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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3213

Chapter 3213 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dolnicar, P., 1996:
New methods for establishing nitrogen fertilizer requirements of potatoes

Marai, I.F.M.; E.K.raby, F.E.; Zeidan, A.E.B.; Moussa, I.A., 1998:
New methods for freezing bovine semen

Jandal, J.M., 1997:
New methods for preserving raw milk

Popp, L.; Fischer, P., 1997:
New methods for rapid determination of compost maturity (refereed)

Aoki, H.; Cruz, S.F., 1998:
New methods for resin tapping in Pinus

Reke, B., 1996:
New methods for studying the financial state of enterprises with a view to qualifying their credibility

Annicchiarico, P., 1997:
New methods for the analysis of treatment-environment interaction and the definition of farm recommendations

Karsky, R.J.; Cram, M.; Thistle, H., 1998:
New methods of application of borax to tree stumps for control of Heterobasidion annosum

Tyul' dyukov, V.A.; Markin, G.S.; Kobozev, I.V.; Urazbakhtin, Z.M., 1997:
New methods of conserving silage

Chernyavskaya, L.I., 1997:
New methods of determining sugar colour

Becker, W.; Staffas, A., 1998:
New methods of determining vitamin K in foods

Bertschinger, L.; Stadler, W.; Stadler, P.; Weibel, F.; Schumacher, R., 1998:
New methods of environmentally safe regulation of flower and fruit set and of alternate bearing of the apple crop

Brulisauer, F., 1999:
New methods of interpretation of urea and protein concentrations in milk

Schleppi, Y., 1997:
New methods of performance testing for beef production. The breeding values for meat production over the years are comparable

Ninova, G.V., 1998:
New methods of producing stock trees for grafting material in south Ukraine

Coulon, T., 1998:
New methods of reasoned control in vineyards. The implementation stages

Zubets, M.V.; Burkam, V.P.; Efimenko, M.Y.; Kuznetsov, V.E.; Kruglyak, A.P., 1996:
New methods of selection and the reproduction of high-productivity breeds and types of animals

Timirgaziu, C.; Timirgaziu, C., 1996:
New methods of sowing lucerne using a summer companion crop under irrigated conditions in the Moldavian forest steppe

Nydegger, F., 1998:
New methods of straw cutting

Ryynanen, S.; Tuomi, S., 1997:
New methods reduce costs of small-scale production of fuelwood

Hornig, G.; Brunsch, R., 1999:
New methods to reduce emissions from poultry houses

Kilochitskii, P.Ya, 1998:
New microsporidian species of the blood sucking mosquitoes from the northern Ukraine

Anonymous, 1998:
New milk payment system would make milk producers more market-oriented

Rademacher, B.; Hinrichs, J.; Kessler, H.G., 1996:
New milk products with 10 000 bar?

Anonymous, 1998:
New milk quota regulations for 1998

Wang XiuHua; Yan TianCheng; Zhou Hui, 1998:
New millet cultivar Tie Gu 7

Masan, P., 1999:
New mite species of the cohort Uropodina (Acarina, Mesostigmata) from Slovakia

Fain, A., 1998:
New mites (Acari) phoretic on Phoridae and Ephydridae (Diptera) from Thailand

Katzen, F.; Becker, A.; Ielmini, M.V.; Oddo, C.G.; Ielpi, L., 1999:
New mobilizable vectors suitable for gene replacement in gram-negative bacteria and their use in mapping of the 3' end of the Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris gum operon

Andronico, O., 1999:
New models for the estimation of the energy/nitrogen balance

Intrieri, C.; Filippetti, I.; Poni, S., 1998:
New models for vine training in central and northern Italy

Stefanic, I., 1996:
New models of family dairy farms

Sergeev, V.V.; Trakalo, Y.I., 1998:
New modification of drying kilns for forest industrial enterprises

Ouellette, M.; Papadopoulou, B.; Olivier, M., 1997:
New molecular and cellular aspects of Leishmania infection

Takashina, T.; Suzuki, T.; Egashira, H.; Imanishi, S., 1998:
New molecular markers linked with the high shoot regeneration capacity of the wild tomato species Lycopersicon chilense

Anonymous, 1997:
New momentum after the shock. Bayernland looks optimistically towards the future

Rozenboim, I.; Zilberman, E.; Gvaryahu, G., 1998:
New monochromatic light source for laying hens

Hirai, Y.; Ikeda, M.; Murayama, T.; Ohata, T., 1998:
New Monoterpentriols from the Fruiting Body of Flammulina velutipes

Leftwich, A.P.; Elliott, W.R., 1998:
New moth records for the Isle of Lewis

Johnson, A.J.; Roehrig, J.T., 1999:
New mouse model for dengue virus vaccine testing

Hormchan, P.; Wongpiyasatid, A.; Piyapuntawanon, S., 1997:
New mutant cotton lines of good yields and resistance to some insects by gamma -irradiation

Kloeckener Gruissem, B.; Freeling, M., 1999:
New mutants with aberrant ligule/auricle formation

X.Yihua, Liu Quanru, 1997:
New names for two Astragalus plants

Thulin, M., 1998:
New names in Abutilon and Hibiscus (Malvaceae) from Somalia

Taylor, C.M., 1999:
New names, a new combination, and a new species of Psychotria (Rubiaceae: Psychotrieae) from Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Brown, R.; Lipscombe, N., 1999:
New national park neighbours: a study of perceived lifestyle changes

Lorence, D.H.; Flynn, T., 1997:
New naturalized plant records for Kaua'i

Jiang Quan; Guo JiYing; Zheng ShuQi, 1998:
New nectarine cultivars Ruiguang 2 and Ruiguang 3

Jiang Quan; Guo JiYing; Zheng ShuQi, 1998:
New nectarine varieties: Ruiguang 1, 5, 7 and 11

Brandstetter, M.; Cech, T., 1999 :
New needle disease in pine

Virla, E.G., 1997:
New neotropical species of Dryinidae (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea)

Kazemekas, O.; Becius, V.; Kazemekiene, B., 1998:
New non-shedding fodder pea varieties

Jong, G.D. de; Chadwick, J.W., 1999:
New northern records for Necrodes surinamensis (Coleoptera: Silphidae) and Nitidula nigra (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) from the Northwest Territories, Canada

Kudsk, P.; Mathiassen, S.K., 1999:
New nozzle types and herbicide efficacy 1. Semifield experiments

Deeprose, J., 1998:
New nutrition

Fellendorf, M.; Mohra, C., 1997:
New observations of bees in Baden-Wurttemberg (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)

Goff, G. le; Terzo, M., 1999:
New observations on Ceratina parvula Smith in France and the Iberian peninsula (Hymenoptera, Xylocopinae)

Moravec, F.; Kohn, A.; Fernandes, B.M.M., 1997:
New observations on seuratoid nematodes parasitic in fishes of the Parana River, Brasil

Fain, A.; Hurst, GDD.; Fassotte, C.; Webberley, KM.; Sloggett, JJ.; Majerus, MEN., 1997:
New observations on the mites of the family Hemisarcoptidae (Acari: Astigmata) phoretic on Coccinellidae (Coleoptera)

Haitsuka, T.; Kusunoki, M., 1998:
New occurrence of a canker and gall disease of Gardenia in Japan

Sato, Y.; Eimori, K.; Sakata, S.; Horie, H., 1997:
New occurrence of powdery mildew on Angelica keiskei in Izu Oshima Is., Tokyo

Abarca, M.L.; Bragulat, M.R.; Castella, G.; Accensi, F.; Cabanes, F.J., 1997:
New ochratoxigenic species in the genus Aspergillus

Tanner, S., 1998:
New official moisture measurement technology for official grain inspection

W.Z.iJun; Ouyang MingAn; Yang ChongRen, 1999:
New oleanane triterpenoid saponins from Polygala arillata

Gandin, C.L.; Thomazelli, L.F.; Zimmermann Filho, A.A.; Neto, J.S.; Oliveira, S.O. de; Rosset, V.; Biasi, J.; Garcia, A.; Neto, J.A.Z.; Debarba, J.F., 1998:
New onion cultivars for Santa Catarina

Chavanon, G.; Bouraada, K., 1996:
New or interesting Coleoptera from the Figuig region (southeast Morocco): supplementary information and new data

Rossi, Walter, 1998:
New or interesting Laboulbeniales parasitic on Diptera from Bolivia

Valcarcel, J.P.; Prieto Pilona, F.; Mejuto Rial, C.; Devesa Regueiro, S., 1996:
New or interesting records of Carabidae (Coleoptera) from Galicia (N.W. Iberian Peninsula) (2nd note). Families Omophronidae, Pterostichidae, Harpalidae, Licinidae, Callistidae, Masoreidae, Lebiidae and Brachinidae

Yasunaga, T., 1999:
New or little known phyline plant bugs of Japan (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae)

Anonymous, 1999:
New orchid hybrids

Anonymous, 1998:
New orchid hybrids. January/February 1998 registrations

Nentwig, G.; Kalbe, J., 1999:
New organic compounds for the control of the house dust mite, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Acari: Pyroglyphidae)

Severnyi, A.E., 1997:
New organization of technical servicing in the APK

Monaco, R., 1998:
New outbreaks of Vesperus luridus and suggestions for its control on vine rootlings

Chen JihJung; Tsai IanLih; Chen IhSheng, 1996:
New oxoaporphine alkaloids from Hernandia nymphaeifolia

Belofsky, G.N.; Gloer, K.B.; Gloer, J.B.; Wicklow, D.T.; Dowd, P.F., 1998:
New p-terphenyl and polyketide metabolites from the sclerotia of Penicillium raistrickii

Anonymous, 1997:
New packaging on the market

Jaronski, S.T., 1997:
New paradigms in formulating mycoinsecticides

Boscan de M.N.; Godoy, F., 1996:
New parasitoids of fruit flies of the genera Anastrepha and Ceratitis in Venezuela

Serageldin, I., 1999:
New partnerships and new paradigms for the new century

Muller, J., 1998:
New pathotypes of the beet cyst nematode (Heterodera schachtii) differentiated on alien genes for resistance in beet (Beta vulgaris)

Eckermann, S.; Schroeder, G.; Schmidt, J.; Strack, D.; Edrada, R.A.; Helariutta, Y.; Elomaa, P.; Kotilainen, M.; Kilpelainen, I.; Proksch, P.; Teeri, T.H.; Schroeder, J., 1998:
New pathway to polyketides in plants

Scurtu, I., 1998:
New pea cultivars for canning

Hilaire, C.; Mathieu, V., 1997:
New peach and nectarine varieties

Yamaguchi, M.; Kyotani, H.; Yoshida, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Nishimura, K.; Haji, T.; Kosono, T.; Fukuda, H., 1996:
New peach cultivar 'Akizora'

Todorovic, R.; Misic, P.; Zec, G.; Tisma, M.; Obradovic, A.; Vukasinovic, T., 1996:
New peach cultivars Maja and Vesna in experimental and production plantings of PK Beograd

Hadjichristodoulou, A., 1998:
New peanut varieties for calcareous Mediterranean soils

Sedov, E.N.; Krasova, N.G.; Dolmatov, E.A., 1998:
New pear varieties bred at the All-Russian Institute for Fruit Crop Breeding

Hunyady, M.; Inantsy, F.; Nyeki, J., 1998:
New pear varieties in Hungary, system and time requirements for public cultivation

Anonymous, 1996:
New pear variety Krasavitsa Chernenko

Mijatovic, M., 1997:
New pepper lines selected for resistance to tobacco mosaic virus

Song ZhiWei; Zhu ZhiHeng; L.C.iHua et al., 1999:
New pepper variety 'Xiangjiao No. 13'

Rugini, E.; Gutierrez Pesce, P.; Spampinato, P.L.; Ciarmiello, A.; D.A.brosio, C., 1999:
New perspective for biotechnologies in olive breeding: morphogenesis, in vitro selection and gene transformation

Conedra, M.; Jermini, M.; Sassella, A., 1997:
New perspectives for chestnut production south of the Alps

D.Clercq, E., 1998:
New perspectives for the treatment of HIV infections

Noyer, C.; Volay, T.; Beauquis, V., 1999:
New perspectives in plum pox detection. Symptoms in peach-tree branches

Miller, D.J., 1997:
New perspectives on range management & pastoralism & their implications for HKH-Tibetan Plateau rangelands

Anonymous, 1998:
New perspectives on rural industrialization. Report of an APO Seminar 8-18 July 1997, Tokyo, Japan

Lee, M.J.; Goldsworthy, G.J., 1998:
New perspectives on the structures, assays and actions of locust adipokinetic hormones

Warner, G., 1998:
New pest causes havoc in orchards and warehouses

T.R.driguez, J.L.; Paumie, A., 1997:
New pest for avocado Persea americana Mill in Cuba

Kahrer, A., 1998:
New pest of Allium species: the leek miner fly

Bhattacharyya, J.; Khound, J.N.; Handique, R., 1999:
New pest record of packed noodles - Aracerus fasciculatus Degeer (Coleoptera: Anthribidae) at Jorhat, Assam

Nizamuddin ; Khan, M.H.; Srivastava, M.K., 1998:
New pesticidal hydantoins

Rasinskiene, A.; Raudonis, L., 1997:
New pesticides for control in commercial apple orchards

Roman, T.; Bratu, E.; Negru, G.; Szabo, A.; Tudose, M.; Glavan, L.; Calin, M., 1998:
New pesticides used to control some pests of vegetable crops

Myartseva, S.N., 1997:
New pests in Turkmenistan

Burges, Gyorgy, 1997:
New pests of ornamental trees of streets squares, parks in Hungary

Krehan, H.; Holzschuh, C., 1999:
New pests on Larix imported from Siberian forests

Kapl, D.; Rudolphi, K.A., 1998:
New pharmacological aspects of the neurological profile of propentofylline

Belousov, M.V.; Belousova, N.I.; Berezovskaya, T.P.; Dmitruk, S.E.; Klokova, M.V.; Komissarenko, N.F.; Kulpina, T.G.; Serykh, E.A., 1998:
New pharmacological properties of the raw material of Ledum palustre L. of the Siberian flora and possibilities for its complex utilization

Jiang ZhiHong; Tanaka, T.; Kouno, I., 1999:
New phenylpropanoid glycosides from the fruits of Illicium anisatum

Pfister, A., 1999:
New pheromones for mass trapping of bark beetles

Sato, K., 1998:
New physical properties of whey proteins

Cobanoglu, S., 1997:
New phytoseiid mites (Acarina: Mesostigmata) for Turkish fauna

Lombardero, M.J.; Fernandez, F.J.; Magan, A., 1997:
New pinhole borers on Eucalyptus in Galicia (Coleoptera: Scolytidae and Platypodidae)

Lambdin, P.L., 1999:
New pit scale species of Polea (Hemiptera: Asterolecaniidae)

Pearson, M.N.; Bussell, W.T.; Scheffer, J.J.C., 1998:
New plant disease record in New Zealand: dasheen mosaic potyvirus infecting taro (Colocasia esculenta Schott)

Rothe, S.P., 1997:
New plant records for Akola district Maharashtra - I

Meidell, J.S.; Oppenheimer, H.L.; Bartlett, R.T., 1997:
New plant records from Pu'u Kukui watershed and adjacent areas, Maui

Zang DeKui, 1994 :
New plant taxa in Shandong Province

Arce, R.; Ramos, J.L.; Caballero, W.; Rodriguez, S.; Rivera, C.M., 1997:
New planting distance for pawpaw cv. Maradol Roja

Hartmann, W., 1998:
New plum cultivars from Hohenheim

Mostolovitsa, K.Y.; Parfenova, N.A., 1998:
New plum varieties

Zaremuk, R.Sh, 1997:
New plum varieties and hybrids

Hyvonen, S.; Kola, J., 1997:
New policies, new opportunities, new threats: the Finnish food industry in the EU

Galli, P., 1999:
New polyolefins for advanced use in agriculture

Mathew, P.M.; Valsaladevi, G.; Mathew, P.J., 1998:
New polyploid cytotypes in species of Magnolia

Bohar, G.; Bakonyi, J.; Dula, T.; Garamvolgyi, I.A.; Ersek, T., 1999:
New populations of Phytophthora infestans in Hungary

Vajta, G.; Holm, P.; Callesen, H., 1997:
New possibilities for cattle embryo cryopreservation

Bednarek, A., 1999:
New possibilities for controlling May beetle (Melolonthinae) larvae in forest plantations

Saringer, G.; Nadasy, M.; Lucskai, A.; Fodor, A.; Budai, C.; Klein, M., 1997:
New possibilities for controlling larvae of Melolonthidae and Noctuidae using entomopathogenic nematodes

Paraikovic, N., 1998:
New possibilities for controlling the leaf miner, Liriomyza trifolii Burgess, on gerberas in glasshouses

Raducanu, C.; Fluerasu, V., 1997:
New possibilities for lucerne cropping under summer cover plants, in an irrigation regime

Petrovic, N.; Korosec Koruza, Z., 1998:
New possibilities for testing and evaluating some of the grapevine disease agents

Gorski, R., 1997:
New possibilities for the control of spider mites in greenhouse crops

Eyer, H., 1997:
New possibilities for the use of milk fat

Heinzle, Y.; Rozier, J.P.; Carsoulle, J.; Desache, F., 1996:
New possibilities for using post-emergence herbicides in vineyards

Mrowczynski, M.; Widerski, K.; Wachowiak, H.; Bubniewicz, P.; Banaszak, H.; Gazek, M.; Pietryga, J.; Seta, G.; Zachmann, A.; Chudzinski, B., 1998:
New possibilities in tank-mix application of agrochemicals in agricultural crops

Bergmann, A., 1998:
New possibilities in using harvesters, with the aid of optimized cross-cutting

Nadasy, M.; Burges, G., 1997:
New possibilities of ecologically safe game repellency in Hungary

Brugmans, W., 1999:
New possibilities to control fruit rot (Botrytis cinerea) in woody small fruits

Rola, H.; Goebiowska, H., 1998:
New possibility of Elymus repens control in maize

Gimenez Espinosa, M.R.; Lopez Martinez, N.; Prado Amian, R. de, 1999:
New post-emergence herbicides in chickpeas

Ranalli, P.; Giordano, I.; Govoni, F.; Parisi, B., 1997:
New potato clones adapted to biennial and early cultivation

Brune, S.; Melo, P.E. de; Avila, A.C. de, 1999:
New potato progenitors immune to PVY and PVX, and resistant to early blight

Luis Arteaga, M.; Arnedo Andres, M.; Gil Ortega, R., 1997:
New potato virus Y pathotype in pepper

Zuparko, R.L.; Dahlsten, D.L., 1996:
New potential for classical biological control of Eucallipterus tiliae (Homoptera: Drepanosiphidae)

Mirtskhulava, T.E., 1998:
New potentialities in the assessment of soil quality

Fischer, E., 1996:
New practical approaches for more efficient control systems

Karg, W., 1998:
New predatory mite species of the Phytoseiidae Berlese (Acarina, Parasitiformes)

Skoneczna, K., 1996:
New preparations (48)

Christensen, H.; Olsen, J.E.; Bisgaard, M., 1999:
New principles for classifying and naming bacteria

Ali Mubarik, 1998:
New problems of vegetable production in Asia

Sutiak, V.; Sutiakova, I., 1998:
New procedure for calculating drug dosage in cats

Cheng, S.; Kalkstein, L.S.; Focks, D.A.; Nnaji, A., 1998:
New procedures to estimate water temperatures and water depths for application in climate-dengue modeling

Farr, D.R., 1999:
New processes and products for the next millennium

Anonymous, 1996:
New processing units presented at the Anuga FoodTec

Rajorhia, G.S., 1998:
New product development for growing dairy industry

Pothecary, T., 1998:
New production method for Cottage cheese

Michel, P., 1998:
New products at Columa 1998: eleven new herbicide molecules

Sazhinov, G.Y.; Kruglik, V.I.; Solomatina, L.V., 1996:
New products for infant feeding

Spettoli, P., 1997:
New professional prospects from a food technology course

Chen JianNan; Zhang XingTan, 1997:
New progress in research on the functions of heat shock protein in humans and plants

Rusterholz, P.; Schwizer, T.; Kellerhals, M., 1998:
New promising sweet cherry cultivars in Switzerland

Trojan, P., 1998:
New prospects for entofaunistic studies

Redaelli, R.; Mascheroni, S.; Berardo, N.; Boggini, G., 1999:
New prospects for oat breeding

Boatto, V.; Rossetto, L., 1999:
New prospects for raising cattle under Agenda 2000

Albanese, G.; Salmaso, F.; Nicoletti, A.; Rossi, E., 1997:
New prospects for scabies therapy: permethrin

Conte, L., 1998:
New prospects for the biological control of Aphis gossypii on protected crops

Yadav, R.D.; Kataky, J.C.S.; Mathur, R.K., 1999:
New protolimonoids and limonoids: part III - Arunachalin, a new tetranortriterpenoid from Chisocheton paniculatus hiern (Meliaceae)

Borisch, D., 1998:
New provincial records of earwigs (Dermaptera) from Sweden

Peters, J.; Selley, R.L.; Cocking, Y., 1997:
New provisional gene symbols

Anonymous, 1997:
New publication notice

Aladesanmi, A.J.; Nia, R.; Nahrstedt, A., 1998:
New pyrazole alkaloids from the root bark of Newbouldia laevis

Surkus, J., 1998:
New pyrethroid insecticides against the Colorado beetle

Ekhtesasi, M.R.; Ahmadi, H., 1998:
New qualitative and quantitative method for the estimation of sediment yield by wind erosion. Case study: Yazd-Ardakan plain

Anyos, E., 1997:
New quality control system at Szolnok sugar factory

Schloter, M.; Zelles, L.; Hartmann, A.; Munch, J.C.arles, 1998:
New quality of assessment of microbial diversity in arable soils using molecular and biochemical methods

Ikeda, Y.; Miyazawa, T.; Kurosawa, K.; Naito, R.; Hatama, S.; Kai, C.; Mikami, T., 1998:
New quantitative methods for detection of feline parvovirus (FPV) and virus neutralizing antibody against FPV using a feline T lymphoid cell line

Pernak, J.; Zabielska Matejuk, J.; Urbanik, E., 1998:
New quaternary ammonium chlorides - wood preservatives

Urbanik, E.; Zabielska Matejuk, J., 1996:
New quaternary ammonium chlorides for wood preservation

Kotecka, B.M.; Barlin, G.B.; Edstein, M.D.; Rieckmann, K.H., 1997:
New quinoline di-Mannich base compounds with greater antimalarial activity than chloroquine, amodiaquine, or pyronaridine

Abney, T.S.; Melgar, J.C.; Richards, T.L.; Scott, D.H.; Grogan, J.; Young, J., 1997:
New races of Phytophthora sojae with Rps1-d virulence

Styazhkin, V.P., 1998:
New rates of forest taxes on wood

Turovtsev, N.I.; Turovtseva, V.A.; Turovtseva, N.N., 1998:
New recommended varieties of sweet cherry

Ramirez Noya, D.; Muniz Velez, R., 1998:
New record for Mexico of Trogoderma ornatum (Say) (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) associated with Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Lee KwanWoo; Strickman, D.A.; Miller, M.E.; Kim HeungChul, 1998:
New record for the subspecies, Aedes vexans vexans in Korea (Diptera: Culicidae)

Debaraj, Y.; Maurya, KR.; Ibohal Singh, N., 1998:
New record of Apanteles angaleti Muesebeck (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on oak tasar silkworm, Antheraea proylei J

Somasekhara, Y.M., 1999:
New record of Ceratocystis fimbriata causing wilt of pomegranate in India

Krnjaic, ; Krnjaic, S.; Lamberti, F.; Agostinelli, A., 1999:
New record of Longidorus distinctus Lamberti et al., 1983 (Nematoda: Longidoridae) from Eastern Serbia

Coronado Blanco, J.M.; Ruiz Cancino, E.; Trjapitzin, V.A., 1998:
New record of Plagiomerus diaspidis Crawford in Tamaulipas, Mexico, on the scale Diaspis echinocacti (Bouche)

Lotfalizadeh, H.; Ahmadi, A.A., 1998:
New record of Schizonotus sieboldi Ratzeburg (Hym.: Pteromalidae), pupal parasitoid of poplar leaf beetle, Chrysomela populi L. (Col.: Chrysomelidae) from Iran

Baran, T., 1997:
New record of Sorhagenia lophyrella (Douglas, 1846) (Lepidoptera: Cosmopterigidae) from Poland

Wang ChinLing; Chiang MouYen, 1998:
New record of a fastidious chrysomelid, Ophraella communa LeSage (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), in Taiwan

Chalapathy, M.V.; Singh, N.I.; Prasad, B., 1998:
New record of a pupal parasitoid Perilampus nesiotes Crawford from a tachinid parasite of Antheraea proylei (Jolly) (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Manipur

Chaudhary, O.P., 1997:
New record of a shoot borer on neem

Hussein, M.H., 1997:
New record of chronic bee-paralysis virus from Assiut Governorate, Upper Egypt

Seema Kumar; Srivastava, K.K.; Ameen Ullah, 1998:
New record of fungal infection - Fusarium sp. in the culture of land slug Laevicaulis alte (Ferussac) - a severe pest of Azadirachta indica (neem) seedlings in Rajasthan and Gujarat

Mittal, IC., 1998:
New record of genus Odontaeus Klug (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Geotrupinae) with a new species from Oriental region

Vastrad, A.S.; Naik, L.K.; Rajendra Hegde, 1997:
New record of insects in Dharwad

Krishnamoorthy, A.; Mani, M., 1998:
New record of parasitoid Diadegma apostata (G.) on brinjal shoot and fruit borer

Mehta, P.K., 1999:
New record of parasitoids of pea leaf miner in Himachal Pradesh

Subudhi, H.N.; Misra, S.; Choudhury, B.P., 1997:
New record of plants from Orissa - I

Balikai, R.A., 1999:
New record of plants of grapevine mealybug

Ganzorig, S.; Oku, Y.; Gubanyi, A.; Tenora, F.; Kamiya, M., 1996:
New record of taeniid larvae from Daurian pika, Ochotona daurica (Lagomorpha) in Mongolia

Umesha, K.; Thyagaraj, N.E.; Chandrappa, H.M., 1998:
New record of the yellow scale of cotton, Cerococcus hibisci Green (Homoptera: Cerococcidae) on patchouli Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth

Malik, Y.P., 1997:
New record of two coccinellids as predators of bud fly, Dasyneura lini Barnes in linseed

Amarista, J., 1996:
New record on the geographical distribution of Aedes (Howardina) ioliota Dyar & Knab, 1913 (Diptera: Culicidae) in Venezuela

Joymati, L.; Dhanachand, C., 1998:
New record on the occurrence of root knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita on two medicinal plants

Mohotti, K.M.; Navaratne, N.; Nugaliyadda, M., 1997:
New record on the occurrence of walnut root lesion nematode, Pratylenchus vulnus on strawberry in Sri Lanka

Hernandez Roldan, J.; Blazquez, A.; Martin Diaz, J.; Nieto, M.A., 1999:
New records about macroheteroceran fauna of the Caceres province (Spain) II (Insecta: Lepidoptera)

Lit, I.L.Jr, 1997:
New records and additional notes on Philippine mealybugs (Pseudococcidae, Coccoidea, Hemiptera)

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New records and additional notes on faunistics of solitary bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) from Czech and Slovak Republic

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New records and new species of Chrysomelidae from Arabia

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New records and notes on known species of Hoplolaimidae (Nemata) in South Africa

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New records and population dynamics of minor arthropod predators in sugarcane ecosystem

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New records and species, and taxonomic alterations in the milliped family Paeromopodidae (Julida)

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New records for the fauna of Turkish Syrphidae (Diptera)

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New records for the fungal flora of Turkey

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New records of Alternaria species from Pakistan

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New records of Aphodius (Calamosternus) hixos Petrovitz, 1962 from the Iberian Peninsula (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiidae)

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New records of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) from Roztocze, Lublin Upland and Podlasie (E. Poland)

Lira Saade, R., 1997:
New records of Cucurbitaceae for several regions of Mexico

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New records of Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora and E. chrysanthemi on ornamental plants in Brazil

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New records of Gramineae for Malesia

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New records of Irish weevils (Insecta, Coleoptera, Curculionoidea)

Vieira, V., 1999:
New records of Lepidoptera from Porto Santo island (Insecta: Lepidoptera)

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New records of Melolonthidae (Coleoptera) for the state of Tabasco, Mexico

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New records of Paratylenchus species from Guadeloupe, French West Indies (Paratylenchinae: Nemata)

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New records of Phyllachora on Poaceae from Argentina

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New records of Simuliidae from Tierra del Fuego and the southern Andes

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New records of Siphonaptera (Rhopalopsyllidae and Hystrichopsyllidae) ectoparasites of rodents (Rodentia, Muridae) from Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

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New records of Xylariaceae of Sonora, Mexico

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New records of Zingiberaceae for Bangladesh

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New records of adventive plants in the Central Caucasus

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New records of alien species in the Ohio vascular flora

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New records of aphids (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) from Madeira Islands

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New records of aquatic Heteroptera for Colorado: Notonectidae, Pleidae, Corixidae

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New records of aquatic macrophytes from wetlands of the province of Malaga

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New records of ascomycetes from Taiwan

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New records of catenotaeniid cestodes from rodents in Mongolia, with notes on the taxonomy of the Catenotaenia Janicki, 1904 and Hemicatenotaenia Tenora, 1977 (Cestoda: Catenotaeniidae)

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New records of copepods associated with marine invertebrates from the Strait of Gibraltar and nearby areas

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New records of distribution of moths in Henan Province

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New records of flowering plants and ferns from the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park

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New records of four braconid (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) genera from India

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New records of fungi from North-Western Himalayas

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New records of grasses from Kerala

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New records of land bugs (Heteroptera) from the Wzgorza Trzebnickie hills

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New records of natural enemies on insect pests of neem tree, Azadirachta indica A. Juss

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New records of nematodes associated with betelvine in Pakistan with observations on Aphelenchoides helicosoma

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New records of notonectids (Heteroptera) for Pennsylvania

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New records of pear rust mite, Phyllocoptes pyrivagrans Kadono, from Korea (Acari: Eriophyidae)

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New records of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Nicaragua

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New records of rare species of Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera) in south-eastern Poland

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New records of rust fungi in Henan Province

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New records of sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) in Slovakia

Gomez B., 1999:
New records of the distribution of Euphoria basalis (Gory & Percheron) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Mexico

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New records of the genus Plateus Fr. (Pluteaceae) in Mexico

Contreras Arquieta, A., 1998:
New records of the snail Melanoides tuberculata (Muller, 1774) (Gastropoda: Thiaridae) in the Cuatro Cienegas Basin, and its distribution in the state of Coahuila, Mexico

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New records of three Philotrypesis species from Taiwan (Hymenoptera: Agaonidae: Sycoryctinae)

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New records of trematodes from eastern Atlantic fishes

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New records of two Brachymeria species (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) hyperparasitizing tachinid parasitoids of Antheraea proylei Jolly (Lepidoptera: Saturnidae) from north-eastern parts of India

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New records of vascular plants for northern Mt. Strandzha (SE Bulgaria)

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New records of vascular plants in the Yukon Territory

Gomez del Prado Rosas, M. del C.; Alvarez Cadena, J.N.; Segura Puertas, L.; Lamothe Argumedo, R., 1999:
New records, hosts, and SEM observations of Cercaria owreae (Hutton, 1954) from the Mexican Caribbean Sea

Giannella, G., 1998:
New regulation for water management in Italy

X.ShiYong, 1999:
New remote sensing technology and its available potential in forestry

Das, A.B.; Mohanty, S.; Das, P., 1998:
New report on chromosome number, karyotype and 4C DNA content in three species of Pachypodium Lindley

Khan, N.A.roz; Khare, U.; Misra, N., 1998:
New report on the antifungal activity of Citrus reticulata Blanco against Fusarium graminearum Schwabe

Anonymous, 1997:
New research and development work in the Nordic food industry

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New research on the Heteroptera of the Montagne St Pierre and note on Globiceps (Miridae)

Kudsk, P., 1997:
New research tasks with weeds in seed crops

Nielsen, B.J.; Christiansen, S.; Bagge, J.O., 1999:
New resistance against seed borne diseases in cereals

Dane, F.; Hawkins, L.K.; Norton, J.D.; Kwon YoungSeok; O.Y.ungHyun, 1998:
New resistance to race 2 of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. niveum in watermelon

Debailleul, G., 1999:
New resource management strategies

Paillotin, G.; Landais, E.; Savini, I., 1999:
New responsibilities of scientists with regard to uncertainties of the future

Stein, W.; Gorham, J.R., 1997:
New results about stored-product protection (animal pests). VIII

Endre, K.; Otto, P., 1997:
New results and experiments in the study of sycamore lace bug (Corythucha ciliata Say) populations in Martonvasar

Fumero, J.E.; Sevila, I.; Garcia, M., 1996:
New results for the fattening performance of broilers

Hummel, E.; Kleeberg, H., 1997:
New results for the practical application of NeemAzal-formulations

Rickenmann, D.; D.A.ostino, V.; Fontana, G.D.; Lenzi, M.; Marchi, L., 1998:
New results from sediment transport measurements in two alpine torrents

Pohl, F.; Ritter, W., 1997:
New results of two virus diseases (APV, SBV) of the honey bee

Panayotov, I., 1997:
New results of wheat breeding for quality and yield in Bulgaria

Pocsai, E.; Horvath, J.; Kazinczi, G., 1998:
New results on the occurrence of plant viruses in Hungarian rivers and lakes

Volk, H.; Kettering, H., 1998:
New results relating to the Hordter Rheinaue nature reserve

Pophaly, D.J.; Gupta, A.; Sahu, G.R., 1997:
New rice breeding lines with multiple pest resistance

Hong GuangNan; L.Y.eDong; Qiu FuLin; Han Yong, 1998:
New rice cultivar Liao Jin 454

Y.Ren, 1997:
New rice cultivars examined and approved in Liaoning Province in 1996

X.DeXin, 1997:
New rice cultivars examined and approved in Zhejiang Province in 1997

Duan YouNuo, 1996:
New rice cultivars registered by Hunan Province in 1996

Wang AnDong; L.M.ngWang; Wang Hui, 1999 :
New rice cultivars registered in Anhui Province in 1998

Zheng Xuan; Chen ShuangLong, 1998:
New rice cultivars registered in Fujian Province in 1997

Anonymous, 1996:
New rice cultivars registered in Guangdong Province in 1996

Pan WanCheng, 1996:
New rice cultivars registered in Guizhou Province in 1995

Anonymous, 1997:
New rice cultivars registered in Hebei Province in 1996

Duan AiNuo, 1998:
New rice cultivars registered in Hunan Province in 1998

Liu ShaoYing, 1996:
New rice cultivars registered in Jiangxi Province in 1996

Zhang ZhengGuo, 1998:
New rice cultivars registered in Jiangxi Province in 1997

Zhang XiuRu, 1998:
New rice cultivars registered in Liaoning Province in 1997

Han ChunFeng, 1999:
New rice cultivars registered in Liaoning Province in 1998

Anonymous, 1997:
New rice cultivars registered in Sichuan Province in 1996

Long Pin, 1999 :
New rice cultivars registered in Sichuan province in 1998

X.DeXin, 1998:
New rice cultivars registered in Zhejiang Province in 1998

Anonymous, 1999:
New rice techniques promise up to 25% less water usage

Makara, S.S.vith; Hel, P.K.; Javier, E.L.; Sidhu, G.S., 1997:
New rice varieties for the rainfed lowlands of Cambodia

Spanu, A.; Pruneddu, G., 1999:
New rice varieties irrigated by sprinkler irrigation

Vailati, I., 1997:
New ripening facilities for Gorgonzola cheese

Wu, H.L.; Cheng, J.D.; Yu, F.C.; Chien, P.W.; Hsiao, J.F., 1997:
New roles and challenges of the soil and water conservation programme in Taiwan

Prunet, J.P.; Garcin, A.; Germain, E., 1998:
New rootstock suitable for walnut varieties with fruit set on lateral shoots

Foguet, J.L.; Gonzalez, J.L.; Vinciguerra, H.F.; Blanco, A.S., 1997:
New rootstocks for lemon cv. Lisbon

Kaupenjohann, M., 1996:
New routine methods for investigating forest soil

Gollin, M.A., 1999:
New rules for natural products research

Campbell, R.J.; Zill, G.; Mahdeem, H., 1997:
New sapodilla cultivars with commercial potential

Siepmann, C.; Bader, G.; Hiller, K.; Wray, V.; Domke, T.; Nimtz, M., 1998:
New saponins from the seeds of Agrostemma githago var. githago

Aksenova, N.A.; Dolgacheva, V.S., 1997:
New sea buckthorn varieties of Moscow State University Botanic Garden

Makinson, R.O., 1997:
New segregate species and subspecies from the Grevillea victoriae (Proteaceae: Grevilleoideae) aggregate from south-east New South Wales

Hassan, H.M., 1996:
New selected strains of the cowpea cultivar Cream 7

Campo, J.L.; Garcia Gil, M., 1998:
New selection objectives in poultry breeding programmes

Caboni, E.; Monastra, F., 1998:
New selections of almond, putative rootstocks for peach and almond

Boeker, P.; Lammers, P.S.; Rechenbach, T., 1999:
New sensor array as low-cost sensor for agricultural emissions

Meragelman, K.M.; Espinar, L.A.; Sosa, V.E., 1998:
New sesquiterpene lactones and other constituents from Helianthus petiolaris

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New sesquiterpene lactones with antibacterial activity from Vernonia fastigiata

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New sesquiterpenes from Crossopetalum tonduzii

F.B.; Zhu QiXiu; Yang XiuPing; Jia ZhongJian, 1999:
New sesquiterpenes from Ligularia songarica

Anonymous, 1997:
New sewage sludge disposal guidelines and expert system available

Mozuraitis, R.; Buda, V.; Metleuski, J., 1999:
New sex attractants for five Chamaesphecia species (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) from the Ukraine and Turkmenistan

Wettmann, O., 1998:
New sharpening technique for chainsaws: less vibration and longer use

Ihonen, M., 1997:
New single-grip harvester in felling of pulpwood and fuelwood

Felton, K.; Jarman, J.; Kantvilas, G., 1991:
New site records for huon pine and King Billy pine

Kaushal, K.K.; Singh, K., 1996:
New sites of Heterodera avenae infestation in India

Mathew, T., 1998:
New skills, new lives: Kerala's women masons

Vanky, K., 1999:
New smut fungi from South Africa

Corokalo, D.; Miladinovic, Z.; Zdravkovic, M., 1997 :
New snap bean varieties

Bambalov, N.; Sokolov, G., 1998:
New soil improving agents for accelerated cultivation of soils with low fertility or damaged

Hartmann, C.; Blanchart, E.; Albrecht, A.; Bonneton, A.; Parfait, F.; Mahieu, M.; Gaullier, C.; Ndandou, J.F., 1998:
New soil preparation methods for market gardening in Vertisols of Martinique. Pedological and agro-economic impacts

Bahrmand, A.R.; Nekoui, H.; Ardekani, A.M., 1996:
New solid medium for the culture of Borrelia persica and Borrelia microti

Mihov, K., 1997:
New solutions for field production of super early head cabbage (by pre-winter planting of seedlings) in the conditions of Bulgaria

Anonymous, 1998:
New solutions for poultry manure

Slavov, K.; Raykov, S.; Krustev, S., 1997:
New solutions in sugarbeet cultivation technology for seed production without transplantation

Roszkowski, A., 1998:
New solutions in techniques and technology for harvesting cereal grains

Solis, A.; Luna, H.; Perez, H.I.; Manjarrez, N.; Sanchez, R.; Albores Velasco, M.; Castillo, R., 1998:
New sources of (R)-oxynitrilase: capulin (Prunus capuli) and mamey (Mammea americana)

Mariassyova, M.; Silhar, S.; Kovac, M., 1999:
New sources of anthocyanins

Murty, D.S.; Diarra, M.; Dembele, B., 1997:
New sources of resistance to Striga hermonthica in sorghum

Ponnuswami, V., 1999:
New sources of resistance to bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas solanacearum Smith) in Solanum melongena L

Ponnuswami, V.; Chen, N.C.; Shanmugasundaram, S., 1996:
New sources of resistance to bacterial wilt in eggplant

Raju, N.; Rajendran, R.; Kareem, A.A.; Ranganathan, T.B., 1999:
New sources of resistance to rice green leafhopper Nephotettix virescens Distant

Lipatov, N.N.; Baryshnikova, E.P.; Sazhinov, G.Y.; Shcherbakova, E.G.; Kon' , I.Y.; Sorvacheva, T.N.; Kuznetsova, G.G.; Ladodo, K.S.; Borovik, T.E., 1998:
New specialized cultured milk products for prophylactic nutrition of children

L.C.aoLuan; Aymard, G., 1997:
New species and a new combination in Prunus subgenus Laurocerasus (Rosaceae) from the Venezuelan Guayana

Silveira, F.A., 1996:
New species and lectotype designations of South American Exomalopsis (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)

Szlachetko, D.L.; Margonska, H.B., 1998:
New species and new combinations in the genus Crepidium (Orchidaceae) from Australasia

Julia, S.; Soepadmo, E., 1998:
New species and new record of Lithocarpus Blume (Fagaceae) from Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia

Liu ZhiQi; Yang ChiKun, 1998:
New species and new records of Coniopterygidae from North China (Neuroptera)

Song, B.; Ouyang YouSheng; H.Y.nXing, 1997:
New species and new records of Meliola from China I

Song, B.; Ouyang YouSheng; H.Y.nXing, 1997:
New species and new records of Meliolaceae (fungi) in China

Disney, R.H.L.; Kistner, D.H., 1998:
New species and new records of myrmecophilous Phoridae (Diptera)

Ranjbar, M.; Maassoumi, A.A., 1998:
New species and new records of the genus Astragalus (Leguminosae) from Iran

Liu JinHua; Y.Y.Xin, 1997:
New species and new records of the genus Forcipomyia subgenus Microhelea (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from China

Urban, D., 1999:
New species and notes on Anthodioctes Holmberg (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae)

Moure, J.S., 1999:
New species and notes on Euglossinae from Brazil and Venezuela (Hymenoptera, Apidae)

Drew, R.A.I.; Hancock, D.L.; Romig, M.C., 1999:
New species and records of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae: Dacinae) from north Queensland

Kochummen, K.M., 1998:
New species and varieties of Moraceae from Malaysia

Ming, Tienlu, 1997:
New species and varieties of Theaceae from Yunnan

Erik, S.; Demirkus, N., 1998:
New species from NE Turkey: Chaerophyllum posofianum (Apiaceae) and Vicia erzurumica (Fabaceae)

Velikanov, V.P., 1997:
New species from the genus Pseudhymenolepis (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) from the white-toothed shrew

Hill, K.D., 1997:
New species in Angophora and Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) from New South Wales

Frohner, S., 1997:
New species of Alchemilla (Rosaceae) of the Flora Iberica (part 4)

Bordat, P., 1996:
New species of Aphodiidae from the Afrotropical region (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)

Smiley, R.L., 1996:
New species of Cheletonella (Acari: Prostigmata: Cheyletidae) and a new key to the species

Beveridge, I., 1999:
New species of Cloacina Linstow, 1898 (Nematoda: Strongyloidea) parasitic in the stomach of the quokka, Setonix brachyurus (Marsupialia: Macropodidae), from Western Australia

Koudela, B.; Modry, D., 1998:
New species of Cryptosporidium (Apicomplexa: Cryptosporidiidae) from lizards

Huerta Jimenez, H.; Ibanez Bernal, S., 1996:
New species of Forcipomyia (Lasiohelea) from Chiapas, Mexico (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Villiers, J.F., 1997:
New species of Gonocaryum Miquel (Icacinaceae) in Indo-China

Foreman, D.B., 1998:
New species of Helicia Lour. (Proteaceae) from the Vogelkop Peninsula, Irian Jaya

Chung, R.C.K., 1998:
New species of Helicia Lour. and Heliciopsis Sleumer (Proteaceae) from Borneo

Kpatcha, T.K.; Faye, N.; Diebakate, C.; Fall, M.; Toguebaye, B.S., 1997:
New species of Henneguya Thelohan, 1895 (Myxozoa, Myxosporea), parasites of marine fishes of Senegal: light and electron microscope studies

Dubinina, H.V.; Sosnina, E.F., 1996:
New species of Hoplopleura (Anoplura: Hoplopleuridae), parasites of Ochotona (Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae)

Shatalkin, A.I., 1998:
New species of Lauxaniidae (Diptera) from Japan and China

Pereira, A.B., 1998:
New species of Lepiota genus (Agaricaceae) from south Brazil

Davies, S.J., 1999:
New species of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae) section Pachystemon from Borneo

Cooper, M., 1999:
New species of Metapolybia Ducke (Hym., Vespidae, Polistinae)

Marais, E.M., 1999:
New species of Pelargonium (Geraniaceae) from Namaqualand

Disney, R.H.L.; Kistner, D.H., 1999:
New species of Phoridae (Diptera) associated with termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae and Termitidae) in Australia

Schuiteman, A., 1998:
New species of Podochilus and Trichoglottis (Orchidaceae) from Borneo

Aldana, E.; Lizano, E.; Ramon, F.; Valderrama, A., 1996:
New species of Psammolestes Bergroth from the South-West Region of Venezuela (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae)

Rao, H.S.G.; Narayan, S.; Srivastava, P., 1997:
New species of Pseudocercospora associated with foliar spots in forest flora of Nepal Himalayas

Henssen, A., 1999:
New species of Ramalodium and Staurolemma from Australasia (Collemataceae, lichenized ascomycetes)

Lopez Campos, M.G., 1996:
New species of Saxidromus (Prostigmata: Adamystidae) from the State of Veracruz, Mexico

Goldblatt, P.; Manning, J.C., 1999:
New species of Sparaxis and Ixia (Iridaceae: Ixioideae) from Western Cape, South Africa, and taxonomic notes on Ixia and Gladiolus

Moure, J.S., 1999:
New species of Tetrapedia Klug (Apoidea, Anthophoridae)

Urban, D., 1999:
New species of Thygater Holmberg (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Anthophoridae)

Ribeiro, Henrique., 1997:
New species of Toxorhynchites (Diptera: Culicidae) from Macau (China)

Rodriguez, J.; Galan, M., 1993:
New species of Trichogramma Westwood (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) from Cuba

Mesfin Tadesse, 1997:
New species of Vernonia (Compositae-Vernonieae) from northeast Africa

Hui ChaoMao; Yang YuMing; Du, F.; Xue JiRu, 1999:
New species of bamboo subfamily from the nature reserve of Gaoligongshan, China

Borkent, A., 1996:
New species of biting midges from Hawaii (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Soika, G.; abanowski, G., 1998:
New species of eriophyid mites (Eriophyoidea) in ornamental nurseries

Perez, T.M.; Ramirez, J.J., 1996:
New species of feather mite of the genus Chiasmalges (Acari: Psoroptoididae), with description of the ontogenetic development series

Gagarin, V.G., 1997:
New species of freshwater nematodes of the order Monhysterida from the Novaya Zemlya archipelago (Nematoda)

Griciute, S.; Staneviciene, S., 1995:
New species of fungi of the genus Cercospora Fresen. detected in Lithuania in 1994

Umapathy, G.; Mohanasundaram, M., 1998:
New species of gall mites (Eriophyidae: Acari) from south India

Mazur, Slawomir., 1997:
New species of histerid beetles (Coleoptera, Histeridae)

Vekhoff, N.V., 1997:
New species of hydrophilous flowering plants for aquatories and wetlands of the Latcha lake (in the Kargopol, Arkhangelsk region)

Crous, P.W.; Kendrick, W.B.; Alfenas, A.C., 1997:
New species of hyphomycetes associated with Eucalyptus

Utevskii, A.Yu, 1997:
New species of leeches (Hirudinea, Piscicolidae) from fish in Antarctic seas

Mul' diyarov, E.Y.; Pyak, A.I.; Ebel' , A.L., 1996:
New species of mosses and vascular plants for flora of the Tomsk region

Bakay, Y.I.; Grudnev, M.A., 1998:
New species of myxosporidia (Cnidospora: Myxosporea) in redfishes of the North Atlantic

Urban, D., 1999:
New species of neotropical Eucerinae and notes on Dasyhalonia phaeoptera Moure & Michener (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae)

Berndt, Reinhard, 1998:
New species of neotropical rust fungi

Luer, Carlyle A., 1998:
New species of orchids from Cuba

Luer, C.A., 1999:
New species of pleurothallids from Cuba and Hispaniola

Dzhanokmen, K.A., 1999:
New species of pteromalids from the genus Homoporus (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae) and an illustrated key to species of this genera from Kazakhstan

Kistner, D.H., 1998:
New species of termitophilous Trichopseniinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) found with Mastotermes darwiniensis in Australia and in Dominican Amber

Darwin, S.P., 1997:
New species of the Timonius flavescens alliance (Rubiaceae: Guettardeae) in Papuasia

Bily, S., 1999:
New species of the genus Palmar from South China (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

N.D.uba, V.; Pariselle, A.; Thys van den Audenaerde, D.F.E.; Euzet, L., 1997:
New species of the genus Schilbetrema Paperna & Thurston, 1968 (Monogenea, Ancyrocephalidae) parasitic on Schilbe mandibularis (Gunther, 1867) (Schilbeidae) in Cote d'Ivoire

Morales-Malacara, J.B.; López, R., 1998:
New species of the genus Spinturnix (Acari: Mesostigmata: Spinturnicidae) on Corynorhinus mexicanus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in central Mexico

Kistner, D.H.; Weissflog, A.; Rosciszewski, K.; Maschwitz, U., 1997:
New species, new genera, and new records of myrmecophiles associated with army ants (Aenictus sp.) with the description of a new subtribe of Staphylinidae (Coleoptera; Formicidae: Aenictinae)

L.Z.ngZhi; Huang Bo; Fan MeiZhen, 1997:
New species, new record, new combinations and emendation of entomophthoralean fungi pathogenic on dipteran insects

Redhead, S.A.; Petersen, R.H., 1999:
New species, varieties and combinations in the genus Flammulina

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New spring barley cultivar 'Aura'

Wang Yan, 1996:
New spring wheat cultivar Ke Han 14

Bielawska, A., 1997:
New spring wheat cultivars bred by the company Kobierzyce Seeds Agricultural Plant Breeding Co., Ltd

Chu Van Lam, 1998:
New stage in development of agricultural cooperative organizations

Jorg, R.A.; Rieke, W., 1999:
New standard products Provolone cheese, Mozzarella cheese and firm Mozzarella cheese

Vollmer, M.K.; Gupta, S.K.; Krebs, R., 1997:
New standards on contaminated soil in Switzerland - comparison with Dutch and German quality criteria

Elsborg, K., 1998:
New starter cultures for cheese

Meek, C.L.; Puskarich May, C.; Carlton, C.E., 1998:
New state record for the hairy maggot blow fly Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart)

Gal, J.; Bella, I.E., 1994:
New stem taper functions for 12 Saskatchewan timber species

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New steroidal alkaloids from the roots of buxus sempervirens

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New steroidal constituents from the bulbs of Lilium candidum

Mimaki, Y.; Kuroda, M.; Kameyama, A.; Yokosuka, A.; Sashida, Y., 1998:
New steroidal constituents of the underground parts of Ruscus aculeatus and their cytostatic activity on HL-60 cells

Kitajima, J.; Kimizuka, K.; Tanaka, Y., 1998:
New sterols and triterpenoids of Ficus pumila fruit

Anonymous, 1997:
New storage area for Appenzell cheese ripening in Jonschwil

Roslov, N.N., 1997:
New storage technology

Esmail, S.H.M., 1998:
New strategies for extensive production systems

Schlang, J., 1997:
New strategies for the biological control of Heterodera schachtii

Webster, A.D.; Spencer, J.E., 1999:
New strategies for the chemical thinning of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cultivars Queen Cox and Royal Gala

Dehne, H.W., 1998:
New strategies for the control of plant diseases

Lipkin, E., 1999:
New strategies for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Mas, F.P.; Mascarell, J., 1999:
New strategies in animal feeding to improve consumer acceptance of animal products

Mathew, K.A.; Gupta, S.K.; Shyam, K.R., 1998:
New strategies in fungicidal management of angular leaf spot (Phaeoisariopsis griseola) of French bean

Martinez, G.; Pinzon, L., 1999:
New strategies in the integrated disease management of the vascular wilt of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi (Pril. & Del.) Snyd. & Hans

Pratella, G.C.; Caccioni, D.; Mari, M., 1997:
New strategies in the post-harvest protection of peaches

Eder, W., 1999:
New strategies of Scots pine management in Rhineland-Palatinate

Stefanini, M., 1999:
New strategies of clonal selection for safeguarding intravarietal variability: the Traminer example

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New strawberries from the USDA cooperative breeding programmes, F.; Caruso, P.; Marino, N., 1997:
New strawberry cultivars for Sicily

Baruzzi, G., 1997:
New strawberry cultivars from CIREF in France

Simpson, D.W.; Bell, J.A.; Grabham, K.J., 1997:
New strawberry cultivars from Horticulture Research International, East Malling

Neuweiler, R., 1997:
New strawberry cultivars in Swiss integrated fruit production

Sanchez Eguialde, D., 1997:
New strawberry cultivars: selection and development programme of Plantas de Navarra, S.A

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New substrates and phytoprotection for somatic embryo germination and development

Murray, B.G.; Hammett, K.R.W., 1998:
New sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) cultivars via interspecific hybridization with wild Lathyrus species

L.S.Ping; Fang NaiWu; H.S.uanHong et al., 1999:
New sweet pepper F1 hybrids - Beixing No. 3 and Beixing No. 7

Pintilie, I., 1996:
New sweet pepper lines created at S.C.P.L. Isalnita

Gutunoiu, A.; Ghica, M., 1998:
New sweet pepper lines obtained at the Statiunea de Cercetare si Productie Legumicola, Bacau

Manka, M., 1998:
New symptoms of Armillaria ostoyae (Romagnesi) Herink attack on young Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees

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New synonymies and host records for lice of the genus Menacanthus (Phthiraptera: Menoponidae) from the Passeriformes (Aves)

Price, R.D.; Palma, R.L.; Hellenthal, R.A., 1997:
New synonymies of chewing lice (Phthiraptera: Amblycera, Ischnocera) described from the Falconiformes (Aves)

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New synonyms for two species of Triatominae from Venezuela (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Coscaron, S.; Miranda Esquivel, D.R., 1998:
New synonymy to Simulium (Inaequalium) inaequale (Paterson & Shannon, 1927)

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New syntaxa from Cappadocia (Kirsehir, Turkiye)

Hagiwara, H.; Choshi, T.; Fujimoto, H.; Sugino, E.; Hibino, S., 1998:
New syntheses of murrayaquinone A and furostifoline

Yoshikawa, H., 1999:
New Synthesis of Optically Active O-Aryl O-Ethyl Phenylphosphonothionates

Refai, M.; Omar, M.T.; Kamel, M.M.; Nofal, Z.M.; Ismail, N.S., 1996:
New synthesis of some 1,8-naphthyridines of possible antimicrobial activity

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New system for in-vitro propagation of pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr)

Knyazyev, V.O.; Shelud' ko, V.I.; Starushenko, A.K.; Bezlyud' ko, V.Y.; Limar, V.V., 1996:
New system for remote monitoring of temperature during storage of beet in piles

Horvath, Z., 1994:
New system of milk control in Hungary

Boxem, T., 1999:
New system of structure values for dairy cows

Anonymous, 1999:
New system to transfer milk quotas

Stuogiene, L., 1996:
New systematic fungicides against potato Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary

Andreasen, M., 1998:
New tank trucks for milk collecting

Orth, A.B., 1999:
New targets for fungicide discovery

Westermair, T., 1998:
New tasks in the study of harmful substances? Classic residues recede into the background

Henkel, T.W., 1999:
New taxa and distribution records of Tylopilus from Dicymbe forests of Guyana

Hoffmann, P., 1999:
New taxa and new combinations in Asian Antidesma (Euphorbiaceae)

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New taxa and notes of Allium subgenus Rhizirideum (Alliaceae) in Turkey

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New taxa of Aphyllophorales and Agaricales described by S. Domanski

Su, Zhiyun, 1997:
New taxa of Corydalis from China

Kirti Bhalla; Singh, S.K.; Srivastava, A.K., 1999:
New taxa of Mycovellosiella parasitising forest plants of the Indian subcontinent

Kovanda, M., 1996:
New taxa of Sorbus from Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Li, Chaoluan, 1997:
New taxa of Vitaceae from Yunnan

Wu, Y.Hu, 1998:
New taxa of the genus Astragalus from Qinghai

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New taxa, names, and combinations in Erica (Ericaceae-Ericoideae) from Madagascar and the Comoro Islands

Lamothe Argumedo, R., 1997:
New taxonomic arrangement of the subfamily Capsalinae (Monogenea: Capsalinae), key to the genera and two new combinations

Sierra Calzado, J., 1998:
New taxonomic treatment of the Begoniaceae C. A. Agard family in Cuba

Kremnev, Y.A.; Lamm, A.B., 1998:
New technical solution for sprinklers for strip irrigation

Svatos, K.; Funkquist, P., 1998:
New technique behind a Swedish respiratory rate meter

Futema, F.; Fantoni, D.T.; Auler Junior, J.O.C.; Cortopassi, S.R.G.; Acaui, A.; Stopiglia, A.J., 1999:
New technique for brachial plexus block in dogs

Ferrari, M.; Bondavalli, R.; Catellani, A.; Fontani, A.; Barani, A., 1999:
New technique for the control of Eupulvinaria hydrangeae on street trees of lime

Tassinari, M.; Tassan Mazzocco, A.; Crescioli, G.; Rubin, R., 1999:
New technique in veal calf production

Bhargava, B.S.; Varalakshmi, L.R.; Kumar, B.P., 1997:
New technique to standardize leaf sampling in phalsa (Grewia asiatica L.D.C) for nutritional diagnosis

Morando, A.; Lembo, S.; Valgussa, P.; Morando, P.; Bevione, D., 1999:
New techniques against Plasmopara viticola on grape

Prokhorov, L.N.; Rodin, S.A., 1999:
New techniques and sets of machinery for growing plantations on felled areas

Dhanakumar, V.G., 1999:
New techniques for plantation management: TQM perspective

Williams, I.H., 1999:
New techniques for studying the spatial and temporal dynamics of the foraging flights of bumble bees in relation to plant gene flow within agricultural habitats

Siviero, P.; Biribin, R., 1997:
New techniques for the cultivation of tomatoes for industry

Liu ZhiJian; Zhang YongYue; Liao PingAn; Niu ChunFang; Tian LinXiu; Guo JianFeng, 1999:
New techniques for the rapid propagation of sweet potato

Tailliez, P., 1998:
New techniques for the selection of lactic acid bacteria and the study of complex bacterial ecosystems

Konrad, G.; Lieske, B., 1997:
New techniques for the technical isolation of native beta -lactoglobulin from whey using enzymatic hydrolysis and ultrafiltration

Marcelli, S.; Beni, C.; Paglia, G.; Andrea, S.D., 1997:
New techniques for transplanting machines

Yoshimura, T.; Takagi, M.; Hasegawa, H., 1999:
New techniques in GPS surveying in mountainous areas

Elia, M.; Ward, L.C., 1999:
New techniques in nutritional assessment: body composition methods

Szota, M., 1997:
New techniques of obtaining remote hybrids in the genus Beta L. Review

Boursiquot, J.M.; This, P., 1996:
New techniques used in grapevine science: informatic and marking

Bottazzi, V.; Rebecchi, A., 1997:
New technological expedients for the modern dairy industry

Costa Proenca, R.P., 1999:
New technologies for collective food production: recommendations of introduction for Brazilian reality

Anonymous, 1998:
New technologies for dryland farmers needed

Assis, M. de, 1999:
New technologies for potato propagation

Schon, H.; Auernhammer, H., 1999:
New technologies for process control and automation in plant production and animal husbandry

Mylonas, C.C.; Zohar, Y., 1998:
New technologies for the control of gamete maturation in marine fishes, as tools in broodstock management

Cull, P., 1996:
New technologies for water management and irrigation scheduling

Bellotti, A.; Faretta, S.; Mancino, G., 1998:
New technologies for zoning a protected area in the Lucanian uplands

Wilwerding, A.; Mahler, G.; Karlsson, M., 1997:
New technologies in automated roundwood measuring

Dynnik, V.V., 1998:
New technologies in the seed production of potato

Drysdale, J.; Braithwaite, C., 1996:
New technologies in wood preservation

Rabcewicz, J.; Hoownicki, R.; Cianciara, Z., 1997:
New technologies of apple transport from intensive orchards

Guilbault, L.A.; Pothier, F.; Twagiramungu, H.; Sirard, M.A., 1998:
New technologies to improve the reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle

Serra i Cabado, J., 1998:
New technologies. Quality and tourism: a new definition of quality which implies a new business culture

Gomis Lopez, J.M., 1997:
New technologies: Will the Internet put paid to travel agencies?

Farioli, T., 1999:
New technology for animal feed

Rodgers, A.R.; Tomkiewicz, S.M.; Lawson, E.J.; Stephenson, T.R.; Hundertmark, K.J.; Wilson, P.J.; White, B.N.; Rempel, R.S., 1998:
New technology for moose management: A workshop

Stefanini, M.; Iacono, F., 1998:
New technology for producing vine cuttings

Anonymous, 1998:
New technology for the measurement of soil compaction and pressure on subsoil

Podtelkov, V.V.; Lebedinskaya, T.Y.; Haznaferov, V.A., 1998:
New technology of determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of soils

X.G.oXiong; L.J.anXi, 1999:
New technology of using wet precious species wood slice in veneered plywood production

Bhatia, A.K., 1998:
New technology options for rural industrialisation

Megale, P.G.; Bertolacci, M.; Bonacci, F., 1997:
New test method for integral trickle irrigation laterals (emitting pipes)

Graupner, J.; Hauck, B., 1999:
New test methods for skidders

Janssen, R.S.; Satten, G.A.; Stramer, S.L.; Rawal, B.D.; O'Brien, T.R.; Weiblen, B.J.; Hecht, F.M.; Jack, N.; Cleghorn, F.R.; Kahn, J.O.; Chesney, M.A.; Busch, M.P., 1998:
New testing strategy to detect early HIV-1 infection for use in incidence estimates and for clinical and prevention purposes

Anonymous, 1999:
New tests to assist early selection

Chen, J.J.; Duh, C.Y.; Chen, I.S., 2007:
New tetrahydroprotoberberine N-oxide alkaloids and cytotoxic constituents of Corydalis tashiroi

Balan, A.; Padilla, G., 1997:
New thermal inducible Streptomyces phages isolated from tropical soils

Levy, G., 1999 :
New thomisid and philodromid spiders (Araneae) from southern Israel

Sperat Czar, A., 1997:
New threats to raw milk

Inaekyan, S.A., 1998:
New tillage implements

Pinazza, L.A.; Alimandro, R., 1998:
New times: milk and derivatives industry

Compton, J.A., 1999:
New to cultivation. Cobaea pringlei

Wilkie, P.; Sands, M.J.S.; Mendum, M., 1999:
New to cultivation: 3. Begonia chloroneura (Begoniaceae): a new species from the Philippine island of Luzon

Domini, M.E.; Alvarez, M.; Moya, C., 1996:
New tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) varieties for fresh consumption in the tropics

Markovic, Z.; Zdravkovic, J.; Damjanovic, M.; orevic, R., 1997:
New tomato hybrids of indeterminate habit, large size and firm fruits for fresh market production

Skvortsova, R.V.; Kondrat' eva, I.Y., 1998:
New tomato varieties for unprotected cultivation

Daniell, H., 1999:
New tools for chloroplast genetic engineering

Beraud, J.F.; Lecomte, P.; Perez, A., 1997:
New tools for diagnosing underground pollution by petro-chemicals: a creative concept in Europe

Mathesius, U.; Schlaman, H.R.M.; Meijer, D.; Lugtenberg, B.J.J.; Spaink, H.P.; Weinman, J.J.; Roddam, L.F.; Sautter, C.; Rolfe, B.G.; Djordjevic, M.A., 1996:
New tools for investigating nodule initiation and ontogeny: spot inoculation and microtargeting of transgenic white clover roots shows auxin involvement and suggests a role for flavonoids

Yepez Mulia, L., 1996:
New tools for the diagnosis and identification of parasites of the genus Trichinella

Clerjeau, M., 1996:
New tools to aid the decision for vineyard protection

Carles, R.; Decouvelaere, F.X.; Millet, A.; Revel, A.; Sourie, J.C., 1998:
New tools to analyse the effects of future CAP reforms on the farms

Wolff, R.L., 1997:
New tools to explore lipid metabolism

Nunez de Cela Y.Artiaga, J.A., 1998:
New tourist trends in the global society and their influence on sun and beach tourism

Mutikainen, A., 1999:
New trailer for agricultural tractors for forest haulage of energy wood and pulpwood

Pignatello, J.J.; Engwall, M., 1997:
New treatment purifies water of wood preservative contaminants

Shlosberg, A.; Bellaiche, M.; Hanji, V.; Ershov, E., 1997:
New treatment regimens in organophosphate (diazinon) and carbamate (methomyl) insecticide-induced toxicosis in fowl

Vivekanandan, P., 1998:
New tree, new system: neem production in south India

H.QingLan, 1998:
New trend of occurrence and control of classical swine fever in China

Cox, M.; Cismondi, O., 1998:
New trends in agricultural policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: consolidation and change

Cox, M.; Cismondi, O., 1997:
New trends in agricultural policy in Latin America: consolidation and change

Cabieses, H., 1998:
New trends in coca and drug trafficking in Peru

Gvozdenovic, J.; Lazic, V.; Curakovic, M., 1997:
New trends in fresh vegetable packing

Mathew, K.J., 1998:
New trends in global NR consumption

Oliveira Prendes, J.A., 1996:
New trends in grass breeding: endophytes

Prat, A.G., 1998:
New trends in leisure and tourism

Taylor, L., 1998:
New trends in public aquariums: observations on money, management, and advocacy

Maertens, D.L., 1999:
New trends in rabbit feeding

Olszewska, A.; Wesoy, W., 1998:
New trends in silviculture - oak in in vitro cultures

Vuitton, D.A., 1999:
New trends in the treatment of echinococcosis

Moron, M.A.; Ratcliffe, B.C., 1996:
New tribal placement of the genus Coscinocephalus Prell, 1936, with description of the larva, pupa and adult of a new species from Mexico (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea; Dynastinae)

Sasaki, A.; Touno Oka, T.; Tsutsumi, T.; Doi, Y.; Kawada, N.; Tsuru, M., 1999:
New two-rowed barley cultivar Nishinohoshi

Tang XiaoHua; Zhu GuoXi; M.Y.n; Liu Wei; Zhang JianHua; Meng QingJun; Gao XiaOxia, 1997:
New type composite structure material-scrimber composite particle board

Fang Hai; Chen CuiZhen; Wang TingFu; Tian ZaiZi; Wang HongFa; Liu XueRen; Tang ShengLing, 1998:
New type of E. coli fimbrial antigen

Valdivie, M.; Gonzalez, L.M.; Elias, A., 1997:
New types of Saccharina for poultry feeding

Cappas e Sousa, J.P., 1991:
New types of behaviour observed in laying workers

Ciuciuc, E.; Toma, V.; Dorneanu, A., 1998:
New types of foliar fertilizers used in fertilization of watermelons in sandy soils

Veverka, V.; Zufanek, J.; Zemanek, P., 1997:
New types of plastic film for horticultural purposes

Erber, D.; Cammann, K.; Roth, J., 1997:
New universal quartz burner for decomposition of samples by the Wickbold combustion technique in determination of arsenic, antimony, selenium, mercury, and lead

Bouton, J.H., 1996:
New uses for alfalfa and other old forage legumes

Sperlingsson, C., 1999:
New varieties Ymer and Ariana. A brief look at beet varieties

Savel' ev, N.I., 1998:
New varieties and elite forms of apple resistant to scab

Zhidekhina, T.V., 1998:
New varieties and forms of black currant

Pivovarov, V.F., 1997:
New varieties and hybrids bred at the All-Russian Institute of Vegetable Crop Breeding and Seed Production

Anonymous, 1998:
New varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops bred at the All-Russian Institute for Vegetable Crop Breeding and Seed Production

Zharavina, D.A.; Klochko, N.N., 1997:
New varieties of apricot and peach

Perenzin, M.; Minoia, C.; Notario, T.; Paoletta, G.; Faccini, N.; Delogu, G.; Boggini, G., 1999:
New varieties of barley and oats added to the national crop register for 1998

Cantone, F.; Perenzin, M.; Minoia, C.; Redaelli, R.; Snidaro, M.; Padovan, S.; Frattini, F.; Delogu, G.; Concari, L.; Poli, M.; Porfiri, O.; Biancolatte, E.; Pasquini, M.; Galterio, G.; Ninno, G. de; Boggini, G.; Bianchi, M.; Borghi, B., 1997:
New varieties of cereals registered in the Italian National Catalogue in 1996

Calo, A.; Cancellier, S.; Costacurta, A.; Catalano, V., 1998:
New varieties of dessert grapes selected in Conegliano

Maliani, C., 1998:
New varieties of durum wheat and their characteristics

Ivshin, G.I.; Ivshina, V.V., 1999:
New varieties of fodder beans at the stage of going into commercial production

Tomasoni, C.; Onofrii, M.; Borrelli, L.; Bozzo, F.; Magro, F.; Piazza, C., 1998:
New varieties of lucerne registered in the national catalogue in 1996

Epifanov, V.S.; Savel' ev, G.D., 1998:
New varieties of perennial herbage crops

Lebedeva, V.A.; Gadzhiev, N.M., 1999:
New varieties of potato for the north-west

Godon, P.; Nguyen Gia Quoc; Nguyen Thanh Thuy, 1997:
New varieties of rainfed rice for Vietnam

Cantone, F.; Perenzin, M.; Minoia, C.; Empilli, S.; Vaccino, P.; Snidaro, M.; Padovan, S.; Faccini, N.; Concari, L.; Poli, M.; Porfiri, O.; Biancolatte, E.; Pasquini, M.; Galterio, G.; Paoletta, G.; Boggini, G.; Borghi, B., 1998:
New varieties of winter cereals added to the national variety register in 1997

Koksharov, V.P.; Klyukina, E.M., 1998:
New variety Almaz

Welsh, S.L.; Caplow, F.; Beck, K., 1997:
New variety of Astragalus conjunctus S. Watson from Benton County, Washington

Corredor S.E.; Holguin V.J., 1997:
New variety: Fedearroz 50, the seed of change

Fontenille, D.; Traore-Lamizana, M.; Diallo, M.; Thonnon, J.; Digoutte, J.P.; Zeller, H.G., 1998:
New vectors of Rift Valley fever in West Africa; Fan JianYing; Gong Gao, 1998:
New vegetable cultivars examined in Hebei in 1998 (1)

Irgang, P., 1999:
New ventilation systems in pig housing

Joshi; Gloer; Wicklow, 1999:
New verticillin and glisoprenin analogues from gliocladium catenulatum, a mycoparasite of aspergillus flavus sclerotia

Intrieri, C.; Filippetti, I.; Poni, S., 1998:
New vine training system models in central and northern Italy.(First part)

Gallerani, M.; Talame, M.; D.A.cenzo, D.; Marini, A., 1997:
New virus-tolerant zucchini hybrids

Janczak, C.; awecki, T.; Pawlak, A., 1998:
New viruses occurring on wheat plants in Poland

Frison, E.A.; Collins, W.W.; Sharrock, S.L., 1997:
New visions in agricultural research: the development of global programs using ProMusa as an example

Boiko, I.A.; Merzlenko, O.V.; Kartamysheva, N.V., 1996:
New vitamin-mineral complexes for birds

Nakamura, K.; Shimatani, Y.; Nishioka, M., 1998:
New water quality index by reflection absorbance method

Wan ShuQin; Zheng He; X.M.i, 1998:
New watermelon hybrid Hainong no. 6

Cheney, S., 1999:
New wave

Kivela, T., 1998:
New ways and means for Cottage cheese

Teske, M.E.; Thistle, H.W.; Eav, B., 1998:
New ways to predict aerial spray deposition and drift

Anonymous, 1998:
New ways with whey

Camargo, C.E. de O.; Tulmann Neto, A.; Ferreira Filho, A.W.P.; Felicio, J.C.; Castro, J.L. de; Pettinelli Junior, A., 1997:
New wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes obtained by gamma irradiation

W.Z.iXia; Yan Jun; Yan SuHong, 1998:
New wheat germplasm with characteristics of dwarfness, large spikes and high yielding

Tsenov, N.; Stoeva, I.; Kostov, K.; Petrova, T.; Iliev, I.; Mikhova, S.; Stoyanov, I., 1998:
New wheat varieties. Aglika

Yanev, Sh, 1998:
New wheat varieties. Beloslava

Stankov, I., 1998:
New wheat varieties. Diamant

Tsenov, N.; Stoeva, I.; Kostov, K.; Petrova, T.; Iliev, I.; Mikhova, S.; Stoyanov, I., 1998:
New wheat varieties. Elitsa

Kostov, K.; Tsenov, N.; Stoeva, I.; Iliev, I.; Petrova, T., 1998:
New wheat varieties. Enola

Prétet, J.L.; Guillet, J.G.; Butor, C., 1998:
New widespread CXCR4 allele in rhesus macaques does not predict subspecies or clinical evolution

Flamme, W.; Andree, S.; Jansen, G.; Jacobi, A.; Huth, M.; Dongowski, G., 1999:
New winter barley breeding lines with changed content of amylopectin, amylose, and beta -glucan

Zhao DeLi; Liao WenXiao; Song JianRong, 1998:
New winter wheat cultivar Zhong Liang 20

Baptiste, K., 1998:
New wire fence syndrome in emu

Khan, Y., 1998:
New year revolution

Aharoni, Y.; Richardson, D.G., 1997:
New, higher water permeable films for modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables. Prolonged MAP storage of sweet corn

Day, W.H.; Baird, C.R.; Shaw, S.R., 1999:
New, native species of Peristenus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitizing Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) in Idaho: biology, importance, and description

Jolliff, G.D., 1996:
New-crops R&D: necessity for increased public investment

Ferri, G., 1997:
New-generation aseptic packaging

Eastone, J.A.; Decker, C.F., 1997:
New-onset diabetes mellitus associated with use of protease inhibitor

Binta, M.G.; Adom, E.K.; Mushi, E.Z., 1996:
Newcastle disease in Botswana, 1989-1993

Alexander, D.J.; Morris, H.T.; Pollitt, W.J.; Sharpe, C.E.; Eckford, R.L.; Sainsbury, R.M.; Mansley, L.M.; Gough, R.E.; Parsons, G., 1998:
Newcastle disease outbreaks in domestic fowl and turkeys in Great Britain during 1997

Yang, C.Y.; Shieh, H.K.; Lin, Y.L.; Chang, P.C., 1999:
Newcastle disease virus isolated from recent outbreaks in Taiwan phylogenetically related to viruses (genotype VII) from recent outbreaks in western Europe

Oschmann, C., 1999:
Newcomers in cut flowers range

Nair, C.P.R.; Sathiamma, B.; Chandrika Mohan; Murali Gopal, 1998:
Newer approaches in the integrated pest management in coconut

Sato, K., 1998:
Newest understandings of molecular structures and interactions of unsaturated fats and fatty acids

Chung BongNam; Joung MyeoungIll; Kim JaeYeong; Kim ByeongHyeon; Chung SoonKyoung, 1998:
Newly bred Kalanchoe blossfeldiana 'Dahong' with short plant height and multiflorous

Nekolova, A., 1998:
Newly bred cultivars of rhododendrons in Pruhonice

Block, A.; Lucke, W.; Denich, M.; Vlek, P.L.G., 1998:
Newly developed bush-chopper to avoid burning of secondary forest in agricultural fallow systems in the tropics

Braun, E.L.; Grotewold, E., 1999:
Newly discovered plant c-myb-like genes rewrite the evolution of the plant myb gene family

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Newly discovered redox cofactors: possible nutritional, medical, and pharmacological relevance to higher animals

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Newly reported weed species: potential weed problems in Idaho

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Newport, Rhode Island - America's first resort: lessons in sustainable tourism

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News from the cold front

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News of a rare variety: Lilium martagon albiflorum

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News of the markets

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News on the Wollemi pine

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News on the control of the potato nematode

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Newspaper portrayals of sport psychology in the United States, 1985-1993

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Nexrad doppler weather radar network: potential for areawide surveillance of pest insect migrations

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Next century begins for Nantwich

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Next century holds much potential for dairy industry

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Next steps

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Next-generation dairy Web Sites

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Next-generation site-specific technologies for agriculture: Crop data management system

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Ngaanyatjarra - traditional people, contemporary conservation

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Nht1, a transposable element cloned from a dispensable chromosome in Nectria haematococca

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Niagara agricultural weather network: providing growers with timely access to weather data

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Niaziminin, a thiocarbamate from the leaves of Moringa oleifera, holds a strict structural requirement for inhibition of tumor-promoter-induced Epstein-Barr virus activation

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Nicardipine enhances the regression of atherosclerosis in rabbits fed a regression diet

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Nice - but not naughty

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Niche diversification of Sphagnum in Bolivia

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Niche markets and small island tourism: the development of sports tourism in Malta

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Niche overlap among three species of pinworm parasitic in the hindgut of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana

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Niche overlap in sympatric populations of fox and gray squirrels

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Niche separation in coprophagous beetles: a comparison of two multivariate approaches

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Niche specificity among tropical trees: a question of scales

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Niche width and diversity pattern in different landscapes of an alpine grazingland in Garhwal Himalaya, India

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Niches of citrus leafminer and its natural enemies

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Niches of tea caterpillar (Euproctis pseudoconspersa) and its natural enemies

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Nickel hyperaccumulation by Thlaspi montanum var. montanum (Brassicaceae): a constitutive trait

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Nicking and joining activity of banana bunchy top virus replication protein in vitro

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Nicosulfuron efficacy on johnsongrass control in maize

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Nicosulfuron soil dissipation and mobility in corn crops

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Nicosulfuron, SL-950 - a novel sulfonylurea herbicide for use in corn

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Nicosulfuron: results of Italian field tests for post-emergence control of Sorghum halepense in maize

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Nicotiana benthamiana plants transformed with the complete pre-readthrough domain or the N-proximal region of the replicase gene from cymbidium ringspot virus RNA are resistant to virus infection

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Nicotinamide decreases cytokine-induced activation of orbital fibroblasts from patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy

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Nicotine - old and new topics

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Nicotine content in transformed haploid and dihaploid tissues of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

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Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor chimeras of rat alpha 7 and Drosophila SAD reveal species-specific agonist binding regions

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Niedzwiady - the first action aiming to stop the emission of toxic substances from the tomb

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Niepoomice Forest - a GIS analysis of ecosystem response to industrial pollution

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NifA-dependent expression of glutamate dehydrogenase in Rhizobium etli modifies nitrogen partitioning during symbiosis

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Nifurtimox plus pyrimethamine for treatment of murine toxoplasmosis

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Niger: constrained development

Adejoro, S.O., 1999:
Nigerians embrace value-added poultry products

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Night temperature at silking affects kernel set in maize

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Night-time cooling system using solar thermal energy

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Night-time soil cultivation and intra-row brush weeding for weed control in carrots (Daucus carota L.)

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Nightly enteral nutrition support of elderly hip fracture patients: a phase I trial

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Nighttime variation in volatile content of flowers of the night blooming plant Gaura drummondii

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Nike's communication with Black audiences. A sociological analysis of advertising effectiveness via symbolic interactionism

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Nile forecast system: methodology, data-base and outputs

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Nilesim: a windows-based hydrologic simulator of the Nile River basin

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Nimbya alternantherae, a new record of the genus Nimbya from China

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Nine Hungarian almond cultivars in the Republic of Macedonia

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Nine global drivers of rangeland change

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Nine new species of Pemphiginae (Homoptera: Pemphigidae) from China

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Nine species of polypores new to Taiwan

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Nine years' schooling for all? Children, work and schooling in Eastern Indonesia

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Nineteen baculovirus open reading frames, including LEF-12, support late gene expression

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Ninetieth anniversary of agricultural genetics

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Niosomal withaferin A with better antitumor efficacy

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Nipple dimensions and reproductive status of northeastern Minnesota female black bears (Ursus americanus)

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Nippostrongylus brasiliensis: characterisation of a somatic amphiphilic acetylcholinesterase with properties distinct from the secreted enzymes

Delves Broughton, J., 1998:

Wandling, L.R.; Sheldon, B.W.; Foegeding, P.M., 1999:
Nisin in milk sensitizes Bacillus spores to heat and prevents recovery of survivors

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Nisin preparations - production, specifications and assay procedures

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Nitazoxanide in the treatment of cryptosporidial diarrhea and other intestinal parasitic infections associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in tropical Africa

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Nitidon, a new bioactive metabolite from the basidiomycete Junghuhnia nitida (Pers.: Fr.) Ryv

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Nitrate accumulation and yield of rocket

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Nitrate accumulation in Chinese kale (Brassica oleracea L.) under different shading and nitrogen level

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Nitrate accumulation in plants: a role for water

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Nitrate adaptability of Rhizobium sp. (Phaseolus) strains isolated from Tokachi (Hokkaido, Japan) fields revealed in parameters of symbiosis with a common bean cultivar

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Nitrate and nitric oxide in nutrition and toxicology

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Nitrate and nitrite content in the edible part of fishes, crustaceans and molluscans

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Nitrate and nitrite contents in daily food ration of elderly people living in nursing home

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Nitrate and nitrite contents in tubers of very early potato varieties

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Nitrate and nitrite contents of some fruits sold in bazaars in Konya City

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Nitrate and phosphate values of soils in relation to soil sampling methods

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Nitrate and root branching

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Nitrate assimilation activity and growth pattern in Pongamia pinnata Pierre leaf

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Nitrate assimilation and protein accumulation pattern during vegetative and seed development stages in pea

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Nitrate assimilation in potato cultivars during plant growth

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Nitrate assimilation in tea leaves as affected by clone, season and levels of nitrogen application

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Nitrate behavior in ground waters of the southeastern USA

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Nitrate concentration in greenhouse lettuce: a modeling study

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Nitrate contamination of the Apies (Huesca, Spain) aquifer

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Nitrate content and activities of nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase by ionic strength, nitrate concentration, ratio of nitrate to ammonium in nutrient solution for culture of leaf lettuce and water dropwort

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Nitrate content in cardoon grown under NaCl stress

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Nitrate content in irrigated forage crops

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Nitrate content in wheat leaf blades

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Nitrate content of seepage water - results of depth experiments

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Nitrate content of various types of milk produced in the MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay)

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Nitrate content of well water on central New York dairy farms

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Nitrate contents in the soil solution for Lower Saxony forests

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Nitrate contents of milk and milk products. Legislative and methodological aspects, and taking stock of the current situation in Brandenburg

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Nitrate displacement in soil columns under unsteady flow conditions

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Nitrate dynamics on sandy soils: net mineralization intensity and the possibilities of controlling it

Chittaranjan Ray; Kelly, W.R., 1999:
Nitrate dynamics under cyclic irrigation pumpage

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