Section 4
Chapter 3,210

N2 fixation in different varieties of Vicia faba L. and Pisum sativum L. during pod-filling

Schulze, J.; Kupietz, A.; Merbach, W.

Agribiological Research 51(3): 261-269


Accession: 003209264

A pot trial was conducted under greenhouse conditions to investigate the differences between Vicia faba Erfano and Fribo and Pisum sativum Renata, Grapis, Erbi, Binar, Nadja and subtropical varieties F and G in terms of pod-filling using fixed N2. Lower leaf death rate, root nodule number and the percentage of N2 fixed during pod-filling of the total amount of N2 fixed, were determined. Erfano and Fribo fixed ~75 % of the total amount of fixed N during pod-filling.

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