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Modeling variable density flow and solute transport in porous medium: 1. Numerical model and verification

Ackerer, P.H.; Younes, A.; Mose, R.

Transport in Porous Media 35(3): 345-373


ISSN/ISBN: 0169-3913
DOI: 10.1023/a:1006564309167
Accession: 003203270

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A new numerical model for the resolution of density coupled flow and transport in porous media is presented. The model was based on the mixed hybrid finite elements (MHFE) and discontinuous finite elements (DFE) methods. MHFE was used to solve the flow equation and the dispersive part of the transport equation. This method was more accurate in the calculation of velocities and ensured continuity of fluxes from one element to the adjacent one. DFE was used to solve the convective part of the transport equation. Combined with a slope limiting procedure, it avoided numerical instabilities and created a limited numerical dispersion, even for high grid Peclet number. Flow and transport equations were coupled by a standard iterative scheme.

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