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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3211

Chapter 3211 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Haslam, E., 1996:
Natural polyphenols (vegetable tannins) as drugs: possible modes of action

Marchetti, L.; D.A.lerio, A.Z., 1999:
Natural products against powdery mildew of Lagerstroemia indica

D.A.lerio, A.Z.; Zambonelli, A.; Bianchi, A.; Catellani, P.L.; Biffi, S., 1998:
Natural products against rusts of mint and tarragon

Paper, D.H., 1999:
Natural products as angiogenesis inhibitors

Suryakala, S.S.Thakur, 1997:
Natural products as insect growth regulators

Duke, S.O.; Dayan, F.E.; Hernandez, A.; Duke, M.V.; Abbas, H.K., 1997:
Natural products as leads for new herbicide modes of action

Mahidol, C.; Prawat, H.; Ruchirawat, S., 1997:
Natural products for the improvement of the quality of life

Connolly, J.D., 1997:
Natural products from around the world

D.A.lerio, A.Z.; Zambonelli, A.; Bianchi, A., 1996:
Natural products in the protection of medicinal plants

Montes Belmont, R., 1996:
Natural products of vegetable origin to control plant pathogens

Seyedi Rashti, M.A.; Agh Atabay, M.D.; Mohebali, M., 1994:
Natural promastigote infection of Sergentomyia sintoni, its seasonal variation and reservoir host in Turkemen Sahara, Iran

Mareggiani, G.; Gorosito, N.; Zipeto, G., 1998:
Natural protection of pepper (Capsicum annuum cv. California wonder) against Meloidogyne incognita (Nematoda, Meloidogynidae)

Edberg, S.C.; LeClerc, H.; Robertson, J., 1997:
Natural protection of spring and well drinking water against surface microbial contamination. II. Indicators and monitoring parameters for parasites

Trapman, M.; Boerties, B., 1999:
Natural pyrethrin is suitable for biological and integrated fruit production

Noorddin Ibrahim, 1997:
Natural radioactivity in fertilizers

Tempesta, M.; Buonavoglia, D.; Sagazio, P.; Pratelli, A.; Buonavoglia, C., 1998:
Natural reactivation of caprine herpesvirus 1 in latently infected goats

Shearer, R.; Schmidt, J., 1999:
Natural regeneration after harvest and residue treatment in a mixed conifer forest of northwestern Montana

Keeland, B.D.; Conner, W.H., 1999:
Natural regeneration and growth of Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich. in Lake Chicot, Louisiana after 44 years of flooding

Huda, M.K.; Islam, A.S.M.T.; Chowdhury, M.A.M., 1997 :
Natural regeneration and stand composition of regenerated garjan (Dipterocarpus turbinatus Gaertn) seedlings in Dulahazara Garjan Forest, Cox's Bazar

Arce, A.A., 1996:
Natural regeneration by activation of rhizome buds of the bamboo Guadua angustifolia Kunt

Ferguson, D.E., 1994:
Natural regeneration following timber harvests in interior cedar-hemlock-white pine forests

Chatziphilippidis, G.; Grigoriadis, N., 1996:
Natural regeneration in Quercus frainetto Kit. coppices

Dupuy, B.; Bertault, J.G.; Doumbia, F.; Diahuissie, A.; Brevet, R.; Miezan, K., 1997:
Natural regeneration in closed production forest in Cote-d'Ivoire

Onaindia, M.; Amezaga, I., 1999:
Natural regeneration in salt marshes of northern Spain

Mariano, G.; Crestana, C. de S.M.; Batista, E.A.; Giannotti, E.; Couto, H.T.Z. do, 1998:
Natural regeneration in the area of the dam banks, in the municipality of Piracicaba, SP

Paxton, D., 1998:
Natural regeneration of Sequoia sempervirens at the Cliveden Estate, Buckinghamshire

Chollet, F., 1997:
Natural regeneration of beech

Chaverri, A.; Zamora, N.; Aguilar, V.; Gutierrez, J., 1998:
Natural regeneration of broadleaved native species and cypress (Cupressus lusitanica) in the understorey of a cypress plantation in San Jose de la Montana. Heredia, Costa Rica

Durigan, G.; Franco, G.A.D.C.; Pastore, J.A.; Aguiar, O.T. de, 1997:
Natural regeneration of cerrado vegetation under Eucalyptus citriodora forest

Symons, E.S., 1996:
Natural regeneration of hardwood and softwood tree species following full-tree harvesting in northwestern Ontario

Laporte, M., 1998:
Natural regeneration of oak in forests undergoing conversion

Wenzel, M.; Hampel, H., 1998:
Natural regeneration of the most important tree species of the Argentine humid Chaco

Pantera, A.; Gouvelou, D.; Tsogas, A., 1999:
Natural regeneration of valonia oak (Quercus macrolepis) in Arta, western Greece

Kovacevic, M., 1999:
Natural regeneration of wood and macchia on the burned surfaces in Trsteno Arboretum

Mai, W., 1998:
Natural regeneration on rotten wood

Dei Amoah, C., 1996:
Natural regeneration on skidtrails 20 years after logging in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Silva, J.A. da; Salomao, A.N.; Martins Netto, D.A., 1998:
Natural regeneration under Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Kuntze forest in the Genetic Reserve of Cacador-SC

Huff, D.E.; Varley, J.D., 1999:
Natural regulation in Yellowstone National Park's northern range

Piekarska Boniecka, H., 1996:
Natural regulation of the apple blossom weevil (Anthonomus pomorum L.) by parasitoids of the family Ichneumonidae in the environs of Poznan

Malmer, A.; Johansson, E.; Kluge, M., 1998:
Natural rehabilitation of disturbed tropical rainforest soils in Sabah, Malaysia

Subikova, V.; Bojnansky, V., 1998:
Natural reservoirs of beet necrotic yellow vein furovirus (BNYVV)

Charan Singh, 1998:
Natural resistance in poplar against Eucosma glaciata, Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Eucosmidae)

Kasatkin, V.S.; Gerasimova, O.V.; Gorbunova, N.Y.; Kuchin, N.N., 1995:
Natural resistance of broiler chickens, fattened using MiBAS-K, and the veterinary and hygienic evaluation of their meat

Stoyanchev, T.; Sotirov, L.; Iotova, I.; Uzunova, K., 1997:
Natural resistance peculiarities in broiler chicken of different blood-group genotypes raised in batteries and on hard floor

Spaeth, K.E.; Pellant, M.; Shaver, P., 1999:
Natural resource inventory on BLM lands in Colorado: an analysis of rangeland health

Lane, C.; Zecchin, F., 1999:
Natural resource management and land alienation among the Barabaig pastoralists

Giles, R.H.Jr, 1998:
Natural resource management tomorrow: four currents, W.F.; Baquete, D.S., 1998:
Natural resource use, crop damage and attitudes of rural people in the vicinity of the Maputo Elephant Reserve, Mozambique

Jenicek, V., 1996:
Natural resources and sustainable agriculture

Jenicek, V., 1999:
Natural resources and sustainable development

Anonymous, 1998:
Natural resources and their use

Brown, R.D., 1999:
Natural resources challenges for land grant colleges of agriculture in the 21st century

Pimenova, M.E.; Fedorova, A.I.; Belousova, M.Y., 1998:
Natural resources of Patrinia intermedia (Hornem.) Roem. et Schult. in the Altai region and levels of heavy metals in its roots

Fulhorst, C.F.; Bowen, M.D.; Salas, R.A.; Duno, G.; Utrera, A.; Ksiazek, T.G.; D.M.nzione, N.M.; D.M.ller, E.; Vasquez, C.; Peters, C.J.; Tesh, R.B., 1999:
Natural rodent host associations of Guanarito and pirital viruses (Family Arenaviridae) in central Venezuela

Hassanein, E.E.; Fayad, Y.H.; Shalaby, F.F.; Kkolosy, A.S., 1998:
Natural role of Phytomyza orobanchia Kalt., a beneficial fly against the parasitic weeds Orobanche spp. infesting legumes and carrots in Egypt

Harilal, K.N.; Joseph, K.J., 1998:
Natural rubber: perils of policy

O.Neil, P., 1997:
Natural selection on genetically correlated phenological characters in Lythrum salicaria L. (Lythraceae)

Comeron, J.M.; Kreitman, M.; Aguadé, M., 1999 :
Natural selection on synonymous sites is correlated with gene length and recombination in Drosophila

Mojonnier, L., 1998:
Natural selection on two seed-size traits in the common morning glory Ipomoea purpurea (Convolvulaceae): patterns and evolutionary consequences

Anonymous, 1996:
Natural silviculture, for an equilibrium between economics and conservation

Hill, R.A., 1996:
Natural solutions

Commissati, I., 1997:
Natural sources of benzoic acid in yoghurt

Grigaliunaite, B.; Kuklyte, R., 1995:
Natural sources of infection of Agaricus bisporus (Lge.) Sing

Dicenta, F.; Garcia Brunton, J.; Botella, M.A.; Perez Campoy, P.J.; Martinez Gomez, P., 1999:
Natural spread of sharka disease in fruit tree orchards in Murcia (Spain)

Dupuy, B.; Madron, L.D. de; Petrucci, Y., 1998:
Natural stand silviculture in African closed rain forest. Facts, figures and recommendations

Matic, S.; Osanic, M.; Anic, I., 1996:
Natural stands of poplars and willows in present ecological and economic circumstances in Croatia

Behrendt, C.; Cvetan, D., 1997:
Natural succession

Nyeki, J.; Soltesz, M.; Ivancsics, J., 1998:
Natural tendency to parthenocarpy of pear varieties in Hungary

Jain, J.K.; Virendra Narayan, 1998:
Natural termite resistance of different timber species in termite mound tests vis-a-vis grave-yard tests

Walle, R.; Sims, B., 1998:
Natural terrace formation through vegetative barriers on hillside farms in Honduras

Abd E.G.ani, S.; Sayed, A.F., 1997:
Natural thiocyanate content and optimum conditions for activation of lactoperoxidase system in raw buffalo milk

Qi, G.H.i; Sim, J.S., 1998:
Natural tocopherol enrichment and its effect in n-3 fatty acid modified chicken eggs

Pokorny, J., 1997:
Natural toxic substances in foods

Perez Arquillue, C.; Jimeno Benito, F., 1997:
Natural toxins in honey

Nielsen, K.M.; van Weerelt, M.D.; Berg, T.N.; Bones, A.M.; Hagler, A.N.; van Elsas, J.D., 1997:
Natural transformation and availability of transforming DNA to Acinetobacter calcoaceticus in soil microcosms

Fillbrandt, T., 1998:
Natural tree communities as a model for tree island plantations

Arlt, K.; Eggers, T., 1997:
Natural vegetation - weed vegetation

Boulard, T.L.mrani, M.; Roy, J.; Jaffrin, A.B.uirden, L., 1998:
Natural ventilation by thermal effect in a one-half scale model mono-span greenhouse

Wang, S.; Deltour, J.M., 1997:
Natural ventilation induced airflow patterns measured by an ultrasonic anemometer in venlo-type greenhouse openings

Barrington, S., 1997:
Natural ventilation of housing. Using a cold building for housing the dairy herd

Archbold, D.D.; Hamilton Kemp, T.R.; Langlois, B.E.; Barth, M.M., 1997:
Natural volatile compounds control Botrytis on strawberry fruit

Pitta, P.; Karakassis, I.; Tsapakis, M.; Zivanovic, S., 1999:
Natural vs. mariculture induced variability in nutrients and plankton in the eastern Mediterranean

Neviani, E.; Gatti, M.; Mucchetti, G.; Addeo, F., 1998:
Natural whey starter for Grana cheese

Burtin, P.; Jay Allemand, C.; Charpentier, J.P.; Janin, G., 1998:
Natural wood colouring process in Juglans sp. (J. nigra, J. regia and hybrid J. nigra 23 x J. regia) depends on native phenolic compounds accumulated in the transition zone between sapwood and heartwood

Koscik, B.; Kowalczyk Jusko, A., 1998:
Natural, organizational and financial factors influencing oilseed rape production in south-eastern Poland

Yetter, A.P.; Havera, S.P.; Hine, C.S., 1999:
Natural-cavity use by nesting wood ducks in Illinois

Springer, A.E.; Bair, E.S., 1998:
Natural-gradient transport of bromide, atrazine, and alachlor in an organic carbon-rich aquifer

Tringali, L.; Gonzalez, N.; Andreoli, Y., 1997:
Naturalization and saprophytic survival of two strains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum in Argiudolls from Balcarce

Sparks, R.E.; Nelson, J.C.; Yin Yao, 1998:
Naturalization of the flood regime in regulated rivers. The case of the upper Mississippi River

Franklin, A., 1998:
Naturalizing sports: hunting and angling in modern environments

Crouse, G.D.; Sparks, T.C., 1998:
Naturally derived materials as products and leads for insect control: the spinosyns

Eckhoff, G.A.; Mann, P.; Gaillard, E.T.; Dykstra, M.J.; Swanson, G.L., 1998:
Naturally developing virus-induced lethal pneumonia in two guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)

Edmunds, W.M.; Gaye, C.B., 1997:
Naturally high nitrate concentrations in groundwaters from the Sahel

Goverse, A.; Rouppe van der Voort, J.; Roppe van der Voort, C.; Kavelaars, A.; Smant, G.; Schots, A.; Bakker, J.; Helder, J., 1999:
Naturally induced secretions of the potato cyst nematode co-stimulate the proliferation of both tobacco leaf protoplasts and human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Delorme, A., 1999:
Naturally managed forestry and its impact on timber utilization

A.Hazimi, H.M.A., 1999:
Naturally occuring catechins and epicatechins

Luscher, M.A.; Choy, G.; Njagi, E.; Bwayo, J.J.; Anzala, A.O.; Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Ball, T.B.; Wade, J.A.; Plummer, F.A.; Barber, B.H.; MacDonald, K.S., 1998:
Naturally occurring IgG anti-HLA alloantibody does not correlate with HIV type 1 resistance in Nairobi prostitutes

Ikegami, T.; Shirota, K.; Une, Y.; Nomura, Y.; Wada, Y.; Goto, K.; Takakura, A.; Itoh, T.; Fujiwara, K., 1999:
Naturally occurring Tyzzer's disease in a calf

Siddiqui, A.A.; Khan, S.A.; Ansari, S.H.; Sharma, P.K., 1998:
Naturally occurring antimalarial compounds

Duncan, R.B.; Patton, S., 1998:
Naturally occurring cerebrospinal parelaphostrongylosis in a heifer

Munoz; Castillejo; Caballero, 1998:
Naturally occurring deletion mutants are parasitic genotypes in a wild-type nucleopolyhedrovirus population of spodoptera exigua

Heras, M. de las; Minguijon, E.; Ferrer, L.M.; Ortin, A.; Dewar, P.; Cebrian, L.M.; Pascual, Z.; Garcia, L.; Garcia de Jalon, J.A.; Sharp, J.M., 1998:
Naturally occurring enzootic nasal tumor of sheep in Spain: pathology and associated retrovirus

Kocan, A.A.; Breshears, M.; Cummings, C.; Panciera, R.J.; Ewing, S.A.; Barker, R.W., 1999:
Naturally occurring hepatozoonosis in coyotes from Oklahoma

Estable, M.C.; Bell, B.; Hirst, M.; Sadowski, I., 1998:
Naturally occurring human immunodeficiency virus type 1 long terminal repeats have a frequently observed duplication that binds RBF-2 and represses transcription

Gulmahamad, Hanif, 1997:
Naturally occurring infestations of drywood termites in books

Mandal, S.; Jain, R.; Mukhopadhyay, S., 1998:
Naturally occurring iridoids with pharmacological activity

A.H.zimi, H.M.G.; A.K.athlan, H.Z., 1997 :
Naturally occurring non-alkaloidal phenanthrenes

Tzora, A.; Fthenakis, G.C.; Linde, K., 1999:
Naturally occurring or experimentally induced subclinical ovine mastitis associated with Listeria monocytogenes

Shushpannikova, G.S.; Ovchinnikova, A.A., 1998:
Naturally-occurring resources of selected species of medicinal plants in the Usinsk region of the Komi Republic

Chen XiuHua; Grant, L.A., 1995:
Nature SealReg. delays yellowing of lemons

Samresh Dwivedi; Maneesha Singh; Singh, A.P.; Sharma, S.; Uniyal, G.C.; Sushil Kumar, 1999:
Nature and degree of association among some important morphological traits in periwinkle Catharanthus roseus

Saini, R.G.; Bansal, M.; Gupta, A.K., 1999:
Nature and inheritance of leaf rust resistance from three wheat cultivars

Amarnath, S.; Murthy, N.S., 1997:
Nature and magnitude of heterosis in intra-type crosses of chewing tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Chauhan, L.; Thakur, D.S., 1998:
Nature and magnitude of household indebtedness in Himachal Pradesh: an empirical investigation

Raina, S.N.; Srivastav, P.K., 1997:
Nature and origin of tetraploid Tephrosia purpurea and T. pumila, and cytomorphology of colchicine induced octoploidy

Ram, B.; Hemaprabha, G., 1998:
Nature and pattern of genetic divergence of sugar yield and its components in progenies of Saccharum robustum

Ram, B.; Hemaprabha, G., 1998:
Nature and pattern of genetic divergence of sugar yield and its components in the progenies of Saccharum barberi

Baur, P., 1999:
Nature conservation - from a casual agricultural by-product to an intended service

Oettingen Spielberg, A. zu; Schilcher, F. von, 1998:
Nature conservation and forests in Germany

Lerch, A., 1999:
Nature conservation and leisure activities - economic considerations with respect to conflicts associated with off-road motor-cycling sports

Rune, F.; Gamborg, C.; Gjerde, I.; Gustafsson, L.; Haveraaen, O.; Heding, N., 1999:
Nature conservation in forestry: intended results. A SNS project

Sutherland, Bonnie, 1997:
Nature conservation on private land in Nova Scotia

Schulze, H., 1998:
Nature conservation through ecotourism development - a case study of a village in the Lower Kinabatangan Area, Sabah

Neve, P.; Putwain, P.D.; Mortimer, A.M.; Woodcock, G.L., 1998:
Nature conservation, set-aside and arable farming: current constraints and future prospects

Salo, K., 1997:
Nature of Koli National Park

Kumar, K., 1997:
Nature of acidity and its relation with lime requirement of some acid soils of Manipur hills

Jha, S.K.; Awasthi, L.P.; Maurya, D.M., 1998:
Nature of association among some quantitative traits in wild rice

Prasad, S.G.; Nagaraja, T.E.; Seetharam, A., 1997:
Nature of association among yield attributes in USSR and Indian proso millets

Puget, P.A.gers, D.; Chenu, C., 1999:
Nature of carbohydrates associated with water-stable aggregates of two cultivated soils

Prasad Kumar; Divakar, B.N.; Hegde, N.K.; Ganigara, B.S., 1998:
Nature of damage and efficacy of insecticides against mealybug, Ferrisia virgata (Ckll.) on black pepper cuttings

Prasad Kumar; Joshi, V.R.; Mutnal, S.M.; Hegde, V.K., 1996:
Nature of damage, seasonal incidence and chemical control of sapota stem-borer, Plocaederus humeralis (Coleoptera : Cerambycidae)

Prasad Kumar; Joshi, V.R.; Mutnal, S.M.; Hegde, H.G., 1996:
Nature of damage, seasonal incidence and chemical control of turmeric shoot borer, Lamprosema charesalis (Walker) (Lepidoptera Pyraustidae)

Iwata, R.; Yamada, F.; Kato, H.; Makihara, H.; Araya, K.; Ashida, H.; Takeda, M., 1997:
Nature of galleries, durability of boring scars, and density of Xylotrechus villioni (Villard) larvae (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), on coniferous tree trunks

Patil, S.A.; Konda, C.R.; Patil, A.B.; Salimath, P.M.; Chetti, M.B., 1997:
Nature of gene action for total dry matter accumulation in cotton

Sharma, S.R.; Phul, P.S.; Raheja, R.K.; Ahuja, K.L., 1997:
Nature of gene effects for fatty acids in soybean

Kaur, S.; Singh, P.; Gupta, V.P., 1998:
Nature of gene effects in Brassica napus

Mandal, N.; Roy, K.; Gupta, S., 1998:
Nature of genetic control of submergence tolerance in rice

Chakraborti, K.; Sen, S.K.; Mallick, A.K., 1998:
Nature of horticultural information communication in Bengali dailies

Singha, K.D.; Bhattacharyya, H.C.; Pathak, A.K., 1996:
Nature of perpetuation of sheath rot (Sarocladium oryzae) in rice seeds and its control

Zhang, T.Q.; Mackenzie, A.F.; Sauriol, F., 1999:
Nature of soil organic phosphorus as affected by long-term fertilization under continuous corn (Zea mays L.): a 31P NMR study

Inderjit ; Foy, C.L., 1999:
Nature of the interference mechanism of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

Duff, M.C.; Amrhein, C.; Bradford, G., 1997:
Nature of uranium contamination in the agricultural drainage water evaporation ponds of the San Joaquin Valley, California, USA

Shinkarev, A.A.; Mel' nikov, L.V.; Zainullin, T.E., 1999:
Nature of water stability of aggregates from humus horizon of dark gray forest soil

Py, A., 1997:
Nature protection on military land

Tigerstedt, Peter M.A., 1997:
Nature reserves as key areas of integrated ecological research

Paasman, J.; Jans, R.; Schaap, W.; Jagt, J. van der, 1997:
Nature survey 1997, an evaluation of forest policy

Naylor, R.L.; Goldburg, R.J.; Mooney, H.; Beveridge, M.; Clay, J.; Folke, C.; Kautsky, N.; Lubchenco, J.; Primavera, J.; Williams, M., 1998:
Nature's subsidies to shrimp and salmon farming

Epstein, G., 1999:
Nature, economics, and problem areas of purchasing and installing used process equipment

Herring, R., 1999:
Nature, state and market: implementing international regimes in India

Broek, M. van den, 1997:
Nature-based activity travel and its potential to the eastern part of Europe a case study of Slovenia

Klenosky, D.B.; Frauman, E.; Norman, W.C.; Gengler, C.E., 1998:
Nature-based tourists' use of interpretive services: a means-end investigation

McIntyre, N.; Roggenbuck, J.W., 1998:
Nature/person transactions during an outdoor adventure experience: a multi-phasic analysis

Anonymous, 1998:
Naturicum - caring about species and genes

Morah, F.M.; Etim, I.C., 1997:
Nauclea latifolia fruit as a potential feed for livestock

Lopez, F.; Hancock, E.W., 1997:
Nausea and malaise during treatment of coccidioidomycosis

Chaspoul, C., 1998:
Nausicaa's great leap

Sun GuiChun, 1998:
Navel orange cultural techniques in Japan

Shellie, K.C.; Mangan, R.L., 1998:
Navel orange tolerance to heat treatments for disinfesting Mexican fruit fly

Connell, J.H.; Zalom, F.G.; Bentley, W.J., 1998:
Navel orangeworm control in almond with Bacillus thuringiensis

Matsuo, Y.; Yukumoto, O.; Noguchi, N., 1998:
Navigation systems and work performance of tillage robot

Zamotajlov, A.S., 1998:
Naxipenetretus, a new genus of the subfamily Patrobinae (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from China and its composition

E.Fattal, L., 1998:
Near East

Patel, R.G.; Byrd, M.A., 1999:
Near fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome in a patient with human ehrlichiosis

Browne, G.J., 1997:
Near fatal envenomation from the funnel-web spider in an infant

Kalantar-Zadeh, K.; Dunne, E.; Nixon, K.; Kahn, K.; Lee, G.H.; Kleiner, M.; Luft, F.C., 1999:
Near infra-red interactance for nutritional assessment of dialysis patients

Meyer, J.H., 1998 :
Near infra-red spectroscopy (NIRS) research in the South African sugar industry

Czarnik Matusewicz, H.; Korniewicz, A., 1999:
Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) in feed and animal origin product analysis. I. Instrumentation and principles of NIRS analysis

O.M.hony, M.J.; Ward, S.M.; Lynch, L., 1998:
Near infrared sensors (NIR) for peat moisture determination

Son, Y.K.o; Kim, S.Y.ol; Hwang, J.J.n; Kim, S.L.m, 1996:
Near infrared spectrophotometry for nondestructive measurement of moisture content in vegetable corn

Berardo, N.; Boccardi, F.; Piccinini, E.; Ursino, A.; Odoardi, M., 1997:
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for qualitative analysis of forage

Sorensen, F.C.; Campbell, R.K., 1997:
Near neighbor pollination and plant vigor in coastal Douglas-fir

Maathuis, B.H.P.; Timmermans, W.J.; Meijerink, A.M.J., 1999:
Near real-time assessment of the June 1996 flash-floods in Central Yemen

Buice, R.G.; Cassis, L.A.; Lodder, R.A., 1998:
Near-IR and IR imaging in lipid metabolism and obesity

Stafford, J.V.; Bolam, H.C., 1999:
Near-ground and aerial radiometry imaging for assessing spatial variability in crop condition

Saranga, Y.; Landa, A.; Shekel, Y.; Bosak, A.; Kafkafi, U., 1998:
Near-infrared analysis of cotton leaves as a guide for nitrogen fertilization

Horner, T.B.; Marks, B.P.; Meullenet, J.F., 1999:
Near-infrared prediction of functional characteristics of milled rice

Park, B.; Chen, Y.R.; Hruschka, W.R.; Shackelford, S.D.; Koohmaraie, M., 1998:
Near-infrared reflectance analysis for predicting beef longissimus tenderness

Dijkhuizen, A.; Dudley, J.W.; Rocheford, T.R.; Haken, A.E.; Eckhoff, S.R., 1998:
Near-infrared reflectance correlated to 100-g wet-milling analysis in maize

Kempen, T.A.T.G. van; Simmins, P.H., 1997:
Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy in precision feed formulation

Lorimor, J.; Millmier, A.; Hurburgh, C.J.; Fulhage, C.; Hattey, J.; Zhang, H., 1999:
Near-infrared sensing of manure nutrients

Peiris, K.H.S.; Dull, G.G.; Leffler, R.G.; Kays, S.J., 1998:
Near-infrared spectrometric method for nondestructive determination of soluble solids content of peaches

Seefeldt, S.; Ogg, A.J.; Hou, Y., 1999:
Near-isogenic lines for Triticum aestivum height and crop competitiveness

Koval' , S.F., 1999:
Near-isogenic lines of spring common wheat Novosibirskaya 67 marked with short and long glume

Kopp, D., 1998:
Near-natural forestry and site reconnaissance

Derksen, R.C.; Krause, C.R.; Fox, R.D.; Brazee, R.D., 1998:
Near-row fate of air curtain and orchard sprayer nursery crop applications

Hang, A.; Burton, C.S.; Satterfield, K., 1998:
Nearly compensating diploids involving chromosome 6 (6H) in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Serce, S.N.vazio, J.; Gokce, A.; Staub, J., 1999:
Nearly isogenic cucumber genotypes differing in leaf size and plant habit exhibit differential response to water stress

Manent, S.; Rozenkrantz, M., 1999:
Nebulization in sport horses

Bukhalid, R.A.; Chung, S.Y.; Loria, R., 1998:
nec1, a gene conferring a necrogenic phenotype, is conserved in plant-pathogenic Streptomyces spp. and linked to a transposase pseudogene

Kuznetsov, V.M., 1997:
Necessary accuracy for dimensional adjustment of paired saws with programmed control

Wilkins, H.F.; Erwin, J.E., 1998:
Necessary considerations to introduce a new taxa

Reyes Rodriguez, M.B.; Dominguez, E.R.; Gonzalez Suarez, E.; Esquerra Roque, Y., 1997:
Necessity and prospects of sugar industry diversification in Cuba

Back, A.J., 1998:
Necessity for irrigation in maize crops in the southern littoral of Santa Catarina

Gantet, P.; Imbault, N.; Thiersault, M.; Doireau, P., 1998:
Necessity of a functional octadecanoic pathway for indole alkaloid synthesis by Catharanthus roseus cell suspensions cultured in an auxin-starved medium

Teshima, S.I.hi; Ishikawa, M.; Koshio, S.; Kanazawa, A., 1997:
Necessity of dietary cholesterol for the freshwater prawn

Hartmann, S.; Steinhart, H., 1997:
Necessity of enzymatic hydrolysis in steroid hormone analysis of beef

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Netherlands: birth of a giant

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Network for integrated research to improve durum wheat productivity in the Mediterranean region

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Network for poultry production and health in developing countries

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Network impact and scientific advances in cassava biotechnology

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Network management and information dissemination for agrotechnology transfer

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Network programme on buffaloes for their genetic improvement

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Network system for animal genome informatics

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Networking for growth and digital business: local urban tourism SMTEs and ICT

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Networking of agricultural and horticultural enterprises as a form of efficient organization of purchase and sale

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Networks of areas

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