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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3202

Chapter 3202 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ben Abdallah, F.; Fnayou, A.; Ghorbel, A., 1997:
Micrografting as a new rapid method for selection of indigenous Tunisian grapevine varieties

Ghorbel, A.; Chatibi, A.; Thaminy, S.; Kchouk, M.L., 1998:
Micrografting of almond (Prunus dulcis (Miller) D.A. Webb) cv. Achak

Chatibi, A.; Kchouk, M.L.; Mliki, A.; Ghorbel, A., 1998:
Micrografting of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) cv. Mateur

de Sévaux, R.G.; Kullberg, B.J.; Verweij, P.E.; van de Nes, J.A.; Meis, J.F.; van der Meer, J.W., 1998:
Microgranulomatous aspergillosis in a patient with chronic granulomatous disease: cure with voriconazole

Cativiela, M.; Torres, M.; Gattuso, M., 1998:
Micrographic parameters for Cecropia pachystachya Trecul

Thomas F.; Schmidt Rhaesa, A.; Poulin, R., 1999:
Microhabitat characteristics and reproductive status of male Euchordodes nigromaculatus (Nematomorpha)

Wollecke, J.; Ispas, G.; Bolscher, B., 1996:
Microhabitat requirements and effects of flooding on populations of coexisting cranefly species (Tipula, Diptera, Nematocera) in a fen meadow

Samietz, J., 1996:
Microhabitat utilization of a grasshopper species on a semiarid calcareous grassland: Stenobothrus lineatus (PANZER) (Insecta: Caelifera)

Svenning, J.C.; Balslev, H., 1999:
Microhabitat-dependent recruitment of Iriartea deltoidea (Arecaceae) in Amazonian Ecuador

Dzika, Ewa., 1999:
Microhabitats of Pseudodactylogyrus anguillae and P. bini (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) on the gills of large-size European eel Anguilla anguilla from Lake Gaj, Poland

Lindstrom, L.I.; Mujica, M.B.; Hernandez, L.F., 1998:
Microhistological description of Dicotyledons and Gymnosperms of the Southern District of the Calden

Bello, C.L.; Cabrera, M.I., 1999:
Microhistological technique of Cavender and Hansen for the identification of aquatic insects

Buhl, P.N., 1997:
Microhymenoptera from Zackenberg, North East Greenland. (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea, Cynipoidea and Ceraphronoidea)

Marchetti, M.; Tossani, N.; Marchetti, S.; Pickard, D., 1999:
Microingredient homogeneity in feeds as a function of the kind of premix used

de Wit, T.; Drabek, D.; Grosveld, F., 1998:
Microinjection of cre recombinase RNA induces site-specific recombination of a transgene in mouse oocytes

Talozi, S.A.; Hills, D.J., 1999:
Microirrigation computer simulation: pressure sensitivity to hydraulic change

Zimmer, R.; Haberfeld, A.; Gibbins, A.M.V.rrinder, 1997:
Microisolation of the chicken Z chromosome and construction of microclone libraries

Krahe, S.; Schug, B.; Schuetz, S.; Weissbecker, B.; Hummel, H.E., 1997 :
Microlysimeter studies on plant protection agents

Nohl, E., 1998:
Micromarketing: one to one marketing with a human face

Kasapi, M.A.; Gosline, J.M., 1999:
Micromechanics of the equine hoof wall: optimizing crack control and material stiffness through modulation of the properties of keratin

Huang ShouBo; X.Y.nWen; Y.Z.ongWei; Han WenYan; Fan XingHai, 1997:
Micrometeorological characteristics in the plastic green house tea plantation and their effect on plucking date and economic efficiency of Longjing tea

Kajfez Bogataj, L., 1997:
Micrometeorological characteristics of tall canopies: hops study

Bissinger, K.; Huchzermeyer, F.W.; Verwoerd, D.J., 1998:
Micromineral concentrations in liver and bone of South African farm ostriches (Struthio camelus) at slaughter age

Shrikhande, G.B.; Sapre, V.A.; Sarode, D.B., 1998:
Microminerals in cows under rural management with reference to location and season

Kim YoonSoo; Singh, A.P., 1999:
Micromorphological characteristics of compression wood degradation in waterlogged archaeological pine wood

Momohara, K.; Nagatsuka, S., 1997:
Micromorphological characteristics of yellow-brown forest soils and red-yellow soils

Bouza, P.J.; Valle, H.F. del, 1998:
Micromorphological properties of surface and subsurface soil in an arid piedmont environment of Patagonia, Argentina

Teichman, I. von, 1998:
Micromorphological structure of the fruit and seed of Smodingium argutum (Anacardiaceae), as an adaptation to its natural habitat

Gracheva, R.G.; Urusevskaya, I.S.; Frolova, T.Y., 1996:
Micromorphological studies of anthropogenic changes in soils of Valaam Island

Raina, A.K.; Pharasi, S.C.; Sharma, S.D.; Prasad, K.G., 1997:
Micromorphological studies of sodic soils with special reference to formation of calcic layer

Kim DaeYoung; Lee WonYong, 1997:
Micromorphological studies on the perforation plates of Korean hardwoods (II). Structure of the perforation plates

Yamamoto, T.; Onda, Y.; Hattori, S.; Yamamoto, H., 1998:
Micromorphological study of the effect of the canopy coverage on the formation of surface crust using soil surface images

Kemp, R.A.; Derbyshire, E.; Meng XingMin, 1997:
Micromorphological variation of the S1 paleosol across northwest China

Stefanov, M.; Tenev, S.; Chervenkov, S., 1998:
Micromorphological, histological and physical characters of the metapodius bones in sheep of different production types

Raina A.K.; Pharasi S.C.; Sharma S.D.; Prasad K.G., 1997:
Micromorphology of a Typic Natrustalf

Xiao, Y.; Wakeling, R.N.; Singh, A.P., 1997:
Micromorphology of a novel fungal decay in preservative-treated Pinus radiata wood in wet acidic soils

Chiang HseinChueh; Chen ZuengSang; Hseu ZengYei, 1997 :
Micromorphology of iron nodules in a montane Ultisol of Central Taiwan

Hema Achyuthan; Rajaguru, S.N., 1998:
Micromorphology of quaternary calcretes around Didwana in Thar desert of Rajasthan

Rabenhorst Martin C.; Lindbo David L., 1998:
Micromorphology of sandy epipedons along an upland-wetland transect

Kalev, R.; Ribarski, S., 1998:
Micromorphology of skeletal muscles in crossbred bulls

Oballos, J., 1997:
Micromorphology of soils in the Capaz basin, Las Cruces - Santa Elena de Arenales region, Merida-Venezuela

Mel' nik, V.A.; Pystina, K.A., 1996:
Micromycetes of the Nizhne-Svirskii reserve after the 1994 collection

Mel' nik, V.A.; Pystina, K.A., 1996:
Micromycetes of the Rakitin nature reserve (the Leningrad region)

Marcinkowska, J., 1997:
Micromycetes on Pisum sativum var. arvense

Kubatova, A.; Martinkova, E., 1999:
Micromycetes on human mummies

Tikhomirova, I.N.; Tobias, A.V., 1999:
Micromycetes on plants in gardens and parks of St. Petersburg. I

Negrean, G., 1995:
Micromycetes parasites of France

Simonides, I., 1999:
Micronivelation measurement of soil erosion in arable land

Domacinovic, M.; Sencic, D.; Antunovic, Z., 1999:
Micronized cereals in chicken fattening

Zhang Zhong Ming, S.; L.Z.eng Li, 1997:
Micronucleus formation in microspores of Ginkgo biloba and its significance in evolution

Prabakaran, P.; Moorthy, M.V., 1998:
Micronucleus induction potential of paraquat dichloride at different time point in male mice

Diniz, J.D.N.; Hernandez, F.F.F.; Goncalves, A.N.; Torres, A.C., 1999:
Micronutrient absorption by banana explants in vitro

Abreu, C.A. de; Lopes, A.S.; Raij, B. van, 1997:
Micronutrient analysis in Brazilian soils: present situation and perspectives

Malewar, G.U., 1995:
Micronutrient availability as influenced by cropping patterns in Marathwada region of Maharashtra

Veloso, C.A.C.; Muraoka, T.; Malavolta, E.; Carvalho, J.G. de, 1998:
Micronutrient deficiency in black pepper

Rattan, R.K.; Neelam Saharan; Datta, S.P., 1999:
Micronutrient depletion in Indian soils extent, causes and remedies

Rajakumar, G.R.; Patil, C.V.; Prakash, S.S.; Yeledhalli, N.A.; Math, K.K., 1996:
Micronutrient distribution in paddy soils in relation to parent material and soil properties

Olmos, S.; Esteban, E.; Lucena,, 1998:
Micronutrient extraction in calcareous soils treated with humic concentrates

Lourduraj, A.C.; Krishnan, P.K.; Geethalakshmi, V., 1997:
Micronutrient fertilization in groundnut

Randhawa, S.S.; Nayyar, V.K.; Randhawa, C.S.; Dhillon, K.S., 1996:
Micronutrient imbalances in dairy animals in relation to their status in soils and plants

Akillioglu, A., 1997:
Micronutrient levels of cherry orchards in the Aegean region of Turkey

Gopalan, C., 1998:
Micronutrient malnutrition in SAARC - The need for a food-based approach

Underwood, B.A.; Smitasiri, S., 1999:
Micronutrient malnutrition: policies and programs for control and their implications

Wankhada, S.G.; Dakhore, R.C.; Wanjari, S.S.; Deshpande, R.M., 1997:
Micronutrient nutrition of cotton varieties as influenced by genetic variability

Savangikar, V.A.; Chitra Savangikar; Kale, V.R.; Zende, G.K., 1999:
Micronutrient requirements of sugarcane for yield maximisation

Vale, F.; Alcarde, J.C., 1999:
Micronutrient solubility and availability in fertilizers

Rose, M.A.; Wang Hao, 1999:
Micronutrient sources for container nursery plants

Wankhade, S.G.; Dakhore, R.C.; Wanjari, S.S.; Potdukhe, N.R., 1998:
Micronutrient spectra of sorghum

Basavaraj ; Parvathappa, H.C., 1998:
Micronutrient status in selected irrigated soils under mulberry cultivation in southern dry region of Karnataka

Wankhade, S.G.; Dakhore, R.C.; Wanjari, S.S.; Potdukhe, N.R.; Patil, D.B.; Ingle, R.W., 1996:
Micronutrient status in sorghum genotypes

Bhoyar, S.M.; Deshmukh, V.N.; Deshmukh, P.W., 1998:
Micronutrient status of Chromusterts under long term effect of fertilizers and FYM to sorghum-wheat sequence

Sudhir, K.; Gowda, S.M.M.; Siddaramappa, R., 1997:
Micronutrient status of an alfisol under long term fertilization and continuous cropping

Chhibba, I.M.; Nayyar, V.K.; Brar, J.S.; Gill, M.S., 1998:
Micronutrient status of soils and crop yields as influenced by irrigation water quality under field conditions

Singh, S.P.; Khurana, M.P.S.; Nayyar, V.K.; Brar, J.S., 1995:
Micronutrient status of some alluvium-derived soils of arid and semi-arid zone of Punjab

Parmar, D.K.; Vinod Sharma; Sharma, K.D.; Sharma, T.R., 1999:
Micronutrient status of vegetable growing pockets in cold desert area of Himachal Pradesh

Srinivasan, K.; Krishnakumar, V.; Potty, S.N., 1998:
Micronutrient studies on small cardamom

High, K.P., 2000:
Micronutrient supplementation and immune function in the elderly

Gottschlich, M.M.; Mayes, T., 1998:

Gowda, A.P.M.; Prabhakar, B.S.; Krishnappa, K.S.; Reddy, N.S.; Anjanappa, M., 1998:
Micronutrients accumulation and uptake in sweet pepper grown under polyhouse as affected by growing media

Franceschi, S., 1997:
Micronutrients and breast cancer

Anonymous, 1999:
Micronutrients and infections: report of a multidisciplinary workshop held in Southampton, UK, 4-6 October 1998. Wellcome Trust and United States Agency for International Development

Semba, R.D.; Tang, A.M., 1999:
Micronutrients and the pathogenesis of human immunodeficiency virus infection

Shenkin, A., 1998:
Micronutrients in adult nutritional support: requirements and benefits

Scherer, E.E., 1997:
Micronutrients in pig manure: diagnosis and use as fertilizer

Tandon, H.L.S., 1999:
Micronutrients in soils, crops and fertilisers: a sourcebook-cum-directory

Mukurumbira, L.; Nemasasi, H., 1998:
Micronutrients in the maize-based system of the communal areas of Zimbabwe

Soltan, S.A., 1997:
Micronutrients status in relation to some characteristics of salt-affected soils

Sakal, R.; Nayyar, V.K.; Singh, M.V., 1997:
Micronutrients status under rice-wheat cropping system for sustainable soil productivity

Tiwana, U.S.; Narang, R.S., 1997:
Micronutrients uptake spectrum in rice (Oryza sativa L.) - wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cropping system under heavy fertilization

Nascimento, W.M.; West, S.H., 1998:
Microorganism growth during muskmelon seed priming

Nakai, Y.; Niino, T.; Ando, T.; Kohda, C., 1999:
Microorganisms aerobically degrading skatole or indole in composting processes

Wynn, J.P., 1998:
Microorganisms as sources of nutritionally important polyunsaturated fatty acids

Srivastava, L.S.; Gupta, S.R.; Basnet, C.P.; Mahato, U.P.; Neopani, B., 1998:
Microorganisms associated with ginger in Sikkim

Khan, M.R.; Karim, M.A., 1996:
Microorganisms growing on magnetic tapes and their physiological characters

Jobim, C.C.; Reis, R.A.; Andrade Rodrigues, L.R. de; Schocken Iturrino, R.P., 1997:
Microorganisms in high-moisture corn grain silage with different proportions of the cob

Brahmaprakash, G.P.; Bagyaraj, D.J., 1997:
Microorganisms in wasteland development

Fuxa, J.R.; Kunimi, Y., 1997:
Microorganisms interacting with insects

Lavezzari, D.; Sozzi, T.; Pirovano, F., 1998:
Microorganisms producing polysaccharides: differentiation between ropy and thickening strains

Davarynejad, G.H., 1997:
Microphenology of flowers of pear cultivars

Wada, A.; Tsudzuki, M., 1998:
Microphthalmia: a morphogenetic lethal mutation of the campbelli hamster (Phodopus campbelli)

Pomytko, V.N.; Markovich, L.G.; Mashurov, A.M.; Tkhan, K.K.; Tinaeva, E.A., 1997:
Microphylogeny of rabbit populations of Soviet Chinchilla breed - genetic aspects

Williams, J.D.; Dobrowolski, J.P.; West, N.E., 1996:
Microphytic-crust influence on soil stability and hydrologic properties of a sandy-loam soil in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA

Zhao YuQiang; Zhen TianMin; L.S.iGen et al., 1999:
Microplate test for the determination of acetylcholinesterase in vector mosquitoes

Atwood, D.W.; Kring, T.J.; Young, S.Y.I.I., 1999:
Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) development in tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae treated with Bacillus thuringiensis and thiodicarb

Mitra, A., 1999:
Microporellus obovatus in India and its cultural characteristics

Decock, C.; Ryvarden, L., 1998:
Microporellus straminellus comb. nov., and a note on Perenniporia stipitata

Viktorov, A.I.; Polezhaev, A.A., 1998:
Microprocessor dosing unit for plant protection materials for sprayers

Gray, D.R.; Ravlin, F.W.; Logan, J.A., 1998:
Microprocessor-controlled mini-environmental chambers capable of subfreezing temperatures in constant or time-varying temperature regimes

Watad, A.A.; Yun, D.J.; Matsumoto, T.; Niu, X.; Wu, Y.; Kononowicz, A.K.; Bressan, R.A.; Hasegawa, P.M., 1997:
Microprojectile bombardment-mediated transformation of Lilium longiflorum

Lambardi, M.; Benelli, C.; Amorosi, S.; Branca, C.; Caricato, G.; Rugini, E., 1999:
Microprojectile-DNA delivery in somatic embryos of olive (Olea europaea L.)

Hsia ChiNi; Korban, S.S., 1998:
Microprojectile-mediated genetic transformation of Rhododendron hybrids

Read, P.E.; Szendrak, E., 1998:
Micropropagation and biotechnology of tropical and subtropical ornamentals

Ajith Anand; Parani, M.; Rao, C.S.; Latha, R.; Balakrishna, P., 1997:
Micropropagation and genetic fidelity studies in Piper longum L

Baset, A.; Tobita, S.; Li, C.; Yashima, S.; Senboku, T., 1998:
Micropropagation and in vitro culture of wild rice species

Mantell, S.H.; Boggetti, B.; Bessa, A.M.S.; Lemos, E.E.P.; Abdelhadi, A.; Mneney, E.E., 1998:
Micropropagation and micrografting methods suitable for safe international transfers of cashew

Mak, C.; Ho, Y.W.; Tan, Y.P., 1998:
Micropropagation and mutation breeding techniques for the improvement of bananas

Tawfik, A.A., 1997:
Micropropagation and plant regeneration of neem tree (Azadirachta indica Juss)

Hammoudeh, H.Y.; Suwwan, M.A.; Abu Qaoud, H.A.; Shibli, R.A., 1998:
Micropropagation and regeneration of Honeoye strawberry

Gangaprasad, A.N.; Decruse, W.S.; Sooriamuthu Seeni; Sarojini Menon, 1999:
Micropropagation and restoration of the endangered Malabar daffodil orchid Ipsea malabarica

Zamora, A.B.; Gruezo, S.S., 1999:
Micropropagation and slow growth conditions for in vitro conservation of bamboo

Ogita, S.; Kubo, T.; Fushitani, M., 1995:
Micropropagation by shoot culture in adult tree of Larix leptolepis (I) survival rate of explant and shoot growth from axillary bud

Syamal, M.M.; Singh, S.K., 1994:
Micropropagation in rose cv. Sonia

Sumana, K.R.; Kaveriappa, K.M.; Krishna Bhat, C.H., 1998:
Micropropagation of Acacia mangium Willd., a commercially important tree species

Kumar, S.; Chander, S.; Gupta, H.; Sharma, D.R., 1998:
Micropropagation of Actinidia deliciosa from axillary buds

Quirino, E.A.; Tombolato, A.F.C.; Ambrosano, G.M.B., 1996:
Micropropagation of Alstroemeria aff. inodora by apical meristem

Podwyszynska, M.; Gabryszewska, E.; Przybya, A., 1997:
Micropropagation of Alstroemeria x hybrida 'Juanita'

Gupta, S.; Roy, S.; Kumar, A., 1997:
Micropropagation of Arachis hypogaea

Mozzetti, C.; Donato, M. de, 1998:
Micropropagation of Artemisia mutellina Vill

Mcalister, B.G.; Jager, A.K.; Van Staden, J., 1998:
Micropropagation of Babiana spp

Almeida, M. de; Kerbauy, G.B., 1996:
Micropropagation of Bactris gasipaes (Palmae) through flower bud culture

Ault, J.R.; Havens, K., 1999:
Micropropagation of Baptisia 'Purple Smoke'

Mesa, A.R.; Lajonchere, G., 1996:
Micropropagation of Bromelia pinguin Lindl. (pinguin)

uczkiweicz, T.; Zandecka Dziubak, J., 1997:
Micropropagation of Camelina sativa L. plants in in vitro culture

Kathiravan, K.; Ignacimuthu, S., 1999:
Micropropagation of Canavalia virosa (Roxb.) Wight & Arn. a medicinal plant

Hosoki, T.; Kimura, D., 1997:
Micropropagation of Centaurea macrocephala Pushk. ex Willd. by shoot-axis splitting

Passamonti, F.; Piccioni, E.; Standardi, A.; Veronesi, F., 1998:
Micropropagation of Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert

Mathai, M.P.; Zachariah, J.C.; Samsudeen, K.; Rema, J.; Babu, K.N.; Ravindran, P.N., 1997:
Micropropagation of Cinnamomum verum (Bercht & Presl.)

Singh, S.; Ray, B.K.; Deka, P.C., 1999:
Micropropagation of Citrus jambhiri cultivar rough lemon

Mohanty, S.; Deka, P.C.; Bhattacharya, S., 1998:
Micropropagation of Citrus sinensis cultivar Musambi

Spanos, K.A.; Pirrie, A.; Woodward, S., 1997:
Micropropagation of Cupressus sempervirens L. and Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (A. Murr.) Par

Anjani Kumar; Kumar, A.S., 1997:
Micropropagation of Duabanga grandiflora

Bhanu Verma; Kant, U., 1996:
Micropropagation of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. through mature nodal explants

Patil, V.; Kuruvinashetti, M.S., 1998:
Micropropagation of Eucalyptus teriticornis using explants from mature and coppice shoots

Naveen Chandra; Yadava, T.P.; Parkash Kumar, 1999:
Micropropagation of F1 hybrid in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern & Coss.)

Thirunavoukkarasu, M.; Debata, B.K., 1998:
Micropropagation of Gmelina arborea Roxb. through axillary bud culture

Malathy, S.; Pai, J.S., 1998:
Micropropagation of Ixora singaporensis (Linn.) - an ornamental shrub

Biasi, L.A.; Passos, I.R. da S.; Pommer, C.V., 1998 :
Micropropagation of Jales grapevine rootstock

Geetha, S.P.; Manjula, C.; John, C.Z.; Minoo, D.; Babu, K.N.; Ravindran, P.N., 1997:
Micropropagation of Kaempferia spp. (K. galanga L. and K. rotunda L.)

Lux, A.; Liskova, D.; Lopez, A.P.neyro; Ruiz Ordonez, J.; Kakoniova, D., 1998:
Micropropagation of Karwinskia parvifolia and the transfer of plants to ex vitro conditions

Quraishi, A.; Koche, V.; Mishra, S.K., 1997:
Micropropagation of Lagerstroemia parviflora through axillary bud culture

Napoles, J.A.; Quintana, M.R.; Ulloa, L.; Moles, A., 1997:
Micropropagation of Macroptilium atropurpureum cv. SE-72 from axillary buds

Sakr, S.S.; E.K.ateeb, M.A.; Abdel Kareim, A.H., 1999:
Micropropagation of Magnolia grandiflora L. through tissue culture technique

Benny Daniel; Shaji John; Soniya, E.V.; Nair, G.M., 1999:
Micropropagation of Naregamia alata W & A - an important medicinal plant

Martinez Pastur, G.; Arena, M., 1997:
Micropropagation of Nothofagus pumilio (Poepp. et Endl.) Krasser

Sasaki, Y., 1996:
Micropropagation of Paulownia sp. at low cost

Mederos, S.; Lopez, I.; Trujillo, I., 1997:
Micropropagation of Pistacia atlantica Desf. rootstock

Susmita Sahoo; Debata, B.K., 1998 :
Micropropagation of Plumbago zeylanica Linn

Lubrano, L., 1994:
Micropropagation of Prunus avium

Saxena, C.; Rout, G.R.; Das, P., 1998:
Micropropagation of Psoralea corylifolia

John, S.; Issac, C.G.; Nair, G.M., 1997:
Micropropagation of Ruta graveolens L. through organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis

A.Wasel, A.S., 1998:
Micropropagation of Salvadora persica L. through tissue culture technique

Arrebola, M.L.; Socorro, O.; Barcelo Munoz, A.; Simon Perez, E.; Pleigo Alfaro, F., 1997:
Micropropagation of Satureja obovata Lag

Stojakowska, A.; Malarz, J.; Kohlmunzer, S., 1999:
Micropropagation of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

Chang, S.H.a; Ho, C.K.en; Tsai, J.Y.n, 1998:
Micropropagation of Taxus mairei seedlings at different ages and recoverability of their plagiotropic shoots

Sardana, J.; Batra, A.; Ajita, 1998:
Micropropagation of Trachyspermum ammi by shoot-tip culture

Chaari Rkhis, A.; Trigui, A.; Drira, N., 1999:
Micropropagation of Tunisian cultivars of olive trees: preliminary results

Singh, S.; Ray, B.K.; Mathew, S.; Buragohain, P.; Gogoi, J.; Gogoi, S.; Sharma, B.K.; Deka, P.C., 1999:
Micropropagation of a few important medicinal plants

Mederos, S.; Martin, C.; Navarro, E.; Ayuso, M.J., 1998:
Micropropagation of a medicinal plant, Plantago major L

Moon HeungKyu; Suk GeneYoung; Kim SunChang, 1997:
Micropropagation of a rare species, Forsythia saxatilis N. through tissue culture

Jordan, A.M.ria; Calvo, M.C.; Segura, J., 1998:
Micropropagation of adult Lavandula dentata plants

Jasrai, Y.T.; Goswami, M.T.; Deshpande, S.R.; Misra, A.; Prathapasenan, G., 1999:
Micropropagation of an ornamental shrub - Mussaenda luteola Linn

Kramarenko, L.A., 1999:
Micropropagation of apricot and field performance of in vitro propagated plants

Vardja, R.; Vardja, T., 1998:
Micropropagation of bisexual Actinidia kolomikta

Romchatngoen, S.; Kachonpadungkitti, Y.; Hisajima, S., 1998:
Micropropagation of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) plant in vitro

Mantovani, N.C.; Franco, E.T.H.; Guerra, M.P.; Hoppe, J.M., 1999:
Micropropagation of caixeta, Didymopanax morototoni (Aubl.) Dcne. et Planch

Montes, S.; Ramirez, L.; Hernandez, M.M.; Santana, N.; Martinez, M.; Lara, D., 1997:
Micropropagation of carnation cultivars (Dianthus caryophyllus L. and Dianthus plumarius L.) through meristem culture

Goudarzi, R.; Majedi, A.; Talaie, A.R.; Mostafavi, M., 1997:
Micropropagation of cherry rootstock (Prunus avium cv. F12/1) by shoot tip culture

Acuna, P.I., 1996:
Micropropagation of cv. 'Maqueno' (Musa AAB) and of the species M. acuminata (AA) and M. balbisiana (BB) at low 6-benzylaminopurine concentrations

Gill, R.I.S.; Gosal, S.S., 1996:
Micropropagation of economically important tropical forest trees

Aziah Mohd Yusoff, 1996:
Micropropagation of endospermum malaccense (sesenduk)

Posada, M.; Ballesteros, N.; Obando, W.; Angarita, A., 1999:
Micropropagation of gerberas from floral buds

Him de Freitez, Y.; Paez de Casares, J., 1997:
Micropropagation of ginger (Zingiber officinale R.) by organogenesis and embryogenesis

Palai, S.K.; Rout, G.R.; Das, P., 1997:
Micropropagation of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) - interaction of growth regulators and culture conditions

Gonzalez Oramas, G.; Trujillo, R.; Darias, R.; Pena Garcia, E., 1996:
Micropropagation of henequen: notes on a technology

Capote, A.; Alonso, J., 1996:
Micropropagation of horticultural species of commercial interest in Cuba. I. Brassica oleraceae var. capitata cv. Hercules and B. rapa L. subsp. pekinensis cv. Verano 6

Capote, A., 1996:
Micropropagation of horticultural species of commercial interest in Cuba. II. Allium cepa L. cv. Caribe-71

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Microsatellites, transposable elements and the X chromosome

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Microscale patterns of plant species distribution, biomass and leaf tissue quality in calcareous grassland

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Microscopic aspects of microbial degradation of plant tissues in the rumen

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Microscopic fungi, mycotoxins and human health

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Microscopic identification of the Chung Shin Whan

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Microscopic identification of the Chinese patent medicine Jeong Wi Dan

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Microscopic investigations of fruit texture

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Microscopic modeling and exergy analysis for deodorization system using soil cover

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Microscopic observation of the decomposition process of leaf sheath of rice straw and colonizing microorganisms during the cultivation period of paddy rice

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Microscopic structure analysis on stress cracks in corn

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Microscopic structure and ultrastructure of Lycium barbarum in salt and mesophytic habitats

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Microscopic study of the wood of Campomanesia guazumaefolia (Camb.) Berg, Myrtaceae

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Microscopical study on dietary habits of Osmia cornuta Latr. in the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains

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Microspore-derived embryos of Brassica napus L. cv. Topas and their conversion

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Microsporidiosis in humans

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Microsporum canis infection of the penis

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Microsporum canis scalp ringworm and its treatment with terbinafine (Lamisil)

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Microsprinklers wet larger soil volume; boost almond yield, tree growth

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Microstructural changes in rabbit organs during Passalurus infection

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Microstructure and functional features of the fast-adapting trichoid sensilla in the honey bee

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Microstructure of the buffalo mammary secretory cells at stages of lactation

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Microstructure of the spermatheca of the queen honey bee, Apis mellifera

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Microtermes in East Africa (Isoptera: Termitidae: Macrotermitinae)

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Microtubule organization during the early development of the parthenogenetic egg of the hymenopteran Muscidifurax uniraptor

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Microtubule organization in germinated pollen of the conifer Picea abies (Norway spruce, Pinaceae)

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Microtubule organization in the differentiating transfer cells of the placenta in Lilium spp

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Microvascular regulation of muscle metabolism

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Microwave application for the control of dried fig moth

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Microwave assisted synthesis and antifungal activity of 1,2,4-triazine, 1,2,4-triazole, tetrazole and pyrazole derivatives

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Microwave curing of adhesives and application with respect to the furniture industry

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Microwave density and concentration measurement for process control in the sugar industry

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Microwave drying of spruce: moisture content, temperature, and heat energy distribution

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Microwave enhancement of sucrose crystal growth

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Microwave extraction of the aerial parts of Zygophyllum gaetulum

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Microwave heating influences on fatty acid distributions of triacylglycerols and phospholipids in hypocotyl of soybeans (Glycine max L.)

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Microwave in-line density and concentration measurement

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Microwave measurement in sugar manufacturing

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Microwave processing of maple sap

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Microwave remote sensing and GIS for monitoring surface soil moisture and estimation of soil properties

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Microwave remote sensing of boreal forests under different seasonal conditions

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Mid-early cultivation of tomato. Which cultivars are good: harvested loose and as trusses?

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Mid-parent advantage and heterosis in F1 hybrids of wheat from crosses among old and modern varieties

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Mid-season stalk breakage in corn: hybrid and environmental factors

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Mid-term limits to the encroachment of prickly burnet (Sarcopoterium spinosum) on P deficient terra rossa soil

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Middle East will remain major importer

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Milchunion group turnover of DM 1 billion expected for 1996

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Milchwerke Koln/Wuppertal wants to join forces with Campina Melkunie

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Milichiidae and Carnidae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) from the Arabian Peninsula

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Military bases step up recycling projects

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Milk 2000 - a nutrition policy platform

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Milk Expected Progeny Difference and its effect on milk production and calf performance in first calf heifers from Angus and Polled Hereford sires

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Milk content is second-rate

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Milk contents have increased

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Milk and milk products from organic farms - a growing market

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Milk and plasma alpha -tocopherol concentrations during clinical Escherichia coli mastitis

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Milk at sea

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Milk beverages give milk a younger image

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Milk by association

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Milk calcium for natural enrichment of dairy products

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Milk coagulants: the status quo

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Milk collection. Efficiency means bigger vehicles

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Milk components in traditional products and in new food formulations

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Milk composition and its macroeconomic impact

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Milk fat and its fractions

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Milk fat conjugated linoleic acid: can it help prevent breast cancer?

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Milk for cheese factories: standardization and processing

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Milk for grandchildren - a theme for parents and nutritional advisers

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Milk for schools also has to be marketed

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Milk freezing. Methods and costing

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Milk from Baden-Wurttemberg confirms to diet regulations

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Milk from pasture is possible!

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Milk hygiene and milk safety in European and international markets

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Milk in India

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Milk in short supply

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Milk intake and bone mass - is there any connection?

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Milk intolerance. Origins, symptoms and therapy

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Milk is Bavaria's most important agricultural product

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Milk is getting onto the screen

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Milk is in danger in Lithuania

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Milk marketing

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Milk marketing in north-west Uttar Pradesh and the role of cooperative: a temporal analysis

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Milk marketing policy, milk quality and quality management

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Milk marketing: back to basics

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Milk metabolic profiles in dairy cows and fertility

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Milk meters - an important piece of dairy equipment

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Milk money: how dairy cooperatives impact farm-level milk prices

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Milk must keep its natural image

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Milk offers dietary calcium in best available form

Anonymous, 1997:
Milk often travels a long way in Germany as well

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Milk on track for success

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Milk packaging: the bottle advances its pawns

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Milk payment according to individual components, 5 years on

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Milk payments moving towards the European average

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Milk payments: a price, prices, which price?

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Milk payments: where do the results of analysis come from?

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Milk powder in chocolate

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Milk precipitate sample

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Milk prices in Switzerland must decrease - but by how much?

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Milk processing and the homogenization of milk

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Milk processing on farms - areas where problems linked to hygiene arise

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Milk processing plants: optimizing small ventures

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Milk producers in East Germany are close to exhausting their quotas

Anonymous, 1998:
Milk producers remain on course for further expansion

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Milk product consumption improves dental health

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Milk production and processing in Croatia

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Milk production and quality in Asia

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Milk production and the dairy industry in Argentina development, current situation and future prospects

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Milk production around Bujumbura

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Milk production as affected by nature and level of dietary lipids

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Milk production becomes difficult

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Milk production costs

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Milk production efficiency of crossbred cattle at ten years of age

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Milk production feed with increased energy content under trial

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Milk production from different pastures: Taranaki experiences

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Milk production greater than expected with triticale silage

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Milk production in Arizona

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Milk production in New Zealand. Cost control using integrated pasture systems

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Milk production in New Zealand: a model for Switzerland?

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Milk production in mountain areas

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Milk production in relation to variation in size and shape of udder in swamp buffaloes

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Milk production in the highlands of Ethiopia: a vital activity for a great number of small farmers

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Milk production in three pastures of the Amazon piedmont of Caqueta, Colombia

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Milk production of a crossbred herd in a dry tropical forest zone

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Milk production of daughters of bulls in herds with different levels of dairy performance

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Milk production of goats in the Curimatau (Paraiba, Brazil) during lactation

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Milk production of imported Fleckvieh cows

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Milk production quotas after the year 2000 - what will the consequences be for dairy farms?

Anonymous, 1997:
Milk production quotas reduce opportunities

Anonymous, 1997:
Milk production quotas run the risk of reducing competitivity

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Milk production response to replacement of carbohydrate with lipid and the addition of ruminally protected protein

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Milk production responses to turnips fed to dairy cows in mid lactation

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Milk production systems from small ruminants

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Milk production, milk quality and reproduction of dairy cow in freestall housing

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Milk production, processing and marketing to improve the nutrition and income generating capacity of rural households in Zimbabwe

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Milk production, serum concentrations of thyroxine and some physiological responses of Saanen-native goats during thermal stress

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Milk production. Cutting costs with cleaning in compartments

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Milk production. Is Quebec falling behind?

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Milk productivity of first calvers with inclusion of sodium thiosulfate into a ration with high levels of nitrates

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Milk products and inflation

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Milk products and their chances of success

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Milk products doing well in supermarkets and hypermarkets

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Milk products in Poland. Results of a market survey

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Milk products on a large scale. The client and the turnover are king

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Milk products with character. The Muller dairy factory: new varieties in the rice pudding product range

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Milk products. Careful fruit processing. Control of fruit concentrations during fruit processing

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Milk products: very moderate changes

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Milk products: what are the winning strategies?

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Milk progesterone concentrations at selected times following oestrus and insemination in relation to the success of pregnancy establishment

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Milk progesterone concentrations using enzyme immunoassay

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Milk progesterone monitoring of suckler cow fertility

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Milk protein as a selection trait in Bulgarian Simmental cattle

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Milk protein polymorphism and genetic structure of Croatian Simmental cattle

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Milk protein polymorphism and relation between milk production traits

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Milk protein polymorphism in Black-and-White cows from chosen regions in Poland and Lithuania

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Milk protein standardization. Brussels is 50 years late

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Milk protein: know more, do better

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Milk proteins improve the keeping quality of long-life cream products

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Milk proteins. Now is the time for the minor components

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Milk qualification in Beaufort cheese system: advice for livestock farming systems

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Milk quality - matching the markets

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Milk quality after the use of milking robots requires attention

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Milk quality as a factor in competitiveness

Anonymous, 1996:
Milk quality in Baden-Wurttemberg is suitable for manufacture of infant formulae

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Milk quality in Spain

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Milk quality in dairy ewes at the end of lactation

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Milk quality on Mercator Kmetijsko gospodarstvo Kocevje farms regarding EU standards

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Milk quality: new services in dairy farming. Resolution of problems related to clinical mastitis and milk cell count. Part 2

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Milk quality: variations in major and minor milk components

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Milk quota leasing in 1996-97

Anonymous, 1999:
Milk quota regulations

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Milk quotas market and land market in three countries of European Union

Anonymous, 1999:
Milk quotas: Bill for reform of the regulations

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Milk quotas: a political mistake?

Comegna, E., 1999:
Milk quotas: nine million quintals to be distributed

Anonymous, 1998:
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