed earthen dams

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Methods for quality control of fruit and flavoured yoghurts

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Methods for quantifying fire severity in shrubland-fires

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Methods for recognizing genetic types suitable for producing high-quality meats

Gomez de Barreda Castillo, D.; Lorenzo, E., 1997:
Methods for reducing damage caused by errors in postemergence herbicide applications in citrus

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Methods for regenerating and tending silver fir in the Bavarian Forest

Anonymous, 1997:
Methods for risk assessment of transgenic plants: II. Pollination, gene-transfer and population impacts

Elsas, J.D. van; Smalla, K., 1997 :
Methods for sampling soil microbes

Gomez Pallares, M., 1997:
Methods for storage of fresh mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)

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Methods for studying spatial variability of soil physical properties

Koch, K., 1999:
Methods for studying starch characteristics

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Methods for studying the response of flood flows to channel change

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Methods for studying the root systems of plants

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Methods for testing the behaviour of active ingredients of wood preservatives in soils - possibilities and limitations

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Methods for testing the resistance of wood hotmelt adhesives to temperature changes and weathering

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Methods for the analysis of premium livestock grains

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Methods for the collecting and study of subterranean termite populations

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Methods for the continuous measurement of O2 consumption and H2 production by nodulated legume root systems

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Methods for the determination of filamentous fungi in treated and untreated waters

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Methods for the determination of the chlorophylls and their derivatives

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Methods for the economic assessment of the on- and off-site impacts of soil erosion

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Methods for the estimation of postoperative nitrogen losses

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Methods for the estimation of the age of broilers and effects of water and feed deprivation within the first days of life

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Methods for the evaluation of the atherogenic potential of fats

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Methods for the evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of fats

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Methods for the quantification of soil drainage rates in the north-east German lowlands

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Methods for the rapid appraisal of African animal trypanosomosis in the Gambia

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Methods for the sporulation induction of phytopathogenic fungi in IOR collection of plant pathogens

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Methods in cell biology. Volume 57: Animal cell culture methods

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Methods in microbiology: Volume 27. Bacterial pathogenesis

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Methods in plant biochemistry and molecular biology

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Methods in soil physics

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Methods in the selection of apple breeding materials with high aromatic flavor

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Methods of agarose gel electrophoresis for mRNA differential display

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Methods of agricultural land evaluation in the Czech Republic

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Methods of analysis and resources available for genetic trait mapping

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Methods of analysis of dithiocarbamate pesticides: a review

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Methods of analysis of polar aromatic sulfonates from aquatic environments

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Methods of application and effectiveness of a fungicide and insecticide seed dressing in potato

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Methods of assessing and predicting changes in stand condition

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Methods of assessing boron availability to kiwifruit plants growing on high boron soils

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Methods of assessing long-term agricultural development in the Komi Republic

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Methods of assessing population increase in aphids and the effect of growth stage of the host plant on population growth rates

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Methods of assessment of susceptibility to PVY in Slovenia

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Methods of assessment of the contamination rate of plastic pots for liquid milk products

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Methods of axenic culture, clonal isolation and long-term storage for pathogenic Acanthamoeba

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Methods of biological progress estimation

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Methods of breaking seed dormancy in the endangered species Iliamna corei (Sherff) Sherff (Malvaceae), with special attention to heating

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Methods of calculating agri-environmental primes: from the experience of MAEs to the questions raised by CTEs

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Methods of calculating egg parameters

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Methods of calculating normative expenditure on output of agricultural produce

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Methods of catchment-wide assessment of daily low-flow regimes in South Africa

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Methods of choosing and applying tank mixtures of chemization agents (on example of winter rye protection)

Jansky, J., 1999:
Methods of comparing the financial situation of agricultural enterprises

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Methods of conservation of ryegrass and short-term feeding preferences

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Methods of controlling sprayer output for spatially variable herbicide application

Galrao, E.Z., 1999:
Methods of copper application and evaluation of its availability for soyabean grown on a cerrado phase free-clay sandy red-yellow latosol

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Methods of cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos from cattle and other mammals and their application. A review

Hoshino, S.; Naba, K., 1997:
Methods of deciding the first occurrence period as the starting point for calculating the effective accumulative temperature of each generation of the white-backed planthopper (Sogatella furcifera Horvath) and the brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal)

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Methods of detecting the pest mites in the mushroom cultural spawn

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Methods of detection of Chlamydia psittaci in domesticated and wild birds

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Methods of detection of anthelmintic resistance in nematodes of domestic animals

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Methods of determination of aflatoxins precursors in dairy cows' feed: 2. Determination of O-methylsterigmatocystin level in mixed feed and corn silage

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Methods of determining numbers and biomass of earthworms in soil

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Methods of determining resistant starch

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Methods of determining return on running expenditure in agriculture

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Methods of determining soil moisture

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Methods of determining the volume of glue in particleboard production in China

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Methods of developing a core collection for Zhejiang traditional indica rice (Oryza sativa L. subsp. indica Kato) germplasm

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Methods of diagnosis of mineral nutrition of plants. A critical review

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Methods of diluting ram semen

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Methods of economic assessment of on-site and off-site costs of soil degradation

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Methods of economic impact assessment

Alonso, L.; Pardo, I., 1998:
Methods of eliminating cholesterol from milk fat. Use of beta -cyclodextrin

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Methods of embryo culture and protoplast fusion for interspecific hybridization in Medicago, Trifolium and Lotus

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Methods of estimating ammonia losses during the treatment of manure and slurry

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Methods of estimating the carbon balance from biomass dynamics in post-fire successions

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Methods of estimating the operational reliability of electrical drives of agricultural machinery in dynamic working regimes

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Methods of estimation of egg-laying productivity of poultry

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Methods of evaluating obesity in childhood

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Methods of evaluating the protection functions of the forest; Luo ShouJin, 1997:
Methods of extracting free amino acids from tea

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Methods of field preservation and selection of sample tissue for condensed tannin analysis in Leucaena species

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Methods of genotype-environment interaction analysis as a tool of selection of triticale strains resistant to sprouting

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Methods of identification and control of tristeza disease of citrus

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Methods of identification of rare actinomycete populations in soils

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Methods of increasing production of superior transplants of a late glutinous Japonica rice variety

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Methods of infection of milk products with pathogenic microorganisms

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Methods of inoculating Diaporthe phaseolorum f.sp. meridionalis to evaluate the effect of different sowing dates and potassium rates on soyabean stem canker

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Methods of integrated control of chestnut ink disease

Hanus, O., 1998:
Methods of interpreting analytical results relating to composition of milk samples

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Methods of introducing stress resistance into cultivars

Ratkovic, S., 1996:
Methods of investigating changes in seed during long-term storage

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Methods of investigating the movement of tractor-machine units

Vasiljevic, Z., 1997:
Methods of investment economic effectiveness appraisal and their influence on the investment decision making in agricultural production

Dhanapal, R.; Subramanian, P.; Maheswarappa, H.P., 1998:
Methods of irrigation in coconut gardens

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Methods of isolation and determination of volatile organohalogen compounds in natural and treated waters

Valocky, I.; Paiss, S.; Maracek, I., 1999 :
Methods of laparoscopic sterilization of bitches

Anonymous, 1998:
Methods of limiting soil erosion

Wei TianXing; Zhu JinZhao; Zhang XuePei, 1999:
Methods of measuring stand evapotranspiration

Bourarach, E.H.; Knechtges, H., 1997:
Methods of measuring the energy parameters of tillage implements

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Microclimatic effect on properties, development and classification of some Inceptisols

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Microconidia of Neurospora crassa

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Microcredit programmes: methods for solving dilemmas of credit expansion

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Microcredit, issues of sustainability and autonomy: experiences from production credit for rural women and women cotton farmers in Nepal

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Microeconometric models of tourists' destination choice

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Microfiltration and its applications in dairy industry

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Microfiltration of cheese brine

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Microfinance institutions in poverty alleviation: a case of the blind leading the blind

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Microfinance, wage employment and housework: a gender analysis

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Microflora of coal mines workings in the Western Donbas

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Microflora of cold-pressed rapeseed oil

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Microflora of the commercial products of pickled vegetables with fish

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Microflora of virus-infected celery and effects on Septoria apiicola

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Microfood with and without organics and biofertilizers on growth and development of bhendi

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Microfungal communities on decaying pine needles in Thailand

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Microfungi in Arctic and alpine regions

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Microgametophyte selection for resistance to low temperature in spring swede rape

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Microgeographic genetic structure and gene flow in Hibiscus moscheutos (Malvaceae) populations

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